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10 Ways to Understand your Partner

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A gift from above.

There are many blessings from the universe but the greatest one is your partner. Do not worry if you have none at the moment because that blessing is in the offing. Being single is a time to discover yourself but it gets easier when you are paired up with somebody for a lifetime – your partner. Nature brings them into your life in due time, never too late nor too early. However, we have a rough time before we adjust to them. We tend to push our partners away when we could use their help. Some people even say hurtful words towards them when they did not mean it. These ten tips will help you understand your partner better:

  1.     Read their moods.

Your partner is human just like you. They have their high and low moments. You need to read between the lines. Understand their reasons before you blame them for not doing something right. It is a common assumption that females are the moody ones in a relationship. This is not entirely true. Male partners can be moody too. They may not want to talk about it, act out of self-entitlement, and vent all of this to their partners. Refrain from arguing if this happens. You can discuss what happened when they are in better moods.

  1.     Learn their habits and lifestyle.

The beauty of nature is diversification. We all are different from each other – even our partners whom we suppose are most compatible with us. Do not assume that your partner will love something because you love it. Yes, they may but there is a good chance they may also not like it. Before you impose anything on them, learn their habits and lifestyle. This is the whole essence of dating. Study your partner’s habits and you will realize that the universe’s choice for your life partner is someone with whom you share a lot. Embrace this choice and you will have zero regrets in the future. understanding your partner

  1.     Learn their beliefs and philosophy.

“What belief and/or philosophy does your partner hold?” You should be able to comfortably answer this question. It gets better when both of you stand on common ground. Together you can manifest your desires and pray for blessings from the universe. Anyway, two heads are better than one. Your partner is someone you should be able to confide your worst fears in. They are placed in your life to fulfill your manifestation journey. As such, you should completely learn their beliefs and philosophy. You will make a good couple when you agree on this phase.

  1.     Accommodate their ambitions.

The ambitions of your partner automatically form part of you. Find space to accommodate their ambitions and work together to achieve them. When you both intertwine your ambitions, the universe blesses your union with success. The achievement of either of your dreams will make both of you happy. You can count your blessings together as a couple and nothing shall be too difficult for you to overcome. Accommodating your partner’s ambitions will create a stronger soul connection. It is what we all want with our partners. Isn’t it?

  1.     Find space in their destiny.

The universe has different destinies for all of us, even those in relationships. If you want to understand your partner better, create your space in their destiny. Everything they do is towards taking care of their destiny. You effectively make them take care of you too as part of it. They will take care not to hurt you or shut you out of their lives because you are already a firm part of it. The relationship grows stronger when both partners create space in each other’s destiny.

  1.     Check your horoscopes.

Have you taken the time to check your partner’s horoscope? If not, make a point of doing so. Horoscopes are a forecast into the future based on the position of the stars and planets at the time of their birth. It is a proven way of determining someone’s character. This is something you need if you want to understand your partner. You will get to know their behavior beforehand and get ready to handle them. astrology | horoscope


    Understand their position in your life.

Sometimes your relationship may not work because you did not read the handwriting on the wall. The universe brings different people our way, each of them ordained with a purpose. Not everyone is destined to become your partner. Forcing them to become one will end up hurting both of you. Some people are simply destiny connectors. They have come into our lives to shine a light on our way at an appointed time and then go away. No hard feelings. Understand the role of your partner in your life and listen keenly to what the universe is trying to tell you.

  1.     Penetrate their mind and emotions.

Go beyond the physical when relating with your partner. Get to know what they think and their opinions over a range of issues. This will make you understand them better and avoid unnecessary conflict between you. You should be able to predict their reaction to an issue at any given point. You are now their partner anyway, not some random stranger.

  1.     Mirror strategy.

How do you feel when you look at yourself in the mirror? It feels good to see an image of yourself. Similarly, your partner needs to see themselves in you. You can understand them better when you mirror their actions. They will have nothing to hide from you because you are their mirror and who does not like to watch themselves anyway? This strategy works mostly when you want to win someone’s trust.

  1. Help, don’t criticize.

Your partner needs to feel comfortable around you. Help them to become better in their strengths if you want to understand them better. Their success is equally yours. Your partner will open to you more when they are convinced that your intentions are genuine. This is a safe space to understand them better and register your help. understanding your partner

Never mistreat your partner because you will be in contempt of nature’s benevolence towards you. These ten ways will help you understand them better.

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