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January 2024

The Significance of the New Year to Your Spirit in the Universe

The New Year is an important time in both the spiritual and physical calendars. Everybody looks forward to staying vigil on the last night of the year and catching the first day of the New Year uniquely. Many people believe that it is significant for the New Year to catch them awake and prepare for it instead of sleeping as if it were an ordinary day. Different cultures across the world perform different rituals to welcome the New Year hoping that it will be one of abundance and carry a new hope for everyone in the community. Some throw fireworks in the sky, others pray in sacred places, while others stay with their families as a symbol of new beginnings. Indeed, the New Year is very significant in many ways to a lot of people.

Your spirit takes the New Year seriously because it marks the start of new beginnings. It is also the beginning of a new revolution of planet Earth around the sun. You need solid plans to realize the goals that you have set and to overcome the tides of challenges that come your way. Starting on the wrong footstep is expensive in this New Year. This is its significance to your spirit in the universe:

1. It has a new breath from the creator.

After the creation of the first man, the creator breathed life into his nostrils and he became a living person. This is the beginning of the first human life. Every New Year has the divine breath of the creator that inspires life. It can resurrect your failed past projects and resurrect dysfunctional relationships. The universe wants you to walk confidently into the New Year like a child of the Kingdom. Let nothing put down your spirit because you have a new spirit with a new breath from the creator. It is always the discouragement to start an already condemned project that keeps away most people from making bold steps. In light of this, the universe has granted everyone a New Year with a fresh new breath from the creator. This is your time to make new bold moves.

2. It has no baggage.

The New Year is like a Newborn child. It is innocent and free of any guilt of its parents or the adults taking care of it. A newborn child has no strings attached from any experience. It is starting a new page in life with nothing to pull it down. Its pure mind, free spirit, and friendly attitude do not attract any enemies. This is how the universe wants you to view the New Year at hand. It has never existed since the beginning of the world. Like everyone else in the world, you are experiencing a historic moment in humanity. You have zero debts to pay anyone for this New Year. There is no baggage from the Universe on you. Your shoulders are lighter to fly to wherever you will choose to. The universe is giving you the freedom to choose the baggage you want to carry but it is not mandatory. Baggage in the universe is in the form of new responsibilities that you are ready to take on while expecting to rise in the spiritual hierarchy because of your contribution to nature. Anything you had in the past years weighing you down is now in the past. This makes the New Year your time to charter into new territories.

3. You have the approval to make new commitments.

You have permission to make decisions this New Year because you are actively involved in it and impacted by the results. The universe is no longer letting anyone else make decisions on your behalf while you are capable of doing it yourself. This is your new year to commit to plans that have your best interest. Join that welfare club, library, Sacco, sports team, or gym that you have always wished for. You have the blessings of the universe to follow your heart. It is like when a parent watches as his child makes career decisions that involve his/her future and are in his/her best interest. It means that the parent appreciates the freedom of choice of the child. In this case, the universe is our parent and we are the children. You have the approval to make new commitments concerning your life and at the same time retain the right to consult your parent (the Universe).

4. It does not judge.

Public judgment condemns most people to inaction. It holds them back from deciding on important matters because of the fear of how other people will think about them. The universe is a great advocate of spiritual liberty. It is granting you a clean slate this New Year. There is no pre-judgment whatsoever in the universe for choices and commitments you choose to tie your life to. The Universe only operates along the wavelengths of actions and consequences. It is not judgment but a more liberal approach to life issues. This New Year is significant to your spirit because it gives you space to live life and exploit all the possible options at your disposal. The true character of a person is when they have the power and freedom to be themselves without any supervision. The ‘No judgment’ attitude of the universe allows your spirit to be liberal and reveal your true character. This is significant in assuring your spiritual growth.

5. It gives a new perspective.

The New Year, like with most new things, gives a new perspective and a break from the bad and ugly. You take this New Year seriously so that you may get a new perspective on different matters. It allows you to change your mind, if fully convinced. The New Year gives a second chance for a new perspective to everyone who seeks it. This is the love that we always crave and the universe is giving us all of it without holding anything back.

The significance of the New Year to your spirit in the Universe is too great to ignore. The universe wants you to embrace it and watch this one become your greatest year in your adulthood.

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How to Make a Complete Revolution Around the Sun

The solar system is one of the universe’s most wonderful creations by far! Having all heavenly objects in space go around the sun while keeping the sun stationary is genius. It is a big achievement for a planet to make one complete revolution. This is the reason why we have big New Year celebrations on Earth every 365 days. 

Our spirits are like planets revolving around the sun. The sun in your life is your life’s calling. Each time you accomplish one goal in your calling, you have made a complete revolution around your sun. The universe is proud of all the complete revolutions that you make around the sun throughout your lifetime. It is full of teachings about how you can continue fulfilling your life’s calling. It is now the beginning of a New Year on planet Earth, how about in your spirit? Have you started another revolution around your sun?  

This is how you can make a complete revolution around your sun: 

1. Stick to your orbit. 

An orbit is the path that a planet takes as it moves around the sun. It is determined by the gravitational force of the planet towards the Sun. Straying of planet Earth out of its orbit causes eclipses (either solar or lunar). It will take time before it returns to its orbit and continue with its revolution. This is a mirror of your fate in your revolution around the sun. The universe wants you to stick to your orbit or you will otherwise cause ‘accidents’ like the eclipses of the moon and the sun. You need to play by the rules if you want to fulfill your life’s calling. After the universe has revealed your calling to you, do not go outside of it looking for fulfillment elsewhere. Instead, focus on ways through which you can fulfill your mandate harmlessly and as efficiently as possible. You will remain relevant when you pursue the things that bring you peace, not the one that earns you more money. 


2. Continue rotating in your axis. 

It is one thing for a planet to revolve around the sun and another for it to rotate on its axis. The rotation of the Earth causes day and night while revolution causes different seasons. The universe wants you to continue working on your ambitions throughout because they influence days and nights in your life. This New Year is a time to revisit those plans you did not accomplish and work a way around them. As you are busy with them, things will fall into place in your life and you will make many complete revolutions around the sun. This New Year shall be filled with celebrating new victories that were pending from the previous years. Your days shall be brighter and nights peaceful because you have continued rotating in your axis. The universe is proud of your ambitions. 

3. Respect other planets revolving around the sun. 

There are seven more planets (mercury being the closest one to the sun and Neptune being the farthest one) and other heavenly bodies in space that revolve round the sun. All of them must recognize and respect each other’s orbits. The universe wants you to respect other people’s callings and not consider yourself superior to them. There is power in diversity. The universe has distributed different callings to all of us. One is called to teach, another to lead, and somebody else to encourage. Their collective callings will support you as you revolve around your sun. The universe is encouraging cooperation rather than competition and your revolution around the sun of your calling will be smooth. 

4. Accept that revolution is permanent. 

The revolution of heavenly bodies around the sun never stops. The universe has set it to be so, in its wisdom. The best thing is to embrace it and get the most out of it. In this light, the universe wants you to embrace your calling and stop fighting it. This is your appointed destiny in the universe and contains the secrets to your breakthrough. This New Year is a time to get in the line of your calling by committing your life to it. Give your life a new meaning, by making your calling its center. Anchor your life on it because it is the divine will of the universe and you will not struggle a lot doing it.  

5. Always look forward to your next revolution. 

It is never too early to look forward to the next revolution even if you just began a new one. While understanding that your sun is your life’s calling, another sun will not come. However, you can find new ways of completing the revolution around the sun. Your life becomes more fulfilling and meaningful when you touch the lives of those whom the universe has brought to you. You will not be looking at the clock wanting time to fly. Instead, you will want more time to complete one more revolution. This dream keeps hope alive and burns any traces of discouragement in your life.  

6. Embrace all the seasons throughout your revolution around the sun. 

There are different seasons in the world throughout the year that are brought about by the Earth’s revolution around the Sun. Each of them has its blessings and they come at their appointed time. You cannot hurry them up and neither can you skip these seasons. In your revolution around your sun, the universe wants you to embrace all the seasons in your life. Sometimes it may seem difficult to follow your calling because of unfavorable factors when you encounter hostility. However, no matter the severity of snow during winter or heat during summer, every season has its silver lining. You will complete your revolution around the sun smoothly because you approached it correctly.  

It is possible to complete many revolutions around your sun like all the heavenly bodies do. Watch your pace in this New Year as you follow the Universe’s lead.

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The Secret of a Bride’s Veil

A veil is a piece of thin material worn to protect or hide the face or head. It is a ceremonial cloth with great significance across different cultures. A veil is commonly worn by a bride during her wedding ceremony. At the instruction of the priest, her groom awaits to unveil her and behold her beauty. The whole congregation looks curiously at the bride perfectly adorned in her veil. Their eyes follow her everywhere she goes as they seek to find out the gem hidden beneath the veil. The secret of the beauty of the bride is perfectly hidden by the veil she wears. This is how similar the beauty of your spirit is covered by the universe’s veil. In due time, nature shall unveil you and the whole world will be in awe of your beauty. It is paramount to wear your veil as soon as possible to reduce familiarity and leverage the power of your beauty to get what you want.  This is the secret of the bride’s veil and why the universe wants you to wear it.

To experience the power of the universe’s veil in your life, you first have to wear it. The only path that the universe has given for you to wear your veil is by maintaining spiritual chastity. Being faithful to the universe and your beloved faith to uphold all its teachings will help you keep wearing the veil for as long as possible. The bride’s veil is not just a piece of cloth that covers the lady. It carries spiritual power given to it by the bride of the day.

1. It is a mark of modesty.

A veil is a simple cloth that anyone can wear. However, it is the humility of a bride to wear it that counts. She is not showing off her rich collection of designer scarfs but rather deliberately chooses a veil to cover her face. She understands that she is the center of attention in the ceremony and still wears a veil to cover her face. It is an achievement for the most decorated person at the wedding to cover her face and not show off to everybody. The universe wants you to wear your veil throughout as a mark of modesty. Despite the blessings in your life, do not show off or look down upon other people because of it. Teach your spirit to be humble in all situations and you shall be the universe’s favorite.

 2. It symbolizes hidden knowledge.

A veil can be worn to hide something. It could be to hide gold jewelry or a bruise on the face. The bride’s veil could hide childhood scars and at the same time the glowing beauty of the bride from other people until the groom unveils her. The groom will be the first person to see the beauty of his bride then other people will follow. The universe wants you to wear your spiritual veil as a symbol of hidden knowledge about spirituality. Nature is your groom and you are destined to showcase all your beauty to him first. Practice the universe’s teachings on spirituality within the space that nature has gifted you first before practicing it elsewhere. The space that nature has gifted you is among your family. It was destined that you grow up among them and give you their unconditional love. You do not choose your family, the universe does it for you. This builds your spiritual maturity away from the eyes of people who can harm you but closer to people who genuinely love you.

3. It demonstrates secrecy.

A veil can also demonstrate secrecy. The whole congregation knows the name of the bride but cannot confirm her identity because her face is covered. The veil is trusted to guard this secret until the groom lifts the lid of the secret when the priest asks him to confirm the identity of the bride. There are things that the universe wants you to keep a secret in your life. You can maintain these secrets by wearing a veil. These spiritual secrets include the identity of your spirit. “Who is John*?” (Read with your name in it). The whole world will be amazed at the new John* when the universe finally reveals his identity. The universe wants you to give it this chance of unveiling you in front of the whole world.

4. It is intended to protect the bride.

Ironically, a veil can be used as protection, given its outward appearance. It is light and often looks like a net. However, this same veil protects the bride from the thousands of eyes preying on her. The universe wants you to veil your abilities and gifts while at the same time staying in the limelight. Dedicating your life to serve other people while veiling your “powers” will lead those benefiting from it to see the glory of the universe, not yours. It will protect you from the sin of pride and looking down upon other people. The universe insists that you wear your veil throughout to guarantee you spiritual protection. You will stay longer in the limelight when you wear the veil because people will give glory to the universe for your goodness. This is exactly in the grand plan of the universe. 

5. It signifies the submission of the bride.

A bride walking down the aisle in her beautiful white dress and perfectly veiled arrives ready for her groom to confirm to the world that she is his choice. Similarly, the veil that the universe wants you to wear signifies your submission to him – your groom. A groom values his bride so much because she is his choice. You are the universe’s first choice and his trust is in you. Wear the veil of submission understanding that it is not that your will should be done but that of nature through you. This is the secret of the bride’s veil and why the universe wants you to wear it.

Unlimited opportunities will show up for you when you understand your place in the universe. Wearing your veil will make you a precious bride.

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The Power of a Holy Alliance with The Universe

An alliance is a union between different groups that have come together to achieve a common goal. People form alliances for different reasons but the one that sticks out the most is because they believe that their partners in the alliance are equally as powerful as them or more but not lesser than them. An alliance makes some form of partnership between those involved. They put together their resources and become more powerful than they are individually.

Alliances are formed in businesses to merge empires and increase volumes of trade. During war, alliances are formed to increase military power and increase the chances of winning. In politics, alliances are formed solely to win elections. Throughout the history of the formation of alliances, there has been genuine unity in it. Nothing matters until it accomplishes its mission.

As you begin the New Year, one of the most important decisions that you will make is to understand whom you will need to form alliances with. The most reliable alliance that you will form is with the Universe. It has the resources, the knowledge, and the strategy to help you win all your battles. An alliance with the universe is founded on goodwill from both of you and you can be sure that the universe will not backstab you or sabotage any agreements that you make together. It is a Holy Alliance.

In addition, being in an alliance with the Universe is a free pass to many places. Consider it like entering a members-only community because you are with a native. Nobody will ask you any questions because they already know the native and believe that he/she will not bring in someone to harm the community. This is the type of endorsement that you receive when you ally with the Universe. You will earn Nature’s unconditional trust and her support in everything that you do.

This is the power of a Holy alliance with the Universe:

1. It gives insight into discoveries.

Your knowledge is limited but a Holy alliance with the Universe expands it. This is one of the primary reasons for forming alliances. The knowledge that partners of an alliance hold expand through information exchange when they come together to pursue a common objective.  You will learn a lot of spiritual mysteries when you form a Holy alliance with the universe. The understanding of spirituality will enlighten your thoughts and guide you on how to overcome spiritual weaknesses. Your spirit will be powerful not to fall into the evil temptations of the world because you already know the dos and don’ts. As your spiritual maturity and strength increase, nature is looking forward to benefit from you because your alliance with the Universe is a Holy one. Your duty extends to giving back to nature selflessly in good faith. Make haste to ally with the Universe to overcome your long-due spiritual problems.

2. It pools more resources.

Alliances bring resources together. This improves the problem-solving efficiency. The more powerful an alliance, the greater the resources it contributes. An alliance with the universe gives you an infinite pool of resources. You will not lack the raw materials for anything because everything was created through it. Your productivity, innovation, and creativity will increase multiple times because you have been empowered. A spirit accessing unlimited resources is like a child exposed to a lot of toys. He will play his favorite games and have fun, unlike his peers who lack such exposure. When you form a Holy alliance with the Universe, you give your spirit access to nature’s infinite wisdom. This will earn you the respect of new people in your life. It will be the reason you will have the mind to set up multiple income streams. If the Universe supports all life successfully, an alliance with it will give you the wisdom to equally sustain several income streams to improve your financial status.

3. It increases your productivity and value.

Everybody has different productivity levels. Your productivity will improve when you are in an alliance with someone more powerful than yourself. In this case, it is the Universe. He will challenge your best achievements and push you to outdo yourself. Your value will plummet because you will shed your vices and adopt a new lifestyle in this Holy alliance with the Universe. Consider the value of businesses that have merged with more powerful partners. Their balance sheet reflects good figures and their worth is not how people formerly perceived it to be. Similarly, a Holy alliance with the Universe will do a facelift on your life and those who looked down on you will no longer recognize you.

4. It reduces your risk exposure.

Alliances reduce the risk burden on the shoulders of one partner alone. It spreads this risk to other partners, stronger than them, who can manage it effectively. You will no longer need to worry about the risk but instead, focus on the objectives of the alliance. The major spiritual risk is worry. It can sink a big ship of dreams by creating unnecessary doubt. An alliance with the Universe removes the risk of constantly worrying about failure. The Universe has always achieved its objectives each time and you can trust its track record that you will also not fail when you ally with it. You will have a more vigilant partner who will supervise your life to make it foolproof. It is like being in the company of a big brother who will not let you burn your fingers in the kitchen in his presence. Again, he will not monopolize the kitchen experience. He will engage you as a partner and you can practice worry-free the desires of your heart. This is the ultimate power of a Holy alliance with the Universe.

An alliance with the Universe is largely undermined. However, you can benefit a lot from it when you start it off in the right way. The universe is reaching out to you with a handshake. Where do you stand?

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The Wisdom of Nursing Nature’s Gifts

It takes a lot of care to expertise to nurse an infant. They are delicate, innocent, and naïve young human beings whom the universe has given you the privilege of being a parent to. This is what makes mothers special – the ability to take care of infants, understand their feelings and needs and nurture them to become responsible adults. Nature gives women the gift of carrying a young life in their wombs and later the honor of nurturing the infant to become the next Albert Einstein, president of the United States or the prime minister of Canada. After all, we never truly know the destiny of a child except the universe reveals it to us.

Nursing an infant in the current world requires a lot of wisdom because the challenges that parents face today are different from what their peers face some years back. The world has evolved and so has parenting. Under or ill-prepared parenting risks nurturing an infant incorrectly and not only ruining the life of this particular child but also that of those around him. To those whom Nature has given much, much will be demanded from them. The universe wants all parents to take the responsibility of parenting seriously and nurture their infants with as great wisdom as possible because the world’s future rests on their shoulders. 

Similarly, the universe wants you to treat nurturing nature’s gifts with as much care and wisdom as possible. When you nurture nature’s gifts correctly, they grow to be more useful to you (and later on to the world) and increase in their scope of usefulness multiple times because the universe is now assured of your nurturing expertise.  

The gifts of nature are delicately fragile and you should not mishandle them. They are equally useful in a million ways beyond your imagination. Some of these gifts hold the keys to unlocking answers to your prayers and raising your importance in strategic places for the good of everyone. This is only possible if you learn to nurture them with wisdom.  

1. Embrace your gift and own it. 

Every parent has a plan to gift his/her children. Sometimes, he/she could get different gifts for his children. A wise child will accept that gift with love without questioning why it is different from his other siblings. The universe is counting on you to be this wise child. Accept nature’s gift unconditionally because that is where your joy lies. Your acceptance of nature’s gift is significant because the universe appreciates it the most. Nature is our ever-caring mother who wants to make all her children happy. There are new things you will discover about your potential when you embrace nature’s gifts. You will no longer complain about what you do not have but find a way to use what nature has already gifted you. There is a hidden silver lining in it that shall completely turn around your life.  

2. Do not compare gifts. 

It is unwise to compare what nature has gifted you with what it has given your friends. You will lose your joy in life because you are focusing on that of other people instead of yours. The one giving gifts should be encouraged by your reaction so that he can consider gifting you again next time. There is always a solid reason why someone will choose to gift you a specific item. You either don’t have it in your collection and they think it’s a good idea if you had it or they know that you need it but don’t have the means yet to own it.

The common denominator is their generosity in word and thought by remembering to put a smile on your face. Gifts are to be cherished unconditionally because it is the thought that counts. An appreciated person who gifts is most likely to gift you once more. The same is true with nature – it will gift you again if you value the first gift and stop comparing it with that of other people. The motivation to stop gift comparison is that their value is not in the price tag but rather in how perfectly they fit in your life. A dress costing $15 is not useful to someone in need of shoes, even if they cost $5. The gift of shoes will suit them comfortably.  

3. Use your gift as a springboard.

Gifts carry a special mandate, especially from nature. They are well thought out and customized for you. They are a guiding light that leads you to understand your destiny in nature. This will inform every decision that you make as you work on becoming the best future version of yourself. A child destined to become a pilot will be bought gifts like toy airplanes and aeronautical gadgets by his parents to play with. They have to first investigate the interests of their child before they settle on buying those types of toys.

Similarly, the gifts nature gives you are a light to your destiny. If you choose to focus on them, they will be your springboard to quickly achieving everything on your bucket list. The wisdom in receiving gifts is understanding that they were not chosen randomly but with you in mind. When nature gifts you with a sweet tongue, your destiny is to form beautiful relationships from which you will create your empire. It could make you a guru marketing products and services or lead you to form meaningful relationships only (since your people skills are 100%). There is no need to start looking elsewhere in unrelated fields because that is not where your destiny is. The gift that nature gave you is your springboard. You can make more progress in 1 year than your peers can make in 5 years simply because they are on the wrong lane. 

Everyone needs to have the wisdom of nursing nature’s gifts. They are instruments to transform your life from one level to the next. Stick to these three basic rules and your life shall permanently change.

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Identifying The Time to Refill your Fountain Pen

A fountain pen is one of the oldest types of pens to be used since the invention of writing. The fountain pen’s nib is supplied with ink from a container inside it. You can write with it as long as there is ink inside the pen. A fountain pen would start to write faintly when the ink levels dropped and eventually stop when it was not refilled. It was common for students to borrow ink from each other as long as it was the same color that their pens used.  

Refilling a fountain pen is not a walk in the park. You need to be cautious and know how to do it or else you will spill ink all over your clothes. It is terrible when you think about this accident happening to you when you are neatly dressed at school or work. At that time, there was that expert in class at ink refilling whom you would run to for his/her help in refilling your fountain pen’s ink. In return, you would do them another favor until you are even. This is how school relationships worked at the time, thanks to fountain pens that brought people together.  

Fast forward to today, what type of pen do you use? Fountain pens have become rare but they are still available. There is a lot that you are missing out on if you have never used one and you don’t have one currently. The universe has a special teaching on the use of fountain pen, both on paper and in your spirit.  

The ink of your spirit. 

Did you know that your spirit has a special ink from the universe? Like with ordinary ink, you cannot use black ink in a blue pen or vice-versa. You need to have the correct ink color for your pen for it to be useful. Concerning your spirit, you equally need to have its correct ink color for you to refill your spirit when the ink level drops. The other thing is the skill to refill the ink. Carelessness could make you spill the precious spirit’s ink and who knows when you will get another one?  

The ink of your spirit is your passion. It is innate in everyone except that it sometimes goes low and you have the responsibility of raising it back. Your pen will write fluently for as long as it has ink. Similarly, your spirit will work excellently for as long as your passion level is 100%.  

It is not uncommon for you to feel bored, sad, and completely uninterested in your daily routine. This is a sign that your spirit’s ink level is dropping and you need to refill it before the ink completely runs out. A good person knows how to refill his/her spirit’s ink but the best person knows the right time to do it. 

This is the right time to refill: 

1. Immediately you wake up. 

The universe identifies the power of morning time. Sleep returns to you the energy (both mental and physical) that you used the previous day. The waking-up feeling is magical because you feel stronger again as you were the previous day. This is the time to check your passion for your work. Are you looking forward to doing what you do best or are you feeling wasted when you think about it? If the latter is true, the universe wants you to learn that this is the right time to refill your spirit’s ink. 

The best time to confirm your commitment to your life’s mission was the day you were born. The other best time is when you wake up. Question any feeling of laxity or resentment towards your work. It is possible that your spirit’s ink level is dropping fast and you need to refill it. 

2. After every win. 

Most people end up being soaked in the spirit of victory and forget about everything else when they win. It is good to celebrate victory but do not let it overshadow everything else. Your opponent could be strategizing on how they will come back at you stronger than before and snatch the prize from your hands. A prolonged victory celebration is a sign that your spirit’s ink level is dropping because it is hooked onto only one moment in your life and does not want to move past it. The reason for not moving on could be that your spirit’s ink level is too low and cannot write any more until you refill it. 

Re-affirm your passion for your life’s mission after every victory you have. Your life does not revolve around a single victory but rather around everything else that gives it meaning. Remind yourself to look at the bigger picture aside from your current victory. This will refill your spirit’s ink of passion. 

3. Before you start something new. 

The beginning of something is very significant in setting the tone for the rest of the project. The universe encourages powerful beginnings and it is possible when your spirit’s ink level is full. You and many other people have a lot of New Year resolutions that you want to meet. It could be to start a new project, revive an old one, or work heavily on yourself. Whatever it is, the universe is insisting on the importance of a powerful beginning. It greatly determines the continuance and end of whatever you have started.  

Students who used fountain pens can remember how they planned to avoid the ‘embarrassment’ of empty pens. It was routine to refill the pen’s ink before you start a week or term so that you can be assured that it will last a little bit longer. 

It is paramount to ensure that your spirit’s ink level is full throughout the year. Passion and commitment levels drop when we are discouraged, or experience loss, or pain. However, restoring them to a full-time high is important. Follow the universe’s guide and you shall be successful.

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Earning your Freedom License in the Universe

A license is a permit that grants you certain freedoms. It qualifies you to be in specific places or to do certain acts. Further, a license is a measure of merit. It sets you apart from the rest and adds a badge of qualification to your shoulder. Licenses are not rewarded to everyone. Instead, they are earned through hours of training and hard work. It is only after passing the relevant test that you earn a license to practice your specialty. Doctors, lawyers, pilots, drivers, accountants, and many other professionals have licenses that qualify them to practice their work. Their professional opinions matter in their respective fields. They must have valid licenses to give validity to their work. 

There are also spiritual licenses that are necessary for you to have. The universe wants you to have its license to qualify for your freedom. There is a lot that you can do through this spiritual freedom. One thing that freedom does is create more time. It does that by creating more time for your spirit to understand the universe’s mysteries and your appointed destiny in the future. You can act from a point of knowledge when you already know your appointed destiny. It is spiritual freedom that puts you at a point of knowledge.  

The universe has marked and approved ways through which you can earn your freedom license. This is how to: 

1. Meet the minimum requirements. 

There are minimum requirements that you should meet to get any license. You need to be at least sixteen or eighteen in most countries to qualify for a driving license. It gets a little bit tighter when you seeking a flying license – you will need a valid health certificate. The same is true with other professionals. Equally, the universe has a set of its own that you should meet; the first one being spiritual maturity. The universe’s license gives unlimited freedom and for this reason, it is only reserved for spiritually mature people. This maturity can be seen through your relationship with nature. The universe wants you to master calmness and emotional intelligence in your relationships. They are the appointed avenues by the universe through which your spirit will reap spiritual benefits. 

2. Put your papers in order. 

This is important because it helps to identify you. Your papers are not only for identification but also to prove that you are qualified to seek the license. To be admitted to the lawyers’ bar, for example, your papers will prove your identity as well as your performance at law school. It demonstrates that you have met the threshold to apply for a practicing license. The universe wants you to put your papers in order and miss nothing when seeking its license. Getting your papers in order is reflected in your life through the tone of orderliness that you have set. It is how well you have planned for every foreseeable event and how you involve nature in your planned future. If you manage to establish a good relationship with nature before you get the universe’s license, then the universe is assured of your great potential to further this relationship after you get it. Having your papers in order is a reflection of the order in your life. This is what the universe is looking for.  

3. Put in the required work hours. 

This is the necessary training you need to sharpen your competence. The testing authority needs to be sure that whoever they will license to practice is competent enough. For this reason, there is a threshold of the number of hours that should be met to qualify to be licensed. This is true even in the universe’s license. The required number of hours is your commitment to your calling. There is a conviction towards a particular line that the universe has put in the hearts of everyone. This is where you have to put up all the effort. When you perform your best, the universe will be convinced that you are worthy of its license to continue with your good work. Put your best foot forward at work, school, with your family, and everything that you are involved with. With the required work hours, your license is guaranteed. 

4. Register for and pass the competence test. 

This is when you are about to get your license and you have to pass the final test. Registration for the competence test shows that you are ready to prove your skills and get the license. Your test day will be set after registration and thereafter you start looking forward to it. Everything you do afterward is preparation to pass the final competence test. This is the same process to get to follow to get the universe’s license. The competence test day happens every day. The universe uses the people in your life to bring out your true colors. They test your patience, kindness, generosity, love, and all other virtues to see if you are worthy of the universe’s license. What most people miss out on is that the universe’s license of freedom does not change the type of person you are but rather amplifies your true personality. For this reason, the universe must do a thorough personality test on you. There is nothing to stop you from getting this license when your personality screams of everything good.  

5. Pay your license fees and renew it as required. 

Licenses are renewed from time to time to ensure that their holder is compliant with the laws of the regulating authority. The renewal period for most of them is one year. There is also a renewal fee attached to it. The universe’s license is equally renewed at intervals because it will expire if you fail to do so on time. You can renew your spiritual license by committing to honor your spiritual obligations. You are obliged not to lose touch with the one who issued you the license in the first place. The universe’s license and renewal fees are sacrifices and offerings that you give nature through the lives of other people without expecting anything in return. This is the price to pay to get the prize.  

It is possible to earn your freedom license in the universe and enjoy it to the maximum if you follow all the necessary steps. Do you have your license already?

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The Universe’s Guide to Vetting People in your Life

There are many people whom the universe has brought into your life, each of them with a specific mission. The collective missions of these people shape the divine purpose of the universe in your life. Some people are destined to teach you the value of friendship, how to cope with disappointments, how to overcome fear, how to become resilient, the value of prayer, the importance of being appreciative, and so many other lessons. There are people whose mission is to upgrade your spirit to a better version and others to test your faith in the universe. It is important to understand all types of people and how to walk with them in this New Year. Whom do you keep and whom will you end your friendship with?

Consider the example of how interviews are conducted. Candidates apply for a position after it is declared vacant. All of them believe that they meet the minimum qualifications for the job (even when some do not). They believe that they are worthy to compete with everybody else who has applied for the job. The panel of interviewers review their applications and come up with a list of shortlisted candidates. This is the first step towards vetting the candidates.


Similarly, this is how the universe vets people in your life. There are those whom it will shortlist to continue being your friends in this New Year and some of them (including your favorites) could be dropped. The insight of the universe in vetting people in your life is wise and not clouded by emotions of who has been with you longer or who laughs with you a lot. Should you abide by it, you will maintain friendships with the best candidates and start a new one with other shortlisted ones too.

It is important to know the highlights that the universe uses to vet people in your life. These are some of them:

1. Shared faith.

After shortlisting potential friends that you can walk with into the New Year, the universe goes ahead to sieve them further. The next criterion is your shared faith. As a principle, two people cannot walk on the same road unless they agree. They could have the same destination but each prefers to use a different route and none of them is ready to compromise. This is not a perfect match for a friend.

The universe wants to pair you up with someone who shares and practices the same faith as you. There is a lot that you can do together because you have agreed to walk on the same road and are heading to the same place. You will go far when you walk with people with whom you agree to walk on the same road and not brought together by circumstances.

2. Spiritual values.

Different people have different spiritual values. They are part of your spirit and influence a lot the type of person that you will become. One who believes in the power of forgiveness and another who believes in revenge are examples of people with separate spiritual values. Their approach towards reconciliation is a deal breaker because none of them can convince the other that their way is the best one.


The universe wants to pair you with someone who shares the same values as you to reduce the potential of future friction between the two of you. Spiritual values are the constitution of your spirit. This constitution rules the life of friends. Conflicts can be easily solved because you have an agreed-upon mediator – spiritual values.

3. Spiritual destiny.

This is the path that each of you is appointed to by the universe. Some people are destined to be part of your life in one way or the other. You may not know it at first and try to shake them off. Either of you has the same fate and the success or failure of one person automatically affects that of the other one. The universe will keep such people in your life and open your eyes to your interdependence on each other.

Throughout nature, interdependence is between people who share the same spiritual destiny. Their success rate is higher because they put their heads and spirits together to tackle common challenges. This is where the universe declares that two heads are better than one.

4. The nature of influence.

Good influence is a factor that the universe considers when vetting people in your life. It will lead you to stick with those people who influence you to do the right thing because they are your light in the universe. There is a scientific experience to test the influence of light on plants. A plant in a dark room will automatically grow and bend towards light in a process called phototropism.


Similarly, your spirit will be affiliated with people who influence you positively. The universe understands its importance in your life and ensures that it sticks with you to show you the way toward the light. As you consider friends to maintain in this New Year, prioritize your consideration of their influence over you.

5. Attitude towards correction.

Correction is owning up to your mistakes. It is an important part of learning. Those who accept it know that they do not know everything and are willing to make necessary amendments. This is a good attitude. The universe wants to maintain this kind of people.

Those who shun correction and stick to what they already know as the gospel truth will not give you room to grow. Your growth to become the kind of person that you want can be achieved majorly by accepting correction. Teach your spirit to value people with more experience than yourself and trust them to guide you through life. They are appointed angels in your life. Keep them at all costs.

The universe’s guide to vetting people in your life will unlock a lot of things to enter your life. This is the beginning of your prosperity.



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Qualifications of the Universe’s Bar of Saints

A saint is a blameless person. His ways are upright and unquestionable. His integrity is known by his friends and neighbors. They can vouch for his good character at any time. There are a few people that you may know as saints because of your experience with them. Their lifestyle is desirable and you can trade anything to be in their shoes. The universe wants you to know that it is possible to be a saint. You can succeed where others have not and the memory of your good deeds will be remembered forever.


The most common question is how it is possible to be a saint in the world as we know it. How can one maintain purity when he/she is surrounded by fake friends and neighbors? The universe is encouraging your spirit to overcome all temptations and become a saint. You can join the universe’s bar of saints if you fulfill all its requirements. They include:

1. Humility.

This is the ability to be humble and believe that you are not better than other people. Indeed, it could be true, according to your judgment, that you are better than your friends or the people around you in several ways. However, it is the quality of not bragging about it that makes one a saint. A saint does not rub their good side on the faces of other people. He/she is modest and engages other people like equals.

Nature is complete with examples of both proud and humble people. The universe wants to admit more people to its bar of saints. Do not lead people to lose their faith because of your lack of humility which makes others feel inferior. Embrace your strengths gracefully and the universe will enable you to enjoy them for our benefit and that of others. Your ability is a divine gift from above to serve others with humility and recruit them to the universe’s bar of saints.

2. Patience.

It is the ability to wait for a long time for something. Patience is a virtue that the world needs. It is an honor for someone to have it in the world. Those who have in abundance are saints.

Consider how nature practices patience through its creation. The different durations of the gestation periods of animals and the waiting time for plants to yield fruits is the real practice of patience. This patience eventually yields fruits through reproduction. You harvest crops for both subsistence and sale and at the same time their population increases. This cannot be achieved with little or no patience.


Similarly, the universe wants you to practice patience so that you may be fruitful and multiply. Patience is a quality of saints because they fulfill the divine will of the universe in the world. A lot of things could not be as successful as they are today if patience was not exercised. You can join the universe’s bar of saints if you practice patience.

3. Kindness.

Saints consider the needs of other people above theirs. This is kindness. The universe values kindness a lot and rewards those who practice it. Nature expresses kindness to us daily through the many second and third chances that it rewards us. The universe is kind to allow us to redeem ourselves each time we go wrong. Those who express this kindness to other people qualify to join the universe’s bar of saints.

Nobody except the universe is perfect. Granting other people a second chance is a divine step in the right direction. Your kind actions will speak in your favor to join the universe’s bar of saints.

4. Self-control.

It is the ability to control your emotions. The world will be your stage once you master self-control. You will know when to start, pause, or stop because your spirit, not emotions, is in control. Self-control empowers your spirit to rule over your body and make the right life choices. It is a pre-requisite to join the universe’s bar of saints.


Consider how nature acts from a point of knowledge and not impulsive decisions. The world is a better place because of the way the weather self-regulates and the eco-system balances. The ability to practice self-control will improve your quality of life and make you a saint. The impact of a saint is felt through his life choices and self-control makes this happen.

5. Universal love.

Universal love is unconditional love for everyone. It is not restricted by any relationship and is free of charge. Saints are champions of universal love. They love without expecting anything in return. The universe embodies the spirit of sainthood through how it treats everyone equally. The weather does not discriminate against anyone. This is an example of the universal love of nature.


To qualify to join the universe’s bar of saints, the ability to express universal love is a mandatory test. Treat your friends and enemies with human dignity as the universe treats everyone else. This opens an avenue for your spirit to express universal love.  

6. Peacemaking.

Saints are peacemakers throughout their lives. They create a peaceful environment for others and themselves to thrive. Saints are concerned by a peaceful progressive environment and they are at the forefront of creating it. Your presence should be felt through the peace you bring wherever you go.

It is not to say that there are no conflicts in the life of saints but they solve them peacefully. Peace ambassadors attract the light of sainthood. Proof of being a peacemaker automatically qualifies you to enter the universe’s bar of saints.  

7. Submission.

It is the quality of obeying authority. Saints obey the authority of the universe because it is the source of their spiritual success. They understand the value of authority in the universe and its role in maintaining their sainthood. The universe shuns people who disrespect authority. Those who embrace it qualify to join the universe’s bar of saints because their compliance is not in question.

The above-highlighted qualities are qualifications for the universe’s bar of saints. The longer you practice them, the more you qualify to join the bar.

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Earning your Spiritual Promotion and Why you Need It

A promotion is an increase in duties, responsibilities, and compensation for a particular job. It is a rise in rank from one level to the next. Workers are always looking forward to their promotion in their workplace. Depending on the company policy, promotions are made at specific periods to particular deserving people. There is a criterion for rewarding promotions to workers that is followed if an employer wants to improve productivity at the workplace. Failure to earn a promotion for a long time reflects badly on the profile of a worker. It could mean that this particular worker is not competitive or productive enough to be trusted with higher responsibilities.

Promotion is one of the reasons that push workers to look for greener pastures in new workplaces. Some believe that if they have not earned it in their current workplace, they can get it in a new place. Sometimes it rightfully so happens and at other times it will take the individual worker to work on his productivity first before he earns a promotion in his new workplace. This is an eye-opener on the significance of promotions.


The universe also makes spiritual promotions to those who deserve it. From time to time, your spirit is promoted from one level to the next. This spiritual promotion is also based on merit and competence. The universe wants everyone to be promoted to a new rank in this New Year but it is not entirely dependent on it. Your spiritual productivity will determine your promotion and lifestyle thereafter.

Fulfilling factors that influence your spiritual promotion increases your chances of earning it among hundreds or thousands of competitors.

1. Punctuality at work.

To be punctual is to be on time. Employers appreciate employees who report to work on time. It shows their commitment to work and meet their target. Punctual workers are poised for promotion because they have proven that they love their work. The benefit of being punctual at work is that you can organize and successfully execute your daily duties effectively.

The universe is also looking to retain and promote punctual workers. Their devotion to spirituality makes them keep time in all their spiritual responsibilities. A punctual spiritual worker always keeps his/her spirit ready for the spiritual missions that the universe may command them to go. The universe will promote your spirit to a higher rank when you show a higher level of time commitment. As you go through life, commit to being punctual for your work and spiritual appointments. This will put you next in line for a promotion.   

2. Work experience.

This refers to your exposure to different work environments. It sharpens your skills and improves your creativity in work to get things done as they should. The longer your work experience, the more likely you are to be promoted. The employer can be certain that you have enough exposure to different work situations from which you can know how to handle a new position with increased responsibilities. For example, it is difficult for an officer with twenty years of experience to be in the same rank as a newly recruited officer straight from college. The more experienced one will be promoted sooner if he is already not promoted.


Spiritual promotion works similarly. The level of spiritual maturity influences your spiritual promotion. The universe measures your spiritual maturity through how you handle rejection, pain, family and relationship issues, and competition. Spiritually mature people do not blame everyone but themselves for their problems. They understand that the highs and lows of life are not permanent but a passing cloud. They will eventually overcome any challenge and be promoted because of how they maintain their spiritual maturity.

3. Level of training.

There are different levels of work training from beginners to experts. The level of training that you get determines your starting point and immediate promotion if you meet other requirements as well. If you happen to have been employed with basic training, most employers allow their employees to further their studies so that they can be competitive and extra productive.

Spiritual training is through the different life situations that you have experienced. When you experience loss, you gain the spiritual virtue of endurance and when you are happy you learn to appreciate those who contributed to it. Higher training makes you be best candidate to be promoted by any employer, including the universe.

4. Seniority.

The senior worker in a particular rank is often promoted first before the others. He/she could have missed out on any other qualifications but the age factor will make him/her a candidate for promotion. Working in one place for a long time could prove your loyalty to that company. You will earn the trust of your employer and he will most likely promote you to thank you for your good service.

The universe is also inclined to reward loyalty with a spiritual promotion. It is looking to promote faithful believers who have kept the faith for a long time despite the difficulties they face. To earn your spiritual promotion, believe with your whole heart, and do not be swayed by false doctrines. Besides the promotion you will receive from the universe, you will also get a crown of honor for your loyalty.

5. Leadership potential.

Potential leaders or ready-made ones are among the first group of candidates for promotion. Employers believe that leaders can impact and influence their people positively. They will use them to pass favorable company policies. A promoted leader will have the incentive to lead his/her people well. They are an example of the employer’s goodwill. Other workers will do their best because they also believe they will be promoted soon just like their leader.


The universe is also looking to promote a leader or someone with leadership potential. You can poise yourself for spiritual promotion by leading your peers and influencing them positively. The universe will promote your spirit to manifest greater things to increase your leadership influence. Listen to your instinct to fill the leadership gap and earn your spiritual promotion.

Spiritual promotion uplifts all areas of your life. Work to earn it and the testimony of your rise from grass to grace shall be the talk of town.

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