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February 2023

Learning Spiritual Languages

There are hundreds if not thousands of languages globally. Some people speak more than one; several official languages and their native one while other people know only one. Bilingual and multilingual people have communication leverage over those who speak their native language only. Understanding, speaking, and writing a language fluently enables you to interact with people who speak this language. They will feel more inclined to you, love you, and go out of their way for your sake. They feel as if you belong to them, even if you truly do not. The advantage of speaking different languages is that it is a passage that the universe uses to channel blessings your way.

To make communication easier and more effective, governments worldwide and even the United Nations itself has made some languages official. Everyone should know them inside and out, or at least attempt to. Official communication will be delivered using it. Banks, NGOs, private companies, and courts of law use the official language in the course of their work. You are expected to know it, and if not, you can learn it. Most people, however, know their country’s official languages. They are citizens of that country, aren’t they?

Similarly, the universe and nature have several official languages that you should know if you want to communicate effectively. For effective communication, both of you should be on the same page. You are of the universe, a citizen of nature. Do you know its official language? It is time to learn the five spiritual languages:

  1.     Offerings and sacrifices.

This is the little-known spiritual language of the universe. To begin with, offerings and sacrifices are different sides of the same coin. An offering is a gift given from abundance. You can gift familiar people or even strangers. You can even gift nature through acts of kindness. You can take care of the environment by planting trees, not throwing litter anywhere, or recycling waste.

On the other hand, a sacrifice is a painful offering. You have to think over it carefully before deciding to give a sacrifice. Unlike an offering, it is not from abundance. It comes from scarcity but you still give it out even when you need it more. Sacrifice is a love language. Who does not like to be loved? The universe appreciates your love language more and you shall be rewarded.

As is typical of communication, you speak and are spoken to. When you give offerings and sacrifices, the universe ‘gives back’ to you in the same measure. Sometimes you are given back an overflow. Some spiritual doors will only open when you speak the spiritual language of love – offerings, and sacrifices.

  1.     Thanksgiving.

“Thank you” is a very powerful statement. It can build a new relationship, repair a broken one, or save another on its deathbed. It is the magic pill you need to take to restore order where there has been none. There is little education on how you should speak to an all-powerful person in the room. What would you tell the president of your country if he was sited across from you in the room? What language would you speak to the universe if he was to accept anything you asked of him?

The spiritual language of communication with power is thanksgiving. Thank the universe for the blessings of the day, week, month, and year. Despite the shortcomings, you have made it quite far that other people have not managed to. Sincere thanksgiving opens more doors of opportunities that would have otherwise remained closed. You will gain favor with the universe when you speak this spiritual language. He appreciates your thankfulness.

  1.     Prayers.

Praying is an act of faith. We pray because we recognize that there is a superior being. Again, we pray because we acknowledge that we need help from somewhere else – the universe. We have faith that the universe shall answer our prayers because of our good relationship. Sometimes we are faced with difficult circumstances that are beyond our ability. There is only one true savior when you are between a rock and a hard place – the universe.

Speak the spiritual language of prayer when your faith is put to the test. It will move the universe to answer you speedily because you have put your trust in him. No father would want his child to watch him fail to come to their rescue. Prayer moves mountains and crosses the deep oceans.

The language of prayer identifies you as the child of the universe who is born of the spirit. It is your badge of honor that you should wear proudly.

  1.  Submission.

Submission is surrendering yourself to the authority of the universe. It means you have given yourself up to be led by someone you trust. The language of trust is learned over time and those who speak it fluently are the greatest beneficiaries. The universe does not betray its friends and allies. He equally returns the trust you invest in him.

The universe has seen it all; the sunny and rainy days combined. You will be properly guided when you accept his leadership. He can only lead you when you speak the spiritual language of submission.

Consider the language of submission like an insurance policy that you take to be indemnified against all sorts of risks. There is no risk under the leadership of the universe. Grab your popcorn, sit back, and relax.

  1.     Positivity.

The power of optimism grows gradually as you practice it. Six and nine could be the same number depending on what end you are looking at the printed number from. Be positive about results, processes, and relationships. Speak life over each of the difficulties you are facing and watch the universe fight battles for you. The language of positivity glorifies possibility. “I can. You can. We can. It will work.” The language of possibility brings your dreams closer to you. It is like fishing in the river with a hook and line. The bait attracts fish and there is a 100% guarantee that you will fish some.

Spiritual languages are the pillars of communication with the universe. Learn these five languages and watch your spirituality transform your physical life. 

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The Art of Listening to the Unspoken

Listening is an art that is developed over time. It is one of the gifts of nature that our spirits use to communicate with the universe. We hear and listen to many different things from people daily. We hold on to some and detach from others if they are not helpful. Your next course of action is determined by the message you have listened to, actively or passively. This makes listening very important so that you are not misled in your actions.

All this while, the universe is watching you silently. It is normal to only listen to what is spoken and anything that is left unspoken is not listened to. The good news is that there is a way you can tap into this valuable skill – listening to the unspoken.

Listening is the foundation of communication in the universe. Every living and non-living thing has ears. It listens twofold; first is to your spirit and second to what the universe is saying. This is also the reason why you should speak positively. Speak life over your ailing business, financial distress, poor health, or relationships. All of them have ears that are attentive to what you are saying.

Since even walls have ears and they listen to what you speak, do you listen to both the spoken and unspoken by the universe? The universe wants you to. This is how you can listen to the unspoken:

  1.     Trend analysis.

Trend analysis is mainly observing what is happening around you. Observation is the backbone of scientific experiments. All conclusions come from reliable observations. Thereafter, scientific laws and principles are formed. Observe the recent flooding of good news in your life or to the people around you. The unspoken message is that the universe is preparing you for good news ahead. You are about to get a job promotion, new clients, or a good medical report.

The universe is always cooking something good for you. The best way to know it is to look around for signs of it. These blessings are mostly unspoken by the universe until they materialize. What are you listening to today?

  1.     The pattern of repetition.

Do you remember drawing patterns in elementary school? Learning about patterns was fun and we looked forward to it because we could easily predict how it could end. The same applies to our lives. There are patterns all over your life should you choose to observe them closely. This is part of the universe’s unspoken language.

Do you see a pattern of success throughout? Or is there a pattern of a particular type of friends showing up in your life? Your future will look exactly like these patterns. This is your time to shape your future to be how you would like it to be. The universe is shining its light on you. What do you see, my friend? You can also pay attention to patterns in the lives of your family and friends. All of this is in your power.

  1.     Listen to motives.

There is always a motive for why people act the way they do. It could be love, joy, self-interest, friendship, investment (expecting returns), or many others. Similarly, the universe has motives for its attitude and actions toward you. It could be to push you to your maximum limit, to teach you endurance, to congratulate you, to warn you, or to discipline you.

Apart from accepting or rejecting the things that either people or nature does to you, listen to their motives. It is often unspoken and left to you to figure out. Embrace good motives and avoid bad ones. This is how you listen – find out what is the benefit of the other person. As far as nature is concerned, he does everything out of love without expecting payback. Take care of your environment and nature shall take care of you too. You will reap tenfold, in due time, anything that you sow.

  1.     Be invisible.

Invisibility is a great source of power. You can do anything you want in total secrecy. Sometimes your presence can stop other people from speaking about certain issues. For reasons best known to them, they will only do so if they do not see you around. You beat them in their game if you are invisible yet present to listen to what they could not say in your presence. Consider the example of libraries, examination halls, or private meetings. The common rule to all of them is that you should not interrupt what is going on.

Being present but invisible is by not interrupting anything. They will have the courage to speak up about you as they would in private. The unspoken finally gets spoken. Invisibility will reveal the hidden agenda of people. You should try it out sometime. 

  1.     Take your time.

Rome was not built in one day. It takes quite some time to perfect the art of listening and to do it right. Rushing things through does not apply to listening. Understanding a hidden message in language tone, choice of words, and medium of communication takes much time. The unspoken is often left unspoken because you are not supposed to hear it aloud. Your patience is being put to the test.

Nature is the most patient friend you could ever have. It is patient to have a single climate for over three decades! Consider the lion as it hunts for prey. It singles out one antelope from a whole flock and patiently waits to give it a chase of a lifetime. Likewise, slowly learn the art of listening and you will hear the unspoken loud and clear.

A lot goes on behind the scenes. Like at the theatre, the universe has a backstage where thespians prepare before coming to the audience. The language behind the curtains is unspoken to the audience. They will only hear what is in the script. Listening to the unspoken will make you enjoy the play even more! 

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How to Stay Spiritually Alert

Alertness is always rewarded. To be alert is to be extra vigilant about your environment. When you are alert, you become more mindful of everything happening around you. Alert people are alive to the fact that anything can happen at any time. For this reason, they want to be in touch with reality on the ground. The biggest challenge with being alert is that it is difficult to continue doing your work effectively if you always have to look over your shoulder. Your attention will be divided and it will be difficult to give 100% to your work.

The good news is that the universe is alive to this challenge and is extending an olive branch to us. It is giving us the sixth sense! Apart from the five senses of sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell, nature has gifted us with intuition. It is the power to feel whether something is right or wrong, especially if you have no evidence about it. The universe later vindicates you when your suspicion comes to pass. Intuition is nature’s gift to help us connect with our spirituality. Your spirit will communicate to you through intuition and if you interpret it correctly and on time, you would have hit the jackpot.

spiritual connection

A spiritually alert person is attentive to changes in the spiritual world and communication with the universe. The spiritual realm dominates the physical reality. What is unfolding before your eyes is a replay of the original scene in the spirit. Spiritual alertness will help you benefit from the advantage of early knowledge. You will control your immediate environment to get your desired results. This is how you can be spiritually alert:

  1.     Be prayerful always.

Prayer is a powerful communication tool in the spirit. You can travel to the future and the past through prayer. It keeps you alert in the spirit and you can adjust your life to prevailing circumstances. You can communicate with the universe by speaking life to your future to cancel any bad omen that lies ahead. You can equally pray about your past so that it does not affect your present.

Prayerfulness will keep you constantly in touch with what is happening in the spiritual world. Nothing will catch you by surprise. It is like militaries going to war. They do not go blindly but act on the intelligence reports they have verified. They know when and where to strike the enemy because they know what lies ahead of them. Spiritual alertness begins with a prayerful life.

  1.     Listen to the universe.

Communication is two-fold – speaking and listening. After you have prayed, take time to listen to what the universe is telling you. It could answer your prayers instantly or take a while before answering you. You cannot know the universe’s answer if you do not listen.

Listening will make you spiritually alert as you want to catch every communication from the universe. Nature may communicate its dissatisfaction in our attitude toward taking care of the environment through the negative climate change we are currently experiencing. When we catch this communication from nature, we can act by taking better care of our environment before we lose the chance to save our planet. The example of a television transmitter station and aerial is exactly how we relate to the universe.

The universe works like the television transmitter station while we are the antennae that receive signals from it. We can listen to the universe best when there is no obstruction between us. Listening to the universe makes us respond effectively when the universe speaks to us.

  1.     Being cautious.

Visually impaired people walk with the help of a white cane. It becomes most useful especially when they are alone with nobody to guide them. Again, the white cane is still important even when there is somebody to guide them. It helps them to scan their environment for any obstruction and they can walk confidently. The white cane also helps other people identify the visually impaired person so that they may not push him and they can even help him go where he wants to. The blind and visually impaired people take great caution and it becomes part of their lifestyle.

Most people live a blind spiritual life because physical eyes are less helpful to see in the spirit. Pick up a spiritual white cane so that you may find your way around. You will be cautious not to collide with other people or fall into a pit. Caution is the white cane that you need.

  1.     Use the universe’s hearing aid.

Sometimes a lot of communication from the universe skips us because we are less alert. We live in the physical world and it could take us twice as much time before we become fully spiritually alert. Meanwhile, other people have gone ahead of us in spirit. They have mastered spiritual communication and can easily understand its communication. The universe wants us to use them as hearing aid. A hearing aid helps to amplify sound and remove background noise so that the user can hear clearly. It helps you become more alert because you understand everything that is happening around you.

The universe understands the push and pulls between our spirit and flesh and is giving us hearing aids absolutely free! They are our spiritual authority. Connecting with them well will help you be in the loop on what is happening in the spiritual world. They will pray for you and submit prayer requests to the universe on your behalf. Do you already have a hearing aid?

  1.     Amplify your sense of danger.

Being alert will sometimes mean that you have to amplify your sense of danger. Everything around you should be suspect until you prove it’s not. This does not mean that you have to be insecure your whole life. You should be secure and feel that way because you have a supernatural protector guarding you every time. A spiritually alert person is careful about what is entering his space as a matter of personal responsibility.

Spiritual alertness is a gem. It grows over time until you become the perfect soldier. Start walking down the path of spiritual alertness and you will be the gem everyone will want.

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The Benefits of Spiritual Freedom in Forgiveness

The promise of freedom can keep you on edge. You will be constantly checking on the time to see if your freedom moment has arrived. A lot of things will be running through your mind at the same time. Prisoners jailed by the state and once-upon-a-time colonies are best placed to explain how they crave(d) freedom. They miss the freedom to do what they want at the time of their choice. Other people now plan their time. They follow a schedule imposed on them without consent. You can imagine their joy when you promise them freedom.

The universe is promising you freedom today if you chose the path of forgiveness. It is the beginning of spiritual freedom that will manifest in your daily life.

 The riddle of forgiveness.

Forgiveness remains a mystery to many people. Who benefits more from forgiveness? Is it the one who forgives or the forgiven? Both of them benefit from an agreement of forgiveness but the one offering forgiveness is the biggest winner. He is the one who was hurt and still goes ahead to forgive his offender. It signifies his heart of gold to give a second chance to the offender. This is the will of nature – to give us a second chance as we do the same to each other. Forgiveness guarantees you much-needed spiritual freedom. These are the benefits of spiritual freedom:

  1.     You avoid the trap of bitterness.

Bitterness is a spiritual trap that captures the unforgiving spirit. When you hold onto a grudge against someone, you continue to resent them longer. What began lightly as a joke turns out to be serious to the point you want nothing to do with the offender. This impacts your spiritual life negatively. It is like continuously driving around a roundabout. You will be moving without any meaningful progress because you still return to the original spot where you started. Bitterness attracts the spirit of a roundabout.


The universe is opening your eyes to the power of forgiveness that sets you free from this spirit. You will finally see the road ahead and you can drive away safely. You benefit wholesomely when you choose to forgive unconditionally. You will be like a man who walks away from a pit to avoid falling into it. This is how you avoid the trap of bitterness.

  1.     You walk out of your prison cell.

Freedom is a major blessing that the universe is giving you in abundance. You are free to love yourself more and other people as well. You cannot love other people if you do not practice self-love. This is what the universe is offering to you at no cost! Forgiveness. You love yourself more through forgiving other people. It boosts your self-esteem that you are a special man/woman not corrupted by the world.

Forgiving other people is like walking out of a prison cell that you have locked yourself in yet you have the keys to it. Once you are out of prison, nature opens your eyes to many opportunities created for you. You are a free person and the world needs many of your kind.

  1.     Spiritual freedom attracts discipline.

Discipline is the ability to do the right thing even when no one is watching. Freedom gives you the power to do anything you want but discipline leads you to do the right thing. Forgiving other people demonstrates spiritual maturity and the universe can trust you at a higher level. This earned trust puts you in charge of your spiritual life and you cannot afford to lose it. You will develop a sense of discipline that is necessary for the pursuit of your purpose.

The universe wants you to be forgiving as it is to you. You will be like a tree planted along the river; never withering and ever productive. This is the power of discipline through forgiveness.

  1.     Spiritual freedom teaches what to hold and what to release.

Sometimes we receive by giving. This principle of nature extends even to forgiveness. A time has reached in your life for you to release some things and hold onto others. Release forgiveness to everyone who has offended you and hold on to their good memories. This is the purpose of forgiveness – to see everyone in a good light. The butterfly of love is in your hands, you can release it alive and let it fly away or you can squeeze it in your fist and the butterfly will die. You allow another butterfly to fly to you if you release the first one.

sunset and letting go

Nature shall guide it to you because it knows that you are a safe space. The universe wants you to release bad energy and create room for positive energy. This is possible only through forgiveness.

  1.     Spiritual freedom is a license.

 A license is legal permission authorizing you to operate. It could be a driving license, a work permit, or a visa. You are confident to practice whatever you are licensed to. Likewise, spiritual freedom licenses you to interact freely with the universe. You can confidently pray about something and your prayer shall be answered. Nothing can pin you to your faults because you have been forgiven by forgiving others. You have permission to claim your space in the universe and it shall be done for you.

heart of the Universe

  1.     Spiritual freedom is the heart of the universe.

Every parent desires to see their child grow up to be like them or even outshine them. Nature is an example of such a parent. He forgives and expects you to be forgiving too. Forgiveness is at the heart of the universe. You will eventually attain spiritual freedom through forgiveness. The blessings of the father to the son shall fall on you because you have provoked them by pleasing your father.

Forgiveness has many benefits, among them spiritual freedom. This is a defining moment in your life that could change everything. Forgive and you shall be forgiven.

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Cultivating the Habit of Forgiveness

Of habits, behavior, and character, the universe is the master of them all.

He can help us to develop any habit we would like. The only condition to fulfill is that you have to be intentional. Forgiveness can become a lifestyle if you choose to. But before it becomes automatic, you have to make it a habit. A habit is an activity that you do regularly and routinely without second thoughts until it forms a part of you. Cultivating the habit of forgiveness is very easy especially if you accept guidance from the universe.

First things first, are you interested in developing this noble habit? The universe searches your heart and mind to determine your true intentions. It helps only genuine people who want to see their efforts eventually pay off. Forgiveness means zero pursuits for revenge. You know what they say about revenge – an eye for an eye will leave the world with a lot of blind people. To avoid this extreme, make forgiveness your habit, behavior, character, and eventually a lifestyle. This is how you can do it:

  1.     Every time is the right time to forgive.

Do not look for the right time to forgive someone. Forgive instantly. The universe has no appointed time for you to forgive. Every time is the right time to do the right thing. It has happened to a few people I know. They had postponed granting forgiveness to someone until a certain time hoping that they will have “learned” their lesson. Regrettably, they were no more at that future time. Unfortunately, they did not receive forgiveness on time.

Practicing forgiveness anytime is best practice because you give the other person their freedom immediately. The promise of forgiving someone at a future time is like promising to free a bird from its cage at a future time. The bird will be in anticipation of its freedom but it may get sick or die before it is released. When you decide to free the bird, do so immediately. The poor bird deserves its freedom.

  1.     Understand that everyone qualifies for forgiveness.

Everyone deserves forgiveness no matter the gravity of their offense. It is not in your place to judge how big their sin is. That is the responsibility of the universe. Forgive everyone and make peace with them without discrimination. Look at the generosity of nature! The rain falls on the whole land without discrimination. The sun shines on the whole land too without favoritism. More critically, nature gives everyone free air to breathe. Even those you think do not deserve it enjoy nature’s grace. Similarly, do not withhold forgiveness from anyone. Forgive them and forgive yourself too where you went wrong. This will instill the habit of forgiveness in your life because you consider everyone who wronged you to be deserving of it.

  1.     Forgive even when there is no remorse.

Everyone feels remorse for their mistakes. You are responsible for yours and so is every other person responsible for theirs. The universe sends the spirit of conviction to all wrongdoers, especially if you have a good relationship with it. Do not tie your forgiveness to remorse. Forgive whether or not the one in the wrong is sorry about it. They may or may not apologize to you but forgive them regardless. There is only one judge – the universe. He will judge them for their wrongs but you would have forgiven them to give you closure and move on. When you have it in mind that you should not wait for an apology before you forgive, forgiveness becomes an automatic habit.

  1.     Forgive even when you are not asked to.

You practice forgiveness not because you are asked to or because someone is watching but because it is the right thing to do. Developing any habit requires practice and it is no different when it comes to forgiveness. Sometimes the wrongdoer may not repent and there could be no one else to ask you to forgive him. Take it upon yourself to do the right thing by forgiving him and start a new chapter. Look at nature. Nobody plans its seasons but winter, spring, autumn, and summer never fail to come around every year. Again, nobody tells the sun to rise every morning but it does so without fail. All these acts of nature are automatic and happen to everyone without minding your morality or relationship with nature. Forgiveness can become your habit just as the universe has his.

  1.     Have friends who forgive.

You need the right social support if you are developing a new habit and want it to stick. It is easy to give up on the way without supportive friends. They are likely to influence you to do their habits. In addition, they may persuade you to stop forgiveness altogether. This is the reason why your friends should be forgiving people too. The world has a lot of good people with whom you can be friends. They will support you on your road to developing the habit of forgiveness.

friends hugging each other

Consider such friends as nature’s gift to you. The universe has already put a support system for you in place; embrace it.

  1.     Have a positive attitude toward forgiveness.

A positive mindset towards forgiving is important especially if you are working towards developing this habit. Appreciate forgiveness more and consider it as part of your personality; not something being imposed on you. You will consciously improve on how you forgive and let go of the hurt. It is human nature to willingly put more effort into doing what you love. When your mind is set to embrace forgiveness, it eventually becomes a habit and gradually a lifestyle. The universe wants you to embrace this lifestyle.

The universe wants us to forgive and forget everything that hurt us. This is a new beginning. When you do something continuously and effortlessly, it eventually becomes your habit. Observing these simple practices will make forgiveness a habit that you will be proud of. 

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The Hidden Power of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is the ability to put behind the wrongs that other people have done to you. You make a conscious decision not to hold a grudge against other people or even yourself for something you blame yourself for. It is normal for people to wrong us in a social environment. Sometimes it may not be intentional on their part, but still, it happens. You have the decision whether or not to forgive them and start a new chapter.

Forgiveness is a powerful spiritual weapon. You can win spiritual battles in subtle ways without raising a sandstorm. Most people are not willing to readily forgive their wrongdoers. They take time to process forgiveness and sometimes do not forgive at all. They, of course, have their reasons.

The availability of forgiveness.

Depending on who you are asking, forgiveness may or may not be readily available. Some people forgive fast while others take time to process the hurt that you have caused them. How about the universe? It will readily forgive you if you ask nicely. Forgiveness can be horizontal or vertical. Horizontal forgiveness is between people while vertical forgiveness is between you and the universe. You cannot have one without the other.

A stake in two worlds.

Forgiveness is a treasure in both worlds. We need it in the spiritual realm as much as we need it in the physical one. We would like those we wronged to forgive us as we equally forgive others. We also seek forgiveness from the universe for mistakes we may have done (with or without our knowledge). Forgiveness directly impacts our spiritual life and relationship with the universe. This makes it a very powerful tool for knowledge. This is the hidden power of forgiveness:

  1.  It is a spiritual command.

The universe commands us to practice forgiveness. Nature gifts each day its unique blessings. Unforgiveness poisons the new day because it is baggage from the past. Being unforgiving is like being ungrateful for the blessing of the new day. As a principle, practice forgiveness daily. There is no right time to forgive. The spiritual command to forgive makes forgiveness a divine act. This directly impacts your spirit.

Choosing not to forgive becomes disrespectful to the authority of the universe. On the other hand, you are being respectful to the universe when you choose to forgive. This comes with its fair share of rewards and spiritual promotion.

  1.  It leads you to maturity.

There are many signs of maturity and practicing forgiveness is one of them. It takes a sober mind to accept to let go of hurt and open a new chapter. Maturity is choosing not to revenge not because you cannot do it but because you have outgrown it. When you practice forgiveness often, you quickly enter into the maturity zone.

You now get a chance to experience the blessings of this new level because you have proven your worth to the universe. You are no longer a child whom the universe used to feed on milk only. You can now eat solid food. You can be entrusted with more wealth because you have proven that you can handle it. Practicing forgiveness has enlarged your tents!

  1.     You consolidate power

Practicing forgiveness is a way of consolidating power. You gain friends who share your ideologies and have fewer enemies to fight you. A forgiving person is more likable and everyone wants to be associated with them. It is a way of building bridges even with people who do not deserve your forgiveness.

You will be seen as the bigger person who has put his ego aside to mend broken relationships or create new ones. This will bring more allies your way and you will be powerful to control their influence. People will consider you more rational in judgment and will willingly follow your leadership. On the other hand, a hot temper will make people fear you and keep them away from you. You would lose power. Consolidate your power by practicing forgiveness.


  1.  Forgiveness heals.

There is a hidden healing power in forgiveness that remains untapped. Practicing forgiveness can heal your body and spirit. This is what happens mostly in therapy sessions. You open your heart to your therapist and they counsel you through your experiences. The therapist will encourage you to be open without leaving any details behind. The science of therapy is to help you not to be bitter about your past experiences. This bitterness accumulates from Unforgiveness and it leads you to seek revenge.

Practicing forgiveness will help you to confront this problem head-on. Your spirit heals from the bad things that were done to you. You get closure and put it behind you. This spiritual healing will open your spirit to more opportunities that will build you up again. Apart from spiritual healing, forgiveness heals you from psychological and emotional pain. You can move on from past awful experiences. Your body and spirit are now ready for new experiences!

  1.  It brings you peace.

Do you feel stressed, anxious, or worried? Is your headspace clouded? It is time you started practicing forgiveness. The universe has gifted you the power to wish all your worries away. Make a conscious decision to forgive. Your mind will declutter and you will gain clarity. This is your one-way ticket away from the noise of stress, worry, and anxiety. You will be at peace with yourself and others. The gift of peace is within you if you chose to be forgiving. A peaceful mind can make sober decisions without any external influence. You will not vent your frustrations to other people. Neither will you be driven by revenge. You are at peace and that is all that matters.


Forgiveness opens a million doors for you and at the same time, shuts a hundred others that lead to destruction.  It is an untapped blessing from the universe that puts you in control of your life. Now that you have stumbled upon this treasure of forgiveness, the decision is in your hands. 

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The Universe’s Light of Peace

Peace is the ultimate goal in life. It crowns our efforts and successes. It can bring to life anything on its deathbed. Trade prospers and relationships thrive when there is peace. Every prosperous country is peaceful. Children go to school and adults work without worrying about anything. A peaceful life is a must-win jackpot.

The peace magic.

Peace is a miracle worker. It can calm a stormy sea and make the impossible happen. It is the single antidote to stress, worry, and anxiety. Consider peace a magician. He can make things disappear into thin air and amaze you with wonders you had never thought of. Only that this time, peace is a magician who does not play mind games. His magic is real. In a snap of a finger, all your worries disappear into thin air! It is replaced with calmness and serenity. This is the peace magic.

The search for peace has been ongoing for the longest time now. Even our generation is seeking peace! The universe wants to show us the path to eternal peace. It has never failed to work for those who seek it from the universe. There are many counterfeit versions of peace from the world. However, the universe is the sole original supplier of bundles of peace. This is where you get the real deal.

Sources of peace.

  1.  Self-acceptance.

You are your biggest cheerleader and strongest supporter. Other people believe in you because you have given them a reason to. They have no reason to accept you into their lives if you have rejected yourself. You have the power to teach other people how to handle you. Self-acceptance gives the universe authority to establish peace within you. It is like a letter of authority granting someone the power to act in your best interest.

The universe then acts on this letter of authority by setting up a peace center within you. This peace thrives where there is no fault-finding. You are the universe’s perfect creation. A positive attitude of self-acceptance gives you peace of mind and you clear your head from anxiety and stress. The peace from within you is a positive energy that flows to your environment. It goes further to affect your relationships with other people. Listen to the universe’s call of self-acceptance and get this divine peace.

  1.  Environmental therapy.

A natural environment is one outside your control. Office and work environments are controllable and could be poisoned by toxic cultures. The universe is recommending environmental therapy because we cannot entirely avoid some toxic environments. Environmental therapy is changing your environment regularly to maintain your sanity.

nature therapy

Spending some time at the coast or in other natural habitats is some form of detox that attracts peace from the universe. The peace center established within you by the universe gives off peace energy that also spreads to your external environment. Environmental therapy shines the universe’s light of peace on you. This is the beginning of a new lifestyle.

  1.  Godly contentment.

Peace thrives in contentment. Sometimes we wish we could do more. This can rob us of joy and peace if left unchecked. The universe’s torch of peace shines brightly on Godly contentment. Be satisfied with what you have done so far and do not be hard on yourself. Recognize your achievements and give credit to yourself. This level of contentment is a source of peace. You are not at peace because you have done the best but because you have played your part to that level. This contentment comes from within you and nobody else can kill it. This is a gift from the universe.

  1.     Managed ambitions.

What is your ambition? They could be great dreams about things you would wish to have done within a target time of your choice. It is joyous when you hit your target and at the same time stressful when you don’t. You will be troubled if you only manage 3/5 of what you had planned. You will be anxious and stressed over the incomplete 2/5.

The universe is calling you out on this. You deserve peace even with incomplete work. Take the example of a horse. He is a powerful animal used in war to carry soldiers and weapons, as a means to travel, and for sports. In all his goodness, a horse is bridled to control him – to either turn to the right or left, run faster, or slow down. A horse is hardly controllable without the bridle. This is exactly how the universe wants you to manage your ambitions so that they may eventually not suffocate. Your ambitions should not choke peace out of you. They should instead attract it because you at least have a working plan.

Peace reigns supreme over your ambitions. This is how you attract the universe’s peace.

  1.  Acknowledge that nature is perfect.

My friend who is a software developer once told me a joke that has stuck with me for a very long time now. At first, I laughed at it but I later understood the importance of the joke. “If it works, don’t touch it!” Peace is also accepting things as they are. There is no need to re-inventing something that already exists. Do not trouble yourself over what is already in place. The best you can do is think of improving it instead of replacing it. It is working, right? Then do not touch it.

Peace is not disturbance and neither can disturbance bring peace. Everything is connected somehow and touching one element of a working system will disturb the whole of it. You then have to do the whole thing again. It will rob you of your peace of mind and make you worry about making it work again. This principle of discipline in software developers applies to the universe – build, do not destroy.

The universe’s light of peace shines everywhere. It lights up every dark corner of your life. The universe is giving us these nuggets of wisdom for free!   

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