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August 2022

Six Hero Lessons from the Universe

While everybody wants to be a Hero, only a few understand what it takes to be one. What do you look for in a hero? Some people expect heroes to be physically strong people while others use mental strength to qualify one as one. The world has many expectations of heroes. Anyone who meets these expectations automatically becomes one. Nature itself is a hero in so many different ways. It is what guides you to ultimate heroism.

The lifestyle of a hero is exemplary. Your whole life is examined under a microscope by people whom you would think are not qualified to do so. You become a person of interest and the threshold of your actions is raised a little bit higher. As a hero, you are not limited by what limits ordinary people. These are the six hero lessons drawn from the Universe that will help you live a limitless life:

  1.  Heroes are generous.

Generosity is the ultimate measure of heroes. True heroes are less concerned about themselves and more about others. It does not matter that they have less for their use, they will still share the little they have with those that have none. Look at nature. She is the most generous creation ever. She gives life to the birds of the air, fish in the sea, animals in the jungle, and even human beings. The air you breathe is free from the Universe.

It would have otherwise cost you a fortune if you were to buy it in case you are hospitalized (God forbid it happens). All this giving does not take away from the Universe anything. Instead, it earns her respect from everyone. Be generous in your capacity as is the Universe. It does not matter the little or much you have, but having the heart of sharing with those who need it more is what will make you a hero. Heroes are superhuman and so are you.

  1.  Heroes have a moral code.

Heroes are guided by a moral code. Their actions are always backed up by full proof evidence. You are deprived of the right to act as you wish because you are a hero. Nature itself does not do that. You are too important and powerful that if you are left to act as you please then a lot of things would go south. The moral code that guides the universe is called Karma.

Every action is justified under this code. What is your moral code as a hero? Your moral code, like Karma, puts you in check as is in chess. You know where to invest your energy, what not to do for more wealth or fame, and what to continue doing to unleash the genius hero mentality.

  1.  Heroes are helpful.

What is heroism if your impact is not felt by people when they need you the most? All heroes are helpful. They come through for those who need them the most – the vulnerable and needy. There is always someone who needs what you have in surplus more than you do.

It could be a luxury to you but a necessity to them. Do not withhold it. The Universe has made your paths cross for that purpose. Look at how the Universe helps to free you from anxiety and stress even without you asking for it. There is no debate that you need nature’s help to be free from stressful thoughts and anxiety.

Meditation opens a door for you to see the world from a whole new perspective other than how you initially thought. Just as the Universe helps, so should you as a hero. It qualifies you more into heroism.

  1.  Heroes are inspirational.

What is common with all heroes is their ability to inspire others. It feels good being around people who are unbothered by common problems. Heroes create an aura of positive energy. You feel better about yourself and everything you stand for. Going away from heroes makes you feel like you have lost something. This is how powerful they are.

Consider the example of how the systems of the Universe inspire you to outdo yourself. The automatic rising and setting of the sun daily is one case of inspiration. It is unstoppable. Let this make you wake up with renewed energy daily because you are surrounded by evidence of inspiration all through.

  1.  Heroes are geniuses.

Heroes have everything figured out from the beginning, as do geniuses. This is the secret power they hold over ordinary people. The Universe is a master planner and effective accomplisher. Take for example how weather seasons are spread throughout the year – summer, winter, autumn, and spring – all happen in an orderly manner at the appointed time.

Each of them is unique and equally important. The ability of the Universe to plan all of them to occur at different times and in a sequence is master genius. Your heroism needs a genius mentality like the Universe’s.

  1.  Heroes are accommodative.

Heroes accommodate diversity. You should not feel intimidated by other people in any way. They have their part to play and so do you. Consider the example of the Universe. It is so big yet accommodates everything. Everyone feels a part of it. This is how heroes should be. Supportive, not oppressive; bringing together, not scattering; diverse, not selfish.

A candle does not go out when it lights another candle. It continues lighting thereafter. This is the spirit of true heroism. Heroes represent something bigger than themselves. This is why they embrace more people and even help them rise from the ashes. They are like iron that sharpens another iron.

Heroes also have other heroes they look up to. It’s a whole chain of heroes. Be encouraged that you can also be one. Heroism is for everyone who dares to believe beyond the ordinary. You become a superhuman capable of doing what most people would rather not think or do. You can discover how to join the league of heroes here and learn from the best. 

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have you received your paycheck

Have you Received your Paycheck Already?

It is exciting to receive your paycheck. At that moment, all the tiredness you felt is replaced by the joy of receiving a paycheck. You can cash it and withdraw the funds or you can have it deposited in your account. You are paid for work done as you had agreed before you were hired. What you expect on the paycheck is not a surprise because you had negotiated for it.

Depending on your agreement, you can be paid weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly. What comes alongside a paycheck is a pay slip. While a paycheck is an actual payment, a pay slip is a breakdown of the same from gross to the net amount.

The Universe is an employer and it pays its workers.

Not all paychecks are equal. Some are paid higher than others because of their skill level or competence. Every worker wants to be in the pay grade above and move up the ladder of income.  As a worker in the Universe, have you received your paycheck already?

If yes, is it satisfactory or you will want to do something about it? If you are yet to, what are you doing to get your first paycheck from your employer – the Universe? You can attract the secret of the miracle 33 even on your paycheck! Here are a couple of things to do:

  1.  Uphold your contract.

Every worker enters into a contract with the employer before work begins. Even manual laborers have a gentlemanly agreement with their supervisors before beginning work. This assures them of pay at the end of the day. As a worker in the universe, one sure way of ensuring you get your paycheck is by upholding your contract. Do exactly what your employer wants you to do.

You are nature’s superior creation and this makes you responsible for taking care of all creation. It is part of your job description. You cannot receive your paycheck if you do not uphold the contract with your employer. The bank of the universe cannot process your payment because you are a ghost worker. The human resource department in companies and governments is audited periodically to weed out ghost workers. When you uphold your contract with the universe, you become qualified to receive your paycheck for work done.

  1.     Go the extra mile.

Sometimes it is not enough to only do good. You need to unleash your best if you want to get a good paycheck. Complete your duties as assigned and do even an extra part. Firstly, it shows your commitment to your work. Secondly, it shows your love for it. Every employer will want to hire you or retain your services. The Universe is not any different. As your employer, it rewards your service delivery to nature.

Regardless of the work you do, your work is to serve other people. Do it to the maximum and leave a permanent impression in their hearts. Gestures of kindness and goodwill directly touch the nerve center of the Universe. Your employer will be pleased with you and bingo! Your paycheck will be ready. Pleasing the Universe is as easy as being a good person.

  1.     Create value.

The value you create is equivalent to the paycheck you receive. The higher your value the higher your paycheck. The Universe is fair and shall pay you as you deserve. Different employers measure your value as an employee differently. The Universe recognizes how many lives you have touched and turned around. This is the ultimate measure of your value. This is also how the Universe rewards promotions to its workers.

When you impact people positively, you are blessed for their sake so that you may continue encouraging them that they will one day reach your position (or even go higher). Interact with people nicely and be cheerful as you go about your work. Your employer is watching.

  1.     Observe the greater good theory.

You are given your paycheck after you have completed your work. A pay rise in your paycheck is determined by the good work you do. What exactly is good work? Many lives depend on nature and this makes it less of ourselves and more of it. What can delay your paycheck from your employer is when you do not observe the law of the greater good.

It states that in everything you do, be considerate of other people. Weigh how much it will benefit other people versus how it will benefit you alone. At this point, always choose where it will have a greater good.

You can discover effortless wealth by being there when you are involved in the good welfare of other people. The greater good practice gives you chance and opportunity to serve more people, do business with them, and increase your resources.

  1.     Cash your paycheck already.

Your paycheck is most useful after you have cashed it out. Here is how the clearing of cheques in banks works. If both you and your employer hold accounts in the same bank, a cheque deposit goes through on the same day. The clearing period is instant!

More so, when your employer is the bank itself, there is no way you will miss your payment. You can go ahead to pay your bills, do your shopping, and live the best life you want. Your bank teller is Karma. He is there to level the playing ground for everybody. When you are cashing out your cheque, he will make deductions from it. He subtracts what you received corruptly and penalizes you for missing work ethics. Your net payment could be a third of the gross payment.

You could even get nothing out of it. If you have been a good worker with zero misses, then the bank of the Universe will pay you in full. How pleasant!

If you want to loot the bank of the Universe ethically and face no charges, observe work ethics, have zero misses, and a hundred percent hits. You will get your paycheck in full as you should. It is not that difficult, is it? In addition, our program, the Miracle 33, is here to guide you down the same path. Choose to be a magnet of wealth today and take this leap of faith. 

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The Five Hidden Secrets of Mastering your Reality

Reality is calling.

You can run away from everything except reality. It will finally catch up with you and it won’t be pleasant when it does.

Reality reminds you that you are broke and alone. It shows you that you are in debt and auctioneers may knock on your door soon. This is the number one reason why most people would rather not face the reality and continue living in denial. It is normal to have expectations of what will happen in the future if everything goes on as planned. It gives you the much-needed hope not to give up, at least not yet. The struggle to keep up with reality on one hand and still have hope that things will work out is a delicate balancing affair.

Gladly, the Universe in its abundance has not left us out on our own. There are dos and don’ts if you want to master your reality and be on top of things, not the other way round. When you are facing reality one-on-one, your limits are being tested. What will you do when you are caught between a rock and a hard place?

  1.  Manage your expectations.

Our greatest undoing is putting too much trust in people instead of the Universe. While people may change their stand, the Universe will always fulfill its part. Put your expectations on it because they will match your reality. It shall never fail you.

For example, you can be sure as the rising of the sun that nature shall heal your stress when you meditate deeply. You can take that to the bank, not somebody’s word that they shall give you X or Y. Managing your expectations by trusting in the Universe is stepping on the abundance accelerator. You have your foot on the gas pedal and it means your speed will increase. You are on the winning team and that is enough assurance for an abundance of what you put your heart to.

Reality will knock you down when it dawns on you that what you expected is not what you are having. This disparity is what drives people to depression, stress, and anxiety. From then onwards, life becomes intolerable until they can handle it no more. You can cure this by managing your expectations and putting your trust only in the Universe.

  1.     Accommodate pain.

Pain is undesirable. However, the brighter side is that it wakes you up to reality. The body communicates to you that something is not okay and you need to correct it. In its original intention, nature designed pain to bring you back to the reality that you need to do something.

During the December holidays, my cousins from upcountry came to visit us at the coast. The following day, we went swimming at the beach. Suddenly, Mercy, then only 8 years, screamed in pain. She started crying and I carried her out of the water. She has stepped on Jellyfish! It stung her. I soothed her and carried her back to the car so that we can go to the hospital for treatment. But before we even reached there, the pain had subsided. She was smiling!

The reality at the time is that we knew that there were Jellyfish yet we let her swim because of her persistence. She braved the pain when the doctor treated her and gently removed the spikes from her foot. The next time they came for holiday, she did not want to swim on that beach but somewhere else. This is a perfect example of how we can accommodate pain to teach us a life lesson.

The reality that pain is uncomfortable will make you not repeat what you did wrong. So, what did you learn from your last painful experience?

  1.  Leave room for adjustment.

Always leave room for adjustment. The future, beginning with the next minute from now is uncertain. This is why you must always create space for change. If not, the reality of the future may haunt you and leave you without options.

Communicate with the Universe

Only the Universe knows the future. Do not burn bridges because you may need them to cross once more. Do not soil relationships because your paths may cross again. Neither should you commit yourself to a NEVER moment because you may have to take back your statement when push comes to shove.

Space for adjustment makes you flexible to adapt to the present reality. This is a survival skill you should adopt. It does not make you undecided but rather a master of reality who is ready for anything. Hey there Master, how does it feel like to be in charge?

  1.     Master the law of cause and effect.

The law of cause and effect is one of the principles of Karma. X shall happen to you because you did (or did not do) Y. Your every action is directly responsible for the results you get. The only variable is your actions and the reality depends on it. It means that you can create your reality however way you want.

For example, if you want to get a promotion at your workplace, you need to have the necessary qualifications and make a prayer for it. The reality will come when you are qualified then your prayer is answered. The law of cause and effect gives you creation powers! This is how you become a master of reality.

  1.  Review work done and take feedback.

Sometimes we are so engrossed in what we do that we forget to look back at what we have accomplished. It is important to do so because you will know how to act on the present reality to get the same results as it was in your first win.

Although circumstances between the past and the present could be different, there is something that you can borrow from your past accomplishment to control reality. Also, learn to take feedback from other people about what you are going through. They can distinguish truth from fiction because they have no conflict of interest.

Just as iron sharpens iron, we learn through the eyes of other people. You then rise to become a master of reality.

The Universe has hidden these secrets of mastering reality but we unearthed them for you. Join our program abundance accelerator to discover these and more. Having things under control is the ultimate prize. Be ready to receive it. See you soon. 

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The Five Natural Ingredients for Abundance

The making of a meal.

You are the chef, the kitchen is the world and the meal is abundance. How will your meal be served? Or will the kitchen heat drive you away? Chefs will tell you that there is a recipe for every meal. Even the impromptu new kitchen skills are always well thought of.

Every cook wants to make a memorable meal. The guests served should never forget how they licked their fingers after eating your tasty meal. They will praise you even after they have left because you delivered on the assignment. The ingredients used play a major role in how your food will eventually look and even its taste too.

If you want to manifest the Universe’s abundance accelerator, you have to get the ingredients for abundance right. They include:

  1.     A pursuit mindset.

This type of thinking is necessary for anyone who wants to manifest abundance in any area of their life. A pursuit mindset means going for what you want After you have identified what you want to do, you should pursue it to the last bit. A no answer from a potential business client should not lock you out of business. Pursue it and want to know the reason for their refusal. You could be able to reassure them and win the business. Pursuit means never relenting. You should wither every storm that comes your way because you know what you want and nothing can talk you out of it.


Abundance is having more than enough, even going beyond what you initially wanted. It is not possible to attain it if you do not pursue what you want. You could be asking yourself what to do when you are obstructed or when you receive multiple negative responses. When you concede it in your mind, there is nothing you will be able to do about it. This is the reason why you need a changed mindset, that of pursuit, to manifest abundance.

Before you have enough and it overflows into abundance, you have to win the battle of the mind. Pursue what you want and abundance shall be your middle name.

  1.     Accept help.

You already know that two heads are better than one. What you can do in one day can be double if you have help from an equally abled person with whom you share the same goals. It is okay to accept that sometimes you cannot do it alone. You need extra hands to do the job on time. Accepting help is not a sign of weakness but that of strength.

Look at how nature works. For crops to fully mature and be ready for harvesting, they need a lot of input. They need both human effort and nature’s sustenance.

From the time of tilling the land, the favorable weather at the time is sunny. Then comes the planting season and afterward the time for the growth of your crops. The rain will come to water the crops, then the wind will blow to facilitate cross-pollination. Even bees and other insects will help in cross-pollination. The time will come for you to weed your farm and your crops will continue to grow.

Eventually, after all the weather seasons, your crops will be ready for harvesting. No particular weather is single-handedly responsible for the growth of your crops even until harvesting season.

Nature teaches us the importance of accepting help. The sun, rain, wind, and insects worked together for you to get that bumper harvest. Take this example from nature and accept help too if you want to step on the abundance accelerator. It grants you the speed you need.

  1.     Spend more to earn more.

Abundance in its original meaning is to be beyond enough. Why not spend what you already have to get more? Investing your time, knowledge, and resources in working for what you want will finally take you to the table of abundance. You will sit with the big boys and girls and make good use of your abundance.

Having a day-time job does not stop you from thinking about another business to do. The point is to have your money work for you until you have enough and enter the abundance phase. The reality is that your needs grow with time and if you do not increase your income base, then even the little you have will be eaten into by them.

Even when you earn $1000 per hour, your needs will grow to match your income and you will be on the negative in no time. This is why you need to be willing to spend more to earn more. This spending decision coming from you means that you are alive to reality and you want to become a master of it

  1.     Build healthy relationships.

“But what do relationships have with abundance?” They have everything to do with it because they are the pillars that hold you up there when you finally get to it. Healthy relationships are as important as water when cooking. There is no food that you can cook without water. So this makes water a universal ingredient and a very important one. Without water, there is no successful cooking.

Likewise, without healthy relationships with the people that matter, then there is no abundance. Relate well with your business clients, workmates, the janitor, supermarket attendants, bank tellers, and everyone else. You need them as much as they need you. The Universe does not operate in a vacuum. It will use these people to deliver an abundance of wealth to you. What happens when you are not on good terms with the “messengers of the Universe”?

The Universe wants you to bring more people on board if you want to manifest abundance. Add this universal ingredient.

  1.     Build a good reputation.

Your reputation always precedes you. It is a deal breaker when seeking an abundance of wealth from the universe. Nature wants to know whether it can trust you with this abundance. Can you? This explains why some people have an overflow of wealth so effortlessly. They have earned the trust of the universe while you are stuck at one point because you are yet to.

You can build your reputation by being selfless, let not your abundance always be about you. Even in the little that you have, take care of others and be gentle with those who are below you. A good reputation is like salt. It brings flavor to the food you are preparing. May the universe taste your goodness!

The question of what makes an abundance can be answered in our program – the abundance accelerator. Have you hopped in? Please do if you want to become a master of your reality without much effort. You can transform your enough into an abundance.

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The Five Doors to the Bank of the Universe

The first bank.

The modern banks as you know them are not very new. They are modified from the original idea of how the Universe wanted nature to operate. Unfortunately, man did not know how to go about it until the first bank in the world Monte Dei Paschi di Siena, in present-day Italy, was founded in the year 1472. People had big dreams and they saw a solution in this bank. They could save and invest where they felt their money was safe. Everybody needs to feel safe and banks offer the same – financial security. Come to think of it, what can’t money buy?

The banking sector has had its challenges and several banks have collapsed. So what happens to those who were dependent on them? Recently, The New York Times reported that the world’s oldest bank was struggling to remain afloat. Despite how unreliable banks can be, there is only one bank that has stood the test of time until now – the Universe.

Did you know?

The Bank of the Universe is infinite. You can ethically ‘loot’ it through its hidden doors!

The Universe is a bank where you can comfortably transact without any fear of recession, inflation, or any economic danger. Your deposits are safe, your secrets too, and everything you will want to put in a bank. Before you open your account in this super bank, know the rules. You can only enter this universal bank through its five main doors, nowhere else.

As you think about withdrawing as much as you need from your infinite account, remember that you cannot deplete its resources so take your time. These are the hidden glass doors of the Universal bank:

  1.     A natural diet.

This is how you live the happily ever after kind of life. The greatest investment you can ever have is your health because it gives you the freedom to enjoy everything else that you have worked for. The universe knows this and has laid the password to the ATM of good health in your hands – natural food and water.

There are a lot of processed foods on the market. They are tasty and a quick fix for hunger. There is a lot of good nutrition in natural foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, lentils, beans, and nuts. If you want to enjoy infinite health from the bank of the universe, do not look elsewhere but at what nature is offering you in abundance.

Natural foods are rich in nutrients, fiber, and minerals like calcium and magnesium. Say goodbye to sickness and frequent hospital visits by withdrawing as much as you need from the infinite bank of the universe.

  1.     A creative mind.

Poverty is scary. Before you reach there or if you have found yourself caught up by it, the universe is asking you to bail yourself out of it. There is abundance in the universal bank of the universe. As you step into it, have a business idea to solve existing problems. Your customers will reward you with payment as gratitude. It will eventually create generational wealth for you.

A bright business idea gives room for abundance in wealth and not only for immediate use. An abundance in wealth is a reward by the universe for solving existing problems in a way nobody has ever thought of it before. One quick question, what solution do you have to existing problems?

Like every other bank, the Universe cannot fund you for an unjustifiable reason. There are no short-term fixes for an abundance in wealth, even generational wealth.

  1.     Purity.

It is everybody’s dream to be pure. Purity is increasingly becoming rare and people do not know what would become of them in the future. Can the universe solve this for you? Yes, it can. Your thoughts control the direction of your life. This is why you need an abundance of purity.

I recently opened a business account with my bank. They needed the company documents and I had to sign all the necessary papers required. I applied for a cheque book and VISA card so that it becomes easier to do business. After all that was done, the lady smiled and look at me. She told me that she will be my relationship manager. She would ensure my relationship with the bank is okay and explain to me all the policies I will need to understand. Wow! It is a cool idea, isn’t it?

Banks now have relationship managers. Their work is mainly to establish a good rapport between the bank and the customer. Your relationship manager in the bank of the universe is a pure mind and spirit. This is why you need it in abundance for you to grow and expand. – purity of mind and spirit attracts the right things in your life.

  1.     Infinite patience.

Patience has been lacking in many people. Everybody wants a short-term solution so that they can forge ahead with what they want. One thing that the bank of the Universe is constantly searching for in you is patience. It took millions of years for nature to be the way it is. The Universe knows your needs and is working things out for you. The only thing required of you is patience.

What happens when you give up midway before your prayers are answered? Even nature stops working things out for you and leaves you on your own. This door of the universe is like transparent glass. You can see through it and what is on the other side but you cannot take it or touch it. You have to wait for your turn. Impatience will lock you out of the bank of abundance.

  1.     Infinite love.

Infinite love is a door of the bank of the Universe that is very much hidden. Most people have limitations on how much they love. Nature’s love is infinite and it demands the same from us. Love endlessly and do not hold grudges for too long. This door of the bank of the universe opens for those filled with love. Their actions are not ill-motivated and nature can trust them with an abundance of wealth. Actions that are driven by love will not hurt nature. This is why it will open its doors wide open for you.


A creative mind, infinite love and patience grants you access to an abundance of generational wealth, a natural diet grants you good health, and purity is the door to a good relationship with the bank of the Universe. Our program of the miracle 33 gives you all of this and more. Enroll to get access to all the 33 moneyless manifestors today!

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The Spiritual Prayer for Abundance

Until now, prayer is the only proven means of communication with the universe. In prayer, you communicate with the spiritual world. You travel long distances and see what lies in the future. The physical realm is limited to that extent. People pray for many reasons – some pray for healing from diseases, others for wealth, success in studies, work, or business.

There is a reason for prayer at any time. You can send an email or text message to a colleague when you want to talk to them and they are far away. What do you do when you want to talk to the invisible master? You go on your knees in prayer.

The prayer for abundance has not yet gained momentum. Most people do not even know about it. Allow me to break this news to you – you can pray for abundance from Master Universe.

Prayer for abundance means that you already have what you are praying for but you want it multiplied or increased for different reasons. You can pray this prayer when you find yourself in any of the following circumstances:

  1.     When you are in lack.

Everybody falls short of one thing or another at different times in their lives. Most people only remember that the universe can provide for them when this situation puts them in a corner. When you are caught between a rock and a hard place, you will remember that there is a superior power able to provide. You can pray this prayer. Our lives have a lot of ups and downs. At one time you feel that you do not want anything because you are self-sufficient.

Some other time, you find yourself at your worst and in dire need of rescue. Be comforted because you are not going through this alone. Make this prayer for abundance to the universe.

  1.     When you are discriminated against.

Discrimination is when people isolate you for not being like them. It could be racism, age, or even gender. It can push you to the wall and you run short of patience to endure what you are passing through. Don’t give up yet. You can pray the prayer for an abundance of patience and love from the Universe.

You do not need to react to everything. It may worsen your tribulations. What you need at this point is an abundance of humility to endure this unfortunate phase of life.  Make this prayer for abundance to the universe.

  1.     When undergoing life’s tribulations.

Many thoughts come to your mind when you hit rock bottom in life. As much as you may need much patience, you also need physical resources to find yourself out of the mess you are in. It could be money to pay your rent arrears or to settle hospital bills and other debts.

This prayer is to seek the intervention of the universe to get out of the hole you are in. Do not continue digging because you will continue sinking. Instead, make this prayer for abundance to the universe.

Contents of the prayer for abundance.

  1.     Thanksgiving.

As much as you are in need, there is a journey you have already walked with the Universe and seen its goodness. Start with thanksgiving and thank nature for the provision of the little that you have. It is not automatic for you to be in the position you are in. Some people are in even worse situations yet nature has dealt favorably with you.

Here is how you can start, I thank you for the far that you have brought me. Despite life’s challenges, you have continued to sustain me even unto this point. I do not take it for granted…”

  1.     Acknowledge the superiority of the Universe.

We are only creations of the Universe, put here to take care of nature. It is not your strength to make it this far. Acknowledge this in your prayer for abundance. The Universe is superior to everything there is. Nothing can stand in its way.

This acknowledgment will put you in favor with the Universe once more if you had fallen short of His grace. Take the example of how the military respects its commanders. Every good thing is attributed to them. Do the same with the universe.

         You can include this in your prayer, “Oh Eternal Universe, You who was, is, and shall continue to be in the infinity of time, I acknowledge you in my life today and every other day. You are strong even in my weakness…”

  1.     Mention exactly what you want.

You should not beat around the bush when you are making this prayer for abundance. Mention exactly what you want the Universe to do for you. Abundance in good health, wealth, love, endurance, or knowledge. You can even mention more than one item in your payer.

You only get what you pray for. You cannot complain that your prayer was not answered if you never mentioned your prayer item. Worldly courts of law somehow copied this principle from the Universe. In litigation, you are only granted the prayers you sought before the honorable judge. This is a Commonwealth law principle.

         You can say this in your prayer, “I pray you to grant me abundance in good health and wealth. Take away my sickness and fill me with good health once more. All the wealth and good health belong to you, Eternal Universe…”

  1.     Show cause how you will give back to the Universe.

Like all other authorities, the Universe wants to know how you will use what you are praying for. Will it be for your selfish use or it will benefit other people too? Corporates have a corporate social responsibility to the community they dwell in. They offer scholarships to needy children, hire a certain percentage of local labor, build social amenities, and the like.

Likewise, you need to show cause to the universe why you deserve an abundance because you already have the basics. You can be sure your prayer shall be granted when you pass this test.

         You can say this in your prayer, “I promise to support the needy to the extent of my abundance. If only you will grant me wealth and open more channels for business. Oh Universe, I shall serve my community in my position as a (banker/accountant/tailor/business person, etc.) …”

  1.     Show gratitude when your prayer is answered.

Gratitude is a language that is spoken by very few people. Thank the universe for answering your prayer (when it is answered). Remember your prayer didn’t need to be given a priority but still, the Universe granted you what you prayed for.

         You can include this in your prayer, “I thank you most sincerely for granting me good health. I am completely healed from (mention what it was)…”

Your payer for abundance is now complete. Combining all these five pillars, here is how it can be:

I thank you for the far that you have brought me. Despite life’s challenges, you have continued to sustain me even unto this point. I do not take it for granted.

Oh, Eternal Universe, You who was, is, and shall continue to be in the infinity of time, I acknowledge you in my life today and every other day. You are strong even in my weakness.

I pray you to grant me abundance in good health and wealth. Take away my sickness and fill me with good health once more. All the wealth and good health belong to you, Eternal Universe.

I promise to support the needy to the extent of my abundance. If only you will grant me wealth and open more channels for business. Oh Universe, I shall serve my community in my position as a (banker/accountant/tailor/business person, etc.)

I thank you most sincerely for granting me good health. I am completely healed from (mention what it was).

I pray while believing and trusting, Amen.

You want to have your prayer answered by the universe. It could be that you have prayed and you see that nothing is happening. There is a way you can easily do it. Enroll in this program today to get an answer to your prayer for abundance. 

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seed of love

Sowing the Eternal Seed of Love

The science of planting and harvesting.

You may think you know everything about planting and harvesting until you learn the science of the universe behind it. The soil is where everything grows from. It supports all life. When you plant the right seed, it multiplies the same for you. Similarly, when you plant a bad seed, it yields the same ten times to you. The question that the Universe is asking you today is, “What seed do you want to plant?”

While most if not all seeds first die before germination, the universe advises you to plant only one type of seed. Unlike others, this one does not die. It is eternal and germinates to full growth. It is the seed of love. The Universe is fertile soil for the growth of any seed that you plant. Once more, what seed do you choose to plant today?

Eternal seeds.

There are many eternal seeds – hatred, envy, procrastination, peace, love, and hard work. Out of all these, one stands out – love. Everything else stems from love or the lack of it. All our actions are inspired by love. We sacrifice for love, defend our beliefs, and go out of our way for its sake. Here are reasons why you should sow this eternal seed:

  1.     You do not have to figure it all out.

Unlike other seeds where you need to have figured out everything as you plant them, the seed of love is different. Nature shall provide water for the seeds and favorable seasons for its growth. As a farmer on your farm, the best choice you can make is to sow this seed that will not tire you. 

Choose to love your neighbors and everyone else in your environment. Show compassion to those who deserve it, do charity in the name of love, and leave a positive testimony on the lips of everybody. My father once told me that people can forget what happened but can never forget how you made them feel.

How true is it? The truth comes to light by the many good memories people have with you whenever you touch their hearts. So without thinking about what is in it for you, choose to love indiscriminately. 

  1.     Love has a return on investment (R.O.I).

Blame it on my career background but one thing I have learned is how closely the money market as we know borrows heavily on how the Universe trades.

Sowing the seed of love could look unprofitable at face value but the interests it accrues in the spiritual realm are worth every effort you are making. Many seedlings grow when you sow the seed of love.

Showing love to people you even do not know will eventually come to ‘pay back’. Consider love like an investment that always has good returns. Love is like shares in a multi-national company that never makes losses. It is always profitable. That multi-national company is the universe. You will forever get dividends even in your old age.

Your future generations shall also benefit from the eternal seed that you sowed. Your name shall be great.

  1.     Love fights for you.

As you are today, how sure are you that someone can fight for you? Can the person you love the most defend you in public against all odds? Love does it for you. Your actions of love will build you an unassailable reputation.

This is the reason why among all the seeds of the universe, love is eternal. It speaks for you even in your absence, both in private and in public. You do not have to make any effort to defend your reputation. You now have a new lawyer (love) who is on the payroll of this multi-national company (the Universe).

When people conspire against you, love them regardless. The Universe will turn your love for them into guilt and judge them. All along, you are elsewhere showing love and living your best life.

  1.     Love is a universal language.

The language barrier is the reason for the failure of many things. When people do not read on the same page on a common issue, what follows is chaos. How do you think a construction site will be when a mason asks his assistant for a hammer and he gives him a chisel instead? Or he is given nails instead of a spade?

Universe is prepping you

The world as we know has universal languages that make communication easier. The United Nations has six! Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish
. As the world has these languages, so does the spiritual realm have its common language. It is love. Love speaks to the minds and hearts of everybody.

When you speak the language of love, you have leverage over those who don’t. Love will win you friends even in the most unlikely places. Love today, love tomorrow and love every other day.

  1.     Love boosts your immunity.

You were certainly not expecting this but yes, indeed love is an immunity booster. How so? When your heart is full of love, you have no room for negativity or bad vibes. Love heals any bitterness you may have and things take a new perspective in your eyes.

In CNN’s edition of The Empowered Patient, Carsten Wrosch, an associate professor of psychology at Concordia University in Montreal, is quoted saying that feeling bitter interferes with the body’s hormonal and immune systems. The report goes on to say that most bitter and angry people have higher blood pressure and heart rate.

Love neutralizes all the bitterness you may have and it gives you a new life. This is a second chance granted by the universe to you through love. Grab it!

It is possible to receive wealth (through a good Return On Investment [ROI] of love), good health (through a boosted immunity), and protection (when love protects your reputation). As a cook seasons his food with salt to taste, season your life with love, and watch a transformation never before seen.

Enroll in this program that opens your eyes to the eternity of love with zero meditations, visualizations, or affirmations. Be part of the growing community today!

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wealth creation

Building Your Kingdom of Wealth

The History of Kingdoms and Empires.

Kingdoms are one of the earliest pieces of evidence of ancient civilization. Societies were governed by a King or Queen with political and administrative authority. According to National Geographic, the world’s earliest Kingdoms were established about 3000 BCE in Sumer and Egypt. They developed when leaders began conquering and controlling cities and settlements.

This history is an important reminder when you are about to build your Kingdom of wealth because all Kingdoms are founded and governed alike (of course with a few variations). There are lessons on how to and how not to govern a Kingdom. The Universe refers to them and the success of your Kingdom of wealth depends on it.

The Kingdom of the Universe.

You live in a very rich Kingdom. The Universe lacks nothing that you may want. The gift of life is yours to get the most out of it. Among the many goals you have is to build your Kingdom in the larger universe and establish yourself. Many people before you have wanted the same. Here is how you can start your journey of building your Kingdom of wealth:

  1.  Choose your environment.

Throughout history, the location of Kingdoms and empires was a very strategic choice. They were geographically located in a secure position where they could see their enemies in case of an attack. Also, they were in very favorable climates to help grow their main economic activity. Farming societies settled in regions with good rainfall and fertile soils.

Nature expects you to learn from this lesson. Your environment is very important if you want to grow your wealth. Where do you decide to settle? Every part of the universe has its set of blessings. 

Are you a business person? Carry out your business near your target customers. It gets better if you are in the service industry. You can offer your services where they are required the most. The universe wants you to choose your environment wisely because a wrong choice will collapse your kingdom of wealth.

how to quiet your mind

  1.  Get the right resources.

This is what happens after choosing your environment. Do you know how to use the resources that the universe has put at your disposal? Both capital and human resources are equally important.

Go beyond business with your customers and go beyond trade. Cultivate this friendship and you will retain them longer as you continue to dutifully serve them. The secret to wealth creation is now out! Your customers are the people whom you assume do know about your business yet you have not told them. Co-exist first with the people in your environment and then beyond.

You are a King or a Queen who wants to create more allies instead of enemies. There were intermarriages between different kingdoms for this reason – building the relationships that matter. The Universe brings people your way who will help you build your kingdom of wealth. You have to retain them and connect with many others.

  1.  Remove spiritual obstacles.

Spiritual obstacles are threats to your kingdom. You must neutralize these traits. Going back to the choice of your environment, it is strategic to help you remove spiritual obstacles that threaten the prosperity of your kingdom. Nip dissent in the bud before it is too late a revolution collapses your Kingdom.

The Universe has given us free will to make choices that we shall live with their consequences. As a ruler,  letting other people shout you down in your kingdom will make you a lame duck. Obstacles of discouragement can ruin the good plan you have for your business.

Learn how has the universe dealt with dissent. Those who oppose nature and instead of letting it thrive do deforestation face the wrath of the climate. Those who build their houses along water paths get carried away by floods for obstructing nature. This is how you should treat threats in your kingdom. Wealth sticks where it is protected and runs away from where it is threatened.

spiritual awakening

  1. Expand your knowledge.

Indeed, knowledge is light. You cannot hide knowledge where there is ignorance. Building a kingdom is not a little task. You need all the knowledge and expertise possible. Start by learning from the history of other kingdoms of wealth. It will help you not to repeat the mistakes they committed.

Nature is an excellent teacher. Your knowledge of spirituality is like a management course to a manager – very important. Be knowledgeable in your skill. Know it inside out, upside down, and even sideways. If you are a doctor, be the best and have the best tools of the trade. If you are an accountant, know all accounting principles and have math at your fingertips. Even as a salesman, know the products you are selling and answer every question a customer may ask you.

Refuse to be ordinary and stand out in what you do to bring you income. Being extremely good at your skill will make you sellable and earn you more revenue. Just see how the Universe is a master at everything!

  1.  Be as generous as the Universe.

Wealth is not acquired by keeping everything to yourself. Nature is generous with favorable weather for everybody (both the good and the bad). It gifts its fruits to those who tend orchards and fruit trees. Even wild animals who did nothing to deserve these sweet fruits still get a taste. Look at the wonderful monkeys! Borrow a leaf from nature and be generous to a good cause.

We often succeed not because of our good actions but because of the prayers of other people whom we touched through our generosity. The Universe remembers us for their sake and blesses us so that we may keep on blessing others.

Finally, every Kingdom has rules. Have rules as you are building your kingdom of wealth. This promotes discipline and will help you remain on track without focusing on non-issues. A King or Queen is ruthlessly focused.

Observe how focused the King of the jungle is when hunting. This is yet another lesson from Nature about building a Kingdom. If you are ready for what lies ahead, limitless labs is specifically here for you. Learn how to build your kingdom of wealth from the experts. Limited slots are available.

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Creating your Energy in the Universe

What is your energy?

Every living thing has its energy. Whether plants, animals, or the universe, each one of them emits energy to its environment. Much of this goes unnoticed but it never stops, not even once.

The universe works round the clock to sustain life. The existence of nature is not automatic or accidental. The universe is responsible for it. Self-awareness begins with knowing the energy you emit to your immediate environment. Your energy is your vibe. Is it good or bad? Other people identify us with our vibe. You can be the fun guy to hang around with, the serious one, the pessimist, or the optimist. You have an opportunity to choose your energy and by extension your impact on those around you.

The story of the blind men and the elephant.

The universe has different forms of energy that apply differently to other people. It is like the story of the six blind men who touched an elephant and were told to explain what it looks like.

The first one touched the side of an elephant and he opined that an elephant is like a wall.

The second touched the tusk. He disagreed with the first one and said that an elephant is like a spear – round, smooth, and sharp.

The third man touched the trunk of the elephant. He wondered why the other two had got it all wrong! He said that the elephant is like a snake.

The fourth man touched the legs of the elephant. He said that an elephant is like a big, round, tall tree.

The fifth man was very tall and he touched the ear of the elephant. Wondering what was wrong with his friends, he said that an elephant is like a big fan.

The sixth man touched the elephant’s tail. He claimed that an elephant is like a rope.

All the six blind men touched the same elephant but had different opinions of what an elephant looked like. The same is true with the energy of the universe. It has different forms of energy on different people on a case-to-case basis. The energy you create and spread to the universe contributes to how nature treats you in return.

Here is how you can create the right energy:

  1. Hanging in the right company.

You are the average of your five friends. Quick mathematics here – if your five friends are business people then you will be the sixth business person, if they gamble and do betting then you will be the sixth gambler, if they are pessimists then you will be the next pessimist in the fold, and also if they are readers then you will be the sixth reader.

This is how the law of average operates in the universe. You are not immune from the influence of the company of your friends. Your vibe majorly depends on the type of people you associate with. When you get it right here, the universe will give you back only good vibes. Talking of reaping what you sow.


  1.  Commit to your mission.

Everyone has a mental picture of how they want to be in the future. But it is only the universe that has all these cards up its chest and it can choose to put only the good cards on the table. Commit to your purpose and put all your energy there. You will come off as devoted and nature shall devote itself to you too. You can only create the energy of devotion through your commitment to service. Service is at the center of humanity.

  1.  Build your reputation.

It takes a long time to build your character and it can be ruined within minutes. Your reputation is the first thing that comes to the minds of people when your name is mentioned. Feelings and emotions stick like glue in people’s memory, especially the negative ones. You can create positive energy by building your reputation. It precedes you wherever you go. The energy of good character pushes away bad energy and saves you a lot of trouble.

  1.  Be in touch with the real world.

In an effort to be many things and a perfect person, you may end up living in fantasy. The energy you create when living this kind of lifestyle is not real. You may end up disappointed when things do not go your way. Real attracts real and fake attracts its equal match. The universe gives back to you the same energy you give it. Do not keep things to yourself.

Mingle with other people and be friendly with strangers. Real-life experience will teach you things you cannot learn in a classroom. The universe can be that classroom.

  1.  Be flexible to changes in your environment.

Your environment directly affects the energy you emit. This makes it important to be mindful of your environment. A lot of things happen around you and they can negatively affect your energy if you remain rigid. Be flexible to accommodate changes in your plan without locking yourself up in a cell. Even when things do not go according to plan, take the new changes with grace. Flexibility will make you stand tall even when people expected you to be at your worst.

  1.  Be transformed in your mind.

Transformation of the mind is important when creating your energy in the universe. Unless your mind conceives good vibes and nurtures a positive attitude, you may be disappointed at abrupt turn of events. The mind is the primary source of your energy. You should protect it as you do your reputation. Set smaller goals and work to fulfill them. This will build the energy of determination and willingness to succeed. Sometimes all you need is a new mentality to create the right energy.

The power of your energy in the universe is your unique identity. Choose to be identified by the right energy. Creating your energy includes channeling all negative energy to a better cause. You only have to focus on the right thing and your energy follows. Under the right guidance, you can be the man or woman of the day. Let me show you how to do that in our program, limitless labs.

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