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July 2022


The Genius Mentality

I bet everyone wants to be a genius.

It is pure joy to be a genius and most people consider it a primary blessing. You will be amazed at the things that people can do to be part of the 1% genius population or less. How would you answer this, are geniuses born or made?

Most geniuses do not even know their capabilities themselves. They consider their ability normal and yet at the same time most people struggle to do half what they do. The question of whether geniuses are born or made is neither here nor there. Being a genius is a spirit. When the genius spirit falls on you, you become unstoppable and this is the turning point of your life.

A genius mentality is a point of contact between the natural and the supernatural. This mental transformation opens your eyes and ears to communication from the universe. Consider it like being born again but in the spirit.

This is how you can be born again into a genius mentality:

  1.     Make the decision.

You need to decide whether or not you want to have a genius mentality for you to attract it. All spiritual matters and those of the universe operate on this principle. Do you want to have a genius mindset? It is not for other people except yourself. The universe is keen on your desire for a genius mentality and cannot grant it to you except if you take the initiative. The ball lies in your court.

  1.  See possibility everywhere.

Some thoughts never have space in a genius mind. The first one is thoughts of impossibility. It can be difficult but never impossible. If nothing is impossible with the universe, the same applies to a genius mentality. It is true that some things can be difficult but train your mind to never give up. Tough situations train your mental resilience. The basic lesson that the universe teaches humanity is that geniuses are never quitters. Hold on to the last minute even when it is stormy. Calm seas never made skilled sailors.

  1.  Fill the gap.

One thing stands out in the thinking patterns of a genius mind – completing the sequence and filling in the blank spaces. Both the sun and moon provide light but they do not do so at the same time. The gap given by the setting of the sun is filled by the moon at night. A genius mind does not compete with what already exists. Instead, it fills the gaps available. As much as competition is healthy, it wears out your mental energy. Set standards for yourself and groom your genius mentality by hitting the target you set for yourself every time.

  1.     Have a flexible mind.

A genius mentality is flexible. Simply put, it can adapt to changes. There are different seasons in a year and each of them is a blessing. Nature does not discriminate against any and there is nothing like bad weather. It can only be unsuitable for this activity but the best for another activity. Even snow is good for skating while the sun works wonders for your bones and immunity. You can be focused and still flexible in doing other things. This is the hallmark of a genius mentality.

  1.     Develop a mind of creation.

  Creation is how everything came into being. When others complain of lack, geniuses see an opportunity to create a solution. Creation starts with words of affirmation. It goes further into making something that did not exist – a solution. Other people can only wonder how it became possible. A mind of creation is a genius mentality that all children of the universe should adapt. In the beginning, there was no hope that the world would be developed in this complex way. But the universe created everything and still, creation has never ended! As a child of the universe, a mind of creation ultimately builds a genius mentality.

  1.  Build a confident mindset.

In the universe, confidence is attractive. Confidence is a language the universe understands very well. Be confident about your self-image and the principles you stand for. Go further to defend your position in different matters. Be bold. Be courageous. The genius mentality dresses you in confidence and you become ready to face whatever comes to you head-on. A genius mentality is nature’s gift to confidence.

  1.     Improve spiritual communication.

Your spiritual communication directly contributes to having a genius mentality. The devil is in the details, all of which have a backbone in spirituality. When you understand spirituality and communication with the universe, you can handle every situation that comes your way. A genius mentality is manifested in your knowledge of handling issues. Understanding spiritual communication opens doors to the knowledge you never knew existed. You will understand how to respond to and what to ignore. The light of knowledge makes a genius person stand out from others.

  1.     Think of abundance.

Abundance is never found elsewhere except in someone with a genius mentality. Even when life throws different shades at you, train your mind on the abundance that the universe has to offer. Opportunities are abundant for you to take a stab at the future. An abundance mindset thrives in success because that is where you channel your energy to. We are a product of our mentality and what we set our minds on to achieve. You can achieve a lot when your mind has a lot of options at its disposal. A simple thought of material abundance can translate into the best years of your life.

Building a genius mentality becomes easier when you are spiritually connected. Your good relationship with the universe brings you closer every time to hit the jackpot – becoming a genius. It does not start with improved thinking. This is just the manifestation of the same. It begins with having a good rapport with the universe. As you wake up to face each day, ask yourself what you are doing to build a genius mentality.

So then, what should you do to build create a genius mentality? Decide to look at the glass as half full, not half empty.

Follow the example set by the universe and have a creative mind – always asking yourself how you can create solutions. Welcome to the world of geniuses!

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The Companionship of the Universe

Companionship is beyond friendship.

It is when you develop a deeper connection with someone else and the two of you become one. Your routines become in sync with each other yet you retain your identities. We have friends, relatives, and companions yet we connect with all of them but at different levels.

The scope of companionship

Companionships stick more, bond tighter, and go deeper than any other relationship you may have. Marriages founded on companionship last longer than those based solely on friendships. In companionship, you find love and spiritual ties that bind you with your chosen companion for the rest of your lives. The scope of companionship is tied to two aspects:

  1.  Being whole.

Until you find a companion, you are not whole. You are still a fraction or decimal. But they come into your life to complete you. No one else can fill their part in your life. Although you are doing fine in your daily routine, you can do better when you are whole.


happy man

  1.  A better understanding of yourself.

Companions help you discover things about yourself that you did not know. They bring out abilities you have that you were not aware of them before. You also do the same to them. Discovering each other is an eye-opener. You have the world ahead of you to conquer together.

The ultimate companionship.

There are two tiers of companionships – the physical and the spiritual. Physical companionship is with other people and how close they get to your life. It is not a surprise that people end up falling in love with their companions and end up marrying them.

Spiritual companionship is on a whole different level. It is companionship with the universe. It can happen even when you already have physical companionship. This is the ultimate companionship. Sadly, most people stop at the first tier and do not look beyond to create spiritual companionship.

The importance of companionship with the universe.

  1.  You connect with eternity.

There is life beyond the present. Eternity is such a long time that we would be lost without companionship. The universe is the only one that was in the past, is in the present, and shall be there even in eternity. Bonding with the universe is an opportunity to live across different seasons, most especially in the future while you are yet to be there. Nothing is hidden between companions. This is how the universe will allow you to connect with eternity.

As life happens, things will no longer be a surprise to you. Your every step shall be guided and assured by the master of eternity – the universe.


  1.     You discover your purpose.

Your purpose is the reason for which you were born. Some know it earlier while others wait longer to discover their purpose. Companionship with the universe reveals it to you without struggle and you can lay your foundation in life early enough. The master of time (the universe) knows your fate and everything about you. When you are companions, you will understand your purpose on time and have much to enjoy later on. The universe leads you to do the right thing for you. Isn’t that what companions are for?

  1.  You become genuinely happy.

Genuine happiness is not easy to come by. Most people live to survive and being unhappy has now become part of their lifestyle. There is everything wrong is making unhappiness normal. Genuine happiness will make you live without regrets because there is fulfillment in everything you do. This is an enviable lifestyle that the universe offers you free of charge when you become companions. Companionship with the universe is a whole package and happiness is at the center of it.

  1.   You are prepared for what lies ahead.

Companionship with the universe prepares you for what is to come. If you develop spiritual companionship before the physical one, developing it, later on, becomes much easier because you have already successfully done the hardest part. Your future husband or wife will have an easier bonding with you because you are already fully baked by the universe. That aside, you will also be ready to accommodate somebody else into your life because you now know what you need from them.

Most relationship problems are because either one or both of them have never had companionship with the universe and they, therefore, do not know how to handle physical companionship.

Forming companionship with the universe.

Now that you know what companionship with the universe looks like, you must be wondering how to form this kind of spiritual companionship. This is the first step in the right direction. There are many more to come.

  1.     Create time for yourself.

The universe speaks directly to your spirit. It is not anywhere else where you can say you want to go and consult with them. The ‘you-time’ is how you bond with the universe. Take time off your busy schedule and go for nature walks, sit at the beach shores, go surfing, ride, or sit somewhere alone to meditate. In your lone moments, the universe will minister to your spirit. It will manifest in the new ideas that flood your mind and how your thinking will be renewed.

  1.  Take a leap of faith.

The universe operates on the bandwidth of faith. You have to believe that it exists and controls every aspect of your life. Otherwise, how can a ‘non-existent’ universe have a spiritual companionship with you? Stop doubting if you will ever have a perfect companionship with the universe because of maybe how imperfect you are. The universe is not looking for perfection, only believers who are ready to take a leap of faith.


  1.  Nurture your companionship.

For anything to grow, it needs to be nurtured. Companionship with the universe needs the same. You need to be sensitive in your spirit to things that will ruin the beautiful companionship you have developed with the universe.

Be considerate of other people and express kindness throughout. This ultimate guide will help you develop a healthy companionship and have your forever moment. The help you have been waiting for has now arrived. Grab it!

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The Multiplier Effects of Money

The universal currency.

Money is the universal currency. Even the different currencies are still universal because they can be converted to the accepted currency and make a purchase. Everyone is in a mad rush to make money. People work for it, do business to earn it, and almost everything in their lives is motivated by money. I mean, won’t a few dollars help you pay your bills?

Money gives you infinite possibilities to do what you want. You can pay for your vacation, sort your bills, buy new assets, and have a good time only if you have money. We struggle so much to get more money while there is an easier way out of it. You only need to consult one entity and all your money issues are sorted. It is the universe.

How recently have you spoken your money prayers or wishes to the universe? Matter of fact, you do not think about the universe when you are under pressure because of money. The universe is reminding you today of its presence even in money matters.

Do you know of the multiplier effect of money?

This is a science known by only a few people and hidden from many others. The multiplier effect of money is not restricted by borders, currencies, or anything like that. It works 100% for everyone who puts their heart and effort into it. Here is how to understand the five pillars of money multiplier effects:

  1.     Multiplication is repeated addition.

It sounds pretty much like pre-school mathematics but this is how simple you can understand it – multiplication is repeated addition. The only way to attract more money is to use the money you have. You need to spend money to get more of it. Stake your money in arranging those business meetings and watch it work in your favor. Holding back from meaningful spending does limit your earning ceiling. Meaningful spending is staking your money in a pool of possible returns.

Savings are important. Your savings will see you through your financial drought season. However, you cannot save everything you earn and hope to earn more. It has never worked that way. The universe understands that currency is supposed to circulate. When you disrupt circulation, the universe shall be unkind to you. You become a foreigner working against the laws of nature.

  1.     Money increases your visibility.

Money earns you more visibility. You become more visible unlike when you had no dollar to your name. People see a problem solver in you when you have money. This is because you are not only a consumer but also a producer. Your contribution and voice in issues of public interest become weightier. The universe grants you influence.

Money and influence are twins. They cohabit together. If you are looking for ways you can be influential, then start by attracting money. Concentrate on the various sources of income you may have and your influence on policies and issues that directly affects others shall be felt. Money makes it possible to kill two birds with one stone.

  1.     Money is a blessing of power.

Having money or lack of it is always a blessing. Your blessings multiply the more you earn money. You can twice afford your needs and things that used to bother you are no longer an issue. This is positive growth. One area you can measure your growth is how you can afford your lifestyle. Of course, we cannot have an equal lifestyle but you should at least have a decent one.

On this pillar of the money multiplier effect, this is how it works. Do not go for things that you cannot afford then twice. For example, you should have $800 if you want to buy an iPhone worth $400. Otherwise, settle on a more comfortable budget. It is called the purchasing power rule.

  1.     More money = more needs.

The multiplier effect of money affects your needs. No amount of money can comfortably solve all your needs. Even if you make $1000 in 3 hours, you will still need more. This is a law of the universe to limit us from being over-ambitious with money. You will lose touch with humanity when you become over ambitious with getting more money.

The silent pandemic is that more people are getting depressed even after having more money. They thought that it would end all their needs but it did not turn out how they expected. There is a life saver jacket to help you from drowning in a sea of needs. It is FAITH. Have faith in the saving power of the universe. You can practice this faith and also counter this pillar of the multiplier effect of money by living within your means. Practice the purchasing power rule.

  1.     The money magic.

Money wields some magic. It is something that cannot be explained until you get the ‘money status.’ This pillar is slightly contrary to the others. There is a magical calmness and peace that you get when you have money. It is as if nothing bothers you anymore. You can now enjoy your life in peace without having to worry about what gives others sleepless nights. You have other priorities to worry about but not so much as it were before getting the money status.

Even at this satisfaction level, the universe gives you its blessings because you are there in the first place because of it. If you are yet to have tranquility and peace in your life, work for your money first. It will work magic to add peace to your basket. The peace of the universe is divine. You multiply your successes because of the money magic.

Planning for the money.

Money is a beautiful thing to have, and to have it in plenty. Some of the gaps in your life are because you do not have money. You can be sure it shall serve you when you get it under the blessings of the universe. Are you wondering how to do it? This program shall guide you to the doorstep of money and its multiplier effects. 

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The Cocktail of Money and Relationships

The idea of a cocktail.

idea of cocktail

Before the idea of a cocktail, there were very few options at the table. Then boom! Cocktail happened! You can now have multiple fruit juices at once. The beauty of a cocktail is that it is all-inclusive. Similarly, you can have your cocktail of choices from the universe. You do not have to take long to attract money first and then form your dream relationship. The universe has made it possible for you to have both simultaneously.

Just as it is in bars and restaurants, so it is with the universe. There is a mixologist who is specialized in mixing cocktails. He is there to help you make the right choice and have your desired cocktail. The universe’s mixologist is nature. She is there to mix your cocktail orders for you as you want. So, what do you order from her?

When asked to choose between money and relationships, most people would go for one or the other. Very few people would choose a cocktail of both. Contrary to what most people believe that you cannot eat your cake and have it, the universe wants the best for you – as much money as possible and the best partner to enjoy your wealth with. This is raw love from the universe that you should not take for granted.

How to order your cocktail.

how to order cocktails
  1. Tune your mind.

You should be prepared mentally to accept the generosity of the universe. You need to shift from your old mentality of wanting to have many things in a queue and accept the new world order that the universe is bringing to you. Begin desiring both money and relationships at the same time. This will prepare your spirit to receive the same from the universe. The connection between your spirit and the universe is formed by a spark of desire.

  1. Follow your star streak.

Everybody has their star streak and what they want to do in life. If you are yet to discover yours, you have to look within yourself for it. Your star lies where your passion is at. You could be passionate about music, arts, science, or nature. It is the only place you can order your cocktail of money and relationships. You can mine a fortune by following your passion and where your heart leads you. Your spirit automatically connects to the universe when you are following your purpose. Your future husband/wife is waiting for you where your purpose is.

  1. Earn the gifts of the universe.

Money and healthy relationships are gifts from the universe. Like all gifts, they are earned. It is not enough to blindly follow your purpose. Be strategic while at it. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. You cannot earn gifts of the universe if you continue in your old ways. You earn money and a healthy relationship when you stick to your purpose and be creative in what you do. You will eventually be that magnet that attracts pure metals.

  1. Be open about finances

The money issue has never been easy in relationships. It is responsible for many failed relationships. The universe wants total openness on it. The way you are open to the mixologist when you order your cocktail, be so to your partner. Hiding your finances from him/her will make you lose them even as you gain more money. You will be back to square one without a cocktail from your favorite mixologist.

  1. Combine your stars.

Two heads are better than one. This is true even in relationships and finances. Two candles shine brighter. None dims the other. You can sustain your relationship by combining efforts in business or work. The chances of success for both of you are higher unlike when you are struggling alone. When you are in one spirit with your partner, your joint projects are a success. You are not in competition with each other. It is a partnership.

  1. Give back to nature.

Do you thank your mixologist for making you that beautiful drink? Similarly, you should sign a thank you note to the universe when you get your cocktail as ordered. Nature is the mixologist who prepares your cocktail. Take care of her so that she can continue making you your favorite cocktail. You can show your care by being considerate to other people who are also part of the bigger echo system.

  1. Beware of the pride of wealth.

There is the temptation to be arrogant when you are full. Now that you have both money and a healthy functional relationship, you may think that there is nothing much to look forward to. There is plenty. You may not get another glass of cocktail when you abuse the honor of being served by the first. Guard your status of being privileged to be served by the universe. Money and a healthy relationship shall forever be your portion because of how the universe shall be proud of you.

  1. Learn and practice patience.

Most people want overnight success. They want their order served at the snap of a finger. The universe does not work this way. Mixologists take their time to prepare your cocktail and serve it to you. As much as you desire money and a functional relationship, know that it will take some time before the universe works something out for you. Until it happens, you have to be patient to be served. You could give up when you are almost being served and you would have thrown the baby with the bath water.

cost of cocktail

The cost of a cocktail.

Cocktails are costly. Sometimes it might cost you an arm and a leg depending on what you order. Here is how you can purchase your glass of cocktail and live the best of your life. It is also a way of killing two birds with one stone. What glory! Be prepared to devote your time and invest in your purpose, follow your star streak, and combine efforts with your partner. All your efforts shall manifest in due time. 

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Divine Guidance on Your Purpose

When divinity knocks on your door…

Divinity is something out of this world. It is uncommon and this is the reason why everybody wants it. People treasure what is rare and trash what is common. But the truth is that divinity controls every facet of life. The universe runs on the engine of divinity. What is divine is linked to God or a god. It is beyond human understanding.

Everyone is chasing after their purpose. They rely on their minds and experiences to do that. Although they may succeed, they will sweat for it. This formula has a lot of trials and errors and nothing is guaranteed. It will cost you an arm and a leg before you achieve your purpose when you choose to follow the natural path.

The universe understands this and has an alternative for her children. This is the path of divinity and the supernatural. Although you are born of this world, you can choose to be born again into the supernatural realm of the universe. In this world, you no longer use the ordinary means to reach the destination which is your purpose.

Your purpose is a destination that you drive to when under divine guidance. You have a headstart when you are born again into the supernatural realm. The universe offers you divine guidance when at it. Here are tips when driving to your destination:

  1. Pay attention to road signs.

road sign

A good driver pays attention to road signs. They guide motorists on what to expect on the road. There could be zebra crossing, bumps, a sharp bend, a slippery road, a bridge, or a bus stop ahead. Reading the road signs correctly helps you drive safely. Did you know that failing to observe road signs is a major cause of road accidents globally?

Similarly, you will cause accidents when you drive to your purpose without paying attention to road signs. The universe wants you to be a careful driver by paying attention to the basics. Even though you badly want to reach your destination (your purpose), know when to stop and turn left or right. Know when to avert a crisis by enemies of progress.

Turn to the left or right to escape them so that you are not consumed in their chaos. Not every battle is worth you fighting for. Win some by avoiding them altogether. Road signs will make you know what is coming your way.

  1. Drive within the speed limit.

speed limit

There are zones where you are required to drive at a certain speed limit. The speed limit is to help you to be more aware of your environment. Are you driving through a school zone, a game park, or at the town center? You may need to check your speed or you may cause an accident. If you are lucky to escape that, then you will not escape prosecution.

Driving to your purpose is not a matter of life and death. You better reach there late but safely than never reach at all. The universe wants you to appreciate something – life is not a 100-meter sprint but a marathon that never ends. Do not rush to get everything at once because others do. Your purpose is greater than your speed to it.

  1. Consider other road users.

road users

As you drive to your destiny, take note of this – you are not the only road user. There are some other motorists and pedestrians who also want to reach their destination safely. Consider them too because there is enough space for everybody.

Your purpose is intertwined with those of other people. This is the universe’s way of establishing peace. Do not edge other drivers out because you want to have the whole road all to yourself. You may end up not reaching your destination (your purpose). The universe wants you to coexist with other people because of the power of unity.

You could be sharing a purpose with other drivers and what happens when you do not consider them too? You will be losing good company with people who would have helped you become better.

  1. Fuel and service your car regularly.

fuel and service

Your car is your spirit. It is what you use to drive to your purpose. There are many car models: Toyota Saloon, Crown, Premium, Range Rover, Subaru, Chevrolet, Lexus, and many others. All of these need fuel to move from place to place. If you decide to travel to your destination (your purpose), you need to have enough fuel for that. Do not also forget to service your car regularly to save you the embarrassment of breaking down on the way.

Fuel and service to your car are hope and faith for the future. You are traveling to a new place (your purpose) and you should believe you will arrive there with the guidance of the universe. When your hope and faith fail, your journey is endangered. Listen to stories of inspiration and hope of people who have discovered their purpose. They will raise your faith and fuel your spirit. You need all the encouragement available in this journey.

  1. Keep your eyes on the road.

eyes on the road

Many distractions come up on the way. You could be tempted to look outside because of the attractive environment. This is dangerous because you could easily cause an accident. When driving to your destination (your purpose), nothing is more important than having your eyes on the road. You can see potholes (if any) and easily evade them. You can also see other motorists, road signs, and traffic lights. Nothing can go wrong.

You can make sober decisions when your eyes are on the road. Whether you need to overtake, slow down, or remain in your lane depends on whether your eyes are on the road. The journey to your purpose is very important to be distracted by anything else. Commit yourself to the guidance of the universe to reach there successfully.

Divine guidance is the quickest highway to your purpose. You will know everything in advance and what lies ahead for you. Commit your faith in the universe and watch you go places. 

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The Universe’s Bank of Happiness

What is your happiness?

What will your answer be when a random person asks you what is your happiness? Some things define your happiness and you would give up anything in exchange for them. You may think that when you finally get them then your happiness would be complete. But this is not always the truth. There is always something more we are chasing after.

Most people can go to any extent to be happy. There is a lot of struggle to reach there. You dream and plan tirelessly for it but to some extent, something is still not adding up. Only one thing can complete the missing piece of this puzzle – the universe. Have you ever wished to know what are the plans of the universe for you?

Material things could define your happiness, or maybe it could be the peace of mind that completes your joy. When the universe finally grants your wish for happiness, what is next for you? The good thing is that the universe has a bank of happiness and the best part is that you already have an account in this bank. Like any other bank, you can transact and get value for your money. Here are some of the ways you can transact:

  1. Deposit a lot of goodwill.

Of course, goodwill is immeasurable. You cannot quantify it. But the universe is supernatural – it can quantify it! In the universe’s bank of happiness, you can deposit goodwill and you should rightly do so. Deposit a lot of it. Goodwill is demonstrated in your pure intentions toward people. Have a clear conscience with no secret card to put on the table.

Goodwill acts as an insurance policy. It keeps bad karma away because of something good that you did to someone else some time back. The more you deposit, the more you can withdraw. If you are unhappy, it means that you have a smaller deposit. Your balance in the universe’s bank is insufficient to withdraw as much happiness as you need. Do justice to your bank account.

  1. Make a standing order.

standing orders

We give standing orders to our banks to execute specific repetitive instructions. This is to ensure timely payment of bills and also make us enjoy uninterrupted services from our providers. Standing orders never fail as long as you have sufficient balance. If this is how the financial system works, so efficiently and timely, how much so about the perfect universe?

You need to make a standing order on your account in the universe’s bank of happiness. This bank shall respect your instructions and execute your order. Go out for treats, picnics, and road trips as often and regularly as possible. All this is on your account in the bank of the universe. There is no special occasion for you to treat yourself. Each day is a day to be happy. This is the will of the universe for you. All you need to do is to make plans.

  1. Be ready for transaction costs.

transaction costs

Every transaction has a cost. The bank of the universe of happiness operates more or less the same as other banks do. The operation of your bank account in the universe will attract some premiums to be deducted from your account. It is the small price you have to pay for your happiness. As usual, the cost is lower than the principal amount in your transaction. You can withdraw a lot at a very small fee.

There is a cost to being happy. It is a commitment fee that you are ready to pay for your happiness. The decision to be happy throughout your life is only yours to take. The cost to be incurred is losing a few friends and breaking away from your tiresome routine. This is surely something that you can manage if it will assure you eternal happiness.

  1. Share the news of customer satisfaction.

customer satisfaction

In your busy schedule and rush to check off every item on your bucket list, you should always give back to the source of your happiness – the universe. It is the bank that stores all everything for you. You can surely manage to do some marketing for it pro bono (free of charge). It is not that difficult. Start by telling your friends about the source of your newly found happiness. Let them know that karma is out there and they need insurance (goodwill) against bad karma if they want to maintain their happiness.

The universe rewards you with good karma when you help someone find their path to happiness. Good things start following you. Doors that were previously closed for you open wide when you approach, your name gets mentioned in a room full of opportunities, and the favor of the universe locates you. If your worldly bank rewards you for loyalty with points redeemable for shopping, how much will your bank in the universe do for you?

  1. Withdraw your rewards.


Go ahead and withdraw happiness in large amounts from your account. Your account is full of it because of your cumulative good deeds. Just like a normal bank where you are entitled to withdraw any amount from your balance, so does the universe allow you to withdraw any level of happiness within your account balance. You need this withdrawal to neutralize any bad blood that could have been there.

Withdrawing your rewards is claiming what is rightfully yours. You have no apologies to make for the same. Chase your dreams to the last one and leave no stone unturned to fulfill everything you have ever desired. The universe has everything and it shall give you because you have rightfully earned it.

Your final decision.

What is your final decision to bank with the universe? It is the best decision you will ever make because your returns are guaranteed and your happiness is secure. The universe’s bank of happiness is a dream come true for everyone who is yet to be happy in life.

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The Money Market in the Universe

The Value of Money.

Just how much is enough money? There is so much you can do with plenty of it only after you understand its value in the universe. The value of money comes out strongly when transacting because you can see how much you can buy. Call it the purchasing power.

The purchasing power of money is only limited to a range of things. It can buy houses, and cars, pay for air tickets, and book hotels for vacations. It is ironic that despite all these that are meant to make you happy, you can still be sad. This is because your money lacks value in the money market in the universe. The breakthrough comes when you can successfully trade in the money market of the universe.


Getting more money…

Money is a creation of the universe. The universe existed long before money came into being. Of course, it brought convenience to trade but life still moved on even before money was invented. Now that it is here with us, can everything stop because of it? Many people have money but do not know how to trade in the money market of the universe.

Thankfully, there is a way you can dominate the money market and money shall serve you. This is the original intention of the universe. Everybody wants to make more money. It is what I call the `99 problem. The one with $0.9 wants $1. The one with $99 wants $100. Even the one with $999 wants $1000. This is what you should know to make more money and still successfully trade in the money market of the universe:

  1. Money is a reward.

You may think “But I work hard for my money. How is it a reward?” The only authority responsible for manufacturing money is the government and it circulates in the economy. The more you focus on making more money, the further you get lost. You were not created to chase after the creation of man – money. Create solutions to the problems of other people without greed for it. You will be rewarded for your services with money. Just like that, you become a millionaire!

The mentality of wanting money without thinking of what you offer in return for it will make you stagnant in one place for a very long time. Wrong priorities. When you serve the universe with solutions to problems, you are human first and then a business person. This is the first basic principle of trade in the money market of the universe.

  1.     Do not hoard money.

Money is currency. The reason is that it is supposed to circulate. You do not have any business hoarding money. Stashing money in bank accounts locally and overseas will not make you have more of it. Do something with your money – invest, buy assets, start a business, or donate to worthy charities, but do not hold it for yourself. This will be sabotaging the plans of nature.

Trading in the money market of the universe needs you to carefully balance between saving and preventing the circulation of currency. You can save money that is still in circulation. There is a second principle of trade in the money market – money attracts more money.

  1.     Be unique.

You could be pressured to do something when everybody is doing their thing. Do not succumb to it. You need to be unique in this market. Always do some value addition to the services you offer to your clients. It will make you stand out from the rest who are only interested in money. The universe will identify your uniqueness in serving humanity even as you do business. This will drive more clients your way because you treat them in a dignified way.

You should be guided by dignity as you trade in the money market of the universe. Nature wants you to value others as equals. It is only time and chance that bridges the gap between you two. Be humane however and wherever you do business. The third principle in the money market is that customer is king.

  1. Do not be greedy.

There is no shortcut to making more money. There is always a temptation to take the shorter route. You should resist this if you want to prosper in the money market. The universe rewards hard work. There is no otherwise if you want to be a good trader. You have to make your first $100 before making your first $1000.

You will be paid more for higher-value products and services. Pricing underrated products and services expensively will reduce your customer base. There is no magic that the universe can do if you exploit the same people who sustain it. Embrace stepping on one stair at a time as you go up. The fourth principle in the money market of the universe is that short cut is the wrong way.

  1. You are the product in the market.

If you are seeking to create a fortune in trading in the money market, get this right. A client buys you before buying your products or services. Similarly, you could have the purest intentions for the universe and you fail to demonstrate it. It does little to help. Package yourself well and maintain open-mindedness even as you trade.

The best way to win over a customer is to be the person they want to see and hear. Relate to their struggle and genuinely offer your help. Nobody buys a product without a human face, except at gunpoint. Given two salespeople selling the same product, whom will you buy from? Is it the one who only sells what they have or the one who sells himself alongside his products? Of course, you will buy from the seller selling his products alongside himself/herself.

The role of the universe in the money market.

The Universe ultimately decides whether or not you will attract more money. It has these five principles that you should follow if you want to trade. Every other way of trade without the blessings of the universe is futile. Your money is safer with the universe. Think about it. 

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Conquer the Bad with the Good

Heroes and Villains

Life is like a food chain, and the higher it goes, the fewer the numbers in that group. More so, animals develop survival instincts that make them live to see another day. Many food chains make up a web. Despite their growth, nature somehow sustains the population in each class. This example of a food web is a direct representation of the co-existence of both good and bad in the universe.

Which side are you on?

No matter how hard you avoid it, you finally have to take a side. Are you the villain or hero? It is natural in us to be good people and extend the same to those around us. But there is a tipping point that turns some to be villains. Luckily, the universe is there to guide you out of whatever could be leading you away from the light.

Unless you pay closer attention to how the universe can help you conquer the good with the bad, then you will never make it alone. Here are some ground rules:

  1.  Believe in your cause.

You should first believe in your beliefs and principles before you can convince someone else that you are doing the right thing. Nothing can defeat good, even when a victory cannot be seen. Your values will drive you to do the right thing even when there is opposition against it. It is at this moment that you cannot compromise good for anything else. Why? Because you believe it is the right thing to do.  One way to conquer the bad wherever you go is to have the conviction of doing the right thing.

  1.     Be patient.

Patience is a virtue that is becoming rare. The universe does not offer instant fixes as we may want. You could be very right in wanting to conquer the bad with good but fail at it for the simple reason of impatience. Hold your peace and follow the right way of fixing mistakes even if there are a lot of protocols, especially as is the case with most government processes. You cannot be rogue because you want to make things right. You will not have the blessings of the universe.

  1.  Choose to focus on the good.

You could have a million reasons to be disappointed and give up, but please do not. The universe is telling you in several ways that you should choose to focus on the good. Look at how generous nature is. The sun shines on both the just and unjust, and so does the rain. The universe conquers the bad with the good through indiscriminate acts of nature. The good in this is that it benefits everyone and empowers agents of change to finally conquer evil.

  1.  Connect with nature.

Truth is that there is so much good in nature more than everywhere else. It is the only place where you can reconnect with your spirit and come back to the world as a newer person. Take that walk alone to be away from toxic people who want to see you fail. You will have fresh thoughts of good things and your spirit will be recharged to come back and conquer the bad in your life in a more positive way.

connect with nature

  1.     Watch out not to be consumed with the bad.

A lot of things happen when you want to conquer the bad in your life. You could be passionately consumed in this fight and end up losing yourself and your identity as a hero. Watch out not to develop the same bad habits that you are fighting against because you are obsessed with them. Have limits on what you can do even if it is for the right reasons. These boundaries will keep you in check not to succumb to the same thing you are going against.

  1.     Do something.

You cannot conquer the bad with empty words or idle thoughts. While it is true that conquering evil needs an elaborate plan, you cannot plan endlessly. You will finally have to act. Your actions and those of like-minded people will collectively help to conquer the bad you are up against. Do not keep on postponing your actions or wait for someone else to make a move. The bad will thrive as you are undecided.

  1.  Have a plan on the way forward.

The universe is orderly. Your orderliness in conquering the bad with the good depends a lot on the plan you have to move forward. Are you looking at only going past this obstacle or have you put measures for the same in the future?

The fight of the good against the bad is constantly evolving and a good plan will make you eventually win. Your plan could include long-term ways of neutralizing the bad in your life, for example, changing your environment. There is a lot of space for your growth and you should be in an environment that gives you exactly that – growth.

  1.  Focus on the problem, not the people.

The bad is always the problem, not the people. People are only instruments of perpetuating the bad in our society. They can change and become good people. The universe wants you to know that it has plenty of solutions for every bad thing happening to you.

Do not hate other people for the bad they do. Hate the vices they promote and do. As you use good as a weapon in this fight, you will neutralize this toxicity and win them to be good people.


  1.  Join a community of good people.

You may think that there are no good people in society but it may surprise you that there are many more good people like yourself, you just have not met them yet. The universe is one big ecosystem with all manner of people and if you look closely enough, you will find people just like you. Together, you can impact nature positively and make the world a better place.

The fight against evil can only be won by doing good. Although it may look like a long shot at slaying evil, it is the surest path the universe has put forth for us to follow. It is possible to have your heaven here on earth – a dream come true! 

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The Path to Eternal Peace

The promise of eternity.

We often receive the promise of a forever from our loved ones. They promise to love us and stay by our side forever. We can take this to the bank because we trust that their word is true. However, there is one promise that is rarely made and when done, hardly fulfilled. It is the promise of eternal peace. You wouldn’t believe a promise of eternal peace, would you? I have news for you – the universe is promising all believers eternal peace.

Eternal peace is tranquility and calmness in all your days. It means that nothing major that you cannot recover from shall upset your calmness. We often see it fail than succeed because of daily media reports of conflicts around the globe, some of which blow out of proportion. Despite the several cases of lack of peace, the universe holds that you can have eternal peace ONLY if you follow its guidelines.

The path to eternal peace is full of the glory of the universe. As you walk on it, you are blessed with favor and grace to fulfill all your heart’s desires. It is not enough to desire eternal peace and the whole package that comes with it. You need to commit to staying on the right path and the universe shall bless you in every way.

Tips to achieve eternal peace.

  1.  A good dancer knows when to leave the stage.

The goal is to be perfect in all that we do. Our progress in life is like an ascending graph. You can see how you started lowly until you rose to the climax and became the guru that you are right now. Everybody has their time to shine and that is how the universe has rightfully decided. When you have become a good dancer and the audience loves you, be careful not to overstay your welcome.

Eternal peace is possible when you appreciate that there is life beyond your time on stage. They call it the “retirement phase” in public service. Here, you need to give space to upcoming gifted people to shine. Your eternal peace comes from the joy of other people inheriting your service to nature.

  1.   Practice Forgiveness.

Forgive. Do not hold back forgiveness even from those who do not ask for it. Your peace of mind is more important than your ego. This is not to dismiss your hurt. Forgiveness is like rails on a bridge. They prevent road users (motorists and pedestrians) from straying and falling into the water. When you practice forgiveness, you give your spirit peace to heal. Choose to stay on the path to eternal peace by practicing forgiveness daily.

  1.   Preserving nature’s ecosystem.

Nature’s ecosystem is seeking your protection. Fulfillment does not come from only what you do but also from supporting nature. Protect trees and animals from dangerous human practices that endanger their life. Look beyond your profitability but the bigger picture which is the universe. Your conscious will be free from the guilt of hurting innocent creatures. It may look as if it does not matter but your conscience is insurance to peace.  

  1.     Build your people skills.

People skills, otherwise known as soft skills, help build a good relationship with people around you. We are interdependent in one way or the other. No help is too little. It could not be materialistic but mental support. It holds your hand as you walk down the path of eternal peace. Relate well with people and they will grant you company in peace. Peace is not loneliness or solitude. Good company is a recipe for peace.

  1.   Intentional living.

Intentional living is discipline to stay on the path of eternal peace. It helps you build your life around the values and principles you believe in. Intentional living brings satisfaction to your spirit and you focus on only the things that matter to you, nothing more. It is the perfect solution for an undecided mind that seeks eternal peace, but first, you need to have ready-made principles and beliefs that will be your guiding star.

  1.     Develop a firm personality.

Your personality matters a lot in helping you secure your path to eternal peace. There is no promise that you will have it easy and this is where a firm personality comes in handy. Nothing should change your mind about pursuing it. The universe does not listen to an undecided spirit and should it find you guilty, then you should forget about eternal peace until you become decisive.

  1.  Be brave.

One of the avenues of getting eternal peace is being brave to do what other people would shy away from. You should be ready to make unpopular decisions that shall guard your peace and interests above other things. It is dangerous to go with a wave and make binding decisions without thinking things over carefully. Look at people you know who have been vocal about their positions on issues.

There is a certain peace that comes with being decided. Other people can then choose their sides, to be with or against you. Eternal peace goes to those who are ready to defend it. Are you ready to do anything to secure your peace?

  1.     Appreciate the universe.

As a general principle, you receive more when you appreciate. Appreciate the little calmness that the universe has brought your way. The world is largely chaotic and life that is unguided by the principles of nature suffers a lot of setbacks. Even as you seek eternal peace, appreciate the little ‘breathing space’ that you have.

  1.  Live under the universe’s shade.

Guidance saves you from making a lot of mistakes. You will get the gift of eternal peace from the universe if you allow it to guide you in everything that you do. Consider it a teacher-student relationship where the student gains more by being teachable. More so, a good relationship with the universe will help you to even know what to do in your life of eternal peace.

Many people want eternal peace but are not ready to follow through with what they should do to get it. With this knowledge, you are now closer than before to entering the world of eternal peace. You should give it a try.

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