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March 2022

Laws of Natural Justice

Avenues to justice.

The high injustice in the world makes people look for every means possible to get it. Sometimes people seek justice through unimaginable means yet they somehow seek to justify it. The judiciary arm of government is responsible for the administration of justice. It is the last hope for civilians who have been denied justice. The courts have jurisdiction to rule on issues presented before them. The truth is that access to justice through the courts is expensive in many countries. How many cases against the rich and mighty have been dismissed on account of lack of evidence? They buy their way and the poor are left to suffer in silence hoping that nature shall avenge for them.

I recently came across a ruling by the High court on a matter involving robbery. A man had been sentenced to life imprisonment for robbing a foreign national of his mobile phone worth $300. There was sufficient evidence to warrant this judgment. But how come there is hardly a conviction against civil servants misappropriating funds even up to $1,000? Again, we return to the question of evidence presented in court. It could have been unsatisfactory, even if they are indeed guilty, to warrant their conviction. You can evade the justice system in your country but not natural justice. It shall eventually catch up with you. Nothing is hidden before the eyes of nature and in due time, your actions shall catch up with you.

Here are five laws of natural justice:

1. The law of the harvest.

Harvesting is the last stage in farming. It is preceded by tilling the land, planting, weeding, and irrigation. A bountiful harvest is only guaranteed if you were keen on the whole planting process with the constant being fertile soils and favorable weather. Again, it is common sense that you cannot reap what you did not sow. If you planted carrots, you will reap the same. So it is if you planted any other crop. There is some sort of magic in harvesting – multiplication of what you planted. It is the basic reason for farming in the first place. This is exactly how the universe’s law of harvest works in the justice system.

You will harvest, in abundance, the theft and dishonesty you sowed among your brothers. Nature has a way of paying you multiple times exactly what you did to other people. The universe is a fertile soil that gives in abundance what is planted in it. The same is true if you sowed good seed. Your actions will come back to benefit you. There is no single action that is lost into space. The universe conceives your words, thoughts, and actions. A day is coming when you shall harvest in plenty.

2. The law of a double-edged sword.

Probably a sword is not the best example to give when it comes to matters about justice. But it is the most relevant example at the moment. Here is why: a double-edged sword cuts on both sides. You should be careful as you use it because it could also cut you. Justice is like a weighing scale that must balance on both sides. Justice to you must also be justice to the other person. It is never one-sided. The scales of justice must balance.

The universe serves justice on a balanced scale. Some people cry foul that they have been sidelined yet it is not true. Their opponent on the other side deserved justice too. Justice is sacred. It cannot be stained by favoritism because it will cease to be just. Always bear this in mind as you pursue justice – justice has two sides.

3. The law of secret cards.

There is no secret card when it comes to justice. It becomes blackmail. Justice has no secrecy. Everything is explainable and you can follow through on how a particular decision was arrived at. People do a lot of things in the name of justice but time exposes them for who they are – blackmailers. There is a habit of putting someone in a tight spot that they may return you a favor they owe you. Once you find yourself doing this, you are pursuing something else but not justice. You will be exposed for who you are and your plans to defeat justice shall be scattered.
You must always come to the table of justice with clean hands. You can be sure that you will get exactly what you deserve.

Natural justice is raw. It does not need anything to be added to it to look appealing. There is only one weapon of securing justice from the universe – be truthful to yourself and everyone you meet. It will set you free and serve you with exactly what you deserve.

pocket watch, time, sand-3156771.jpg

4. The law of timing and obstruction of justice.

The law of the timing of justice from the universe states that justice delayed is justice denied. Timing is very important in the administration of justice. Not only should justice be done but it should also be seen to be done. Natural justice operates within these parameters.

You cannot cancel the administration of justice when it is due time. You will face the full wrath of nature. Consider the example of running water. What happens when you block its path? The water will find an alternative route or force through the blockade you have put. This is why it is advisable not to build houses on the path of water or else you will be a victim of floods when they happen. You will solely be to blame.

Similarly, never block the administration of justice. The more you do it, the more you increase the chances of it blowing back on your face. Be a supporter of the law and not a fugitive. Facilitate justice throughout.
Justice is governed by principles that shield it from turning it as a weapon against other people. These are the four main pillars of justice upon which it thrives.

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Manifesting the Right Habits for Creation


It is making something new that did not exist before. Creation is one part of life that many people are struggling with because it has no manual, at least in the meantime. While some people think that creation ended with the universe many years ago, others are co-creators with it. Creation is endless. There will always be a need for it throughout our lives. Nature is designed that we become co-creators with her. Everyone lives in their little world which co-exists in the greater universe. You have the responsibility of creating what you want in your world. This is a responsibility you cannot delegate. The scope of your creative powers is limited by your imagination. You can only reach a target that you have set your eyes on. One more thing, creation is not a shared responsibility with your friends. They have their bit to do in their worlds as you have in yours.

Re-creation NOT Recreation.

There is the question of what your role is on existing creations. You have the mandate to do as you please – do away with them entirely or re-create them to what you desire. The former is a bad idea and the latter works best when you have clear intentions. Before this revelation, you could have found yourself at a place where people used to make decisions for you without your input. They created things in your world that they thought was the best for you but it turns out that they are not. You are not a lame duck. This is the time for you to modify them as you please. Consider the example of someone who started a business out of peer pressure that it was performing well yet it turns out it is not. What creation route can they take? RE-CREATION.

You can turn around your misery into something fruitful. This is the path of re-creation. However, some habits guide creation. Here they are:

  1. The right intent.

You should have the right motive to create what you intend to. You can hide your intentions from everyone else but not the universe. Creation should be done with the intention of posterity. It should not be ill-intentioned to hurt somebody else. “How about the creation of war equipment? Or even learning martial arts? Isn’t it the creation of a destructive lifestyle?” In the words of a wise man, it is better to be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war. Your intention of creation should be clear if you want it to stick.

  1. Words of affirmation.

You should speak life over what you are creating or intending to. You cannot be planning to get a good spouse yet you go around talking ill of the other gender. You should confess that the spouse you are creating for yourself is a good man/woman. Do not describe their gender in harsh unprintable words even if you were hurt before. It is someone else who did it, not the person you are creating as your spouse. This is for anyone who has had a bad dating experience: you have the power to create your partner. As you do it, speak life over them. Set them apart from the previous ones who hurt you. The universe will reward you with the same person you created. Make use of this trick. affirmation

  1. A solid vision.

A good creator already has in mind how they would want their creation to end up. You must conceive the bigger picture before you begin creating. Failing to observe this is like a contractor starting a building without having its architectural plan. Something like putting the cart before the horse. Moreover, you cannot create something that you are clueless about how it will look like in the end. You may end up creating a nightmare for yourself and it may be too late to turn around. A carpenter knows what a table looks like even before he starts working. At the end of his work, he can be confident to tell his client that he now has a table. Creation works in the same manner.

  1. The foresight of challenges.

A good creator can foresee the challenges in his creation and take steps to mitigate them. Creation is not an event but a process that starts from the time the creator conceives the vision to when he actualizes it. Do not be discouraged to pursue your vision of creation because of the challenges ahead. Instead, consider thinking about how you will handle them. You will not waste any time with this approach because of your high level of preparedness.

  1. Do not seek validation.

Seeking validation before creation is complete is toxic to your future. Your progress in creating what you would like to manifest will make other people want to imitate you. Let your work speak for you when the time for manifestation comes. The trick is not to be proud while you are yet to finish your creation. Pride can ruin your chances of manifesting the right thing. Be modest even when people heap praise on you for being a good creator. manifestation

  1. Preparation for survival.

The environment you will put your creation in also matters. Look at the place where you want to manifest your dreams. Will they thrive or be choked to death? Your creation efforts are useless if you have not prepared the right environment for it. Nature considered this wisdom in creation. Look at the slow tortoise who hides in his shell when in danger, the chameleon who camouflages in its environment, the antelope with sharp horns and speed to run from its predator, the powerful kicks of a zebra, the slippery scales of fish, the powerful tail of a crocodile and its tough skin, and many more examples from existing creation. Your creation must be adapted for survival. There is no point in creating something that will soon perish.

The right habits for creation will give you positive feedback. Kingmakers have mastered the art of creating powerful Kings and great policymakers are geniuses at creating working policies. The secret is adapting the right habits for creation. 

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The Honest Friend

Who is an honest friend?

He/she is someone completely transparent in what they do and cannot think of shortchanging their friends. An honest friend has no hidden agenda against the friends. They are like an open book that can easily be read. Who wouldn’t want this kind of perfect friendship? It’s like the proverbial manna falling from Heaven.

Cultivating Heaven-like friendships.

Such perfect friendships are not served on a platter. The good news is that the universe foresaw our dilemma and sent nature to light our path. Mother nature plays an important role in forming friendships. She is like the sea where fishermen go fishing. Depending on where you cast your net, you catch different fish – the big and small ones, and those with or without scales. All these types of fish are in the same sea. Similarly, where do you go looking for friendships? Nature has offered you unlimited places you can fish connections, but there is a catch.

Different places have different types of people just as different parts of the sea have different fish, either in the deep or shallow waters.

1. Entertainment places.

They include bars & restaurants, hotels, swimming pools, movie cinemas, or whatever place that you go to have fun. These spaces hold different personalities but there is a common denominator cutting all across – they are people with a free spirit living in the moment. Ask yourself whether this is the type of person you are ready to have as friends or better yet as a soulmate. Do they possess the characteristics of the person you are looking for? Do not mind about their looks because friendships go beyond that. Allow your spirit to feel their vibe and meet before your bodies come together.

2. Worship places.

They include spiritual spaces like churches, mosques, temples, or wherever people go to fellowship with the supernatural. The type of people you will find here focus on the spiritual aspect of life more than anything else. They devote their time to seek spiritual connection without which they feel lost in a different world. You will want to reconsider friendships (or probably making soul ties) with them if you do not subscribe to their lifestyle. It will be like two people living in two different worlds. However, it can work for you if you are ready to make painful adjustments to fit in their lifestyle. Beware that you can easily be displaced by somebody else who is ‘their type’.

3. Online spaces.

They include spaces like social media platforms and other internet-created spaces that allow people to bond from all over the world. Still, there is nature’s hand in this. She is in total control. The internet hosts different types of people. Caution should hold your right hand and lead you to safety when in online spaces. It does not matter whether you are doing business or living off the internet for fun. The problem is that unlike in the two previous spaces (entertainment and worship places), you cannot judge someone’s character easily. You are likely to make the mistake of your life if you are not careful. You can also meet your destiny connectors on online spaces (like I did!).
These three spaces are the major friendship spots that nature offers. Of course, they can increase as time goes by. A case in point is the online space. It was hardly known until the millennials led us into it. It is now one of the largest places where people make friendships – just behind a keyboard.

The fertility of the universe.

Let’s go a bit into farming. Do you know of those fields where anything can grow? You just have to plant your seed and you are assured of a bountiful harvest. The universe is exactly like those fields! It is marked by rich soils and favorable weather. The weather is the effort you put towards making your friendships work. The rich soil is the fertility of the universe to multiply your seed even a hundredfold! As you start a friendship, ask yourself what you have to offer. Do not focus much on what your new friend is bringing to the table. The law of attraction by the universe will work in your favor. When you bring honesty, your friendship shall dwell on it. Sprinkle some love on your friendship and hatred shall be a foreign language in your friendship. When you offer support in a budding friendship, you shall never be backstabbed in the entire life of your friendship.

Tips to thrive in honest friendships.

1. Your word is your bond.
What you are looking for in an honest friendship is exactly what the other person is searching for. Be bound by your word and all your friendships shall be devoid of deceit. The moment you start shortchanging people is when you lose an honest friendship that you have built with so much struggle.

2. Give back to the community.
Honest friendships are selfless that is why they are so powerful. Your friendships can take you beyond where you had thought because the universe read your pure intentions. Learn to give back to the community to support other people who are at their start-up stage. It is the least you can do to support mother nature.

3. Submit to nature.
Submission is required to thrive in honest friendships. It puts a mark on your personality – a mark of greatness. Mark you, you found an honest friend under nature’s guidance. She led you right to where your male or female friend was standing! Look at you now thinking of a happily-ever-after with them (haha).

4. Positive affirmations.
Always say something positive about your friendships. Do not condemn yourself to anything bad. Beware of what you say even in the privacy of your chambers. Speak life about your friendships and it shall eventually manifest.

Don’t lament about not finding an honest friend. You have not looked under your chin. The answer to your prayer is almost near.

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The Power of Energy Exchange

The 48 laws of power.

Let us draw reference from Robert Greene’s famous book The 48 laws of power. Law 10 states Avoid the Unhappy and the Unlucky. There is a proven pattern observed in people who associate with negative energy. They are most likely to be absorbed into the dark pit by associating with negativity. Consider the example of two people pulling each other. One is standing on a table and the other is standing on the ground. Who between the two will pull the other to the level he/she is in?

Of course, the one standing on a lower ground can pull the one standing on a table easily. This example speaks volumes regarding the power of energy exchange. We are in a state of constant giving and taking with the universe. We can either be on the winning or losing side depending on how we relate with the universe. There are a few ground rules to observe. Here is the ultimate guide from the universe into the power of energy exchange:



1. Your choice of a life partner.

Your life partner could be the spring to your success or the missile to destroy you. They are an important part of the connection between the universe and you. The energy exchange between you two cannot be ignored. For most people (at least as is supposed to be), their spouse is their best friend and closest confidant. Considering this as the ideal situation, what energy do you draw from them? If they have a negative vibe, they will transmit the same to you. Such energy exchange is very unhealthy and the more reason why you should make this choice cautiously. There is a reason they are called soulmates. You create an everlasting soul tie with them (unless broken by other means).

A soulmate is like a pipe connection. What happens when the pipe is dipped in dirty water and you suck the other end? You will drink dirty water. Ew! How disgusting! A bad connection like this is also replicated with the partner you get intimate with. Intimacy is sacred and that is why it is reserved for married people – those in a long-term life commitment. When you sleep around with anyone, you risk contaminating your spirit with a bad vibe. This will be replicated in the things you do.

2. Your beliefs and philosophy in life.

We all have our beliefs in life. It should not necessarily be religion. It can be a life principle or philosophy that you hold dear. A belief is a strong conviction in something. It informs very many things that you do. You should be able to determine one thing easily – what do you stand to gain or lose with the beliefs and/or philosophy that you hold? The answer to this question explains what kind of energy exchange happens between you two.

There are different theories about the universe and creation. Without going into details, they can either set you on a path of greatness or radicalize you to destruction. Consider these two kinds of people – one believes that God will help their business grow and another who puts actual effort towards business growth. Who between them shall succeed? Positive energy is inherited from the universe by the beliefs you hold. You should not believe in just anything. Ask yourself hard questions before subscribing to it. The issue of beliefs should not be taken lightly. Its misuse will make you end up disconnecting from the destiny that the universe had put on your path.

3. Your mind’s engagement.

The brain is very important in facilitating energy exchange. Your thoughts are the beginning of your glory or walk to shame.

“Watch your thoughts, they become your words; watch your words, they become your actions; watch your actions, they become your habits; watch your habits, they become your character; watch your character, it becomes your destiny.” – Lao Tzu.

As you can see, the mind is the genesis of the whole process of energy exchange with the universe. Should you not be careful, then your thoughts will manifest into your worst reality. Think carefully about what you feed your mind – the books you read, the things you watch online, and what you train your mind to learn. You should feed your mind positive energy to conceive and manifest the same. Your mind cannot exist in a vacuum, there must always be something constantly on it. It better be what you want to reap. 



4. Your environment.

Your environment is something you would want to watch out for if you want to conceive positive energy. A lot of things are determined by it. No wonder it is advisable to ensure kids grow up in a healthy environment. The mystery in an environment is deep. Look at the demography of the city you live in. Like most cities, it is probably naturally segmented into social classes. There is a place where the rich live – posh driving lanes, good cars, and houses. There is also a place for those at the bottom of the pyramid – narrow paths (a car can hardly pass. Anyway, who owns one?) and congested housing.

The rich live among the rich and the poor among themselves. A stranger in a foreign neighborhood is easily recognizable because they do not identify with the vibe of the place they are visiting. This is how powerful your environment is. When you live in a place of negativity, it will gradually become part of you. You want to change your energy, consider a change of environment.

5. Your speech.

The universe is a funny space. What you say jokingly can manifest in your life. This is why you have to think twice before speaking any idle words. When your speech has negative energy constantly, the same will be repeated to you. This energy exchange is true if your speech is positive. Moreover, do not entertain negative talk from other people because they are creating negativity in your space.

The talks you listen to can fill your mind and be the source of a bad vibe. Nothing is negligible. Learn to take words seriously or you will learn it the hard way when negativity infiltrates your world.

The power of energy exchange is a real issue. These five points are the major gates to it. You should guard them jealously to protect your space.

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How to Let Go of Destructive Habits (using spiritual tools)

As I sat to type this blog post yesterday, my youngest one came up to me, poked her fingers upon my trousers to understand why I was not attending her tea party.

She had prepared tea for me and was waiting for me in her kitchen. Plastic cups, water instead of tea, a giant cookie that she gobbled on as she stared at me. A small chair that didn’t fit my weight, I sat on the floor, gazing at her talking to me about how difficult it is to let go of this bad habit.

What bad habits do you have? I asked in amusement.

Oh, you know daddy…. I am a clumsy eater…I do not like to share my cookie… not even with you!” crumbs of cookies fell from the sides of her mouth as she then giggled at herself and then told me to get back to work.


While my daughter was being quite introspective about her bad habits, I realized that not all of us are that mindful or even aware of the destructive habits we might be engaging in and how these habits have now become our own worst enemies.

So what are these Destructive habits and how does one cultivate these?

It’s simple. Destructive habits are any set of routines that you follow almost automatically. An example of these includes getting angry and snapping immediately after someone else disagrees with you, feeling depressed or anxious when things do not go your way, and blaming it all on yourself.

How exactly does one cultivate these destructive habits? 

Imagine you are a kid who has just learned to voice your words out, you are likely to mimic or repeat words of your immediate family members. Now I do not mean that your destructive habits are solely adapted or learned through early childhood experiences, but they do play a vital role in aiding them for the future.

Once you have learned or rather observed that by shouting or getting angry at another person, you can get away with anything, you are likely to continue that behavior, irrespective of its consequences. So even as an adult, you are likely to first use the automatic habitual way of acting rather than be aware that it might not be the best behavior to engage in. So you can cultivate destructive habits, from anywhere, school., friends, college, peers, or just yourself. 

One interesting fact about these destructive habits is that once you find that there is a certain degree of comfort that is associated with them, you are always going to engage in them. I call them COPING MECHANISM. Every time my colleague feels anxious about presenting in front of a large audience or people, she has to light a cigarette only then will her presentations go amazingly well. Now, this has become so ingrained in her that she cannot go without a cigarette before every presentation.

So there have to be some repercussions of these destructive habits right?

Engaging in any activity that is meant to harm you physically, mentally, or spiritually qualifies as being a destructive habit. It might feel like it gives you a kick or a boost of adrenaline or makes you look cool in front of others, but is it worth it? 

The repercussions are either external or internal. External pain could be in the form of physical injury to pain or wounds. But the most severe damage that would be felt would be an internal one. They could also cause an imbalance in your chakras, for example, if you engage in overthinking, fail to stop your racing thoughts every time you are faced with an uncertain situation, you are likely to block your crown chakra and experience feelings of confusion.

So how does one let go of their Destructive habits?

Define your motive. 

I read this quote somewhere…Bad habits are spiraling slides that drag you round and round down the narrowing end of a cone that eventually ends up in a dark, tight, confining spot. So the first thing that you can do to let go of your destructive habits is to define your motive for engaging in the other habit. Decide what you truly wish to gain by engaging in this particular habit. Is it a sense of calm? Relaxation, achievement? 

You cannot engage or do something without knowing the “WHY” 

Journal it down :

I have found this to be one of the best techniques to begin with, any new spiritual or mental journey, writing. The reason why writing will help you in setting yourself free from your destructive habits is that when you write you are truly aware. You are directing your entire concentration upon solely the one thing that you are going to do, ie, define which new habits are you going to engage in now?

Here’s an exercise I would like you to try.

My Destructive Habit




Advantage of engaging in it




Disadvantage of engaging in it(Cons)



My new healthy habits :





You can always write the feelings associated with the pre destructive habit phase and post that once you are engaging in the healthier ones.

  • Meditation:

Since a lot of you would already be familiar with the usual way of meditation for the use of change or to start a new spiritual journey, I thought this time I would introduce you to a newer version of it. This one just requires you to imagine yourself already engaging in the newer evolved habit.

For example, let’s say you wish to get rid of this bad habit of shouting at your subordinate. The destructive habit you cultivated was that you shouted at him in front of others and also made him look like a fool. Now every time you see him, you remember his mistake and wish to engage in the same destructive habit.

Here, I would ask you to either lie down in the Savasana pose or simply sit back in a comfortable position, close your eyes. Now imagine the same subordinate is coming in front of you. Yes, you are bound to feel angry, irritated, frustrated. Let those thoughts associated with snapping, bursting out, go. 

Tell him assertively what you would like him to do, instead of shaming him, belittling him, or targeting him. Be as assertive as possible. Maybe you can do better next time…just ask me if you ever need any help would work too. Next, slowly imagine him feeling a bit better too as well as yourself. 

Now gradually open your eyes. You have successfully cultivated a new healthier habit. YAY!

  • Crystals and affirmations : 

Many crystals are available in the market that work upon the exact chakral habit you wish to evolve from. For example, amethyst would be beneficial if you wish to let go of the destructive habit of overthinking or getting anxious. I use it too. Always make sure you have washed or sun-bathed your crystal before you use it. I often try to pair with my affirmation, eg, I set myself free of these racing thoughts, I welcome mental peace. I am open to receiving new positive vibrations from the universe. 

Hopefully, these tricks should help you to let go of the destructive habits and adapt to newer healthier ones! 

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Attract the Right Kind of Love, Using these Manifestations

The right kind of love is empowering. It is knowing that you love someone more than you even care for yourself. It is giving them the power over your heart and mind, giving them your happiness when they feel sad. 

The right kind of love won’t make you forget your worries or your darkness, it will rather stay by your side, help you fight this darkness, and hug you tightly on the days you feel like breaking apart. 

The right kind of love will lend its hand out when you are drowning yourself in the same spiral loop, it will wait for you to fight those demons of the past back so that together you shall continue the journey that you both are meant to live. 

So how does one attract the right kind of love?

Start simple, ask yourself the right questions:

  • What exactly are you looking forward to from this person? 
  • Is it sexual satisfaction? Emotional intimacy? A mixture of both?
  • Do you wish for a partner who satisfies you or tags along with you for some time, maybe months or years? Or are you someone who is looking for a long-term mating partner? 
  • How would you define love? 

The kind of partner or love that you wish to have in your life, is the one you can’t imagine your life without. This is someone with whom you want to share your life’s shitty or most trivial details or the most important or gruesome tragedies of your life. You do not hold yourself back. Imagine living a dream, wherein you are running freely and oh so swift you are almost flying, that is exactly the kind of feeling the right one should make you feel. Expressing your daily life’s mundane details should also feel like something that they are looking forward to hearing. It’s the intent, always remember.

Believe it exists: 

Live your life the same way you would have lived if you would have had your right one alongside you. Go around being that happy, carefree, cheerful version of yourself, it doesn’t matter right now whether they are with you or not. What matters is that you are believing in this pure and completely magical piece of love that exists somewhere around the corner of this world. 

It might not be with you at the present moment, but they too could be thinking of someone like you, hoping to meet the right one, but till then, they are living their present life and so should you.

Get creative! 

Go ahead and daydream, write a letter, watch movies, plays, listen to similar songs, do anything or everything that makes you feel a bit closer to your right one. 

It could even be sketching your right one. 

Imagine the idea of how you would like to spend time with them?

How would you first meet? You could be as specific as you want, for why not, it is your love, go around!

Are you ready for the change?

Finding the right one is no icing on the cake. It is more than happy moments, kisses, and hugs. It is more than just spending your life in those reels of the infamous Instagram reels. To attract the right kind of love you should be ready to undergo tremendous amounts of change. Yes, you read that right, there is change, a lot of it. 

There could be a possibility that you would have to change the way you are. Maybe you are an overthinker, ultra anxious, indulged in all sorts of unhealthy coping mechanisms to deal with your anxiety and stress. Realize that the type of vibration you ooze out is exactly the one you will attract out. Thus if you are distrustful, envious, or have negative mixed feelings, you are likely going to attract the same kind of person and maybe not the “right” one. 

Work on your vices thus. What are some of your shortcomings? Work on those, talk to a friend, ask them an honest opinion, and work on them. It is not that difficult. But it would be hell if you are stuck with a person who is quite toxic or not as understanding as you are.

Indulge in self-care: 

I have often observed that every time a lot of us are on the lookout for the right kind of love, they feel that this one person is going to come in and love their life and make them happy, even though they do not know what their happiness means? So what does your happiness look like? Can you imagine sharing it with the right one too?

For example, I love gazing at the sea waves, late in the evening or just sitting there alone, at peace, calling it luck or chance, but my significant other enjoys it too. So do not try to fit into others’ perception of happiness, see whether they would fit into yours or not.

That’s why practicing self-care is quintessential. Learn to make yourself happy, learn to fight your own battles, see how you are evolving every day, you are more than enough for yourself. The right one will be a bonus to your life which will make your better life even more meaningful and cheerful. He won’t be able to change it just because you feel he is the right one. 

Be patient and have faith.

Nothing great ever comes to anyone who is impulsive and does not wait for their appropriate turn to let things unfold in their life. The other essential aspect that would be required would be to have faith. Have faith that whatever is meant for you will come to you naturally, at its own pace. Have faith in your capabilities, in your one strengths, be confident in your skin, be proud of your vibrant aura. You will surely find the best one.

Thus, finding the right one might not be as difficult as it seems to be, but hey, it requires some hard work and some commitment to work towards the journey. These are the following manifestations that you could use to attract the right one for you.

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happy couple

10 Ways to Understand your Partner

A gift from above.

There are many blessings from the universe but the greatest one is your partner. Do not worry if you have none at the moment because that blessing is in the offing. Being single is a time to discover yourself but it gets easier when you are paired up with somebody for a lifetime – your partner. Nature brings them into your life in due time, never too late nor too early. However, we have a rough time before we adjust to them. We tend to push our partners away when we could use their help. Some people even say hurtful words towards them when they did not mean it. These ten tips will help you understand your partner better:

  1.     Read their moods.

Your partner is human just like you. They have their high and low moments. You need to read between the lines. Understand their reasons before you blame them for not doing something right. It is a common assumption that females are the moody ones in a relationship. This is not entirely true. Male partners can be moody too. They may not want to talk about it, act out of self-entitlement, and vent all of this to their partners. Refrain from arguing if this happens. You can discuss what happened when they are in better moods.

  1.     Learn their habits and lifestyle.

The beauty of nature is diversification. We all are different from each other – even our partners whom we suppose are most compatible with us. Do not assume that your partner will love something because you love it. Yes, they may but there is a good chance they may also not like it. Before you impose anything on them, learn their habits and lifestyle. This is the whole essence of dating. Study your partner’s habits and you will realize that the universe’s choice for your life partner is someone with whom you share a lot. Embrace this choice and you will have zero regrets in the future. understanding your partner

  1.     Learn their beliefs and philosophy.

“What belief and/or philosophy does your partner hold?” You should be able to comfortably answer this question. It gets better when both of you stand on common ground. Together you can manifest your desires and pray for blessings from the universe. Anyway, two heads are better than one. Your partner is someone you should be able to confide your worst fears in. They are placed in your life to fulfill your manifestation journey. As such, you should completely learn their beliefs and philosophy. You will make a good couple when you agree on this phase.

  1.     Accommodate their ambitions.

The ambitions of your partner automatically form part of you. Find space to accommodate their ambitions and work together to achieve them. When you both intertwine your ambitions, the universe blesses your union with success. The achievement of either of your dreams will make both of you happy. You can count your blessings together as a couple and nothing shall be too difficult for you to overcome. Accommodating your partner’s ambitions will create a stronger soul connection. It is what we all want with our partners. Isn’t it?

  1.     Find space in their destiny.

The universe has different destinies for all of us, even those in relationships. If you want to understand your partner better, create your space in their destiny. Everything they do is towards taking care of their destiny. You effectively make them take care of you too as part of it. They will take care not to hurt you or shut you out of their lives because you are already a firm part of it. The relationship grows stronger when both partners create space in each other’s destiny.

  1.     Check your horoscopes.

Have you taken the time to check your partner’s horoscope? If not, make a point of doing so. Horoscopes are a forecast into the future based on the position of the stars and planets at the time of their birth. It is a proven way of determining someone’s character. This is something you need if you want to understand your partner. You will get to know their behavior beforehand and get ready to handle them. astrology | horoscope


    Understand their position in your life.

Sometimes your relationship may not work because you did not read the handwriting on the wall. The universe brings different people our way, each of them ordained with a purpose. Not everyone is destined to become your partner. Forcing them to become one will end up hurting both of you. Some people are simply destiny connectors. They have come into our lives to shine a light on our way at an appointed time and then go away. No hard feelings. Understand the role of your partner in your life and listen keenly to what the universe is trying to tell you.

  1.     Penetrate their mind and emotions.

Go beyond the physical when relating with your partner. Get to know what they think and their opinions over a range of issues. This will make you understand them better and avoid unnecessary conflict between you. You should be able to predict their reaction to an issue at any given point. You are now their partner anyway, not some random stranger.

  1.     Mirror strategy.

How do you feel when you look at yourself in the mirror? It feels good to see an image of yourself. Similarly, your partner needs to see themselves in you. You can understand them better when you mirror their actions. They will have nothing to hide from you because you are their mirror and who does not like to watch themselves anyway? This strategy works mostly when you want to win someone’s trust.

  1. Help, don’t criticize.

Your partner needs to feel comfortable around you. Help them to become better in their strengths if you want to understand them better. Their success is equally yours. Your partner will open to you more when they are convinced that your intentions are genuine. This is a safe space to understand them better and register your help. understanding your partner

Never mistreat your partner because you will be in contempt of nature’s benevolence towards you. These ten ways will help you understand them better.

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The Powerful Weapon of Love

Most people think of love as many things but not as a weapon. Here is an eye-opener – love is a weapon. A deadly one to conquer and win. It is what your nemesis will not see coming their way. However, one thing is guaranteed – the weapon of love will make you victorious.

Here is an interesting strategy used by militaries worldwide when in war. They have a hard time when they invade a territory and their enemies have blended with the locals. They cannot launch blanket attacks because innocent civilians will be hurt. They use acts of love to smoke them out. The men and women in uniform bring humanitarian aid to these war-torn places. It should be something that the locals are having an extreme shortage of, for example, food, water, or medical aid. What love! But it is a weapon camouflaged in acts of love. Slowly by slowly, they win over the trust of the locals who silently trade in the location, identity, or both of the enemy that lives within them. The fear innocent civilians have of the soldiers is replaced by trust. They develop faith in them that they are going to keep them safe. Without these acts of love, soldiers cannot easily win the battle against the enemy. Love turns out to be a powerful weapon almost equivalent to as deadly as missiles.

The languages of love.

People speak love in different languages. The focus here is not how those in romantic relationships express love like physical touch, words of affirmation, gifts, quality time, and acts of service. The focus is majorly on how the world trades in the market of love. You may hate to admit this but love is transactional. Although you may not be expecting anything when you show someone love, an inner part of you would scream for joy when your love is reciprocated. I mean, who would not want to be loved in return? Here are some languages that love is spoken in:

  1.     Sharing.

You would not consider it if you lacked love. Sharing is not out of the abundance of your possessions but from the depths of love. This is genuine love. We teach our children from a young age, we teach our children to be generous and consider the welfare of others. We want them not to hesitate to lend a pen when they have two or share their food with those who do not have one. We want them to grow up knowing about sharing as a language of love. It is not a show-off or a contest but genuine affection.

  1.     Devotion to a good cause.

Love is selfless. Another language of love is devotion to a good cause for the benefit of many people. The strongest pillar of love is that it does not seek self-benefit. It comes out clearly when championing social projects. You devote yourself to a cause you believe in even if it may not benefit you. The best leaders worldwide speak this language. It makes them loveable by their citizens.

  1.     Forgiveness.

It is difficult to forgive someone unconditionally. We always want assurance that they will not hurt us again or that they will compensate for their hurtful actions. The language of love through forgiveness is spoken by quite a handful of people. Most people are not ready for it. However, it serves society better. It is a sign of a stronger person. Those capable of forgiveness rise above the self-interest of seeking revenge. Their heart is big enough to embrace their enemies and start a new page with them. An abundance of forgiveness is a recipe for peace. forgiveness

  1.     Hand of help.

A strong person accepts that he needs help during his low moments. It does not make them any inferior. A stronger person is the one who gives help unconditionally whenever they can. It is a show of love beyond self-gain and not a superiority contest. Some people may not tell you directly that they love you. Instead, they will help you out where you are having difficulty even without you asking. This language of love is beautiful. Isn’t it?

You can effectively turn each of these languages of love into a weapon that will keep you safe. Here is how you can make this transformation:

  1.     War on selfishness.

Selfishness from the leaders to the citizens is a recipe for civil strife. The language of love through sharing seeks to elevate the needs of others above your own. Societies that have plunged into chaos did not speak this language. Consider the reaction of people who realize that they have been sidelined in the distribution of resources. They will not go down without a fight. The only way to cure this inequality is to speak the language of love through sharing.

  1.     Fighting bad manners.

The language of love through devotion to a good cause is a weapon to fight bad manners. With an insight of how the future looks like if everyone is left to do as they please, the best we can do is to stop it before it even starts. It works in the same way vaccination does. It is prevention against disease when and if done correctly. Take up this language of love as a weapon against known social ills.

  1.     It heals injustices.

The thirst for revenge can only be quenched by speaking the language of love. It is an antidote for revenge. In the words of Mahatma Gandhi, an eye for an eye will leave the world with a lot of blind people. Love is the universal language everyone should embrace to heal injustice. Do not let hate win because it is very destructive. Countries that have had civil war as Rwanda have fully embraced it and it has worked for them.

  1.     It fights poverty.

The world would be a better place if everyone were their brother’s or sister’s keeper. This is the mantra we should adopt – poverty is the enemy. Always look out for those in need because the universe shall reward you handsomely for it. The language of love through giving aid to the needy is the weapon to wipe out poverty.

You can know the winning side in war by identifying those who speak the language of love. They have total control of all the variables in war and shall secure victory for themselves. 

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Understanding the Sign Language of the Universe

Everything is based on good communication. When you get it right, 99% of your problems are solved. Interpersonal relationships, good governance, and efficient teamwork stand on the tall shoulders of good communication, especially from the universe. The universe speaks one language – the sign language. It should also be your primary language if you want to succeed in establishing good relations.

One message can be passed across in many ways but received differently by people. The choice of words, the emphasis on means of communication, and its timeliness can drive your message home. The language of the universe – the sign language – delivers a message weightier than every other language. It is probably why it is the language of choice by the universe. It is expressed in two major ways: acceptance and rejection.

  1. Favor.

When you gain favor from the universe, you notice wide acceptance wherever you go. You stop struggling and all of a sudden people offer themselves to support your cause. You receive an email about your appointment to a new job, your business proposal sails through after stiff competition, and many projects, in general, get unstuck. This is proof enough that the universe has acknowledged your prayers and they are being fulfilled. Make the best out of it when such favor locates you.

  1. Rejection.

It will be an open secret when you experience rejection, especially from the universe. For a moment, everything will seem to work against you. All your efforts will be frustrated and you may give up if you are weak-hearted. rejection

Rejection is communication that you should accord your project or yourself the seriousness it deserves. Instead of fighting it, align your ambitions with how the universe directs you. What is your response to either of these communications? Unlearn any misguided opinions you may have on how the universe communicates.

The dangers of favor.

  1.       False sense of entitlement.

Any signs of acceptance may give you a false sense of entitlement. You may become bossy when you see people submitting to your cause. Their support to you does not mean you are the best. It is just your time to shine. Gracefully accept your place when the universe gives your ambitions a nod. In all its fairness, your turn has come to shine, and do not be entitled to it. Accept it with uttermost humility.

  1.     Overjoy can ruin your chances.

People can do a lot of crazy things in the heat of the moment. The joy of finally having a breakthrough after much struggle cannot be hidden. Be warned about how you will react to good news especially if it has not been forthcoming after a long time. You may be arrogant to the people who have stood with you because you think you will no longer need their support. The same people will preside over your downfall and nobody will be sorry for you.

  1.     Contentment.

It is dangerous to be content after hitting your targets courtesy of the universe’s hand in your favor. Remember that your success this time around is not because of your competence but the universe’s favor. Do not fall back or reduce your efforts in what you were doing. When your time of favor elapses, you will not catch up with the rest. There is a tendency of being comfortable in your success. This is what favor from the universe offers. Do not take up this offer no matter how tempting it may be.

The opportunities of rejection.

  1.       A second chance.

Nobody wants rejection. But there is a silver lining to it. It is a platform for a second chance. You can amend and improve on the plan that got you rejected. It will be irresistible the next time you present it to the same audience that initially rejected it. You retreat to a moment of self-reflection when rejected. If you still have the conviction of your plans, you can make a second stab and be successful after taking important lessons.  

  1.     A change of mind.

Rejection can turn out to be a blessing. Sometimes your plans are rejected because it is not the best for you at the moment. The universe is telling you that you need to relook into what you have. You could be on the wrong platform. If you planned to sail through as they were, you could not realize your full potential. The best favor that the universe can gift you at that time is rejection. Do not be bitter about it. Take it gracefully and appreciate divergent opinions. You might find a better idea altogether. happiness

  1.     An eye-opener.

Rejection is also an eye-opener. It is like a wake-up call that is highly unwelcome to most people. Do not hate yourself when rejected. You just have to turn to the other side that you have been blind to all along. Your breakthrough could be waiting for you. Consider opinions that you were initially reserved too. The universe could be guiding you to it.

Moving forward…

You need to calculate your next steps wisely after understanding the sign language of the universe broadly expressed through favor or rejection. Either way that you read the handwriting on the wall, do not take it as the final word. You can manage to turn things in your favor ONLY by obeying the laws of nature. The first rule of thumb is the law of attraction. This is a whole chapter that you need to look into.

Take a mental note about sign language from the universe – your position is NEVER guaranteed. It is a world of stiff competition and you should get out of your comfort zone. When the universe gives you a signal of acceptance, embrace it and seek to lengthen your stay there. When you are rejected, work towards entering the good books of the universe. Every position is earned. Do good and pursue your purpose. You will be rewarded handsomely for it. Understanding the sign language of the universe is one step closer to fulfilling your destiny.  

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