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4 Impactful Ways To Drain Negative Energy

I’ll admit it, negative energy sucks.

Not just how it makes you feel on the inside. But also how it prevents you from experiencing the feelings you desire.

Things like joy, happiness, and their other cousins.

It’s hard to focus on anything, much less manifestation – when your emotional core is strangled by emotional energy.

I’m living proof that if you let negative stuff linger on too long, tragedy happens.

Your emotions are your most reliable compass. They serve as a direction. To where your solution lies. Or where your problems are hiding.

So when you get that sick feeling in your stomach? It’s time to update your subconscious mind.

And this article covers one of the best ways. By draining negative energy out of you

So there’s a ton of space for your desires to settle in.

So let’s do this.

Why should you get rid of negative energy?

Apart from obvious reasons like sadness or anger, negative energy are desire blockers.

It’s probably the major cause of manifestation roadblocks.

And if you’ve ever wondered why certain things haven’t fallen in place for you just yet…

Negative energy is right up there with a host of other culprits.

I’m sure you get the point by now, it’s that bad.

So before we place the solution in your hands, let’s look at a few prompters.

They’ll let you know when your body or mind needs some energy detox.

Call them signs if you like. They act like signals.

Because they’ll give you a heads up to open up your toolkit and get rid of negative energy.

Signs You’ve Got Negative Energy.

Our body and mind uses an effective way to let us know when something’s up.

Can you guess what it is? I’ll give you a moment.

Well, it’s called pain.

Pain is like those notifications on your phone constantly reminding you to update your apps. But in this case, it’s time to update yourself.

It’s like a symptom we get from a buildup of negative energy inside us.

And it presents a few telltale signs you can easily spot.

We’ll go over these signs. And anytime they show up, you know it’s time to drain yourself of negative energy.

So, let’s get started.

-You feel stuck.

Goals are good, great even. But what happens when we strive to achieve them without success?

We feel broken, angry, and frustrated. Like we’re stuck in life.

For some, it’s reality quicksand. The harder they try to achieve that next milestone, the more stuck they feel.

If you ever feel in a rut, like you’re not where you want to be – then it’s easy to be surrounded with negative energy in your mind.

That feeling damages your core. And drops your vibrational frequency.

So once it starts creeping in, it’s time to get rid of that bad energy.

-Feeling restless or edgy.

Ever spent the day feeling out of control? Or like your emotions are all over the place?

Well, that’s a good sign there’s some negative energy lurking in the corner of your mind.

Your body is designed to be in a state of calm for optimum results. That’s why techniques like meditations are powerful. Because you feel relaxed, and at peace.

So anything that disturbs your core state will pull your feelings in many directions. Causing you to feel restless.

When you notice this, take a step back. Then track your feelings down to its root cause.

-Feeling sick and tired.

Sometimes you get a sick feeling in your body that’s largely unexplainable.

“Where did this come from?” “Why do I feel this way?”

Questions like these race through your mind as your body gets weaker.

In that moment, it’s like there’s no end. But there is, usually.


Let’s dive into a few ways to kick out negative energy.

Tips To Drain Negative Energy

Over the years, I’ve seen folks turn their lives around with the methods you’re about to discover.

You see, it sucks to feel down. And no matter how hard you try to stay focused, your energy is all over the place.

So consider this section your breakthrough for tougher times.

Not only will these tips help you get rid of the bad – you’ll be armed with hacks to help you steer clear from muddy emotional waters.

-Find out resistance points.

The aim of this part is to dig deep. Pull back the curtains. Peel the layers to find what really carries the blame.

Maybe it’s the negative people around you. Or the kind of food you eat, and music you listen to. Perhaps, it’s a text from someone you care about. Or past wounds that stay fresh in your mind.

Whatever it is, finding out why you feel a certain way rests on your shoulders.

It’s a simple cause and effect principle. Finding the cause of your negative energy puts you one step closer to getting rid of it.

So it’s up to you to carve out time and dig deep.

-Create your positivity circle

What we absorb, shapes us.

I might frame that as my quote just for fun. But on a more serious note, think about how your favorite music makes you feel.

You absorb the energy from the beats or sounds and it lifts your mood.

That’s why it’s crucial to create your positivity circle. This includes positive people, good music, inspiring movies or videos.

The more you expose yourself to high vibrational stuff, the easier it is for you to maintain a positive energy.

Today, sit back and catch up on some feel-good movies. Invite a friend that always leaves a smile on your face.

-Use Meditation And Other Calming Techniques.

Exercises like breathing, and meditation give you a huge edge.

Because unlike some other methods, they shape your core state.

By bringing a sense of calm to your world, each session leaves you feeling refreshed. Completely energized, and ready for the world.

You’ll find peace when you meditate. Meditation’s an ancient practice passed down due to its efficiency.

And I personally love to carve out thirty minutes of my day for it.

I recommend you do the same too.

Any length of time is fair game. Just enough to fill your world with peace, and pure bliss.

-Go outside.

Ever heard of forest bathing?

Most people love staying indoors, pressing their phones, and scrolling endlessly on instagram.

But there’s an immense benefit to stepping out into nature. And that’s what forest bathing means.

You get to “bathe” in the energy of the sun. Absorb it, and experience a higher vibrational frequency.

Pretty confident this will leave you bustling with positive energy.


I kinda feel bad for negative energy after this jam packed. Cause you’ll be giving it some good butt-kicking.

Actually, I don’t feel bad. Because you deserve to feel happy, and positive.

So anything that removes negative energy from your life is a win in my book.

It’s time to take on the world with your new, and valuable tools.

And as always,

Happy manifesting!

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