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April 2022

Top Ten Hard Lessons from the Universe

In theory and practice…

Theory and practice are very important in learning. They complement each other and make a lesson memorable. After a theoretical class, some fieldwork will make you understand the application of the new concepts. A student who does not pass in both or maybe attends one and skips the other ends up half-baked. Their competency in what they have learned can be questioned. For example, how can one graduate to become an engineer if they have never been in any plant and neither have they ever seen (or even tried) to practice their skills?

Similarly, the universe wants us to be excellent students. We should excel in both theory and practice. The theory part is not even half of what is in the practical class.

Ask yourself this question and try to be as honest as possible – are you willing to be a good student?

We don’t have much of a choice, do we?

We can choose to be ready for these life lessons or wait to be taught the hard way. Here are the top ten lessons in our lifetime:

  1.  You do not have to win.

I know it goes against what most people have been taught while growing up. We were brought up with a winning mentality and we equally raise our children along the same lines. But as you grow up, you come to realize that there are many ways of winning without actually winning.

Losing hurts because it means that we have not met our expectations. Again, disappointments hurt yet it is for our good most of the time it happens.

Consider losing as gaining. Each time you lose, you win by knowing how not to do something.

  1.  Not everyone is your friend.

You can know many people. Hundreds of them or even thousands and yet have a handful of friends. You can take this to the bank – not everyone is your friend. Only a few people truly wish the best for you and want to see you smash the records you have set. This era of social media has brainwashed people into thinking that having many friends translates to them loving you.

People can know you and not be your friend. To them, you are just another guy on the street minding his business.

Never assume friendships with people unless it is clear beyond any reasonable doubt. After all, they owe you nothing.

  1.  Your spirituality controls your mortality.

Make no mistake, a large percentage of your mortal life is determined by your spirituality and how well connected or not you are with the universe. You could be struggling with work-related issues, your studies, business, or social life. All these challenges stem from one source and can be fixed from there – your spirituality.

Losing your spiritual connection spells doom to a lot of things in your life. When you experience all these challenges, the universe could be whipping you to order.

Fix a problem from its roots. Fix your spirituality and everything will fall in its rightful place.

  1.  Pain is a great motivator.

We will do anything to heal us from any kind of pain. That is how much we hate pain. Everybody does. It is immoral to wish any kind of discomfort on anyone yet many times we find ourselves in the same spot.


What is nature telling us?

Pain is the universe’s way of telling you to either turn away from what you are doing or to do better than you currently are. Stop complaining and act on the message that is being passed to you.


  1.  No news is good news.

There are times when everything goes silent. Nothing seems to answer us back even when we push too hard to get a response. Anxiety builds within us when we are in some sort of incommunicado.

Hear these words whisper in your ears – No news is good news. Do not think of the worst.

Hold onto the hope that everything will be fine. The virtue of patience is being instilled in you. Sometimes, the universe does it the hard way.

  1.  Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

If you do not learn this in a theory class, the universe will make you learn it the hard way. Your enemies are very important in taking you to the next level. They can equally bring you down faster than your friends can lift you. Keep your cards closer to your chest as you make new friends.

Most people will want to be away from their enemies. But having them closer will enable you to know their plans (if any) against you.

It is risky to have someone you consider an enemy close to you yet the universe wants to teach you that a man’s enemies are those of his house.

Do not live in a fortress in fear of your enemies. Mingle with everybody for the sake of your survival.

  1.  The rich also cry.

Many people have the illusion that everything is smooth for the rich. They could seemingly have an abundance of material things but are seriously lacking in other aspects. Don’t get me wrong, money is good. We should all have it. However, don’t be disillusioned to think that your problems will go away once you are wealthy.

You will reach there (be wealthy) and realize that it is vanity.

Instead, seek peace with the universe and you will achieve everlasting happiness.

  1.  No condition is permanent.

Probably the reason why the world is spherical is also an indication that things inside here rotate too. A flourishing flower in the garden today is no more by tomorrow. Things move so fast and you can never be truly sure of the next minute.

Let this sink in – no condition is permanent. Do not be proud or feel inferior because your status is not guaranteed. Things could change so fast. The eggs of a caterpillar hatch in about 4 days! On the fifth day, it is a larva then a pupa, and finally an adult.

Embrace the phases of life as they happen and live each one gracefully. This attitude will make you soar higher.

  1.  Expectations hurt.

By now, I guess your expectations have already hurt you (at least once). If not, I hope you take this lesson before you learn the hard way. Too many expectations will hurt you when they are not met. You probably set the bar too high and you have to deal with the consequences.

Have hope. Make plans. Set targets. But not too much that you are completely broken when they are not met. Set limits in everything you do.

There’s a caveat here! It is not a guarantee that you won’t be hurt. But at least it won’t be as much as when you had blind expectations.

  1.  Loyalty, not hard work is rewarded.

I remember my days in school when we would be taught that hard work pays. I carried this with me throughout my life (as many people have done). Indeed, hard work pays. It is never rewarded. Pay is something that you deserve because of your effort. However, what is rewarded is something that you did without expecting anything in return, and boom! You receive much more than you truly deserve.

The principle of the universe is that loyalty is ever rewarded. You only have to choose to be on the right side. Be loyal to your calling and the rest will follow.

Under no circumstance does the universe encourage laziness. It promotes loyalty because it is a selfless virtue.

There is a lot to learn from the universe because it has been there for the longest time ever before either of us came into being. You only have to be keen on the silent message being passed across by it. You are up to the task.

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Does Coincidence Truly Exist?

Is it by design or default?

Much has been said about coincidence and whether or not it is by design or default. But no one truly knows this except for the universe. Even the people involved in this mix-up are blind too.

Come to think of it, it is difficult to plan for things to coincide and they do so because there are a lot of variables at play, some of which you have no control over. You need another hand to push things for you. This is where nature comes in. You may have your plans but again, the universe has its own. Your success or failure heavily depends on whether your plans are in sync with those of the universe.

You have to fully commit everything to it if you want to fulfill your plans. This is an example of a perfect coincidence – you planned to meet a long-time friend but you did not tell them. Instead, you meet them at the mall while doing your shopping. Who arranged for the both of you to be in the same place at the same time?

Zero competition.

There is no competition whatsoever between nature and yourself except that which is in your mind. Do not give up planning because you think that everything is pre-meditated and you begin to question your role. Consider the example of a family – an institution with the blessings of the universe.

There is no competition between the parents on superiority or about who the kids love the most. Their roles complement each other and together they raise the children nature has blessed them with.

Right from the foundation, how comes a man who has always desired a child (male or female) to take after him then finally finds a woman with the same dreams as his? I leave it to you to interpret whether or not this is a coincidence. Your breakthrough begins to manifest the moment you begin to trust nature with your desires and ambitions.

The upper hand.


Since there is zero competition, have you learned the sign languages of the universe to get an upper hand in manifesting coincidences? The universe has an upper hand in making them work for us because YES, coincidences truly exist. If it were up to us, we would use it every time but we do not have a monopoly on controlling events. Here is some insight about coincidences:

  1. A coincidence is an accident.

The mention of an accident makes people freak out because they evoke bad memories. However, there are some good accidents – the ones crafted by nature. It is a bad coincidence to have a car crash just when a trailer was speeding on the highway. Had you delayed for a minute, you would have been safe.

At the same time, it is a good accident to meet your soul mate and potential husband/wife at a wedding of a mutual friend. Who knew that you would benefit from such a coincidence? The universe knows it all. Follow its leadership.

  1.  Listen to your spirit.

The spirit communicates with the universe fluently with zero barriers. When something good or bad is about to happen, your spirit is the first person to get this communication. The problem arises when you do not pay attention to it.

Coinciding events happen like a bombshell that disrupts your life. Listen to what your inner voice is telling you even when you do not fully understand it. It could be the only savior. Have you ever heard of someone narrating how certain events saved them from a disaster? It could be that you were about to hurriedly drive to work because you were late.

Before you leave, your daughter cries for your attention and you are forced to go back to soothe her. Little do you know that this is a delay tactic from the universe to save you from a road accident (God forbid!).

  1.  The third side of the coin.

Some things have always been there. You just did not see it at the right time. It could be ignorance or failing to pay attention to what is under your nose. It becomes a coincidence (good or bad) because you failed to see it coming.

Small events in your life culminate into much bigger things that you had not even thought of. Sometimes this build-up could be passive and unless you are keen enough, you would see coincidences all over. Many unpleasant events in your life are preventable if you stop looking far away. You score big by seeing the blind spots in your life.

However, there is a catch – you could be biased when you oversee your life yourself. Thereafter, you start blaming the universe for a series of coincidental bad luck. It is high time you have a prefect!

 Why a prefect?

The idea of a prefect is laughable. Traditionally, a prefect is a senior pupil in school who oversees his peers. He is mandated with enforcing discipline and this is the reason why you need one to help you see the grey areas of your life. A prefect figure in your life is unbiased. They will help you identify bad habits and how to overcome them. Hey there! Here’s a life fact – your prefect is a messenger of the universe. Accept their guidance.

  1.  You could be just paranoid.

Once bitten twice shy. You could be over-paranoid when you see coincidences everywhere. You could also be fearful about future events because something bad happened to you once. Do not be quick to dismiss your intuition but be careful not to label everything a coincidence. The universe’s prefect could be the person you need to overcome this paranoia.

  1.  Coincidence could be a means of fulfilling destiny.

Not all coincidences are bad. Some could be the path the universe wants you to take for the sake of your afterlife. As such, do not go out guns blazing when things coincide in your life. It could be some means of communication that is a pointer in the direction of your destiny.

Follow the cue and unleash the potential within you. Matter of fact, a coincidence could be the breakthrough you have been waiting for.

In light of this information, can you judge whether coincidences truly exist? Your able helper – the universe – is out here to guide you through such new territories.

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Please Tend to Your Garden

Where is your garden?

Have you ever dreamt of having a small garden just next to your kitchen? I heard someone jokingly call it “kitchen garden” and something struck me. It’s a kitchen garden because what is grown there directly goes to the kitchen, unlike other gardens whose crops could be grown for sale, maybe. Do you tend to the kitchen garden differently from other gardens? 

Yes, this should be the case because the vegetables grown there are for domestic use. You have no one to blame when you do not tend to it well and the vegetables grow unhealthy. Similarly, where the universe has placed you is your kitchen garden. You have the responsibility to take care of it because you are in charge. You have no one to blame should things go wrong.

Take ownership of your garden.

There is special attention you give to something that you own. Some kind of love and connection exists. You feel attached to it and you prioritize its interests. When you take ownership of your garden, this is exactly what happens – you pay attention to what is grown and how well they do because it is you who will have to put up with unhealthy vegetables in your kitchen.

Now you don’t want that, do you? First of all, you determine what you grow. You decide whether to grow kales, spinach, cabbage, broccoli, cucumber, or cauliflower. This is about a kitchen garden at your home. How much so about the environment you live in? Do you want to breed conflicts, bad blood, fights, unhealthy competition or you would prefer peace and tranquility?

As the owner of the space that nature has blessed you with, you have to be careful what you adopt in your life because it could have very strong effects soon.

Watch what energy you emit to the universe.

You know of the different types of energy – electrical, thermal, chemical, nuclear, motion, and even sound energy. They are produced under different conditions and each has its pros and cons. Coming back to your personal life, reflect on what energy you emit.

Are you responsible for inciting other people to violence or are you a peacemaker? You may not know it but the universe is closely observing the energy you radiate and shall give the same back to you in equal measure. As you watch the energy cycle you find yourself in, here is how you can make the best out of it:

  1.  Renewal of your mind.

Going back to your kitchen garden and how the energy you emit to the universe affects the vegetables you grow, you have to start with the renewal of your spirit. Tending to your garden involves having a clear conscience about the things you have done.

Your mind and spirit should be as pure as possible if you want the universe to help you have the best vegetables in your garden. Think of positive things and consider how you can beautify your garden instead of spoiling those of other people.

  1.  Conflict management.

Among the things that affect the energy cycle in your life as well as your beautiful kitchen garden is how well or not you manage conflicts. There is no way you can entirely avoid them but you can handle them maturely and the universe shall say “bless you, my child.” What greater blessing could be there than this one?

Observe that you are not trapped in a web of revenge. It is like toxins in your garden and your vegetables shall not do well. They will wither no matter how hard you try to water them. The real problem lies with the toxins of revenge. You become blind to any rational thinking and your mind sort of becomes fixed at one point.

Resolve to practice forgiveness and make it your mantra. The universe shall reward you for it. No good deed goes unrewarded and you will be a candidate for an award. What prestige!

  1.  Mind your association.

You are as good or bad as the company you keep. Some friends will impurify your kitchen garden and kill what you have taken long to grow. You do not want that, do you? After preparing your kitchen garden and your vegetables start growing, you naturally watch out for weeds.

They will suffocate your vegetables and compete with them for water and nutrients. It is a case of a big boy bullying his juniors in school. Unless the teacher (who is you) comes to the rescue of the younger boy, then the bullying shall not stop. You own this kitchen garden and nobody shall come to your aid if you don’t do weeding on time.

The universe wants you to do weeding and get rid of the toxic company that suffocates you in your space. This is your responsibility.

  1.  Embark on a journey of self-discovery.

Tending to your garden also means loving it so much enough to take care of it. What better way is there than self-care? As you would add fertilizer to your garden and do some irrigation because you want to enrich the soil, similarly tend to your spirit.

The universe marvels at how much effort we put into inanimate objects while we cannot nourish our spirits. This responsibility lies squarely on your shoulders and is part of the beautification of your kitchen garden. It is natural to take care of what you love.

The universe is screaming at you to channel some love to yourself to be capable of caring for your beautiful kitchen garden. This duty is non-transferable.

  1.  Guard your spirit against defilement.

Would you allow people to dump in your kitchen garden? Of course not! Similarly, guard your spirit from defilement. You are not a dumpsite for impurity, negativity, and bad energy.

As such, do not entertain people who dampen your positive energy or slow you down. They are baggage that will make you miss the target. Considering how no non-sense you would be when kids play in your kitchen garden, apply an equal effort or more when guarding your spirit from defilement. On noticing your spiritual guard, the universe shall strengthen you to stay on the right track.

Eventually, your kitchen garden shall produce the best for you because you deserve it. As you read this blog post, have you made up your mind to tend to your garden? If not, please make haste.

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How to Separate Yourself from Guilt, Shame and Worries

Guilt, Shame and Worry,

Are emotions that drown you in your own misery.

I like to address these emotions as distant cousins who hardly exist in solidarity. In all of these three emotions, the person who experiences these is likely to beat themselves up for not living up to others standards or their own. They are then more likely to view themselves as bad, or wicked, a fool etc.

These emotions often rise from the beliefs that you hold about yourself, others and the world. These beliefs are not necessarily always healthy beliefs. Majority of the time, you tend to cling towards unhealthy beliefs. Healthier ones are more likely to be expressed in the ways of want, wishes, desires, etc. 

For example, if you want a car you know that merely “wanting” the car won’t make it magically appear in your life. You know that for it to be true, you have set a budget, start saving money, start working towards it.

The other is an unhealthy or negative belief. They are expressed in the form of compulsions. But they are more likely never achieved because the person sets unrealistic standards upon themselves and others. When they are unable to live up to that, they lead to feelings of anger, guilt, shame.

Take an example of an  addict. The main reason why an addict cannot quit and go back to healthier options is because he loves to be in the comfort of his addictions. He may know that his addiction has severely damaging consequences on his physical, mental , emotional well being. But does that stop him from doing that? NO! Right? 

The result is, feeling shameful of his acts, feeling guilty for engaging in those acts, and finally living in the constant worry that what would happen next?

A worrier may lose his life battles. Worrying is the most common and also the most dreadful emotion one goes through. These emotions lead you to engage in constant rumination about the negative outcome of the future, of either self, others or the world. It’s like chewing a chunk of food over and over again then pausing for sometime, then again chewing that same old chunk once again. 

An example of this is, imagine a kid who loathes eating broccoli, but the parents tell her that if she eats broccoli, she will be rewarded by her favorite ice cream. 

So what does she do?

She keeps the broccoli chunk inside her mouth, chews a bit, then stops chewing, then again chews it, but does not swallow it or eat in whole.

Now will the child be able to relish upon her favorite ice cream if she does not finish that chunk inside her mouth, chews it and gulps it down?

The same way you won’t be able to welcome all the other positives in your life if you keep ruminating about the negative events that took place in the past.

How to separate yourself from these emotions?

Self Acceptance :

The journey towards separating yourself from these feelings  starts by acceptance. Acceptance that there are good and bad aspects that you as an individual have about yourself and others around you. The basic acceptance that the universe presents you with both good and bad so that your journey towards becoming the one you are destined to be in is right on track. Once you accept this you shall have taken the first step towards separating yourself from these feelings.self-acceptance quotes

Acceptance does not mean you are slightly agreeing with something with something that you don’t like or truly loathe, that’s being fake or phony. Acceptance means that you are accepting things for what they truly are and not how you would want them to be or would like them to be as. It’s only when you truly accept things for what they truly are can you come par with reality.

List down your worries.

“Writing down your problem is the first step towards solving them”

This is an interesting way I tried to untangle myself from these emotions. Your worries are often more likely to be based related to the future or past even occurring once again. These predictions are more likely to also be more disastrous in nature. Thus you can make a list of all of your immediate worries,

Eg, mine were,

My significant other has lost interest in me. (90%)

He is going to leave me (60%)

He is going to be mad at me if he hears what I have to say about his annoying friends. (40%)

Next: Write out the percentage / possibility of them actually coming true. 

Next step is practicing patience.

Now these worries seem very laughable to others, but hey these are the thoughts that go on in your mind which give rise to anxiety and shame as well. 

What I have observed from these years of practicing this is that, 9.5/ 10 times these worries never, EVER come true.

Ask yourself the right questions :

Ask yourself this question, which are the immediate problems that require your urgent attention?

What are the alternate ways in which I can tackle this problem?

How can I minimize my negative emotional investment and maximize my positive emotional gain?

Lastly, if a friend of mine or a family member were to go through the same problem, what would I recommend to ease them from this plight?

Be proud of your accomplishments!

The mere act you engage in these activities showcases how much you value yourself and are willing towards developing into a healthier version of you. Thus as a way to cheer yourself up, engage in self care, treat yourself with your favorite pastry, go to the beach, etc. The easiest way is to acknowledge and tell yourself that, 

I am proud of myself that I accomplished this today. Even though I thought I could not do this, I did it!

You are  more likely to practise these routines if you feel good about them internally and feel accomplished. accomplishment

Alternate ways of expressing your emotions :

Condemn the Act not the Person.

Healthier beliefs are those that give us room for growth and development. Here the idea is that you are allowed to express yourself as directly and clearly as possible, without hurting anyone’s feelings. Take the example of being angry. Every time any person is bound to feel angry, the first action they are likely to indulge in is that of criticizing the person who did wrong to them and also the action that made them angry. 

I am not saying do not get angry, but unhealthy anger has repercussions. Anger triggers others emotions as well, such as depression, guilt, shame, worry, etc. The correct way of dealing with it exists. A spiritually healthy individual is likely to condemn the ACT the other person engaged in that made them angry, and not the PERSON who made them angry.

Practise tolerance : 

Another way in which one can try to separate these feelings from your own self is by practicing active tolerance. A wise man is not he who knows how to argue, but he who knows how to be quiet and accept the views that go against his own. Practicing tolerance does not take no specialization or years of skill training, but requires just a bit of presence of mind at all times in life.


These are ways in which you can separate yourself from overwhelming emotions such as guilt, shame, and words. The journey towards separating might feel a bit draining at times, at times you will feel like giving up to those same old beliefs, but just some perseverance is required. Some mindfulness and regular practice of these activities and I promise you will be the healthiest version of yours, booming with happiness and smiles!

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Are You Spiritually Gifted?

A spiritually gifted individual is not the one who can read your mind or predict the future, but he/she is the one who knows what to say when your world is falling apart, in dismay. 

Look around, the people you meet, the old aunt who can predict the weather better than the weather telecast, your mum who knows you are feeling low just by looking at your face, your friend who can sense your sadness behind your fake smile. Life is filled with spiritually gifted individuals.

So what makes them spiritually gifted or different from others of their age or with similar qualities?

You are wise not by age but with experience

You have an abundance of knowledge which is authentic and genuine. People would often tell you things like, “OMG, you are so knowledgeable for your age” or “Oh damn, how did you know I was going through that?

It’s because you have made mental notes as to what each chapter of your life is trying to teach you. Life is indeed a book, and every event or situation you are presented with, either happy or sad, is a chapter of this book. You have made peace with the fact that some chapters are bound to make you fall in love with the way the story proceeded, some are bound to make you cry, some make it impossible for you to proceed to the next chapter. But you have the courage to move on from these chapters of your life as you also prepare yourself to be prepared for the next upcoming ones. 

You notice things others don’t bother looking at

There are aspects of people that you can predict or understand in an instance, which others would not even have noticed. Though it’s termed as intuition, not everyone around you has made use of this power, not yet. Everyone can be intuitive, if they try, but not everyone is. 

The difference lies in the presence of mind and being really in touch with all of your senses. It is trusting the emotional energy that they ooze that, which you are able to soak in. And understand whether they are worth your time and effort or not. 

You have a peculiar way with people

Spiritually gifted individuals often understand what the other person “feels” like, because of this they make excellent guides or mentors for people. They are true empaths. They have not only heard your entire story, but have also imagined how they would feel if they were facing the same issue as yours. Thus they are able to comfort you, provide you with the most comforting vibe you would have ever met. They make people around them feel at ease and have a protective and nurturing aura.

A word of caution:  An empath also attracts people who are still healing or some who have not yet resolved any of their karmic lessons. Being surrounded by such individuals would definitely drain the gifted individual who has nothing but unconditional positive regard and acceptance for the person. Thus if you are a gifted individual try to keep a distance from emotionally demanding people.

You can live a life filled with ambiguity

A spiritually gifted person is mindful. He knows that every event that happens in his life is meant to teach him something valuable. He does not crib or whine when things do not go his way, he knows that he does not have any control over external events out of his control. What he can do instead is, accept reality and make the best with what he has, not what he had or what he lost.

Ambiguity is something we truly loathe. This is because when something is uncertain,  one is bound to engage in overthinking, thinking of the worst outcome possible. It also triggers emotions such as anxiety, confusion, etc. Thus people usually try their best to be in control of everything in their life. But can that be possible ever? Nope.

Thus this leads to them trying to go against the rule of the universe. Universe thrives on the principle of ambiguity. This is because it is your responsibility to mold yourself against the forces of the universe and not the other way around. Thus a spiritually gifted person is likely to prepare herself in face of uncertainty and try to use strategies she learned from her previous encounters. 

You are always on a lookout for new information

As a spiritually gifted individual, it is highly likely that you have an insatiable thirst for knowledge which seems to be exhausting to some but adventurous for you. You are highly creative in the sense that you know that with each new experience in life you are likely to gain some new wisdom. 

Even though you met it is as mundane as washing vessels. It is quite boring and monotonous for some, but for you, you can sense that the black stains on the vessels, the ones that have been accumulated since many months, is similar to the bad karma we as humans accumulate in our lifetime. Both are very hard to erase, but if you don’t cleanse them, they are bound to either grow or hamper the vessel.

The reason behind this is quite simple one. You just tend to indulge yourself wholly in any activity that you take part in. As you engage in it, you are mindful about how it makes you feel, what are your thoughts and how are your other senses also reacting towards it. But hey, this super power has a downfall, you are likely to never ever feel content with what you have, for you are always on a lookout for something more. Practice gratitude, it will help you feel at ease.

To sum it up, for an individual to be spiritually  gifted, you need no super power or serums, you just need some patience, some empathy, a dashful mindfulness and a lot of love and acceptance of your own strengths and weaknesses. 

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Life’s Secret Prescription – Live Love Laugh

Storm in paradise.

Life has many surprises but hardly do people anticipate storms in paradise. Everyone is fighting a silent battle – depression, family issues, stress, anxiety, work-related issues, and many more others. Most people are struggling to find their footing in the universe but the landmines in their way are slowing them down. They are yet to get it right. Is this the intention of the universe? Is it intentionally sabotaging us and writing our death sentence? Of course not. The universe means well for us. The little mishaps we face are not its creation. If it were up to it, our life in paradise could never be cut short.

The secret prescription.

Bessie Anderson Stanley (1879-1952) wrote a poem in a competition for a magazine contest that asked, “What constitutes success?” She gives an insight into the secret prescription of success.

He has achieved success

who has lived well,

laughed often, and loved much;

who has enjoyed the trust of

pure women,

the respect of intelligent men and

the love of little children;

Bessie Anderson Stanley (1879-1952).

The near 100-word poem has left a permanent mark to date with the words Live Love Laugh. This is the antidote to the storms that you are facing.


If there is anyone who wishes you well at all, then it is the universe. She is like a benevolent mother showing love to all her children indiscriminately. Deliberately look away when your world becomes stormy. Some problems are our creation because we want to live the future today. By doing so, we invite challenges of the future to the present moment yet there is no sufficient grace from the universe to handle them. The universe is whispering something in your ear, “Live one day at a time, my child.” Heed to this advice and you will know no sorrow.


This is the greatest gift from the universe. Love wins all. It conquers all. It withstands everything. It is not only an emotion but also a lifestyle. Love is the weapon that you need to fight your battles successfully. Play your cards right when in the eye of the storm. This is how to use love as a spiritual tool – contradict the expectations of the moment. If people expect you to act with rage, then play cool. When they expect you to walk away, stay put. All your actions must be crowned with love if you want to win your battles.


happiness | laughingLaughter translates to Joy. You are not expected to be happy when things are not good. There is an irony in laughing when the mood is sadness. The universe knows these two sides – Joy and sadness. It is okay to be sad but do not let it affect your spirit. Your spirit is the engine that drives your life’s purpose. Guard it against bad energy because it will stall your life. This is why Bessie Anderson Stanley (1879-1952) writes that we should laugh often. Laughter is medicine to the spirit. It heals your wounds and refuels you for the next winning phase.

The secret prescription to live love laugh is a journey we have a purpose to undertake. Here are some guidelines for this healing lifestyle:

  1. Be flexible.

Flexibility is the ideal path to follow. You should be open to new ideas because nobody knows where their breakthrough lies. Learn to adapt to situations as they come and you will have an easy time coping with challenges. The universe itself speaks to us in different ways. A flexible mindset easily receives communication from it. On the other hand, a fixed mindset is an enemy of progress. You will have a difficult time adapting to the wishes of the universe. Mark you, the universe is the ultimate director of your life. Life gets easier when you align your purpose with it. Flexibility helps you adapt to the live love laugh manual.

  1. Know your limits.

Sometimes we are very ambitious because maybe we see the wisdom in wanting to win everything at once. The secret prescription to live love laugh is to operate within your ability. It is okay to dream big but also be aware of your current capabilities. Until you develop these new strengths, your prior attempts are futile. Do not take on an elephant with the strength of an antelope. Doesn’t nature teach you how predators hunt? There is prey that the lion hunts alone and others that require the whole pride to put in combined efforts. Likewise, accept help when you need it.

  1. Have definite goals.

Definite goals are easily achievable. Avoid having amorphous goals because you will not direct your focus and energy where you need it most. To live love laugh, you need to set your parameters and at the back of your mind know how you will fill up your space. Contrary to this, you will achieve little to nothing in the long run. Is this what you want? Your definite goals should also have a time frame so that you can gauge your progress bit by bit. Spirituality too requires you to plan. It does not operate in isolation.

  1. Define your destination.

What do you see on your plane, train, or bus tickets? There is common information in all of them – the boarding place, destination, and price of the ticket. It is important to define your destination because you can easily live the lifestyle Bessie Anderson Stanley (1879-1952) describes in her poem. You cannot afford to live a purposeless life, love the wrong people, or laugh in the wrong company. All your efforts will count as worthy with your destination defined.

The secret prescription to live love laugh is intentional and its progress measurable. One thing we should NEVER miss out on is the universe’s appetite for well-thought plans. Spirituality and mindfulness are inseparable. The quicker you sync how they work for you, the more blessings you will receive from the universe.

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Spiritual Threats to Your Success

Spiritual threats.

Spiritual threats are closely related to obstacles. However, unlike them, they do not pose an immediate danger. They remain a cause for concern because if not addressed on time, they will manifest into obstacles. You won’t want that, will you? Nature ensures that it leaves telltale signs for you to identify these threats on time before things get out of hand. The problem is that we hardly pay attention beyond what we can see. This is not how the spiritual world operates.

I remember before the communications authority migrated us from analog to digital broadcasting services in June 2015. Watching telly was a big deal for most people (myself included) because we had to manually set up our aerials to face in one direction which we believed the communication authority had some sort of substation. Failure to do this will make you have some scrambled signal and you will have a lot of trouble watching your favorite shows. Your connection with the spiritual world is like how our signal was set up in those days of analog broadcasting services. You need to be aligned with the universe’s purpose for you to have an insight into the spiritual world. Here is a whole list of spiritual threats to your success that you must watch out for:

  1. Dishonesty.

It starts in very simple ways – how you choose to hide important information from your friend for your benefit. It could look harmless but over time, it grows into a monstrous habit. Dishonesty will make people extra cautious when dealing with you. News spread fast and bad news even faster. Dishonesty will cut you off from those the universe has prepared to be your destiny connectors. This threatens your success all around. What could have taken a day to accomplish will take weeks or even months.

  1. Envy.

Envy is the mother of all ill intentions. At first, it is as simple as wishing that you were in someone else’s position of advantage. It grows into wishing that you could replace them instead of securing your place beside them. The universe designed success to be complementary and not a monopoly. Everybody’s star can shine brighter without dimming that of the next person. Do not entertain envy because it will cost you your future success. You will be isolated.

  1. Isolation.

Isolation is not a very good place to find yourself in. It does not matter how hurt you are that you would want nothing to do with other people. The universe purposes that we are all interdependent. You will need my help at some point and so will I need yours. Isolation is a threat to your success because it cuts you off from important people and resources without whom you can do nothing much.

  1. Disobedience to authority.

The universe has a hierarchy of authority that everyone is accountable to. It is in social units like family, sports teams, and community groupings. Authority is further found in governments and other lawful bodies. There is a problem when you constantly find yourself on the wrong side of the law. Your disobedience will make you lose nature’s trust. There is a lot that you will be limited to without the blessings of the universe.

  1. Lack of a routine.

Routines are very important in developing healthy success patterns. They are not only physical plans but also spiritual in the sense that they engrave a habit into your spirit to the extent of automatically fulfilling what you ought to at an appointed time. Develop a routine that you will faithfully adhere to if you want to secure your success.

  1. Stress and anxiety.

These two are toxic to your success. Stress will make you less effective in how you work while anxiety will further reduce your productivity. Nature does not want you to worry about everything going on around you. Stress and anxiety stem from your spirit and poison every effort you put anywhere. During stressful times, practice meditation and spiritual mindfulness. These spiritual tools will make all your insecurities vaporize.

  1. Insomnia.

I think the main reason for night and day is for us not to be able to do anything at night because of the darkness. Amazingly, it is like our eyelids are also synced to automatically close at night. However, we have somehow managed to find our way around this by inventing electricity and other sources of light to extend our working period. Long working hours without rest pose a danger to your efficiency and you can cause accidents at your place of work. Learn to have enough rest.

  1. Hopelessness.

The feeling of hopelessness is home to a crushed spirit. You feel defeated with zero incentive to move on with your life. This is bad news for your success. Despair will make you do a lot of things because you have no motivation to do anything. Quickly move away from your corner of self-pity because it will gradually kill your dreams until they are no more.

  1. Doubting the wisdom of the universe.

Beginning to question the reason for existence is a red flag. Your success is anchored in the laws of the universe and any deviant thoughts are a threat to it. Doubting the intentions of the universe is like challenging your maker. Get away from anything that makes you doubtful. Instead, seek ways to grow your faith in nature.

  1. Fear.

Fear threatens everything you have ever stood for. It makes you question your spirituality and rolls back on the progress that you have made. Matter of fact, it is a spiritual weapon that dares you to turn a blind eye to your beliefs because of unspecified consequences. Fear can stop you in your tracks. Do not entertain any threats no matter how subtle they are. Constantly focus on your grand plan for success.

These spiritual threats to your success can be overcome when you put deliberate efforts into it. They could come out as veiled threats or actual ones but your response towards them matters the most. So, what is the best way to fight off these spiritual threats? They require a spiritual solution – spiritual awakening.

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Spiritual Obstacles and How to Overcome Them

What are spiritual obstacles?

They are unseen obstacles standing in the way of your success. Unlike physical blockades that can be easily identified, you need special insight to overcome spiritual obstacles. Most people are not even aware that they are prisoners of spiritual forces. They see their failures as ‘normal’. Man is made up of the physical and spiritual yet the spiritual part is hardly attended to largely because it is invisible. He who figures out spiritual blockades and how to overcome them has won the Holy Grail.

The spiritual versus the physical.

The spiritual and physical are always in conflict. They pull in different directions. This is how the universe operates. The spirit dominates the physical because it connects directly with the universe. Spiritual obstacles manifest when you are not in touch with your spirit. They manifest in the following ways:

  1. The spirit of the roundabout.

You are familiar with roundabouts on roads. This spiritual obstacle operates like them. They make you go around one route without continuing with your journey. Nothing meaningful happens in your life although you can see that you are moving. When this obstacle manifests, only other people can see what is happening but you cannot see it. You have to allow them to guide you to overcome it.


fotgivenessOne major way this spiritual obstacle manifests is through Unforgiveness. You become unable to overcome the past hurt and it blocks your progress. Unforgiveness is succeeded by revenge. At this stage, there is nothing meaningful you can think of except for ‘getting your right’. Matter of fact, nothing can dissuade you from this path you have chosen. You have to allow the voice of reason to prevail. Let go of those who have hurt you because it hurts you more than it hurts them. Except you embrace forgiveness, you will keep on moving on a roundabout – finishing your energy with zero gains. Forgiveness is the path to spiritual healing. You become stronger with every experience.

  1.  The spirit of almost there but not yet there.

Athletes are the most experienced sportspeople who experience this. As they approach the end of the race, they can see the finish line but it looks further than before. They are close to finishing the race but their energy is failing them. This is exactly how it is in the spirit. As you are almost bagging the prize, your energy begins to fail you. You start relaxing because the end is near. You begin having the illusion that you have already made it while you are yet to. Don’t swell with pride because anything can happen.

Be appreciative.

Don’t despise the support you have received until now. Although you are almost crossing the finish line, your support base is as important now as it was before. Nothing changes their position in your life. You still need them now to succeed and even in your post-victory life. Do not demean those who sacrificed their ambitions for your sake. You are not better than them. The universe granted you favor at that time.

  1.     The spirit of mark timing.

Have you ever seen soldiers marching in a parade? The way they beautiful march in military fashion! This is the case even when they mark time – some sort of marching without any horizontal movement. They can do this for a long time. It’s beautiful but not progressive because they remain in one place. The spirit of mark timing operates this way. It makes you stagnate in one place.

Don’t stop working hard.

It is good that you have made significant progress in your life. You may have even done much better than your peers. Be very careful that this spirit does not overtake you because you will mark time in one spot. The fact that you have outdone your peers is not a license to relax. Hard work does NOT replace qualifications. Continuously strive to be better and the spirit of stagnation shall not catch up with you.

  1. The spirit of backwardness.

Sometimes everything seems to be working against you. You try everything possible but still nothing happens. What is even more saddening is the fact that this spirit haunts you wherever you go. In some sort of way, every gain you make is rolled back and you have to return to square one. It is frustrating and except you are strong-willed, you may give up easily. The cause of this misfortune (for lack of a better word) is selfishness.

Be generous.

According to mortal calculations, 2 – 1 = 1. However, this is not true in the spirit world. Sharing is not in any way subtraction. Piling up everything for yourself does not mean that you shall make it. Nature looks at how considerate you are of other people. It operates on the law of giving (I will talk about it soon). There is gaining in giving. Selflessness will make you start progressing. You will reach new heights because the universe will work to reward your generosity.

  1. The spirit of rejection.

What is it with people rejecting you always? You have done nothing to them yet they do not want anything to do with you. Rejection is a spirit. It has nothing to do with the physical. When there is a spiritual disconnect, some things don’t just add up no matter how hard you try. You may see those less deserving being loved by those who are against you. Matter of fact, they are the real enemies of progress yet people don’t see that.


What happens when there is a faulty tap at your home? You call the plumber to come for repair to avoid water wastage. Similarly, when you notice the spirit of rejection creping on you, call the universe (the plumber) to fix the leaking tap (your rejection). We communicate with the spiritual through prayers. Take a step back during times of rejection and reconnect with the universe. Let the Almighty fix the leaking tap for you and things will be back on track.

These five spiritual obstacles are hidden from those who are not in touch with the spirit. What will they do anyway even if they know? As for you, you are now enlightened and you know what to do. 

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