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June 2023

prince's crown

How to Prepare for your Crowning Moment

The crowning moment is the time that the crown prince/princess has been groomed for all their life. They are officially crowned, in front of the whole world, to become King or Queen of the kingdom. The events of this day leave a permanent scar on the life of this ruler. Their title changes from prince/princess to His/her majesty the King/Queen. They are faced with new roles and responsibilities and the entire kingdom looks up to them. As much as it may appear fancy, the truth is that sitting on the throne is as heavy as wearing the crown. 

The price of the crown. 

It is the wearer of the shoe who knows where it pinches. The same is true with the wearer of the crown. The crown comes at a price that is paid by only those who are in line to the throne. They dedicate their whole life in service to the monarch even up to their ascension to the throne. The world bows before the King/Queen during their coronation. The glory, splendor, power, and authority can be felt by the whole world. It is a rare show to the world what it means to be a royal.  

The coronation ceremony. 

This is how the universe has designed the world to be ruled – each territory to have a ruler who will reinforce the right principles of governance to the people. The coronation or inauguration ceremony of a monarch, president, or prime minister, is a time when the universe gives the new ruler mandate to rule. This is a great honor.  

This mandate from the universe is not restricted to monarchs, presidents, or prime ministers. The universe can as well confer this honor upon you regardless of your social status. The big question is whether you deserve it. You can be crowned by the universe with defined authority on your governance only if you earn it. All eyes are now on you. 

Retracing your steps to the throne room. 

The journey to the coronation hall starts from afar. It starts immediately after the birth of the crown prince/princess. Although you might not be a royal by blood, the universe recognizes you as an integral part of nature. Your whole life ahead is destined for somewhere. Nature understands this perfectly well and wants to groom you for future roles. 

throne room

This is how you start off your journey: 

Developing self-awareness. 

A lion’s cub identifies with its mother immediately after it is born. It is a lion when it is 1 day old until the day it dies at 15 years or so. There is not a single day the cub will graze with antelopes and zebras. It will neither walk with its fellow carnivores – the cheetahs or leopards. It strictly keeps the company of lions in its pride. 

This is exactly how the universe wants you to identify yourself. You are a leader in your right. This self-awareness is exactly what will lead you to be ultimately crowned by the universe.  

Making sacrifices. 

Sacrifice is the ultimate price you make to one day be crowned. It involves abandoning things that you treasure because you are pursuing a higher goal. Look at the sacrifice that birds make for their young ones – flying over long distances to look for food to feed their nestlings. Nothing distracts the mother bird until her chicks are full. 

Personal sacrifice will take you closer to the throne room. The crown prince sacrifices having an ordinary childhood for greater adulthood of Kingship. He is taught how to behave like a ruler by exerting authority. His coronation becomes a rubber stamp to recognize the person he has now turned out to be.  

Interpreting the times and seasons

A great leader is someone who can read and interpret correctly the writing on the wall. Nature has made it imperative for both plants and animals to survive the different seasons. During winter, some animals grow thick fur so that they may keep warm. Others change the color of their fur to blend with their environments. These adaptations happen because the animals understand that the upcoming winter season would be challenging. 

Nature appreciates such mindfulness from a superior creation as human beings. This is a sign that you are ready to walk into the throne room. Different situations would call you to act differently and your flexibility is put to the test. Your apt skills of interpreting the prevailing seasons will earn you nature’s confidence until your coronation.  

Harnessing your willpower. 

Your willpower is the ability to control your emotions. It is very important for a leader not to act spontaneously because such actions are often not well thought of. They may eventually come back to haunt the new ruler or strip him of his dignity. The universe wants to be sure that it crowns someone who is in charge of their emotions because it brings a whole lot of difference. 


Consider the animals in the wild and their adaptations for survival. The hare (a small-bodied) animal is known for its wit. This has made him overtake other animals with the advantage of their big size. The hare teaches us the importance of the power of the mind because the universe would not wish to crown a lesser intelligent King/Queen. Harness your determination to earn your place in the throne room and eventually on the coronation chair. 

You were made for this… 

Could you be having doubts about your suitability to be crowned today? You are the perfect candidate that the universe has been looking for all along because you tick all the boxes. The life of glory you are about to enter is something you have worked for your whole life. It should not slip past you. 

Child, you were made for this. Walk into the throne room with your held high because the rest of the world is about to see what you are made of. You are now ready for your crowning moment. Aren’t you?  

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How to Make a Worthy Investment in Nature

Investing is an act of creating wealth for future benefit. The main aim is to benefit you in the future. Many factors will lure you to invest. Some of them are indeed genuine while others are just the wind of peer pressure. In the end, two types of investors (each led with a different reason to invest) will get returns on their investment. The difference is in the quality of returns. One will reap in abundance while the other one will get peanuts. This is the reason why nature wants you to make an intentional and worthy investment in the universe. 

What is a worthy investment? 

An example of a worthy investment is the purchase of shares of performing companies in the stock exchange. You will be a shareholder earning dividends each year. Now imagine being a shareholder in tens of such companies. This is a worthy investment in the world. Have you ever considered investing in a place free from robbery or risks of underperformance? It is a permanent investment where you sit back, relax & reap the fruits of your labor.  

This perfectly worthy investment is in the universe. It has higher returns that will nourish your spirit and improve your hierarchy in the universe. You can never go wrong when you invest here. You have a guarantee of zero risks and receive continuous dividends for as long as you are a shareholder. In addition, your worth as a shareholder increases a hundredfold. You become the envy of other investors as a super investor. 

The safety of your investment. 

Many world investments are insured to protect them from any kind of loss. This is because of the potential risks that face these investments. You could lose everything you have worked for in years within days, hours even. It is different when you invest in the universe. You have a hundred percent guarantee of their safety. There is no risk for insurers to underwrite. In return, you can channel all your focus to generating more wealth. The universe is perfect bliss for an investor. If all investors knew this, they would madly rush to invest. Since you are among the first few to come to the fold, make haste child.  

The conduct of a reputable investor. 

You should guard your conduct in the rush to invest in the universe. All eyes are on you to vet you and qualify your investment. Nature is monitoring you under the radar to approve your investment. Are you passionate about your investment or are you only after multiplying your wealth? The universe needs genuine investors with a passion for what they do. This is a guide to becoming a reputable investor: 


Understand fully the terms of your investment. 

Nature wants to ascertain that you are aware of the terms of your investment. This is what happens with ordinary investments – after you are fully convinced that you would like to invest with company x, you will be presented with terms and conditions for the agreement in writing. The next thing is to sign documents of commitment and bingo! You are in!  

The terms of investment with the universe is a lifetime commitment to embrace the solutions of nature to humanity. You also commit to being part of the solution when called upon. The catch is that you do not call the shots. You are part of the process to create sustainable solutions to the challenges that people face.  

You will benefit from nature’s offer that you will not be sucked into worldly chaos. The universe guarantees your peace as long as you stick to the terms of your investment. 

Allow nature to be in control. 

The buck stops with the universe. You have to let nature take control. You trusted nature with your lifetime investment and there is no cause for alarm. If you want to be a reputable investor, you do not want to be seen as a nag. This will guarantee you another future investment slot. Just like in worldly investments, the universe can rescind the investment contracts of troublesome investors. Be a reputable investor that the universe will not be ready to lose. 

Contrary to expectations that nature is archaic, it is not. It is a home to solutions to modern problems. You are part of this solution as an investor of your prime life. You will benefit when the universe is in control and takes you under its wings. The sun shall not burn your skin nor shall the rain wet your clothes. You shall forever be warm, dry, and comfortable.  

Understand the rewards of your investment. 

Every investor is looking forward to the time when he will be proven right that he did not make a wrong investment. The universe expects the same from its investors. It demonstrates that you are conscious of the decision you have made. More so, you portray the picture of a competent investor whom the universe will want to work with. 

When you understand the rewards of your investment, you will not be lured into shady deals to pursue selfish interests. You will partner with the universe for the long term. Every company would like to have a permanent investor who is not only interested in the returns but also in seeing the company succeed. The universe will not settle for less.  

nature is archaic

Fitting in the shoes of an investor. 

Sometimes it may be difficult to adjust to your new status. The shift from living an ordinary life to becoming an investor in life itself is a big one. Although it may take time, you will eventually fit in. It should no longer worry you. 

The decision to make a worthy investment in the universe is one of the best things you have done in life. This investment is made by committing your life to the universal principles of justice. Always stand for what is right and you will continuously build your investment in the universe.  

The earlier you invest, the longer time you have to get your returns. The best time to do it is now. Welcome to the world of investments, child.

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light of hope

Hanging Onto the Thread of Hope

Sometimes blessings come into our life in droves. Again, sometimes, we experience the opposite. Life can become unbearable and you may throw in the towel should you not get help soon enough. The universe has a message for you – do not give up yet, child. There is hope for you that despite the disappointments that may come your way, fate will smile at you soon. Nature is giving you the thread of hope to hang onto. This is a testimony from mother nature – there is hope for a tree that has been cut down that it shall sprout again.  

There is hope that you shall find a new job soon, get a scholarship to pursue higher education, be healed from a terminal illness, and finally marry your soul mate who understands you at all levels. Blessings upon blessings. Nature wishes only the best for you.

Hope is dynamic.

It is medicine to the spirit and it goes further to heal your body. Patients in hospitals need to hear a word of hope instead of condemnation concerning their illness. They will recuperate quickly when the people around them carry news of hope each day. Some even volunteer to visit the sick in hospitals and give them hope. This is how you spread the gospel of hope to the world. 

Nature’s gift of hope. 

Hope is nature’s gift to you when all is lost. It is an opportunity to regain your lost glory. It is life’s manual. Through it, you learn how to endure loss and rise from the ashes again. It is not yet time for you to drown in misery, unwrap your gift of hope and bounce back to the ring. 

For a tree that has been cut down to sprout again, there are conditions to be fulfilled for this hope to be achieved. Life deals with us differently and we rejoice or become sad at different times. The constant to all of us is that we yearn for the day we will smile again. The universe wants to fulfill your wish as soon as you would like. Child, follow closely. 

The Guide to Hope. 

Focus on the possibility. 

Sometimes it is easier to relate to loss than gain. You easily feel the impact of the loss you have suffered than you would think of abundance when you hardly have enough. Nature wants you to appreciate the possibility of things working out. It does not matter how bad it is because there is a possibility that things will get better again.

Consider how sometimes plants wither when it is extremely hot. It is not a death sentence to the plant because its fortunes change as soon as it rains, even for a day. The same plant will become green again and healthy. It would even be difficult for you to accept that the same plant was on the verge of death before the rains came. The same happens in life. You could be at the edge of a cliff at one time but be rescued the next minute. Do not give up yet because there is still hope for you. Always focus on the possibility of rescue. 

Align yourself with seasons. 

There are four seasons in a year – spring, winter, autumn, and fall. Each of them has distinct characteristics. A clever farmer or businessman aligns his work with nature’s seasons. When things start falling apart in your life, it could be that the present is not the right season for that specific venture to flourish. It does not mean that you are unfortunate but that today or this season was just not the one. You will try the same again next season but you have to shift to something else for now.

There is hope for your success even when you fail in the present. Read the signs in the sky and the writing on the wall. Nature is giving you hope of success and actual success if you align yourself with the seasons. The secret to manifesting nature’s hope of success is doing the right thing at the right time. Not everything blossoms at the same time. There is a season for lilac flowers and another one for the rose. A season for strawberries and another one for grapes. There is also hope that you will succeed in all that you do, your season is yet to come.  

Hold tightly onto knowledge. 

People do crazy things when they are desperate and hopeless. Nature wants you to refrain from indulging in such. Things not working as you expected them to does not mean your knowledge is less helpful. Do not be quick to put aside your knowledge when you are desperate. Nature will use your knowledge to inspire hope when there is none.

Hope thrives in knowledge. It enables you to better understand the dynamics at hand. The lack of knowledge will make you give up quickly. This is not your place. The universe has prepared another place for you – to be an agent of hope. Always add fuel to the fire of desire because your success is around the corner.  

The beauty of hope. 

The beauty of hope is that it does not have an expiry date. Hope is independent of prevailing circumstances. It does not see by sight but by faith. Hope guarantees that you are constantly looking forward to something good.  

beauty of hope

Hope takes away your worries. 

Hope from the universe reduces your worries because you now have something to look forward to. Birds of the air are constantly looking forward to favorable weather. The oceans and wildlife also join the bandwagon. They believe that something good is in the offing. This should equally extend to you. In this way, hope guarantees you a worry-free life. 

Hope improves the quality of life.

Hope allows you to maximize the opportunities ahead without feeling discouraged. This leads you to achieve more desirable outcomes. It is how the universe has put the keys to your life in your hands. Your children will grow up believing in the never-failing hope of the universe. 

The thread of hope from the universe does not break when you hang onto it. Nature can bear all your burdens. He is offering you reprieve through hope.  

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Understanding The Hierarchy In The Universe And Your Place In It

Hierarchy is a system that ranks or classifies people according to their power, status, and authority. A hierarchical system is as old as the foundations of the world. Members of the society were ranked according to their status. There were and still are (albeit subtly) lords and commoners. The world is like an animal farm – some animals are more equal than others. Some are privileged to be born with a silver spoon while others have to work their way up. Unfortunately, no matter how hard they may toil, they may not be good enough to sit at the same table with royalty. The good news is that the universe can work a miracle for you to dine with the high and mighty.  

Nature is the perfect space to understand hierarchy. There is a noticeable difference in the social interaction among animals in the wild to their feeding habits. Some are lower than others and each of them has the grace to adapt to survive at their pace. Consider the animals, insects, birds, and sea animals in the ecosystem. Their feeding pattern can be summarized in a food chain and later develop into a food web. This is an example of a food chain: 

Nectar from Flowers—> Flies—>   Frog —> Snake Eagle. 

There is a hierarchy in the food chain above. The arrow points to the eater. Each of them has a respectable space in the hierarchy and does its best to survive in it. It’s game over when the predator catches the prey.  

Life works on a twin system with nature. The universe has put us in a hierarchy based on our spiritual life. The stronger your spiritual connection, the higher your rank and you enjoy all the privileges that come with it. 

What is your place in the hierarchy of the universe?  

Your place in nature is determined by your responsibilities. The bigger they are, the higher you rank in the hierarchy. This does not end with a list of your responsibilities but extends to how effectively you discharge them. 

Do you honor your word? Are you dependable? 


This determines whether you will be a lord or a commoner. Nature will provide a conducive environment for your survival in the universe’s hierarchy. The duty to move from your current rank to a higher one rests on your shoulders. 

Promotion in the hierarchy

Order in the universe is like in the military where a promotion is earned. Nature is giving you a chance to earn a promotion and move to a higher rank. This is what you have to do: 

Positively identify your current rank and place in the hierarchy. 

You will be ready for higher responsibility if you know your current place in the chain. Are you a dependent, consumer, supplier, or owner of resources? Do not confuse one for the other so that you can identify the next level you would want to go to. None of the ranks is less important by being lower than the other. Their significance is what maintains the ecosystem as we know it. In another light, this is a sign of self-awareness. You come out as a dedicated officer of mother nature who understands their present roles even as they get ready for the ones ahead of them. 

Live up to the expectations of your rank. 

Every rank in the hierarchy of the universe has responsibilities that the one bearing them should discharge. You should be competent in your current rank before you can be entrusted with any higher responsibilities. If nature can trust you with half a cup, then it shall be filled to the brim. The little things you do in your position add to your basket of redeemable points. You can finally stand before the judge (destiny) to account for the time you have served nature and justify why you would need to be promoted.  

Earn your promotion justly. 

The universe does not condone shortcuts. Your life should be an open book if you want to be promoted to a higher rank in the hierarchy. There is the right way of doing things and the other way. The difference between nature and the world is that in the world, the end justifies the means but in nature, this principle does not hold. You need to put all your cards on the table to qualify for a promotion. Make a profit in business justly without shortchanging unsuspecting customers and earn the love of other people unconditionally.  

Managing competition. 

Do not worry about competition from any quarter. You are competing against yourself. No one will speak ill of you to your superiors or soil your name. The universe does not need the testimony of one person against the other because he is a primary witness to the progress of your life. 

Nature appreciates this and you do not need to fake anything before him. This is what matters to him: your relationship with nature (plants and animals), empathy for the needy, faith in the future, and effort in improving the quality of life. This is what makes a five-star general. 

Life and hope

The making of a general. 

The general is the person at the apex of the hierarchy. This is where you should be focused at. He is at the end of the food chain (as the owner of resources) and is only answerable to the commander-in-chief (the universe). Did you know that the general was once a recruit (an ordinary dependent) in the food chain? It is the dedication to the force and meaningful contribution that boosts your chances to be appointed by nature as the next general. 

Your place in the hierarchy of the universe is sacred. It is sacred because you are special in your right. Nobody has the right to look down on you because you are lower in the hierarchy. Nature equally expects you to respect the others whom you serve with. You have the chance to become the general you have always dreamt of. 

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baptism ceremonial

How To Be Baptized By The Universe

Baptism is a ceremonial religious rite that is very important in the life of a believer. It is a symbolic immersion in water done by a priest. His presence marks spiritual authority because baptism is a spiritual rite. Growing up in a religious family, you must have been looking forward to the day that you will be baptized. It is some form of graduation that earned you the respect of everyone in society. Nothing has changed today about baptism. The only variable is the people at that time and those present today. The significance of baptism remains solid and the universe treats it rightly so.

Baptism by the universe is a very important phase in your life. Life experiences train you for the day your priest (the universe) shall baptize you. This day is fast approaching; are you prepared for it?

The baptismal experience.

Three things do not miss in a valid baptism:

The priest.

The universe is the priest that shall baptize you. This is to mark the divinity and sanctity of this baptism because it is not an ordinary day in your life. The priest acts as a stamp that your baptism is valid. He leads the whole baptism ceremony and chooses how you will be baptized. You are under his guidance and not the other way around.

As part of the baptism, your priest could expose you to a very mysterious life. The aim is to reveal your inner self and urge you to embrace it. This mysterious life phase could be through solitude (people distancing themselves from you for no reason) or persecution (a personal vendetta against you). Both solitude and persecution are not fashioned to crush you but to scratch your spirit and reveal the code inside.

Baptism Priest

Consider it like a ruffle ticket that you scratch to reveal a secret code. Without scratching it, you will not know the code and you cannot participate in the game. This is equally the reason the universe allows you to experience solitude and persecution. The goal is to reveal your true identity without having to hide yourself.

After the universe has exposed your secret, you can now proceed to the next phase of baptism.


Water is a very necessary part of baptism. It washes away your sins and iniquity after your scratching to reveal the code. You could have cursed or conceived evil plans against people who wronged you in the beginning. This is why you are immersed in water to wash you from these sins. Holiness is a very important part of baptism and you should maintain this purity.

The few seconds or minutes that the universe immerses you in water briefly before you come is a monumental time in your life. This is the turning point where all bitter experiences move behind you. Do not carry on with vengeance or bad memories anymore. Water, the universal solvent, will wash them all away and open a new page in your life. Nature wants you to embrace this water moment.

Consider it like doing laundry. You do not throw away clothes when they are dirty. You wash them with water and soap and put them on the line to dry. After they are dry, you can iron them and rock your outfit once more. This is exactly what water does during baptism – it washes away your dirt to allow you to live rightly once again.

After the water has cleansed you this way, it is time to wear your clean clothes. Out with the old, in with the new.

Changing clothes.

This is the most natural and automatic step after baptism with water because you are wet from head to toe. You change into clean clothes and put away the wet ones. Your body feels fresh and active while your spirit feels energized. You are now a new person who is different from the old one before baptism.

Changing clothes after baptism is a symbolic act in the spirit. Your immersion in water and coming out of it has put all bad memories behind you. It is not recommended to hold onto the same things that defiled your spirit in the first place. Nature shall bring new friends and a new lifestyle (better than your last one) into your life. Embrace this change of clothes for you to step out comfortably into your new life.

permanent mark

Why do people change into other clothes after a bath or immediately before going to sleep? These new clothes that they wear identify with the next series of activities that they will do. You get into the sleeping mood after wearing pajamas or a night dress. You equally get ready for work mood when you wear your job uniform. Among other reasons, this also counts as to why pupils and students wear school uniforms.

Changing clothes affect the perspective of the people you meet. They are meeting a new person completely lacking the weaknesses of the previous version of you whom they had met. The universe is giving you a new chance to correct your past mistakes and live rightly. It is no longer a moment of I wish I knew. You have the time and opportunity to do the right thing. The time is now.

The permanent mark in your life.

The universe is gifting you a chance to re-write your story through baptism. You have a second shot at being healthy again, passing examinations or a job interview, and building healthy relationships in your life. Baptism is successful when you go through all its three stages. Through them, you get the full benefits of the best baptismal experience in your life.

Do not quickly condemn all the things you experience in life. They are all part of the universe’s plan to bring out a wholesome end product. They trim your excesses and improve on your losses to become the person you will be proud of in the future. Are you ready for this spiritual baptism?

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authority stamp

Seeking the Universe’s Stamp of Authority

A stamp is evidence of approval or permit to do something. I dare say that a stamp is sometimes accorded greater respect than the one carrying the stamped document. The stamp communicates to the recipient of your documents on your behalf. You only have two jobs – the first is to get your documents stamped and the second one is to present them to the right person. Everything that happens beyond this is beyond your control. Let the stamp speak for you.

A case in point is that a prospective employer will have a hard time hiring you if you present unstamped documents that have no other sign of authenticity. He will doubt your credentials to the last one and you have no one to blame except yourself. This is a sneak peek of the power that an ordinary stamp holds. How much more power does the stamp of the universe hold?

The power of a stamp.

A document bearing the stamp of the white house, for example, is more respected than that from a local company in town. It is the power of the office where the stamp is used that makes it valid. The document from the white house is weightier before the eyes of everybody who sees it because it comes from the highest office on land. Take this as a challenge – who has stamped your papers? The power of the stamp overrides the content of these papers.

 How to seek the stamp of the universe.

Like all high offices, the universe too has a stamp. It is the most supreme stamp that can be stamped in your life. When you gain this stamp, doors open before you, your wishes become a reality, your enemies will want to make peace with you, and your family will be proud of you. We secretly wish to get this stamp and be done with it once and for all. However, can the universe give us its golden stamp freely or do you have to trade it with something else?

stamp of the universe

  1. Maintaining your commitment to nature.

Your commitment to nature is the currency you have to trade for the universe’s golden stamp. You become qualified to get this stamp once you have shown the uttermost commitment to nature. Little things like caring for the small animals on the ground and insects reveal the true nature of your spirit. It also extends to your perception and attitude towards people in a lower social and economic class than yourself. A gentle spirit radiates kindness to the people around him. You are human first before you get any other title. This is what your spirit should show to the world to prove to the universe that you are qualified to receive its stamp of authority.

  1. Being incorruptible.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. You will get ultimate power when the universe gives you its stamp of authority. The concern is whether you will be able to maintain your original character. Will you remain the same humble man or woman after receiving this stamp or will you change to become someone different? The universe will not trust you with its stamp if you cannot be incorruptible. Power does not change you into becoming someone else but reveals your true nature. The universe will save you from yourself until you put your house in order. In addition, nature wants an assurance that you will not lease out your stamp to other people who have not earned it in exchange for a few favors. Your relationship with them is immaterial. It is your integrity that is on trial. Can you conquer temptation or will it overpower you?

  1.  Being consistent.

It is difficult to find consistency everywhere. People change for various reasons and they justify it. Change is good when it is positive. Otherwise, negative change is a threat to your character. It causes mistrust on nature’s part because there is no surety that you can be trusted with its stamp. On the contrary, when you display a consistent attitude, nature trusts you more with its stamp that you will not abuse your privileges. To ultimately get the stamp of authority from the universe, adopt permanent change. Your life will eventually reflect this change and you will, without doubt, receive nature’s stamp in your life. The people around you will be the first ones to speak of the news of your changed lifestyle. Their testimony adds to your case before nature that you are a changed person. Aside from your past, you will eventually get the universe’s stamp if you choose the path of consistency.

Manifestation of nature’s stamp of authority in your life.

Three known ways can confirm that you have finally received nature’s stamp in your life. At this point, your life begins to bear fruits and nobody can deny that nature has chosen you.

universe stamp

  1. Grace.

Grace is undeserved favor before people. You stop struggling with other things when grace comes into your life. The universe will command other people to love you unconditionally. You will be favored everywhere you go without using corrupt means. Your face will radiate acceptance when you walk into every office.  This is proof that you have received the stamp of the universe in your life.

  1. Protection.

A lot of things happen behind your back yet none of it comes to harm you. This is a manifestation of nature’s protection in your life. It exceeds the worldly protection of men with guns. The reason the universe protects you is because you now carry the authority of its stamp. Nothing evil should happen in your life. You are no longer an ordinary person.

  1. Provision.

When you receive its stamp, nature gives provision for your survival. Your sustenance shifts from being your responsibility to the universe. You will no longer fight the battles of the common man because you have this stamp of authority. Doors of provision will open even through people you had never thought of before because you now wield authority you never had previously.

Your focus should always be on how you will eventually get the universe’s stamp of authority. Everything else becomes secondary to it. This is the order of nature. 

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How to Embrace Nature’s Miracle of Thoughts

Your thoughts are a miracle. Your thinking pattern, understanding, and perception of issues are superior to all forms of life on Earth. This is the privilege that nature has bestowed on you. You are a ruler and co-creator of the universe. Everything respects your authority because it comes from a source that never dries up. It is an immortal source that you can always go back to. This source is your thoughts. When you protect your source of authority, you will reign with the universe for the rest of your life, no questions asked. However, when you abuse this sacred source of authority that nature has given to you freely, it shall cost you an arm and a leg.

The universe wants all your actions to be guided by the authority of your thoughts. This way, you can ably lead yourself and those under your care. It is the sum of the little irrational actions that later turn into a mountain of regrets. The universe is giving you the chance to rethink your planned actions before it is too late. Let them get the approval of a clear mind before things get out of hand.

The miracle of your thoughts.

The universe gifted you with a rational mind to process the events in your life and act accordingly. You may have little or no control over the events in your life but you have full control over your actions. Your thoughts can create a miracle in a minute if you choose to utilize it optimally. Nature leads by example by thinking over everything it does. For example, the sun has never ruled the night nor the moon during the day. This is a careful thought on the part of nature to uphold the sanctity of time.

Consider the weather patterns and prevailing climates. They all happen as if they are programmed. The whole year experiences all of them at their appointed time. When it is time for summer, the other weather patterns do not poke their noses around. Nature’s thoughtfulness enforces order in the universe. In turn, you enjoy life as it is today. Don’t you?

A moment of reflection.

Take a moment to reflect on your thoughts. Do they mirror that of nature? If not, you will soon fall out of grace with the universe for being wayward. As a co-creator with the universe, you set the tone for the rest of the creation. Your thoughts should be as sacred as that of nature to bear the responsibility ahead. Friend, what are you thinking right now?

passenger on a bus


Nature’s guide to rational thinking.

There is no specific formula on how you should think but the universe has devoted its life to teaching us how to walk in its ways. Are you aware that the consequences of your actions have a ripple effect on many people in your life? The same will equally come back in your life as a fruit from a seed that you planted.

  1. Intentional thinking.

Your thoughts should be intentional. This makes your goals measurable and you can always ascertain your progress. Having a goal in mind makes you so focused on it that you cannot veer off track. You are always watching your actions so that you do not step on other people’s toes. Intentional thinkers carry the fruit of love in their hearts. They consider the impact of their actions on the feelings of other people. They carry the universe’s concern on all of us and build healthy relationships. The universe rewards them by returning their love through other people. Because they love, they will be loved back. People will care for them because they showed care in the first place. Intentional thinking is rewarded handsomely.

  1. Targeted thinking.

This is making someone the target of your thoughts. They become the center of your mind because you love them unconditionally. We are the target of nature’s thoughts any day anytime. Come to think of it, who is the target of yours? The universe wants you to have someone or a group of people in mind. This is the reason you were born into a family like yours. It is not accidental. These people become your caregivers when you were born and brought you up in the best way they could. The universe further brings other people into your life who turn to family. You bond with them more and you come to an understanding equal or greater than that of your family by blood. Nature wants you to always think about these people before you act. Consider the impact of your actions on them and reconsider acting out if it will hurt them. Targeted thinking protects you from regrets of neglect likely to arise in the future.

  1. Innovative thinking.

This type of thinking has the aim of creating something new or modifying an existing product. Your thoughts carry the miracle of new inventions and you can manifest it when you settle on being innovative. There are many innovations as a result of necessity. The latest innovation is the introduction and development of artificial intelligence. Innovations are meant to make life easier and at the same time simpler. Your mind becomes a hub of solutions to problems and you become more useful than your peers. Demand for your services or presence increases and your value equally shoots up. The next thing we know is that you are the newest millionaire in town, thanks to your innovative thinking. There are mounting problems facing humanity and even fewer problem solvers. You can create a space for yourself right there under everyone else’s nose. Innovative thinking is calling out to you to be flexible and open-minded in your perception of things. Go beyond looking at the two sides of the coin and see the third. This is an extra step.

rational thinking

Your superiority lies in conquering the mind and creating miracles through thoughts. This victory is the first one in a series of many more to come. When you conquer it, nothing will remain undefeated in your life.

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Nature's gold mine

How to Discover Nature’s Hidden Goldmine

Have you ever visited a goldmine in your entire life? How about seeing and touching gold? You probably make the huge statistics alongside many other people who have seen, touched, or even owned gold but have never seen or visited a goldmine in their entire life. Gold is one of the most precious minerals found in the earth. It is a very expensive mineral and owned by quite a handful of people. This is why it is not surprising that some people only read about gold in books.

Nobody planted gold reserves on the earth. We all found it there and explored it to find out its value. We have come to appreciate the value of gold over other precious minerals over time because, in all the exploration done by experts, no other stone has matched the peculiarity of gold. Until and unless some other precious mineral of greater worth than gold is discovered, its value shall increase daily.

Gold is a status of wealth and high social class. It is put in the crowns of Kings and Queens. The robes that the monarch wears during coronation are made of pure gold to symbolize purity, power, and authority.

The trail of gold.

A goldmine is twice as precious as an ounce of gold. The gold mining process is not desirable but gold from these deposits is what everybody wants. People want to get the end product (pure gold) in jewelry shops but not from the goldmines of South Africa or the DRC. This does not reduce the value of a gold mine by even one bit. Its value continues to increase as long as gold deposits are still found there.

The discovery of gold and its mining is all part of nature’s plan to teach us a lesson on how we can also discover goldmines in our lives. The universe has many goldmines in the spiritual realm but unlike in the physical world where gold is mined and sold at jewelry shops, you have to mine it yourself. You have the duty of identifying the gold deposit and mining it yourself. This will reinforce the value of this gold in your life. There is a silent law on the universe’s gold – it cannot be shared. It is an individual responsibility to mine yours.

The search for goldmines in the universe.

There is special equipment that is used to scout for gold deposits. Once an area is identified and exploration begins, there is a guarantee that there will be gold. This is exactly what happens in your life. Where do you find your goldmine? It is in contentment.


You find your gold the moment you find satisfaction in routines that fulfill your life purpose. It is not an ordinary coincidence but it is the result of continued guidance from nature’s mentors. Nature can guide you to find your goldmine of contentment and step back for you to mine. When you find yourself engaging in activities that bring peace to your heart, you have found your goldmine and should start mining. You should settle where your heart leads you and look for your gold. This gold shall be your pride and your badge of honor to display to the whole world.

Mining for your gold.

  1. Find and fulfill your passion.

Have you already discovered your passion? It is the one thing that you will not rest until you do it frequently enough. Your passion does not care whether or not the time is convenient. Your passion is discovered in the things you do for other people. It could be teaching, painting, writing, or farming. These passions are fulfilled when they serve other people. Your life revolves around them and they are your identifier mark.

It is a mistake when money leads you to find your passion. You could earn a lot but your spirit is unfulfilled and empty. On the contrary, when you live in your passion, your satisfaction is beyond money. You are fulfilled to know that you have made someone else happy. The joy of these people goes to heaven as prayers and the universe rewards you hundredfold. This adds to the blessings in your basket.

  1. Identify the direction of your life and destination.

There is no one as content as a traveler who has a defined travel plan. They know where they are going and are sure they have boarded the right train. Such a traveler rests in his seat unbothered because they are sure that they will finally reach their destination. The universe has given you the freedom as a traveler to choose your destination and the direction of your life. You have a voice in the things you would like for yourself. What is your choice today?

You will live in fulfillment when you are sure of the events in your life. This freedom is found in spiritual life. It sets the tone and pace of your life while putting the universe as your driver. You can never go wrong.

  1. Committing to the right causes.

It is beautiful, rewarding, and satisfying when you commit to the right causes. You will not feel that you have wasted your time. Instead, you will be proud of the invested effort and time that you have committed. It is disappointing to learn that what you had hoped for was unworthy of your time and effort when it is too late.

goldmine of the universe

The search for gold should be worthy of your resources. Nature wants you to commit to sound doctrines and teachings. Devote your time to learn from experience and stick to these teachings.

The goldmine of the universe is a well-hidden secret. Many people live their entire lives without the knowledge of where to find it. You are blessed to have this secret revealed to you. Your life will begin to make sense when you finally find contentment. Once the dust has settled, your relationship with nature shall be stronger. A content man is a happy man.

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Devine Light

Inviting the Divine Light of Purity into Your Life

There is more to an invitation. It is not a mere “welcome” but an olive branch to make the guest feel welcome in your residence. An invitation is an honor to the guest and an acceptance of the invitation is an honor to the host. You have the power to choose who to invite and the guest has the power to refuse or accept the invitation. This is why it is a great honor for your invitation to be accepted.  

The universe cannot send its angels into your life unless you invite them. Divinity appreciates the power of free will and choice. It honors the decisions you make concerning your life. Who do you choose to invite today? This is your chance to invite the chief guest – the light of purity. 

The powerful chief guest. 

The divine light of purity is the chief guest the universe would want to use to grace your life. He is a powerful guest who is the envy of many of your peers. Darkness disappears wherever light shines. Nothing can be hidden from nature’s powerful light. The place of light is full of glory. It is an honor when nature’s light shines upon you. This is the kind of glory that the universe would want for his child.  

Insects and pests thrive in the dark world where they breed and execute their attacks on innocent children of light. The solution is to invite the chief guest into your life. There would no longer be breeding grounds for pests and insects when nature’s light shines on your life. The universe assures you that no stone shall be left unturned when you are in the spotlight of nature’s light. Deep secrets of success shall lay bare before your eyes. You only have one duty – embracing this divine light. 

The light of dawn. 

There is a ray of hope when it is almost dawn. The light of dawn is significant to a man who has been in the dark the whole night. Daylight is finally here! Embrace nature’s light as soon as your eyes open. You are about to put blind guesswork behind you and start working on tangible success. How do you embrace nature’s light? By living an incorruptible lifestyle. 


The universe orders your steps in the light of purity. You shall walk in the light one step at a time until you stand on the podium of glory. This is how to live in purity: 

Accept your humanity

It is human to make mistakes. It is what defines your humanity. Nature wants you to own up to your mistakes. Accept them and let them be a learning point. Refusing to accept your flaws is like disowning your origin – humanity. You will be shielding yourself from the light of the universe and consequently be unqualified to stand on the podium of grace. Your heart and spirit will be pure and give room for improvement without you finding a scapegoat. Purity is not being perfect but the ability to work on yourself without laying the blame on someone else’s doorstep.  

Practice forgiveness throughout. 

If the universe were to switch off our oxygen supply each time we sinned, would anyone be left by now? The universe does not keep a record of your wrongs. Similarly, do not keep such a record of your brothers and sisters. Forgive them just as you would want to be forgiven. The universe would always give you a chance to right your wrongs and move on from there. There is no ordained time to forgive. Purity is a continuous life cycle that involves being forgiving constantly. A forgiving lifestyle makes the chief guest – divine light – overstay in your life. What an honor!  

Thinking good toward other people

Just as light always does good, think positively and act so toward other people in your life. Your thoughts and actions reflect the purity of your heart. Evil wishful thinking on others will cast a shadow on your spirit and the light of purity departs from your life. On the contrary, the desire to see other people succeed makes the divine light of purity shine brighter in your life. It reflects the uprightness of your spirit which is ready to embrace the light of dawn. Darkness will no longer have a place in your life when dawn breaks.  

Deliberately building a good relationships with other people

A candle does not go off when it lights another one. It continues to burn with renewed confidence that should it go off, there is another candle that can light it again. This is the mirror of our relationship with other people. Look at nature and the ecosystem. Animals, insects, birds, fish, and plants are all dependent on each other in one way or the other. This interdependence is possible because their relationship is intentional.

For example, bees get nectar from flowers while at the same time, flowers benefit when bees facilitate cross-pollination. Similarly, be intentional in your relationship with other people. It is the path that the universe uses to continuously shine its light on you. Just as iron sharpens iron and together both axes become sharper, so are relationships a gateway of nature’s light. 

relationship with others

How do relationships foster purity? They improve your perspective of spirituality as you create intentional attachments with other people. This new circle of friends and associates holds your hand as you walk to the podium of glory. 

There is a constant light in the universe. The sun rules the day while the moon and stars rule the night. The universe’s plan for you is that your life becomes equally well-lit. The good news is that you can invite and maintain this divine light through the four paths highlighted. Sickness, failure, poverty, unemployment, and bad luck cannot be found in a well-lit room. They thrive in a dark spirit. Inviting the divine light of purity attracts the blessings of light into your life. Is your invitation ready?

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girl holding string lights

Switching on the Light of Grace in Your Life

I can only imagine how life must have been before the discovery of electricity. It has now become the most important energy in the modern world and everything would come to a standstill should it no longer be available. Although alternative sources of energy like geothermal and solar energy have already been discovered, they still supply the same thing to the consumer – power. This power runs heavy industrial machines and home appliances. It lights our houses, cooks our food, charges our devices (phones and computers), and it has offered employment to thousands. Electricity has undoubtedly transformed the lives of many people. 

Your spirit needs this kind of electric energy to power it up. This energy will keep you alert and, on your toes, so that you continue to remain productive. Your life will be a dull one before you discover this energy. After you do, and when you start using it, your life will improve. Nature has been instrumental in bringing this electricity closer to us in more than one way. But there is only so much that it can do; the rest is left to your personal effort on the same. 

Discovering the switch. 

The first thing you look for when you enter a poorly lit room is to look for the switch to turn on the lights. This is why it is mostly just near the door so that you do not stray far away but find it as soon as possible. Similarly, nature has put the switch to turn on the lights in your spirit and for you to access this super electricity closer to you. You only need to stretch out your hand, child.  

This switch is your purpose. When you put it on, your spirit and life become well-lit and you can see everything clearly as you should. Your purpose is the willpower to live. It is what you live to accomplish each day. You feel incomplete without fulfilling your purpose. Your whole life is centered on fulfilling this thing that you feel strongly for. Turning on this switch marks the entry of grace into your life. This grace is ordained to help you see clearly in your now well-lit spirit. 

purpose of life

The burning desire to curve your unique space in society leads you to your purpose. You can never be mistaken about it. When you finally locate this switch, this is how you can turn and keep your spiritual light on: 

Fuel your spirit.

Your spirit is like a vehicle. You need to fuel it often before it switches off unexpectedly. Fuel to your spirit is as food is to your body. It gives you the energy to move on and keeps you healthy. This is a more experienced person with insight into how the spirit works. They guide you through spiritual matters and how to keep yourself pure in the increasingly challenging world. Spiritual purity ensures your light remains on. Without it, your light will go off as soon as you switch it on. Child, fuel your spirit today. 

Set targets

Targets help you to remain on course. Sometimes we may wander off to less important goals but having targets makes you remember that there is a box to tick at the end of the day. The light in your spirit will continually remain on, not for the sake of it, but if there is a good use. Do you have something to show off for the time that your spiritual light has been on? Look at nature and how it maintains the ecosystem. There is always something new happening. Each day is unique with its events. Meeting your targets is a justification for having your spiritual light on. This way, you can fulfill your purpose with ease.  

Conquer new territories

Victory tastes sweet. As you pursue your purpose, it is only fair to win some battles before the war. Your purpose will lead you to develop new habits that are fit for a person of your stature. These new territories are a mark of your success. Your future self needs a new environment different from the previous one before you put your spiritual light on. This new environment will help you to foster new habits. They equally attract grace from the universe for you to gloss over them.  

Partnering with like-minded partners

“If you want to walk fast, walk alone. But if you walk to walk far, walk with someone.” This could not be further from the truth. There are other people who discovered their purpose before you found yours. These are the people the universe wants you to keep in their company. They will be there to support you to maintain your spiritual light. More so, they will forewarn you against doing things that can turn your light off.

Your like-minded friends will also attract a new grace in your life. You will not struggle with some things whenever you are with them. Consider their company like an umbrella. You could not be having one but you can join your friend in his to protect you from the rain. This is how shared grace feels like.  

like-minded partners

Guard your frame. 

Your switch could get spoilt if water pours on it. This means that your light will go off until you replace the spoilt switch. It is wise not to do anything that endangers the lighting in your spirit. Spiritual purity helps you maintain the grace the universe has put over your life. In fact, it will multiply two-fold because you have made the owner of the grace proud. The reputation of good rain is known – it helps to water the crops on the farm. It only becomes bad when it exceeds the desired limit and causes floods. This is how your reputation should precede you. It will multiply the grace in your life. 

Switching on the light of grace in your life is as easy as following nature’s will. This is the switch to forever turn it on.

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