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Are You Spiritually Gifted?


A spiritually gifted individual is not the one who can read your mind or predict the future, but he/she is the one who knows what to say when your world is falling apart, in dismay. 

Look around, the people you meet, the old aunt who can predict the weather better than the weather telecast, your mum who knows you are feeling low just by looking at your face, your friend who can sense your sadness behind your fake smile. Life is filled with spiritually gifted individuals.

So what makes them spiritually gifted or different from others of their age or with similar qualities?

You are wise not by age but with experience

You have an abundance of knowledge which is authentic and genuine. People would often tell you things like, “OMG, you are so knowledgeable for your age” or “Oh damn, how did you know I was going through that?

It’s because you have made mental notes as to what each chapter of your life is trying to teach you. Life is indeed a book, and every event or situation you are presented with, either happy or sad, is a chapter of this book. You have made peace with the fact that some chapters are bound to make you fall in love with the way the story proceeded, some are bound to make you cry, some make it impossible for you to proceed to the next chapter. But you have the courage to move on from these chapters of your life as you also prepare yourself to be prepared for the next upcoming ones. 

You notice things others don’t bother looking at

There are aspects of people that you can predict or understand in an instance, which others would not even have noticed. Though it’s termed as intuition, not everyone around you has made use of this power, not yet. Everyone can be intuitive, if they try, but not everyone is. 

The difference lies in the presence of mind and being really in touch with all of your senses. It is trusting the emotional energy that they ooze that, which you are able to soak in. And understand whether they are worth your time and effort or not. 

You have a peculiar way with people

Spiritually gifted individuals often understand what the other person “feels” like, because of this they make excellent guides or mentors for people. They are true empaths. They have not only heard your entire story, but have also imagined how they would feel if they were facing the same issue as yours. Thus they are able to comfort you, provide you with the most comforting vibe you would have ever met. They make people around them feel at ease and have a protective and nurturing aura.

A word of caution:  An empath also attracts people who are still healing or some who have not yet resolved any of their karmic lessons. Being surrounded by such individuals would definitely drain the gifted individual who has nothing but unconditional positive regard and acceptance for the person. Thus if you are a gifted individual try to keep a distance from emotionally demanding people.

You can live a life filled with ambiguity

A spiritually gifted person is mindful. He knows that every event that happens in his life is meant to teach him something valuable. He does not crib or whine when things do not go his way, he knows that he does not have any control over external events out of his control. What he can do instead is, accept reality and make the best with what he has, not what he had or what he lost.

Ambiguity is something we truly loathe. This is because when something is uncertain,  one is bound to engage in overthinking, thinking of the worst outcome possible. It also triggers emotions such as anxiety, confusion, etc. Thus people usually try their best to be in control of everything in their life. But can that be possible ever? Nope.

Thus this leads to them trying to go against the rule of the universe. Universe thrives on the principle of ambiguity. This is because it is your responsibility to mold yourself against the forces of the universe and not the other way around. Thus a spiritually gifted person is likely to prepare herself in face of uncertainty and try to use strategies she learned from her previous encounters. 

You are always on a lookout for new information

As a spiritually gifted individual, it is highly likely that you have an insatiable thirst for knowledge which seems to be exhausting to some but adventurous for you. You are highly creative in the sense that you know that with each new experience in life you are likely to gain some new wisdom. 

Even though you met it is as mundane as washing vessels. It is quite boring and monotonous for some, but for you, you can sense that the black stains on the vessels, the ones that have been accumulated since many months, is similar to the bad karma we as humans accumulate in our lifetime. Both are very hard to erase, but if you don’t cleanse them, they are bound to either grow or hamper the vessel.

The reason behind this is quite simple one. You just tend to indulge yourself wholly in any activity that you take part in. As you engage in it, you are mindful about how it makes you feel, what are your thoughts and how are your other senses also reacting towards it. But hey, this super power has a downfall, you are likely to never ever feel content with what you have, for you are always on a lookout for something more. Practice gratitude, it will help you feel at ease.

To sum it up, for an individual to be spiritually  gifted, you need no super power or serums, you just need some patience, some empathy, a dashful mindfulness and a lot of love and acceptance of your own strengths and weaknesses. 

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