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About The Shambala Secret

The Shambala Secret is a state-of-the-art manifestation program that uses brainwave entrainment, 3D sound and subliminal messaging to reprogram the subconscious ‘Conductor’ inside the human mind. 

People can finally start experiencing what it’s like to effortlessly focus their attention on the reality they want to experience… Without doing the hard work!

David and his team aims to inspire 1 million people by 2030, and improve their lives.

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The Power of Burning Incense in your Life

The sense in incense.For most religious people, burning incense is not something new. It is one of the many spiritual rites done by a priest to the congregation to achieve a specific spiritual significance. Many spiritual acts do not make sense to those who are not connected to the heart...
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Four Spiritual Staffs to Shepherd You

Who is a shepherd? A shepherd is someone who tends to his flock. He is responsible for their well-being and the primary caregiver. There is a deep attachment between the shepherd and the flock because of the bond created over time. Shepherding has two dimensions, the physical and the spiritual....
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The Highway to Wealth Manifestation

The great highway. How beautiful tarmacked highway roads are! The road is long and does not seem to have an actual end. Everybody is thrilled by highways. The thrill of seeing such a beautiful road stretching to as far as your eyes can see and even beyond is unmatched. In...
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Sitting at the Table of Honor

Every wedding ceremony I have ever attended has a high table. It is where the newlyweds dine and only a few people have the privilege of joining them there on that special day. There is a special menu at the high table. It is also the most beautifully decorated table...
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Going Beyond Limits

Define your limits. Your limit is the point at which you are stretched out beyond comfort. You can hardly manage and it is only a matter of time before you cave in. You cannot sustain these limits to the extreme without needing extra help. "If you want to go fast,...
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