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May 2022

The Rise and Rise of your Star

In context.

Let us put things in perspective first.

Do you know your star already?

Let me show you what it is – it is a gift from the universe in your life that directs you to your destiny.

Just as you admire the heavenly stars every night on a cloudless night, your star is equally beautiful. It sparkles and shines brighter in its galaxy. The universe in its wisdom gave everybody a star. This is an equal start-up point in the journey towards your destiny. Nobody is ahead of the other. However, some people have been able to “make it in life” because they know how to use the universe to draw closer to their destiny.

Identifying your star.

It could be a simple task or very difficult depending on what you are looking for. Although everyone has a star, they are not the same. The variations make everyone unique.

What is the gift that the universe has put in you?

Like Albert Einstein once said, “If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.” Identifying your star is the first step to making it shine brighter.

This is how to begin – what is your passion? There are things that you could be doing out of obligation while there are others that you do automatically without anyone pushing you to do it. This is your gift. The star that will shine light into your world as the universe wished in the first place.

The nature of your star.

Your star is unique and dynamic. It is beyond what you think you already know. Do not envy other people. Instead, look at your star and trust the path to your destiny that the universe has planned for you.

It is possible to use your gift as a life-changing opportunity both for yourself and others. If your star is singing, do not sing to yourself in the bathroom. Share with other people this light and let them enjoy what the universe has gifted you.

You know what to do with a lamp. It is put on a lampstand in the room to light it up. Nobody puts it under the bed, what use will it serve anyway?

How to use your star.

  1.  Service to others.

Nature plays a great role in the rise of your star. It is responsible for making it shine brighter. You already know of the good intentions of the universe towards you. It will put you on the map right where ‘things happen.’ Your light is only appreciated when there is darkness. Nature will put you somewhere where you will be needed the most.

This is a chance to use your gift to the advantage of other people. The next time they are in a similar fix, they know who to get – you.

  1.  Embrace adversity.

News about this star that shines a light on the lives of other people will spread fast. While some will want to be associated with you for all your goodness, others will want to dim your star thinking it will make theirs shine brighter. It does not, it only makes the room darker. Your star will rise above theirs when you do not engage in such fights.

Choose peace throughout, not revenge. When enemies of progress want to dim your star, join other stars and provide light to the universe. There is so much good in the world that is still unexplored.

  1.  Do not focus on the challenges.

It is difficult not to be concerned about things that give you sleepless nights. Sometimes we think that when we focus on solving our problems then they will go away. They do not. On the contrary, they seem to multiply and get more complicated.

Put all your focus on lighting up all the dark corners and your light will be appreciated more. It could be cloudy and your star is covered completely. This should not make you feel any lesser useful. The clouds will be blown by the wind elsewhere and you shall continue providing light.

  1.  Embrace your weaknesses and work on your strengths.

Everyone has their weaknesses. Even if you are physically disabled, know that you are abled differently. Your star is not disabled. It is as able as that of everybody else and you can make it shine brighter.

Do you know of the morning star? It got its name from how brightly it shines in the morning more than other stars. How adorable is it that people will praise it!

When the sun is up during the day, its brightness overpowers that of the stars. But this does not make them any inferior. Stars know when their light is needed most – at night and in the early morning. As small as they look, they produce their own light. This is their biggest strength.

You can equally use this example from the natural stars. Use your strengths to make your star shine brighter among your peers. It raises the stakes for you.

  1.  Read the times and seasons.

There is a time and season for everything. A time to be up and a time to be down. The universe knows this fact and awards those who do the right thing at the right time. Know when to compete fiercely and when to retreat to regain your strength.

Equally, know what to pursue and what to leave alone. You will preserve your energy for things that matter. The rise of your star is determined largely by how you align yourself with the seasons of the universe. You want to be on the right side of things and get rewarded for your effort.

In anticipation of greatness.

Many things will happen as your star rises. The first is how you will get more enemies. The second is that you may no longer know who your true friends are. In all this battle all along, remain true to your passion and commit to your cause wholeheartedly. We shall one day talk about the rise of your star to other people. 

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Why Should I Listen to the Universe?

To listen or not to listen?

Listening to nature and the universe is one of the best choices you will ever make. It existed even before you came into being. In all wisdom, there are matters that you have no idea how to go about but thank goodness! Nature has been there for all eternity. You will not be lost.

Some would think that nature does not communicate. Well, it does in so many ways. Once you know how to intercept its communication, bingo! You have hit the jackpot.

Listen don’t hear.

There must be a reason why we have two ears and one mouth. That we may listen more and talk less. Of course, communication involves both listening and speaking. But the emphasis is put on listening more because we have a lot to listen to from the universe.

When you choose to hear, there are certain things that you will not understand well. The emphasis will shift from understanding what nature is telling you to other things of lesser importance. Nothing can be as important as listening to the universe.

Here is why you should listen to the universe:


  1.  Listening is the first point of learning.

There is plenty to learn from nature. We cannot exhaust everything. We can, however, try as much as possible to learn a lot from it. When you choose to listen, you would have donated your time to learn.

Nature has a lot of knowledge to pass to you if only you are willing to learn. Talk of astronomy, dieting, history, treatment (indigenous medicine), and many more. There is nobody who is as unstoppable as a knowledgeable person. You will be empowered to become a problem solver in your own space.

There is also much that you can do with knowledge from the universe. You can understand how to take care of your health by monitoring your diet to feed only on natural foods. Not only will you be healthy but you will be more productive in whatever you do.

  1.  The universe is the only honest friend.

There are friends and there is a best friend. Nature is the only true and honest best friend you can have. This is not to undermine your friends at all. They are great people and you have your reasons for choosing them. However, they are also like you – you both suffer the same dilemma.

The best thing you can do is to unite and together befriend nature. You will have a healthy friendship of three! When you are stressed out over things beyond your control, turn to nature. Go for that walk to clear your mind. You can meditate deeply about the far that you have come so far.

Time spent away from your human friends and away from the crazy work life will do you some good. A little bit of withdrawal is good for you.

One thing you will thank nature for is how it will leave your mind fresh with some new energy. Consider it as some sort of charging where you get your energy levels refilled to ‘full’ capacity.

  1.  The universe will help you maximize your potential.

Potential is energy at rest. All of us have the potential to be better people. You can make good use of your potential. What has been missing all along is someone to show you exactly how to do it. You have now found him – nature.

Unlike friends who can be jealous of your potential when fully used, the universe has no such hidden agenda. The sole aim is to make you successful so that you may also be useful to the whole ecosystem. This is something that most friends do not understand – when one succeeds, the whole ecosystem benefits.

You can be an asset and not a liability when you listen to the universe from now henceforth. Your connection with nature will make you discover what you are good at and that will be your starting point. It is difficult to feel this when you are constantly out of touch with the universe because of your ‘busy’ schedule.

Take time to go for a nature walk, attend to your animals or poultry at the farm, or even do some tree planting. Unplug from your normal schedule and nature shall reward you for it.

  1.  The universe will help you overcome your fear.

Hey there. You are not the only one who is fearful about several things. Almost everyone is. There is only one point that makes all the difference – how you overcome this fear.

Communicate with the Universe

What best way is there to beat this fear if not to team up with the universe?

There are things that everybody will not understand and no matter how much they try to lift the burden on your shoulders, their hands are equally tied. Nature does not ‘suffer’ as everybody else does.

It can see clearly that is the point where you need help and shall surely come to your rescue. All you have to do is to listen to what the universe is telling you – do not succumb to your fear.

Nature will give you the confidence to stand on your feet because it will not judge you – something most people are afraid of. This confidence is what you need to overcome your fears. You become unstoppable when you become self-confident.

  1.  The universe will lead you to your soulmate.

This is a dream come true only if you listen to what the universe is telling you – my child, good things take time.

The question of whether there is someone good enough for you should no longer disturb you. Consider it like a physics practical and you are presented with magnets. It indiscriminately attracts metals regardless of shape or size. The bare minimum is that it has to be a metal.

Similarly, listening to the universe will lead you to connect with the right people. This will put an end to all your worries about what is next for you as far as your partner is concerned.

Are you convinced that you should listen to the universe? Successful people will tell you to listen to it because they have seen the magic it worked in their lives. The listen to your inner self and action on your desires language indirectly tells you to listen to the universe. I trust you to make the right choice. 

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The Universe Wants You To Be Healthy

The first blessing.

The universe wants you to be healthy!

Nobody chooses to be sick or suffer any form of disability. It is circumstances that you have no control over that make you sick (or so you think). There are secrets of the universe to unlock good health. It is not the ordinary doctor’s prescription but one from the chief doctor itself – nature.

Is there anything you can do about it? Yes, there is. Pay attention to what the universe wills for your health. It is what was in the beginning before false teachings corroded the original doctrine about good health.

This is how important good health is – all aviation workers (including pilots), security officers (including the military), and many other professions undergo a mandatory health check-up at regular intervals. We cannot afford to have a sick pilot flying a plane carrying hundreds of passengers. Neither can we afford to have a sick officer on duty.

The elusive prize.

Indeed, good health has been elusive to very many people. Tens or even hundreds of people are on continuous medication. It is something they have come to accept as part of their lifestyle. But this is not what the universe wills for us. Nature intends that we live a healthy life because it has everything we need in abundance. However, there is a disconnection between man and nature. This is what has made good health very elusive.

This is not to trash any medical practices. No, not all. They do extremely well to keep our population healthy. There is only so much they can do. They only supplement nature’s medication and everything they do is drawn from it.

The road to health and wellness.

There is a thin line between being healthy and being well. One is a natural state (being healthy) and the other an induced state (being well). When you fall sick and go to the hospital, you get well. But when you follow nature’s prescription, you live healthily. It is great to be in either state.

There is a path to follow if you want to be healthy. Yes, it is a path because first it is narrow and secondly, not many people are willing to take that route. This is the direction that the universe wants us to take to manifest good health.

  1.  Proper dieting.

I guess you already know a lot about this. You must have already tried to observe proper dieting. Let us see if you are doing it the right way.

How often do you eat?

What dominates your diet?

We are not supposed to eat frequently. Maybe after every half an hour. Of course, unless it is advised by a doctor. Otherwise, you should schedule your meals – breakfast, lunch, and supper in that order. This gives you time to plan what to eat for the next meal.

Secondly, on what you eat, nature has plenty of options for you in the form of natural foods. Do not eat what is available for the sake of it. You will be turning upside down the universe’s plan for your good health. Nutritionists agree with the universe that there are benefits to good health only found in natural fruits and vegetables.

The secrets of natural foods.

Do you want to strengthen your immunity? Eat oranges, berries, bananas, grapes, and all those fruits you can find. The universe has put it in natural fruits so you will not have a problem being healthy. Even the medical vitamin supplements are drawn from these! Vitamin C is also responsible for growth, development, and repair of all body tissues.


Natural vegetables like lettuce, spinach, cabbage, pumpkin, cauliflower, asparagus, and all the others you know of can lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart disease, prevent some types of cancer, and do so much more. The secret has always been with nature.

This option has always been with you all along. Accept the universe’s offer to restore your health by abiding with the right type of diet today.

  1.  Sunshine.

Sunshine is very good for your health. Contrary to popular opinion that sunshine is here to burn our skin and force us indoors or to cause famine, it is actually good for your health. The morning and evening sun rays are a good source of vitamin D. It is responsible for strong bones.

Staying indoors all the time deprives you of this opportunity. You may think that you are saving yourself the trouble of ‘scorching sun’ but you are in fact driving yourself to be unhealthy.

The universe is equally fair to us because the sun shines on everybody. None is discriminated against. This means that we can all have strong bones and all the health benefits from sunshine.

  1.  Hydrate frequently.

That water is life could not be further from the truth. Did you know? Our bodies are made up of 60% water! This is how important it is to hydrate frequently. There is plenty of water to drink thanks to the universe. It had our health in mind when it made water available anywhere – it wants you to be healthy.

Water is so important that you are advised not to fast for long without taking it because you may starve to death! The importance of water cannot be underestimated.

As medical advice, ensure you take at least eight glasses of water daily if you want to be healthy. Your kidneys will thank you for it and so will your digestive system. Water is as grease is to moving machines. Encourage yourself to drink a lot of water.

  1.  Heed to calls of nature timely.

We are all guilty of this. We want to postpone our call of nature by a minute or two because we are doing something else more important. Well, I have news for you. This is not the healthy lifestyle the universe wants for us. Calls of nature should be heeded in time so as not to stretch our body organs to their limits.

The universe wants you to be healthy because you deserve it. These are just a few telltale signs that should guide you to good health. Nature is looking out for you. You are one step closer to health and wellness. Listen to your body’s reaction and observe nature’s prescription for good health. 

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Secrets of Building an Everlasting Relationship

A happily ever after.

There is an excitement that comes with the thought of a forever with your loved one. The unexplainable sensation that runs down your spine when you think of sleeping and waking up next to the love of your life forever. 

Away with the stories of failure that you may have heard or read. You may think that sometimes happiness is not cast in stone but the truth of the matter is that it is the only guarantee that the universe gives you for being loyal. You can make the relationship with your special someone work out and awaken the dream of a happily ever after.

A perfect relationship.

Is there anything like a perfect relationship? Yes, there is though there is a warning here – do not approach this subject casually. Many people who have sought to build a perfect relationship have been unsuccessful largely because they did not pay attention to the cardinal laws of the universe.

Consider building an everlasting relationship like following the perfect recipe for a tasty meal. You should not skip a step because the meal may not turn out as tasty as the recipe anticipated. The point is to stay on track and use no shortcuts no matter how tempting they could be.

Roll up your sleeves for what is ahead.

  1.  Assemble the right ingredients.

What always appears at the top of any recipe is the ingredients for the meal you want to cook. Similarly, there are things you should have if you want to build an everlasting relationship. There is no one-fit-it-all formula but there is a consensus on what they are.

T.T.C – Trust, transparency, and commitment. It is finally out!

You must have these with the person you are relating with. There could be other factors that bring you together but again without these ingredients, your relationship is shaky.

Trust keeps away insecurities. When you trust your partner, you believe that they can never do anything to intentionally hurt you or jeopardize your relationship. It is the faith that you have put in them that matters the most.

Transparency is like cooking oil in your recipe. It lubricates the wheels of your relationship. Where difficulties emerge, it is how transparent you are with each other that will determine the course of the relationship.

Commitment is the icing on the cake. A relationship is beyond what you feel for each other. The question is whether you are committed to making it work between you. You should be ready to make compromises for the sake of your relationship with your loved one.

That somebody loves you is not a guarantee that the relationship will last forever. The only surety is whether both of you are in it for the long run and whether you want to see it work even when the tides are against you.

  1.  Light up the fire.

Although you may have all the ingredients, how can you cook without fire? What starts most relationships is the love they feel for each other. It is like a magnet that brings them together.

Do you remember when you first fell in love? As for myself, I do remember. I can say it is the most beautiful feeling I have ever experienced. You become blind to a lot of things and your sole focus is on this special someone.

Fire cooks a meal. It makes the raw ingredients edible. This is exactly what love does in a relationship. It helps you overlook the failures and negativity of your partner. All you see is how perfect they are for you.

Love can grow and it can as well die. When it exits your relationship, then that could mean the end of it (but it shouldn’t come to this point). Do not focus on bigger things.

Sometimes it is the smaller things that matter the most. It could be remembering your partner’s birthday, or your anniversary, gifting them unexpectedly, complementing them whenever you meet, and making them feel special.

Nature has plenty of ways of showing its love for us. No wonder we never fall out of love with it. When you follow its example, it could be the perfect thing that has ever happened to you.

  1.  Take your time.

Do you always want things to happen instantly? Well, you may need to change this if you are looking forward to building an everlasting relationship with this special someone.

Do you know what they say about Rome? Rome was not built in one day.

Every relationship is a work in progress although they may be in different stages. It takes time to build an everlasting relationship and you have to be patient to walk through every step in this journey if you want to realize it. It is a meal whose recipe you have to follow religiously without skipping anything or finding some way around it.

  1.  Taste your meal before serving.

Temptations will always be a part of your life and you have to accept this fact and move forward with building this heaven of a relationship you treasure so much. As you cook, there is a time you will taste your food to see whether there is the right amount of salt, or if it is ready to be served.

A good cook will ensure that they taste the food first (just a little) so that they can be sure what they are serving. You cannot afford to serve bad food to your guests, can you?

Similarly, ‘taste’ your relationship. You do this by gauging the trials your partner and you pass through and their response toward them. Do they throw in the towel or they will still fight for what you share?

You add salt to food when it’s lacking or little. You do not throw away the food. The same applies to relationships. You have to spice things up with your partner even when they are almost giving up. Give them a reason to live and live another day to fight for your relationship.

A tasty meal.

What are the comments of the people who eat your food?


“Wow! Are you the one who cooked this?”

When you hear this, you know that you have hit the jackpot. Thereafter, you cannot hide your great cooking skills.

Similarly, an everlasting relationship cannot be hidden. Everyone will see it and will come to you to ask for your advice about this or that. This is the ultimate indication that you have finally managed to build an everlasting relationship. 

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Are Relationships Overrated?

From where it all started.

Relationship goes beyond knowing someone. It transcends to creating a deeper connection with this specific person. This is how a relationship starts. You know many people in different places but there is only a handful of them whom you have a relationship with and a couple more whom you want to start a relationship with.

Come to think of it, what is the reason you want a relationship in the first place?

Do you enjoy the one you are in already or do you regret being in it?

There is already an image in your mind of what an ideal relationship should look like and somehow you want to live up to these expectations. There is also some sort of marking scheme that you have developed upon which you will judge your partner. This is quite unfair because you already have a pre-determined decision about them. They have zero chances of proving themselves worthy of a relationship with you if they do not meet your standards. This is quite unfortunate!

Despite relationships being the number one cause of abuse between partners, gender-based violence, and other social ills, people still want to be in them. Those in abusive relationships do not want to quit and those not in any somehow want to have someone they can call ‘mine’.

Reasons for relationships.

  1.  The Fear of Missing Out (FOMO).

This is a worrying trend. Since everyone is in a relationship, why not me? The fear of missing out is a leading reason why people are stuck in non-performing relationships. It is the nature of people to always want to identify with something they believe in. It somehow brings a sense of identity and belonging. FOMO is a wrong motive for being in a relationship.

How can you know that this is what drove you into the relationship that you are in? For one, you have absolutely no reason to be with this person. You do not relate and neither do you connect.

It is a case of convenience. Because this relationship is unfounded, it will one day collapse and reality will check in. It could be a little too late to make any meaningful decision because the damage will already have been done.

  1.  The Fear of the Unknown.

Fear is responsible for many things – even making people put up with below the bare minimum treatment in relationships. Relationships are not supposed to be tolerated but should be enjoyed by both partners.

However, many people fear being alone. They fear experiencing loneliness because they have never been in such a situation.

Be brave enough to leave unfruitful relationships. Why should you put up with something that leaves you vulnerable and wasted? The unknown is an uncontrollable variable because nobody has the means to mitigate it. This should empower you not to settle for anything less than you deserve because you believe in yourself.

  1.  In the name of ‘selflessness’.

Selflessness? What selflessness?

You cannot love other people more than the threshold you have put for yourself. It is human nature to be selfish for what goes out must first be full within. Drawing the example of the universe that sustains all our needs, you can only give what you have – remember you are part of the universe.

Sometimes people stay in a relationship that they think is perfect because they think it is an act of selflessness. True love starts from within. I dare say that what you love other people is the surplus of the love you have for yourself. It gets worse when you have a deficit in self-love.

The ultimate gauge of self-love is the ability to enjoy your own company. Feel alive within and thereafter you can spread this love to somebody else. Relationships never replace the ‘I’ identity.

  1.  Social media influence.

The power of social media grows each day. It is amazing the things one can do online without physical interaction. You can trade, engage, and interact with your clients, family, and friends online.

Do you know what they say about absolute power? Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Social media influence could drive you into a relationship you never wanted in the first place. It is not ‘cool’ to do things because your favorite celebrity does. What is okay to them is not necessarily okay with you, and there is no problem with that.

Sometimes the relationships that celebrities have is not even real. It could be chasing clout and yet you fall prey to such antics. It is okay to celebrate your lover online but it should not be the reason you are with them.

The original plan of the universe that your character matters the most can never be replaced by fame and money through social media.

  1.  The sense of being incomplete.

Are you asking yourself a question whose answer the universe has spelled clearly? Are you incomplete? Yes, you are. The sense of being complete or not was determined a long time ago when males and females were brought together.

But there is a catch here. A relationship is not the ultimate goal. It is good to be in a healthy one. It will add to your blessings and increase your chances of success. Two heads are better than one, right?

Be at peace with the universe and understand her purpose for you. Thereafter, you will be better placed to decide the right person to connect with – both physically and spiritually.

The final verdict.

The truth is that there is some form of spirituality attached to relationships. When you have your spirituality right then the manifestation should not be a problem. It will be wrong to put the cart before the horse (relationships before spirituality).

Are relationships overrated? Well, they are not. They continue to form an important part of what defines us. There is just a little secret you have to unearth first – include spirituality in your relationships. It will lead you to forming everlasting relationships with the right people.

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How to Get Things Done with Spiritual Communication

What is spiritual communication?

Spiritual communication is considered communication albeit on another level. Basic communication involves listening and speaking. The same is true for spiritual communication. It passes a message to those who are spiritually attentive. They understand what is to come and prepare for the same before it manifests physically.

Consider it as some intelligence reports or a heads up about something that is yet to come. Whoever is capable of passing a message and receiving one spiritually can discern what is to come and get ready for it. Its importance can never be over-emphasized.

The art of delivering a message.

Successful communication is passing a message to someone in a manner that they understand its meaning and action on it accordingly. Every company and organization globally has a communications officer. A message from an organization must be understood well by the public.

Similarly, an organization should understand what the public is telling them. A simple misunderstanding can undo what has taken a long time to achieve.

In the same vein, spiritual communication is equally weighty because many things can go wrong in its absence. For one, there will be many surprises because we were unable to understand the warning from the universe. Spiritual communication creates a good relationship with the universe.

Have you seen the joy of two people speaking the same language? They are happy because finally there is someone who understands them. The universe is equally happy when we learn its language and we become co-creators with it.

Spiritual order.

There is spiritual order even in communication. As a general rule, communication is orderly. There is no abrupt interruption, there is a sequence of ideas, and you do not speak for the sake of it. Every aspect of communication must be well thought out because it has the power to build or destroy. You cannot get things done through spiritual communication when you are out of order. Here are a few ways you can master spiritual communication:

  1.   Speak aloud.

Speak your desires out. In the spiritual realm, everyone and everything has ears and can hear what you say. Just like what happens in ordinary communication where you have to talk to someone to be heard, the same applies to spiritual communication.

As the source of a message, speak about your desires and you shall be heard. The people around you shall hear you and so shall the invisible power – the universe.

Do not assume that somebody knows what you want. They cannot know that unless you let them into your thoughts by way of speech. Mark you, without speaking there can never be communication. The source of the message is you – both the mortal body and the immortal spirit. The spirit communicates to other spirits and the universe too because it is one of them.

However, your mouth is the vessel for that communication. Speak your desires, my friend.

  1.  Think of positive things only.

Spiritual communication is also not limited to the audible voices only but extends to interpreting what is running in your mind. This does not nullify your role of speaking your desires but goes on to further emphasize the purity of your thoughts.

The universe is supernatural. It means that it can do the extraordinary that mortal man cannot.

Do not entertain the thought of impossibility. You cannot speak about wanting to fulfill your desires and at the same time have negative thoughts. You have to choose one portion – positivity in both word and deed. This is the message you are passing to the universe responsible for actualizing your dreams.

  1.  Have faith and it shall be done.

The judge of faith is the universe. Spiritual communication is dead without it.  Have faith that your message has been passed across and your prayers have been heard and received. Begin to act as if you have already received your desires. This is faith in action.

Faith is the currency in which the spiritual world operates. As money buys goods and services, faith makes it possible to manifest your desires from the spiritual to the physical. When you have plenty of it, it means that you can get things done very quickly.

Faith is the conviction of the possibility of things being done. It is not measurable but very important as a currency of trade in the spiritual world.

  1.  Draw nearer and it shall be manifested.

As emphasized earlier on that whatever is manifested in the physical starts from the spiritual, you have to work on your spiritual communication. Draw nearer to your desires and associate closely with what you want to possess.

For example, if you want to run your business one day, hang around business owners. You cannot be distant from them and hope that you will one day join their league.

Associate with people who know about spiritual communication and have results to show for it. They shall guide you through and your journey shall not be a lonely one. Love and support them and the same shall be done to you.

  1.  Listen with your ears, mind, and heart.

Someone said that the reason we have two ears and one mouth is for us to listen more and talk less. There is truth in that statement even in the spiritual world. Pay attention to communication from the spirit and align yourself with it. You will be one step closer to getting things done.

Spend some time alone meditating on your journey through life. The universe speaks to us sometimes when we are away from the chaotic world. You already know that cannot communicate properly in noise. Spiritual communication too cannot happen there.

In meditation, engage your mind to understand the lessons you have learned so far and how you can move towards your goals.

Your heart is involved beyond the normal blood circulatory function. It is the home of both good and bad desires. Learn from your heart what you want and how you can bring it closer to you and eventually have it.

It is possible to get things done without much struggle through spiritual communication. Everything falls in place when you get it right.  

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Are You Living the Rent-Free Life?

The price for occupancy.

Most people if not everyone is paying rent on something. You could be renting a house, a car, an office space, a hall, or anything that you need. This is the price you pay for occupying space or using something that is not yours. Sometimes rent could also take the form of a lease.

It remains rent because you are paying to use something that is not yours. I bet you have already paid if not planning to pay your arrears for this month – you better do. Paying your rent gives you the freedom to use what you have rented as you please (of course without destroying it because it is still not yours).

The rent headache.

Do you relate to the pressure that comes automatically when your rent is due? Even without someone telling you, you feel that something is not fine until you pay up. It is what I call the ‘rent headache’. It can mess you up and give you sleepless nights because anytime the owner of the property can give you notice to vacate his premises or return his asset.

Don’t curse him yet – he has every right. But despite all these tribulations, there is another offer that people hardly consider – a rent-free life somewhere else. The owner will not harass you for his rent when it’s due because you will co-own that property.

Doesn’t this thought excite you? It is the dream of most people to one day own what they have been renting or maybe own something similar. For a very long time, it has remained a dream come true. Well, the universe is here to make it a reality.

Did you know that you can live a rent-free life from today?

The short answer is Yes, you can. The long answer is also Yes, you can. The point is in whatever angle you look at it, there is a possibility of living this dream. Many avenues are open for you to grab this opportunity from the universe. The word is ‘grab’ because you are as hungry for it as anybody else is.

  1.  Make peace with everyone.

It is paramount to make peace with everyone. Do not be selective about it. It does not matter who is hostile or not. What matters is how you are reciprocating their attitude towards you. You have to be the bigger person here because you understand what it is that you are looking for. The universe rewards love because it is love itself and thrives in it.

It is normal to contradict each other and sometimes people come out strongly to defend their positions and what they believe in. Friends forget the relationship they have had for a long time and they become enemies. This rivalry will cost you because the universe will shut its doors of blessings to you until you make peace.

Everything is costly in the absence of peace. This makes it harder to live the desired rent-free life. It does not mean that you will not pay your bills because you are at peace with everyone. What it means is that it will cost you a little bit more monetary-wise and comfort-wise to live comfortably.

  1.  Accommodate divergent opinions.

It is mature to agree to disagree. This kind of thinking will make you stand out from many entitled people. The different opinions you hold amongst your friends do not make you weird or an outcast. Variety is the spice of life and what you are going through is perfectly normal.

The rent headache will spare you its harshness because of accommodating those with different opinions. The burden of bearing the cost of everything shall also reduce because you never know whom the universe shall send your way as an angel. You might push away the person with an answer to all your problems.

A rent-free life in the universe means being spared the hell that most people go through because they struggle to meet their rent obligations. Accommodating divergent opinions will create more ‘friends’ and make you more likable. On a lighter note, who knows, you might become a soft life ambassador?

  1.  Appreciate the little things your way.

I don’t know who needs to hear this but let me send the message home – stop complaining about everything. When there is nothing you appreciate, ask yourself this question – who is the problem, is it you or everybody else?

Indeed, the rent headache can take a toll on you but sitting around to only complain about it will not make things any better. Appreciate the daily sustenance from the universe and more shall be provisioned for you because you showed your gratefulness.

Gratefulness is a virtue that most people lack because they either feel entitled to something or have no idea that some supernatural power is watching – the universe. Even the little you have could be withdrawn from you and the rent burden weigh down heavily on you.

  1.  Live each day at a time.

Time moves fast: seconds to minutes, then hours, days, weeks, and even months. The day when rent is due draws closer with every passing minute. You cannot live your entire life worrying about it. Live each day at a time.

This is not a call to be carefree in the name of living the present moment. Worrying has never solved any problem and it will not start today with you. A rent-free life is a worry-free one. It is a peaceful life that can be granted solely by the universe.

Do not carry baggage from the past into the present and future. Entrusting your life to the universe is like entrusting an infant to the mother. She will nurse him to life.

  1.  Take care of nature.

How can you be trusted to take care of your place when you finally get one if you misuse where you have rented? Taking care of nature is the surest way to prove that you are responsible. The universe can open doors for more blessings because you are taking care of it.

Plant trees, do not litter around, take care of animals, and do everything possible to be a good ambassador. Mark you, it is the universe with the ability to grant or deny you the blessing of a rent-free life. This kind of life hardly comes by except you are the chosen one.

A rent-free life is a metaphor referring to a comfortable life without the worries that most people have – rent. It is very possible and tenable if you observe the five-point discussion we have had.

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Your Soulmate & the Spiritual Connection

Who is a soul mate?

A soulmate is someone with whom you share deep feelings of concern. It goes beyond normal friendship and as the name suggests, two souls are intertwined into one. Soul ties are not normal friendships that are quickly made at the bus station or the market.

It takes quite some time to develop and once established, it cannot be simply washed away. You have to make many choices in life and that of a soul mate is among the greatest ones.

Yet sometimes, this decision is not ours to make. We kind of find ourselves with someone with whom we connect so deeply that we cannot remember how it even started. Let me tell you how it happened – the universe intervened!

The unknown blessing.

There are things that we do for ourselves and others that are done for us. The best part is when the one acting on our behalf has our best interest at heart. The blessing that is your soul mate is sometimes chosen for you albeit subconsciously. You meet a stranger on your first day somewhere and you instantly hit it off. Your friendship slowly begins and before long, your lifestyles are in sync.

It is not as if you were in a desperate search for a friend but somehow the universe paired you with them. This is a blessing that you will come to appreciate with time because of how invaluable they are.

The making of a spiritual connection.

Everything begins in the spirit before it manifests in the physical. Before you even have a soul tie relationship with someone, something was cooking in the spirit. Understandably, we sometimes do not know whether someone is our soul mate. Several indications could point out that they are. Here are a few:

  1. They know what you want before you even say it.

Have you ever met someone who amazed you at how well they knew you? They could be your soul mate! A soul mate is someone with whom you connect and can even know what is best for you. When you are unsure about which job offer to take or which house to settle in, your soul mate already knows the answer before you do.

Do not expect them to be magicians who will work wonders in your life. They will not. What sets them apart from other people is how well they know exactly how you want something. Often, if you are of the opposite gender, you are most likely to end up falling in love with each other because you find that they complete you.

  1. You are at peace with each other.

There is nobody who gives you peace as your soul mate does. You run from the chaotic world into their presence because of the calmness they attract into your life. If you already have someone in mind with this effect on you, then bingo!

You found your soul mate. It is not something that you can fake or imitate. This person in your life is the one you rush to see to escape the busy unforgiving world. This is because your spirits have become best friends already. What follows suit is the manifestation of the same and here it is – a supernatural calmness in their presence.

  1. You own their success as they do yours.

There is this person who will naturally be happy for you. They are not jealous of your success and do not see it as a threat. Instead, they want to celebrate your victories with you. Your success is theirs as well. This is an indication that s(he) is your soul mate.

The opposite can also happen when you find yourself happy for the success of this other person. You are overjoyed as if it were you and develop an unexplainable sense of owning this success. Open your eyes and see the writing on the wall. The universe is pointing out to you your soulmate.

  1. You feel their pain as they do yours.

One thing is clear about a soul tie spiritual connection – it is as if you are in one body. You can feel the pain that your soul mate is going through. Do not be scared, it is not as if you will experience all the bad things they experience. However, your mind and emotions will be with them. You always tend to put yourself in their shoes and want to give every solution to their problems.

If you feel this way towards someone, then the long search is over – voilà your soul mate! You cannot avoid this responsibility because the spiritual connection is made and the universe oversees it. There is surely no shortcut.

  1. Both of you have a strong sense of like-mindedness.

Another indication of a soulmate is how both of you seem to think alike. Soul mates are more like twins. They think alike, desire the same things, have common plans, and have many more things in common. It is not every day that you bump into someone with such a level of like-mindedness. It is a predetermined match for you.

The universe considered it wise to pair you up with someone whom you will get along with excellently. They were then brought to you by a series of events. Do not assume that it is your horoscopes that have collided because there are no accidents in the universe – those happening are perfectly planned and executed.

  1. You stomach their weaknesses and shortcomings.

For some strange reason, if you find yourself accommodating things that you were previously against, you could have found your soul mate! You always find a reason to excuse their behavior because there is nothing wrong with it. You see yourself in them as if you were standing in front of a mirror.

It is difficult to criticize yourself and the same extends to them. Even when other people see something wrong in them, they remain angels in your eyes. It could be that you are falling in love but also you could have found your soul mate.

Identifying your soul mate is not easy. Some people deliberately search for theirs and are unsuccessful. While to others, the universe is gracious to bring them closer to their soulmates. Enjoy the spiritual connection with your soul mate and make the best out of it.   

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Winning Your Spiritual Battles

The battle and the war.

There is a thin difference between a battle and war although they look pretty much the same. A battle is a struggle to succeed or survive while war is a struggle between opposing forces. A war first starts as a battle then things quickly escalate and before you know it you have a full-blown war in your hands. There is no target enemy in a battle because the goal is to succeed.

Anything for survival. But when war sets in, there is a target on the other side. The goal quickly shifts from surviving to focusing on defeating your enemy.

If this is the case with physical life, how much more about our spirituality?

The world is our battlefield and we fight many battles. We lose some and win others. The focus is on the battles that we lose. A battle against depression, loneliness, thoughts of self-harm and suicide, shame, and many more.

These battles manifest in the physical yet they originated from the spiritual realm. It could begin as a thought and we tell nobody about it. When we later decide to break free from its bondage, the mistake we make is cutting the stem of the problem.

After some time, the problem resurfaces because it had time to regenerate itself. This time it is no longer a battle but war and it could be much stronger than the previous encounter.

Every battle has spiritual roots which must be dealt with to completely secure victory. Here are some spiritual battles and how to overcome them:

1. Sudden troubles and extreme persecution.

You must have experienced this at one time in your life – persecution from all sides. Problems arise out of nowhere and they drown you even as you try to swim out of the mess you find yourself in. It could be losing your job, slow business or something that hits the nerve.

There could be a lot of factors to blame but it boils down to something being wrong in your spirituality. When you crack this riddle open and everything will fall in place.


All you have to do is believe that the storm you are going through shall subside. Nothing lasts forever. Stand your ground and do not be shaken to abandon your faith. Things will fall further apart when you doubt nature’s ability to exonerate you from what you are going through. Faith is the sword that will help you win this battle.

 2. Life-threatening loss.

A life-threatening battle puts you at edge leaving you with few choices. It could be a disease or terminal illness, infections of whatever nature or something that causes you physical harm. It is not accidental for you to fall sick.

Of course, there are medical reasons for falling sick and the don’ts that you must observe as preventive measures. However, most life-threatening losses are spiritual and must be addressed as such. The universe has good plans for you more than anyone else. This battle you are fighting is not nature’s plan for you.

Make necessary adjustments.

First of all, follow up on medication (in case of sickness). This will heal the signs and symptoms you are having. Next, you need to make necessary adjustments in your spiritual life. This is majorly to align yourself with your destiny.

There is always a punishment whenever you stray. It is disobedience in black and white. The battle you are fighting will stop when you are back on track.

3. Temptation toward sin and wrong choices.

Do not consider temptations normal. They have not and never will be. The temptation toward sin is meant to weaken your spirituality and make you vulnerable. Another red flag is the attraction toward making wrong choices. It mostly comes out as “a normal part of growth” but things hardly return to normalcy when you entertain this trend.

This is a silent battle many go through even without realizing it. Indications that you are in this battle include: choosing bad friends, developing misleading desires, and lust NOT love for the opposite gender.

Use spiritual gifts.

This is the point where you badly need spiritual gifts to help you discern the genuine from the fake. This is a silent battle and one wrong move will completely mess you up. You know what you do with an aerial when there is poor network reception – you raise your antennae. Similarly, your spiritual antennae should be up if you want to win this battle.

4. Feelings of fear and despair.

What goes on in your mind when you sit somewhere alone? Do thoughts of fear creep in on you? This is a battle that most people go through. It pushes them to always want to be with people and they dread ever being alone. Being alone is not bad.

On the contrary, it gives you a chance to meditate and reflect on the direction of your life. However, having to struggle with anxiety and eventual depression is not a good thing. Some people even consider committing suicide.

One sign that you are in this battle is always feeling defeated and desperate. The universe considers you a winner that is why you are here in the first place.

Be encouraged.

Sometimes somebody else can come forward and encourage you. But at other times, you need to encourage yourself. Draw inspiration from success stories you know. If they made it, you shall also make it. Associate with the optimistic and you will heal from any negative thoughts you may have.

5. Confusion and guilt.

Guilt and confusion are meant to separate you from nature’s gift of happiness. Even so, many are having this battle and instead of coming out of it, they seem to be getting deeper into it.

The worst part of it is that you blame yourself for things you had no control over and dullness dominates your life. It is not okay to take the fall for others. You make independent choices and live with their consequences. But until you understand that, this battle will take a toll on you.

Open your eyes.

Open your eyes to see the bigger picture. You need to develop self-confidence and move past blaming yourself. It is not easy, especially because you are the one in this battle. You need to believe it is possible to overcome feelings of guilt, shame, and worries.

Winning spiritual battles is a deliberate project you must undertake. Even though you may need help, the initiative must come from you. Do not despair or see yourself as a lost cause. You can make it! 

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spiritual connection

Making Meaningful Spiritual Connections

What are they?

The term spiritual connection sounds foreign but is not entirely something new. It refers to a good relationship between your spirit and the universe. Matter of fact, this is the most important relationship you can nurture. Before I highlight the importance of spiritual connections, consider this relatable example.

A qualified electrician does wiring for your newly built house and sets up all the necessary connections – the switches to lights as well as the lights themselves, sockets, the main switch, the lampshade, and other electric outputs you know. However, even after all this work, you will still be in the dark until you are connected to the power grid.

Thereafter, you can enjoy the electricity in your house – cook, charge your devices, heat your bathing water in the shower, use your washing machine, and do so much more. It is the beginning of a new life.

The beginning of a new life.

Just as being connected to the power grid means you can finally light up your house, so does making meaningful spiritual connections mean. They light up your life and you get to enjoy exclusive benefits. Consider spiritual connections like essential service providers. Examples of essential service providers include:

  1.     Health workers.
  2.     Security officers.
  3.     Administration and coordination officers.
  4.     Financial institutions.
  5.     Distributors and retailers of petroleum and oil products.
  6.     Food dealers

Similarly, spiritual connections are important for the nourishment of our spirit without which we cannot survive. Here is a whole list of them and why you should have them in your life as soon as possible.

  1. A spiritual authority figure.

It could be your
Pastor, Minister, Reverend, Bishop, or Apostle for Christians. The Buddhists have the Lama, and the Hindus have the Swami as their religious teacher. Muslims too have their Imam. These leaders wield a lot of power than most people think. It does not mean that they can stop the sun or create a highway in the middle of the ocean.

To begin with, you listen to their teaching every worship day. More so, you have submitted to their authority and allowed them to teach you spiritual ways which you are naïve about. Your spiritual leader can help you fight spiritual battles for this is their principal duty.

Spiritual leaders are more knowledgeable than you are in spiritual matters and you should walk in their shadow for guidance and protection. Make a point of having one if you don’t have any because you will have no one to turn to in your darkest hour. If you already have one, be keen on following their teachings for the best results.

  1.  Destiny connectors.

They are men and women whom the universe has given the responsibility of connecting you with your destiny. Your destiny is intertwined with theirs and it is in your best interest that you connect with them as soon as you can.

Truth is that much time is wasted in between because you may have not already identified them. For one, you could either be deliberately blind to the obvious signs that they are the chosen ones. The universe owes nobody an explanation on anything. Somehow, nature conspires to bring these people into your life to connect you with your destiny.

Pay close attention to connecting with them and following their lead. On their account, you will meet great people, find aid in quotas you never dreamt of, and even visit places you have never imagined. Do you have any destiny connector in your life?

  1.  Parents and guardians.

How many people do you know who have a broken relationship with their parents or guardians? How does life treat them? Parents and guardians have the responsibility of holding your hand from when you are little to your adulthood. They introduce you to the world, provide for your needs, and protect you from harm.

They have a weightier responsibility for you and they are held accountable for it. Your spirit knows them as the primary caregiver and this cannot be simply wished away. The spiritual connection you have with them even in your adulthood life tells a lot about the type of person you are.

Do not despise them even if they are lowly people. You could not have come into being were it not for them. The universe respects them for this reason. Connect with them and they shall speak a blessing in your life. Their blessings to you for doing them good shall defend you in your dark days. In all fairness, nature shall spare you its wrath for neglecting them.

  1.  Mentors and teachers.

This pair is very important in your life. Every ambitious person does not lack both of them. They are important because they hold your hand throughout even when things get tough. Mentors are the people you look up to with the hope of one day becoming like them while teachers guide you in following your dream.

Establishing a spiritual connection with them will make you a part of them and you can do so much more compared to being alone. You cannot underestimate the influence a mentor has on a mentee. This makes it important to connect with the right one because you will eventually manifest the right thing.

You can buy your mentor and/or teacher a gift as a token of appreciation. It shows that you still remember them and value them for their role in your life.

  1.  Advisors.

The decision on whether or not to act on a piece of advice is yours. No one will question you about it and you will bear the costs for the same. The roles of mentors and teachers are slightly different from that of advisors.

Advisors are exclusively there to tell you the right thing to do. They point out the right and wrong in what you have learned from your teachers.

Please connect with these people if you want to make good use of their advice. A spiritual connection binds you more than a dry commitment does.

The importance of spiritual connections cannot be underestimated. You get to score a point in your spirituality and this win is manifested in your daily life. Hey there, what meaningful connections have you made so far? 

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