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Attaining Spiritual Patriotism in the Universe

Patriotism is love and devotion to your country. You feel attached to your country and do not feel shy to identify with it. It can be seen through how people identify themselves with their nationalities. “I am Mark* and I am an American*” (read your name and nationality). This introduction shows your pride in your country. Patriotism is a source of true love through which you can sacrifice anything for its sake, even giving up your life. It applies to relationships, sports, careers, workplaces, and families. The spirit of patriotism is unchained and roams freely in the Universe. Once you accept it, you become everything a patriot should be. 

The life of a patriot is an exciting one. You are constantly wearing the badge of honor of your country to tell the world where you belong. Most if not all countries have a national anthem that praises it. It is also an identity mark all over the world when it is sung. As a patriot, you take all the glory and shame for your country (hopefully it is mostly the former). In light of how patriotism works in the World, the Universe wants you to turn your focus on spiritual patriotism. 

What is spiritual patriotism? 

It is the commitment to your spiritual identity in the Universe. It is similar to national patriotism in most ways, the first one being that neither of them can be hidden or suppressed. A patriot stands out from the crowd. He/she is a fearless champion & defender of his/her faith.  

The Universe wants you to attain spiritual patriotism as soon as possible and spread its gospel to those who are still in the dark. In return, the Universe has in store rewards for its patriots. This is how you can promote spiritual patriotism: 

1. Respecting symbols of spiritual unity. 

National patriots respect symbols of national unity. They appreciate them as the glue that holds their patriotism together. Symbols of national unity include the national flag, anthem, bird & tree (particularly in India), and many others. They are sacred and held in high esteem by all citizens. Spiritual patriotism thrives when symbols of spirituality are also respected. They include priesthood and nature. Priests are the link between humanity and divinity. They are reliable channels of communication with the Universe that we cannot do without. On the other hand, nature is the mother of all patriots. She deserves the respect of motherhood. Respecting both nature and priests promotes spiritual patriotism as a child of the Universe. 

2. Celebrating spiritual festivals. 

National patriots celebrate national holidays because they are significant in the history of their country. They carry the weight of memories of their freedom fighters and various national achievements that patriots are proud of. This is why it is also important to celebrate spiritual festivals. It brings spiritual patriots together because they have a shared love for the Universe. Baptism and salvation are important spiritual festivals because they mark your initiation into spirituality. It is factual that people only celebrate events they value and celebrating spiritual festivals is a way of promoting patriotism in the Universe. 

3. Participating in patriotic debates. 

Debates are avenues of brainstorming over issues in depth. It is not about winning an argument for the sake of it but rather winning souls to believe in you. Debates are also ways of expressing yourself to other people. A good debater can easily express himself/herself. This is one of the reasons that debates are encouraged in schools. Holding spiritual patriotic debates is healthy because it helps you understand more about your spirituality. You can learn a lot from your fellow patriots. In addition, spiritual patriotic debates draw the attention of non-believers and attract them to your faith. This is a win for the Universe.  

4. Fulfilling spiritual duties

Patriotic citizens fulfill their duties diligently. They vote for leaders of their choice or even offer themselves for election. This is because they understand that it is their civic duty. They also serve their country in different capacities including even joining the security forces because they genuinely want to express their love for their country. Spiritual patriotism includes fulfilling your spiritual civic duties because it is the right thing to do. The first among these duties is evangelism. The universe wants you to be its messenger to the world. Let more people hear the good news of discovering their spirituality and preparing for the afterlife. It is common for people to convince others to join them where they are because they have seen its goodness. This is what patriotism and evangelism is all about.  

5. Studying about spirituality. 

Patriots learn about the history of their country. They are eager to know what shaped its current political, economic, and social landscape. This is the reason a country’s history is taught to students in schools. The seed of patriotism is planted in their life at a young age. Knowing their history shapes their perception of the future. You can attain spiritual patriotism by studying about the Universe and spirituality. The more knowledge you have about it, the more inclined you are to embrace it. People abstain away from a matter because they are not knowledgeable about it. However, when they finally get to know it, they appreciate it more. This is similar to how you can attain patriotism. 

6. Speak the Universe’s language. 

A patriot embraces his culture and speaks his indigenous language. It shows how much he is in touch with his country. Anybody can claim to be patriotic but it takes a lot of commitment to learn an indigenous language. Speaking your local language is not discrimination but a landmark of patriotism. Similarly, you can attain spiritual patriotism by speaking the Universe’s language. It signals that you are proud of your roots and your spiritual culture. This is patriotism. People will identify you with the Universe’s language as one of its children. The Universe wants you to proudly wear this badge of honor. 

Attaining spiritual patriotism in the Universe is an important aspect of your growth. It speaks a lot about the type of person you are. Are you patriotic?

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