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Attaining Boss Levels in 2023

The boss is revered. His word is the law. Many look up to him. The boss is loved and feared in equal measure. Honestly put, we all want to be at this level. The path to attaining boss levels is less traveled but the good news is that nature is patting your back to make this maiden journey. The boss is the vision bearer of the company. His eagle vision is what keeps the company afloat during all the stages of growth. This makes him/her a very important organ in the running of the company.

The boss’s influence.

The mandate that the organization gives the boss does not limit his influence. This is what makes him special. Truth is that we sometimes take a step back and wish we were in their position. It may look very simple from the outside. It appears there is a routine that the boss follows and everything remains on track. On whether or not it shall still be manageable when you take that position, yes it shall. There is a tutor, a special instructor, and one with enough experience, to guide you to assuming the boss’ office. This is your year of attaining boss levels.

What does the boss do?

  1.  Embraces uniqueness.

Do not be afraid of being different from others. Own your thoughts, no matter how unique or odd they may look. The universe has made every species unique differently and this is a survival technique. The tortoise and snails are very slow animals but they hide in their shell when in danger. The chameleon camouflages. The millipede coils itself. Some plants have thorns and their leaves prickle you when you touch them. All these unique adaptations are nature’s gift to her creations. There is no shame in standing out. You can use your unique gift to curve your space.

  1.  Feels secure.

Sometimes we have reason to feel insecure and we develop cold feet. May this new year be different. Insecurity damages your self-esteem and it takes longer before it is restored. Feeling secure gives off positive energy to those you interact with. This positive energy spreads to the rest of your team and you cement your leadership effortlessly. We know the jungle to be where almost everything is in its natural state. The King of the jungle is the lion. He is King of all animals – even the elephant and buffalo who are bigger than him. The lion owns the jungle. He roars fearlessly, moves across all territories, and hunts however he feels like. This sense of security is what makes the lion the boss of the jungle.

Developing this bossy confidence and security is the boost you need in this new year.

  1.  Has thick skin.

The higher you are on the pyramid, the more exposed you are to threats and danger. How many bad things have people said concerning nature? The negativity of climate change and extremely harsh weather appears as if nature is fighting itself. Despite all these, the sun rises every morning, the stars show up every night and the moon will equally be present (even when it is completely covered by clouds). Nature will continue to be nature and nothing shall change it. It undergoes different phases to conquer the challenges of industrialization. The universe does not promise to shield you against attacks. The only promise is that having a thick skin will eventually make you the boss. Hang on there, champion!

  1.  Is flexible.

One valuable lesson from the universe is that nothing is cast in stone. The morning, afternoon, evening, and night are all at different times of the same day. There are different activities to do at every time. This is how flexibility will make you the boss. REAL bosses adapt to change as fast as it happens. Flexibility will take you to the top of the table and maintain you there. Moving with the speed of time while doing the correct thing will keep you in the game. Consider change like the wind and you are the tree. If you carry on with a fixed mind, you shall eventually break. Your flexibility in adapting to change will make you sway to the right or the left, without breaking. Just like how trees adapt to survive strong winds, you live to see another day!

The boss’s secret.

This is the part where bosses open up their secrets. Attaining boss levels this new year is possible with the right start. The secret has been with the universe all along – exactly your relationship with the universe.

PS: What is your relationship with nature?

He who pays the piper calls the tune. Nature calls the shots, it always does. You must play by her rules if you want to become the boss. Your spirituality is what connects you to the universe. It is the electric current that makes the bulb light. This spiritual connection with the universe will give you a taste of power in being the boss.

Your reign as the boss.

You can realize your ambition to be a boss this new year. Some of your predecessors have fallen from the grace and some have maintained it and their glory has multiplied. How is your reign as the boss of your empire going to be?

Nature has set out a path for you to follow. Some sort of trail guides to mark your path as you settle in ‘the office of the boss’. Consider how the universe is totally in charge. You too can own your work, relationships, and everything you are involved in. As you take charge, implement what is beneficial for the long term. Do things differently this new year. Align your plans with the universe’s and everything else will work out for you.

Dreams come true, competitions are won, and true love exists. All your goals are achievable. You could have heard many stories of failures but the universe wants you to know that there are many more successful ones.  Yours is one of them. 

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