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September 2023

Attracting The Clouds of Glory Above Your Head

Attracting The Clouds of Glory Above Your Head

Glory is like a robe of gold. It is shiny, precious, and attractive. You cannot hide it from the public because it glows like the sun. Glory clothes you with honor because your shame and weaknesses are forever hidden. The people around you are the first to notice your glory. Their perception of you changes entirely. You become an icon they look up to and find wisdom in your judgments. Glory will take you where character alone will not. 

The universe can give or take away your glory. Your lifestyle thereafter is what sustains the clouds of glory above your head. The clouds of glory are formed just as clouds of rain are formed. They form in the sky and come together. Rain falls when they are ‘heavy enough’. One place can receive rain and another may not receive even a single drop. There is a reason for this – either the clouds did not form in that place (that missed rain) or if they did, then they were not ‘heavy enough’ and were blown elsewhere by the wind. As a principle, rain does not fall at the place where the clouds are formed but where the clouds are saturated. 

The science of attraction. 

The clouds of glory are like those of rain. They collect at the place where they are attracted and will release glory above the head of the one who attracted them. Nature can send wind to blow them to a different place if you stop attracting them. This is what you have to do to attract the clouds of glory above your head: 

1. Let the sun heat the earth. 

This is the beginning of the formation of conventional rainfall. The sun heats the earth and water evaporates to form water vapor. This hot air expands and rises. It then cools and condenses to form the clouds you can see. This is the first time that something visible has been formed in the formation of rain.  

The sun is at the center of the solar system. It is symbolic of your spirit which is the source of your life. The body is only a vessel that carries it. To attract the clouds of glory, allow your spirit to be in contact with reality. The reality is that nothing happens under the sun without the express permission of the universe. What is your influence on it?  

sun and flowers

2. Check to see if clouds have formed. 

Evaporated air condenses to form clouds in the sky. It could take a while before they are visible and you have to keep looking at the sky from time to time. When the clouds become visible, everybody will see them. They will continue to come together until they can no longer hold the condensed vapor within them. 

Clouds are important in the formation of rainfall. A clear sky is a sign of no rain anytime soon. A lot of economic activities stop when there is no sign of rain. Farmers are not confident to prepare their farms for the next planting season and wildlife in parks cannot find water to drink at water points because it has not rained for a while. 

Clouds of glory can be seen in your life after you have influenced the universe to answer your prayers and grant your wishes. It is only then that glory will return to your life. Since your spirit is in contact with the universe and has made a petition, expect an answer soon. Recognize small achievements as small clouds in your sky that will collect together and give you a resounding victory. Continue interceding and clouds of glory shall continue to form in your sky. 

4. Heavy clouds eventually pour heavy rain. 

Saturated clouds eventually cannot hold the condensed vapor any longer. Rain pours and the earth is watered once again. Activities on hold can continue and normalcy resumes.  

This is what happens when the universe answers your prayers – you can continue with your studies because someone has paid your fees, your business has earned new investors, your startup has been licensed by the authorities, or you have finally found your soulmate. Manifestation of answered prayers has come a long way; right from when it was an ordinary petition. 

heavy clouds above trees

Clouds of glory above your head have released the glory of answered prayers. You are now clothed in a golden robe because the universe has helped you save face. 

How to maintain the glory. 

It is one thing to attract glory and another thing to maintain it. A new electronic appliance always comes with a manual when you buy it. It is meant to help you set it up, operate, and maintain it. You also learn the do’s and don’ts written in the manual.  

The same applies to the glory of the universe. It comes with a manual. It gives insight into how to maintain it to last longer. Where have people you once looked up to gone? Some of them are invisible because the glory has departed from them. Your desire is to be promoted from one glory to another while multiplying your blessings each time. These are the two major instructions in the manual: 

1. Pride comes before a fall. 

Pride kills the glory of the universe. If you must boast, do so because you are humbled to be blessed by the universe. Embrace glory with humility and it will make a home in your life. It is an honor to have your current level of education, your current job, and your family. Preserve this honor. 

2. There is no stigma in seeking help. 

It is okay to ask for help when you need it. You will save yourself from making a lot of mistakes as soon as you get help from the right people. Help is nature’s language of maintenance and you benefit a lot when you speak this language fluently.

Your marriage will last a lifetime, your business will thrive amidst harsh economic times, your health will continue improving, you will further your education, and your social status will keep improving. These are the blessings of long-lasting glory.

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trip and universe

What a Trip to the Universe Looks Like

A trip is a planned journey to a place of your choice. It could be for the first, second, or third time. Each trip has its unique experience that adds something new to your life. Memories of your past trips are nostalgic and you may wish to revisit them. They could be the trips you have gone with your friends, family, or workmates many years back. They are still relevant in your life to date. Trips are like footprints in the desert or a swampy place; they are evidence of your presence there.

Nature is offering you a trip to the universe. I bet you are yet to go on this trip and this makes it even more adventurous. A trip to the universe is planned earlier and any other plans are cancelled. It unlocks the answers to all your prayers. You will meet your destiny connectors, soulmate, and business partners when you make your trip to the universe. Now that your interest is spiked, who is eligible for this trip?

Who can go on this trip to the universe?

There is news from nature about this – not everybody is eligible for this trip to the universe. The only qualified people are those whose spirits are willing to take this trip without any reservations whatsoever. Is your spirit ready?

camp and universe

This is what can make you ready for a trip to the universe:

  1. Awareness.

Are you aware that you can make a trip to the universe? This is the primary indication of your preparedness. Nature wants you to know that your spirit is not limited to the physical things here on Earth. There are a million more that you can do if you choose to.

Your spirit is unchained. Your physical achievements are influenced by the abilities of your spirit. Empower yourself to think beyond what you can see. A trip to the universe will be an eye-opener to what is beyond your nose. The time has come for you to take it.

  1. Selflessness.

It takes a lot of courage to go on a trip. Selflessness is when you think of the interests of other people above your own. You go on a trip because it will help support a friend in depression, show camaraderie to a colleague, or spend time with them. The choice to pay for and make a trip for the sake of other people makes you a hero of the universe.

One of the ways to be ready for a trip to the universe is to be selfless. The universe will pick you up from there and the rest will be history.  

  1. Decisiveness.

You may have everything to go for a trip but still not show up for it. Indecisiveness is when you are unable to make up your mind whether or not you want to go on the trip. This is unattractive. You could have a list of reasons for your decision and explain them or you could choose to listen to the feeling of remaining behind. Whatever your decision is, stick to it. Indecisiveness paints you as unstable and non-committed.

You can only go on a trip to the universe when you are committed to it. Your faithfulness to your previous commitments (both past and current) is under investigation.

The purpose of a trip to the universe.

“What is in it for you when you take a trip to the universe? What will it look like? Will I return to my normal life?”

These and so many more questions are buzzing in your head as you weigh your options. This is what this trip will look like:

  1. Educative.

Trips are educative because you go to new places that have foreign cultures and beliefs from your native place. There is a lot that you can learn on your trip to the universe. You will awaken your spirituality and take charge of your life henceforth. It is like being born for the second time.

The power of free will, intuition, and faith are some of the secrets of spirituality that a trip to the universe will reveal to you.

  1. Refreshing.

It is important to take a break from your tedious daily activities. A road trip or a trip to the game park will help you to unwind and refresh your mind. It puts other things in your mind to think about and takes away your fears. It empowers you to speak up against injustices and be a voice of reason where there was none.

universe and us

A trip to the universe is the break you have been long waiting for. It is a break from mark timing at the same spot for a long time. Now is best to go on this trip.

  1. Networking.

You will meet new people on a trip. They are not your usual circle of friends but strangers who know anything about you. This is a chance to network with people who are gifted differently aside from you. You will understand the world from their view and maybe pick up on a few good habits from them. It is impossible to do it alone and nature makes it possible through a trip to the universe.

I bet you already know everyone from your neighborhood. It is about time you see what is in other places when you go on trips.

  1. Strategic.

Trips are strategic. They are part of the bigger plan because they give new insight into the unknown. Trips are carefully planned and the benefits derived from them are weighed against their costs. A comprehensive cost-benefit analysis is the ultimate deciding factor on whether or not the trip will happen.

Have a strategy as you go on the trip to the universe and let it be spiritual nourishment because the universe is best placed to offer it to you.

A trip to the universe does not have a physical bus terminal. It begins from your heart. Listen to your heart and follow through with your calling (because there is surely one). Enjoy your trip, friend!

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Sailing Through Nature’s Sea

Sailing is an ancient mode of transport across the sea. The early man was overwhelmed with the curiosity of wanting to know what the rest of the world holds. Fishing was already on the table and the idea of traveling by sea matured with the introduction of the first sail in Egypt. From that time to date, sailing has evolved to become what it is today – safer and faster. Sailing through nature’s seas is adventurous and offers one of the most insightful exposures. It is the front seat where the real action takes place – the discovery of the unknown.

The seas and oceans cover a larger area of our planet. We are yet to fully explore their mysteries and this is what nature is offering to you – a sail worth remembering. Sailing takes you to the center of the earth which is somewhere in the Pacific. You find yourself surrounded by water as far as your eyes can see. This is the privilege that nature is introducing into your life – a once-in-a-lifetime voyage.

The pride of the sea.

Nothing beats the joy of being on the list of the chosen ones. It affirms that you are special and dear to the universe. You feel more important and this builds your confidence as you stare into what nature has put before your eyes.

pride of the sea

The pride of the sea is contagious and it will infect you as soon as you set off for your first sail. The calmness of the sea, its depth, the life it supports, and its endless horizon will make you envy the aquatic life enjoying all these perks of nature.

The preparation for a sea voyage.

A sea voyage is not impromptu. It is carefully planned and a vessel is booked beforehand for the travel. The traveling date is also earlier reserved. The choice of the vessel depends on the nature of the voyage. A stronger vessel adapted to the deep seas is used for longer travels while a lighter vessel can be used for shorter excursions. Nothing can be taken to chance when preparing to travel across the sea.

Nature has deep oceans, shallow lakes, and permanent and temporary rivers. There are some that you can swim across, others that you cannot except for skilled divers, and some that remain unexplored. A sea voyage across any of them is a worthy experience that nature wants to offer to you. Are you ready to take it?

The nature of the sea.

The nature of the sea is interesting. Sometimes there are strong winds and at other times it is very calm. There are storms in the sea that make it rough and ugly. Strong tides hit the coral reefs at the beach and people run for their safety. The beauty of the beach vanishes and you have to run from the same place where you were sun basking. However, this does not change your mind about the beauty of the sea and the beach. You will find time to go back to the beach to have fun and even go on that sea voyage you have been planning for some time now.

Nature wants you to understand life and the universe as you do the sea. It can be stormy, rough, and ugly but remain beautiful to offer you the fun that you are looking for. Your bad days are some of the stormy days in the sea. There are many more good days ahead like the days when the sea is calm. Brave the stormy days to enjoy the sunny days ahead.

Unchanged plans.

If you are planning for a sea voyage when the news has it that the ocean is stormy, you do not cancel it but reschedule to a time when the weatherman will give you a green light. It is prudent to plan for the days ahead of you and sometimes there are unavoidable interruptions when you do. No matter what it is, the universe wants to let you know that it is just one of the stormy days in the sea and it will not last long. The weather will be back to normal and you can continue with your plans.

Do not call off your wedding because your budget is too big. Neither should you postpone furthering your studies or starting your dream business because you do not have enough funds for it. What counts is that you had and still have intentions to do it. The universe will connect you with someone with the means to make it happen. Keep the dream alive and the storm will pass.

universe and sea

Getting ready for the moment.

What happens when you are already on the sea voyage and an unexpected storm occurs? Nature has your insurance policy and requires your compliance – sailing in the modern ship. This is the ship of faith that the universe needs you to use to sail through the ocean.

The modern ship is created to withstand harsh sea weather and the crew is well trained to handle emergencies. You can safely sail in it even when an unexpected storm happens. It has powerful engines to propel it in the direction that the captain would want to steer it in. No matter the strength of the storm, the captain can still be in charge of the ship. The sailing of the ship no longer depends on the direction of the wind but on the power of its engines.

To manage the storm when crossing through nature’s sea, the engines of your ship should be on and functioning. These engines are your prayers. Nature acknowledges that sometimes life can be stormy. However, your prayers will help you to manage the storm and you remain in control of your life.

The secret of sailing through nature’s sea.

Reflect on your prayer life and your spirituality every time you face challenges. Your spiritual life will manage to take you through all of them. A prayerful life is a healthy spiritual life. The storm in your life will only go away as soon as you tell the universe through prayer about it. 

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Building New Habits from the Routine of the Universe

It takes some time to build a new habit in your lifestyle. It is not an instant coffee decision and even though you may wish to go down that road, your spirit will take time to adjust to the new normal. Change, whether positive or negative, takes time to come into effect. It is not a surprise because your spirit inherited this from the universe. Things are procedural in the spiritual realm. This is the environment of the universe. Certain routines of the universe have existed since the beginning of the world and they are not about to stop now. At the same time, the universe has picked and dropped other activities in its routine along the way because their usefulness has been long overdue.

Consider things like the climate, weather, and Karma. What is common across all of them is that they happen and affect everybody. There is no way either of them will spare you. On the other hand, matters like relationships, careers, family life, and spirituality only affect those involved in the chain. The weight of personal choices is borne individually. Take a cue from the universe and build new habits that are aligned with the routine of the universe.

The perfect routine.

The routine of the universe is flawless. It goes beyond the Earth to include other planets and space. Its principles are universal and what you see elsewhere will eventually catch up with you if you are within its parameters. Some of the permanent routines like climate have remained unchanged for a long time now. The tropics have a unique climate – warm and either wet or dry because they receive sunlight throughout the year.

On the other hand, the poles have a different climate – they are colder than the tropics because they receive limited sunlight and to the extreme, the sun may not rise or set for weeks. The communities living in either the tropics or the poles have adapted to this routine because there is little that they can do to change it. Instead of fighting it, they have grounded their lives in new habits that make them productive.

The perfect routine is sensitive to the things in your control and those that are not. Your productivity is tied to your routine. The earlier you get on track to find your perfect routine, the better for you.

Needs and wants.

There is a thin line between needs and wants. You have to fulfill your needs for survival while you take care of your wants so that you may be comfortable. It is great to fulfill both of them but what happens when you have to make a choice? This is the voice of nature in this matter – let your spirit guide you.

voice of nature

The universe admits and expels life. It supports all life and without it, the world would be a big empty hall. Your spirit is a tenant in the universe and you have a role to play in your survival. The needs of the universe should match yours and its routine should be reflected in your life.

These are the healthy habits aligned with the universe:

  1. Conservation.

Nature loves conservatism. This is the habit of taking care of what you find and tending to it as if it were yours. The owner of an asset knows its value and will not risk its usefulness. Similarly, nature understands the value of plants, vegetation, and life in the wild. It will not support any threat (whether actual or perceived) to life on Earth. The universe supports this through its accommodative routine.

The universe fully supports conservation habits and will bless you with all your efforts in this route. Plant more trees, conserve water, switch off lights that are not in use, use renewable energy, and take care of your pets. These habits will make conservation a part of your routine.

  1. Consistency.

Consistency is to continue performing a service without fail. It is easy to start something new but challenging to continue to maintain it. It requires consistency throughout and appreciation that what you are doing is for the greater good. This is what the universe does for us every day.

The universe has consistently woken you up every dawn. The instinct to open your eyes kicks in automatically and you get up from bed to face the day ahead. The universe is not biased towards anyone or any group of people but consistently wakes all of us and gives us a second chance to make things right today. Be consistent in adopting your new habits and they will stick to be part of your new routine. Consistency put the spirit of service in you and thereafter your routine becomes effortless.

  1. Inclusivity.

Inclusivity is when nobody is left out of an arrangement. It helps to foster unity where there was none because everybody feels part and parcel of the agenda. They contribute their time to making it work. More so, inclusivity pulls people together and clears any doubts that may arise because you were left out. It is an assurance that the people at the table have come with clean hands. The ball is in your court to walk in their steps to actualize your joint goals.

nature and yourself

Nature is very inclusive in its routine. The whole universe is involved in its daily routine. This is the reason for its success – dawn and dusk happen to everyone. The universe is inclusive to grant everyone equal time to make their day. The slave and free, male and female, young and old have a shot at being on the decision table with the universe.

You can build the habit of inclusivity by sanctifying your conscience. You will not be fearful or guilty of the things that you do. Inclusivity means the liberty of being free from judgment for the sin of selfishness.

It is possible to build new habits from the routine of the universe. They will lead you in the right direction fearlessly.

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Drinking from the Springs of Living Water

Water is the only constant that we need in life. The need for water is indiscriminate of age, gender, or social class. Nature gives us water freely so that we may not lack this basic resource. However, no matter how much you drink, you will be thirsty again after some time and want some. After quenching your thirst, the cycle repeats.

The thirst for water is unique. Neither tea nor juice or any other drink can quench it. You will only be relieved after taking water. The universe acknowledges the importance of drinking water and has gifted nature with uncountable water points. This is the will of the universe – at no time should you suffer from thirst.

Living water.

In plain terms, water is life. You cannot do without it. It is home to aquatic life, plants depend on it, and the wild equally depends on the magic of water. Even the driest places on earth resurrect from the dead when it rains. Vegetation comes to life and birds invite themselves back to their former homes. The first sign that a region can promise to develop is whether or not there is water. Everything else follows after this.

man and sea

The universe is offering you living water if you actively look for it within her territory. You only have one mission – to actively find and get living water from the universe.

The right answer.

You will find other types of water as you search for living water. Some water will be fit for washing but unfit for drinking. Another type of water will be useful in irrigation but you cannot use it for cleaning. All these scenarios are situations presenting the different uses of water. Neither of them is the right type of water you are looking for.

The right place to look for living water is through your spirit within the territory of the universe. You will not find the right answer outside these parameters:

1. Objective energy.

What is the objective of your energy? Nature wants you to use it objectively if you want the right answer as to the place you will find living water. Your body, mind, and spirit should work together to follow through with one objective at a time.

A divided spirit cannot reach halfway to getting living water. Do not be distracted from focusing on your goal. Your spirit will find living water in fulfilling your life’s mission. A successful sports life, hitting the highest sales, or passing all your exams are sources of living water. Let either of them, as per your priority, be the object of your energy and you will find living water there.

2. A healthy lifestyle.

Good health should be your priority. You cannot enjoy any other blessing without it. Diseases are not part of the will of the universe for you. Nature has a guide to your good health throughout the year. Your body is equipped with all the necessary armory to wage war against any bacteria or germs. Your soldiers – the white blood cells – get their ammunition from your lifestyle.

Nature wants you to mind your eating habits. It is not enough to eat when you are hungry. However, eat healthily and balance your nutrient intake so that you may arm your soldiers. A healthy lifestyle affects your body, mind, and spirit. Take care of your body by eating well and doing exercises, your mind by filtering your thoughts, and your spirit by connecting to the universe. This is the source of living water.

3. A renewed mind.

Your mind is the gateway to your spirit. Anything you permit your mind to think about will automatically get to your spirit. Nature wants to guide you to the things you should think about. The right thoughts take you closer to the universe’s living water. On the contrary, the wrong thoughts take you further from it.

A renewed mind.

Your mind is the license you need to approach living water. Like all licenses, you need to renew your mind from time to time. Do not get stuck on old thoughts of how it has not worked for you previously. It is time that it now worked. A renewed mind sees beyond the obstacles ahead to get solutions to existing challenges. Renew your license so that you can drink from the springs of living water.

4. Relentless effort.

It takes a lot of courage to be consistent in your efforts to reach your goal. After some time, you may be tempted to give up because whatever you are doing is not working, at least in your eyes. Nature wants you to be relentless in your efforts to be objective. As you chase your dreams, you should have an answer to this question – are you on the right track?

As long as you can see the road sign of ‘living water ahead’, then you are not lost and you can accelerate there. Sometimes it takes a while before you find what you are looking for. It could be months or years but you will eventually get it. Your search for living water (your lifelong mission) will eventually pay off handsomely.

5. A tighter social circle.

Your social circle is a very influential environment. It has the power to either talk you into or out of something. You see and hear the world through the eyes and ears of your social circle. For this reason, nature wants you to be very choosy in selecting it.

This is nature’s secret – “Show me your friends and I will tell you the type of person you are.”

If those in your circle have found their sources of living water, you are also likely to find yours soon. They will show you their ways and you will follow suit to chart your path. Filter through the people carrying the title of a friend in your life because you have given them the power to make or break you.

Drinking from the springs of living water is everybody’s dream. The universe will help you to fulfill it if you follow through with these five leads. 

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nature's worker

Lessons from Nature’s Smart Worker(s)

There is always something new to learn for everyone. Nature has infinite knowledge about everything under the sun and even beyond. This is so much knowledge for you to consume. The more you understand how nature works, the more you become wiser. Everything in nature is constantly evolving and the prize is yours if you keep up with it.

There are elements in nature that have learned to keep up the pace. They are now a role model on how to be on top of the game. The generations that followed after them have carried on with their culture and they continue to be role models. They are nature’s smart workers. If the universe was a company, they will always win the prize of the best employee of the year because they are productive, efficient, and organized in their communities. Nature will forever be indebted to them.

Birds, ants, and bees are some of nature’s smart workers. They go beyond expectation to prove that they are worthy in the ecosystem. You must already know by now that you cannot downplay their contribution. They devote their lives to building and protecting their survival and that of their upcoming generations.

bee and nature

These are takeaway lessons from them:

1. They preserve their environments.

Nature’s smart workers are very conscious of their environments. They appreciate and maintain their habitats. Consider birds who go out of their way to build nests to live in. They use grass, leaves, twigs, and mud to build their homes. These building materials are eco-friendly and still create a warm home for the birds. It is amazing how birds make their nests. They are small in size but have the consciousness of acknowledging and protecting their environments.

Nature wants us to follow the example of the birds – to deliberately take care of our environment. You have the responsibility of taking care of the Earth. You do not have to cut trees to create a home for yourself. This betrays your intentions as inconsiderate of the future that nature gives all of us. Be like the birds, one of nature’s smart workers, who are conscious of the environment their children will find.

2. They appreciate their strengths.

Nature’s smart workers are gifted differently. The strength of birds is in their wings, of fish is in their fins, and of ants in their legs. They use their strengths to survive and create a haven in their habitats. Their abilities are meant to serve them and others too. This makes nature proud of them.

Everyone has their strengths that vary from one person to the other. They are gifts from above that are meant to serve and adapt you to your environment. Do not use them to endanger the survival of other people because you are accountable to the universe. Build a reputation for yourself that the world will remember you for because of the impact you leave on the lives of many people. 

3. They recognize authority.

Respect for authority is a virtue that every smart person should have. Nestlings, Antlings, and the brood respect the authority in their communities. Rebellion is unheard of among them. Their parents and adults take on the responsibility of raising the young ones because they are still naïve and inexperienced.

The universe wants you to follow the example of nature’s smart workers. Authority provides you with spiritual cover to fulfill your purpose in life. You recognize authority through small acts like paying your taxes and following your estate by-laws. This is what smart people do.

4. They read the time and seasons.

Before civilization, people could tell the time and predict seasons based on birds’ movements and animals’ behavior. Starlings, pigeons, and crows fly in groups at sunrise and sunset. It could be that they are returning to their roosting sites or finding warmth during cold winter nights. Daytime birds understand that the night is the time to ‘go home’ and rest. They interpret time and seasons correctly.

Nature wants you to adopt this habit of its smartest workers. Everything under the sun has an appointed time to manifest. Do not rush things or skip stages for whatever reasons. Trust the natural process to take you there and you will not regret it. Take the remote of your life from whoever is calling the shots and press play or pause according to the prevailing time and seasons. You will not miss the opportunities that the universe has set your way because you were at the right place and at the right time.

5. They work in unity.

Unity is the language of the universe. Ants work together to store food in their anthill stores. You may have seen a piece of bread being carried by a group of uncountable ants to their home. You may also have experienced first-hand what happens when you step on them or when you invade a bee’s hive. They unite to bite or sting this intruder who is endangering their lives. They are united to protect themselves and to work for their kingdom.


The universe wants you to join its smart workers in unity. There is nothing impossible in unity. Your mind is focused and you can concentrate your efforts on the task at hand. A community that stays in unity can accomplish anything they set their minds to.

6. They care for each other.

Care is a language of love. The universe wants you to take care of others as you do to yourself. Ants do not leave their colleagues behind when they are hurt. If it is any consolation, they carry him to their home.

Nature wants you to speak the language of love by caring for other people. Offer a reliable shoulder to lean on to a brother or sister. Your encouragement will heal another spirit and the universe will be indebted to you. A time is coming when you shall be repaid in full for your kindness especially when you need it the most.

Nature’s smart workers have answers that you have been looking for long enough. Their lifestyles and cultures testify to this. Go get your answers, champion!

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Fertilizing your Egg of Effort

Eggs are food for many households in the world. It is also a means of livelihood for many more people globally. Anything touching an egg directly affects millions of people and the entire ecosystem. An egg is a basic form of life. Birds, fish, amphibians, and reptiles reproduce by laying eggs. Without it, there is no guarantee of a continuation of the lineage of these animals. This is what makes an egg more important – the ability to determine the fate of millions.  

There are many health benefits to eating eggs. They are rich in proteins, improve heart health, and are affordable too. If you are having a bad day, get some omelet and your body will be grateful for it. 

The quality of an egg.  

The value of an egg is in its fertility. A fertile egg is laid after the male and female have mated. This makes the egg viable to eventually hatch into a chick. Unfertilized eggs are still useful and can be used elsewhere except that they do not carry life. Nature appreciates the importance of fertilized eggs more because they can continue the lineage of their parents. This is the true quality of an egg – the ability to carry life.  

The human limit. 

There is only so much that you can do as a person. Your efforts are limited by factors that you may not have control over. Just when you think that you have done your best, something happens to remind you that your best is not enough and you need to do better. Human effort is like a circle because you cannot touch the beginning or end of the circumference.  

Human effort

In comparison, your effort alone is like an unfertilized egg. It is good enough to be consumed as food but it does not carry life. Nature wants you to fertilize your egg and give it life. Fertilized effort is always productive and its results can be seen. Your small start-up will pick up quickly, you will pass your exams, your health will improve, your relationships will be fruitful, and you will have something to show to the world. Nothing you do will be in vain. 

The universe wants you to know that the limit you are thinking about is only in your mind. Your effort urgently needs to be fertilized for you to achieve your dreams satisfactorily. This is how you can present your egg to nature for fertilization: 

1. Have a clean motive.

Motive is the intention behind an action. It is a justification for what you are doing and the universe investigates it from time to time. Nature rewards good motives and punishes bad ones. It will crown the effort that you put toward social justice with victory and condemn the selfish efforts to shame.  

Are you constantly frustrated by your efforts not netting positive results? The universe wants you to change your motive. For example, the motive behind doing business is to solve an existing problem while at the same time making some profit. It is not to boast about your privilege of being a business owner. Nature will fertilize your efforts when your motive is clear from the onset. Your egg of effort will multiply because it now carries life. 

2. Rethink your actions before you commit.

There is always room for change and the universe rightfully provides for it. It is okay to change the things you want to do before you execute them because you had to rethink. An egg is fertilized if the male and female mate. Your motive and reconsideration of your actions before committing will determine the worthiness of its results.  

Nature appreciates well-thought-of plans and fertilizes such actions without a second thought. A fertile effort will yield results because it has been appointed for this. Poorly thought-of actions will remain unfertilized because they have no clearly defined objectives. Do you think there is anything you can change in your action before you execute it?  

3. Involve the supernatural in your actions. 

Nothing is hidden from the supernatural. Your thoughts, desires, and plans cannot be hidden from the universe. When you involve the universe, it anoints them to be fruitful and bring you worthy returns. On the contrary, failure to involve the universe denies them its blessings and your efforts will be like seed planted on infertile soil. They will not germinate.  

Your spirit is part of the supernatural. Use it to communicate to the universe about your efforts and their intentions. Commit everything in prayer and watch your efforts yield results. Nature and Karma often wait upon the supernatural for the nod to fertilize your egg of effort.  

4. Observe the greater good theory. 

As you plan your schedule, think about the good that your actions will cause. The universe often uses the greater good theory to determine whether or not to fertilize your efforts. This theory states that the best action is the one that will produce the greatest good for many people. The universe sustains many lives and it has to balance all their interests. 

This obliges nature to fertilize the efforts that will benefit as many people as possible. The business aimed at efficiently solving an existing problem to many people is the one that will succeed. Your creativity will spring you to success because the universe will fertilize your efforts.  

5. Break a few eggs to confirm fertilization. 

Breaking an egg is the best way to confirm if it has been fertilized. If it has, you will see a small white spot on the yolk. This means that this egg could hatch into a chick after incubation. You can randomly sample eggs to see if they have been fertilized before drawing any conclusion.  

How can you know if your efforts have been fertilized by the universe or if your success is pegged on luck? Investigate your coincident successes in the efforts you make alone and when you partner with somebody else. Continuous fruitful solo efforts mean your egg is fertile and independent of your partner. Keep it up! 

The fertility of an egg depends on whether the male and female mated before the egg was laid. Similarly, the fertility of your efforts depends on whether the universe anointed your efforts before you put them into action. A fertilized egg brings joy to the farmer because he can count on getting new chicks. Can you count on the returns of your actions? 

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desert at night

How to Survive the Desert Climate of Life

A desert must be the eighth wonder of the world. They have contrasting temperatures during the day and at night. It is extremely hot during the day and very cold at night. The desert climate harbors an extreme climate where plants and animals fight for survival. Despite the harsh weather, one thing is certain – there is life in the desert. 

Deserts are a tourist attraction site. The Arabian Desert (the largest desert in Asia), Sahara Desert (the largest hot desert in the world), Antarctic Desert (the largest desert in the world), and Namib Desert (one of the world’s oldest deserts) are some of the world-famous deserts that attract tourists from all over the world. A lot happens in these deserts contrary to the wrong assumption of many people. Despite the reputation that deserts are known for – extreme temperatures and arid environments with little biodiversity – they remain to be an important part of nature.  

From time to time, life takes us through deserts. We face extreme conditions that suppress our dreams (at least for some time) before we see the light once more. Just as there is life in deserts, the universe wants you to know that there is renewed hope despite the prevailing circumstances. Consider yourself lucky to be part of the chosen few who get a different experience. 

A moment in heaven. 

Like most people, you will probably trade anything to have a moment in heaven. This is where you will not fall sick, feel pain, cry, experience any loss, or lack anything. Heaven is a place of glory where all your problems vanish into thin air. This is where you live the life of a King. 

a moment in heaven

Nature uses deserts to offer you a moment in heaven. You are missing out on a lot for not embracing your desert experience. Your heavenly moment in the desert is when you identify the people that you can count on, build on your strengths, improve on your weaknesses, neutralize oncoming threats, and leverage on opportunities. You can slowly begin to enjoy your desert world.  

Here are fun facts about deserts that you can apply in your life: 

1. Deserts are not abandoned places. 

People can abandon their homes for many reasons but being a desert is the last one on the list. You can flee from war and disease outbreaks because you may not have control over the situation but it is different with deserts. Nomads are some of the groups of people who call the desert home for many generations. They pride in the culture that they have preserved for decades. They manage the little water they find and still keep a manageable size of livestock. 

Regardless of where you live, the universe is allowing you to look at life through the lenses of a nomad. You can successfully manage whatever limited resources that you have. The skill of managing scarcity is rare yet important because you will overcome all the limitations that you may face. Take time to learn this survival tactic while in the desert. 

2. Desert land is growing each year. 

Unfortunately, bad human activities are causing desertification and increasing the potential of extending desert land. There is little you can do at a personal level to counter this sad reality. However, this does not stop you from contributing to reclaiming the world.  

Do not be so focused on looking at negativity that you forget to do your part effectively. Although life might be a desert for you, you can still do something about it. No effort is too small if you continuously keep at it. Now is not the time to give up. 

3. The Antarctica desert has untapped fresh water. 

The major challenge in deserts is fresh water, right? Did you know that the Antarctica contains 70% of the Earth’s freshwater? However, the Antarctic is still the world’s largest desert yet it has an answer to the fresh water problem globally.  

Not every problem is as bad as you may think. There is always a silver lining within it if you look closely enough. Think outside the normal boundaries and you will find a solution to your problem. Every desert has an answer to the challenges you may be facing. It is time to discover it.  

4. Not all deserts have sand. 

It is a misguided belief that all deserts have sand when it is only 20% that do. Some deserts like Antarctica are coved with sheets of ice. Deserts come in many forms – hot deserts, cold deserts, coastal deserts, and icy deserts. Although each of them has its unique characteristics, they are all deserts. 

The wisdom in deserts is that not all of them are the same. Not all challenges that you face are meant to drown you. You will overcome this one and write a new history. Take courage to fight each battle independently and do not be discouraged by the setbacks of the last time. Step forward boldly. 

Arctic desert

5. The sun does not set in the Arctic desert. 

The arctic desert is near the north pole and something is interesting about it – the sun does not set for several weeks during summer there. It is sometimes jokingly referred to as the land of the midnight sun. Having daytime throughout gives you plenty of time to do a lot of things without the darkness being an obstacle. 

Similarly, the sun does not set when you are in your desert time in life. Embrace the opportunity that nature gives you to continue pushing your limits The universe removes all limitations (including that of time) when you face challenges. This is your time to fight the mountain of challenges ahead until you emerge victorious. 

The universe understands all climates and the means you need to adapt to them. The desert climate is the harshest of them but you can survive it because its creator is on your side. You can survive through any climate if you submit to nature’s teachings. There is a lot for a child of the universe. 

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Hiking Nature’s Mountains

Hiking is fun and adventurous. The thrill of going several meters above sea level and the adrenaline rush make every second spent hiking memorable. The satisfaction of finally reaching the peak of the mountain is one of the best feelings you will ever have. You can decide to go hiking alone or in a group. Do you have any plans for hiking soon? Perhaps you should consider it. 

Hiking is not an impromptu activity. You need to plan for it and consider everything you may need during the hike. You need hiking footwear, weather-appropriate clothing, a first aid kit, a pen knife, enough food and water, an emergency blanket, a headlamp, a GPS compass, and a relevant map. You will have a difficult time if you lack any or multiple of these basic requirements. 

Handling emergencies. 

Anything can happen during hiking and you will need to improvise a solution. You should be ready to handle emergencies as they arise when hiking because there is no way to predict what will happen when you are away on this adventure. Hiking prepares you for the unknown that lies ahead. 

Handling emergencies. 

There is a lot that the universe prepares us for just as hiking does. You can never be ready for an emergency but the universe wants you to step on the pedal of open-mindedness so that you can have a head start. Either by coincidence or default, life will take you down valleys and to the top of mountains you have never thought of. It often happens without prior warning and leaves you without time for last-minute preparation. You should handle this kind of emergency as soon as possible to avert a future crisis.  

The hike of a lifetime.  

Life can take you hiking a very high mountain and you have to survive the adventure. Academic pressure, job performance, relationships, spirituality, and personal development are some of the mountains that nature will guide you to hike. Your competence is tried and tested in each one of them but your hiking skills will make you survive all of them. Some of them are: 

1. Preparedness. 

Hiking needs thorough preparedness so that you do not leave anything to chance. It is the norm to have a checklist of items that you need and check them out one by one. This minimizes the probability of leaving anything out. In the process of doing all of this, a bell rings at the back of your mind about the consequences of not thoroughly checking out your checklist. Imagine grappling in the dark because of forgetting a headlamp or getting lost because you did not carry a GPS compass and map.  

The first step to getting ready to hike the highest mountain in the universe is to be prepared for it. Your mind should be prepared to take on discouragement head-on. Child, you are not unique in the position you find yourself in. Do not focus on the statistics of those who failed but choose to see those who made it through. It is an honor to be among those who reached the peak. 

2. Composure. 

It is common for hikers to be anxious before they set out. It is encouraged that hikers plan for their activities as a group. Group morale will reassure you that everything is okay. You will be composed in the confidence of your mates as you set out hiking. Your mind will think straight and there will be minimal risks of messing up.  

The universe wants you to be composed especially when you are in a hot soup. Nature’s definition of composure is how the earth follows its routine even on bad days. Composure brings out the best in you. Nature’s mountains will block you from seeing the beauty that lies beyond. Hiking begins once you are ready and composed.  

3. Step forward. 

Armed with your camping bag and staff, you can now step forward. Your journey to walk up the mountain begins. One step after another, you walk boldly with all types of thoughts running in your mind. One thing is for sure – your journey has taken off and there is no looking back. You are courageous to consider hiking when such a thought would not cross the minds of many people.  

Nature is calling

Nature is calling you out to step forward. All great things started with the first step. It shows that you are ready to get out of your comfort zone and advance an agenda. Stepping forward is a loud statement of your commitment to start hiking. The universe will grant you the energy to continue with your journey.  

4. Take periodic breaks. 

Hiking is a long walk and you will be tired before you reach the peak. You will need to take calculated breaks to catch your breath and rest your muscles. These breaks are necessary so that you do not break down. Sit under a shade and drink some water before you continue with your hike. A hike is not a marathon. You can take all the time you need to walk at your pace until you finally reach the peak. 

It is equally important to take breaks even when you are climbing mountains of stress, dealing with non-committed friends, or adapting to a new environment. Periodic breaks give clarity to your mind and you can re-think things over. You do not conquer mountains by running towards them but by creating the shortest path across them. Mission accomplished. 

5. Leave a mark at the peak. 

The joy of reaching the peak is incomparable. You are among the few people who have reached that far and that is a win in your books. What did the first man to land on the moon do? He put the United States flag on the moon. This is a memorable mark that he left and entered the books of history. 

The universe wants you to leave a mark after conquering the challenges on your way. This is what people will remember you for. You will be an icon of victory – someone who overcame stigma, shame, or disability and wrote a new history. Child, leave a mark at the peak.

Hiking nature’s mountains is enough achievement. You can overcome limitations and the imaginary boundaries that have been put for you. The universe is filled with uncountable examples of people who have done extraordinary things. Nature is giving you time to write your history. 

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How to Swim with the Ocean Tides to the Shores

Swimming is an important life skill. A time will come when you need to swim, be it at the swimming pool, ocean, lake, or river. You risk drowning or being washed downstream if you cannot swim to the shores. Swimming exposes you to aquatic life. It takes you away from your comfort zone and places you in a new environment. The universe then observes how you will adapt for survival in your new zone. Will you be quick to press your survival buttons?  

Nature will not judge you based on your ability to swim. On the contrary, swimming is an endorsement from nature that you can survive in new territories. Some forms of life like fish die once they are taken out of their habitat – water. Likewise, human beings may die if they are thrown into the middle of the sea. Extreme exposure to a different environment poses a danger to most forms of life. However, there is a different class of animals, the amphibians, who can survive both on land and in water. This adaptation enables them to survive both extreme environments.  

Similarly, the universe wishes that you survive whatever you are going through. Life challenges are tides in the ocean that will either push you to the shores or drown you in the deep waters. The impact of ocean tides on you depends on how you will work to overcome them. 


Since a drowning man will clutch at a straw, nature is giving you a straw to hold onto. It is the same ocean tides. The secret is to swim with the ocean tides to the shores of paradise. This is the trick behind the magic of surviving through change. 

1. Assess the direction and strength of the tides. 

Ocean tides move in a particular direction at any point in time. Their strength also varies depending on the wind in the sea. Strong winds create strong tides and the sea becomes rough. A rough sea makes fishing difficult and can disturb water transport. On the other hand, a calm sea has a lot of benefits. It is an answered prayer to many people.  

Nature has jurisdiction over the sea and its principles apply. Both the sea and yourself are part of it and you should coexist peacefully. You have a responsibility to know what you are dealing with when life challenges increase like a swelling sea. The first principle of nature is to define the problem. Now that you already know it, what are your options?  

2. Consider your options and their consequences. 

A drowning man in the middle of the sea has limited options especially when he does not know how to swim. The ocean tides threaten to carry you anywhere they go to and you have to do something very fast to rescue yourself. You have two options – one is to dive inside the water and the second one is to rise above the tide. 

You have two options when life throws lemons at you; either make lemonade or squeeze lemon juice. A glass of lemonade and lemon juice are on the table for you to choose. Nature appreciates your independence of judgment to make a wise choice. Your choice should enable you to swim to the shores as soon as possible. How fast can you do it? 

3. How far are you from the shores? 

Getting to the shore safely is good news because the sea will give you dry land – your familiar environment. The shores of the beach offer hope that you can overcome challenges because you are in familiar territory. How far/close are you to the shores? 

The light of dawn gives renewed hope that you shall soon overcome life’s challenges. The universe does not want you to lose sight of hope. Your eyes should be fixed on the hope that normalcy will soon return to your life. Nature wants you to ride on the ocean tides to swim ashore.  

4. Swim for survival. 

Swimming is a reflex action for survival. Your body wants to save itself from its near-death experience by swimming to safety. You will do your best not to drown regardless of whether or not you know how to swim. Your survival is at stake and your plan to save yourself is justifiable. You will not be quickly fatigued because of the adrenaline spike. 

Understandably, one will do anything to survive any life-threatening challenge they face. Nature appreciates your efforts to swim to safety by gifting you the gift of reflex actions. The ocean tides may be twice stronger than you but your reflex swimming will save you from drowning. 

5. Discover the water secret. 

The water secret will unlock any impasse in your life right now. Nature is the custodian of this secret. You have an opportunity to get it from him if you ask nicely. The water secret is that you cannot block a water channel. It will force its way through. 

shore and sea

The same applies to ocean tides. There is no point to swim against them because they will sweep you away effortlessly and you may drown. Swim with the ocean tides to the shores. It may take a while but you will eventually be there. The goal is to be home safe and dry. The ocean tides give you exactly that. 

The light of hope. 

The universe is at the forefront of giving us hope whenever there is darkness in our life. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Keep your eyes focused on the small ray of light you can see. The light will increase as you get closer to the end of the tunnel.  

The ocean tides will eventually bring you to the shore. Your eyes should be focused on it and every swimming effort you put will pay off. Nature has given us the promise of eternal happiness if we keep our hope alive. 

The joy of seeing the full light of dawn or finally reaching the shores of the ocean is immeasurable. Child, you shall overcome.  

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