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Attracting The Clouds of Glory Above Your Head

Attracting The Clouds of Glory Above Your Head

Glory is like a robe of gold. It is shiny, precious, and attractive. You cannot hide it from the public because it glows like the sun. Glory clothes you with honor because your shame and weaknesses are forever hidden. The people around you are the first to notice your glory. Their perception of you changes entirely. You become an icon they look up to and find wisdom in your judgments. Glory will take you where character alone will not. 

The universe can give or take away your glory. Your lifestyle thereafter is what sustains the clouds of glory above your head. The clouds of glory are formed just as clouds of rain are formed. They form in the sky and come together. Rain falls when they are ‘heavy enough’. One place can receive rain and another may not receive even a single drop. There is a reason for this – either the clouds did not form in that place (that missed rain) or if they did, then they were not ‘heavy enough’ and were blown elsewhere by the wind. As a principle, rain does not fall at the place where the clouds are formed but where the clouds are saturated. 

The science of attraction. 

The clouds of glory are like those of rain. They collect at the place where they are attracted and will release glory above the head of the one who attracted them. Nature can send wind to blow them to a different place if you stop attracting them. This is what you have to do to attract the clouds of glory above your head: 

1. Let the sun heat the earth. 

This is the beginning of the formation of conventional rainfall. The sun heats the earth and water evaporates to form water vapor. This hot air expands and rises. It then cools and condenses to form the clouds you can see. This is the first time that something visible has been formed in the formation of rain.  

The sun is at the center of the solar system. It is symbolic of your spirit which is the source of your life. The body is only a vessel that carries it. To attract the clouds of glory, allow your spirit to be in contact with reality. The reality is that nothing happens under the sun without the express permission of the universe. What is your influence on it?  

sun and flowers

2. Check to see if clouds have formed. 

Evaporated air condenses to form clouds in the sky. It could take a while before they are visible and you have to keep looking at the sky from time to time. When the clouds become visible, everybody will see them. They will continue to come together until they can no longer hold the condensed vapor within them. 

Clouds are important in the formation of rainfall. A clear sky is a sign of no rain anytime soon. A lot of economic activities stop when there is no sign of rain. Farmers are not confident to prepare their farms for the next planting season and wildlife in parks cannot find water to drink at water points because it has not rained for a while. 

Clouds of glory can be seen in your life after you have influenced the universe to answer your prayers and grant your wishes. It is only then that glory will return to your life. Since your spirit is in contact with the universe and has made a petition, expect an answer soon. Recognize small achievements as small clouds in your sky that will collect together and give you a resounding victory. Continue interceding and clouds of glory shall continue to form in your sky. 

4. Heavy clouds eventually pour heavy rain. 

Saturated clouds eventually cannot hold the condensed vapor any longer. Rain pours and the earth is watered once again. Activities on hold can continue and normalcy resumes.  

This is what happens when the universe answers your prayers – you can continue with your studies because someone has paid your fees, your business has earned new investors, your startup has been licensed by the authorities, or you have finally found your soulmate. Manifestation of answered prayers has come a long way; right from when it was an ordinary petition. 

heavy clouds above trees

Clouds of glory above your head have released the glory of answered prayers. You are now clothed in a golden robe because the universe has helped you save face. 

How to maintain the glory. 

It is one thing to attract glory and another thing to maintain it. A new electronic appliance always comes with a manual when you buy it. It is meant to help you set it up, operate, and maintain it. You also learn the do’s and don’ts written in the manual.  

The same applies to the glory of the universe. It comes with a manual. It gives insight into how to maintain it to last longer. Where have people you once looked up to gone? Some of them are invisible because the glory has departed from them. Your desire is to be promoted from one glory to another while multiplying your blessings each time. These are the two major instructions in the manual: 

1. Pride comes before a fall. 

Pride kills the glory of the universe. If you must boast, do so because you are humbled to be blessed by the universe. Embrace glory with humility and it will make a home in your life. It is an honor to have your current level of education, your current job, and your family. Preserve this honor. 

2. There is no stigma in seeking help. 

It is okay to ask for help when you need it. You will save yourself from making a lot of mistakes as soon as you get help from the right people. Help is nature’s language of maintenance and you benefit a lot when you speak this language fluently.

Your marriage will last a lifetime, your business will thrive amidst harsh economic times, your health will continue improving, you will further your education, and your social status will keep improving. These are the blessings of long-lasting glory.

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