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Adding Sugar to Your Cup – Nature’s Divine Sweetener

How does a cup of tea or coffee taste in the morning? Lovers of tea will tell you that it is the best thing that happened to them. It awakens the brain from the sleep of 6 or 7 hours that they had the previous night. A morning cup of tea or coffee is some sort of reminder that it is daytime. Some people love neither hot coffee nor tea. Regardless, they know someone who does, and how they always look forward to it.

It is beautiful to hold a cup of your favorite beverage. You feel comfortable in a familiar habit and you subconsciously sip from your cup until it’s empty. At times you even go ahead to add another cup because you liked the first one.

Depending on your health and lifestyle, a spoonful of sugar in your cup makes you want to add a third or even fourth cup. It makes your beverage sweeter than when it is sugarless.

The value of sugar.

Sugar adds taste to your cup of tea. It makes it sweet and you enjoy, not tolerate it. Even the sourest drink becomes sweet when you add sugar. It is difficult to talk children out of it after they have tasted some. They will make sure to go behind your back to take some without your permission.

Your life is like a cup of tea, coffee, or your favorite beverage. It could be tasteless, bitter, or sour. You get out of bed each day as an obligation and not because you enjoy it. The universe does not want you to live this lifestyle. It wants the best for you by adding sugar that will make your cup of tea sweet. When the universe does, please stir your cup before the next sip. There you have it – a new taste!

This is how the universe adds sugar to your cup:

  1. The gift of talent.

A talent is an innate ability to do certain things excellently without prior training. Examples of talents are playing soccer, singing, dancing, convincing power, higher understanding power, and emotional intelligence, among many others. The universe has blessed everybody with a talent. Some people have already discovered theirs while others are yet to.

Talent opens doors to places that you would have otherwise not gone to. It leads you to meet people you could not have met under normal circumstances. It gives you one more reason to get out of bed confidently because the universe is on your side.

The best thing about talents is that the universe gives them to you even without asking for them. It is a beautiful gift that will sweeten your life if you explore it.

  1. Divine favor.

Favor is the unconditional love and acceptance that you receive from other people. It manifests through people who barely know you so well to have earned their love. It is the universe’s gift to sweeten your life through God’s appointed helpers.

Divine favor puts you in front of a queue you never asked to be in. The universe favors you to be handpicked from tens or hundreds of interviewees after you thought that you would not make it to the shortlist. How does this sugar in your cup of tea taste?

  1. Good health.

People will spend a fortune to get good health. Sickness is everybody’s nightmare and we will do what it takes not to be in the red zone, healthwise speaking. Good health is a blessing from the universe. As you count your blessings, count it twice.

As you walk or drive, in town or the countryside, other people are hospitalized and unable to do the things you call normal. Be grateful to God for the good health you are enjoying. The beautiful sunlight for vitamin D, morning and evening walks to stretch your legs, and farm crops for natural food are where the secret of good health is hidden. Good health is the universe’s gift to you. This is sugar in your cup of coffee. Enjoy it to the last sip.

  1. Good family relationship.

Family is among the first blessings in your life. It is enjoyable when you have a good relationship with your family. They are the first people to accept you unconditionally without caring about your material possessions. Going back home from work to a happy family is the prayer of many people. Do not take having a happy family for granted. It is the universe that has brought satisfaction even during financial challenges.

When the world does not favor you on certain days, your family will stand by your side to give you all the necessary support. Your heart will be at peace to know that there are people to calm the storm in your life. Life becomes like an enjoyable cup of tea with enough sugar.

  1. Favorable coincidences.

Sometimes you do not have it all planned out. You follow your passion without the surety of where it will lead to. The only thing you are sure about is that it is your life’s purpose. It is like a blind man walking in town hoping not to get lost. This is how life sometimes is to people but the universe causes favorable coincidences to happen in their life. Not everything happens by chance or through your effort. Favorable coincidences are a way that the universe adds sugar to your cup of tea.

Look out for things that happen out of the blue to save you from a potentially dangerous situation. It is an answer to a prayer that you did not make but the universe came through for you. When someone reserves a seat for you, pays you an old debt when you need extra cash, or does shopping for your home without you requesting them, it is the height of favorable coincidences. Your cup of tea is sweetened!

The universe has the best intentions for you regardless of how you think of yourself. He punctuates your life with gifts here and there to constantly remind you of His love for you. Look at how He sweetens your cup of tea!

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