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July 2023


How to Maximize Nature’s Gift of Time

Time is like water in a river – you cannot touch the same water twice. Time has no pause, rewind, or stop button. It is like a cassette player that plays continuously. The same applies in the universe. The events of a particular day can be recorded or revisited but that specific moment will never come to pass again. Time has been in constant motion since the world was created.

Time is the eternal master.

Everyone has been allocated their time by the universe on the world stage. Your time on stage started when you were born and will stop when you die. However, time will continue running even after your death. It is the eternal master.

time and universe

With this revelation from the universe, the next course of action is to maximize nature’s gift of time on the world stage. You only have a limited time on stage within which you should leave a permanent impression on the audience. Nature is the audience that will judge you even after your time on stage expires.

Your moment before the eternal master.

Consider how thespians spend their time on stage. Nothing is as valuable for a thespian as their time on stage. They have rehearsed and recited their lines for quite some time waiting to perform on stage. They have allocated an activity for every second of their time. There is no remote possibility for anything to go wrong as long as the director is in charge. Even if it does, it would not be their fault. Time on stage is a very judicious moment that should add more points to their scorecard.

Your life is time on stage and like thespians, you should also prepare yourself to be judged by nature on your achievements so far. You need to have a plan on how you use your time wisely and maximize this gift. This is how to:

  1. Create healthy boundaries.

Nature is calling out to you to have healthy boundaries. Every activity in life is equally important because you may not have another opportunity to redo them. Even if another chance presents itself, it would be under different circumstances. For example, create a boundary between the time to work and that you spend with your family. Like most people, you could be working to sustain the needs of your family. What will happen if you have the money you work so hard for but your family is no longer there? A work-life balance is fundamental in maximizing nature’s gift of time.

Both yourself and your family live in the same lifetime. It is also in the same lifetime that you can work to earn the money you need to sustain your needs. Look at how the universe has healthy boundaries between the sun, moon, and stars. All of them shine at their appointed time. Even eclipses (whether solar or lunar) are temporary. Nature wants you to enjoy the blessings of family and work in this same lifetime without compromising on either of them.

  1. Put your best foot forward.

Time on stage is not rehearsal time. It is the time for the actual action. Your mind, body, and spirit should work on the same thing together. There should be no division among them. Nature wants you to cultivate the habit of devotion. Be committed to what you do as if there will be no second chance. Train twice as hard and pour all your effort on stage.

look forward

Consider how athletes train. They push their limits and stretch their abilities so that they can perform as best as they possibly can. They put their best foot forward when it is time for action and register impressive performances. Nature wants you to be in an optimal state to perform and grants you the gift of time to showcase your competency. Many people desire to be in your shoes but they are not. They would like to have the same opportunities as you but life has presented them with different ones.

Do justice by putting your best foot forward to realize the potential bottled up inside you. Nature has blessed you with good health, the type of friends in your circle, and a unique space to maximize the time that you have. Child, put your best foot forward.

  1. Make timely corrections.

We all make mistakes at one point in life. The actions that you take to correct something wrong that you have done are significant. Although you cannot rewind time to undo your regrets, the universe is allowing you to make it right. The time to apologize and implement your apology is now. The longer it delays, the more harm is done. The gift of time is an eraser to rub clean all your past mistakes and leave the paper blank for you to write something good. People will not see the wrong that has been rubbed off but will see the new writing on the paper. After time has cleared your past mistakes, it presents you with an opportunity to write an acceptable apology.

The gift of time empowers you to take a bath, dress, and show up as an unstained angel. You can repackage yourself afresh differently from how people knew you. As a new product in town, you can win the market segment that could not accept you initially because you were stained with mistakes. Time presents an opportunity for rebirth. What a time to be alive!

  1. Serve justice.

One of the principles of nature, and perhaps the main one, is justice. The universe has Karma which serves justice to everybody. Make it a personal vendetta to fight injustice the whole time that you are on stage. The audience (nature) shall remember you long after you leave the stage and your legacy shall live on. Every day is a time to do justice. Do not oppress, suppress, or strangle the voice of the needy. Instead, hold their hands and support them in any capacity you can.

It is necessary to maximize the gift of time because we do not have it in abundance. The universe measures our wisdom in how we handle scarcity and abundance. Emerge wise in how you eventually maximize this natural gift.

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The Trick of Balancing the Scales in Your Life

A weighing scale is a very important commercial tool. It is used widely to serve business interests and reconcile the needs of the buyer and the seller. A buyer will only pay the price of a unit of measurement of what he intends to buy from the seller and nothing more or less. On the other hand, the seller will sell to the buyer the specific unit of measurement that he intends to pay for. Both of them trust the weighing scale to be impartial and just as it reconciles their business needs.

The weighing scale as the impartial judge.

The continuity of business hangs on the honesty of the weighing scale not to deceive either of the parties of the trade. Business is compromised when the weighing balance becomes faulty or either of them loses faith in its efficiency. This is why there is a routine inspection of commercial weighing scales either randomly or scheduled. The vendors will always want to have an accurate weighing scale so that they are not on the wrong side of the law. Customers will also be looking out for an honest vendor with an efficient scale so that they can trade with him/her.

balancing act

The balancing act.

Our lives are also subjected to nature’s weighing scale from time to time. The universe wants you to balance the spiritual and physical aspects of life. None should outweigh the other. If the flesh outweighs the spirit, you shall be driven to sin by the desires of the body. On the other hand, if the spirit outweighs the body, you are most likely to lose touch with reality. This is why you must work to strike a delicate balance between the two.

Nature is the weighing scale and there is no way to cheat it. It will always show a true reflection of your weight. Where do you lie?

The only way to beat the scales of nature is to be compliant. Nature continuously guides you to balance the scales in your life and eventually have it all. This is the ultimate goal.

  1. Pay attention to the requirements of the weighing scale.

Nature wants you to pay attention to both your physical and spiritual lives. It is easier to keep up with your physical life because you can see it and relate better. However, nature wants you to also pay attention to your spiritual life. You will be non-compliant and thereafter obsolete if you do not conform to its requirements.

Paying attention to your spiritual life is living healthily. You can achieve a healthy spiritual life when you feed on the spiritual wisdom of your spiritual authority. They are experienced and more knowledgeable on spiritual issues. Your spiritual authority is a shadow under which you can rest from the scorching sun of challenges. All these spiritual matters are requirements of the weighing scale.

The ability to pay attention to all the requirements of the weighing scale will make you balance the scales in your life.

  1. Request and appreciate feedback.

Nature appreciates feedback a lot. Natural feedback has many forms. It mostly takes the form of natural events and divine coincidences. When nature is upset, it gives feedback through earthquakes, drought, tsunamis, tornadoes, and other unfortunate events. When the universe is happy, it gives the optimal weather for farming and other commercial activities. There will be an abundant harvest that season and favorable coincidences toward your work.

Feedback from the universe guides you to change your ways or continue with the good work you are doing. It is an indicator of your ability to balance the scales in your life. The universe wants you to take correction gracefully so that you do not succumb to pride. Your spiritual antennae should be on high alert to read the signals of the universe’s feedback before it is too late.

Every successful person or business takes feedback seriously. A business that fails to consider the feedback of its customers eventually closes up shop. Another business that fills all the gaps they left in the market will swiftly replace them. Similarly, a business that is serious about its customers’ feedback will expand infinitely. Customers can always be assured that their concerns will be taken care of.


Listen to what nature is asking of you and you will successfully balance the scales.

  1. Stay updated about the requirements of the scale.

It is very important to be updated and stay in the loop. The knowledge of what is happening around you or in your industry is useful. You will continue to remain relevant as long as you are acquainted with these developments. Consider how smart devices ask for an update from time to time. It gives you the choice to either accept the update immediately or postpone it for later. These updates come with improved security features and enhance the efficiency of the device. This is why it is advised that you constantly have the latest version of a software update. The same is true for nature’s scale.

There are always emerging trends about the scales of life. It could emerge that there is a new method to do something while you are still stuck in the past. Nature wants you to stay updated about what is happening in the universe. Have you discovered a new way of thanksgiving, praying, showing generosity, or mindfulness? The emergence of different trends and the ability to keep up with them is what nature is looking for in you. Can you keep up?

Familiarity with nature’s scale.

In most junior and senior secondary schools, learners are not only taught the requirements of the syllabus but are also exposed to many examinations. This is to familiarize them with the examiner’s techniques and how they can apply the knowledge taught correctly.

The same applies to nature. You need to familiarize yourself with nature’s scale to successfully balance your life. You will discover the trick to achieve a delicate balance that lies within you.

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Scoring The Goal of Victory in Life

Victory is a very important time in life. A win should be celebrated because it took time to create it. Sometimes the universe leads us to win because our good actions have qualified us for this victory. Victory could mean different things to different people depending on their perspective and the circumstance that this win has happened.

You could win because you have not lost. You can also win because you have performed better than the others (even if you are both below average). The third way to win is when you have excelled exceedingly well regardless of the performance of others. These are all forms of victory and bagging either of them is a plus for you.

The dynamics of victory.

The million-dollar question is, “At what point do you count on victory?” The universe has a formula for this. Victory is final only after the referee blows the whistle. In a game of soccer, the referee enforces the rules of the game during the match. Either of the teams can score against the other during the match and they know their standing on the table as the game progresses. When the time is over, the referee blows the whistle to mark the end of the game. This is when either team can claim victory – because they have scored more goals than their competitors in the same match.

Nature is the initiator of victory. It draws the boundary between failure, success, and a tie. The universe validates your victory each time. Nature considers even the small wins.

  1. Growth is victory.

Growth is the ability to grow from one stage to the next. Many of your peers have not made it that far. By grace, you have made it. You have bagged that college degree, started your dream business, secured your dream job, married your soulmate, or have a circle of supportive friends. These are different forms of growth. The universe calls that victory.

Growth is victory

Consider animals in nature. Their different stages of growth in the wild and they have to survive the threat of predators. From the young antelope calves to the defenseless baby zebras. They grow to become adults with the speed to run from danger. This is victory and nature counts it rightfully so. The same is not different for you. Growing up to become a responsible adult is a victory. Bravo!

  1. Mastery is victory.

Mastery is an in-depth understanding of a subject matter. It is the ability to understand it inside and out. A master is revered and respected because of his knowledge. In medicine. We have specialists and consultants who are experts in a single branch of medicine – pediatric, surgery, gynecology, oncology, and many more. These professionals are masters of their profession and this is where their value lies.

The universe wants you to be very good at your specialization. Explore your talents and maximize their potential because this is your path to victory. There is a lot you can achieve and be victorious when you are a master. Stay on the right lane and you will score the goal of victory in your life.

  1. Service is victory.

Service is the ability to attend to the needs of other people and fulfill them. This is at the core of leadership. A servant is often put in the lowest grade in terms of remuneration and social class. However, the universe has hidden victory in servanthood. It takes you closer to giants and royalty and you can see what happens in their world.

Service is a victory because it kills the pride of superiority in you. You learn to attend to others before yourself. This is nature’s way to train you to slay the dragon of pride that has consumed many people. The greatness of a person lies in his ability to serve without prejudice. This sets you up for greater victory beyond your current place.

  1. Discipline is victory.

Discipline is the ability to do the right thing even when no one is watching. It signifies both physical and spiritual maturity because you can separate right from wrong. The discipline of the spirit is necessary for you to emerge victorious. There are several challenges against doing the right thing but you can overcome all of them if you are disciplined.

Nature is disciplined. This can be seen through very basic routines. Has night or daytime ever been extended by an hour? It does not matter whether there were heavy rains and thunderstorms at night or if the night was angelic. Dawn will eventually break and a new day starts right away. This discipline has made nature live millions of years in the universe.

Discipline will take you places you never knew existed. You only have one task – to consistently do the right thing because it is right to do so.

  1. Social capital is victory.

Social capital is building the right network of people in life. It is important to interact and have social relationships with people from different geographical and professional backgrounds. These relationships are an eye-opener to what lies on the other side. Human beings are created to have a social life and there are repercussions when you deny yourself this necessity.

Social capital is victory.

It is increasingly becoming the norm not to have a social life for the sake of careers and businesses. Everyone wants to earn an extra dollar to comfortably afford the cost of living. This is why you will be victorious when you manage to fight off the urge to be alone.

A diverse network opens up more opportunities for you. It also provides you with friends who complete you as a person. Nothing can replace strong social capital.

Life is a gift from above. We are privileged to be alive today and live the way we do. This exposes us to many challenges. We can be victorious and score the goal of victory that will give us a lifeline. The universe wants us to be victorious. This is the goodwill you need to overcome all challenges.

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The Power of Guarding Your Space

Everybody has their space that no one can take it away from them. It is not transferrable from one person to another and it cannot be stolen, inherited, or given away. Your space is yours forever. It identifies with you alone and you have a monopoly over it. Your space is where your spirit feels safe to retreat to when you need to take a break from the busy world. This means it should be as comfortable as possible because it is safe. You can admit or expel anyone you want. You make the rules in your space and your word is law. You are the alpha in your space and there is nothing that anybody can do about it.

Demystifying your space.

Your space is as big or as small as you would wish. The universe has granted you the power to create or re-invent anything you want in the manner you would like. There are no questions asked. This power rests in your mind and willpower. Whoever is banished from your space can never return until you allow them back. In the same manner, whoever you bring into your space does not need any qualifications to come in. They come as they are.

The universe has its space that has been the focus of man for some time now. Astrology is the study of space. It involves the observation and interpretation of elements in space to forecast earthly events. The universe guards this space jealously from unauthorized access. For example, our planet is the only planet that supports human life. This is the universe’s way of indirectly telling us to stick to our lane and leave the rest to him. It is guarding its space. How about you?

Heaven on earth.

This should best describe the status of your space. From spiritual tales, heaven is a beautiful place. There is no robbery, despair, struggles, discouragement, accidents, or diseases. It is where we would all want to go in the afterlife.

Heaven on earth

While at it, you must protect your heaven from ruin. The universe has given you the power to guard your space from the enemy. Your mandate is to guard your heaven on earth so well that you can always have a place to hide from the world. Like soldiers on the battlefield, your space is a bunker where you can always fall back whenever there is imminent danger.

Do you know how to use the power to guard your space? A weapon is as powerful as your knowledge to use it. This is a guide to doing it right.

  1. Entertaining positive thoughts only.

Heaven is a place where you can afford to be carefree. Banish negative thoughts from your mind. Create new things in your mind. You can fly airplanes, swim in the deep oceans, and live the life of a superhero with real superpowers. See life in sickness and strength in weakness. A positive attitude is a command to your space that you entertain nothing short of good vibes.

There will always be someone who sees the glass as half empty. The only problem is allowing such negative thoughts to invade your space. Nature wants you to jealously guard your space so that you can earn the confidence of the universe. Cheers to positive thoughts!

  1. Filtering the company of your friends.

Word has it that you are the average of your friends. This is spot on. Your space is your heaven and there is a bare minimum requirement of morality that your circle should conform to. Thieves, perverts, corrupt, and all types of sinners cannot be admitted to heaven. They are locked out because they threaten the principles of heaven – safety, comfort, security, and peace.

Nature wants you to guard your space by being like heaven itself. Do not allow people with doubtful personalities into your life. They will ruin your space and you will have nowhere to go to when you want to escape from the world. Like nature, be very particular about the people you hang around with so that you can continue keeping your space safe.

  1. Constantly creating life.

The universe is a champion of life. It creates life, not destroy it. Your spirit should be aligned with the universe. A child is born into the world every minute, livestock, and both domestic and wild animals are also born into the world daily. There is a seedling somewhere germinating right now as you read this. The universe creates life throughout. Death is not the end of life but a transformation of life from one form to another (from the physical to spiritual form).

Learn from the universe the art of creating life. Speak life over your projects, work, business, family, friends, and everything that matters in your life. Confess that you will pass that exam you have been studying so hard for, that you will survive all the challenges you are facing, your family shall be healthy, and that all your ongoing projects shall be successful.

In return, your space shall be lively and successful. You guard your space from the pandemic of death by constantly creating life.

  1. Attach yourself permanently to the universe.

A branch is as successful as its head office. It will survive all economic challenges as long as the head office is still a going on concern. What happens when a branch wants autonomy? It is exposed to the risk of underperformance because it no longer enjoys the support of the parent office. The head office provides cover to all its branches.

yourself and universe

Attaching yourself permanently to the universe is how you can guard your space permanently. The rules of the universe will apply to your space and you can maintain its original state. What the universe does to guard its space will also apply to your personal space. Your responsibility is to remain attached to the universe by maintaining a healthy spiritual life.

There is a lot of power in guarding your space. You can easily realize maximum potential. Grab this power that the universe is offering.

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Inviting Love and Light – Nature’s Identical Twins

Twins are another wonder of the world. Science has tried to explain how two babies can be born from the same mother in one pregnancy and there is only so much that it can explain. It is very joyous for an expectant woman to safely deliver her child. It is a double joy when she delivers twins. These two innocent bundles of joy are the prayer of many soon-to-be parents. It is now possible through advances in medical technology to see the child while it is still in the womb. You can see if it’s only one child or twins and you can even see their gender when the pregnancy is at a certain stage.

The care of twins.

An expectant mother is very cautious of her health so that she can maintain the pregnancy. She attends an antenatal clinic and pays extra attention to her lifestyle. This is because anything she does will directly affect the unborn child. From the period of pregnancy until delivery and even thereafter, the newborn requires special attention to help them survive the new world.

Nature’s identical twins.

Twins require double the effort you put in when you have only one child. Both of them want you to attend to their needs – feeding, sensory stimulation, love, and affection. It is your duty as a parent to provide all of that as they grow up until they become dependent. The roles of a parent do not stop after the infants grow up. On the contrary, they increase. You have to appreciate the presence of your twin children in your life and that they are responsible to a certain level of their lives.

Nature’s identical twins.

Nature has its identical twins – love and light. Their conception and delivery are almost similar to that of human children. You can conceive twins if there was a special fertilization in your womb. Nature’s twins need a special invitation to come into your life. You invite nature’s identical twins by being accommodative of other people in your life. This is the special fertilization in your womb that the universe is looking for. If you cannot accommodate familiar neighbors, relatives, and friends, how can you accommodate nature’s invisible twins?

Choose to be kind and concerned about the welfare of others and be deliberate about it. This is a sign that you can be a good parent to the twins that you seek from nature. Identical twins are such that you cannot tell one apart from the other. They look very much alike – in physical appearance and character. However, a parent who has watched them closely from their birth can tell the difference. Nature wants to determine your commitment to raising this gift of twins – love and light because they are a blessing that will completely turn around your life.

The twins – Love and light.

As is the case with most identical twins, you will never find one far away from the other. When you see one, the other one is usually not far away. This is also true for love and light. Where there is love, light is usually just beside it, and vice versa.

The universe is bringing a new gift into your life – nature’s identical twins. They hold the answer to all your problems and will attract more spiritual blessings in your life. There is a divine guide on how to accommodate love and light. These sons of the universe only thrive in a pure environment. This is your spiritual life.

The cooperation of love and light.

Love came into the world first before sin. The original intention of the universe is that all of us would exist in love. Hate, envy, jealousy, and malice were all locked out of the world in the beginning. The spiritual doctrine of love is that we should bear each other’s burden as if it were our own and care for our neighbor as we would our siblings. This kind of love has no hidden motives and smells of a lovely fragrance.

The twins – Love and light.

The other identical twin is light. Its role is to light up your life. Your eyes will see beyond the façade that most people show to the world. Light is always present where there is love because you expose your underbelly when you love. It is impossible to hide anything from your loved ones because light shines through you and lays everything bare.

There is love in light and light in love. At the invitation of these nature’s identical twins, your life takes an upwards trajectory. You attract people with whom you share the same spiritual backbone. They will love you back effortlessly and contribute significantly to improving your spiritual and physical health. What is life without the blessing of these twins? You are among the chosen few to have this blessing.

Your spiritual health.

Having good health is important to both our physical and spiritual life. It improves your mood and energy levels are at an all-time high when you are healthy. Your doctor would prescribe every possible medical prescription to nurse you back to health. Nature did exactly that – to bring its identical twins – love and light into your life.

It is thoughts of depression, sadness, and defeat that drive you into depression. The more you think of how you are doomed, the deeper your health deteriorates. The antidote to this poison is nature’s twins – love and light. Love brightens your face and light sprinkles new energy over your spirit. They can lead you to find your lost smile. Their entry into your life will enable you to find your lost laughter. The secret of a long fulfilled life lies in nature’s twins – love and light.

The magic of love and light.

Magicians do extraordinary things. This is what nature’s identical twins do in your life. They have one assignment – to dress up your life in joy. Have you invited them into your life yet? This is one of the few life decisions that you will never regret.

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The Power of the Architect’s Pencil

An architect is a professional who designs new construction projects, their interior, alterations, and outlook. He/she is important in the construction space and his approval is regarded highly by the authorities. When you see buildings sitting majestically wherever they are, please remember that the input of the architect was fundamental to its construction.

The job description of an architect.

An architect conceives the vision of how the building should look and draws it on paper. How does he do it? He sits down with the owner or proprietor of the building and listens to how this client would want his house to be. He seeks clarification on areas that are still unclear to him or he sometimes suggests his professional opinion to the client. He then retreats to his working space and inks the dream home of the client on paper. What follows is a series of back and forth between him and the client to include minor adjustments or to settle on a more desirable design from the options provided by the architect.

An architect has the responsibility of interpreting the vision of his client and breathing life into it. There are no limits in architecture and your mind should have an infinite room for creation. As a client, you trust the architect as a professional who understands the scope of his work and you heavily rely on his judgment. This makes an architect a very powerful person in his field.

The search for the right architect.

Since it is clear that you need the best architect, the universe would want you to make the right choice. He has a delicate task to ensure that the conclusion is desirable, pleasant, and attractive. The only choice of the best architect you have is nature. Speak to him about how you would want him to design your house (life). What are your dreams about it? Do you have any secret wishes about how you would want your life to become? You can tell your architect all about it.

nature's architect

Transforming your dreams to reality.

Nature as your architect can transform your dreams to become a reality. Open up to him about the design of your house and the direction you would want your house to take. What would you want to pursue? Arts or science? A private or a social and public life? All these choices are within your reach. Your architect can fulfill everything on your bucket list.

The tools of an architect.

Some of the tools of an architect are tracing paper, a sketchbook, a compass, pencils, a magnifier, drafting dots, and an architectural and engineering scale. Similarly, nature has its working tools that have the same role as that of an ordinary architect. These tools are the pencil of routine, the eraser of correction, the ruler of morality, the compass of purpose, and the magnifier of victory. It is an honor when nature agrees to draw your dreams with the architect’s pencil – the most powerful tool in his kit.

  1. The pencil of routine.

Nature uses routine as a pencil to imprint permanent habits in your life. You need a new routine to replace your current one if you want to achieve a particular objective. You can appreciate nature by championing new trends to reduce pollution. You do not need a big portfolio to do this. Walk over short distances to reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere or take public transport to minimize the same.

You can also turn to green energy for domestic use instead of using traditional forms of energy. These simple habits repeated constantly will put you in the spotlight of the universe as a progressive person. Your architect’s pencil can imprint any routine you choose to achieve your desired objective.

  1. The eraser of correction.

Nature has an eraser of correction to rectify any mistakes committed. Your life is presently far from perfect. According to your architect, there are a lot of adjustments to be done and you need to adjust several aspects of it to be able to realize your dream home. Nature wants to trim your excesses and regulate what you think is normal. Nature’s eraser of correction is Karma – bad Karma to be precise.

All the negative actions you do eventually catch up with you and you get a dose of your medicine. After rubbing off your bad habits, your architect again uses the pencil of routine to replace them. This takes you back to the most powerful tool in the architect’s kit – the pencil.

  1. The ruler of morality.

The primary importance of a ruler in the architect’s tool kit is to draw straight lines because he cannot afford to draw crooked curvy lines. Nature as your architect demands moral uprightness from you if you want to seek his services.

Your lifestyle should be morally straight like a ruler if you want to manifest a beautiful home. Straight lines make a drawing appear neat and well-planned. The ruler of morality is used together with the pencil of routine to draw straight lines. This takes you back to the most powerful tool in the architect’s kit – the pencil.

 compass of purpose.

  1. The compass of purpose.

An architect needs a compass to draw perfect circles on your home plan. Freehand drawing may be imperfect and you may need to rub it several times before you get the perfect drawing. Similarly, your architect – nature – wants you to appreciate the importance of a compass in its architectural work in your life.

You need to have a purpose in life from which you draw inspiration. A compass is not used alone. You need to put a pencil in the compass to use it effectively. You will get the perfect home (life) if you use the pencil of routine together with the compass of purpose. Once more, you will still need the most powerful tool in the architect’s kit – the pencil.

The power of the architect’s pencil is unlimited. Your architect – nature – is qualified and competent to draw your home as you wish. The greatest architect to grace your life is capable of doing anything. Child, what is your wish?

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beauty of horizon

The Secret Lying Beyond the Horizon

The horizon is the farthest place you can see. At a glance, it looks like a junction where the earth and sky meet. It is thousands of miles from the Earth and it looks beautiful, especially during sunrise and sunset. If it were up to us, we would want to look at the horizon for a long time before it disappears. The glory of the horizon is in its uniqueness and its ability to show up every sunrise and sunset. This kind of consistency is rare to find.

The horizon beautifies the universe. I am sure you would want this beauty at your home or office. Some of the most beautiful photos are taken during sunset or sunrise because we want to capture this moment of glory. This picture gives us hope that we can see the horizon one more time to bask in its glory. Is it possible to trap this beauty in and have it in our lives forever? Even if it were, it is more prudent to see what lies beyond the horizon.

The river and the source.

A river is as good as its source. A permanent river is reliable because it runs throughout the year. It is a solution to water crises. It is reassuring that you can find water at the river any time of the year. Similarly, having someone or something to count on is a consolation.

There is only so much we know about the horizon. It appears and disappears at will and there is nothing we can do about it. It is about time we went beyond the horizon to find out what is the source of the glory of the horizon.


Growing up, I wondered why the sun or the moon was not directly overhead when walking during the day or night. Somehow, it was either behind us or ahead of me. Another common mystery is why we cannot reach the end of the world. I expected to see a signpost somewhere written in bold, you have reached the end of the world. No way through.

As a child, this was too much to understand. To some, it is probably still a mystery to date. There is a secret of the universe that lies beyond the horizon. It would take extra effort to finally go beyond the horizon to unravel this secret.

Astronomy is a great exploration of space and the horizon. It reveals the secret lying beyond the horizon. This is the source of the glory we see every sunrise and sunset on the horizon.

  1. The world does not end at the horizon.

There are several theories explaining whether the world has an end. Is the geography of the world infinite? From the rising of the sun to the setting of the same, the world’s geography is a marvel. There is more to explore in the world that you may not even finish in your lifetime.

The universe is dynamic. Nature wants you to push your limits because you are yet to reach half of it. You are gifted with enormous potential within you. Nature wants to tap into it and make you more effective and productive. Do not be discouraged by challenges that may come your way. Believe in your infinite ability to create and recreate yourself. The secret lying beyond the horizon is its infinity.

  1. You cannot see beyond the horizon because you are far away from it.

It is discouraging that the horizon looks very far away yet you want to see what is the secret behind this glory. Every time you try to go closer to it, it kind of moves further from you. A ship appears to be climbing a hill when it is approaching the port. It is as if it is coming from another world into ours. Science points out the fact that the world is spherical. You cannot see the beginning or end of the circumference of a sphere. Can you?

The universe wants you to get as close as possible to the tipping point of your limits. You will discover a new potential within you when you are on the verge of giving up. You can only see beyond the horizon when you are close to it. There is always something on the other side.

  1. There is gravity beyond the horizon.

The force of gravity is everywhere on Earth. There is nowhere you can hide from it. It brings you down each time to remind you that you are on Earth. We are used to it by now. Gravity has become normal and you have stopped fighting it. There is news for you – there is gravity too beyond the horizon.

What opposition could you face beyond the horizon? The universe is whispering a secret to your ear – there is gravity even past the horizon. Since you have managed to accommodate gravity in your life, you can manage just fine when you eventually reach the horizon. The challenges that come your way are the gravity that nature is preparing you for even when you go beyond the horizon. You are a champion!

  1. The sun can still be seen beyond the horizon.

The sun is the center of the solar system. All planets go around the sun and it is the primary natural source of light to all of them. Rest assured that the sun can still be seen even beyond the horizon. The universe guarantees your vision beyond the horizon.

Universe's horizon

Sunlight is important to every living creature; plants and animals alike. It leads you to make informed decisions because you can see what is right in front of you. You must have put a lot of effort to reach beyond the horizon. Nature guarantees you sunlight in the form of divine knowledge to guide you. Embrace it because it is useful when your limits are pushed to the wall.

Many secrets lie beyond the horizon that you can use to be ahead of your competitors. Nature is offering to mentor you to discover them one by one. How far can your eyes see?

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book's introduction

Embracing Your Maiden Introduction

An introduction is a very important chapter of any book or journal. It welcomes you to the whole book and determines to a greater extent whether or not you will continue reading the rest of the chapters. It spikes your interest in the book by creating suspense to lure you not to put the book down. The introduction of the book introduces the overview of the book by highlighting its most interesting sections without giving it all away. It is a teaser of what lies in the rest of the book.

Introductions are not limited to books and journals only. Any first-time event requires a proper introduction to familiarize other people with it. In music performances and shows, the master of ceremony accords guest artists with a proper introduction. There is no second time for this first-time introduction. It leaves a permanent mark and it must be as perfect as possible.

An unintroduced guest does not have certain privileges. He/she will remain at the guests’ lounge while the hosts and other guests who have been welcomed to “feel at home” dominate the event. You will be considered a gate crasher until you are properly introduced to everyone. People will whisper about you (and some will do it in your presence) because you are uninvited. All of this will make you feel uncomfortable but it will stop the moment you are properly introduced.

The maiden introduction…

Introductions also matter in the universe. You are still a guest until you are introduced to the spiritual realm. You are an ordinary human with a spirit in the universe until you are introduced and you become a son/daughter of this new world. A child has extra privileges and rights than a guest does. The former is at home while the latter is only on a visit with an expiry date.


Nature wants to facilitate your maiden introduction to the universe. Your introduction to the universe is a key to unlocking the privileges of a son/daughter in the spiritual kingdom. Nature designs your maiden introduction like a form of initiation through which you graduate from a guest to a native.

Spiritual initiation.

Your maiden introduction is spiritual initiation. Nature takes it through four stages.

  1. To be born again.

This is the first step in spiritual initiation. To be born in the spirit confers you with spiritual innocence like that of a newborn. Nature wants you to live like a little child – without grudges, with pure intentions, always happy, and open-minded. This lifestyle introduces you to the spiritual realm as an initiated guest who wants to explore the spiritual kingdom.

An infant is the purest form of life. He is like an open new book that has nothing written on it. The parents and/or caregivers have the power to write something through new experiences in the life of the newborn. The same happens when you are born again spiritually – the universe will write new code in your life that will be a game changer.

  1. Baptism.

In a well-organized official function, guests are well-identified. They wear tags and often sit at one location. They need to be introduced to the venue and shown the direction to the restrooms. On the other hand, the hosts and natives can be easily spotted because they know their way around.

Baptism is an identifier stage in spiritual initiation. The universe identifies natives of the spiritual kingdom through baptism. There is no harm in not being baptized. The only thing is that you will remain with the guest tag and forfeit all the benefits of being a child in the spiritual kingdom.

Sometimes you may pass through a rough patch in life and it could look like everything is falling apart. This could be your moment of baptism. You are experiencing the second stage of spiritual initiation to introduce you to the universe. You will emerge victorious once your maiden introduction is complete.

  1. The Transfiguration.

Every living being changes in their lifetime. Life takes us through various stages of growth – infancy, childhood, teenage, and finally adulthood. This is a physical transfiguration of our physical appearance. You would have amassed a lot of experience by the time you are an adult. This is the way of life.

Spiritual transfiguration is part of your maiden introduction to the universe. It includes but is not limited to a complete change of your thoughts. Nature does not want you to only remain focused on the present. Think ahead and plan every foreseen event carefully so that you do not trip. You had different priorities in your mind through the different stages while growing up. The universe wants you to adopt an equal change in the spiritual kingdom.

The transfiguration of your thoughts is a sign that you are almost taking up citizenship of the spiritual kingdom. It does not hurt to be a dual citizen, does it?

spiritual kingdom.

    1. Crucifixion and resurrection.

Crucifixion is one of the most painful ways to die. The good news is that the universe takes away all the pain with the reward of resurrection. This completes your maiden introduction to the universe. Certain habits can only be tolerated if they are done by a guest. You would not expect the host or a native to do it. For example, the staple food in other parts of the world is pasta. When a guest from a region that has never eaten pasta before visits your place, they may find the food not tasty or uncomfortable. You cannot expect to see this from a native.

Similarly, the universe requires you not to be led by physical desires. As someone who wants to be a native of the spiritual kingdom, you have to crucify the desires of your body. In return, the universe is promising you the resurrection of your spirit. You will have a new thirst for spirituality and abandon your old lifestyle.

Your maiden introduction to the universe is what nature has been waiting for for a long time now. Embrace it to become a native of the spiritual kingdom.

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extraordinary journey

Achieve Limitless Possibilities: Unlock New Frontiers in Life

Life is an extraordinary journey filled with limitless possibilities waiting to be explored. Each individual possesses the inherent capacity to unlock new frontiers and push the boundaries of their potential. By embracing curiosity, courage, and determination, we can embark on a path of self-discovery, growth, and transformation. 

Let’s have a look at how to embrace this mindset to achieve extraordinary things.

Embracing Change and Adaptability:

To reach beyond our limits, we must be willing to step into the unknown.”

Unlocking new frontiers in life requires a willingness to embrace change and adaptability. Recognizing that life is fluid and constantly evolving, we must cultivate a mindset that welcomes new experiences and challenges. Stepping outside of our comfort zones enables us to explore uncharted territories and discover hidden potential within ourselves.

Cultivating Curiosity:

“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existence.” – Albert Einstein.

Cultivating Curiosity

Curiosity is the key that unlocks new frontiers in life. By nurturing a sense of wonder and inquisitiveness, we open ourselves up to endless possibilities. Curiosity fuels exploration, innovation, and personal growth. It encourages us to ask questions, seek knowledge, and challenge the status quo, propelling us toward new horizons.

Take Risks:

 “Do one thing every day that scares you.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Fear often acts as a barrier to exploring new frontiers. However, by embracing fear and viewing it as an opportunity for growth, we can break free from its grip. Taking calculated risks allows us to overcome limitations, push past boundaries, and achieve extraordinary feats. Embracing fear with courage and determination leads to self-discovery and the realization of untapped potential.

Embrace a Growth Mindset:

“The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

Growth Mindset

Adopting a growth mindset is essential to unlocking new frontiers. It involves recognizing that abilities and talents can be developed through dedication and hard work. Embracing a growth mindset allows us to view failures as opportunities for learning and growth, rather than setbacks. With this mindset, we become open to new possibilities and are empowered to continuously improve and expand our potential.

When we align ourselves with the collective wisdom of humanity, thereby expanding our own understanding and potential. It allows us to gain insights into various aspects of life, ranging from success and spirituality to creative inspiration and personal growth. 

Unlocking new frontiers in life is a transformative journey that requires embracing change, cultivating curiosity, overcoming fear, and persisting in the face of challenges. By adopting a growth mindset and embracing the unknown, we can push the boundaries of our potential and achieve extraordinary things. As we embark on this quest, we uncover endless possibilities and realize that our potential is truly limitless.

“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.” – Sun Tzu

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Adding the Ingredient of Love to Your Recipe

Love remains the only weapon that can conquer everything. Love is a language that speaks to the spirit and convinces it to turn away from whatever revenge plan it had. When the language of love is spoken, those who hear it melt with submission. Love conquers wars and stone-cold hearts. Commanders and their lieutenants are tough people but they soften when the language of love is spoken. By all measures and standards, love is exactly what you need to win.

It gets even better when you learn to add the ingredient of love to your recipe. It makes your food tastier and more desirable than that of another person. The ingredient of love is like salt. Food could be prepared in the best kitchen by the best chef but when it lacks salt, it loses its taste. You would rather settle for lower quality food (not cooked by the best chef or in the best kitchen) but with salt. Your taste buds would overlook everything for the sake of salt. This is what the ingredient of love does to your recipe. It gives your food taste and subtly invites more guests to your table.

Why do you need love in your recipe?

  1. Love preserves relationships.

Having likened love to salt, love is also a preservative. One of the traditional methods of preserving food is salting. It keeps off germs and bacteria from invading the food and by doing so, the food can remain fresh for longer. Meat and fish were mostly preserved in this way before the introduction of refrigerators.

love and universe

Love, just like salt, preserves relationships and prevents them from going bad. When friendship is about to expire, acts of love from either of them can make this friendship fresh again. Love is like a breath of new life over all forms of relationships. Your love for nature will preserve your relationship with the universe. Taking care of vulnerable animals and keeping them from harm’s way is a way of showing love for nature. Another way is taking care of vegetation and championing its preservation. As a reward, your relationship with the universe grows stronger.

  1. Love is a disinfectant.

Growing up, salt was a home disinfectant before we went to the hospital. When you got cut by a knife in the kitchen or when you were bruised in the field, you would wash the wound and sprinkle salt on it. It was more painful when salt penetrated the cut but after a short time, bleeding stopped. Yay! We felt healed and would go back to play quickly.

Love stops bleeding just as salt does. It disinfects our cuts and bruises and gives us the hope that we can go back to play again. Love disinfects our wounds when we are hurt. It kills all the germs of bitterness and revenge that would otherwise take advantage of our hurt to turn us against people we would later need in life. The ingredient of love in your recipe is like medicine. It has multipurpose uses to disinfect and bandage hurt or almost broken relationships. Love builds your capacity to heal when you are hurt.

  1. Love is nutritive.

Among the many benefits of salt, one of them is that it has an essential nutrient – Sodium – that is required in many physiological processes. The body needs salt to improve nutrition absorption, maintain cell plasma volume, in normal cell physiology, and transmission of nerve impulses. This is one more reason why you need salt in your diet.

Love is equally very nutritive. It helps to nourish your spirit and makes you glow. The capacity to love builds a good rapport with the universe. Your spirit becomes well-nourished and other people will notice your good health. The nutrient of love can only be acquired when you express love and practice it in its purest form. Pure love is not ill-conceited; it is genuine and cannot be hidden. Your reputation to love will always precede you. This is a bonus point on your scorecard.

A healthy spirit has a greater capacity to love. You love effortlessly because this is the nature of your spirit. While other people fight invisible demons within themselves to express their love openly, you do not face such struggles. Your spirit expresses love easily because you are healthy.

The value of love.

Love is more precious than rubies. The ability to love makes your spirit glitter and attracts attention everywhere. Love makes your face shine and anoints your head for greater assignments. The universe understands deeply the value of love. Plants, animals, birds, and fish express their love of nature in different ways. These gestures of love support the ecosystem as we know it. If their taps of love run dry, probably we would no longer know the world as we do.

value of love

What is love if not how plants excrete oxygen for animals to inhale? Again, what is love if not how the same plants inhale the carbon dioxide that animals exhale? This love sustains both of these species and makes them dependent on each other for survival.

Love as a magnet.

Love in the universe is a magnet that pulls every good thing to you. The ingredient of love in your recipe attracts good people to come to eat your food. The universe rewards you with equally loving people to come into your life when you serve your food prepared with a recipe of love.

The way news spread fast of a new joint in town serving delicacies is not half as fast as how your capacity to love will spread. People will love you back effortlessly because you equally love them as a principle.

The source of love.

Where does salt come from? It is mined underground and refined before we buy it from supermarket shelves. The ingredient in any recipe that makes food tastier is mined. It is not planted on the farm or manufactured in factories. It is mined! This means it is naturally occurring in the ground.

Now where do you get this magic ingredient of love to add to your recipe? Like salt, love is mined. It is mined from the universe. This mining involves going over and beyond to love other people. When you bend your back to love people even when they intentionally make it hard to do so, you are adding salt to your recipe. All the benefits of the ingredient of love shall accrue to you.

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