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Attract the Right Kind of Love, Using these Manifestations


The right kind of love is empowering. It is knowing that you love someone more than you even care for yourself. It is giving them the power over your heart and mind, giving them your happiness when they feel sad. 

The right kind of love won’t make you forget your worries or your darkness, it will rather stay by your side, help you fight this darkness, and hug you tightly on the days you feel like breaking apart. 

The right kind of love will lend its hand out when you are drowning yourself in the same spiral loop, it will wait for you to fight those demons of the past back so that together you shall continue the journey that you both are meant to live. 

So how does one attract the right kind of love?

Start simple, ask yourself the right questions:

  • What exactly are you looking forward to from this person? 
  • Is it sexual satisfaction? Emotional intimacy? A mixture of both?
  • Do you wish for a partner who satisfies you or tags along with you for some time, maybe months or years? Or are you someone who is looking for a long-term mating partner? 
  • How would you define love? 

The kind of partner or love that you wish to have in your life, is the one you can’t imagine your life without. This is someone with whom you want to share your life’s shitty or most trivial details or the most important or gruesome tragedies of your life. You do not hold yourself back. Imagine living a dream, wherein you are running freely and oh so swift you are almost flying, that is exactly the kind of feeling the right one should make you feel. Expressing your daily life’s mundane details should also feel like something that they are looking forward to hearing. It’s the intent, always remember.

Believe it exists: 

Live your life the same way you would have lived if you would have had your right one alongside you. Go around being that happy, carefree, cheerful version of yourself, it doesn’t matter right now whether they are with you or not. What matters is that you are believing in this pure and completely magical piece of love that exists somewhere around the corner of this world. 

It might not be with you at the present moment, but they too could be thinking of someone like you, hoping to meet the right one, but till then, they are living their present life and so should you.

Get creative! 

Go ahead and daydream, write a letter, watch movies, plays, listen to similar songs, do anything or everything that makes you feel a bit closer to your right one. 

It could even be sketching your right one. 

Imagine the idea of how you would like to spend time with them?

How would you first meet? You could be as specific as you want, for why not, it is your love, go around!

Are you ready for the change?

Finding the right one is no icing on the cake. It is more than happy moments, kisses, and hugs. It is more than just spending your life in those reels of the infamous Instagram reels. To attract the right kind of love you should be ready to undergo tremendous amounts of change. Yes, you read that right, there is change, a lot of it. 

There could be a possibility that you would have to change the way you are. Maybe you are an overthinker, ultra anxious, indulged in all sorts of unhealthy coping mechanisms to deal with your anxiety and stress. Realize that the type of vibration you ooze out is exactly the one you will attract out. Thus if you are distrustful, envious, or have negative mixed feelings, you are likely going to attract the same kind of person and maybe not the “right” one. 

Work on your vices thus. What are some of your shortcomings? Work on those, talk to a friend, ask them an honest opinion, and work on them. It is not that difficult. But it would be hell if you are stuck with a person who is quite toxic or not as understanding as you are.

Indulge in self-care: 

I have often observed that every time a lot of us are on the lookout for the right kind of love, they feel that this one person is going to come in and love their life and make them happy, even though they do not know what their happiness means? So what does your happiness look like? Can you imagine sharing it with the right one too?

For example, I love gazing at the sea waves, late in the evening or just sitting there alone, at peace, calling it luck or chance, but my significant other enjoys it too. So do not try to fit into others’ perception of happiness, see whether they would fit into yours or not.

That’s why practicing self-care is quintessential. Learn to make yourself happy, learn to fight your own battles, see how you are evolving every day, you are more than enough for yourself. The right one will be a bonus to your life which will make your better life even more meaningful and cheerful. He won’t be able to change it just because you feel he is the right one. 

Be patient and have faith.

Nothing great ever comes to anyone who is impulsive and does not wait for their appropriate turn to let things unfold in their life. The other essential aspect that would be required would be to have faith. Have faith that whatever is meant for you will come to you naturally, at its own pace. Have faith in your capabilities, in your one strengths, be confident in your skin, be proud of your vibrant aura. You will surely find the best one.

Thus, finding the right one might not be as difficult as it seems to be, but hey, it requires some hard work and some commitment to work towards the journey. These are the following manifestations that you could use to attract the right one for you.

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