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About The Shambala Secret

The Shambala Secret is a state-of-the-art manifestation program that uses brainwave entrainment, 3D sound and subliminal messaging to reprogram the subconscious ‘Conductor’ inside the human mind. 

People can finally start experiencing what it’s like to effortlessly focus their attention on the reality they want to experience… Without doing the hard work!

David and his team aims to inspire 1 million people by 2030, and improve their lives.

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The Currency of Social capital in the Universe

Currency is something that is in circulation as a medium of exchange. Money is the currency that most economies use worldwide. The United States uses the United States Dollar, European countries use the Euro, Britain uses the Sterling Pound, Singapore uses the Singapore Dollar, and the list goes on and...
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An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

The goal is to be happy and healthy this year. The universe is about to take you to the top of the world. It is yours to rule! It is amazing the things that people will do for happiness and health. They use their money to “buy” happiness and “pay”...
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The Universe’s Rules of Origin

There is a thin line between original and counterfeit. For various reasons, it is increasingly becoming difficult to get the original. People have lost their original identities and lifestyles and it becomes almost impossible for them to retrace their steps to originality. It is difficult to maintain originality without guidance...
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The Recipe for Happiness

We want the food we eat to be tasty, delicious, and mouth-watering. Food that will make you ‘worship’ the chef. Good food unites people from all over and they will always look forward to when they will meet again. The recipe for tasty food is a closely guarded secret that...
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Attaining Boss Levels in 2023

The boss is revered. His word is the law. Many look up to him. The boss is loved and feared in equal measure. Honestly put, we all want to be at this level. The path to attaining boss levels is less traveled but the good news is that nature is...
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