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As Far as Your Eyes Can See

eye of the Universe

Sight is nature’s best gift to humanity. This is not to downplay the importance of the other senses; they are equally important. Sight enables you to make the right judgment, identify colors, choose products, and do so much more. Many inventions are successful because of sight. Improvements were made on time because those involved could see what needed to be done. Scientific observations are mostly made by sight and it leads the scientists to correct conclusions. Humanity owes a lot to nature’s gift of sight.

Come to think of it, how would the world be without sight?

The eye is the door to the spirit.

What you look at has a great impact on your spiritual and physical life. It is your responsibility to be careful with what you see The eyes are like a gatekeeper. They allow or deny people entry into an establishment. The gatekeeper has to identify you as either a resident or a visitor of that place. He also has to check what you are carrying (that you do not have prohibited items like weapons). A competent gatekeeper prevents a lot of bad things from happening. Your eyes are supposed to be as competent as this gatekeeper. This will make you a god gatekeeper.

The good gatekeeper.

The universe wants you to be deliberate with what you watch. You cannot afford to let your eyes see everything that you are not supposed to. While it is understandable that you have little or no control over what your eyes see, you can look away from what will contaminate your spirit.

Milky Way | Universe

Nature wants you to preserve your purity even in the modern world. The purity of your spirit heavily depends on your eyes – which is also the gatekeeper to your spirit. A pure spirit attracts nature’s goodness. You will inherit the best of the land – sweet relationships, adorable friends, great health, and divine favor from the universe.

A good gatekeeper is the envy of many people. They will want to associate with you because of the universe’s favor. Your blessings will be written in gold ink. As a good gatekeeper, only good things should happen under your watch. This will put you in good light with nature as a man/woman who is the right gatekeeper. The good gatekeeper is praised by all. More significantly is that the gatekeeper is worthy of a good salary and even a promotion.

This is what the universe wants you to see:

  1.     Your capacity.

“Yes, we can!” – this was the slogan of the 44th American president. You can do exceedingly well. Nature has not put any barrier between you and success. The road ahead is clear, be the driver. The universe wants you to see and appreciate your capacity and not underestimate yourself for whatever reason.

You are special and unique, the man/woman for the job that you are shying away from. There is power in owning your abilities and championing yourself. Self-belief is contagious. Other people will trust you as a performer because you also believe in yourself. Your vote of confidence in yourself and that of other people is a great push toward your success. The universe has millions of opportunities. It is all yours as far as your eyes can see.

  1.     The wealth of the universe.

A father would want his child to know of his wealth. It is an assurance to the minor that the child’s welfare is well taken care of and there is no scare of lack. The eyes of the child are always on the ability of the father to provide. As a loving parent, the universe wants you to know of his wealth. Your needs are equally provided for and there is no need for an alarm.

Money and Universe

The reason you are still in lack is that you have not asked your father for provision. The King’s son does not know that he is heir to the throne when he is a small baby. The nanny or caregiver controls everything about him and he hardly has a voice in it.

However, when he grows up, fast forward to a few years later, he is aware of his role as the crown prince and the heir in waiting. He is no longer under the controlling care of the nanny but he can now make relevant decisions about his life. He will lack nothing because he knows he can get what he wants from his father’s kingdom – knowledge that he did not have initially. It could be that you are now like the King’s child who is unaware of the wealth of your father, the King.

The universe wants you to open your eyes to the reality of your father’s wealth. It is also yours, as far as your eyes can see.

  1.     The divine health from the universe.

Are you desperate for healing and freedom from the chains of diseases? Nature wants you to open your eyes to where you can find divine health – the universe. Modern medicine borrows healing tips from nature. It is time to go straight to the source for your treatment.

healing hands

The universe wants you to open your eyes to the reality that healing could come from where you least expect it. Pay attention to what you eat. It is a make-or-break choice that will influence the status of your health. Go for natural food over fast foods made without your tomorrow in mind.

Your eyes should not be blinded by all the public relations campaigns in support of unhealthy and unnatural foods. Nature has granted you divine health as far as your eyes can see.

Your eyes are the greatest determinant of what you can achieve. They spark the desire to either do good. They can lead you to the path of prosperity. When you choose to see what the universe wants you to and to avoid what goes against its principles, you would have opened a bigger door for your spiritual breakthrough.

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