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Attracting the Spirit of Anointing


Anointing is divine selection. To be anointed means to be selected for an appointment from a pool of qualified candidates. Anointing oil is the signature of your appointment to a higher calling. Nothing can stand in your way when the universe anoints you for your line of calling. The mystery of anointing is spiritual and only a handful of people have this revelation. The universe’s anointing first comes to your spirit before you are oil is poured on your head. The appointment to an office, shortlisting for an interview, or election victory are manifestations of the spiritual anointing which already happened. If someone could stop the spiritual part from happening, then we would not have the physical part that we see today. The universe wants to open your eyes to the news that you can attract the spirit of anointing to get anything on your wish list.

Anointing gives you power and authority that you did not have initially. It is a promotion of your spirit and later your physical life to a new level. The physical pouring of anointing oil on your head is through events like the swearing-in of new office holders, the coronation of royals, or ordination into a spiritual office to serve believers. A new spirit for the type of anointing that you receive comes upon you immediately. The spirit of this anointing will lead you to bag new victories. This is how to attract the spirit of anointing into your life:

1. Devote your life to your calling.

The spirit of anointing only comes upon the head of a devoted person. This is the first way to direct anointing into your life. The sun is devoted to providing light to the universe, the seas to preserve aquatic life, and oxygen to preserve human life. The universe is intentional in fulfilling its responsibility to those it owes until the last minute. Similarly, it wants you to devote your life to your calling. If you are called to serve, do it with indiscriminate passion. Serve people in the mandate that nature gave you – either as an intercessor, friend, relative, or professional.

The universe has placed you in that position because it needs you there. It is a purposeful assignment that will gauge the devotion to your calling. You should endeavor to serve. If there is one thing that sticks in the minds of many people, it is how you make them feel. They will hold you dearly in their prayers, thank the heavens because of you as a gift in their life, and bless you for your excellent service. This is the measure of how devoted or not you are to your calling. This level of devotion automatically attracts the spirit of anointing over your spirit. The universe officially anoints you as an excellent servant and a proud child of the Spiritual Kingdom.

2. Repent and open a new page.

Repentance is having regret for past mistakes and taking measures to amend them. We are not immune to making mistakes and sometimes it happens unintentionally. It is the thought to reconsider your wrong actions and make amendments that count. Spiritual anointing will come into your life if you are repentant and actively seeking to make amendments. A repentant spirit reflects your humility to accept correction and apologize to those affected by your regretful actions. While repentance does not undo bad events, it attaches compassion to them and consoles those who were wronged.

The universe wants you to make peace with your past even as you make plans for your future. Everyone whom you have interacted with carries a bowl of blessings that you automatically partake in when you touch their lives. The more you partake in these blessings, the more you attract the spirit of anointing into your life. Anointing thrives in peace and is threatened by anything that disturbs peace. The spirit of anointing is also like a beautiful clean dress or suit. You only wear it after you have showered. Otherwise, it will not give you the glory of its beauty.

3. Associate with anointed people.

There is wisdom in the saying that iron sharpens iron. If there is someone best placed to explain how to attract the spirit of anointing, it is other anointed people. They received the spirit of anointing before you and have experienced its power. They can mentor and guide you to become like them or even greater. When you walk with five wise people, you will be the sixth one. Similarly, if you walk with five anointed people, you will be the sixth one. The secret of the spirit of anointing is with those who keep it. You qualify to receive the spirit of anointing when you align your life with the will of the universe. Anointed friends are worthy to be in your life more than those yet to be anointed. Their insight and attitude towards life are unique because they are in the light. They see beyond the shadows and through spiritual mysteries. Continue keeping their company and you will soon become one of them.

4. Court the anointing.

The universe wants to know the lengths that you will go to attract the spirit of anointing. The list of what you can do in the name of love is endless. This is proof of your commitment to the subject of your love. What are you willing to do to attract the spirit of anointing? Consider it like courting where you have to prove the seriousness of your love to your crush. You can win his/her heart if they are assured of your commitment to the love you speak of. When the spirit of anointing is convinced of your commitment to preserve it, it will make a home in your life. This will turn your life around for the better.

The spirit of anointing is a game-changer. It puts you on the right track and sets you up for success beyond your plans. The spirit of anointing is supreme over all evil schemes. It is the life insurance that you need in your life.

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