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December 2022

spiritual growth

The ABC of Spiritual Growth

The learning curve.

The French have a saying – c’est facile comme bonjour. This is loosely translated to mean – as easy as hello. The English have theirs too – as easy as ABC. Both languages are saying the same thing – emphasis on how easy something can be. This is how simple spirituality can be. You can move from zero to the infinite knowledge of spirituality.

Understanding the invisible operations in the spiritual realm will make you a master of the physical realm. Everything that happens in the physical begins from the spiritual. Those who have mastered their spirituality (and get it right) wield a lot of power and influence over many others who have no clue about it.

A spiritual master is like a driver of a trailer or those big cars we see on the road. They do not use much energy to drive. They only swerve the steering wheel to the right or left and the car, no matter how big, obeys. Drivers can take the car wherever they want to without breaking a sweat. In spirituality matters, it is your growth that will make your physical life move smoothly. Other people will admire how you managed to succeed where others failed.

To attain mastery, there are various stages in spiritual growth. They include:

  1. Infancy stage.

The age of an infant is between one day and at least two years. They are very beautiful babies who know nothing about the world they have just been brought into. An infant does not know how to communicate, walk, feed, or do anything for himself. They entirely depend on the help of the parent or guardian. The only means of communication for an infant is crying. The caregiver will have to figure out what is wrong with the young one.

Similarly, there is an infancy stage in spirituality. This is when you do not know anything and entirely depend on your spiritual authority for almost everything. Spiritual infants need to accept the guidance of mature people for them to be nurtured and become responsible people.

Are you a spiritual infant? If you are, accept spiritual guidance from more mature people and your infancy period will be an easy one.

  1. Early childhood.

This stage is mostly between the ages of 2 and 5 years. This child has started knowing about his environment and identifying his parent(s) or guardian. At this stage, the child is encouraged to stand up alone. The parent can help him stand up and guide him through walking a few steps then leave him to walk alone. This training helps the child finally learn how to stand up and walk alone without any help.

The spiritual early childhood phase is the same as the growth of a child at this stage. Your spiritual authority helps you to stand on your feet alone and walk with minimal supervision. All this while, he will be at a safe distance to come to your rescue if you fall. You are yet to fully explore your spirituality but you at least know your identity.

In this stage of early childhood, be encouraged to stand on your two feet alone. This is significant in expressing the new spiritual identity that you have just discovered.

  1. Junior childhood.

This is the stage where the child can begin formal education. He can now walk alone and say his name when he is asked to. He can say when he is hungry or thirsty and he has outgrown his crying acts during infancy. The brain of this child can accommodate new skills taught at school.

Spiritual junior childhood is significant because you can now learn principles on how to sustain your spiritual life in ways that will directly affect your physical one.

In this stage of junior childhood, do not be afraid to learn all new things you can about spirituality from your spiritual authority.

  1. Pre-teenage.

Pre-teenage is an age of curiosity. The child is thrilled by everything around him and he wants to find out. It is a continuation of the learning stage in junior childhood. A child in pre-teen wants to try out every new thing without supervision. You should be extra vigilant.

Spiritual pre-teenage is filled with curiosity and in some, rebellion. At this spiritual age, you tend to want to do things your way without the supervision of your spiritual authority. While it is good to be independent, it is likewise dangerous to rebel because bad karma will catch up with you and make you pay dearly.

Spiritual pre-teenage is a delicate phase. Be obedient to your spiritual authority as you prepare to usher the teenage stage.

  1. Teenage.

Almost everyone remembers their teenage years. The fact that you are neither a child nor an adult brings more confusion. It is a make-or-break phase. It shapes your adulthood in many ways. Teenagers should be handled very carefully to nurture them into responsible adulthood.

Spiritual teenagers are very spontaneous. They are mostly irrational. It is difficult to predict spiritual teenagers. One minute you may be talking to an adult and the next you are dealing with a child, or far worse, an infant.

Does this stage currently describe your spiritual growth stage? You are in the making of a very responsible adult. Avoid anything that will make you emotional and act out of it. Seek the counsel of a spiritual adult to guide you in making major decisions.

  1. Youth.

The youth are now young adults. Their reasoning has now developed further beyond that of teenagers. They have some degree of maturity and can live independent lives free of close supervision. They are said to be the leaders of tomorrow for which they are.

Spiritual youth are more reasonable compared to the previous stages. They now understand the spiritual hierarchy and can make independent decisions. They are more outgoing and their greatest undoing is the wrong company of friends. They are a very important group in every society because of their vigor and energy.

Are you a spiritual youth? You have come a long way and are more knowledgeable than you were previously. You will notice that you are now a strong believer. Do not look back.

  1. Adulthood.

Adults are mature people who have seen it all. They are lucky to have a wealth of experience in matters of spirituality and have a lot to share on the same. An adult is a responsible person and many younger people (even adults) look up to him for guidance.

spiritual awakening

Spiritual adulthood is an age of resilience. Your faith is not shaken by anything that others would run away from. You know your identity and are bold about the universe’s rescue plans for you. In terms of decision-making, a spiritual adult is very calculative and very rational.

Do you recognize yourself as a spiritual adult? Voilà! You are now at the peak of spirituality. Use your expertise to be resourceful to many people and the universe shall repay you a hundredfold.

Sidebar: Although we have compared spiritual growth with the different physical growth stages, it is important to note that spiritual maturity is not pegged on the age factor. You can be an adult physically but a spiritual teenager. Likewise, you can be a youth physically but a spiritual adult.

The decision to invest in your spirituality is one of the best decisions you have ever made. Your spiritual growth expands your horizon infinitely. 

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Universe and money

Tightening your Bond with Money

The sticking glue.

Glue sticks where it is applied and to the extent that it is difficult to separate two items put together.  It is very useful and has now become part of the necessary stationery required in offices and schools. The universe has blessed everyone with diverse lifestyles for them to shape their lives as they wish. There are things you wish could stick to your life to the extent you become inseparable from them. We just love them too much to let go. The list of what you would want to stick to your life as glue does is a lengthy one.

Money, riches, fame, long life, and good health are the desires of most people. You and I want to bond with our fulfilled desires and enjoy its glory. We want a tighter bond even after we are finally at the top of the pyramid. May the Universe grant you your wishes today.

A living example.

The universe has set a good example for us as we consider bonding with our desires – money topping the list. Consider a mother-child bond. Their connection started way back before either of them saw the other. This connection develops during pregnancy and grows tenfold as childbirth draws nearer. The bonding between mother and infant is one of the greatest mysteries of nature we are yet to understand. Although we may not fully understand it, this bonding eventually proves worth the investment after childbirth. A beautiful family continues to develop out of a bond that started in a very small way.

Your bond with money and everything else that you desire can be developed and nurtured like the one of a mother and her infant. A tight bond with money is an eye-opener to how your future life looks like, with or without it.

The relevance of bonding.

Bonding with someone or something you love is very important. You choose to establish this bond because you have an interest in it even before you finally have it. In relationships, the bonding phase is the dating stage. It is a time to interact with the other person and get to know them closer.

This is a make-or-break phase. If you skip the bonding stage with money, your relationship with it may be short-lived because you have not had time to know each other well. This can happen in any relationship.

  1. It marks the beginning of a new understanding.

“The first time you meet someone is enough to know them. What remains thereafter is knowing about them.”

This statement is very true especially if you want to start a new bond or tighten an already existing one. Your dating stage with money is the foundation of your future relationship with it. For this reason, nature observes from a distance how you move on from there. You may win yourself a life partner or miss out on her. Allow yourself to understand money differently from how you did previously. There is a whole lifetime ahead of you both.

  1. You act from a point of knowledge.

Bonding gives you the chance to make informed decisions about something because you now know it better than you did before. As you bond with money, there are myths and misinformation which you can now correct and unlearn. All the decisions that follow will now be based on facts about money that you have personally established. This is growth.

  1. Your relationship grows stronger.

Creating bonding time with money will improve your relationship with it. You now know the do’s and don’ts if you want to continue your relationship. It is easier to break a relationship when the parties involved are yet to bond enough. Partners who have bonded sufficiently can stand up for each other and trust each other more to decide on a long-term relationship together.

What are the right buttons to push?

  1. Cultivate.

“Feed your focus and starve your fears. Whatever you feed, grows and whatever you starve, dies.”

This is the first button you have to push if you are seeking to tighten your bond with money. A good relationship with money is not automatic. You have to work for it. You do this by spending your money on the right things. Nature denies you the right to misuse money just because you own it. You have only been given the honor of having it at this time. Things can change in the next minute.

  1. Give only the best.

Money is a reward for solving an existing problem. What do you do to get it? The universe wants you to give only the best to its people. Put your best foot forward as if you are not trading with men but Angels. Offer your services in the market with the best intentions without any hidden motive. This transparency and honesty of heart are rare in most people. The universe picks up on it and widens your scope to reach more people. This is good karma working for you. The fame of your best services will precede you wherever you go and gates of more revenue open for you.

  1. Be the master and lord over money.

There is a risk of money ruling you with an iron fist if you are not careful. The history of dictators who ruled their countries with force may repeat itself in your relationship with money if it is not checked. The right button to push if you want to tighten your bond with money is staying on top of things. Your money should serve you and your primary goals. Failing to do this will loosen your bond with it. Direct your money to finance your plans not anything for short-term gain.

The bumpy ride.

Tightening your bond with money is not a walk in the park. It is a rough ride that is worth every effort you make. It is not impossible to meet the goals that most people have failed to in a very long time. What makes the whole difference is that you have finally unlocked the mystery key of money – the bonding effect. 

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Signals from the Universe for Answered Prayers

The long wait.

Are you familiar with the long wait for unanswered prayers? Time seems to have stopped momentarily and in your eyes, the universe has already conspired to reject your prayers. We believe that our prayers shall be answered when we pray sincerely. This is true. The power of prayer is undeniable. We are witnesses of the impossible happening and those rejected finally being favored. It is the universe’s miracle. Or how else shall we explain it?

The waiting duration is characterized by deep anxiety and worrying about whether our prayers shall be answered or it shall be another statistic of unanswered prayers. We are most fragile at this stage and can believe almost anyone who promises to work a miracle for us.

What are you praying for?

  1.       Good health.
  2.       Long life.
  3.       Money.
  4.       Wealth.
  5.       Abundance.
  6.       Happiness.

If your prayer item is not on this list, what could it be, my friend?

There is one surety – the universe faithfully answers all prayers done in good faith. He has to work out the impossible and restore your lost glory and happiness. When answers delay, most people are tempted to go astray in search of other alternatives. Regrettably, they may resort to taking matters into their hands. For you, chosen son/daughter, patiently wait for answers.

The joy of answered prayers.

Words fail me to paint the picture of the joy of answered prayers, especially when you were almost giving up. It is as if heaven has come down on earth and divinity has personally attended to your prayer requests. Your hope is fueled once more and it raises your faith to believe greater things. Welcome to the world of faith and possibilities!

During the waiting stage, some signals happen to indicate that the universe is just about to answer your prayers. Most of the time we are buried deep in worrying that we do not notice these subtle signs of hope. These are some of them:

  1. Inner peace.

The waiting stage is an anxious one. You will, however, notice that when you are closer to receiving answers, the universe fills your heart with divine peace. You cannot explain where it comes from but this is not a concern at the moment, you only want to enjoy this peace. It is such a beautiful experience worth every minute.


This is a sign that the universe has, in fact, already answered your prayers, you are only waiting for its manifestation. You now need to stop being overly concerned and focus on where the universe is leading you– thanksgiving. It is time to turn your prayers to thanksgiving for what is almost manifesting. You are not getting ahead of yourself but recognizing the work of the universe.

  1. Increased persecution.

It is normal to face increased persecution especially when you are close to receiving answers to your prayers. When you expect things to be calmer, the sea gets rougher. Again you are tossed back to anxiety and worry about the unknown. Some people even lose the faith in the process.

This is a sign that you are almost receiving positive answers to your prayers but you are being pushed further away from them. It is not a time to give everything up but now, more than ever, you need to remain firm in your faith. This is the true meaning of the saying that it is darkest before dawn. Just when the light of day is about to show up, darkness increases tenfold. It does not hold up for long because eventually, the sun will rise.

  1. Divine coordination.

Have you ever been in a situation where everything seems to be coordinating for or against you? Now, when the universe is almost answering your prayers, everything will work in your favor. This is divinity pulling the strings from behind the curtains. Strangers will show you kindness and favor and will locate you in unlikely places. Everything you plan will work out just the way you had intended and it will look too perfect to be real.

seed of love

Such perfect coordination is the work of divinity. It means that your prayers have been accepted directly. Therefore, your answers are as straight as your prayers were. Do not see it as a red flag but be thankful for receiving such unmerited favor before the universe.

  1. Abrupt frustration.

Have you experienced last-minute frustrations? Everything seemed to be going on perfectly until at the last minute when they start going wrong. These frustrations are coming your way to test your resilience of whether you can withstand pressure after your prayers are finally answered.

It mostly happens if your prayer item involves one that will attract a lot of external pressure. The universe is testing you for it. Are you prepared for your blessing? You should be because if not, then your answer will be withheld until you can manage it. Your level of preparedness will tell the universe that you are ripe for this blessing and your prayer will finally be answered.

  1. Miracle coincidences.

There are times when we face miracle coincidences. They are just at the perfect timing when you had not even thought about the next step. You had planned to do activity C sometime in the future and you forgot it. Coincidentally, activities A & B also happen next week and thereafter activity C falls in place automatically. What is the universe telling you?

While some coincidences are simply coincidences, some of them are not. Consider them as a divine guide directing you on what to prioritize. Answers to your prayers are around the corner. You have to turn right and left in the manner that they lead you and you will be at the doorstep of the answer to your long-awaited prayer item.

What do you do when you feel that the answers to your prayers are long overdue and you’re getting impatient? You have to watch out for these signals and interpret them accordingly. 

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Are you Ready for the Universe’s Spiritual Grooming?

Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

That cleanliness is next to Godliness is not in dispute. Although you may have heard it many times, it does not make it less true. Personal hygiene and the cleanliness of your environment matter a lot. It not only affects you but also the people around you. With hygiene comes good grooming. Dressing well, moisturizing, and some perfume with a nice fragrance will make everyone you meet want to stay with you longer. You will be more noticeable and visible even to other people. Do you need any motivation to be well-groomed? Here is why you should be:

  1. It makes you presentable.

Being smartly dressed and well-kept should be your daily goal. You need to look good for anyone to take you seriously. As you prepare for a job interview, an appointment with a client, or any business errand, always remember that how presentable you are will endear you to the other person. If this is about the physical aspect that other people can notice, how much more about spirituality? Being well-groomed spiritually is a bigger bonus. Your spirit becomes more presentable to the universe which then gives you a bigger platform to serve nature.

  1. It improves your self-image.

It is good when other people notice how smart you are but it is even better when you can feel good about it yourself first. Being smart boosts your confidence and gives you a sense of self-importance. You can speak boldly without any inferiority complex. This is how powerful physical grooming is. It is like having a new identity. Similarly, spiritual grooming not only makes you feel important but also proud of your identity. This is how you gain the freedom to explore your abilities and talents. They are your identity.

  1. It makes you fit in the necessary circles.

If you do not want to be groomed for the sake of yourself, then at least do it for the sake of the people that matter. We know what they say about birds of the same feathers, don’t we? They flock together. There is a dress code for different professions. Without any introduction, you will identify hospital staff (doctors, nurses, and lab technicians) with the lab coats they put on.

Likewise, you will know lawyers in court because of the barrister’s wig they wear. What is the acceptable dress code for your profession? I guess you already identify with it. Now, in the spiritual realm, there is a similar dress code. How you groom your spirit will help the universe connect you with the right people in your circle. For example, if you carelessly judge everyone for their wrongs, then the universe will connect you with a circle of people who are equally as judgmental as you are. One good turn deserves another, right?

Spiritual grooming.

In his wisdom, the universe grooms your spirit in preparedness for the future. It is uncertain and very scary if you are not prepared for it.

Consider spiritual grooming for your future like how you prepare yourself for an examination. Good preparedness gives you the confidence you need in the examination room and you will most likely pass compared to someone who was not prepared for it. The future is the examination you need to pass and the universe is grooming you for it. How so?

  1.  At a river.

The universe may choose to bathe you in a river. I don’t know what your experience is with rivers but it is surely very adventurous to bathe in one. You do not have to worry about a shortage of water. You can even swim in it and you will not finish the water. You can swim in the river for hours and no one will scold you for wasting water. There is an abundant supply of it.

The universe can groom you for the future by letting you experience abundance. There is a lot to learn in abundance, especially in self-discipline. The universe wants to train your spirit not to be wasteful of resources that you have an abundance of. Learn to be conservative and at the same time enjoy the beauty of abundance. This is a delicate but achievable balance. There is a lot of uncertainty for the future and your savings will come in handy.

  1.  At a desert oasis.

An oasis is a welcome spot for those traveling in deserts. It is unlike the rest of the region. There is water that you can drink; even for livestock if you have any. There is shade in an oasis that is also a good shelter for rest. This is how beautiful an oasis is. What happens when the universe decides to bathe you in an oasis – where there is a limited water supply against its many uses? You will have to deal with the scarcity and be very economical in how you spend water because you do not know how long it will take you to identify another one. There is no room for misuse.

The reason why the universe may want to groom you in an oasis is to let you experience scarcity. You will need to prioritize your needs and address the most urgent ones while you slowly tackle the rest. The future takes many forms and the best way that the universe can groom you for it is by letting you see the harsh side of things too.

A fair tutor.

The universe is a fair tutor who wishes you nothing but the best in your exams (the future). He will also be there to mark your work (assess your progress as you move into the future). On close observation, you will notice that the universe exposes you to both the river and desert oasis experiences. Life experiences happen in a predictable pattern – there is often an abundance before a scarcity. Do we have any right to complain about lack? Knowledge of our spirituality will help us solve life’s puzzles and make living more interesting yet adventurous. 

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Legalizing your Marriage to Money

The dream.

It is the dream of most people to settle down with the love of their lives. The thought of a happily-ever-after with your partner is attractive. We have heard and even witnessed beautiful success stories of marriages. We have equally heard of unsuccessful ones and it breaks our hearts more when it involves people closer to us. However, we still want to marry and share our lives with our partners, even after we are blessed with young ones.

But when does a marriage become legal? It is when you officiate and register it with the government. You are issued with a certificate that recognizes your marriage between two consenting adults. Thereafter, no one can oppose the legality of your marriage until either of you applies for a divorce.

Randomly asking married couples what made them enter into marriage will reveal a consistent trend – each sees a future in their partner. The sacrifices that the couple can make for one another are amazing. You want to see your partner happy and contribute to their success. Your life is majorly concerned with their well-being. This is how beautiful an ideal marriage is.

Sidebar: If you are married, how is your marriage experience? If you are yet to, do you wish you were?

The dream marriage.

If marriage to a human partner can be that amazing, how much more will it be with a partner that the universe has consented to? It is time you consider legalizing your marriage to money. A legal marriage with money will improve your relationship because you will now be tied to the hip with each other. Money has never been this good. It gets better when you explore the things that it can buy. A holiday in the Bahamas or a safari in Africa to see the big five of the jungle can be made possible with money. Although money is not an end in itself, it is a means to the end.

This is how you make your marriage to money official:

  1.     Know your spouse.

Marriage is a big step in life and before you consent to it, you have to know your partner well enough. Given that it is intended to be an everlasting union, avoid any mistakes while you still can.

Q: Who do you want to marry?

A: Money.

Q: Are you ready for marriage?

A: Yes.

Q: What does your partner (money) love?

A: She loves to be used.

Q: What does your partner (money) hate?

A: She hates to be misused.

This is the tip of the iceberg on how well you know your partner. Take time to study her as you consider how soon you want to legalize your marriage.

  1.     Know the family of your partner.

Just as it is with all marriages, you take time to know the family that your partner has come from.

Parents, siblings, their extended family, and close friends influence many things in the life of your partner. What family is your partner – money – coming from? This is what you need to know:

Money is created by the universe to live in the family of nature until the time when she finds her true love. They can then officially wed with the blessings of the universe. When you know the family of your spouse and they grant their approval for your marriage, there is no doubt that their blessings shall follow you.

  1.     Seek priestly blessings.

How about priestly blessings? The universe has double roles. It is the creator of money and the priest to officiate your legal marriage with her. Choosing to have a priest bless your marriage is one of the best decisions you can make, especially if you are religious.

You can tap ordained priestly blessings by using your money for divine causes. Be part of genuine charity, help the needy, or feed the hungry. You impress the universe by using your hard-earned money to show kindness to people who cannot repay you. The universe will entrust you with more money because of your empathy.

  1.     Protect your union.

It is probably only married couples who will understand the external pressure they face. There is pressure to have kids, to move to a new neighborhood, to gift your partner, and sometimes competition from other couples that you have to keep up with. All these are not meant to weaken your marriage but to make you bond more with each other.

Your marriage with money should not change your character. The universe is keen to see you retain your good initial habits. It will refuse to legalize your marriage if you show the slightest change in your behavior after you have money. The original plan is for money to help you accomplish your dreams, not to hijack them on the way. Like fire, money is a good servant, but a bad master.

  1.     Be faithful in dating even in marriage.

Faithfulness is the key to a successful marriage. In marriage, the end does not justify the means. The method you use to make money matters a lot. An unmanaged desire for money makes people do a lot of things that they are not proud of. The universe is watching you all this while, even to the point where you succumb to ungodly temptations. As a good parent, he will advise money against marrying you. Dishonesty made you miss a bride.

Work for your money in honesty, even if it is not the popular way. The universe shall command his blessings in honest work. When you are honest with the little that you have, you shall be put in charge over many. Any parent will readily give their child in marriage to an honest partner. Be the one whom the universe chooses to accept to legalize his marriage with money.

The original idea of marriage was that it may last forever. You have a new in-law when your union with money is finally legalized. The universe shall give you a constant supply of your needs and your marriage shall have an abundance of what the world is searching for

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