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Are You Living the Rent-Free Life?

The price for occupancy.

Most people if not everyone is paying rent on something. You could be renting a house, a car, an office space, a hall, or anything that you need. This is the price you pay for occupying space or using something that is not yours. Sometimes rent could also take the form of a lease.

It remains rent because you are paying to use something that is not yours. I bet you have already paid if not planning to pay your arrears for this month – you better do. Paying your rent gives you the freedom to use what you have rented as you please (of course without destroying it because it is still not yours).

The rent headache.

Do you relate to the pressure that comes automatically when your rent is due? Even without someone telling you, you feel that something is not fine until you pay up. It is what I call the ‘rent headache’. It can mess you up and give you sleepless nights because anytime the owner of the property can give you notice to vacate his premises or return his asset.

Don’t curse him yet – he has every right. But despite all these tribulations, there is another offer that people hardly consider – a rent-free life somewhere else. The owner will not harass you for his rent when it’s due because you will co-own that property.

Doesn’t this thought excite you? It is the dream of most people to one day own what they have been renting or maybe own something similar. For a very long time, it has remained a dream come true. Well, the universe is here to make it a reality.

Did you know that you can live a rent-free life from today?

The short answer is Yes, you can. The long answer is also Yes, you can. The point is in whatever angle you look at it, there is a possibility of living this dream. Many avenues are open for you to grab this opportunity from the universe. The word is ‘grab’ because you are as hungry for it as anybody else is.

  1.  Make peace with everyone.

It is paramount to make peace with everyone. Do not be selective about it. It does not matter who is hostile or not. What matters is how you are reciprocating their attitude towards you. You have to be the bigger person here because you understand what it is that you are looking for. The universe rewards love because it is love itself and thrives in it.

It is normal to contradict each other and sometimes people come out strongly to defend their positions and what they believe in. Friends forget the relationship they have had for a long time and they become enemies. This rivalry will cost you because the universe will shut its doors of blessings to you until you make peace.

Everything is costly in the absence of peace. This makes it harder to live the desired rent-free life. It does not mean that you will not pay your bills because you are at peace with everyone. What it means is that it will cost you a little bit more monetary-wise and comfort-wise to live comfortably.

  1.  Accommodate divergent opinions.

It is mature to agree to disagree. This kind of thinking will make you stand out from many entitled people. The different opinions you hold amongst your friends do not make you weird or an outcast. Variety is the spice of life and what you are going through is perfectly normal.

The rent headache will spare you its harshness because of accommodating those with different opinions. The burden of bearing the cost of everything shall also reduce because you never know whom the universe shall send your way as an angel. You might push away the person with an answer to all your problems.

A rent-free life in the universe means being spared the hell that most people go through because they struggle to meet their rent obligations. Accommodating divergent opinions will create more ‘friends’ and make you more likable. On a lighter note, who knows, you might become a soft life ambassador?

  1.  Appreciate the little things your way.

I don’t know who needs to hear this but let me send the message home – stop complaining about everything. When there is nothing you appreciate, ask yourself this question – who is the problem, is it you or everybody else?

Indeed, the rent headache can take a toll on you but sitting around to only complain about it will not make things any better. Appreciate the daily sustenance from the universe and more shall be provisioned for you because you showed your gratefulness.

Gratefulness is a virtue that most people lack because they either feel entitled to something or have no idea that some supernatural power is watching – the universe. Even the little you have could be withdrawn from you and the rent burden weigh down heavily on you.

  1.  Live each day at a time.

Time moves fast: seconds to minutes, then hours, days, weeks, and even months. The day when rent is due draws closer with every passing minute. You cannot live your entire life worrying about it. Live each day at a time.

This is not a call to be carefree in the name of living the present moment. Worrying has never solved any problem and it will not start today with you. A rent-free life is a worry-free one. It is a peaceful life that can be granted solely by the universe.

Do not carry baggage from the past into the present and future. Entrusting your life to the universe is like entrusting an infant to the mother. She will nurse him to life.

  1.  Take care of nature.

How can you be trusted to take care of your place when you finally get one if you misuse where you have rented? Taking care of nature is the surest way to prove that you are responsible. The universe can open doors for more blessings because you are taking care of it.

Plant trees, do not litter around, take care of animals, and do everything possible to be a good ambassador. Mark you, it is the universe with the ability to grant or deny you the blessing of a rent-free life. This kind of life hardly comes by except you are the chosen one.

A rent-free life is a metaphor referring to a comfortable life without the worries that most people have – rent. It is very possible and tenable if you observe the five-point discussion we have had.

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