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June 2022

The Divine Habits of Highly Successful People

The concept of God means so many different things to people all around the globe. Muslims serve Allah, Christians believe in the holy trinity, and so on. Yet, the one constant that remains is the ultimate belief that there is supernatural energy that governs the affairs of the universe. It is the force of the divine. The link between our mortal souls and the universe.

Make no mistake that there is a force that drives our life here on earth. There has to be! And you need only imagine the sheer magnitude of our galaxy to realize the significance of this force. It is what governs our decisions, the path we choose in life, the relationships we form, our love life, and everything else that makes us human.

Like everything else about life, the energy from the universe exists as a bipolarity of positive and negative energy. It is then through certain actions that we can dictate the type of energy to attract into our lives. Communicate with the Universe

Yes, you are responsible for the energy you draw from the universe. That is precisely what stands the highly successful people out from the rest of the crowd. The winners of this world have aligned their entire essence with the positive side of the divine and they continue to attract positivity and success into their lives.

But just how do they do it? Here are 5 divine habits of highly successful people that you could cultivate in your life to attract the positive vibes of the universe.

  1. They are constantly improving their expectations.

Our expectations are powerful assumptions about what our future should look like and the events that should happen. But the unique thing about expectations is that it usually exists in the background of your thoughts, and so we rarely assess or update them accordingly. Consequently, what happens is that we find ourselves thinking and behaving in ways that are not aligned with our values because of our old expectations that we’ve simply forgotten to examine.

It may not sound like a lot, but so many people are not operating at their optimum capacity due to old expectations that they have failed to reexamine. 

Successful people have this under control as they are always updating and examining their expectations. The energy of the universe will travel around the world to get to you if only you believe and make the conscious effort to draw it closer. And successful people do this through their expectations. 

  1. They are conscious of self-care.

If you want the universe to work for you, you need to work on yourself. Because a healthy body is a perfect vessel to accommodate positive energy from the universe. 

It’s a popular saying that success depends largely on a healthy mind and a healthy mind depends on a healthy lifestyle! There is a lot of effort you have to put into your physical and psychological welfare to thrive in anything you’re doing. No matter how flashy a sports car is, it needs its oil changed regularly to function at full capacity.

Successful people understand how important self-care is to their mind and soul. They understand that you can only get your best job done when you’re mentally and emotionally strong due to healthy and conscious habits.

To attract positive energy from the universe, you must manage your body well and pay attention to its care. Your success depends on it. 

  1. They are ready to be vulnerable (emotionally)

Generally, people seem to overlook the importance of being in control of their emotions. Much like self-care, they think the concept is superficial and not worth so much effort. But that’s because they do not know the full context..

What it means to be emotionally vulnerable is that you’re ready, whenever you decide to, to speak about your feelings on a situation even when it is difficult and tough. 

Successful people utilize this as a strategy to maintain effective relationships. Nobody is an Island and people trust you more when you’re open about the issues you face. It is brave even, to act like this.

In the divine realm, the universe will constantly try to send you help especially when you need it the most. When you constantly talk about the situation of things with the right people, you are inviting the divine energy to use people to help you. 

On the other end of this spectrum, it is important to only display your emotions this way to the right set of people. Lest you attract negative energy from the ones who carry them consciously and unconsciously. 

  1. They spend time in nature.

The average adult spends over 6 hours a day on digital media. That’s about half of the time spent being awake! And asides from how it affects you mentally, it reduces your creative ability to form new, unique ideas.

Because we’re constantly exposed to so many voices, opinions, and ideas, there is no space in the mind to wander and become inspired.

This is where successful people know better. They sync with nature. By re-orienting yourself with the physical world and connecting with it on a spiritual level. Nature does that to you.

Mentally, you become superior and you life gets a certain degree of healing and balance after you connect with nature. Its healing properties are very prominent. Nature renews our sense of purpose and calibrates our perspective, which is the thing we need to become successful in this world.

  1. They surround themselves with positive energy

At some point in your life, you must have had the experience of meeting people who seems to be happy all the time. They are always smiling and a positive vibe to be around. At some point, you must have probably hoped to be like this or tried to understand how a person can be happy all the time despite life’s tribulations. 

People like this exist as gifts from the universe. And make no mistake that they do not also have personal problems; everybody does. Yet, it is their sheer ability to rise above it all and consciously give off good energy that makes them a gem. 

Surround yourself with positive people and your life will take a remarkable positive turn for the better. Successful people talk all the time about the great people in their lives so it is no coincidence. 

In conclusion, you are fully responsible for the life you intend to live and the above habits, amongst many others, are some of the ways you can attract positivity into your life and become highly successful. Get started!

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6 Tips from a Spiritual Family – To Create Stronger Bonds

I grew up in a spiritually strong family and I’ve realized that a large part of that had to do with my dad being very spiritual. And looking back at all those years growing up and the impact our family bond has had on my life, and that of my six other siblings, I realize how lucky I was to have a father like that. So, if you’re here reading this because you want to create a healthy relationship in your family, you must understand the importance of your role as a father or mother. 

In present-day society, the performative work culture has driven so many families apart. Busy workdays for the parents usually end up developing shaky family ties between them and the children. It must then be through delicate handling, building loving relationships, and a level of spirituality that you, too, can strengthen your family relationship. 

I watched my dad consciously apply the following tips to make our home a happy and contented one, and they may help you if you follow them religiously.

  1. We spent quality time together.

Despite how busy both of my parents were, they always found the time to spend time with my siblings and me. There was always one activity lined up and it made my childhood so much fun. My mom is an avid adventurer and she loves going into nature to recharge her soul and connect to the universe. In many ways, she imbibed this culture in all of us and taught us how to appreciate nature too. 

Family activities and vacations do not have to be so elaborate and expensive. You can spend well within your means and still have a great bonding time with your family. It’s all about the commitment you all have for each other. 

Not to mention that spending quality time together as a family is an ultimate way of being present in the moment, understanding each other’s dreams and fears, and working together to achieve those dreams. 

  1. We ate together. And prayed together

Whilst growing up, the one thing I always looked forward to was sharing meals with the rest of my family. It was such a pure and happy moment that I will always fondly remember. Till this day, whenever everyone of us comes together after a long time, we all still engage in the tradition of sharing of meal together. 

Right before we begin any meal, my dad nominates a volunteer to say a quick word of prayer and gratitude for the sustenance. This little act taught me gratitude in all areas of my life. I recognize the power of the divine and how fortunate I am to live this life that I have been given.


It is also a rule of the universe that when you show gratitude, you are attracting positive energy to grant you even more. This is because you recognize the power of spirituality and you’re channeling it to work for you effectively.

  1. We were involved with each other.

One of the things that drive many families apart is the singularity and individualistic premise of their thoughts. Family is blood ties and should be involved with each other. It is the smallest and most coherent unit of society and every charity should start from there.

My dad made us realize this early enough. He was always proactive in engaging us to share tasks, thereby strengthening the bond and tolerance we had for each other. During the holiday seasons, we gave one another gifts and shared memories. My mom used to take me and my siblings to the rooftop to watch and name the constellations. And during the occasional moments when we saw the shooting stars, we silently made a wish about family. 

When you spend meaningful time together with family, when you are healthily involved with each other, it is a support system of unconditional love and respect, unlike anything else you might have in relationships with other people.

  1. We practiced affirmations and expressions of love.

My family used to engage in round table discussions where we talked about literally every topic. It is in these moments that we share personal information about the things going on in our lives. And my mom and dad were always there to listen and offer us words of encouragement when we needed them.

They also knew when we needed to be told something quite firmly, to understand the importance of being accountable to our actions.

Compliments were a crucial thing in our household and everyone made it a point to always compliment the next person. It went a long way in boosting my self-esteem and confidence as I matured to face the rigors of life. 

Daily compliments, little gestures of love, and things like that are very important in strengthening family bonds and relationships.


Spending time together with your family is one of the greatest gifts the universe can give you. It is what society needs to heal. To deliver new generations of healthy children who are mentally resilient and understand the real values of life. If you can make family one of your top priorities, above anything else, then you can live a very content and happy life.

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Successful People Look Like You

The face of success.

It pleases me to be the bearer of good news – successful people look like you. It is human to always imagine what something looks like even long before you see it. There is always an image you conceive when you hear about success. It could be a big beautiful mansion, expensive cars, a well-paying job, or maybe high social status. But is this truly the universe’s definition of success?

The face of success remains constant despite the ever-changing world. People have new interests daily and the economy changes. Yet, surprisingly, nature chooses to define success in the same way it did many years ago. Nature paints the face of success daily on a canvas in front of your eyes. It has a decoded message for you.

American leading business magazine, Forbes, reaches over 150 million people monthly. It keeps tabs on the who is who and everyone wants to know all about them because they consider them the face of success. It has a large audience base because everyone wants to know what success looks like and how they can be so.

The original meaning of success.

Can anyone confidently say what is the shape of water? It has none but takes the shape of the container it is put in. The universe has made success have this same property. This is the message on the canvas painted daily in front of your eyes by nature – successful people look like you.

  1.  You have seen it all.

You have been there during the rain and the sunshine. From winter to summer you are a witness to the life cycle and how nature has nurtured people who were once at the bottom of the pyramid. Everybody who has achieved something in life at one time did not expect to be where they are today. What makes you different from them?

The former lonely school-going child in the neighborhood now owns his store or chain of stores. The young girl who sang at birthday parties of friends with her melodious voice is now top in the Billboard Hot 100 list. Everyone you once knew at their lowest points is at a new level. What makes you think the universe has abandoned you?

As you say these words, believe in their conviction. “Successful people look like me.”  There is a reason you have been made to see people you know rise from the ashes. Do not disqualify yourself or lose your self-esteem because you have not reached half their achievements. Your time is drawing closer.

  1.  You are part of a system.

You are part of the same system that made other people successful. You share national leaders, you could probably be living in the same state, sharing common religious beliefs, and having many other similarities. If people with whom you shared a lot of things are now successful, you are in the queue for your date with destiny.

You are a success story in waiting. The face of success is your patience, resilience, and fighting spirit to achieve your goals. Consider the example of the judiciary. Litigants trust the courts to award them justice no matter how long it may take. The only place to prosecute their case is in court – a system for the administration of justice.

The universe is the system that has overseen the success of other people. You are part of it and it considers you as part of its next cohort of successful people. Look at yourself in the mirror and see the next business owner. Your place at the podium of success is already here.

  1.  Your energy is renewed daily.

One clearest indication that you are marked for success is that your energy is renewed daily. Do you always find your way back to doing something even after a failed first attempt? This is a good sign for your future life (even in the present). Nature loves a resilient spirit. It proves you are on his side.

Sometimes success does not come at once but after several attempts. What becomes of those who give up at a first unsuccessful try is that they give away their chance at success to others in the queue. Your resilience is the face of success.

Let alone the big dreams that you think define success. They will remain dreams if there is no follow-up. But the small dreams you have shall be successful if you pursue them daily. Think of the first airplane by the Wright brothers.

It was their renewed energy that made them enter the books of history. Your renewed energy makes you have all the green flags for success. Keep on pushing on.

  1.  You are flawed.

You could be asking yourself how you will be successful with all your countless flaws. Contrary to your dilemma, your flaws make you the perfect picture of success. Successful people are not perfect. They are human too with their challenges and shortcomings. No matter how disqualified you think you are, the universe wants you to know how you radiate success.

The universe operates with this principle – flawed is beautiful. The Japanese art of Kintsugi helps them embrace their flaws and rise above guilt and shame. This is a step closer to the podium of success.

The Japanese art of Kintsugi was used to put broken pottery pieces back together with gold. The whole idea was to help people see the beauty of flaws when used as a beauty pattern instead of condemning imperfect people as unsuccessful.

If you think that you are flawed and unfit to be successful, nature has good news for you. You are the person she is looking to crown as successful. Your flaws are the exact reason why the award of the year should be given to you.

The glory of success.

The glory of success shines brighter when you have the blessings of the universe. Here is how to partake in these blessings: Endure everything, be part of a system of success (like a family), renew your energy daily, and accept your flaws. Successful people look like you.

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Success and Family – The Best of Both Worlds

Family ties.

You can choose your friends but not your family. The universe has already made this choice for us. Of course with proper reasons. It is possible to climb the ladder of success to the very top when you have people you can fall back to.

Consider the family unit as your first training field. You register your first success here before the rest of the world see it. When the world finally knows about you, they see a perfect person. You are the end product of a process initiated by the master himself – the universe.

According to Forbes, statistics in America have it that businesses owned by families do extremely well. Families are worth a collective $1.2 trillion – up about 30% from $916 billion in 2015. This is not a mere coincidence but a well-crafted plan by the universe to show the world how success and family are intertwined.

Blessings of the family.

The universe has put some blessings on the family unit. Anyone who falls short of the family grace shall miss out on these blessings. It is not a wonder that many successful people are family men and women (although they have their fair share of challenges too).

So, how can you get the best of both worlds? There is an easy way out. Embrace the value of the family because it is the custodian of the keys to success. In detail, there are at least six blessings of the universe on the family.

  1.  An unconditional support base.

You will meet a lot of people out there. However, you will always return to your family back home. They will always accept you unconditionally because you are one of them. Anything that affects you directly touches them in one way or another.

Watch this: for centuries, it has been an American tradition to have a thanksgiving day every fourth Thursday of November annually. Families dine together in celebration of their successes. The moral lesson is to always celebrate with your family your success. The universe will keep on blessing you with more.

  1.     A unit you proudly belong to.

Your name is your identity to those who do not know you. When you introduce yourself by your name, people can already know where you belong because of your family name. The Vaughns, the Williams, the Millers, the Thompsons, and many more.

Apart from the identity factor, your family contributes to your mental health. Good mental health and family support go hand in hand. Your mental health success is determined by how you relate to your family. This dependency comes naturally because they are the people that the universe planned to be part of your immediate circle.

Relate with them well. Here is how you can bond with them more this summer and equally improve your mental health:

  •         Go for a picnic at a local park.
  •         Take a walk in nature.
  •         Go for bike riding with the young ones.
  •         Go camping.
  •         Play card games as a family.

The universe wants you to have the best of both worlds. Embracing good family time takes you a step closer to succeeding in everything you do.

  1.  It builds your personality.

The type of person you are does influence your success in many ways. Personal values that make you a great person are built in the family unit. If you are honest with your family, you will equally be honest with other people. This is the trade that happens with the universe – give and take.

Integrity, discipline, satisfaction, commitment, and personal beliefs make successful people. These values are taught in the family and the family alone. The universe has not placed this responsibility on other people other than your own. Improve your behavior with your family and you will be closer to success than ever before.

  1.  It is the universe’s gift of long life.

Success is not always about what you own. Long life is also a form of success. The universe wants you to have a long and satisfying life. The original plan is for you to live longer to fulfill your destiny. So, how can you live longer and walk in the original plan of the universe for you?

Communicate with the Universe

According to the Independent, being a parent can increase life expectancy, especially in very old age. Parents aged 60 years live up to two years longer than their childless counterparts according to a study published in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health in Sweden.

Sweet long life is the desire of the universe for you. You should embrace this new wish and work towards it. How so? Get more involved in your family and you shall be rewarded by nature.

  1.  Family meals = healthy diets.

The secret to a healthy life is in your diet. Truth is that most single people hardly eat healthily. They consider cooking such as burdensome and prefer some take-away meals from their favorite joint. These foods are rarely healthy but a quick fix for hunger.

Family meals are mostly healthy. Vegetables are fresh straight from the kitchen garden or the local market. There is plenty of time to make a family meal because the goal is not only to eat but also to eat healthily.

The love in a family is the primary gain of the universe for you. What is secondary yet equally important is your health. It is also a form of success. Being part of a family brings you both – love and health.

  1.  Generational knowledge.

Every family has its wealth of knowledge that is passed down from one generation to the next. It forms part of your business or corporate success when you are knowledgeable about things that not everyone knows.

It is not too late to go back to your family and learn its family history because you are missing out on a lot. You can revive a family business that has been dormant for a long time because you have the advantage of the monopoly of that knowledge compared to other people outside the family.

More so, you could finally reconnect with your purpose and the destiny of your family. You will be in line with the intentions of the universe.

A win in family life is success itself. The universe has put blessings in your life alongside that line and you will be pressing the right buttons when you embrace family. The end goal is to have the best of both worlds, right? Go for it.

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Universe is prepping you

The Universe is Prepping you for Greatness

The state of greatness.

I am in the US. I am in France. I am in South Africa. I am in Singapore.

We have an answer when asked where we are. You could be anywhere in the world. Can you boldly say that you are in a state of greatness? Contrary to the common belief that greatness is a feeling, life has constantly proven us wrong. Greatness is a state. It could as well be a location. So, friend, where are you located?

Feelings are temporary. They come and go based on the different circumstances. If greatness were a feeling, the universe would have a difficult time getting us ready for it. But this is not the case. The universe has the responsibility of taking us to the state of greatness. A location that will prepare you for a greater life beyond your limited plans.

However, it only owes this duty to those who submit to it. Like a blacksmith who is perfect at his work, a good student pays attention to this apprenticeship form of learning.

Are you ready for a life of greatness? If you want to go against the tide of negative energy, be patient as the universe preps you for this kind of life.

The goodies of greatness.

  1.     A promotion at your workplace.
  2.     Meeting your business targets.
  3.     Good health.
  4.     A beautiful family.
  5.     A kind heart.

The above are only found after entering the land of greatness that the universe has prepared for you. If we want all the good things that the universe has to offer, we should equally be ready to let her prepare us for them. Preparation is as important as the process itself, however difficult or unpleasant it may be.

Let us look at some of the ways that the universe preps us for greatness.

  1.  Deep darkness.

They say that it is darkest before dawn. Nothing could be further from the truth. When night falls, we use artificial light to see what we are doing. We cannot compare them to natural sources like the sun. Be it electricity, lamps, or candles, they are still unreliable. We know that we will not need these lights anymore when the sun comes up.

We have different sources of hope before we enter the land of greatness. We believe in our abilities, friends, or anything that inspires us to get past darkness. We hope that it will soon be dawn and that the sun will light our world. The universe does not want you to believe in artificial solutions. It is preparing a permanent solution – greatness – that will make your life lively once more.

Before you become great, you will grapple in the dark as you look for your way around. When it is almost dawn, there is deep darkness that will almost make you give up. Hold on there. Do not despair. The universe is teaching you to appreciate light more through this deep darkness.

The tough experiences that you go through are temporary moments of darkness. When you become great and successful, you will know what it means to be at your lowest.

  1.  The test of fire.

One of the old ways of refining gold was passing it through the fire. After gold is mined, it is covered in dirt and has impurities. To determine real gold, it was passed through fire. The dirt and impurities will melt and leave pure gold glowing. You smile at yourself because you know that you have hit the jackpot.

You are the gold. You are precious and unique. The universe wants to distinguish you (real gold) from the fake (impurities) shining stones. The only true way is passing you through the fire. No impurities can withstand the kind of fire that purifies gold. In the end, real gold stands out and its value is appreciated more. It is not just an ordinary stone, but a precious one.

When the universe is preparing you for greatness ahead, it has mechanisms that will purify you like gold. Sometimes the heat can be too much but hold on there. The universe will crown your endurance at the end with divine greatness. Success shall be your first name.

  1.  Baptism by water.

You have seen this in religion – baptism. It has its meaning and believers believe that it marks a transition in their spiritual lives. Religion borrowed this practice from the universe. You need to know how to swim to cross from one side to the other. Without this skill, you will otherwise drown.

When the universe wants you to cross to the land of greatness, she will baptize you first. The water represents challenges that you have to overcome before you cross to that other side. You will miss this prize – greatness – if you are not baptized with water and you know how to swim. It is like a welcoming rite.

The deep water represents unanswered prayers. It could be that the universe has not answered them and you are on the brink of giving up. Your swimming skills are being put to the test by the universe. Will you be able to cross safely to the shores of greatness?

Trust the universe and put effort not to drown. The deep waters you are swimming across are an indication that there is something good on the other side – greatness. You will bask in the glory of success from nature when you are safely on the other side.

  1.  Unplanned incidences.

Truth is that we cannot always account for everything. These ‘surprise’ incidences are the ones that could stop you from being great. The universe knows this too well and is training you on what to watch out for.

Live your life as if you are in a driving class where you are taught to watch out for road signs, check your side mirrors, and also focus ahead not to cause any accidents. A good driver is mindful of the welfare of other road users. It becomes his/her business too.

Treat other people as you would want them to treat you. This is a test of humanity by the universe. When you pass this test, you are closer to greatness. Nature can be sure that you will be your brother’s keeper.

When you take lessons from the universe about greatness seriously, you will finally be ready for it. No tide can capsize your boat in life. If this is your dream, actualize it by paying attention to lessons from nature.

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step ahead

When is the Right Time to Step Ahead?

Is there really the ‘right time’?

To repeat this question more clearly, is there an appointed time to step ahead?

The answer is a big yes. There is always a specific time to do something because it is at this time that you have been favored to do it. You cannot wake up tomorrow and decide to do a project without considering whether or not it is the right time.

Consider the example of a farmer. It is not him who decides on farming activities but the prevailing weather conditions. He cannot prepare his farm for planting after the rains because he is behind schedule. Likewise, we have a reference guide we have to refer to every single time we want to step ahead.

Guess who?

Drum rolls … The Universe!

‘…But situations are always different’

Indeed they are. Different situations determine how we choose to step ahead. We decide whether this is the right time to start my business, build my house, or fulfill my pending wishes according to how different situations present themselves.

Choosing to change your timeline of doing this or that does not mean you have abandoned your initial plan. It only proves you are wise because you have considered all factors at play.

The doors and gates of the universe.

The idea that the universe has doors and gates is amazing. For one, how can you have entrances into a place that has no boundaries? Come to think of it, even stadiums have entrance and exit points. The whole idea is to regulate the traffic of people in and out.

There is an appointed time to go in and watch a football match or whatever sport is going on. If you go in at your own time, you will miss watching the full match.

Similarly, the universe has invisible doors and gates. They are the ones that let you into your appointed time to be glorified, to step back, or to step ahead. These doors can be open or shut depending on what the right time is at the moment.

To know when is the right time to step ahead, your spirit should be attentive to listen to what the universe is saying. Communication with the universe is very important because it informs you about what the next step is going to be. That aside, let me show you how you will know that the doors and gates of the universe have been opened to allow you to step ahead.

  1.  The sun shines brighter.

When you have something in mind and you want to implement it, how would you know that this is the right time to step ahead?

When the doors and gates of the universe are opened, the sun shines unusually brighter on that day. Not too hot to make you uncomfortable, but enough to give you the right confidence that you need.

Nature will boost your confidence at that moment to overcome what lies ahead. The sun shining brighter on you shines a light on your path so that you may step ahead and succeed in what you want to do. This boost in self-confidence that comes naturally is to empower you to step ahead. There is an assurance of success.

  1.  Eerie calmness.

Tudum (in Netflix’s tone)… There is much to tell about the eerie calmness that all of a sudden comes out of nowhere when you are about to step ahead. It is terrifying to know that something is not right when you are just about to step ahead.

This eerie calmness does not mean a noiseless surrounding. It comes from deep within. Your spirit is calm and strangely quiet. You are no longer excited about what you are planning to do. It is not ‘normal dullness’ that you should overlook but rather a signal to step back, not ahead anymore.

Take it that it is not yet the right time to step ahead as you had planned. The generous universe is forbidding you from stepping ahead. Heed to advice.

  1.  The time factor.

It is 7 pm in Singapore but 7 am in Washington DC on the same day. The 12-hour margin makes all the difference. This is a simple indication of how your time and that of nature are two different things. There could be no other reason why you should not step ahead at the moment but wait a little bit longer until the doors and gates of the universe are opened for you.

Align your time with that of the universe and you will be free from common disappointments that other people face when they want to step ahead. Consider the example of a parent. Would you allow your young son/daughter to go out to play at 2 am? Of course not. You will hold them inside the house until it’s daytime then permit them to play outside. Mother universe is always looking out for us as we do with our children.

These three factors majorly affect when the doors and gates of the universe will be opened for you. Their opening signifies that it’s time buddy! Step ahead now!

What’s next after stepping ahead?

Your stepping ahead will rub some people the wrong way. You cannot lack a few people who will have no reason to want to see you remain stuck in one place for as long as possible. It is a battle that you have launched and you must be ready to follow it up to the end. The good news is that the universe shall never abandon you.

You have done well to consult the universe before taking that bold step to step ahead (pun intended).

Nature says, “My child, do not be afraid.”

When you step ahead with the blessings of the universe, your place at the table of success is guaranteed because you followed ‘due process’.

Do you know what they say about times and seasons?

There is an appointed time and season for everything under the sun.”

Step ahead at the appointed time.

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Trust The Universe With Your Life

The burden of trust.

Where does the burden of trust lie?

Some trust in friends and others in their abilities. Each of them has had their fair share of experiences. Trust is earned and thereafter comes the responsibility of guarding it. You could be forced to watch the trust you have built for over 10 years come down in front of your eyes within days or even hours. What is more painful is how helpless you are when all your effort is undone.

The good news is that there is someone whom we can trust with everything that we have. We can even put our lives in its hands and nothing will go wrong. On the contrary, things might improve for the best.

The value of your life.

You cannot put a price tag on the value of your life. You will always trust yourself to take care of your interests before considering someone else to do it for you. Not even your closest friend has your best interests at heart compared to yourself.


However, there is someone else you can trust to take care of things for you. This person is all you have got. You can even entrust your life to her and go for a vacation. When you come back, it will be just as you have left it. It’s laughable, right? This is just how much this one friend is trustworthy. She is the Universe.

The trustworthiness of the universe.

  1.  Trust the universe to provide for you.

You can have issues with a ‘provider’ who provides nothing. The term provider will mean nothing. A reliable provider never fails even when things get tough. The thought that you are dependent on him will keep him on his toes.

Consider the example of how birds take care of their chicks. After they hatch, they remain in the nest, and the mother bird will fly to wherever she has to go to look for food for her young ones. She will only return to the nest when she has some food. After feeding her chicks, she will remain with them in the nest and warm them. Her role as a mother is very diverse yet she does it faithfully.

If this is how birds of nature take care of their young ones, how much so about nature herself? The air you inhale comes from trees that give it willingly to you. The food you eat comes from the farm or animals. Both of them are sustained by the universe to ensure that you do not go hungry. The rain from the clouds irrigates the farms to give you food and animals’ pasture.

You can trust the universe to sustain you. Be willing to till your farm or your computer for that matter. The plate at your table shall forever be full.

  1.  Put your faith in the hands of the universe.

Not once, not twice. You have at one point in your life felt like giving up on everything. You probably wanted to go to another world away from the tribulations that you are undergoing. Running away from problems has never worked. But also, you cannot sit around and plan to save the world

It is physically, emotionally, and spiritually draining to pursue perfection. You could end up making more mistakes and undoing the progress that you had made. Put your faith in the universe and she shall do you justice. Just as she takes care of you in matters beyond your understanding, so shall she take care of what you have trusted her to do.

Cast all your worries to the universe and doubt nothing. You shall manifest divine perfection. All you have to do is trust.

  1.  The universe has honest intentions.

It is a relief to finally meet someone with honest intentions. The world is full of imposters – people pretending to be who they are not. They do this for personal gain or whatever reasons they may have up their sleeves. However, things change when you come face to face with the universe in all her glory.

Nobody has control over the unknown. We cannot predict what will happen next even if we badly want this superpower. The single custodian of this superpower is the universe.

Take the example of how you watch a movie. You know the hidden intentions of one character (because the director lets you see it) but the fellow characters in the play do not know it. In this case, the universe watches our lives and everything that goes on. She can see what is happening on the other side that you are blind to. It is unknown to you but laid bare before her. Don’t you think she should be your best friend?

Believe in the universe and her intentions more than you do anything else. If you pay attention to her communication, you will be the happiest person ever.

  1.  The universe is all-knowing.

Knowledge is power. No matter how good your intentions are, it really does not help much when you are unknowledgeable. The one deserving your trust is the one who knows their way in and out. The universe has been there for all eternity. She has seen people before you who faced the exact trouble you currently have.

Depending on whether or not they relied on nature for answers, she was still there when they solved that dilemma. This is the knowledge you want from someone you trust.

Consider the example of people who apply for formal jobs. One comes to you with a promise to be up to the task and another comes with years of experience from a similar role. Who do you think will be hired?

Similarly, the rich experience from the universe is enough to earn your trust. When you trust her, she will walk with you through the valleys of life and its hills. You will emerge victorious at the other end. You can trust the universe to help you not commit mistakes and warn you of impending danger. This is the advantage of having someone by your side who knows it all.

The time you make this life-changing decision of trusting the universe with your life, doors you never knew about will open for you. It is like the feeling of being chauffeured by an experienced driver. Watch this space.

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