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Adding the Ingredient of Love to Your Recipe


Love remains the only weapon that can conquer everything. Love is a language that speaks to the spirit and convinces it to turn away from whatever revenge plan it had. When the language of love is spoken, those who hear it melt with submission. Love conquers wars and stone-cold hearts. Commanders and their lieutenants are tough people but they soften when the language of love is spoken. By all measures and standards, love is exactly what you need to win.

It gets even better when you learn to add the ingredient of love to your recipe. It makes your food tastier and more desirable than that of another person. The ingredient of love is like salt. Food could be prepared in the best kitchen by the best chef but when it lacks salt, it loses its taste. You would rather settle for lower quality food (not cooked by the best chef or in the best kitchen) but with salt. Your taste buds would overlook everything for the sake of salt. This is what the ingredient of love does to your recipe. It gives your food taste and subtly invites more guests to your table.

Why do you need love in your recipe?

  1. Love preserves relationships.

Having likened love to salt, love is also a preservative. One of the traditional methods of preserving food is salting. It keeps off germs and bacteria from invading the food and by doing so, the food can remain fresh for longer. Meat and fish were mostly preserved in this way before the introduction of refrigerators.

love and universe

Love, just like salt, preserves relationships and prevents them from going bad. When friendship is about to expire, acts of love from either of them can make this friendship fresh again. Love is like a breath of new life over all forms of relationships. Your love for nature will preserve your relationship with the universe. Taking care of vulnerable animals and keeping them from harm’s way is a way of showing love for nature. Another way is taking care of vegetation and championing its preservation. As a reward, your relationship with the universe grows stronger.

  1. Love is a disinfectant.

Growing up, salt was a home disinfectant before we went to the hospital. When you got cut by a knife in the kitchen or when you were bruised in the field, you would wash the wound and sprinkle salt on it. It was more painful when salt penetrated the cut but after a short time, bleeding stopped. Yay! We felt healed and would go back to play quickly.

Love stops bleeding just as salt does. It disinfects our cuts and bruises and gives us the hope that we can go back to play again. Love disinfects our wounds when we are hurt. It kills all the germs of bitterness and revenge that would otherwise take advantage of our hurt to turn us against people we would later need in life. The ingredient of love in your recipe is like medicine. It has multipurpose uses to disinfect and bandage hurt or almost broken relationships. Love builds your capacity to heal when you are hurt.

  1. Love is nutritive.

Among the many benefits of salt, one of them is that it has an essential nutrient – Sodium – that is required in many physiological processes. The body needs salt to improve nutrition absorption, maintain cell plasma volume, in normal cell physiology, and transmission of nerve impulses. This is one more reason why you need salt in your diet.

Love is equally very nutritive. It helps to nourish your spirit and makes you glow. The capacity to love builds a good rapport with the universe. Your spirit becomes well-nourished and other people will notice your good health. The nutrient of love can only be acquired when you express love and practice it in its purest form. Pure love is not ill-conceited; it is genuine and cannot be hidden. Your reputation to love will always precede you. This is a bonus point on your scorecard.

A healthy spirit has a greater capacity to love. You love effortlessly because this is the nature of your spirit. While other people fight invisible demons within themselves to express their love openly, you do not face such struggles. Your spirit expresses love easily because you are healthy.

The value of love.

Love is more precious than rubies. The ability to love makes your spirit glitter and attracts attention everywhere. Love makes your face shine and anoints your head for greater assignments. The universe understands deeply the value of love. Plants, animals, birds, and fish express their love of nature in different ways. These gestures of love support the ecosystem as we know it. If their taps of love run dry, probably we would no longer know the world as we do.

value of love

What is love if not how plants excrete oxygen for animals to inhale? Again, what is love if not how the same plants inhale the carbon dioxide that animals exhale? This love sustains both of these species and makes them dependent on each other for survival.

Love as a magnet.

Love in the universe is a magnet that pulls every good thing to you. The ingredient of love in your recipe attracts good people to come to eat your food. The universe rewards you with equally loving people to come into your life when you serve your food prepared with a recipe of love.

The way news spread fast of a new joint in town serving delicacies is not half as fast as how your capacity to love will spread. People will love you back effortlessly because you equally love them as a principle.

The source of love.

Where does salt come from? It is mined underground and refined before we buy it from supermarket shelves. The ingredient in any recipe that makes food tastier is mined. It is not planted on the farm or manufactured in factories. It is mined! This means it is naturally occurring in the ground.

Now where do you get this magic ingredient of love to add to your recipe? Like salt, love is mined. It is mined from the universe. This mining involves going over and beyond to love other people. When you bend your back to love people even when they intentionally make it hard to do so, you are adding salt to your recipe. All the benefits of the ingredient of love shall accrue to you.

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