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4 Surprising Reasons Why Manifestation Hasn’t Worked For You, Yet.

It’s frustrating, isn’t it?
You look around, and it feels like everyone who tests the waters of manifestation gets the desires they want.
And you?
Well, you’re kind of stuck.
Nothing seems to work.
Rather than basking in the joy of a new relationship, friend, or income…

You’re left with the thought that keeps haunting you: Why can’t I get my manifestation to work for me?
I get it.
It’s a crushing feeling when you put in your best and gain nothing in return.
Plus, you see others do it.
And it seems like everyone makes it look so easy.
“Just recite this, and wait for the sign,” they say.
So you go ahead and do just that.
Yet, for some reason, the results you seek keep eluding you.
Time and time again your life stays the same despite all the work you put in.

Well, this time it’s going to be different.
Because if you’re wondering why you’re not manifesting your desires, I’ll be revealing a few reasons.
Armed with this, you’ll gain a much deeper understanding of your situation.
So you can carve the right steps going forward.
Ready? Let’s dive in.

1. Your Limiting Beliefs Are Doing A Dirty Job

When it comes to giving you what you want, the Universe is looking at your inner beliefs. It’s not enough to just launch your desires to the universe. You’ve got to believe you deserve them. Every part of you has to completely feel like your desires aren’t far-fetched. That new relationship you’re looking for? You’ve got to believe it’s meant for you. And the new car? Well, that’s yours too. Getting your beliefs aligned with your desires is crucial in your manifestation journey. It’s easy to say you want or desire something. But our subconscious doesn’t lie. Negative self-talk seeps into your subconscious, affecting your vibrational energy. And constant complaints on how long it’s taking won’t help you much either. Rather, it will send mixed signals to the universe. Further delaying the results you want. Or worse, not achieving them at all. That’s why you’ve got to agree at a deep level so you give off positive vibrations. This allows you to be in tune with your desires so your manifestation doesn’t backfire.

2. Not getting specific enough

Ever heard of a spiritual shopping list?

You see, I love to think of manifestation like grocery shopping.

You don’t walk into a store without a detailed list of what you want.

It could be a mental list or a few items you put down on a piece of paper.

Either way, you’re not going in clueless.

Turns out it’s the same with manifesting your desires.

You have to create your own cosmic shopping list.

Where everything is spelled out in detail.

No general or blank statements that sound confusing.

For example, when you say “rich” what does it mean to you?

Is it $500k/yr or are you fine pulling in $200k/yr?

You’ve got to get clear on that.

Also, saying you want a “good partner” is not enough.

What’s good?

You’ve got to zoom in on the specifics of the kind of person you’d like to create an amazing relationship with.

How you approach manifestation is important in achieving success.

So I urge you to narrow down on key areas you’d like to improve in your life.

3. You’re keeping score

“With patience, nothing is impossible”
When was the last time you just sat back, relaxed, and let the universe do its thing?
Saying stuff like, “It’s been 2 weeks and nothing’s happened.”

Or “Why haven’t I received anything despite all the signs” shows a lack of belief.
And nothing’s going to ruin your chances of attracting your desires like disbelief.
So you’ve got to detach yourself a bit, and let the universe work for you.
If things haven’t fallen in place for you, give it time.
I know it sounds kind of cliche to say patience is important.
But that’s just how manifestation works so you’ve got to build your patience muscle.

4. Clingy Is Cringe-y (Even For The Universe).

Oh boy! This one’s a kicker.

Want to push something so far away you never get it?

Get desperate.

Become obsessed.

And I know you don’t want that.

It’s kind of like dating.

Acting desperate will only turn off the person you’re trying to attract.

Sure, you’ve got to believe you deserve your desires.

But there’s a big difference between belief and obsession.

Obsession is an unhealthy habit.

Because it reveals how doubtful someone is.


Because when we do things in excess, what we’re really saying is that we’re afraid in our subconscious minds.

And fear is like a weed that chokes our desires.

Preventing them from growing into reality.

So, you’ve got to learn to detach from outcomes so you don’t come across as desperate.

There you have it.

Really proud of you for making it all the way to the end.

By now, you should have a good understanding of your exact situation.

Along with a few ideas to get the ball rolling in your manifestation journey.

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8 thoughts on “4 Surprising Reasons Why Manifestation Hasn’t Worked For You, Yet.”

  1. Thank you for the blog I have enjoyed the and you have really lifted up my spirits when i was very low in lockdown. I have not manifested anything as yet but i am clearing and decluttering ,going through lifes laundry which i hope will make room for the new miracles yours truly Karen when i receive a penny or lots of pennies or even pounds i will write again 2 year 🤩

  2. Michelle Geyle

    I think this is brilliant. Short sweet and straight to the point. And just reading it makes a huge difference.
    I know what to do now, thanks

  3. I listen 2x daimanifestation manifestation tracks, I do this before sleep and mid morning. Is this obsession? I truly believe I should get my dream home and move to my dream place, am I doing it right?

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