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Are you Ready for the Universe’s Spiritual Grooming?

Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

That cleanliness is next to Godliness is not in dispute. Although you may have heard it many times, it does not make it less true. Personal hygiene and the cleanliness of your environment matter a lot. It not only affects you but also the people around you. With hygiene comes good grooming. Dressing well, moisturizing, and some perfume with a nice fragrance will make everyone you meet want to stay with you longer. You will be more noticeable and visible even to other people. Do you need any motivation to be well-groomed? Here is why you should be:

  1. It makes you presentable.

Being smartly dressed and well-kept should be your daily goal. You need to look good for anyone to take you seriously. As you prepare for a job interview, an appointment with a client, or any business errand, always remember that how presentable you are will endear you to the other person. If this is about the physical aspect that other people can notice, how much more about spirituality? Being well-groomed spiritually is a bigger bonus. Your spirit becomes more presentable to the universe which then gives you a bigger platform to serve nature.

  1. It improves your self-image.

It is good when other people notice how smart you are but it is even better when you can feel good about it yourself first. Being smart boosts your confidence and gives you a sense of self-importance. You can speak boldly without any inferiority complex. This is how powerful physical grooming is. It is like having a new identity. Similarly, spiritual grooming not only makes you feel important but also proud of your identity. This is how you gain the freedom to explore your abilities and talents. They are your identity.

  1. It makes you fit in the necessary circles.

If you do not want to be groomed for the sake of yourself, then at least do it for the sake of the people that matter. We know what they say about birds of the same feathers, don’t we? They flock together. There is a dress code for different professions. Without any introduction, you will identify hospital staff (doctors, nurses, and lab technicians) with the lab coats they put on.

Likewise, you will know lawyers in court because of the barrister’s wig they wear. What is the acceptable dress code for your profession? I guess you already identify with it. Now, in the spiritual realm, there is a similar dress code. How you groom your spirit will help the universe connect you with the right people in your circle. For example, if you carelessly judge everyone for their wrongs, then the universe will connect you with a circle of people who are equally as judgmental as you are. One good turn deserves another, right?

Spiritual grooming.

In his wisdom, the universe grooms your spirit in preparedness for the future. It is uncertain and very scary if you are not prepared for it.

Consider spiritual grooming for your future like how you prepare yourself for an examination. Good preparedness gives you the confidence you need in the examination room and you will most likely pass compared to someone who was not prepared for it. The future is the examination you need to pass and the universe is grooming you for it. How so?

  1.  At a river.

The universe may choose to bathe you in a river. I don’t know what your experience is with rivers but it is surely very adventurous to bathe in one. You do not have to worry about a shortage of water. You can even swim in it and you will not finish the water. You can swim in the river for hours and no one will scold you for wasting water. There is an abundant supply of it.

The universe can groom you for the future by letting you experience abundance. There is a lot to learn in abundance, especially in self-discipline. The universe wants to train your spirit not to be wasteful of resources that you have an abundance of. Learn to be conservative and at the same time enjoy the beauty of abundance. This is a delicate but achievable balance. There is a lot of uncertainty for the future and your savings will come in handy.

  1.  At a desert oasis.

An oasis is a welcome spot for those traveling in deserts. It is unlike the rest of the region. There is water that you can drink; even for livestock if you have any. There is shade in an oasis that is also a good shelter for rest. This is how beautiful an oasis is. What happens when the universe decides to bathe you in an oasis – where there is a limited water supply against its many uses? You will have to deal with the scarcity and be very economical in how you spend water because you do not know how long it will take you to identify another one. There is no room for misuse.

The reason why the universe may want to groom you in an oasis is to let you experience scarcity. You will need to prioritize your needs and address the most urgent ones while you slowly tackle the rest. The future takes many forms and the best way that the universe can groom you for it is by letting you see the harsh side of things too.

A fair tutor.

The universe is a fair tutor who wishes you nothing but the best in your exams (the future). He will also be there to mark your work (assess your progress as you move into the future). On close observation, you will notice that the universe exposes you to both the river and desert oasis experiences. Life experiences happen in a predictable pattern – there is often an abundance before a scarcity. Do we have any right to complain about lack? Knowledge of our spirituality will help us solve life’s puzzles and make living more interesting yet adventurous. 

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