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November 2021

What is a Karmic Relationship? Signs you are Into One

We have all heard about Twin Flame Relationships and Soulmate connection, one type of relationship that is almost always associated with these two is the KARMIC RELATIONSHIP.

It is often mistaken for a Twin Flame connection, due to intensity and the great deal of ups and downs that it brings along. 

But Karmic Relationships are famously known for their codependency, their heightened levels of anxiety, and ambiguity they bring along.


In order to understand Karmic Relationships, understand the term KARMA.

karmic relationship

It comes from the Sanskrit word, KARMA which basically means your actions, work and deeds. This is not limited or restricted to your actions, behaviour, ie one that can be observed, but also those involuntary ones. 

This includes your thoughts, your feelings and emotions. 

Your Karma includes parts of unlearnt or unfinished lessons from Past Lives.

Think of Karma as a boomerang, you are the owner of the boomerang, no matter how far away you throw, it is bound to come back to you.

Thus the phrase, Karma is a bitch, for it always returns back until you have understood its importance and learnt the lessons in your life.

It is the same way, one can view KARMIC RELATIONSHIPS.

They are relationships that are meant to come into your life so that you can acknowledge your past wounds and fulfill your karmic lessons.




They are usually romantic relationships that seem like fairy tales “LOVE ON FIRST SIGHT” relationships they are filled with DRAMA, garlanded by RED FLAGS, and supported by OBSESSION.

I often use the analogy of the Tarantula Hawk Wasps to define a Karmic Relationship’s initial setoff.

So the Tarantula Hawk Wasp preys on Tarantulas who mean no harm to the wasp, but for the wasp it is a brilliant carrier of their future offspring or a great prey.

So it simply hooks onto the nearest tarantula that is minding its own business and silently injects its venomous sting onto the tarantula.

The reason why this analogy is used, for the way the tarantula after the electrifying sting is paralysed is the same way, one is paralysed after one meets their KARMIC PARTNER.

It’s like your world revolves around them, you are utterly and completely mesmerized by their aura, their personality, they are basically EVERYTHING TO YOU, that too just in a glance.

But usually relationships like these do not last very long, for there is a lot of drama and conflict involved, usually these misunderstandings do not get resolved quickly, yet one finds it difficult to walk away from these relationships, until the karmic lesson is learnt.

So, how does one know if one is in a KARMIC Relationship?


There is an Instant Spark between you two:

Remember the analogy of the wasp and tarantula. In similar ways, your union with your Karmic Partner, would be startling, would be the most intoxicating first meet you’d ever have.

As though you recently discovered your heart could beat faster than your Rolex watch, your stomach could cater not only butterflies but the entire zoo.

You would feel like this is the moment you had been waiting for your entire life. You both connect almost immediately over the most mundane and random topic.

You have just met them, yet it feels like you have known them since ages.

I call it the MAGICAL CONNECTION moment.

Everything about them is PERFECT:

Maybe it’s their ocean blue eyes that speak volume to you, as though they are meant to quench your soul’s karmic thirst even though they are plain blue.

Maybe it’s the way their smile is so intoxicating, even though they have crooked teeth. 

Maybe they are ignoring you, but HEY! they are so busy with their work, they are so career oriented!

Everything about them seems so PERFECT to you.

The more you look at them, the more poetic and mystical you become  and try to mould their wrong doings in your castle of perfection.

This is a classic characteristic of the Karmic Relationship :

You are bound to engage in Confirmatory Bias, ie, you will seek out or pay attention to only those details or aspects about their personality that would tend towards confirming you and your karmic partner are meant to last forever.

A friend of mine reckoned to me, that isnt it similar when we actually fall in love? 

Like every little quirk of our S. O seems perfect to us or awesome?

There is a difference, when you truly love someone, you ACCEPT that they have certain setbacks, certain issues to work on, there are some things they do which you do not like etc.

You accept the person however they are and DO NOT TRY to overlook their wrong doings as some Fairy tale Perfection standards.

This brings me to the next point:

You are obsessed with them:

Often in Karmic Relationships there is a very great possibility that you end up being obsessed with your karmic Mate and NOPE, NOT IN A HEALTHY WAY.

It’s like your day begins with their thoughts, you are constantly thinking about their likes. dislikes, their favourite dish, color. 

You have probably stalked their social media handles, know their best friends, their close mates, their profession, etc.

There is an unhealthy obsession with them, it is unhealthy, for it hinders you from completing your daily task, your work, or even enjoying your life.


karmic relationship

For you would find yourself thinking about the next strategy you’d opt to text them, greet them ,etc. Or try to resolve their issues, for you would assume they are a part of you, thus if they feel sad or shitty you would want to rectify it, even though they would not have asked you for help.


It is a Relationship filled with Ambiguities:


Karmic Relationships are famously known for their ups and downs, mostly downs.

Many unresolved issues would often rise up and there will be many fights, arguments and your worst fears would often be subjected to be a part of the main highlight.

 It would be a never ending cycle, that would have no end point.

You would observe that the minor inconveniences would become major topics for conflicts. It would be as though they are never ready to accept you for who you are, but would want to see you from their glasses.

That no matter how many times you would talk to them or meet, you would feel there is still something that is missing. That they are misunderstanding what you meant to say or that they take offense or take things personally.

Maybe you are a person who is able to communicate their feelings and emotions in a healthy / logical manner but with your karmic partner, communication would be impossible, especially if you would try to create a healthy communication path.

There would also be confusion and  uncertainty with your stand in their lives, are you both just friends? 


More than that? 

Sex buddies? 

There is no clarity.

You find it difficult to get out from this relationship:


The reason why it would be difficult to walk away from these relationships is because there would always be something or the other that would make you come back to them. 

It’s like no matter how much ever they would hurt you, belittle you or your feelings, like a moth to the flame you would be attracted to them again and again.

Well the reason is that until you do not resolve or learn the Karmic Lesson that this relationship is trying to teach you, you will keep getting hurt.

This is what you need to realise, that the reason you would find it difficult to walk away from this relationship is because you tend to cling onto the last hope that maybe they would change, maybe they still love you, etc. All of the maybes would hold you back from healing.

Thus these relationships have a start point but the end point is dependent upon our realization about our own selves and to heal from those unhealed issues.

You would feel that soul mates relationships too are difficult to walk away from but in a soulmate connection, there is mutual respect and mutual agreement for helping both the parties involved to grow and evolve as a more matured or spiritually healthy human being. 

The opposite takes place in Karmic one, you are more likely to poke the others insecurities, or keep pushing their buttons( In a toxic way)



So once you realise that your Karmic relationship is meant to come into your life so that you can fulfill those karmic lessons and also heal from those things that have wounded you, you shall successfully lead your way through the Karmic Relationship.

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The Reason Why People Keep Attracting Toxic Partners

Ever wondered why is that your good friend, someone who is so helpful, someone who is successful in his career, doing so well health wise, has a partner who is ultra draining and borderline toxic?

Ever heard your friend share that her serial cheater girlfriend and he argue a lot and heard the classic phrase, “You’re delusional, believe whatever you want!”

A friend whose toxic boyfriend keeps hitting her, yet she stays in the relationship for she feels that HE LOVES HER?


So what do I mean by the term Toxic? 

When you say something is toxic you mean that this particular thing is dangerous or would harm you, either physically, emotionally or mentally.

It means that dealing or even interacting with aspects related to it, would either be too tiresome or drain your energy out.

“Toxicity is like a spider’s web, you cannot see the strings nor would you anticipate you would fall into it, but once you do, it sticks right onto you and it is very difficult to remove this venom from you.”


  • They give very amazing first impressions:

First impression is the last impression, right? They would seem to be the most chivalrous, humorous, successful people you would ever come across. It’s like as soon you have met them they say that you are their best friend, soulmate, etc. toxic relationship

  • They see themselves as victims:

Right after you have met them, they will bombard you with their sob stories, that their boss is crazy, is purposefully trying to demean them, or maybe it’s their ex who is stalking them, etc.

 It’s as though they would wish to gather pity or attention. But hey, they are smart people. They won’t do it directly, it’d be very subtle, almost as though they did not mean to point it out, but it just happened so, “ACCIDENTALLY”

  • You are trapped / Hooked.

This is the best stage for the toxic partner, it’s this stage that gives the kick of DOPAMINE release. They are very smart people, the initial few months or weeks into the relationship, they would try to understand your quirks, your dislikes, your trigger points, things that upset you or make you happy. 

They’d know everything about you in a short span of time. 

Then they would provide you aid, maybe your ex couldn’t be satisfied in bed, but your toxic partner would give you the best pleasure you could ever receive in this lifetime, would cuddle with you and provide you with a hearing aid later.

For hey, they are masters, they have made a mental map of the way the relationship would go ahead.

Next comes the stage, wherein they would slowly start showing off their true signs:

Oh so you didn’t listen to what I said? I wont have sex with you.

Do the dishes before I am home, or else I won’t pay for your expenses.

Once the toxic partner has hooked you / made you dependent upon them then they know that they have a control over your thoughts, your mood everything.

This is the time they would start cajoling you into acting into the way they would want you to.

In the beginning it would be only a subtle form of demeaning jokes or belittling you, but later it would turn into direct comments passed upon your personality, question your sanity, insult you, abuse you.


You give them a boost of  “Vitamin E”

Just a parasite needs to suck the life out of their host, to sustain their life. 

Toxic people survive by sucking out your “EMPATHY” relationship goals

The simple reason? They have none of it.

To be a person who is spiritually, mentally and emotionally healthy and non threatening the most essential tool one would need is EMPATHY

To be able to connect with a person on a genuine level, you need to share some form of empathy so as to feel what they would be going through and that if they feel hurt or sad you make it a point to not hurt them intentionally..

If you are a Natural Empathetic person, chances are that for every wrong drawing there, you would understand their view point.  If they would bail out on you, they would understand they have some work, etc.

This is what gives them the ego boost and makes them feel they can lie to you how much ever they would want, for you WOULD UNDERSTAND THEM.

We accept the love we think we deserve : 

This is where your childhood experience is of utmost importance. If as a kid you were loved and adored and were given the freedom and the space to grow to evolve as your own self, then the kind of love / partner you would attract would be on the similar lines and your energy too would manifest in the same way.

But, if suppose as a growing kid, you were emotionally neglected by your parents, you were left to fend for yourself and you didn’t not receive enough affection or support from them, then you are likely to be a person who would try to get that attention from others, this could also mean from toxic people for they are like hungry wolves can smell the blood of a lonely sheep miles away.

If you were brought up in a family that constantly needed you to prove your worth or parents who would emotionally blackmail or were abusive, there is a chance you are likely to be a person who would do anything in your strength to please them, or to not let them leave you.

This is true even for your intimate relationship pattern.

You are a habitual fixer:

Now fixing does not mean you would fix their broken pump or tires, something even more deadly → THEM.

If you are a person who believes that the GOOD GIRL CHANGES THE BAD BOY, this is where you would find yourself attracting men who are abusive, who are borderline alcoholic or addicted to drugs, or maybe they are a bully. Yet you feel there is some “Good “ Part in them that can be reawakened by your sweet words and caring face.

You simply love it too for you are the same:

This is the most common reason as to why people attract toxic partners. 

A Friend of mine, practicing law,  has a history of attracting toxic men. 

Initially I thought that maybe it’s the men, they are the ones who just wanna hurt her, are toxic and wanna hurt her, one of them has even slapped her multiple times, her reason?

I love him, plus not like I have not done the same to him. relationship goals

Many times, we ourselves have traits which are unhealed,  maybe the idea of love that we have is the one that keeps pushing our buttons and hurts us, for hey, in this digital age of the more the better, we would feel that the more they love us, the more they are bound to hurt us.’ 

Another reason is that, we too love the attention the sympathy others give us (especially the opposite gender) thus we are bound to indulge in any sorts of emotional manipulation, ( Consciously or unconsciously). For eg:

  • I feel so alone my boyfriend is out of town, but your company makes me feel so safe
  • My girlfriend never believes anything I tell her, this is why I am sharing this with you. 
  • My boyfriend is always so busy for me, but you being here listening to me makes me feel so happy.


Toxic Partnerships can be too draining and also the one that could shatter our self esteem, and also the love and respect we had for ourselves. Thus what is important is that one should be mindful and aware of our own energy and vibe and to select the partner who complements not only our present but also our future and not someone who would hurt us purposefully.

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emotional burnout

Are you Suffering from Emotional Burnout?

Our fatigue is often caused not by work but by worry, frustration and resentment – Dale Carnegie,

As I share this article today with you, I will share my own recent experience with Emotional Burnout.

I have never known what it meant to be Emotionally burned out or Emotionally Exhausted for, I am someone who has always thought that no time should be wasted, no no money should be lost, my cellphone is almost never given a chance to cool down, probably because i am constantly checking my phone, either to check updates from my social media or from work, or something that my significant other said, so as to not miss the time we’d share, however little it might be.

So where does the Emotional Burnout come into play you ask?

Well for starters, when I retraced aspects of my own life, I realised that, I was EVERYWHERE, YET NOWHERE.

stress | emotional burnout


Emotional burnout is not an unnamed parcel that just lands into someone’s life without notice or signs. 

Rather it gives off warning signs,, it is like a small dark seed, that you yourself nurture and water. 

You do not realise you are nurturing it, but slowly bit slowly, everyday, it grows, while you would show you are happy and alright, but inside it keeps sucking onto your positive energy and establishing its roots.

Until one day, it takes power over you, you are unable to fall asleep for there are so many thoughts running through your mind, you cannot concentrate on your work because you feel you are either too bored or too tired or feeling irritated. You wish to be left alone, and if anyone persistently asks you to join them, you would first beat around the bush and then finally lose your temper and burst out.

An important aspect to remember about burnout is that, it manifests itself in three areas of your life,

  • Physical health
  • Mental health
  • Emotional Health

Thus, if you wish that your personal relationships and professional life is not affected due to your own interpersonal reasons, lookout for the following warning signs of emotional burnout.

  • You are either feeling tired and lethargic or insomniac :

A sure sort sign you are nearing emotional burnout is that you would feel that even after sleeping 8 or 9 hours in the night you feel tired or feel drained of energy less. And there could be a possibility that you would not be able to fall asleep quickly at night. Maybe you have too much on your mental calendar and running thoughts do not let you sleep.

  • You are unable to concentrate on work :

Another thing I noticed when I suffered from Emotional Burnout was that my concentration level went down, it’s as though I was not able to perform well, the way I used to earlier. I was also experiencing difficulty in focusing on things at hand, even though I was attending a meeting or a work call, I would find myself getting easily distracted or just getting lost into one of the many thoughts I had, about finances, my S.O our future, etc, all of this was started interfering with my other aspects of life.

  • You are easily losing your temper:

Did your subordinates recently remark to you that you were behaving a bit agitated or maybe a bit moody? 

Maybe it became the hottest topic of gossip in their grapevine.

But the reason why this often happens is that wherever we are feeling physically tired, mentally exhausted and emotionally numb, the result is that we tend not to show or share our emotions and our true beliefs, thoughts, for our own reasons.



But the more we keep things inside and hidden the more the chance of them erupting as they wish to be out and wish to be heard.

Hence, there is a chance that you would not be able to regulate your emotions in a proper manner, this happens when you are unable to fully express them, and thus, the cycle continues.

  • You don’t feel “YOU”

You feel that you are not this person.

You have goals to achieve, you have dreams to fulfil, people to meet, love to procure.

This person you see in front of the mirror with dark circles and a sullen face, who’s droopy eyes seem tired yet smile the brightest are happy, but you know inside it is not.

Maybe you were a person who was very jolly and witty, but now you don’t enjoy them, you have stopped pursuing your favourite hobby, maybe you loved riding horses, playing polo, going for sails, but now all you do is sit back in a chair and sulk. 

You have lost the spark that once made you feel alive.

So now that you know a few warning signs, of Emotional Burnout, realise that it would and is also bound to have drastic effects upon your health, (Mental, Physical, Emotional)

It will affect your relationships:

I once asked a doctor friend of mine, who was working almost seven days a week during the time of the pandemic, how he was managing his family life and his “ME TIME” ?

His answer? 

He was not.

He was unable to make time to even have bathroom breaks, for even missing a seconds time would mean some patient could be at a risk of not getting his medical attention.

He used to keep his phone on silent or not attend to them, his beard grew, he would hardly have time to eat as well.

The worst of them all?

He mentioned that he and his peers experienced heightened levels of anxiety and stress and they also complained of insomnia and feeling emotionally numb.

affirmation | acceptance


They also mentioned that it negatively affected their personal and social  relationships, ie, they were unable to make time for their boyfriend/ girlfriend, were unable to attend parties, social functions, etc.

It impacts your health :

As mentioned earlier, you would notice that you would be unable to adequately take care of your health,, follow your healthy routine, exercise, or indulge in yoga or some form of healthy practise, due to your burnout.

So a question I was asked during a recent talk session with a close pal, about how is it that I manage or do whenever I feel I am on the verge of having burnout.

My answer is simple. 

When you begin to worry go find something to do, Joyce Meyer

I have found that every time I am stuck with my own loop of thoughts, the best way to not be a slave to your thoughts is to let them go. 

I do this by :

  • Sleep it out: 

Physically exerting myself to a point I do not have the strength to think about unnecessary things, thus I fall asleep quickly. 

Now a lot of people told me that the best way to do this is either grab a bottle of wine and drink the entire bottle and whoosh your sleep.But that is not a healthy way, for you’d be dependent upon an unhealthy coping mechanism. 

Rather, I run till the sole of my feet feel warm and I am tired. You can even take part in kickboxing or any form of martial art such as jiu jitsu or Krav maga, now these are not only the best way to defend yourself against any random goon on the street but also to let those demons under your bed sleep tightly.

  • Following my routine :

I have  found the main reason I lose a track of myself is whenever I feel I am getting out of control, and since I am not god, I understand that I cannot control every aspect of my life, but I can follow a few routines which make me feel alright, and make me feel in peace with myself, eg, going for a walk, stretching every time I feel bored, drinking coffee right after getting up, not attending texts from my S. O whenever I am working. 

-Taking a break:

This is the best strategy that helps with both toxic people or with the environment, everytime I feel things are getting too much for me, I either remove myself from the situation or completely do something that is not related to my field. 

Example, I love reading, but at times the more I read upon a topic that I wish to write, the more variations I see and the more information I get I find it difficult to filter it to add those into my writing.

Thus I do something else, I watch food videos, or I go and play with my pet or just take a short nap. It helps, as it allows my unconscious to work upon those aspects I just read,

– Pursue your hobby:

Remember the things you have stopped doing because you thought you are not good enough or just tired or cannot do it?

Well now is the right time to do it.

Right from trying gardening, to singing to learning painting, pursue what thrills you, excites you, motivates you to become the best version of yourself!


Emotional Burnout can seem as a temporary or plain ordinary bodily response to stress or daily ruckus, but it is much more than that. The quicker you would acknowledge the signs your body is trying to tell you, the more you would be able to recover from it. 

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6 Steps to Invite Spirituality in Your Everyday Life

Spirituality is not a very mystic experience. Many tend to perforce spirituality as a magic trick that involves angel reading, incense sticks, mantras and chakras, and what not. However, spirituality does not involve all these things.

Having spirituality in your life is not also about taking yoga practice or going on cool retreats. It is not about what you eat or what you wear. chakras

Spirituality is how you connect with the world. It is the art of living fully. Spirituality is the path that connects you to yourself and the world in the purest form. It looks at the world and your inner self to help you become one.

It is not difficult to tap into your spirituality, as it is a natural experience that does not require effort.

Here are 5 simple practices you can incorporate into your life everyday, which will help you live more spiritually. 

Invite spirituality by practicing kindness and compassion 

Time flies so fast and we are swamped with daily activities, we have no time to practice kindness and compassion.

Kindness is a virtue  we should emulate, not just to our friends and families, but to everyone you encounter.

Instead of judging others and feeling you are better than them, seek understanding in others. Try to put yourself in their shoes and see the world from their perspective.

Set an intention to treat people with kindness everyday and respond to people with compassion. Accept others for who they are and choose forgiveness over resentment. The people who hurt you need to be shown kindness. That’s how you invite spirituality in your life. 

Check your anger

When we are angry and full of rage, we can be particularly harsh towards others. It’s like a disease that consumes your life.

When we let anger and negativity control our lives, we become pessimistic. Little things like traffic congestion or waiting in a long line triggers us. You start using words to bring others down, spreading gossip and rumors.

Oftentimes, when you are angry, you become destructive. If you are bothered by situations and circumstances that are not in your favour, what can you do?

Check in with yourself?

Where is the anger coming from?

What can you do to take and control it?

How can you become more aware of your emotions? 

You can invite spirituality in your life by letting go of grudges

It’s extremely easy for others to be offended and upset. We get offended when we don’t get invited to a party or if we don’t receive thanks for a good deed. When someone upsets us, our ego and pride tells us to ignore and resent them. 

Rather than holding grudges against people, take the high road and forgive. Resenting others makes us get angry with ourselves. We tend to feel a weight or burden on our shoulders. The easiest way to live in peace and invite spirituality in your life is letting go of grudges and forgiving others for their misdeeds.

Practice gratitude 

Practicing gratitude is a game changer. I strongly believe that being grateful for the things you have open doors for more blessings and opportunities for which you will be more grateful for. gratitude

Showing gratitude is simple. Perhaps the most difficult part is becoming more aware of the good things in life despite any negative situations you are facing.

Nonetheless, here are simple ways to show gratitude:

  • Every time you wake up in the morning, think of something you are grateful for. It may be as simple as waking up alive or feeling the sunset on your face. 
  • Set out time during the day to stop whatever you are doing, take a deep breath and spend a few minutes touring, reflecting and showing gratitude.
  • Keep a gratitude journal. It is a great way to write down both the big and little things you appreciate as you navigate your way through life. 


Meditation is a form of mindfulness and it’s a great way to invite spirituality in your life. Meditation helps to give your mind some rest.

Try meditating daily, even if it’s for only five minutes. This will help you declutter your mind, start your day from a place of consciousness, and feel more grounded and aware of the things happening around you. 

Meditation has brought so many positive changes to my life. I feel less stressed, sleep better, have more patience, and I have a deeper connection with my inner self to help me show kindness to others. 

Many people think meditation is when you don’t think about anything and focus on nothingness. However, thoughts are natural and you need to let them flow. The main thing about meditation is that you don’t hold on to any of them. 

I began my practice a few years back and it’s been an amazing journey. Remember, it is better to meditate for five minutes every single day than 25 minutes twice a week. 

Spend time in nature

Nature is the best spiritual teacher and we can understand many things from nature by just observing. It helps you appreciate your surroundings and become more mindful whenever you are outside.  Nature

Choose your perfect spot and relax. It could be a bench in the park, or hiking on a beautiful mountain, or walking on a beach. Be mindful of your environment without thinking too much about it. 

Enjoy the clean air, the beautiful sounds, the magnificent color, and the way the breeze feels on your skin. Stop to smell freshly cut grass and admire beautiful flowers. Allow nature to heal anything troubling you.  


The fact that you are reading this article and not something else at this very moment is something which has been put on your spiritual path. We all have a purpose to fulfil in life and inviting spirituality in your life will help you discover and achieve your purpose. 

Spirituality is a journey and it begins with you. With daily practice, you’ll be able to create a stronger bond within yourself and with others. 

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spiritual awakening

What is the best way to achieve spiritual awakening?

“You seek it to find that you have it.

You’re within it when you think you’re without it.

You can’t see it or know it but you never leave home without it.

We can’t name it; but when we see it, we call it a spiritual awakening.

So allow it to discover its power.”

Everyone wants the ‘best’, isn’t it? What is the ‘best’ way to achieve spiritual awakening? It’s just like asking, “What is the best way to turn off the lights?” Whether you use your hands or legs, it doesn’t matter. Just switch off the light. 

The same thing goes for spiritual awakening. There is no best way to achieve it, and you can’t achieve something you already have. 

What if what you’re seeking is already inside of you but you haven’t ‘realized’ it yet?

The notion of spiritual awakening has been around for centuries and can be observed through almost all religions in the world. Call it ‘enlightenment’; call it ‘bliss’; or even ‘nirvana’, spiritual awakening begins the moment a person steps back and ‘wakes up’ with a  new sense and meaning. spiritual awakening

The spiritual awakening journey you seek seems to occur in an exotic place or after a traumatic life experience. It causes us to question our entire existence – Who am I? Why am I here? It’s like waking up from your everyday life and stepping into an awareness of higher spirituality. 

In simpler terms, spiritual awakening helps us see beyond our ordinary eyes. We now understand the basis of the universe and you feel more open to the truths of life. happiness

We keep living our lives thinking that money, power, and fame are important to attain true happiness, but that is not true. Happiness is something that is embedded inside you. You have to look within yourself and spiritual awakening helps you find it. 

What causes spiritual awakening?

Spiritual awakening can be triggered by anything and it takes numerous forms; from a trip to an island, the loss of a  job, the loss of innocence, death of a loved one, or a near-death experience. Regardless of what causes it, the experience shakes your world and you see things with a new eye. 


Spiritual awakening represents the lifting of ignorance or aviyida which means “incorrect or false understanding.” It is a state of not knowing what you don’t know. Through the process of spiritual awakening, you get punched out by the limiting belief and ignorance towards a destination of self-realization. 

This is mapped into your consciousness and they are clues and steps that indicate you’re on the path of awakening. Let’s explore each stage in greater detail and the simplest way to achieve spiritual awakening:

The call to awakening

This call represents a break from your life and a sign to start your journey of self-discovery. It is the awakening incident that spurs up from the subconscious, catches your attention, and compels you to look at life differently. meditation

At this point, you begin to question everything you once knew. You begin to clear certain habits out of your life and invite new beliefs in. During this phase, it is common to feel lost, disconnected, or confused. 

Rock bottom

This stage of spiritual awakening is marked with a rough patch. This is where your soul strips away all aspects of old habits, beliefs, and practices. It’s very challenging and you will likely hit rock bottom. But once you’re down, you will be forced to make real changes. 

Choosing your path

Once you have made it out of the rocky phase, you are ready to create your new life. The limited worldview can no longer contain your expanding awareness. You’re in search of answers – trying out new hobbies, religion, relationships, etc., to help you remap your worldview. 

Following your path

The next stage calls you to be a spiritual seeker. Having chosen your path, with consistent practice, happiness and joy become your ground state. Regular practice removes mental, physical, and emotional blockage that obstructs the manifestation of your desires. 

The soul sessions

Think you have achieved spiritual enlightenment? Not yet. This phase begins when you are building an actual through which your spirit can thrive. This usually comes with trials and errors. Growth can be a very uncomfortable process. It is not uncommon to face struggles, self-deceptions, and other external influences that halt your spiritual journey. This period can take years or even decades.


And finally, we have awareness. No longer striving for spiritual enlightenment, you now exist in oneness with your inner self. By this point, you’ve gotten to know your soul, you’ve figured out a lifestyle that works for you, a permanent shift has taken place and you’ve awakened fully to your true identity. 

You have full awareness of your divinity and you live in service to others, which brings you joy, happiness, and contentment. 

Here are some signs that you’re going through a spiritual awakening or you are about to embark on one:

  • You feel disconnected, overwhelmed, confused, and detached from the things and people you used to enjoy. 
  • Whether it means quitting your job to find your passion, or exploring a new religion, your beliefs are gradually changing, 
  • The desire to find meaning and fulfillment within your spirituality becomes an important part of your life. 
  • You are approaching what you do with a deeper sense of service. 
  • You feel more intuitive and connected with yourself. 
  • As you begin to feel more connected with the world around you, you begin to feel empathy for people suffering. 
  • You feel compassionate towards others. 

Bottom line

If you want to make space in your life to start your spiritual journey, the best way to go about it is to develop a weekly or monthly spiritual practice like practicing mindfulness or meditation, 

Practice love and compassion. Be gentle with yourself. Spiritual awakening is a journey so trust that every occurrence will gradually unfold and fit into a bigger picture. 

While it may not be easy, it is worth it. 

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Best Bedtime Routines to Manifest Your Dreams

You know that feeling when you wake up in a bad mood?

The slightest things piss you off. From the alarm clock that won’t shut up. To endless phone notifications that keep hammering your ears. Heck, even the way your room looks could rub you off the wrong way.

Your day is officially starting on a bad note. And those desires you want to attract are pushed even further. 

What if I told you a major reason you feel cranky in the morning is your bedtime routine? Specifically, your mental state right before you hit the stack.

Most people are big on morning routines, and rightly so. 

But bedtime routines have a huge impact on how your desires manifest in your daily life. 

For the next few moments, I’ll break it down for you. 

And highlight various ways a solid night routine is what you need to manifest your desires.

Why Are Bedtime Routines Important For Manifestation?

One thing that doesn’t get enough credit but should, is your subconscious mind.

Very few people realize the huge role it plays in shaping lives and destinies. As I like to call it, it’s your autopilot.

It sits back, and drives most of your key decisions. Why? Because it’s always active even if you don’t realize it.

And during sleep its activity is tripled. That’s why programming your mind before diving into a dream world is an excellent way to send your desired intentions to your mind.

As you sleep, your brain waves get spiked up. They’re energized, and send out multiple signals to the universe.

Engaging in an efficient night time routine offers you the opportunity to tap into these waves. 

Of course, you might wonder “What does a good bedtime routine look like?”

Well, let’s talk about that next…

Awesome Bedtime routines to supercharge your life

Most people would notice huge changes when they apply a few things here.

I say this because adopting just one caused my life to take many positive turns. I got more eager to go about my day. I felt insanely confident about my decisions. And my desires started flowing like water from a tea cup.

In short, I’m excited to share my favorite bedtime routines with you.

Get into a high vibration.

Leading up to your bedtime, there are few things you’d like to carry out to get yourself grounded.

Remember, these are still manifestation practices. So you have to be fully present as you do them.

The beauty of it, is that it’s completely personal. People have different ways they use to feel better.

Here are just some of the few you can try:

  • Listen to your favorite songs: I’m not talking rock ‘n’ roll here. Rather, your go-to music for unwinding after a stressful day.
  • Make your favorite drink: Some people are coffee fans. Others would prefer a cup of tea or juice. Go with what feels right at the moment.
  • Take a walk: Need to clear your head? Sometimes staying at home is a bad idea. But a casual walk on the street or your neighborhood can work wonders to your mood.

Say your affirmations

Is there any manifestation practice that doesn’t have this? I don’t think so. That’s because they’re super important. affirmations

Remember what we said about programming your subconscious mind to attract the good stuff? This is where you’ll really get to experience the magic.

Come up with your affirmations. They should be phrases that reflect your desired state in the present tense.

For example “I am confident” is way better than. “I will be confident”

So is “I am smart” or “I am relaxed” 

If you notice, each phrase assumes your reality already exists. This is crucial because your subconscious mind will perceive this as your current reality.

And will cause the universe to shape your life accordingly.

Make sure to repeat your affirmations a few minutes before going to bed.

Bonus affirmations for you:

“I have my dream job”

“I love my new partner”

“I have supportive friends”

Practice Gratitude.

Some people review their day like a report card. Worst of all, they drown themselves in the worries from that day. gratitude

Here’s a fact for you: Each day presents something to be grateful for.

Counting your blessings is a great way to feel lighter. And get yourself to be more present.

You appreciate everything. From big to small. Then you realize how much good you’ve got in your life already.

What happens? A better mood plus higher vibration.

Visualize your dream life or day.

I’ll say this. People shouldn’t go to bed without doing something that’ll move their life forward.

One thing that does this is visualizing how you’d actually want your life to look, feel, and sound like.

Of course, as you do this, it’s important to allow yourself to go through all the emotions.

You can close your eyes while doing this. Or stare into space allowing your mind to wander. The choice is yours..

A lot of top performers visualize themselves before a competition. Then they go on to win again and again

Proof that It’s a great way to set your subconscious mind to attract what you want.

Practice Scripting

Saw what we did with affirmations? Well, it’s time to write them down.

Scripting is a unique twist and combination of affirmations and journaling.

With journaling, you write down the desires you want to achieve. While scripting involves writing them like it already happened.

No future tenses. But present. Write your goals or desires like they’ve already happened.

The idea behind is to program your mind to have the right thoughts. Why? Because thoughts become things.

I know some smart people that say you don’t really have a goal until you write it.

 I’ll go on to say you don’t really want your desires achieved until you script them.


Going forward, dedicate 20- 40 minutes before you sleep to practice what you read.

Do that, and you’ll attract the desires you want. It will look so easy once it starts happening.

Because you’ll become a powerful manifestor.

So if you want to experience a reality you deserve, commit yourself to these practices. And then reap the rewards from the universe.

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Why Minimalist Living is Good to Manifest Your Dreams

Looking for a great manifestation hack to turn your desires into reality? 

Start with less. You really don’t need more stuff. And jamming your life with unnecessary activities isn’t helpful either. 

You see, the introduction of minimalist living came as a surprise to many. At first, people felt it was ineffective. Like something straight out of a fiction novel. 

The common question across everyone’s mind at the time was, “will this work long term?”

Today, folks like me now adopt this clutter – free approach to life. We’ve found out there’s so much to gain when you focus on what matters.

But what’s even better, is how the law of attraction, and a minimalist lifestyle blend nicely together.

Like milk and water you’ll notice a major shift in your life once you combine them.

That’s why we’re about to explore how living with a lot less attracts more into your world.

Why is minimalism important in manifestation?

Your space matters a lot.

I’m willing to bet a chunk of your desires fail to materialize due to space problems.

While the law of attraction aims to get rid of junk in your mental space, minimalism takes care of the physical one.

Think of the last time you worked into a messy room. Felt a little bit comfortable right? 

Most of the stuff you’ve got are probably distractions. And in many ways, they cloud your thinking. Making it hard to stay focused or get the desires you want.

Our outside, and inside world are reflections of each other.

And when you think about it…Who enters a messy house without questioning the mental state of the owner?

How minimalism affects manifesting

There’s no denying that what we keep around us impacts our mood. That’s why vision boards are so popular.

Minimalism gives you an opportunity to zone in on what’s important. With less stuff around, you create room for things that truly matter.

Soon, you feel a sense of relief that comes from letting go. No more crowded walkways. No more extra stuff that brings zero fulfilment to you.

The beauty of minimalism is felt once your mind gets clear as a result of getting rid of unwanted stuff. And a clear mind lifts your mood – which in turn, raises your vibration.

And nothing attracts all those goodies from the universe like high vibrations.

I like to tell people “Less is more” goes beyond just a fancy mantra. It’s a way of life. And it opens up room for your desires to flow in. 

How to apply minimalism for effective manifestation

At its core, minimalism maximizes your manifestation efforts.

It’s no secret that we’d all need a little boost in our lives. Especially when it comes to attracting our deepest desires

That’s where your very own minimalist lifestyle shines through. But how? What’s the best way to reap the benefits from becoming a minimalist?

There are two easy steps I’ve found to bring out the minimalist inside you:

Step 1: Adopt a minimalist mindset for manifestation.

You probably know the usefulness of mindset shifts.

The bigger they are, the more rewarding they tend to be. 

Ask yourself “how would a minimalist approach my current situation?” – especially if their goal is to manifest more of what they want.

This question serves as a guide to adopting a winning minimalist lifestyle. Why? Because a true minimalist will look to remove the stuff that doesn’t matter.

You know the ones I’m referring to. That extra bag you bought for no reason. Your friend liked it so you felt like getting one. It also includes that couch, purse or anything that holds little to no meaning in your life 

In the end, your mindset boils down to finding stuff you really care about.

Step 2: Create your list.

A chaotic environment will ruin any chances of you manifesting desires.

There’s no denying this. To avoid that, it’s crucial to come up with a list of 4-5 things you really need.

With this, you’ll be able to focus on what’s truly important. This is a great opportunity for some self-reflection. I know, it sounds a little cliche.

But we could all need a little moment of soul searching on what truly matters.

Everything that makes it on your list should be something that resonates with you.

Once you start, you’ll find out that most materialistic things are irrelevant. Don’t kick yourself too hard though. Piling up things we don’t is something we all struggle with.

What’s important is that you highlight the stuff that lights you up.

Benefits of minimalism in manifesting your desires.

I don’t know about you but I want to see progress in what I do. 

And in my journey through the terrains of manifestation, getting rid of junk in my life has proven more beneficial than most.

So, I figured I share with you some benefits I’ve come to love. Over time, the impact of these benefits will compound. 

And could mean the difference between feeling stuck, and watching your desires unfold.

So are you ready?

Less stress means higher vibrations.

Getting rid of unwanted stuff feels like a huge weight lifted off your shoulders.

Finally you don’t have to worry about the ninety different pairs of shoes. Your hallway isn’t littered with piles of clothes that should have been gone yesterday.

You can finally breathe the fresh air of clarity. Your mind is relaxed. And your mood gets brighter.

These are key moments you experience once you start to declutter. Better moods means higher vibrations. Your energy levels are higher. And the universe is loving every bit of it.

If you’ve found yourself feeling depressed or moody, consider freeing up more space at home. 

There’s no way your desires can manifest when you feel cranky all the time. 

More space boosts your focus.

Distractions, hate ’em or really hate ’em – they never seem to go away.

It’s even more difficult when your home is crowded with stuff you don’t need. 

The law of attraction requires your focus. And your focus largely depends on how well you can zoom out of your surroundings. This allows you to channel your energy efficiently. 

Ever wondered why most meditation rooms are made up of so much space? Because a free environment is essential for a free mind.

When different things battle for your attention, it’s hard to focus on what matters. 

That’s why carving out enough room for your desires to circulate is crucial.

Each day I’m reminded of the importance of minimalism. Coming from a busy day at work to a well organized room is refreshing.

It fills me with so much happiness and clarity. The kind I’d love for you to experience. 

Because let’s face it, nothing gets down when your mind is all over the place.

And a great way to stay focused is to get rid of all that junk.


It’s useful to look at manifestation through the lens of minimalism.

If it’s your first time on this “less is more” path, I hope the benefits speak to you. And if you’re an old timer, my goal is to help you find some encouragement.

With that said, learn to say no to what you don’t need. And yes to stuff that truly matters to you

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Clarity Is The Air We Breathe: Why Some Dreams Die And Others Flourish

A desire poorly expressed is like rolling a dice with the universe hoping to land a big win.

Sure, you might attract a huge gift once in a while. But that’s not the case most times. Usually, you’re left with a reality that’s all over the place.

Things go great one minute for you. And the next, you’re scratching your head with a what-went-wrong look plastered on your face.

Think about it. It’s like that time you landed your dream job only to find out your boss is the most annoying human ever.

Or you finally attract a partner but now they suck the life out of you.

The common reaction to chaos like these is to roll up in bed – with the song “How did this happen? ” playing in the background.

Well, I’ll tell you how it happened. Lack of clarity chokes your desires. Without clarity, dreams wither and die.

After all, it’s the air our desires breathe to manifest the healthy way.

That’s why getting the universe confused on what you want is manifestation suicide.

So it’s crucial you break away from uncertainty, and embrace clarity.

But how? 

Glad you asked. 

Now, we’ll explore some powerful tips to get your manifestation power up to speed with clarity.

Why is clarity so important for your dreams?

We write a book on the importance of clarity in your dreams. But that wouldn’t cover half of what should be said.

You probably know the opposite of clarity, right? Confusion. 

It’s like going on a date and getting bombarded with conflicting info within minutes. Chances are you’re never going on another date.

Clarity gives you perspective. It shapes your mind so reality bends to your will. 

We’ve all got dreams. Big or small. But clarity is that door you’ve got to walk through to reach the other side.

A clear mind gives those dreams the space to flourish. To vibrate, and gradually manifest into your life.

You see, the universe loves when you’re sure about what you want. Clarity is the sun your dreams revolve around.

Let it shine, and your dreams will grow into reality. Dim it with uncertainty or confusion, and your dreams get stuck in your imagination.

What causes you to lose clarity?

We’ve all been faced with limiting beliefs. You might be struggling with one right now.

When you allow them to wrap their chains around you, that’s when things get messy.

Feeling like you’re not good enough is a limiting belief people fight with. Usually, it results from self-rejection

If you were told as a child that you weren’t good enough… Or people doubted your abilities growing up, there’s a high chance you’ll feel unworthy.

This causes you to second guess yourself. Overthink or complicate stuff. 

Soon enough, something that everyone finds easy becomes a complex math problem from you.

You might be saying “fine, I get it. How do I achieve clarity?”

Or “how do I say goodbye to this haunting feeling?”

Well, let’s get into it…

How to ramp up your clarity for a better life

Clarity is freedom. Armed with it, you boost your chances of experiencing your dream life.

And let’s face it, who doesn’t want more freedom to do things they love?

These tips will bring you many steps closer to your dream life.

Focus on what you want

Imagine you set your car GPS to give you directions to a desired location.

But instead of one clear path, it gives you ten. Now you’ve got the unwanted burden of figuring which one to pick.

Welcome to confusion world. Where dreams stay stagnant for ages, and never live.  It’s the last place you want to be when manifesting your desires.

Luckily for you, avoiding it is easy. Simply focus on what you really want to attract. 

Try to keep your list of things small. Yes, I know we tend to have a bucket list the size of a textbook. But cramming desires together makes it tough to focus.

Think of your focus as a way of offering your mind direction. Like a GPS, you don’t want to be stuck on many choices. 

Rather, you’d want the most relevant and important ones.

Write your dreams down..

Writing is like a reaffirming process for your dreams.

Putting your goals on paper solidifies the foundation you’ve built in your mind. I’d suggest you narrow your list of desires even further while writing.

Say you’ve got four things that’ll really rock your world if you had them. For some people, that might still feel overwhelming.

Drop it down to the two most important ones. Although this part is hard, you’ll walk away feeling more confident.

Have a go-to routine.

Sticking to any practice can be difficult. We tend to find a way to complicate stuff even when it looks simple.

The solution, of course, is simple. Create a routine that makes your life easier.

Whether that’s making sure you repeat your affirmations every morning. Or read an uplifting book each afternoon.

Most people struggle to focus because their lives are devoid of special routines. Routines help you form healthy habits. The right ones can shape your focus. And sharpen your mind.


It’s almost too easy.

By allowing yourself to feel, taste and experience the emotions of having your reality, you’re able to build your clarity muscle.

Think of it like proteins. The more you see yourself having all the goodies you deserve, the more that reality solidifies in your mind.

When you paint your desired scene in your mind, it’s easier to focus on it. And the more clarity you attain.

That’s why I’m such a huge believer in visualization. They’ve worked wonders for many, and can do the same for you.

Wrapping it up

If you want a better life through manifestation, focus on a few things.

It’s easy to lose control of what matters when your mind is bouncing all over.

You want to be grounded. To feel present. To inhale the fresh reassuring wave that clarity brings.

The beauty of it all, is that you know when you’re focused. You’re more confident. And you feel energized.

So go out there pump your mind with some oxygenated clarity.

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Brain Fog? Try Unlocking your Third Eye Chakra

Are you finding it difficult to concentrate on your important projects in life?

Are you carelessly investing all your hard-earned money into failed projects?

Are you unable to work with that creative zeal that you once worked with?

If you have answered YES to any of the above-asked questions or all of them, then my friend you have a Blocked Third Eye Chakra.

A blocked Third Eye Chakra would lead individuals to experience difficulty in concentrating on things at hand. 

You are unable to understand the wider truth of life. 

You would have a lack of creativity or enthusiasm to achieve your projects. 

The other symptoms of blocked third eye chakra include:

  • Thinking about a problem from a very logical viewpoint of view, especially matters related to the heart.
  • Getting swayed by your emotions and taking rash or impulsive decisions  
  • Experiencing feelings of disorientation
  • Inability to understand your purpose in this life, in the things you are doing or relationships you are in.
  • You are unable to get in touch with your intuition.
  • You feel you are lacking creativity.
  • You feel you are not wise enough, as you were earlier.

You feel you are slowly falling apart and you cannot explain WHY?

So the Third Eye Chakra is the Chakra that is located between your eyes. It is the chakra that is responsible for your creativity, intuition, inner wisdom, and the greater purpose of life. 

Significance of Third Eye Chakra In Buddhism: 

The third eye Chakra, according to Buddhism, is the Eye of Wisdom. It is said only after you have achieved the mastery of seeing the world around you with this Eye of wisdom, rather than the physical eyes that you are born with, you shall achieve Nirvana. 

This means that you shall be able to overcome all the negative emotions that hinder you from seeing the real truth about the outside world. 

You shall be able to take a peek inside your inner world, you will be able to understand your reality, you will become the master of yourself, not a slave to the materialistic world’s strings.

As Carl Jung once said, Your vision will only become clear if you look inside your own heart. For he who looks outside, dreams but he who looks inside, awakens. 

Thus in Buddhism, this chakra has been given the utmost importance, for it was this chakra that helped Gautama to truly introspect himself, the meaning behind life, and his true purpose in life. 

Significance of Third eye Chakra In Hinduism 

In Hinduism, this Chakra is called the Ajna Chakra, or the energy system that creates a pathway through which you can come in touch with your true self. 

To be able to perceive the realities within you.

A Blocked chakra would lead you to act like an ignorant human, who takes pride only in flaunting his materialistic pleasures, drowns himself in lust, greed, or jealousy.

Lastly, it leads the person to commit acts of adultery which are not limited to the field of romance but also lying and cheating on others, committing heinous crimes.

So by indulging in such acts, we end up blocking the pure, vibrant energy of the universe to enter the third eye chakra. 

It has been said that by unlocking this chakra, one allows the energy of Shiva ( The yin or the male energy) and shakti ( Yang or The feminine energy ) both to exist within oneself. 

So the left petal signifies the existence of Shiva (The final truth) within us and the right one Shakti ( The junction of cosmic energy) 

Thus there needs to be a balance of both the energies within, to become a person who is free from the chains of Maya ( illusions of this materialistic world that we feel would make us happy and content) 

Third Eye Chakra according to Modern Science and Philosophy :

French Philosopher, Rene Descarte, called this gland the junction of the Physical and Spiritual World. He named it the place where the Seat of Soul lies. 

According to science, this chakra is related to your Pineal Gland. This gland is situated right in the middle of the two halves of the brain.

The basic function of this gland is to regulate the circadian rhythm. The hormone secreted is Melatonin, which is responsible for the regulation of sleep.

So an imbalance of this hormone would lead to all kinds of sleep disorders. Research on this gland also points out that an imbalance of the same would lead to the person to suffer from sleep apnea, have increased high blood pressure, would suffer from insomnia, etc.

So how does one unblock this Chakra?

Balasana Or the Child’s Pose :

In a seated position, rest your hips upon your feet and then try to stretch your arms in the forward direction, make sure your head lies in between your shoulders and touches the ground. 

Make sure to sit on your hips and slightly stretch your arms as much as you can.

Now breathe deeply and feel a slight pressure upon your third eye Chakra.

You can try mentally saying “I am open to new wisdom”

Candle Gazing : 

For this, you can simply just rest in the initial child’s pose position and light a candle in front of you. You can also do this in a room that is a bit dim so that you can focus properly upon the candle’s light.  

Thus you can start by a few deep breaths and focusing your vision upon the illumination of the light of the candle 

In the beginning, you will notice it is just a flame exerting yellow bright light, but later when you would closely pay attention you would be able to see and envision that there is a blueish purple light being illuminated by the border of this yellow light.

You can close your eyes gently during this time, and envision an indigo- purple circle of light that is breathing and existing inside, right near your third chakra.

You can inhale and soak in the vibrations of this energy and as you exhale, let out all those past held illusions of materialism, greed, Maya, leave your system.

The phrase here should be “I am open to receive guidance from the universe”


Meditation has been seen as one of the easiest ways which are quite difficult to master, but once you do, you can easily unlock the true capabilities of your third eye chakra.

Whenever people think about meditation, they feel they need to force the breathing and also keep track of their thoughts or if they have any negative thoughts then push those away. That is not how mediation works.

When you meditate, you allow yourself to firstly relax, sit in a comfortable position and make sure your environment is also peaceful or serene otherwise you would not be able to relax.

Then as you inhale and exhale you become aware of your bodily sensations and not too much of those that go around in your environment, for that would make you lose your focus

Next, as you meditate, even though it is as less as 10 or 15 mins daily, you make sure you let those initial negative thoughts, thoughts that cloud your brain flow, do not let stop them or do not go into analyzing them, then you would once again find yourself getting entrapped once again in the same cycle.

As you inhale, tell yourself you are now allowing the universe’s positive energy, allowing yourself to be a part of the greater energy force, you’re letting loose all those tightly held assumptions that have hindered you from understanding yourself.

And as you exhale, let those out, those negative thoughts leave your body.

Try this every day for a few minutes and you shall be surprised that within a few weeks of this exercise you feel very light and are also able to focus your energy in a better way.

Diet : 

Next, it has also been seen that following an active healthy lifestyle too aids the unblocking of your third eye chakra.

This means following a diet plan that is rich in omega-three and magnesium, you can find these in a healthy dose of dark chocolate, in seeds such as chia seeds, flax seeds, and also in walnuts. 

One can include purple food in your diet, as this color is the color of your third eye, it includes plums, blueberries, purple cabbage, etc!

Positive Affirmations for Activating Third Eye Chakra :

Before going to bed every night, or while you are practicing the meditation you can try repeating these Positive Affirmations:

  • I believe in my intuition 
  • I will allow my intuition to guide me
  • I am open to newer ideas and wisdom.
  • I am wise and connected with my inner guide.
  • I am capable of seeing the greater truth in life.
  • I accept my true self, without any prejudice or deception
  • The love I seek outside is inside me, I am open to receiving love.
  • I shall let the universe guide me
  • I feel creative and full of life.
  • I believe in the power of my third eye chakra.

So by following the above-mentioned exercises and by making simple readjustments in your diet and life, you can unlock your third eye chakra and also be open to newer, more positive vibrations from the universe!

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