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December 2023

Understanding Spiritual Contracts

A contract is a legally binding agreement. It includes consent from both parties to each hold their end of the bargain. It indicates seriousness and willingness to perform your role in the agreement because there are consequences for breach of contract. Consider contracts like a partnership where each party joins willfully intending to honor it. Corporate businesses, human resources, and trade worldwide are anchored on contracts. The law on contracts actively regulates contracts and courts of law arbitrate any dispute that may arise. There is an operational framework that governs the implementation of contracts. As fast as the world is moving, almost everyone knows a thing or two about contracts. The same cannot be said about awareness of spiritual contracts.

Spiritual contracts are like trade contracts except that they deal with issues that directly affect the spirit. Examples of subjects of spiritual contracts include marriage, vows, initiation, naming ceremonies, and health. Understanding them is key to manifesting abundance, perfection, good health, and successful relationships. Spiritual contracts are as binding as trade contracts if not more. Your future is secured when you enter into a contract with the right party. Again, the elements of a valid contract are the same even in spiritual contracts. As long as your contract ticks all these boxes, the universe shall ensure your spiritual contract is honored.

Elements of a valid spiritual contract and the journey to your spiritual growth.   

1. Offer and acceptance.

This is the first step in making legally binding contracts – one party has to make an offer and the other one accepts it. An offer is the beginning of negotiations and the offeree accepts the terms and conditions of the offer as it is or asks for an adjustment on the same. A marriage proposal is a perfect example of an offer that the man (in most traditions) makes to the lady he wants to marry. When the lady accepts the marriage proposal, a contract is already formed. Unknown to many, the universe also enters into a contract with your spirit. This contract is supposed to bind your spirit to an agreement with the universe and nature on various issues. The universe has an open offer to you in the form of salvation. It wants to rescue you from sin and human limitations. As the offeree, your answer to this offer will either kick-start your spiritual contract or delay it a little bit more until you accept the offer.

2. Consideration.

Consideration is the value offered and accepted by the two contracting parties. In spiritual contracts, the consideration of the offeror (universe) is rescuing you from sin and human limitations while that of the offeree (your spirit) is faithfulness to nature and the universe. The universe is committed to paying its consideration in full by promoting you to a higher level of glory. Other people will be witnesses of your transformation from grass to grace. You should equally be willing to pay your consideration for your spiritual contract to be valid. The universe requires your commitment to the law of nature – the light of love to shine on your path. Let love overflow from your heart for as long as your spiritual contract is valid. Dishonoring your consideration invalidates your spiritual contract and makes you vulnerable to human limitations.   

3. Mutual consent.

Mutual consent in a contract means that both parties have entered into a contract willing to execute it. They are not willing to sabotage its execution. The universe is always willing to execute its part in the contract. All actions in the universe are in good faith and you are the intended beneficiary. Likewise, you should also have a clear mind to fulfill your part of the contract. Do not play hide and seek with your spiritual contract or commit to it in bad faith. This will make it void and leave you vulnerable to bad luck. Nothing can be hidden from the universe, even your intended actions in bad faith. On the contrary, willingness to execute your spiritual contracts attracts favor from the universe. This is the type of relationship that you need with your creator.   

4. Legality.

The subject of the contract must be legal or the contract would otherwise not be binding. The offer and consideration for spiritual contracts should also be legal and acceptable. Anything good that does not intend to cause harm meets the threshold of legality in the universe. This speaks to the lengths that you are willing to go to pay your consideration. Not only is the universe interested in that consideration but also in how you will pay it. Your commitment to the laws of nature should not hurt other people. It is important to strike a balance between doing what is good at all costs and the collateral damage that comes with it. Hurting people’s emotions in the name of spiritual contracts violates the intended goodwill. The universe will however be willing to enter into more contracts with you when you observe this legality clause of spiritual contracts.   

5. Capacity.

This refers to the legal ability of both parties to sign a contract. In business, the law forbids minors, people of unsound mind, and those under the influence of drugs from signing contracts. This is to ensure that both contracting parties are aware of their obligations and have the full capacity to commit to honoring them. The universe can enter into a contract with any willing person. Spiritual contracts made under duress (including promising anything to get the universe’s help) are not binding and the universe can choose not to redeem you from your problems. It is important to enter into spiritual contracts when it is not in your hour of need or the universe will not be obligated to redeem you. If it does, it will be out of mercy as a child of the Kingdom.

Understanding spiritual contracts is an eye-opener to securing your future. You understand what to hold on to and what to give up. Let this light guide you.

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Resurrecting your Spiritual Willpower

Willpower is a strong determination to make a difficult decision. It is also the ability to control your emotions. Willpower is an important part of personality growth. Nature has put an innate willpower in everybody’s spirit. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of it. On the other hand, those aware of their willpower underutilize it or even do not use it at all. It is important to learn how to use it correctly and progressively to make rational decisions. The universe is counting on you to use it correctly for the benefit of your spiritual life.

Undiscovered willpower is like a man unaware of gold deposits on his farm. He also bought the land from someone else who did not know about it. Your spiritual life is like this farm. It has a lot of wealth lying underground that you do not know yet. Financial poverty, unemployment, poor health, scarcity mindset, and broken relationships can all be restored when you discover the gold deposits on your farm. Your newly acquired wealth and status can cure all problems. The universe wants you to discover the willpower buried in your life and resurrect it. This is the gold that will end your spiritual poverty. It will restore your honor and lost glory. The day you find your willpower is when the fortunes of your spiritual life change forever.

Spiritual willpower takes different shapes and forms but the content is the same. The universe is showing you in what part of your farm the gold of spiritual willpower is buried. It is found in optimism, emotional intelligence, compassion, confidence, courage, and faith. You can now go to that specific place, dig it up, and resurrect it. The universe has given you the power to resurrect your spiritual willpower and you have the freedom to exercise it. This is how you can resurrect your spiritual willpower:   

1. Be optimistic.

Optimism is a mental attitude of hope that things will turn out positively. Continuous exposure to bad news makes your spirit dull and buries your spiritual willpower deeper. Optimism cures this and resurrects your willpower the moment you adopt it as a lifestyle. It brings hope that your situation will improve. Optimism will make you determined to fight for your chance to live another day. The lifestyle of birds is a perfect example in nature of how you can resurrect your spiritual willpower through optimism. They joyously return to their nests at dusk even when they may not have had enough food for the day.

However, they are optimistic that the next day will be better. This resurrects their spiritual willpower to wake up the following day and seek its blessings. The world needs hopeful people like you and nature is counting on you to be the first one.    

2. Practice emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is the capacity to relate with other people by connecting with them through their emotions. It gives you the capacity to exercise your spiritual willpower. It further leads you to say the right thing at the right time and to the right person in the correct emotional state. The universe is mindful of the emotional state of everyone. Practicing emotional intelligence resurrects your spiritual willpower to do the right thing according to the wishes of the universe. Your determination to connect with people emotionally makes you more relatable to them than anyone else. It puts you in a position to be the universe’s angel of goodwill to his people. Emotions build relationships and define a lot of situations that people find themselves in. Mastering them through spiritual willpower gives you leverage in your relationships.   

3. Show compassion.

Compassion is a strong feeling of sympathy for the suffering of other people. You feel compassion for someone because you relate to what they are going through and you wish to do something to help them out. Nature is full of acts of compassion from the universe to its creation. The media was awash with news of a lioness who adopted a young springbok instead of eating it up. The grieving lioness who had lost her cubs had compassion on the baby springbok and her spiritual willpower resurrected. It led her to make the difficult decision of protecting it even from members of her pride who wanted to eat the young antelope. This happened in the wild and it can happen in your life when you exercise compassion.

The universe wants you to show compassion to those coping with loss or experiencing a rough patch in life. Being the angel of love and light in their life resurrects your willpower to be compassionate to those who need it. The universe will command other people to be compassionate to you when you exercise the same to others.   

4. Be courageous.

Courage is the ability to act fearlessly. There could be 100 risks but you will stick your head out to look out for someone else’s interests. The determination of a courageous person cannot be easily put out. They neither succumb to threats nor intimidation because their confidence has resurrected their spiritual willpower. The universe has a soft spot for courageous people because they can fight for the interests of everyone. Courage leads your spiritual willpower to make difficult decisions that ordinary people will shy away from. It prepares you to be a vessel for the good work of the universe. You will be promoted to become a vessel of gold in the spiritual kingdom.   

5. Practice faith.

Faith is an unshakeable belief in something. All major decisions that people make are inspired by faith or they would otherwise not have done it. Resurrecting your spiritual willpower is an act of faith and the universe will awaken your spiritual willpower when you exercise your faith. If you believe in fairness and equity, for example, keep trusting to receive it from the universe by working your faith and practicing the same on other people. Faith keeps your spirit alive to receive answers to your prayers from the universe. It also resurrects your spiritual willpower to make eternal commitments in the spiritual kingdom.

Resurrecting your spiritual willpower should be a priority for everyone who cares about the future. These five steps will awaken your willpower and solidify your position as a child in the kingdom.

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How to Pay Spiritual Taxes

Tax is a compulsory contribution to the government levied on citizens. It is used to finance the running of government and provide social services to the citizens. The government is a nonprofit organization that should work for the benefit of the citizens. This is the basic structure of leadership and governance throughout the world. There are spiritual taxes that your spirit pays to the universe. These taxes are not monetary. They are a significant contribution to your spirit in the kingdom. Consider them a kitty for your future safeguarded by the universe. Like in the physical realm, tax evasion is a criminal offense in the spiritual realm. This is why it is compulsory to honor your tax obligations. Spiritual taxes include mentorship, leadership, setting new records, conservation, and protection of innocence. 

1. Mentorship.

Mentorship is a relationship where a more experienced person guides and nurtures the development of somebody else outside the formal leadership hierarchy. A manager can hardly be a mentor to his employees because they have an established working relationship. The subordinate is required to follow the leadership of his superiors. Mentorship does not work within such structures. The mentee should be willing to submit to the mentor when it is not an obligation but a choice. The products of perfect mentorship benefit both the individual and the universe. 

The universe wants you to mentor the upcoming generation. You turned out to be the person you are today because you were looking up to someone you admired. He/she influenced your values and personality and the universe is proud of you. You probably constantly asked yourself, “What would my mentor do if he were in my shoes?” You should pay the spiritual tax of being a mentor to somebody else now that you have already seen the light. Hold the hand of the young person at your workplace, your sibling, your new friend, or anyone that the universe brings your way. The universe keeps a record of the lives that you have positively influenced through your mentorship. Your tax will be paid! 

2. Leadership. 

Leadership is similar to mentorship except that it is within a formal structure. A mentor can be a good leader but not any leader can be a mentor. A leader derives his authority from the organization but a mentor from his mentee. The universe needs good leaders to lead nature in the right direction. It is counting on you to wear those shoes. Leadership is a spiritual tax because it is a contribution toward the management of your society and nature’s creation. Your current leadership position at your home (as the elder sibling or parent), at work (as the manager), in sports (as the team captain), or even among your peers is a gift from the universe. 

The universe wants you to be a worthy leader. You owe this to nature as your contribution to it. Leadership is a divine assignment that can be trusted by only a few people and the universe has appointed you. Like mentorship, leadership is your contribution to society and a tax to the universe that you should honor diligently. Lead with integrity and your tenure shall be impactful. Your reward as a good leader is when your future generations enjoy the benefits of good governance even in years to come.  

3. Setting new records. 

Breaking existing records and setting new ones is not a small achievement. The existing records were set by determined people who wanted to leave an impact yet here comes along someone else who sets the bar higher. You owe it to the universe to set a new record higher than what you found there. This is the measure of improvement of quality of life. 

Setting a new record is a spiritual tax you should pay to the universe as your contribution towards societal progress. Put your best foot forward because nature deserves your best effort. Your existence is one of the things that nature is proud of. You are a special part of its creation. The same is expected of you – that you also produce the best of your kind. The universe congratulates you for your good performance through various channels of rewards (blessings). However, it will give you special recognition in its history for setting a new record of excellence. This is the honor of paying your spiritual tax. 

4. Protection of innocence. 

To be innocent is not to be corrupt or have evil intentions. Innocence is one of the things that the universe values most. It is increasingly becoming rare because people will do anything to survive. As a way of protecting its ecosystem, the universe has imposed the spiritual tax of protecting innocence on your shoulders. It is now a collective responsibility for everyone to protect innocence from evil and harm. 

You can pay the spiritual tax to protect innocence by promoting it in the first place. Promote the culture of doing the right thing because it is right to do so, not because someone else wants you to. Your spirit will attract honor from the universe when you lead from the front in living a corruption-free life and at the same time protect the innocent from losing their innocence to worldly temptation and greed. This is part of the spiritual tax of being your brother’s and sister’s keeper. 

5. Keeping the faith. 

This is the fuel of your spirit in the universe. It is a worrying trend when faithlessness increasingly becomes normal. This makes it challenging for nature to maintain people to keep their faith without them being carried away. It has led to nature imposing a tax on all its citizens – to maintain their faith. 

Faith is a personal responsibility that the universe wants you to honor. It is a spiritual tax that you pay every day of your life. The longer you maintain your faith in the universe alongside paying other spiritual taxes, the more your blessings grow. Do not lose hope no matter how difficult things become. There is hope for a better tomorrow. 

Spiritual taxes are an important part of your spiritual life. Honoring them propels your spiritual growth faster than when you do not honor them. Make it your lifestyle to pay your spiritual taxes as and when they fall due.

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Learning to Train your Spiritual Muscles

Muscles are a measure of strength and physical fitness. You are only as strong or weak as your muscles. Strong muscles help you to move things around, pump blood through your body, and help you breathe. Muscles are an important part of your body’s physiology and you need them at their best because your survival depends on them. The way muscles work is through reflexes and trained movements. While some muscle movements happen involuntarily, there are others as well that need a lot of training and practice for them to work efficiently.

The muscles and tissues of the food pipe contract and expand during swallowing to push food down to the stomach, the muscles of the heart pump blood to the rest of the body through blood vessels, and those in blood vessels dilate to allow blood to flow through it. These invisible muscles inside the body are not in any way less important because they are invisible. They are as important as the arm muscles that lift heavy objects and the leg muscles that help you run fast.  

Spiritual muscles are as important as body muscles. The universe wants you to care and practice on them so that you may grow spiritually stronger. All the practice you do on your body by going to the gym and doing workouts only benefits the body. The universe wants you to strike a balance between the body and spirit. The spirit is the captain of your destiny. A stronger spirit will guide your body and soul excellently through any challenge that comes your way. Nothing can overpower your spirit when you learn to train your spiritual muscles. The people in your life will witness the benefit of your spiritual strength and it will change all of your lives for the better. There are many reasons why you should train your spiritual muscles. They include: 

1. To build your strength 

Muscles become stronger and more efficient with more practice. For example, you can carry a heavier load or walk a longer distance if you work out consistently. Your strength will make you self-reliable and count on yourself first before anyone else. You need to be strong to work and meet your needs. Many of your needs will be unfulfilled when you are weak. Spiritual strength helps you to fight spiritual battles in your life and fulfill your divine assignment.

To build this strength, you can train your muscles by enrolling in your spiritual gym. This is where you fellowship with other believers and encourage each other with personal testimonies of your lives. Your spiritual muscles get stronger from the newly acquired faith and the victories that the universe gave to your friends. This is the why and how you can build your strength by training your spiritual muscles.  

2. To improve your appearance

Muscles determine your body shape and size. Other people describe you to others based on your outward appearance. You are either tall or short, muscular or feminine, chubby or slender. It is easier for people to know whether or not you work out by looking at your muscles. This is also true with your spirit – spiritual muscles determine your appearance in the universe. Your spiritual appearance will either attract or keep you away from different people in your life. Train your spiritual muscles to look attractive by being friendly. You may unknowingly shut out angels sent by the universe to your life. They are agents of blessings and have all the answers to your prayers. The more friendly you become with your neighbor, the more attractive you get. More angels will come into your life because the universe is aware of your attractiveness.  

3. To prepare you for the unknown

Muscles indicate preparedness to take any challenge head-on. You come across as prepared and ready to win. Training your body muscles prepares you psychologically to have the capacity to handle danger. This is also true when you train your spiritual muscles. Your spirit becomes empowered to handle any danger threatening your survival. Securing your spiritual survival is important because every other part of your life depends on it. Your career ambitions, family, relationships, and personal goals depend on your preparedness to handle the uncertain future.

You can train your spiritual muscles to be prepared to handle the unknown by satisfying your spiritual curiosity. This will make you knowledgeable enough to face the blank future ahead of you. You will discover and solve a lot of spiritual mysteries to satisfy your spiritual curiosity. In the process, your spiritual muscles will have enough practice to make you courageous. You do not have to say anything in the face of the unknown. Let your spiritual muscles be your defense.  

4. To give you peace of mind. 

Trained muscles provide a sense of security in addition to the peace that comes along. Strong people exude self-confidence and are more relaxed even when they are in trouble. Their peace of mind is assured by their muscular strength. They are comfortable that their safety is assured. After all, who will want to poke a bear? This is the comfort that spiritually strong people have. Spiritually strong muscles will save you from constantly looking over your shoulders. It gives you the necessary peace of mind to lead a normal life.

You can train your spirit to have peace of mind by practicing faith. It extends to trust in the saving power of the universe to take care of you. The universe appreciates such blind faith from you to him because, after all, you are a child of the Kingdom. It is time to commit everything in its hands. Quit worrying and have faith. This trains your spiritual muscles to have the ability to have peace of mind even when it is chaotic all around you.  

It is important to learn to train your spiritual muscles for all of the above reasons and more. A strong spirit will lead the body and soul to greater accomplishments. A weak spirit is the root cause of things going south. Fix it today to enjoy a happy ever after.

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Mastering the Art of Winning Spiritual Trophies

A trophy is a prize for winning a competition. It is what each competitor fights tooth and nail to win. All eyes are on the trophy during the competition and on who will walk away with it thereafter. The value of the trophy is beyond the prize itself. It is in the honor of being the one to win it. There are trophies to be won in sports (both individual and team sports), the art and entertainment industry, and academics. This is the spirit of competition everywhere.  

Similarly, there are a lot of trophies that your spirit can win in the universe. They are a mark of competence in the universe across diverse competitive areas. You earn a badge of honor when you win spiritual trophies. It further puts you on the map to win many other trophies in the world. If you have competed and won in the universe, how much more can you do in the world? The world will identify you as an expert in the different areas that you excel in. You will be honored to dine and wine with great people because of your value. What put you on the map in the first place is how you managed to win spiritual trophies. Doing so continuously is an art and a life science at the same time and the universe is keen for you to perfect it. 

Like in any competition, it is important to know the trophies to be won. Spiritual trophies include good health, manifestation of your desires, contentment, peace, and love. This is how you can win them: 

1. Appreciate the shared ecosystem. 

You live in an ecosystem that you share with a lot of nature’s creation. Your interaction with each other and the environment is important. The universe wants you to appreciate the role that other people and the rest of creation play. You do not have to burden yourself with doing everything when you can share that burden with other people. Your body will be relieved by the timely break. The importance of a shared ecosystem in the universe comes out clearly at this time.

Most importantly, the universe will appreciate you for being kind to let others also create a name for themselves. This is called delegation in leadership and management. Nature teaches it more eloquently in our life cycle. There are particular duties and responsibilities for specific demographics of a population, both in the wild and in civilized societies. For example, it is the primary responsibility of the lioness to hunt and that of the male lion to protect the pride. It does not mean that they cannot perform these roles interchangeably. They can and it sometimes happens.

However, the hunting prowess of the lioness is unmatched and it burns inside her to provide for her cubs. This is the work of nature and understandably so, the male lion does not stop her. The same is true in the spiritual realm – you win a trophy each time you appreciate the shared ecosystem. There is enough space for everyone. Your candle does not light brightly by dimming other people’s.  

2. Embrace nature’s magic pill of time

Time is constantly moving. It is not a respecter of personalities. It transforms, upgrades, equalizes, or degrades in equal measure. A toddler today will crawl, walk, and run as time passes. A beautiful flower in the garden today will be plucked and put in a vase tomorrow. A caterpillar today will become a beautiful butterfly tomorrow. A hurt heart today will be healed tomorrow. Time is nature’s magic pill that can turn around your fortunes within no time. You can win the spiritual trophy of a manifestation of your desires by embracing nature’s time.

In your time of darkness and when you cross rivers of temptations, the only magic that can make it go away is time. The sun will shine again in your life and the waters subside. Allowing time to take its course is what team effort is to sports like football – a very necessary requirement to win. It is possible to tick everything on your checklist if you embrace nature’s time. Give every deadline you put some little extra time and watch the magic. 

3. Always give what you want to receive. 

Giving to receive is an old gospel and it could not be further from the truth. The universe desires to have generous winners. Abundance is the trophy that it gives them because they are considerate. When you give what you are holding, it creates room for you to receive more. The universe further understands that what you are holding is precious because why would you hold on to it in the first place?

Nevertheless, it still wants you to give it out. Nature has put peace in your heart and surrounded you with peaceful neighbors. Share the same with everyone the universe brings your way and you will receive the same back in good measure. Observe the lifestyles of some of the happy people you know and you will discover that their contentment in life is a spiritual trophy that they won from the universe. Do not feel bad when you sometimes lack material gifts to share with others. By simply having the intention to, the universe shall replenish your stocks that you may not lack thereafter.  

4. Sometimes being consistent is better than being good. 

Consistency is doing the same thing repeatedly and tirelessly. It shows an effort to improve however small it may be. This is a personality trait that the universe is watching out for in you. Your consistency in doing good should exceed the countable times that you are good. The universe trusts your reliable nature and will reward you with the spiritual trophy of contentment. A consistent lifestyle will lead you to achieve contentment and much more beyond it. You have no ulterior motives to succeed except to keep on doing what you are doing. 

Mastering the art of winning spiritual trophies is a lifetime commitment that is rewarding and satisfying at the same time. Your winning streak is limitless.

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Finding the True North of Your Spirit

The true north is the direction that points towards the geographic north pole. It has not and will not change throughout the lifetime of the universe. Well, there is another kind of north. It is the magnetic north which is the direction that a compass needle points to as it aligns with the Earth’s magnetic field. Unlike the true north, the magnetic north changes from time to time in response to the Earth’s magnetic field. 

The conflicting positions of the magnetic north and true north have given sailors a difficult time. It was difficult to know the direction you were heading in an open sea without landmarks. They found their way using the sun and stars. When navigators began using the compass, they noticed that the compass north did not align with the north star they had been traditionally using. Research later proved them right about the two kinds of norths – the magnetic and true norths. 

The history between the magnetic and true north is very relevant in your life. Your spirit needs to identify both of these norths and make a conscious choice on which one to follow. It happens to everyone and it certainly has happened to you too when you fight within your spirit about two close yet conflicting choices. You love them equally and they are both attractive. The universe wants you to follow the true north because it is fixed. You will not wake up tomorrow and find that it shifted elsewhere. Although the magnetic north could look like a better option, there is no guarantee that it will lead you correctly. It is dependent on the Earth’s magnetic field which changes from time to time. This is how you can find your true north: 

1. Identify your options. 

There are several options when you want to make a decision but only one is suitable. It is a dilemma when it involves identifying your available options in the universe. The available options are what your spirit attracts in the universe. Navigators had the option of following the compass north or the north star as they journeyed in the sea. They were aware of them before they made any decision. The universe wants you to exhaustively identify all your available options as you find your true north. There should be no chance that you leave any out because it could be what you are looking for. It is normal to already have something in mind even before you even make a decision but it is important to be aware of all your options. 

2. Pick up what tickles your spirit. 

Your choice will come from the available options. Although all of them could be better options, the universe will guide you to pick the one that tickles your spirit. The true north of your life is compatible with your spirit and personality. It is beyond being comfortable. You do not have to compromise anything for it because it fits perfectly in your life.

The universe guides you to pick the true north from your available options through your intuition. The small voice you hear within you is your guide to know the true north of your life. You will know you have found the true north from the peace you feel in your spirit and satisfaction in your heart. You will feel good about it and be proud to tell anyone who cares to listen. The true north is like a lamp that cannot be hidden. Consider the way a child laughs uncontrollably when you tickle him. He cannot hide his laughter because you have touched the right spot on his body. This is how your spirit reacts when you find the true north because it touches the right spot of your spirit.  

3. Follow the direction of the sun. 

The movement of the sun can guide you to the true north. When you are lost in any part of the world, just look above and note the position of the sun. Depending on what part of the globe you are in, the sun rises in the east and sets in the west in the northern hemisphere or the opposite in the southern hemisphere. The sun is also overhead at noon in any part of the world.

Walking directly towards the sun at noon will take you south and away from it will take you north. The universe wants you to learn how you can identify your true north from the sun. There are landmarks in your life that are the sun. It could be special people like your priest, parents, or spouse. Whoever they are, they represent the sun and can guide you to find your true north. Their influence in your life will lead you to find your true north. Always consult them when you feel lost or stranded. They will point you in the right direction because they know you better and understand your priorities.  

4. Watch out for signs on trees, ants, and snow. 

You can identify your true north by learning the different adaptations of nature’s creation. The true north influences the natural behaviors of plants and animals. It is irresistible because it existed before everything did. Consider the following observations in nature

  • In nine out of ten cases, moss grows on the north side of trees.  
  • The barks of trees may be duller and branches more extended on the northern side of trees. 
  • Snow melts faster on the warmer south side of the mountains. 
  • Ants build anthills on the south side of trees because it is warmer. 

Nature has a way of showing you the direction of the true north. There is a connection between all the events that happen in your spiritual life. You can stick to those that lead you to your true north. In the same way ants and moss know the difference between the north and south so shall you. 

Finding your true north is one of the greatest discoveries in life. You will find it if you set your heart, mind, body, and soul on it.

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Undertaking the Detoxification of Your Spirit

Spiritual detoxification is a treatment intended to remove poisonous substances from your spirit. It is healthy to undertake it regularly for the sake of your spirit. For one, it saves on a lot of things and prepares you for what lies ahead in your journey of spiritual redemption. Spiritual detoxification is like deworming. It gets rid of parasitic worms in your body. These worms are dangerous to your health if they are not expelled from your body. This is the reason that doctors recommend regular deworming, at least once every three months.

Detoxification of your spirit is what deworming is to your body. Your body will be healthier and your spirit likewise after both deworming and detoxification respectively. Like any type of treatment, your consent is required to perform either of them on you. Not only does it indicate a willingness to get treatment but also acceptance to have the doctor treat you.  

When was the last time you dewormed? It is time to make an appointment with your doctor that is long overdue. 

Have you ever done spiritual detoxification? It is also time to try it out. 

Now that it is no longer in question that you need spiritual detoxification, you need to let the universe take over from here. This is the universe’s guide to detoxification: 

1. Forgive and forget. 

This is one of the most difficult steps for anyone to take. To forgive is one thing and to forget is another one. Doing both of them is heroic. The universe wants to fill your spirit with love. It’s a lot of it such that it will overpower even the smallest shred of unforgiveness in you. You do not forgive other people because you are doing them a favor but because you are doing yourself one. The longer you resent and hold a grudge against them, the more hurtful it is going to be for you. Bitterness is like food to worms in your body. It gives them the energy to reproduce and cause more damage than they have already.

Detoxify your spirit by forgiving all the hurt that anyone has ever caused you and putting it behind you. Forget all of it because it is not as important as healing your spirit. Your spirit shall heal and move past keeping a record of wrongs. It is not important to make others feel bad for what they did to you. What is important is not giving them any power over you by thinking about them. 

2. Get rid of painful memories. 

Everyone has painful memories of things that were said or done against them by people they considered friends. It could be that you sacrificed everything for them but they still stabbed you in the back. This has hindered you from doing the same thing to others because of the painful memory of how your ‘friends’ paid you back. The universe wants you to put all of it behind you and start a new chapter. Painful memories are toxic to your spirit because they are a breeding ground for revenge. Detoxification destroys anything that could nurse or breed toxicity. Replace painful memories with beautiful ones. Go out with your family and friends and have a good time. Toxicity in your spirit brought by painful memories will gradually be washed away from your life.  

3. Face your fears instead of burying them. 

FEAR could either be ‘Forget everything and run’ or ‘Face everything and rise’. The universe wants you to choose the latter. The easiest thing to do could be to ignore your fears because you do not wish to awaken sleeping dogs. However, detoxifying your spirit means awakening these sleeping dogs and making peace with them. Burying your fears is like giving a sleeping pill to worms in your body.

They will be inactive for a few hours but wake up and make your health worse than before. Facing your fears is deworming yourself and expelling worms from your body. It is a permanent way to restore your health. What you should do next is improve your hygiene – wash your hands after visiting the toilet, wash raw vegetables and fruits thoroughly, and drink clean purified water. Similarly, after facing your fears, you have to maintain spiritual hygiene to keep off toxicity.  

4. Audit your spiritual ties. 

Spiritual ties are important relationships that your spirit has with other spirits in the universe. They are not flings or a passing cloud but covenants that involve both your futures. Some spiritual ties are very beneficial while others put a gun on your head. Auditing your spiritual ties means going through all of them to choose which ones to keep and which to end. Get rid of toxic spiritual ties that connect you to stained people. They will infect your spirit, bring down your productivity, and affect your relationship with the universe. When you let such people go, you also get rid of their toxicity. This is your chance to live toxic-free.  

5. Take ‘vitamin’ supplements for your spirit. 

Supplements are substances taken orally to correct deficiencies in the diet. They can be prescribed by a doctor or taken over the counter. The body has various requirements to function optimally. Sometimes we fall short of them and this is where supplements come in. They answer the needs of the body. There comes a time when your spirit also needs supplements for the same reasons. You have the duty of identifying the specific requirements of the spirit and supplying it with them. These spiritual supplements will get rid of any toxicity within your spirit and improve your spiritual health.

Some of these supplements are generosity, peace, and love. The more you take them, the faster your spirit will be detoxified. Practice generosity instead of waiting for someone else to, spread love even when you are not asked to, and maintain peace wherever you go. Every toxicity in your life will be flashed out by the spiritual supplements that you take. 

Undertaking the detoxification of your spirit is necessary. Treat your spirit as well as, if not better, than your body.

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Why You Should Choose the Universe to be Your Priest

A priest is an ordained minister who can perform spiritual rites. Among the many roles of a priest is to link the physical and spiritual realms. While they live amongst us, priests hardly focus on the present life. They remind us about the afterlife and how we can secure a place for ourselves in the Kingdom to come. They are fearless, incorruptible, courageous, and morally upright men and women. Priests inspire hope where there is none without expecting anything in return. Their selflessness is a perfect example of how the universe can lead you as your priest. 

The life of a true minister. 

A priest is faithful to his calling. He is not interested in material gain or to be in favor of people. Part of his job description is speaking the truth without blinking an eye. The life of a true minister is dedicated to others. His greatest joy is when one sinner repents. There are many priests in the world. They are shepherds and we are the flock. The flock knows the voice of their shepherd and obeys his instructions. The universe has given you the freedom to choose your priest who will be your shepherd to guide you through the valleys, plains, and mountains. They have a spiritual obligation to be a good shepherd and to be an obedient flock. There are many reasons why you should choose the universe to be your priest. These are some of them that you should consider: 

1. He has seen the light. 

A good priest has seen the light himself. He has a personal experience of his encounter with the light. This makes him suitable to guide you to the light. Nature operates around this principle. It has appointed the universe to be the priest of all creation. The largest source of natural light, the sun, is hosted by the universe. Other planets, including Earth, revolve around it. This symbolizes the leadership ability of the universe because it has seen the light. At the beginning of creation, the world was empty and dark.

However, since the universe is the priest, light shone in the world. This is the same light (the sun) that the universe saw and hosted before creation but could not introduce to the world because it was not Earth’s priest. All other creation came after light was created and until now, the Earth is habitable. Light will shine in your life when you choose the universe to be your priest.  

2. He has the passion to serve. 

A true priest has a burning desire to serve his people. There is no promise of profit in serving as a priest. This is the last concern of a true priest. His hope lies in the faith that he will be rewarded someday with the honor of seeing the success of everyone he serves. Consider how the universe serves nature as its priest. It takes care of nature’s creation by leading them to find their purpose. This is the right priest for you – one who leads you to discover your purpose and ultimately fulfill it. The universe is this type of priest. He convicts your spirit to do the right thing through service. Serving nature through conservation efforts and sowing the seed of love attracts divine blessings. Follow the example of your priest and serve the world. 

3. He has good listening skills

A good priest listens to his people. He creates time to listen to them because he is genuinely concerned about their welfare. He is a good shepherd who spends time with his flock. He is also the first one to know when any of them falls sick because he is closer to them. The same is true when you choose the universe to be your priest. You will have a healthy relationship with him because he always listens to you. You will feel important from the way your priest (the universe) takes excellent care of your spirit. Someone who listens to you puts you as a priority throughout. As your priest, the universe will intercede for your spirit even when you are in a crisis. You will receive renewed energy to stand tall and face what comes to you head-on.  

4. He dares to speak the truth

The truth is a powerful indicator of good character. Priests are supposed to lead by example and be truth ambassadors. Their lives are desirable and enviable by many people. The truth will stand up for you when you stand with it. The universe is courageous to speak the truth in nature. Among the truths that are a reality is the interdependence in nature. A good priest does not speak the truth to only save his soul but because it is the right thing to do. Consider the truth of interdependence in nature manifesting through relationships.

The universe has demonstrated this through the relationship between the planets and the sun in the solar system. The truth is that they all need each other and the universe has managed to maintain the solar system to continue working as it always has. When you choose the universe to be your priest, he will speak the truth in your life. He will make you be at peace with realities you would want to wish away. As your priest, the universe will impact your character positively. 

5. He is innocent

A priest should be blameless and innocent. Some things should not be associated with him because they will impair his character. Among the thousand reasons why you should choose the universe to be your priest is his innocence. The universe only has a record of the good things it has done in nature. He is an ambassador of love, promotes peace, and accommodates diversity. As an innocent priest, the universe will lead you to walk in his ways and you will be innocent too. Your bad history is irrelevant because the universe will write it off and lead you through a life of forgiveness and repentance.  

You need the universe to be the priest in your life. It will mark the beginning of a new chapter. Exit the old, enter the new.

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Understanding the Mathematics of the Universe

Science and mathematics are the greatest discoveries in the universe. Everything in nature revolves around them. Mastering either or both of them gives you the chance to be in the driver’s seat of your life. Mathematics is responsible for the whole of your lifestyle. Trade, entertainment, health, love, psychology, and much more are anchored on mathematics. The magic of numbers dominates the universe. Time is communicated in numbers, your net worth is in figures, and even the length of your life is a number. 

The universe embraces good mathematicians as much as it embraces the magic of numbers. You add value to the universe’s team as a mathematician. This is why it will always want you to cross over to its side. You are yet to discover your full potential as a numbers’ magician. The universe sees it and wants to guide you to realize it.  

Life is a mathematical problem. Sometimes you are finding the value of the unknown (like with algebra), the sum, difference, quotient, or product in one problem. At other times, the universe presents you with a problem combining all mathematical operations. This is where your mathematical prowess is being tested. This is also how you can become a mathematics guru: 

1. Read and understand the problem beforehand.

This is the first step to take before attempting to solve any problem. Experts do not jump to solve a problem they barely understand. Half of the solution is in a well-defined problem. This is also true when you want to understand the mathematics of the universe. Question yourself about how deeply you understand a problem. 

What is the genesis of the health problems in your family? 

How long has wealth mismanagement rocked your boat of financial stability? 

What is the cause of the depression you are feeling? 

What is your next step from where you are standing? 

Honest answers to these questions put you on the map to understanding the problem on your table. Everything in life, both good and bad, happens for a reason. It could be a sign from the universe to put your foot down, take a break, or continue moving at the same speed in the same lane.  

2. Discover the concept tested. 

Every mathematical problem tests a specific concept. It could be your understanding of solving the value of an unknown, financial literacy, time management, or social skills. You cannot answer a question correctly if you cannot identify the concept being tested. The universe tests us on different lessons.

Like a good student, you are required to be above average at worst or excellent at best in all lessons in the universe. The universe wants you to discover the life skill tested when you lose a loved one, job, or friends, or become depressed. Is it your patience, kindness, faith, or trust? This revelation will help you to solve whatever challenge you face. These challenges are learning avenues so that you can understand the mathematics of the universe.  

3. Use pen and paper

You can comfortably tackle a mathematics question after understanding the concept tested. Write your solution from the first step and continue developing it to the final step. Pen and paper make your solution visible to other people. It is a way of transferring thoughts from your mind through a medium that other people can see. You can take a similar approach when solving the universe’s mathematics questions.

Let your spirit write your solution on paper with permanent ink. The pen that you will use is your positive influence. Part of understanding the mathematics of the universe is making it your mission to leave the best impression on other people. You get full marks on your solution when your impact can be positively felt. 

4. Consider using a calculator. 

A calculator is a working academic tool. It helps you to accurately compute quick mathematical operations without breaking a sweat. In addition, a calculator is fast and you can do a lot with it. It is sometimes a requirement to have a calculator when doing advanced mathematics. Using it does not make you any less of a math guru.

Instead, it enhances your skills to bring out the best mathematician in you. The universe also encourages you to use your calculator. This is your spiritual willpower. There are nil chances of failing when you apply it to do your math. Your willpower will drive you to overcome opposition against all odds. A calculator performs excellently when you know how to operate it. Similarly, your willpower is just as accurate when you take charge of your spiritual life. There will be no blame games when you use your spiritual calculator. 

5. Proof-check your solution. 

A mathematical solution is only right if it can be proven so. The value of the solution should answer the question asked satisfactorily. It feels so good to get the right answer after working it out. This is how the universe wants you to feel after proof-checking your solution. Apart from getting positive results, you can proof-check your solution to life’s challenges through the peace that you feel within you. Go back to your working space if you do not get such approval from your spirit. This is how your spirit confirms to you that you are on the right track. It further builds your confidence to tackle more questions.   

6. Submit your answer and move to the next one. 

What remains after verifying that your answer is correct is submitting it and proceeding to the next question. This is how we have handled our school exams while growing up until now. The universe wants you to transfer this consistency as you work out its questions. It shows self-confidence in your ability and the courage to face all questions before you. This is the final step in understanding the mathematics of the universe.  

The universe is diverse, systematic, and logical. Understanding the mathematics of the universe is your foundation in it.

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races of life

The Secret to Winning Life’s Races

There are many races in life where you will face different competitors. Each of them is interested in bagging a medal for themselves. To them, the end justifies the means. Nothing matters until they stand on the podium. There is mad competition out there and there is a new trick in town every day on how to win the race. Whoever and wherever you choose to learn about these tricks is up to you. The battles of homelessness, broken families, unemployment, and depression weigh heavily in the hearts of many people, including you. What is crystal is that you must win all of them to survive through life.  

There is no one-fit-all approach in life. Your problem could be another person’s solution. Sometimes a solution comes through when you are backed into a corner. It is never too late to learn how to win life’s races. The universe has a trick up its sleeve that will give you a reprieve. It will clear the fog in your eyes that blinds your eyes to compare your progress with that of your peers. These are some of the secrets to winning life’s races: 

1. Hold on to the hope for a better tomorrow. 

The universe is encouraging your spirit to hold on to the hope for a better tomorrow. Tomorrow shall be better than today and today better than yesterday. This is the improvement in quality of life that the universe is promising you. Life’s races can be competitive and sometimes you may feel like you are losing it. Hey! You still have your world together. For what it is worth, you are a worthy competitor. Your peers may overtake you on the highway but at least you are worthy to still be in the race.

Tomorrow the sun will rise again and you will have another shot at life. Today may have been another person’s chance to shine but tomorrow will be yours. When dusk falls and birds return to their nests, they could not have had enough food on that day but they will trust that they will have it tomorrow. They will be the first to sing happily the following morning at the break of dawn as they fly out of their nests. The hope for a better tomorrow fuels their spirit not to give up. This is the secret of persistence to win life’s races. 

2. Live and practice that a bird in hand is worth two in the bush. 

It is not rare for people to bet with everything they have because they want to win. Sometimes, over-ambition can cost you even the little that you have. The temptation to stake everything to increase your chances of winning can cost you dearly. This is the story of the hunter. 

One day he went out to hunt as usual. Luckily, a bird was caught in the trap that he had set the previous day. In his excitement, he turned around with the bird to go home. As he left, he saw another flock of birds sitting pretty under the shade of a big tree. He slowly tied the legs of the bird in hand and shot at his new target. Unfortunately, he missed them and the bird that was caught in his trap also managed to escape. The poor hunter was left empty-handed. 

This story is a reminder of the importance of your blessings in life. Your achievements are more worthy than any prize out there. Sometimes you need to give up other things to win life’s races. Take care of your bird in hand because it is your most valuable prize at the moment. Maintaining your status is also a win. 

3. Embrace nature’s discipline. 

Discipline is the art of being obedient to rules and regulations. You need to be disciplined to win life’s races. Nature has rules about how you should compete in its races. You cannot win without abiding by them. Nature’s discipline is about your conduct and attitude toward competition. Life’s races are not a matter of life and death but rather an opportunity to showcase your competence. Do not take competition personally but embrace it as an avenue of giving nature your best. The winner is the one who ranks the best among the best. Not winning is your chance to perfect your skill so that you can give nature your best once more. Nature does not want you to be a sore loser. 

4. Run in your tracks. 

A standard athletic field has running tracks. This is the designated area where athletes are required to run within. There can be about four to eight running tracks in the field, each about one meter wide. They are an important part of the sporting events, especially athletics. They help prevent athletes from colliding with each other during the race. Running tracks also reduce the risk of injury because they have even surfaces that do not hurt the athlete.

Nature wants you to learn from athletes about how to win life’s races. Run in your space and your track. It saves you from having conflicts with other people. Running on your track will keep you focused on winning the race and not on how to avoid colliding with your competitor or how to avoid injuries. There is a higher probability of winning when you have given it all your attention. 

5. Know when to fall back and when to attack. 

Winning often involves knowing when to make a move or retreat. The right timing of your moves is a master plan for winning life’s races. You could have the speed, strength, and good practice but you will lose the race if you slip on planning your strategy. This is the secret to winning life’s races. Consider how predators attack their prey in the jungle. They get their calculations right on their timing to attack or when to lie and wait for the opportune time. Retreat is a winning strategy even in life’s races. It gives you time to think over matters before you step into them with both your feet. 

Nature has the secrets to winning life’s races. You can be a winner if you learn all of them. These are the five basic ones.

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