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Attract the Right Kind of Wealth Using These Money Tips

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“Money is usually attracted not meant to be pursued”

Money is not just a currency; it’s a form of energy that flows in and out of our lives, much like the ebb and flow of the tide. It is a form of energy that is attracted, not pursued. Each of us has a unique relationship with money, an energetic bond that shapes our financial destiny. To become a magnet for financial abundance, we must first examine and dissolve the limiting beliefs that block the flow of money into our lives. Only then can we unlock the abundance of wealth and prosperity that awaits us.

 If you pursue money with a scarcity mindset it will lead to a sense of lack and limitation. On the other hand, when  a person approaches money with an abundance mindset and focuses on attracting it into their life, they open themselves up to new opportunities and possibilities. 

By shifting your focus to attracting money, you become more receptive to the abundance and prosperity that the universe has to offer. This allows you to tap into the natural flow of energy and abundance in the universe and receive the money and opportunities that you desire.

Let’s look at the ways in which you can attract wealth into your life using the right money tricks: 

MANIFEST the wealth you wish to have: 

Manifesting wealth through the Law of Attraction is a powerful concept.  This can bring immense wealth and abundance into your life. However, it requires you to identify and transform your limiting beliefs about money. Limiting beliefs about money can take many forms, such as the idea that money is scarce and difficult to acquire. Some even have thoughts such as that wealth and goodness are mutually exclusive. Before you can leverage the Law of Attraction to manifest financial abundance, it’s crucial to examine and overcome these beliefs.

manifest law of attraction

By shifting your perspective on money and recognizing it as an accessible and infinite resource, you can create the habits and mindset necessary to attract wealth. One effective way to do this is by using  POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS:

Eg of these include: 

The wealth that I seek is within my reach and I deserve it.

My financial freedom is a reality that I embrace.

Visualize your wealth: 

Visualization is another powerful tool that can aid you in attracting the wealth you wish for. By visualizing  the money that you wish to attract as vividly as possible, you can teach your mind to tap into the inner resources needed to turn them into a reality. It will allow you to imagine your goals in your mind’s eye and accept that you deserve to achieve them, while also fostering a positive mindset that can help you stay on track towards success in the long run.


Visualizing abundance can also be beneficial in the context of finances. Picture yourself with enough money to meet your financial obligations comfortably. 

This practice enables you to feel the emotions associated with achieving your financial goals, thereby attracting these outcomes more quickly.

How to get started?

Pair the visualization along with your affirmations related to money, eg: 

Money is constantly drawn to me, I am a magnetic force.

Wealth and prosperity flow to me effortlessly and abundantly.

By doing this you will generate a sense of positivity  towards money, which can in turn attract more money. This generates a virtuous cycle, wherein positive attitudes towards money attracts more financial resources, which can then be used to further increase financial abundance.

It all starts from your home: 

In order to attract more prosperity and wealth into your life, it’s important to keep your house clean, organized, and inspiring. 

Yes a clean home does attract more wealth!!

As per Feng Shui, the more clean and tidy your house is, the more chances of you to attract wealth and prosperity in your life. Make sure to regularly deep clean your house weekly, especially your entry. This is because it is believed that keeping a clean entry can help invite positive energy into your home.

You can incorporate the five element colors. For example, black can represent the water element for more flow and connections, while red can symbolize the fire element for visibility and recognition. White or gray can represent the metal element for increased efficiency and joy, and yellow or brown can represent the earth element for stability and grounding. Lastly, green or blue can represent the wood element for growth and new beginnings.

Express gratitude to what you already have: 

Never underestimate the power of gratitude when it comes to attracting more abundance into your life. The Universe has a way of providing more of what you are grateful for. By focusing on what you are thankful for, you will begin to pursue those things with more passion and eliminate any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back. Gratitude also makes you more receptive to new opportunities.

When it comes to money, gratitude plays an important role in attracting the wealth you wish for. It is essential to be thankful for the money you already have and every opportunity you get to make more money, regardless of how much or how little it may be. Expressing gratitude for your financial blessings will help you attract more money into your life. An attitude of gratitude will guide your actions towards your finances. Being grateful for your money will motivate you to take care of it, be less wasteful and save more. It will also help you appreciate the value of money and the opportunities it brings.

Share what you have:

When you give generously, you open yourself up to the possibility of receiving even more in return. Sharing your wealth with others can be a great way to increase your own prosperity. As the saying goes, “you reap what you sow” By planting seeds of generosity and kindness, you are more likely to see a bountiful harvest in your own life.

The act of sharing your wealth with others can have a multitude of benefits, both for yourself and for those around you. By cultivating a spirit of generosity and abundance, you can attract more positivity into your life and create a stronger sense of community and purpose.

Finally be prepared to get more than what you planned for:

When we give, we put positive energy into the universe and attract more positive energy back to us. One real-life example of how giving can attract more,  is the story of billionaire businessman, Chuck Feeney. Feeney co-founded the Duty Free Shoppers Group and became incredibly wealthy, but he decided to give away part of his fortune to various causes through his foundation, The Atlantic Philanthropies. Despite giving away billions of dollars, Feeney’s net worth continued to increase, and he remained a billionaire until his goal of giving away his entire fortune was achieved in 2020.

This example shows us that giving can attract abundance and wealth, even in the face of seemingly contradictory logic. This principle can be applied to any amount of money we give, whether it’s a small donation to a charity or a significant sum to a cause we care deeply about. Ultimately, the more we give, the more we receive, both materially and spiritually.


The positive energy and vibration that you vibrate to the universe is what will help you attract wealth. Negativity can only bring bad luck and block the path to success. By removing any mental or emotional blocks, you open yourself up to the possibility of attracting more wealth in your life. So, it’s crucial to focus on positivity and let go of negative energy to allow Lady Luck to bless you with abundance.

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