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October 2023

Discovering Nature’s Emergency Telephone Numbers

911 is the first number to call whenever there is an emergency in the United States and 112 is for anywhere within the European Union. Other countries also have their emergency lines. Governments have invested in toll-free secure lines for their citizens to reach out for help in case of emergencies. There is comfort in knowing that you will receive help as soon as you need it. You can be productive and have some sort of insurance from your government to always come to your rescue when the ceiling hits the fan. There is no guaranteed formula to stay away from imminent danger in your life. There is always a risk of something going wrong but you graciously survive them.

The idea of an emergency number that can be dialed from a locked phone is a genius one. There are no conditions on how you can receive help from the emergency line you call. The unlock code, pattern, or password of the device does not override the emergency reason for making the call. Your safety is a priority that cannot be shelved. Your life is more precious than anything that stands between you and the person on the other side of the call.

The spiritual realm also has an emergency line. Like other emergency numbers, the spiritual emergency line aims to rescue as many people as possible from potential spiritual danger. You do not have control of the dangers that your spirit is exposed to. However, you can control the response to manage the same by knowing the lines to call in case of certain emergencies.

Ambulance services, the police, and the fire department receive many emergency calls from distressed people. They try as much as is humanly possible to attend to all cases indiscriminately because it is their mandate to do so. The universe has similar emergency lines with an equal and sometimes greater mandate. There is always someone to pick up when you call. Unlike worldly emergency lines, the universe is never overwhelmed. It can handle all calls that come through the secured line.

The universe’s emergency response team.

The operators of the 911 center are trained to handle all types of emergencies. They can calm down a panicking caller and guide them through life-saving instructions as they wait for more help to arrive. They cannot give up on you because that is their job.

The universe’s emergency response team is always ready to receive your emergency calls and attend to you. Your spirit is permitted to ask for help from the universe. There is hope when you are weighed down by life’s challenges. A response team is on standby to rescue you from the jaws of poor relationships, bad health, unsupportive friends, repetitive failures, or unemployment. Help is coming as soon as you dial the emergency hotline.

The universe’s hotline numbers.

  1. Sacrifice.

Sacrifice is compromising personal comfort for the sake of a bigger goal. It is a way of expressing love towards someone or a particular cause. Most people are unable to make sacrifices because they have other priorities. The universe is looking for someone who can demonstrate limitless love towards other people. The sacrifices that you make for other people (sometimes to strangers) are never forgotten. The universe will remember all of them in your day of distress and other people will also make sacrifices for you. Your spirit should have this hotline number of sacrifice in the speed dial by continually making worthy sacrifices. You will be amazed at how fast you will be rescued in your hour of need.

  1. Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is expressing gratitude for what has been done to you. It is a simple yet powerful habit that is often overlooked. It is an acknowledgment of the effort that someone else has put in for your sake. You can express gratitude by dialing the hotline number of Thanksgiving. A grateful society is powerful. They are motivated to achieve more because their effort is always noticed. Nature has played a big role in shaping our lives to the form they currently are. Express your thanksgiving by being a conservative and an ambassador for conserving nature.

The universe will quickly rescue a grateful spirit in the hour of need. Like sacrifice, this hotline number of Thanksgiving should be on your speed dial. The universe is monitoring your grateful attitude and you shall be rewarded for it in your day of emergency.

  1. Charity.

Charity is helping people in need. You do not look at their ability to repay or discriminate against their race, gender, or ethnicity. Instead, you help them because it is the right thing to do. The universe takes a special interest in charity work. It is one of the ways to win its divine affection. The dollar you donate to charity will help someone else in need. The universe keeps a record of the help that you extend to other people in their hour of need. Its response to your distress call is proportionate to your response to the distress calls of other people.

The hotline number of charity works each time you dial it. Your position in life is a gift that the universe wants you to use by uplifting others. A candle does not dim by lighting another one.

The universe’s agents of rescue.

It is important to know the universe’s agents of rescue who will come to your aid after dialing the emergency hotline.

These agents of rescue are your parents, spiritual patrons, and specially appointed friends in your network. The universe has prepared them to come to your rescue when you call nature’s emergency telephone numbers. They are vessels that the universe chooses to use and has strategically placed them in your life for that reason.

You have permission to call for help from nature when you are in your hour of need. Sacrifice, thanksgiving, and charity are the three hotline numbers that your spirit needs to have on the speed dial.

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How to Maintain a Bride’s Lifestyle for Your Spirit

The bride moment is a very special time in a woman’s life. Every young girl looks forward to the day she will come of age to wear her bridal gown and marry her prince charming. They wish to relive the beautiful story of Cinderella; marry a handsome prince, have a ball dance together, and live happily ever after. Young women eligible for marriage will almost always not miss the next wedding event so that they can admire the beautiful bride. The bride is the center of attraction under the close watch of everyone who wishes to be in her place.

Anything that goes wrong in the wedding, God forbid, can be forgiven except when it touches on the bride. People impose many expectations on her yet she still finds the grace to glow with beauty and glory. Ask your daughter, niece, sister, or any young woman about one of her greatest fantasies and she will tell you that it is wearing a bridal gown one day. It is the time when the world is her stage and she is the lady to grace it with her beauty and glory.

The universe gives all of us – both men and women – the honor to experience a bride moment at one time in our lives. Like a bride marrying her groom, we have expectations about how beautiful our experience would be. We have goals to achieve at a personal level and the world (especially our family and friends) has set their standards for us. The most important thing is for the bride to marry her groom and live happily ever after. The joy of the bride moment is a flame that the couple would want to keep burning for the rest of their lives.

The bride moment in the universe.

Everyone has a bride moment in the universe. This is the time when you are at your peak and nature has put you on top of the world. Your business is profitable, your health is at its best, your family supports you, and you are a content person. You would wish to make that lifestyle permanent but that window slowly shuts down.

Nature wants to give you the power to make your bride’s lifestyle permanent. You can enjoy every good blessing in your life for as long as you want without worrying about failure or falling out of grace. While there is no specific manual for life in the universe, there is one on how to maintain a bride’s lifestyle. You have the power to turn the bride moment in your life into a lifestyle. Successful will be your first name. 

This is how you can maintain the lifestyle of a bride:

  1. Wear a beautiful gown.

A bridal gown is the signature of a bride. It comes in many styles; each with its unique beauty. The more beautiful it is, the better. The bride is the only lady at the event wearing a bridal gown. It makes her the center of attention at the wedding.  After all, it is her event, isn’t it?

Like the bride, your spirit needs to wear a beautiful gown. It will bring you glory for wearing it alone and much more for its beauty. A good and kind heart is a beautiful gown for your spirit. Every act of kindness you do makes your spirit more beautiful and increases your glory. Just as a bride can never be missed because of her beautiful gown, so will your spirit always have divine glory when you are kind toward other people.

  1. Wear nice perfume.

A bride should smell nice. Her fragrance will be left behind in all the places she passes through. The air around her smells fresh and nice because she has invested in a good perfume. She brings you into her world when you come closer to her. You would not want to leave her presence because of her sweet scent.

When your spirit wears nice perfume, people will enjoy being in your presence. The perfume of your spirit is your character. It will make you smell nice and bring you closer to the agents of blessings whom the universe has sent to your life. A bride cannot forget to wear her best perfume because her groom bought it for her. Your spirit also cannot forget its good character if you allow the universe (your groom) to guide you.

  1. Put on jewelry.

You cannot miss to see the beautiful jewelry that the bride has put on. Her necklace, bracelet, and the ring that her groom puts on her finger are for the eyes of everybody. The jewelry is to make the bride more beautiful. She is elevated above all the other women in attendance because it is her day.

Dress your spirit in a bride’s jewelry collection. The universe will identify your spirit as the bride and treat you as one. The jewelry of your spirit is mindfulness. It is the state of being aware of your environment. You can maintain the lifestyle of a bride for your spirit by being familiar with the rules of nature and observing them. Mindfulness is jewelry to your spirit.

  1. Walk gracefully.

All brides have a similar walking style. It is a walk of honor that the bride has been waiting for all her life to take down the aisle. The steps of the bride are carefully calculated. The path she takes is cleared for her so that nothing disrupts her walk of honor.

You need to train your spirit to walk like a bride because all eyes will be on you when the time comes. The universe and nature have expectations that you should meet if you want to maintain a bride’s lifestyle. You walk gracefully in the spirit by being teachable. This is the quality that the universe is looking for in your spirit to complete your bridal lifestyle.

The universe wants you to realize your full potential and achieve the bridal lifestyle that you have always dreamt of.

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How to Attract the Blessing of a Soulmate

A soulmate is the person whom the universe has appointed to be your better half. The universe has intertwined your lives together. Your life completely changes after you meet the right life partner. They change your fortunes, support your ambitions, improve your peace, and fit perfectly into your life. They do not have to adjust anything about themselves because they are the perfect fit for you.

A soulmate is your strength when you are weak, your inspiration when you are discouraged, your joy when you are sad, and your greatest cheerleader. Your life is incomplete without the right soulmate. Even when you try to take matters into your own hands to get a soulmate, there will be trouble in paradise before you settle down. There is only one hardly wrong matchmaker – the universe.

The search for a soulmate – Humanity versus divinity.

There are expectations that you may have about your soulmate that will make you want to take charge of the match-making process. You know what you want and you do not want to settle for less. However, the universe has better plans for you. He knows what is best for you and who will complete your dreams for the future.

A soulmate is not a competitor but someone to complement you. It is easier to be led by your eyes towards people who appeal to your interests. It is worth noting that human attraction is rarely genuine but divine attraction is authentic. Allow the universe to lead you on your search for a soulmate. Your heart will be at peace and you will easily conquer the goals you have set.

Attracting the perfect soulmate is a blessing from the universe. There are boxes that you should check off in the universe’s checklist to identify the choice of the universe for your soulmate. This is your guide:

  1. Shared faith.

The perfect soulmate is a person who shares your faith in spirituality. Are they believers or unbelievers? Are they judgmental or uncritical? Shared faith is the glue to a promising relationship. The universe matches you with someone who will lead you on into faith. This special person comes into your life to accept the foundations of your faith and help you advance higher.

The universe wants you to wait for your match from above even when your desires lead you to an unbeliever. Beliefs about destiny and fate are the foundations of any healthy relationship. This is the will of the universe – your soulmate should match your faith.

  1. Growing love.

Love is beyond a feeling. It is a commitment to stay true and loyal to your partner. A soulmate is someone who dedicates their life to loving you unconditionally. Although there may be other more tempting offers to direct love elsewhere, a true soulmate is faithful to the commitment of love that they have made. Nature will match you with a partner who can grow in love with you. Your soulmate will not stay with you only when it is convenient for them. The universe’s match will learn to love you unconditionally and grow in love with you.

To attract this blessing from the universe, prepare yourself to be the type of person that someone else will want to receive. Grow in love in your relationships and the universe will reward you with someone like you. You can also identify the match that the universe has made for your soulmate among the people in your circle if there is anyone who has grown in love with you.

  1. Peacemakers.

A true soulmate is a peacemaker. He/she understands the importance of peace in the heart and gives the same to their partner. Love and relationships thrive in peace. Your soulmate will resolve conflicts with you peacefully because he/she still cares about you.

Conflicts in relationships should not jeopardize your love and relationship. Conflicts exist even in nature. They manifest in the form of solar and lunar eclipses where the sun and moon come into each other’s orbit. After some time, both of them go back to their respective orbits. Conflict in your relationships, just like in nature, is not permanent. This is how can know if you have found your soulmate – he/she gives you peace and is sensitive to your feelings.

The universe wishes you the best and does so by gifting you a soulmate who will bring peace into your life.

  1. A calm soul.

A calm soul is a person who has managed to bring tranquility to their life. He/she has no reputation for drama, bad choices, or impulsive actions. They have managed to calm their lives despite everything that is happening around them. Calmness is increasingly becoming rare and a person who holds onto this character is worthy to be in your life. Calm weather is serene and beautiful. This is what a calm soul looks like. You can take the cue from the universe on his choice for your soulmate based on the calm character of your potential soulmate. If he/she checks this box in your checklist, move to the next item.

  1. A teachable spirit.

A person with a teachable spirit is humble to accept corrections and make things right. It is a sign of deep humility when someone is teachable. It is understandable not to have a monopoly on knowledge but a teachable spirit gives room for learning. A partner who is willing to learn how to be a better person and grow in knowledge with you is one of the best gifts from the universe. There is always something new to learn in the universe. Knowledge increases and inventions are made daily. A soulmate with a teachable spirit will help you to realize your dreams more easily. Keenly observe the teachability character in the people around you.

The blessing of a soulmate is significant in your life. Without one, your life will be like delicious food not seasoned with salt – it will not be as tasty. Trust the universe’s choice of a soulmate for you

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How to Put on the Universe’s Ring

A ring distinguishes you from ordinary people. It has different meanings depending on the hand, finger, or occasion during which it is worn. It passes a subtle message to the world whenever you wear it. People interpret it differently depending on their culture and the gender of the person wearing it.

The spiritual realm attaches great importance to wearing rings, sometimes even greater than the outside world. It influences the perception of other people toward you and their respect for you.

Before people buy the product or service you are offering, they buy the person selling it. You have to earn the acceptance and recognition of your market before your business penetrates it. You do so by conforming to the community culture for them to consider you their own and come flooding to your doors.

What if there is a way of sending a message to the community about your social class, relationship status, family history, business association, personal dignity, or faith?

The role of a ring.

Societies around the world found a way of communicating everything about themselves without speaking out aloud. It continues to be the practice in modern society and it shall continue to be so even into the distant future. You can communicate everything you want to by wearing a ring.

Are you married, divorced, widowed, engaged, or single and ready to mingle? A ring can speak for you. You never know who was waiting for your signal. The universe’s ordained soulmate for you could have been waiting for it.

Are you associated with a club or a leader, or do you only want to make a statement (about your wealth or status)? A ring can tell the world about it discreetly without making a scene.

Wearing a ring on particular fingers on specific hands passes a message to anyone mindful to take note. It is time to wear one if you have none.

The spiritual value of a ring.

A ring is valuable in the spiritual realm as much as it is in the outside world. The universe emphasizes and continues to do so about the importance of wearing a spiritual ring. The impact of having one will be felt in your daily life. Life can get easier when you are connected to the spiritual ring you wear. You only need to wear the right ring on the correct hand and finger.

There are many options of rings to wear in your spirit. Each of them has its power that you can use to your advantage. They also have a cost that your spirit must pay. The universe has allowed you to wear these spiritual rings:

  1. A promise ring.

It is mostly worn on the pinky finger commonly called a promise finger. A promise ring is a sign of commitment that you will fulfill your promise. It can also be a sign of friendship to remind both you and your friend of the promise to continue being faithful to your friendship.

You can wear a spiritual promise ring by honoring your spiritual covenants. Examples of spiritual covenants are baptism and commitment to doing justice. Faithfulness to your spiritual promise ring will make the universe to be faithful to its promises to you. You will reap from the seed of faithfulness that you have planted

  1. A wedding ring.

It is worn on the finger next to the pinky finger. It is a sign of a lifetime commitment to your partner. You exchange a wedding ring with your partner after exchanging vows to be faithful in your new marriage. A wedding ring is a symbol of your covenant with your partner before the heavens and the earth.

You can wear a spiritual wedding ring as a symbol of the covenant to take care of nature. When you take care of nature, it reciprocates by taking care of you. The universe can even use strangers to take care of you each time you face challenges. Do you find yourself stuck in a position where nobody cares about you? The universe is inviting you to wear the spiritual wedding ring. You will receive care and love from all over.

  1. Ring of authority.

It is worn on the index finger. The index finger is mostly used to point to things and people. People in authority use this finger to give instructions about things they would want to be done. The index finger is also often used to point at people to warn them. Kings and Queens used to wear a ring on their index finger. Visitors would bow and kiss it as a sign of respect. This is the origin of the ring of authority.

Your spirit can wear the spiritual ring of authority by respecting leadership. Leaders carry a huge burden to lead their people in the right way and protect them from both their ignorance and predators. The universe will protect you from every possible danger when you wear the ring of authority by respecting leaders.

  1. Ring of association.

It can be worn on the pinky finger but unlike a promise ring, it is worn to symbolize association with a particular club or special group. There are organizations and special clubs that have agreed on particular rings to identify its members. One does not need to introduce himself/herself as a member of a particular association when he/she wears their ring. You earn the respect accorded to members and enjoy all the benefits that come with membership to such associations.

Your spirit can wear the ring of association by being mindful of your spirituality and paying attention to communication from the universe. Your relationship with the universe puts you on a pedestal higher than everyone else. You earn special treatment in the universe by being a child of the spiritual kingdom. A lot of things will change in your life when you improve your relationship with the universe.

Wearing spiritual rings connects you to the universe. It cuts the slack for you. You can now dominate your spirituality as a son of the kingdom.

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The Combination of Unlocking Nature’s Vault

A vault is a safe place where you can store your valuables. Money, jewelry, documents; you name them, can be stored safely in the vault for as long as you need. Suffice to say, the inside of a vault is one of the safest places in the world. There are two major reasons why people put things in vaults; either they are valuable or it is a secret. For these reasons, only a limited number of people are given access to the vault by the owner, let alone know the secret password to unlock it. It remains to be a highly guarded secret for the vault to be useful.

The puzzle of opening the vault.

Opening a vault is not easy because the owner has securely locked it from people with evil intentions. A vault can be locked by a secure complex combination or a series of locks, each with a separate key. The keys are not stored together so it takes time to get all of them to unlock.

Banks offer vaults as security services to their clients. They can lock their valuables inside and take the key with them or cram the combination to unlock and leave the vault at the bank. Whatever they have put inside is very safe and further insured by the bank.

There are a million possible combinations to unlock a vault. This makes it difficult for a stranger to make a random guess to unlock it. As a vault owner, you can be very confident of the safety of your vault.

The vault of the universe.

The universe has a vault where it keeps all its valuables – blessings of good health, abundance, mental liberation, financial freedom, divine peace, and so many more. The universe entrusts the combination of its vault to trusted people who will keep the secret safe. For millions of years, the secret combination has remained a mystery because those who were entrusted with it have been religiously loyal to keep it a secret.

What are the lengths you are willing to go to know the secret combination? You have to prove yourself worthy to know the combination of the universe’s vault. Here is how to:

  1. Being faithful.

Faithfulness is the character of keeping your word. A faithful person is honest in word and deed. This is the character that the universe is looking for in people before entrusting them with the combination of its vault. Your commitment to the universe cannot be doubted.

  1. Being loyal.

Loyalty is the character of being reliable. You can always count on a loyal person to come through for you each time you need him/her. The universe can entrust the combination of its vault to a loyalist because he/she can be relied upon to fulfill its mandate. They will shelve their contradicting values and adopt those of the universe because of their loyalty.

  1. Being discrete.

Discrete is the character of being private with your knowledge. You are always careful not to speak out sensitive information to an irrelevant audience. The universe cannot trust you with the combination of its vault if you are not discrete. This is closely guarded knowledge and you are among the chosen few.

  1. Being teachable.

Teachability is the character of being able and willing to learn. There is always something new to learn for everyone. Learning is infinite. This extends even to the knowledge of the combination of the universe’s vault. It is progressive and there is an extension to what you already know. The universe is calling out your ability to improve your knowledge.

The combination of the universe’s vault is infinite. It is progressive and the universe continues to reveal it to those who meet its criteria. These are some of the revealed codes of the magic combination:

  1. Traveling.

There is an African saying that goes that a person who does not travel only knows his/her mother as a great cook. The importance of traveling widely could not have been put any better. It gives you more exposure to other cultures and their socialization. You will taste the cuisines of other places and conclude that there are other great cooks besides your mother. You also get exposed to the different sides of nature.

  1. Social skills.

Socialization helps you to make friends with people with whom you share similar interests. They know a hack or two that will make your life easier. Their friendship adds value to your life. Well-connected friends will introduce you to new businesses and skills. This is a code in the universe’s vault that will combine with the others to unlock it.

  1. Spiritual education.

Spiritual education is the knowledge of spiritual matters and how the universe operates. It is important to understand the operations of the owner of the vault you want to unlock. Soul ties and spiritual hygiene are important highlights of spiritual education. This helps you to deeply understand the dos and don’ts in the universe. It will also open your mind to discover more possible combinations to unlock the universe’s vault.

  1. Exploration.

Exploration is the art of searching for the unknown. It is a thirst that can be quenched only after satisfying your curiosity. The universe has buried some answers deep in mysteries and you can only see them if you look closely enough. Some codes in the combination unlocking the universe’s vault need you to search deeply for you to see them.

  1. Smart memory.

A smart mind is the glue that pieces together the different codes in the combination of the universe. In one touch, bingo! The vault unlocks when the codes in the combination align. You can finally have everything in it. A smart mind puts everything together for you to get inside the vault.

All your life’s dreams are in the vault of the universe. You can have all of them after unlocking the vault. The codes of the combination of the vault of the universe are dynamic. They keep on increasing from time to time, obviously for security reasons, but nature continues to give you a chance to crack it. 

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Understanding the Dos and Don’ts in the Universe

There are rules and regulations everywhere you go and the universe is not an exception. They bring order to a place when they are enforced. Visitors understand the code of conduct there and abide by it. Order is one of the major strengths of the universe because it strictly enforces its rules.

Obedience is rewarded and rebellion is punished. It is wrong to break the rules of the universe because it will blacklist your name in many places.

You will lose access to premium sites because you demonstrated inability to be respectful. It further portrays you as unreliable and untrustworthy in many ways. Who else will believe you if the universe cannot vouch for you?

Obedience in the universe is like an insurance policy. It will cover all the risks as long as it is valid. It is your job to meet the requirements to be insured by abiding by the rules of nature. Fair enough, sometimes you do the wrong thing because you do not know what is right. You would have done the right thing if you knew what it was. Nature wants you to be aware of its rules so that you do not violate them anymore. Your insurance policy in the universe depends on it.

Starting on the right foot.

It is important to start your relationship with the universe on the right foot. This is only possible if you understand its expectations from you and how you can meet all of them. You will not be covered when you violate the terms and conditions of an insurance policy. You are on your own from that time onwards unless you renew it. Sometimes you only know you were uninsured after you have suffered a loss and your insurance cannot indemnify you.

You will remain insured by your policy for the whole duration of the cover if you fulfill its terms and conditions. This is how your relationship with the universe should be – where both sides play their part. From where you sit, do you know the dos and don’ts of the universe? Here are some of them:

  1. Wastefulness is a no-go zone.

There is an abundance of everything in the universe but this is not a license to be wasteful. You can use resources optimally without wasting them. There are many other people in the universe who need the resources you are wasting. If you no longer need it, please pass it on to someone with a greater need. Nature will take no offense.

The universe requires you to be mindful of how you spend resources. Although you are paying for the water and electricity bills, do not leave running taps in your home. Go further to fix any faulty taps to conserve the water. Such conservation habits pass a message to the universe that you can be trusted with higher responsibility.

  1. To have a win-win is better than to be correct.

Many people want to be correct without minding what will happen to the other person. Most arguments are premised on the boundary of right and wrong.  The universe wants you to look away from this mode of thinking and be considerate of the other person. It is human and gives a chance of cooperation to both of you.

Being right gives you a sense of righteousness. The universe wants to accommodate all of you and no one needs to be condemned. A middle-ground decision will consider the concerns of both of you. People who go for a win-win situation show concern for other people – exactly what the universe wants.

  1. Conserve energy.

The law of conservation of energy states that energy cannot be created or destroyed but can be changed from one form to another. The universe wants you to pay attention to how you can transform your bad feelings into good ones. This is the power of transformation that the universe wants you to hold. A truant can change his ways and become a top performer at his school. He/she needs to redirect the energy he uses to skip school into loving school.

The law of conservation of energy gives you a second chance at life. Take advantage of the universe’s offer to improve yourself for as long as the offer remains on the table. The universe is looking for people who believe they can do better. All the positive energy is needed in the world.

  1. Do not go back on your word.

Your word can be either a blessing or punishment depending on how you live up to it. After signing to consent to the terms and conditions of your insurer, you are bound by that policy. You can only benefit from it if you do not violate these terms.

There are consequences when you do not keep your word. Violating it paints you as dishonest and the universe will lose its trust in you. Do not make any commitment if you are unsure about it. Honor your debts and appointments to build your reputation over time. A solid character quickly rises through the ranks of social and work life but an untrustworthy person will have a difficult time.

  1. Take care of nature.

This is one of the things that the universe focuses closely on – how you treat nature’s creation and your attitude toward it. If you can take care of nature, you can also do so with other blessings that the universe may put you in charge of. If other people had not conserved nature, there would have been nothing for you. It’s a good thing they did so that you can experience nature as they did.

The universe rewards the caretakers of nature for their devotion. Their humanity multiplies and they gain favor with everyone they interact with. They attract back to themselves the gentleness and love they give to nature.

Understanding the terms and conditions of the universe and fulfilling them puts you up for a promotion of your spirit. Are you up to the task?

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Adding Sugar to Your Cup – Nature’s Divine Sweetener

How does a cup of tea or coffee taste in the morning? Lovers of tea will tell you that it is the best thing that happened to them. It awakens the brain from the sleep of 6 or 7 hours that they had the previous night. A morning cup of tea or coffee is some sort of reminder that it is daytime. Some people love neither hot coffee nor tea. Regardless, they know someone who does, and how they always look forward to it.

It is beautiful to hold a cup of your favorite beverage. You feel comfortable in a familiar habit and you subconsciously sip from your cup until it’s empty. At times you even go ahead to add another cup because you liked the first one.

Depending on your health and lifestyle, a spoonful of sugar in your cup makes you want to add a third or even fourth cup. It makes your beverage sweeter than when it is sugarless.

The value of sugar.

Sugar adds taste to your cup of tea. It makes it sweet and you enjoy, not tolerate it. Even the sourest drink becomes sweet when you add sugar. It is difficult to talk children out of it after they have tasted some. They will make sure to go behind your back to take some without your permission.

Your life is like a cup of tea, coffee, or your favorite beverage. It could be tasteless, bitter, or sour. You get out of bed each day as an obligation and not because you enjoy it. The universe does not want you to live this lifestyle. It wants the best for you by adding sugar that will make your cup of tea sweet. When the universe does, please stir your cup before the next sip. There you have it – a new taste!

This is how the universe adds sugar to your cup:

  1. The gift of talent.

A talent is an innate ability to do certain things excellently without prior training. Examples of talents are playing soccer, singing, dancing, convincing power, higher understanding power, and emotional intelligence, among many others. The universe has blessed everybody with a talent. Some people have already discovered theirs while others are yet to.

Talent opens doors to places that you would have otherwise not gone to. It leads you to meet people you could not have met under normal circumstances. It gives you one more reason to get out of bed confidently because the universe is on your side.

The best thing about talents is that the universe gives them to you even without asking for them. It is a beautiful gift that will sweeten your life if you explore it.

  1. Divine favor.

Favor is the unconditional love and acceptance that you receive from other people. It manifests through people who barely know you so well to have earned their love. It is the universe’s gift to sweeten your life through God’s appointed helpers.

Divine favor puts you in front of a queue you never asked to be in. The universe favors you to be handpicked from tens or hundreds of interviewees after you thought that you would not make it to the shortlist. How does this sugar in your cup of tea taste?

  1. Good health.

People will spend a fortune to get good health. Sickness is everybody’s nightmare and we will do what it takes not to be in the red zone, healthwise speaking. Good health is a blessing from the universe. As you count your blessings, count it twice.

As you walk or drive, in town or the countryside, other people are hospitalized and unable to do the things you call normal. Be grateful to God for the good health you are enjoying. The beautiful sunlight for vitamin D, morning and evening walks to stretch your legs, and farm crops for natural food are where the secret of good health is hidden. Good health is the universe’s gift to you. This is sugar in your cup of coffee. Enjoy it to the last sip.

  1. Good family relationship.

Family is among the first blessings in your life. It is enjoyable when you have a good relationship with your family. They are the first people to accept you unconditionally without caring about your material possessions. Going back home from work to a happy family is the prayer of many people. Do not take having a happy family for granted. It is the universe that has brought satisfaction even during financial challenges.

When the world does not favor you on certain days, your family will stand by your side to give you all the necessary support. Your heart will be at peace to know that there are people to calm the storm in your life. Life becomes like an enjoyable cup of tea with enough sugar.

  1. Favorable coincidences.

Sometimes you do not have it all planned out. You follow your passion without the surety of where it will lead to. The only thing you are sure about is that it is your life’s purpose. It is like a blind man walking in town hoping not to get lost. This is how life sometimes is to people but the universe causes favorable coincidences to happen in their life. Not everything happens by chance or through your effort. Favorable coincidences are a way that the universe adds sugar to your cup of tea.

Look out for things that happen out of the blue to save you from a potentially dangerous situation. It is an answer to a prayer that you did not make but the universe came through for you. When someone reserves a seat for you, pays you an old debt when you need extra cash, or does shopping for your home without you requesting them, it is the height of favorable coincidences. Your cup of tea is sweetened!

The universe has the best intentions for you regardless of how you think of yourself. He punctuates your life with gifts here and there to constantly remind you of His love for you. Look at how He sweetens your cup of tea!

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Turning on the Light in your Family

A family is the basic social unit in the society. It is the first decision that the universe makes for you. The universe has given your family the responsibility to nurture you. They are your first bundle of blessings. Keep them close because they are the door to your blessings on Earth. There is no way you can swap your family for another. Embrace it and together you can work on how to uplift your status.

Family fortunes.

They are the blessings that the universe had already given to your family before your birth. You are a product of the love your parents share and still do. Your birth created an everlasting bond between them and you became the biggest fortune to that young family.

Despite the different financial abilities of families, a young family can move heavens and earth for the sake of their new blessing. Although it may not be much, they will spend their last coin on you. There is no price tag for the genuine love that they have for you. You are a God-sent fortune in their life. You are the light in your family. The universe wants you to shine brightly.

Your family is a room that needs enough lighting throughout. The light of the universe reveals to them the many places they are yet to explore. As their God-sent fortune, you have the responsibility of turning on the lights of the universe for them. This is what the light you turn on does for them:

  1. It makes the room brighter.

Light makes a room brighter than before. It allows light into the body so that you may see what is in front of you. When there is too much light, the pupil contracts to reduce the light entering the eye. On the contrary, it expands to allow light to enter when it is darker. Your body and spirit appreciate enough light to make them attractive just as bright light makes a room attractive. This is the benefit that your family gets when you turn on the lights for them.

  1. It reveals new things.

Light opens your eyes to things you did not see before. There is a dark side to your life because the lights have not been turned on. Your family is missing out on the best things in life because you are yet to turn the lights on. You will begin to notice things that you never did before because your perspective has been changed by the light. Your family can now see and explore new talents. A financial breakthrough is knocking at your door. You remind your family of the fortune you bring when you turn the light on.

  1. It leads to self-discovery.

There are things about yourself that you are yet to explore because there was no light. Your family is not any different. They will be amazed at the beautiful personalities they have the moment you turn on the lights. They have solutions to the same problems that they have been facing but were invisible because of the darkness. The spark of creativity will also come back to your family because they can see clearly.

As the family fortune, the universe has tasked you with the responsibility of turning on the lights for them. Share the blessing that you have received to create room for more in your life. May your name be mentioned in your absence for the goodness you have shown to those of your bloodline and beyond. Your family is the first recipient of the lights that you turn on. The rest of the universe lives in the comfort that you shall do the same for them.

How to turn on the lights.

You turn on the lights in the lives of people through an exemplary lifestyle. Each day in your life is an opportunity to flip the switch and let people in the room experience the glory of light. These are some of the ways:

  1. Looking up to a role model.

There have been people before you who have walked in your shoes. They are fortunes to their families and communities. They faced similar challenges to yours and managed to overcome them. These are the people whom you should look up to for inspiration. Role models are anointed people brought into your life by the universe so that you may learn from their ways. Just as they turned on the lights for their families, so shall you turn on the lights in yours.

  1. Giving back to the community.

You are the Angel sent to your family and community. The universe has blessed you to share this gift with other people. A wealthy person living in a low-income area feels unsafe because the lights are off in the homes of the families in his neighborhood. There is security when there is light in every home and on the streets. Remember to give back to the community that you come from. Acts of service like paying tuition fees for children from families who cannot afford and buying food for needy families are light to these homes. Soon, the universe will bless them with fortunes that will keep the lights in their homes on.

  1. Inspiring those behind you.

There is no limit to what an inspired generation can do. They can turn around the fortunes of their communities because they have seen the light and are the light itself. You were inspired by role models who were ahead of you and it is now your turn to inspire others too. The universe is giving you a chance to write your legacy through the spirits of other people. An inspired spirit empowers the mind and body to put the inspiration into action.

The universe will remember you when you turn on the light in your family and community. Do not discriminate against anyone when carrying out this noble duty. It means a lot when you light up the world of those still in darkness. When the universe counts the righteous, you shall be in its fold.

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money and wealth

Wearing the Coat of Money, Power and Influence

Money, power, and influence are the biggest drivers of wealth. The definition of wealth is not limited to money alone. It includes the power to maintain it and the influence to attract it. A powerful person is the one who has all of them. This is what everybody is fighting to have and the universe is aware of it. He is encouraging you not to settle for less; it is possible to have all of them if you choose the right way to look for them.

The principle of the universe is that whoever looks closely enough will find their desire, whoever knocks persistent enough will be granted access, and whoever asks convincingly enough will get a positive answer. Money shows up to those who search for it keenly, power is granted to those who are persistent, and influence to those who ask tirelessly. The coat of money, power, and influence is a triple gift to you.

A case study on money, power, and influence.

Are we the first people to pursue the triple gifts from the universe? History is complete with mighty people; some of them rulers; who stopped at nothing to have this complete set of gifts from the universe. King Solomon, the King of Israel famed for his wisdom and riches, is a center of focus for us. The man had it all – gold and diamonds, immeasurable wealth, power as the ruling King on the land, and influence even in neighboring territories since he had married princesses from there and forged new alliances. His life and reign over Israel is one of the best stories ever. It gives us hope that it is possible to have the coat of money, power, and influence even though all of us may not be Kings or Queens at the same time.

three kings

You could be thinking that you are content with your life as it is. Please note that there is always room for improvement and the universe is giving you a chance to improve on your best. These are some of the reasons why you need the coat of money, power, and influence:

  1. You attract authentic love.

Not everybody will love you unconditionally. There is always a condition attached to their love. Some will love you because you are their family, others because you have a history together, and others because you are in their class (both financially and socially). The coat of money, power, and influence gives people a better reason to love you. Their love for you will be authentic because you will not have to fake your standard. Your life will also be authentic and not need to conform to certain conditions to earn their love. The time to know your true friends is when you have put on the magic coat of the universe.

  1. You have something to offer the world.

What do you bring to the table where you sit? The coat of money, power, and influence gives you the means to provide honorably to your family. It opens you up to options that you did not have before. It is not enough to be content with your provision; go the extra mile to store some more. You receive more when you provide more. Your provision to the table you sit is insurance cover for your bad days and the unpredictable future. Simply put that the coat of money, power, and influence gives you the means, opportunity, and motive to provide more.

  1. You can redefine your limits afresh.

Money, power, and influence authorize you to set new boundaries for yourself. It could be that there are things that you want to do but cannot fulfill because your hands are tied. The solution is to wear the coat of money, power, and influence. You can choose when and how you want to execute your plans and choose the people you would want to help you to fulfill them. Some restrictions are put for a particular class of people and thankfully, you will no longer be in that space.  

  1. You earn the respect of everybody.

Money, power, and influence earn you the respect of people you would have ordinarily not thought of. You consider them highly placed and too qualified to give you their attention. However, they now gladly pay expensively for your attention and not the other way around. The coat of the universe gives you the ability to influence policies that cut across society. Your opinion on different issues will weigh heavily after wearing the coat of money, power, and influence. Furthermore, you will live a respectable life because you have a lot to offer. No more meaningless fights or competition for limited resources because the universe has elevated you.


  1. It protects you from evil.

Money, power, and influence will attract enemies of progress. Some people do not want to see you succeed as much as others want you to. Your contribution to nature makes you precious to the universe. He inherits your enemies and neutralizes them before they harm you. Your impact on society through money, power, and influence cannot be wiped off just like that.

A child somewhere is looking up to you for inspiration, another one is a beneficiary of your generosity, and another is a beneficiary of your influence. The prayers of these people are protection in the spiritual realm. The universe listens to their hearty prayers. This is one more reason why you should wear the coat of money, power, and influence.

Security personnel wear bulletproof gear in their line of duty. It gives them the confidence to enforce law and order even in the middle of chaos. Similarly, the coat of money, power, and influence is a bulletproof vest in the spiritual realm. Your spirit needs this protection to succeed in spiritual missions and to pursue your purpose uninterrupted. It is a double blessing to be blessed on Earth and in the Spirit. Wear the coat to enjoy it. 

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Understanding the Technology of the Universe

The introduction of technology is one of the best things that has ever happened to us. It has automated almost everything and we benefit from instant services; something that used to take longer before the introduction of technology. Communication is at the touch of a button, movement from one part of the world to another is very convenient, complex medical tests are possible, and knowledge is within our reach. It is possible to enroll for online learning at an institution on another continent and acquire the necessary skills needed without ever physically stepping into the classroom.

Even with all the advancements in technology, you need to be at par with the latest developments. The usefulness of technology is directly proportionate to your knowledge of understanding it. Knowledge of how to send an email and reply to one, write documents online, and interact with people through social media is important in fully exploring the benefits of technology. You could be having access to a computer but lack computer literacy. You will not be able to enjoy its benefits compared to someone else who has access to one and is computer literate.

The silver cloud in the universe.

The field of technology is constantly growing daily. The same applies to the universe. Technology is advancing and leading to discoveries about the nature of the universe and its operations. The moon, for example, was unexplored and there was little knowledge about it until technology led to exploration into space, and history was made when the first man ever stepped on the moon in July 1969. This was a milestone in space science and there has been no turning back since.

Setting the pace.

Landing on the moon was an eye-opener to the ability of technology in the science of the universe. People now appreciate the universe more because it is proven that it is not fiction anymore. The Earth, sky, moon, other planets, and the sun are real. Eclipses of the sun and the moon are not myths but real occurrences happening in the universe. Our belief in the supernatural is now stronger than before. We can strongly defend our faith in the universe and its power.

moon and clouds

There is world technology that explores the universe and the technology of the universe that controls divinity. These two are distinct from each other. These are some of the insights of the technology in the universe and their relevance in our lives:

  1.     The Earth and other planets revolve around the sun.

The sun is a stationary star. It is possible to easily mistake that the sun is the one that moves from the East (in the morning) to the West (in the evening). On the contrary, it is the Earth that moves around the Sun. Earth is not the only planet that revolves around the sun; the other planets also do.

This is relevant in our lives in the context of what we consider to be the absolute truth. Things are not always as they appear. Take time to interrogate common beliefs instead of accepting everything as the gospel truth. The universe will open your eyes to the truth when you open your mind to other possible explanations.

  1.     Each planet has its moon(s).

There are many moons in the universe. Some planets have moons and others do not. Mercury and Venus are examples of planets that do not have moons. The Earth has 1, Mars has 2, Jupiter has 79, Saturn has 82, Uranus has 27, and Neptune has 14 moons. The moon influences the weather on Earth, the migration cycles of some birds, and time. Research is ongoing about the importance of the moons on other planets.

The universe is open to the number of moons on its planets and their relevance. However, one thing is clear – each planet has a different number of moons or none at all. The blessings of the universe to us vary from one person to another. Despite planets Jupiter and Saturn having the highest number of moons, it is yet to be proven if they support life. The impact of the blessings of the universe in our lives is not the same. We are gifted uniquely so do not envy your friend for his/her gifts but rather appreciate yours.

  1.     Not all planets support life.

There has been talk about aliens on other planets but it is yet to be proven true. The Earth is the only planet that supports life. The largest aquatic mammal (the blue whale) and the largest land mammal (the African elephant) are only found on Earth. This is what makes our planet stand out from the rest in the Solar system.

The universe sometimes allows you to experience what other people do not. It has picked on you because of the special ability within you. You are a source of life that sustains the hardest challenges. Take on challenges gracefully and you will even surprise yourself by how well you will succeed.


  1.     Planets have different shapes and sizes.

Planets have different sizes and shapes. In addition, Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune have rings around them but Saturn has the biggest and brightest rings. The different visible features of planets from afar ease their identification.

We also have different visible characteristics that differentiate us from others. It could be your height, physical stamina, or facial features that make you different from other people. Your age and name also differentiate you from other people. Your uniqueness is your identity and strength. The universe wants you to use it to create space for yourself.

Understanding the technology of the universe is the first step towards self-awareness. Technology literacy makes life easier and creates more growth opportunities. There is so much that you can do with it if you understand how to use it. The solar system of the universe perfectly describes how discoveries in space have set humanity on a new path. The more you understand technology, the better life gets for you. What is your technology literacy level?

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