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October 2022

Four Ways to Get an Overflow of your Cup

The tipping point.

There reaches a time in a person’s life when you decide to make drastic decisions. This is the tipping point that determines the direction your life will take. All this happens under the watchful eye of the master universe.

Consider a person pouring water into a cup from a jug. The cup will eventually be full and water will overflow. Then what next? The cup can now hold no more water yet some more remains in the jug. This is the same thing that happens in our lives.

Our lives are the cups and the universe is the jug. When it pours its blessings on us, it will eventually reach a point where the cup can hold no more yet the jug still has more water. We still want the blessings of the universe, don’t we? Yet your cup is the only reason why you cannot receive more.

An overflowing cup…

A cup can overflow with whatever it is being filled with for several reasons. Either it is small, there was unanticipated abundance, or you were altogether absent-minded to prevent the overflow.

Life is the cup and it can overflow with either blessing from the universe or punishment from Karma. From the beginning, the universe has always wished you well, even in your most difficult moments. It is your bad actions that eventually catch up with you and karma fills your cup with rightfully-deserved punishment.

We need to attract the universe to fill our cups with blessings for this is our portion as her children. After all, who wishes bad luck on her children?

There are many inequalities in our lives. Some of them favor us while others do not. Some people have bigger cups than yours while others happen to be at the right place, at the right time, and doing the right thing.

What if I told you that there is a way you can also have an overflowing cup of blessings? The universe holds its cards closer to its chest but you can learn a thing or two from experience.

  1.  Ensure your cup is not broken.

A broken cup will disappoint you because it cannot hold enough of anything. Instead, water just passes through it as it pours to the ground. Furthermore, a broken cup is unpresentable. It damages your self-esteem and confidence. There is not so much the universe can do for you if you have a broken cup. Even if it pours its blessings into it, it cannot keep it a minute longer.

Nature wants you to fix your cup first so that it can fill it with blessings, to the point of overflow. There is no need of buying a new one, just mend the one you currently have. The starting point is establishing a good relationship with people. Life is interdependent; you need them as much as they need you. Do not burn bridges with them because the universe might use the same people as channels of blessings. Without them, your cup is porous.

A good relationship with people is not established overnight. It is a continuous daily duty. When you finally present your cup to the universe, it does not even have a single crack. Only then can you be assured of an overflow of your cup with blessings.

  1.  Tap into the source itself.

Although both the sun and moon are natural sources of light, they are not equal. One gives its light while the other one reflects from the main source. It probably explains the reason there are many lunar eclipses. It’s laughable, right? This is how nature has positioned the heavenly bodies that have been there since time immemorial. Behold the science of the universe!

To finally have an overflow of your cup with blessings of the universe, adapt the science of the universe. Tap your energy from the source itself – nature. Your cup will forever be full, even when others hardly get enough. Connect with nature by being a champion against climate change caused by destructive human activities. When nature identifies you as her defendant, you have won an eternal advocate.

The sustainer of life and provider of all provisions shall forever overflow your cup with its abundance.

  1.  Find a bigger cup.

A bigger plate, a bigger cup, and an even bigger cooking pot are ways to ensure you have enough.

Abundance is measured by how much you can accommodate. An overflow is significant if you have a bigger cup. How can you get one?

Adopt the culture of being accommodative. You will meet with different people from diverse cultures and some of them will be instrumental as agents of nature. Do not dismiss them as inconsequential.

When nature observes your tolerance and how you accommodate strangers, it rewards you with a bigger cup. It is to encourage you to continue being nice to strangers, compassionate to the less fortunate, and kind to everyone. Your noble actions will grant you the reward of a bigger cup.

  1.  “It is possible…”

The battle is either won or lost in the mind. What happens thereafter is only a manifestation of what was already decided by the mind. Before you have an overflow of your cup, it will first have to be half-full, then full, and thereafter an overflow. Many discouraging voices will show you the impossibility of having your cup half-full. You will be dissuaded from thinking about abundance because either the economy is not good, there is market apathy, there is a high risk involved, and many other similar reasons.

Do not look at the negative. There is abundance where there is scarcity and you will succeed where others failed. This kind of thinking will attract the universe to you and fill your cup with its blessings. Nature needs more people who will say that thorns have roses, not roses having thorns.

It is always possible until you give up. You can manifest an overflow of your cup and eventually live your dream life. All eyes are on you – what do you choose? 

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The Four Promises of the Universe on your Future

The value of a promise.

We expect a promise to be binding and unbreakable by all means. A promise is a commitment that people make to show that they are serious about what they are engaging you in. People have high expectations about promises and they will hold on to them to the end with the hope that they will be fulfilled. To some, it eventually works out while others are not so lucky to see the fulfillment of the promises made to them.

There are things that you consider when someone makes a promise to you.

The first one is the subject matter. It is easy to believe in some promises and at the same time difficult to believe in others. They sound like fantasies that are only possible in a fairyland, not in the world as we know it.

The second thing to consider is who is the person making the promise. Some people are believable while others are not trustworthy. There are several examples of promises that people make. It could be a marriage proposal, a promise of a gift, a friendship promise, or a meet-up promise.

There are expectations that we have from the promise makers. That they will either eventually marry us, gift us, remain our friends forever, or meet with us as they promised. Everybody appreciates fulfilled promises and does not wish that they are unfulfilled.

This is Nature’s promise…

Did you know that there are promises from the universe?

What is the value of the universe’s promise?

Nature and the universe are good promise-keepers. We have seen the fulfillment of the universe’s promises to people we know throughout our lifetime. It never defaults on its promises. Here are some of them:

  1.  “I want you to be happy.”

How many people do you know who genuinely want you to be happy? Now you know that the universe is one of those who want to see your happiness.

Different things make different people happy and nature is not in short supply of them. There is a calm environment where you can take a walk and enjoy its shade. If you love water, then you can go swimming at the coast’s beaches and bask in the morning sun.

If you love heights, you can go hiking in mountains and reach the peak to enjoy the beautiful sights. If you love wildlife, there are plenty of them reserved in national and game parks.

Happiness lies everywhere in nature; identify yours today. There is no shortage. The universe has provided all of them for you to choose from. Someone who wishes you happiness and promises to make you happy should be your best friend. Especially if they never default on their promises.

Happiness is nature’s first promise to you.

  1.  “How are you doing today?”

People often ask us how we are doing but hardly do we take them seriously. The universe is promising to be genuinely concerned about you. He is asking you today, “How are you doing, my friend?” His genuine concern for you is everlasting. This is why nature will give you food in natural fruits, vegetables, and cereals. You only have to make the effort of stretching your hand to get the food.

Through little work effort, nature will give you its food. Again, nature cares about your rest and wants you to be always in good form. Your body automatically shuts down at night when it is time to rest, or sometimes even during the day. Nature grants you rest in the form of sleep, daily for the rest of your life. He keeps the promise of always minding how you are doing and ensures that you are in good form.

To keep you well is nature’s second promise to you.

  1.  “I love you.”

You can now add one more name to the list of people who love you – the universe. Even when things get difficult, the universe constantly expresses His love for you and promises to continue loving you into the future.

Nature’s love for you is unconditional; whether or not you are financially stable or have many friends, He will always show up for you. The universe has assigned you a guardian Angel to protect you. He reveals all evil plans planned against you and you can wisely calculate your next steps. More so, nature sustains your life by giving you a free constant supply of fresh air.

There is nothing you have to do to reciprocate the universe’s love, but if you do, the better. Most people would love you if there is something in it for them, but not the universe. 

Loving you is nature’s third promise to you.

  1.  “I will take care of you.”

While we cannot be very sure about everything, one thing is certain – the universe will take care of you. The sustainer of life and provider of needs is the universe. You are part of it and that is why you will not be left behind. There is always someone who will stand in the gap to lift you when you stumble or to support you when you are weak.

The universe puts different people in your life for various reasons but the main one is to take care of you. Further, it could be that these people do not even know each other yet all of them are concerned about you. This is the miracle of the universe. One perfect example is how the flowers in the garden grow. Even without anyone tending to them, they blossom into beautiful flowers.

Nature commands bees to come to pollinate the flowers, sends a little rain to fall on them, and finally, we have the most beautiful flowers in the garden. If nature takes care of the not-so-much-important garden flowers, how much more will it take care of you?

The future is bright for you. Do not focus on your neediness or anything that is beyond your control. By grace, the abundance of the universe is also your portion. 

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The Four Lights of the Universe

The gift of light.

You can never truly appreciate light until you are in darkness. The dark robs you of the gift of light and you guess your way around while fully trusting in your instincts. The world of darkness is insecure and is honestly not the best place to be. It probably explains why many people are always looking forward to the morning when it is nighttime.

There is another form of darkness worse than physical darkness. It is a spiritual darkness. Life gets difficult when you are in this darkness. Blessed is the universe for the gift of light. It marks the beginning of a meaningful life.

You could use natural or artificial sources of light to shine light into darkness and find your way around. The choice of what source of light to use is yours provided that it serves the purpose of bringing light into the dark place. A torch, electric light, and gas or fuel lamps are all sources of light. Their light displaces darkness. They never co-exist.

The universe also has different sources of light that you can use to shine light into your darkness. “Let there be light! And behold there was light!” This is the voice of the universe.

Sources of light from the universe.

For personal reasons, you can decide which source of light to use. The universe has both physical and spiritual sources of light. They are all meant to serve humanity and guide us into freedom. The sun rules the day and is the main source of light during the daytime. The moon and stars take charge of the night to provide light.

Given that the physical world borrows a lot from the spirituality of the universe, there are divine sources of light that will shine eternal light into the darkness that you find yourself in. This is the knowledge that nature wants you to own and you will transform your life to become the heaven you have always wanted.

  1. Your guardian Angel.

 The universe has assigned you a guardian Angel to protect you. He silently shepherds your life in the right direction away from spiritual “crime scenes” so that you do not get into trouble. A spiritual crime scene is where other people have defiled the universe. The universe is working out punishment for their sins. You attract punishment from it when you interfere with such a crime scene.

It is the work of your guardian Angel to guide you out of such places and keep you safe. Without his guidance, you would be trapped in deep trouble. Your spiritual watcher is the divine spiritual light in your life.

How would you identify him? He whispers when instructing us in the way that we should go. His voice is calm and authoritative. You can easily dismiss his voice because he is not very convincing and mistake it for your stray thoughts. Pay attention to this light from the universe.

  1. Faith.

One of the most powerful lights is the hunting torch. It is mainly used for hunting because it makes you see in the dark bushes where you may have set a trap for your prey. When you shine this torch, bad animals run to hide because they consider you a threat. It is only your catch who cannot run away. Consider this hunting torch gifted to you by the universe to be your faith. This light helps you to focus on what you are believing to get from the universe. It could be your dream job, your house, or even your soul mate.

The universe wants you to use this light to look for what you want and you will eventually get it. The answer to your prayers will be trapped in your trap and you will secure it for yourself. What you have not put your faith in does not get trapped in your hunting trap. It escapes as other small animals do when you shine your hunting torch. This is the blessing of the universe to everyone who uses the light of faith.

  1. Innovative thoughts.

Sometimes, the universe brings some thoughts to your mind and they strike you as very amazing ideas you have never considered before. This wave of fresh ideas is light from the universe to light your thoughts. Nature wants you to think of what is not so common yet often overlooked. The answer sometimes lies in the most undervalued places and this is why you need this divine guidance.

What light does is make you see what is around you. You can thereafter know what to accept and what to reject. Great innovations first started as simple thoughts then the innovators started thinking about how to advance them. Consider the example of the first airplane. The Wright brothers must have had the idea of an airplane from birds of the air. They imagined how they could fly as birds do and behold, we can now fly across the whole world!

How many thoughts have you had yet you overlooked them? It is time to pay attention to this light from the universe and you will contribute to making the world a better place.

  1. Your instincts.

It is normal to have unexplainable feelings about the unknown, both good and bad. You could catch a bad feeling about something that is yet to happen and it eventually happens just the way you had anticipated. This does not make you evil in any way. It was communication from the universe about what was to come.


Please pay attention to your instincts and what your spirit is telling you even if you do not have proof just yet. Your instinct is light from the universe to warn you about something bad or sometimes prepare you to receive something good. Whichever way it happens; you should receive this divine lamp from the universe wholeheartedly.

The four lights of the universe are the compass direction to guide us through the present life. The universe uses them to communicate to us that we may finally manifest both physical and spiritual nourishment

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The Deep Pockets of Nature

The science of deep pockets.

Having deep pockets is the ability to afford something at very high prices and remain unmoved by it. This is especially the situation presented in the world. Soaring inflation and scarcity of basic commodities have made us dig deep in our pockets for basic survival. There are a lot of things that we have been pushed to the wall to do by existing situations.

The universe is looking out for us and wants us to follow its example of how it has survived throughout generations. Many people have resorted to different solutions to get the status of deep pockets like nature. Some choose to work for long hours, others choose to be rogue (unfortunately), others decide to be beggars, and the last group chooses to suffer in silence.

While at it, nature wants you to know that this is not what he chooses for you. He wants you to live a fulfilling life and be able to afford the bare minimum

The first step.

To comfortably walk with someone, you first need to agree. Thereafter, you can walk towards the same goal. Similarly, you need to read on the same page with nature if you want to walk with him to financial freedom. While sticking to the universe’s routine, there are things that you must urgently do to start the walk to financial freedom.

  1. Complete devotion.

There is no single day that the sun has failed to rise or the wind did not blow, even just a little. Even when it is cloudy, the sun is always up in the sky but hidden by thick clouds.

We do not enjoy its light or heat because it is hidden from us by clouds, not because it failed to show up. This is an indication of the universe’s devotion. How devoted are you to what you do? It does not matter whether the business environment is unfavorable or there are new challenges that have popped up your way.

Adopt the devotion style of the universe. It rewards effort and commitment with money. This is the beginning of financial liberation. It is almost automatic that there is light at dawn break and the moon disappears to give way to stronger natural light.

Likewise, when you always show up in your business or work without being held back by challenges, they will eventually disappear to give way to a stronger light – you. Money speaks the language of devotion. Are you devoted?

  1. Compassion.

To be compassionate is to care and look with sympathy to those to whom life has been unkind. There should be humanity in business and any kind of work that you do. Anything that falls short of it is punished by nature by way of missing the reward. Consider the generosity of the universe – everyone gets free breathing air without paying for it. If nature were to monetize this gift for just a dollar per day, how wealthy could it be? Or even still, how many people could afford it?

Adopt the compassion of nature in your work and you will be rewarded with more money. Generosity to others is like a loan to nature and it shall repay you in due time. Do not exploit those in need of a commodity because you are in a position to do it. Instead, strike a balance between business and compassion.

The Universe will love you for it and see to it you remain in business for longer so that you may continue being a blessing. Are you compassionate?

  1. Patience.

Guilty as charged! Many people are caught up in wanting to get instant results. It was not the case before but it eventually became like this with the evolution of technology. Gradually, the humanity of people has been washed away and replaced by the desire to make instant money whether genuinely or not. They say that the end justifies the means.


Look at nature and how it has been able to survive for hundreds of generations. Everything in the universe is controlled by fate and destiny. In the universe’s wisdom, some things happen at their appointed time and not a minute earlier. What you can do is align yourself with the universe’s destiny for you. One thing is certain – your destiny is beautiful. You only ruin it when you want “instant” results. You will get the money you are working so hard for. You will even get the riches that you are working tirelessly for. Would you please practice a little patience as nature does?

  1. The courage to be persistent.

Some of the most celebrated forms of nature are wildlife. Among them is the lion – one of the big five animals found mostly in Africa. Why is he the King of the jungle? There are other bigger animals like the elephant but they are not the Kings of the jungle. Nature chooses the lion and it is so to date. It is because of the courage of the lion. A lioness (the fearless hunter) could not be stronger than a buffalo but she will still gang up with other lionesses to hunt one buffalo. This is courage.

Most people give up without attempting what they think is good for them. They quit the race before it even starts. This is unfortunate. Take the example of nature’s King and have the courage to climb mountains and cross rivers as you work for your money. Be fearless and your reward of money is waiting for you on the other side. The universe loves courageous people because they prove that they will not quit even when it looks impossible to other people. Are you courageous?

Nature has deep pockets for riches and even deeper ones for the love of humanity. Financial independence is the reason for the existence of many companies and businesses in the world. Learning how the universe has managed to survive for many generations will be useful because you will follow suit and develop the right money attachment styles.  

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Discovering the Universe’s Money Patterns

Discovery of patterns.

The first time most of us learned about patterns must have been in pre-school. We were beginning to learn how to read and write and our hands had to first know how to draw patterns before anything else. The excitement of learning how to draw new patterns daily and coloring them had some level of joy that is not explainable.

Pre-school was in our early childhood, mostly before the age of six years. Why was it necessary to learn about patterns at such an early age? It is not only because the education curriculum demanded so but also because we need to apply the knowledge of patterns in our daily life in adulthood. Hardly did any of us know about this at the time.

A new pattern lesson.

Now that patterns are not anything new to you, the universe wants to open your eyes to a new life lesson – money patterns. Almost everything that people do is driven by the need to earn money. If it were not the case, many people could not be working hard as they do today.

Nature knows this and it does not want its children to be depressed by their needs and lack of money. Just like a rich father does not want to see his son lack anything that he can provide, so does nature not want to see you struggle with earning money. As much as you do your best, you can use some help from your father, the universe. Even in higher education, people learn about business and wealth creation.

Money is the backbone of world economies and this is why you also need to be in line with it so that you may not be left out.

These are some of the universe’s money patterns:

  1. Money rewards effort.

It is not what you do that counts the most but rather the effort that you keep. Other people have the same qualities as you do so why would you attract more money than them? Nature looks at your effort and how you apply it in search of money. Your effort should be both spiritual and mental. Gone are the days when you had to rely solely on physical strength.

Presently, even the physically weak can earn twice what the strong do. Put your mind on what you do to transform people’s lives. Many existing challenges need answers and people would pay with an arm and leg to get solutions. This is a chance that nature is giving you to serve humanity and make money while at it. Your work should be customer centered not profit-centered. This will ensure you lock out greed from your business and your business empire expands.

The value for money is what everyone is looking for and nature fully supports this. Anything else apart from this is a fraud that the universe does not condone.

  1. Knowing the right people.

The universe has put the right people on your way to help you climb the ladder of success. They are men and women who will help you earn an extra dollar. The missing piece of the puzzle is that most people do not know about these agents of the universe and they struggle alone. It gets twice as hard for them yet it was not supposed to. How can you identify them? There are times when you would start up something and attract “magic customers” who will love your products or services and ask you where you were all this while because you are exactly who they needed for business.

How useful is a mobile phone without network coverage? Similarly, you will struggle to do business without knowing and meeting the right people. They are the oil that greases your machine. Meeting them is the universe’s blessing. The pattern of often meeting the right people lies in knowing your business environment and what serves them well. They are the people that nature wants to fund your business. Start something today!

  1. Generational riches.

We all know of people who were born with a silver spoon and life has never been hard on them. The universe wants to teach us something important – money attracts money. This is the reason why almost everything that they do will automatically succeed. Nature does not want you to fight generational riches because it is its blessing. This is a money pattern that you should attach yourself to.

Associate with people with generational riches and you will learn a thing or two. The little trees that grow in the shade of a big tree enjoy its good shade, unlike the ones that stand alone out in the open. Cutting the big tree will affect the many more that depend on it. When you spot the money pattern of generational riches, go under the big tree. There is a shade for you.

  1. The gold mining theory.

Gold mining is one of the most tedious mining processes ever because it is not found near the surface of the earth. Miners go through a lot of trouble to extract gold and then refine it before putting it up for sale at very high prices. Money is similarly precious as gold is.

Getting money from the universe is like mining gold. Good money is hidden in business tricks that you can only learn through experience. You are close to getting money when you are almost giving up. When it is more difficult to mine, they do not give up because gold is closer. Take up the courage and continue to work for your money, in rain and sunshine.

  1. An abundance mindset.

Another money pattern is an abundance mindset. It is when you do not focus on its scarcity but its availability because you have faith that the universe shall provide for you. Associate with people with an abundance mindset because there is where nature shall give provision. Attach yourself to this money pattern and money shall identify itself with you.

The reason for the lack of financial independence could be that you are looking in the wrong direction. The universe is showing you its money patterns. Focus on them and you shall have an abundance.

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The Art of Money Seduction

Sweet talk your way through.

Seduction remains one of the oldest weapons to wage war and conquer battles. It can get you closer to places, people, or things that you never thought were possible. Ever heard that the pen is mightier than the sword?

There is now a new phrase in town – it pays to have a sweet tongue if you do not have money in your pocket. Nature has taught us that money and a sweet tongue are not mutually exclusive. For the first time, you can now eat your cake and have it!

Seduction begins with genuine intentions toward a subject matter. Do you genuinely like a lady? Please approach her. Do you like the money? Approach the custodian of all wealth – the Universe.

It is natural to seduce your way through what you desire so that you may eventually have it. It is not always true that you need to have a good job and a flourishing business for you to have a lot of money. You can as well seduce your way through the Universe’s bank of money.

The fruits of money.

The Universe has put a lot of power in money and the things that it can do. Money can solve half the world’s problems! You can buy your dream car, build your dream house, go on vacation with your family, pay fees in the best schools for your children, and buy anything that you would ever want. A lot of power has been delegated to money by the Universe and nature wants to give it to you today.

This is the art of money seduction:

  1.  The foundation.

To successfully seduce the universe to get access to its banks, you will need to get things right from the word go. The foundation of seduction is the right attitude. View money through its positive lenses and acknowledge the good that it has done. You are clothed, sheltered, and educated by money. Other many things are presently in your life courtesy of it. It may not be enough to the level you would have wanted but nature made it possible for your needs to be taken care of.

Seduction is a mind game and your mind cannot be compromised by any negativity about money and at the same time plan to seduce the universe for the same.

  1.  Purify your intentions.

After conceiving the right attitude, it is time to purify your intentions so that you may be on the same side as the universe – the custodian of money. While wearing the shoe of the one being seduced, would you accept the advances of someone with ill motives about you? Or maybe someone who only sees you as a means to the end? Similarly, your advances may be turned down if you seduce the universe with unpurified intentions. Why do you want nature to bless you with money by opening up your income channels?

Let it be for worthy reasons like being able to afford a decent lifestyle for yourself and your family or supporting good charitable causes to put a smile on other people’s faces. This will make nature opens its divine doors for you and command money to follow you the way doves feed on grains. What blessing!

  1.  Have a solid plan.

Financial institutions like banks must have borrowed a leaf from the ancient teacher – the universe– on how money operates. The art of money seduction is beyond sweet words. You have to prove your intentions beyond words on what you plan to do with the money you wish to have. Given that the universe does not have a physical office where you will walk into while armed with financial statements and business plans to show cause why you need the money, there are other avenues for the same.

Albeit silently, nature is investigating what you plan to do with the money you are bidding for. Would you work with a new business partner if they had not convinced you of their business plan? This is the reason why you need to have a plan for the money you need from the Universe’s bank.

  1.  Avoid sideshows.

Masters of seduction are straight to the point. They are bold and put on a straight face as they give their propositions. Avoid side shows when seeking permission from the universe to do business.

Permission? What permission?

The success or lack of it of any business is highly dependent on market forces. The target market is a variable that nature can control. With its permission, business will be good.

You can seek permission from the universe by focusing your business on solving an existing problem. You will be amazed at how the money will find its way into your account without much effort. You should only know how to do the right thing.

  1.  Learn the way of money.

Way of money is a necessary skill, especially in the art of seduction. It is like a compulsory subject in college – you have zero options but to do it.

What is the way of money?

Money is a currency that should not be hoarded the way some do with high-demand products. It should be left to circulate freely. You would not want a partner who would limit your social space, would you? The seducer must guarantee the one being seduced of their freedom to maintain their identity. With money, identity is circulation.

When you learn to use money to get more money, life becomes easier for you. Behold, you now have the “power to multiply” money! How does it feel to be a superhuman?

  1.  Bond with money.

You take care of what you love. This includes money. If you love money (reasonably and rationally), then money will love you back. You will be safe from fraud and your money will work for you; not you working for the money.

Do not abuse money and it will be faithful to you. Avoid money laundering and pyramid schemes. The universe will punish you by denying you the same thing that you are looking for. Bonding well with money is by earning it the legal way.

You can build a better relationship with money and it shall stay in your circle for as long as you abide by the rules. The art of money seduction guarantees improved finances and a fulfilled life. 

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