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How To Manifest Someone Back Into Your Life

Your past probably holds a few things you’d love walking back into your life.

If you’re like most people, they fall into three main boxes: a person, car, or a place you once called home.

Today, we’ll open one of those boxes.

And look at a few ways to get that special someone to pop back into your world.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a friend who went cold, an ex that got away, or someone you met that went under the radar.

Just know this will be your go-to source for attracting someone from your close, or distant past.

Plus, it’s a pretty straightforward guide too.

With zero fluff.

Just everything you need to know about bringing back someone or people in one place.

And it works even if there’s no way to contact the person…

You don’t remember their name.

Or have no clue what their social media handles are.

So, if you want to…

Manifest an ex into your life…

Turn a run-away crush into the love of your life…

Or get a friend you’ve not heard from in years or months to text you…

Then sit back, and enjoy.

Never Do This

Before we get into the good stuff, let’s touch on a few wrong moves people make. Because nothing’s going to work if you continue to do things that sabotage your manifestation. Sure, it’s tough, heartbreaking, and confusing when someone just walks out of your life. You start wondering, “What happened?” “Did I do something wrong?” And from then on, your emotion takes a beating. Now, since I’m sure you want to get rid of those terrible feelings you might have… Here are a few things you should NOT do if you want to boost your chances of getting someone back into your life.

Getting desperate

Before you go chasing after someone, stop. It’s natural to pursue people when they leave our lives. However, if you’ve been doing this, I don’t need to tell you how ineffective it is. It’s the kiss of death in manifesting your desires. Because you get so attached, and desperate. Then before you know it, you get sucked into a downward spiral of pain. Life gets tougher. You find it difficult to focus. And your manifestation power weakens. Want to know what you can do instead? Take time to breathe, relax, and don’t chase.

Having a sense of lack

This ties with being clingy. It’s crucial to not approach any manifestation journey from a point of lack. This means, no thoughts of missing them. And zero “I need you” statements. Remember, abundance is a language of the universe. Because it puts you in a happy mood. And happy manifestations attract the best results. When I look at most manifestation success stories, abundance is a running theme. Not one of them got someone back into their lives by feeling like something is missing in their lives. So that should spark a light bulb in your head.

Time To Attract Your Special Someone

Yes. The part you’ve been waiting for. What you’re about to discover are powerful tips that have helped thousands of people to get someone to show up in their lives These exercises will work regardless of your situation. Approach each one with an open mind. They’re easy, and very effective tips packed inside the law of attraction. I’m confident you’ll notice a few signs or results after trying them out for a week or two.

Get clear on things.

I guess you’re looking for a new relationship with a specific person. Because I’m sure you don’t want someone back just to stare at them all day. That would be creepy. So to get started on the right foot, get clear on what you want that relationship to look like. This means going granular on the details of what you want. Whether you want something supportive or you want a bond that’s dripping with adventure. One good thing about this exercise is that it shifts your mindset to become extra positive. Zooming in like this allows you to have positive thoughts. Because unless someone’s a psychopath, your mind will steer towards happy experiences.

Visualizations Are Your Friend

This part stretches across various aspects of a person.

First off, visualize their names, faces, and any other intimate or personal thing about them.

Don’t worry if you don’t have much. Stick with what you know.

Just make sure you’ve got the correct person in your mind.

You can even visualize the shirt you last saw them on. Or their final words to you that made you feel happy.

Next, it’s time to visualize what life with them feels like.

The key is to act like your manifestation has worked.

And the person is back in your life.

Visualize yourselves hanging out at the bar or park together. Sharing funny stories. And experiencing crazy adventures.

Also, to strengthen your manifestation, imagine how their touch feels, and voice sounds.

For faster results, make sure you’re calm, and relaxed.

Your environment is quiet with no distractions around.

And the positive emotions will come on you stronger.

This way, you’ll be able to reflect on your true feelings, and express them.

Affirmations Win The Day

I call them magical sentences. Because they’re effective in sending out our desires to the universe. Plus, they leave so much room for creativity, and fun. It’s a great way for you to spice up your manifestation with your personality. The golden rule across affirmations is to keep them in the present tense. Which means writing down your desires like they’ve already happened. Looking for some inspiration? Here’s some I came up with to help you out: “I’m happy being together with John. He’s such a caring person. “Jane is such a supportive friend. I love how she looks out for me.” As you can see, both of them “assume” the relationship already exists. This is important because your feelings dictate your reality. And once you’ve got the right one inside you, it’s only a matter of time till reality catches up.

Self Development

Breakups of any kind are hard. And it’s worse when we’re on the receiving end. Sometimes the other person’s at fault. And other times our negativity pushes others away. I bring this up because if you’ve got any unresolved past problems, anger issues… Or you’re sure your behavior got someone to leave, then it’s time for some soul searching. Why? Because manifestation can’t live inside houses filled with negativity. Positivity is like it’s oxygen. And negativity starves your desires of that oxygen. Also, it’s how you respond once your desires are manifested. For example, let’s say you get a text from an old friend. Rather than being friendly, you get into an intense argument within 30 minutes of the interaction. Reminding them why they left. Well, that’ll definitely send anyone packing again. So, if you’ve got any underlying issues, take the time out to fix up and become a better person.


Thumbs up to you for making it here. By now you should have a clear path to follow to attract that specific person back into your life. I’m confident in your ability, and I can’t wait to hear your success stories. To better relationships!
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Why Does My Manifestation Produce Signs But No Results?

I’ve yet to find a name for it.

It’s a scary, and almost annoying feeling.

Why does it start?

Let’s look at the process that’ll probably feel familiar to you:

You want to manifest a desire.

Maybe it’s a lover, friend, car or a trip to your favorite city.

So you let go of your limiting beliefs.

Recite your affirmations. Pick up journaling. Do all the things you’ve read on manifestation.

And after a few days?

You start to see some signs.

Great! The universe and the angels are hearing you.

You get all excited.

Finally, your desires are coming to you, and they’ll soon become a reality.

So you wait, slowly but positively.

Days turn to weeks. Weeks into months.

Yet nothing’s happened.

And the signs?

Well, they’re still there.

Almost mocking you.

Months pass by.

And the results you’re looking for don’t look like they’ll happen.

So you’re left wondering why you keep seeing signs without anything to show for it.

I know, it’s a feeling that easily turns from excitement to doubt or anger.

Like I said I’m yet to find a name for it because it’s something that affects manifestors from newbies to pros.

But while I rack my brain for the appropriate name to please my ears…

I do have a quick, and easy fix.

Which I’m sure you’re more interested in.

Today in the lines that follow…

I’ll be sharing a few reasons why you keep seeing signs without results.

Along with the right solution for each one.

So sit back, and let’s get started.

You’re getting frustrated.

I’m willing to bet “patience” is among the most occurring words across manifestation.

And for good reasons.

Things take time to manifest.

That’s why a patient manifestor is a powerful one.

Sure, I get it.

When you put in the work, it would be nice to see a few results right away.

So when nothing’s forthcoming, you start wondering how to keep your cool.

While it’s totally logical to feel this way, it’s important you don’t let it get under your skin.

Like it or not, anger is a negative emotion.

And negative emotions are like weeds that choke the life out of your manifestation.

That’s why you’ve got to build your patience muscles.

And get into the habit of trusting things to eventually fall into your lap.

Solution: Keep doing what you’re doing. Focus on positive emotions, and try to stay in a happy mood.

Understand that nature doesn’t hurry but gets everything accomplished…

So having patience will create room for your desires to flourish.

Your wish is really big

Some people are fashionably optimistic.

Big dreamers with gigantic desires.

It’s true.

Nothing’s too big for the Universe to give you.

However, ordering for ice cream delivered to your house will always arrive faster than say, a car.

So, if you’re seeing the signs, be patient.

And trust that the results you seek are on their way.

Another thing about “desire size” is how much effort it takes to get things to work when your desires are quite large.

As I often say: With great work comes great gifts.

Which translates to more time spent on affirmations. Plus, more meditations, and visualizations.

This can also mean adding a few things you might have skipped.

Stuff like journaling, meditation etc.

Sometimes manifestation requires you to take a step back.

Then have a bird’s eye view on things.

It’s how you spot sticky situations, and roadblocks.

So you carve ways to blast through them.

Solution: A little more effort won’t hurt. It will only speed up the process.

If you’re doing affirmations for 20 minutes a day, try scaling up to 30minutes.

Your world won’t fall apart.

Rather, you’ll be adding more gas to your already moving manifestation vehicle.

You think sacred numbers are signs.

That’s right. 111, 444 and the rest aren’t necessarily signs your desires are on the way.

They’re magical numbers the universe uses to communicate with you.

Sure, they hold meanings that could be helpful to you.

But they’re not signs. At least, not as we think of it.

Signs usually have a close relationship with the desires you’re looking for.

While sacred numbers are often random communication channels from the universe.

Here’s an example to help you better understand the difference between them:

Sacred numbers: Seeing 11:11 or 444 in various places.

Sign: Wishing for an ex-lover into your life. Then hearing someone call their name each time you step out.

See how that works?

The Universe isn’t vague when it wants to let you know your desires are on their way.

So it won’t send numbers. Rather, it will give you actual signs related to your wishes.

Solution: Well, this one’s pretty straightforward. If you’ve been manifesting, and all you get are numbers then they’re not signs.

To get your sign, keep applying various manifestation tips or trying something different.

You’re stuck in a sign matrix

Take this 3-second test to find out of you’re stuck in a “sign matrix”

You’re trying to manifest a car or a lover.

So the universe sends a few signs your way.

How do you respond?

Do you…

A) Rejoice about the signs. And lookout for more.

B) Stay happy, and positive knowing your desire is on its way.

If you chose option 1, then you’re living in a sign matrix.

This is where you see one sign.

You get really excited about it so you start looking for more.

That’s a trap.

Sure, it feels good seeing all those signs.

But you shift your focus when you start looking out for more signs rather than the results you want.

Because you’ll start relying on the signs of your lover or new car to be happy.

Instead of visualizing what life would feel like once reality catches up with your desires.

In other words, it’s a simple case of thinking of your desire rather than from it.

Where you get joy in seeking signs rather than trusting your gifts are on their way.

I know, it’s a tricky situation.

But you can get yourself out of it.

Solution: Wanna know what happens when feelings and desires conflict? Feelings always win.

Because they’re a true reflection of what you think.

So if you want a new car, don’t think about the signs of a new car.

Actually feel what it’s like to sit, and drive one in your town or city.

When you see those signs, it’s time to step aside.

At this point, trust the universe to hand your gifts to you. NOT looking for more signs

You give the wrong response.

This could be a whole post on its own.

Because how you respond to a sign could be the difference between seeing your desires becoming a reality in under a week…

Or pushing it away for months.

Sure, your signs appearing puts you in a great spot.

Most people don’t make it that far..

And it’s the universe’s style of saying: “Great work. You’re a good manifestor”.

But your reaction is just as crucial.

The typical response most people have is anything but positive.

Sometimes they’re doubtful or even angry.

Solution: To help you give better responses that won’t affect your manifestation, here’s an example:

Desire: To bring back an ex lover into your life.

Sign: You open your facebook page, and start seeing accounts with their name.

Usual negative response: “This is so annoying. I don’t want this people”

The best response for you: “Yes, He’s/She’s on the way to me. I can’t wait”

See how that works?

The second one comes from a place of gratitude and trust. Which is where your thoughts should be.


I really hope this article took away all the mystery surrounding your manifestation results.

I know how frustrating it is to wait for ages.

But as you just discovered, a few mindset shifts will go a long way in speeding things up.

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The Universe Has Your Back: A 3-Step Process To Go From Fear To Faith

Do you sometimes feel overtaken by fear or uncertainty about the future?

Like you’re stuck in a crisis that’s out of your control?

Then you need a healthy manifestation diet.

In other words, a mind detox to get rid of all the fear plaguing you.

Because if there’s one thing we both know, your desires can’t manifest when fear is moving around in your head.

I pulled the most nutritional tips and hacks for a healthier, fear-free mind.

And laid them out for you on this page.

In order for you to have a greater sense of trust.

Said another way, I’m about to install a faith-based mindset inside you.

But why is faith so important?

Well, fear makes you focus on lack.

While faith puts your attention on abundance.

Fear is a surge of negative emotions.

Faith is a gentle flow of positive feelings.

In summary, where fear falls short.

Faith steps up.

Sure, it’s not easy to face your fears.

But it’s a fine starting point to getting rid of them.

Because they pose a resistance to the beautiful things you deserve.

Now, I’m sure you’ve got a hidden power.

We all do.

Won’t it be great if you can tap into it so you can steer up belief in yourself?

You see, I want you to trust your ability to tune into the loving vibrations of the universe.

Because at the end of it all…

My goal is that this article enters your life, and provides you with some help or guidance.

With that said, here’s my step-by-step process to go from fear to faith.

Step 1: Identify with your REAL self

Become aware of your true being.

Unlike most people, I don’t recommend starting with “embracing your fears”

Because things work better when you see yourself for who you are first.

You’re the source of everything that happens to you.

And like I said, you have the hidden power to shape your life.

Your fears? Well, they don’t define you.

That’s why it’s vital to get in touch with your soul.

Because everything has its origin within you.

Remembering that nothing happens without your permission is a great way to align your thoughts to what matters.

Plus, it’s a fantastic way to keep your self-belief high.

Step 2: Embrace your fears.

What we resist persists.

Now, it’s time to acknowledge how you feel.

Don’t fight back or try to deny it.

Realizing you’re scared is a great way to understand, and master your emotions.


Because fully embracing your fears opens up the opportunity for you to process them.

So you channel it out of your body.

You see, you can’t get rid of something if you don’t acknowledge its presence.

That’s why I often tell people to get in touch with their emotions. To give themselves permission to feel the rush of anxiety.

It’s totally okay to feel scared about the future. Or to be unsure if you’ll ever attract your dream partner or car.

So when you understand this, you realize the fear isn’t really you.

It’s just a coping mechanism for your brain.

This way, it becomes easier to just let it all out.

Step 3: It’s time to let go.

Sometimes I wish there’s just one way to get the fear out of my system.

How nice it would be, right?

Well, I’ll be showing you a few ways to help you say goodbye to fear.

So you make room for faith, and love to grow.

You might end up enjoying all of them. Or fall in love with a few.

Whatever the case, each one will help you release your fears.

A) Write them down.

I know, writing seems to be the answer to a lot of things these days.

But it’s got some surprising benefits.

Especially when it comes to showing your fears the door out of your life.

Now, don’t be hard on yourself and try to fill up pages if it’s your first time.

My philosophy is one line at a time.

Take a moment to truly feel your emotions so you can accurately express them on paper.

This is also a great way to carve out new lessons from old experiences.

As you put the words down on paper, things begin to happen.

First, you see all your fears laid bare in front of you.


With no control over you.

Then, you start to gain new insights on how to pull out faith from them.

B) Spread love more

When you spread love, your fear shrinks.

It’s a powerful way to get rid of anxiety.


Because it boils down to loving yourself first.

When you love yourself, trust builds.

You give yourself more room to let go and be free

Self-love has a great way of shaping how we see ourselves.

It fills us with unshakeable belief, and confidence.

Soon enough, our vibrations start to pick up.

Then we become a joy to be around.

We radiate so much love, it becomes hard to get scared.

Because when you send out good emotions, great things find their way to you.

Self-love brings self-confidence.

And self-confidence increases your belief or faith levels.

C) Do more good

See this part as a practical extension of the one you just read.

Probably after reading the previous section, you thought “How can I spread more love?”

Well, your answer lies here.

While the former served as a foundation, this will take a more actionable approach.

Want to spread more love so you feel all good inside?

Good. Become compassionate.

Take time out to get gifts for your friends or loved ones.

Lend a listening ear to someone’s problems.

People love to feel heard.

I’m sure you do too.

Imagine how awesome you’d feel if you could make someone’s day better by simply hearing them out.

Do things for people without them asking.

You’re going to create a large, comfy space for love to sit.

Plus, seeing how well you impact others will be a massive boost to your confidence.

And of course, your levels of faith.


I’m really happy you made it this far.

Fear’s a big deal for most people.

And I appreciate it when people like you carve out time for them.

So I want to commend you on taking the leap.

As you start strengthening your faith muscle, you’ll notice your life start transforming in amazing ways.

Your manifestations will feel better.

And you’ll begin to see signs that your desires are becoming a reality.

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3 Things To Be Grateful For All Year: Boost Your Manifestation 24/7

My wife was taken away from me. She got broadsided and died.

“This wasn’t the plan.” I thought to myself.

We had just landed in L.A from Ohio.

Our reason? To pursue my dreams.

I knew I could sing.

And was sure I could use my music to speak to the hearts of millions.

So the only logical thought in my mind?

Make a trip to L.A to change my life.

But the universe had other plans.

As she got hit, I saw my dream slowly dying in front of me.

Plus, my guitar got stolen at the airport.

And the apartment I rented was a scam.

I stood in the cold – alone in the dark.

With nowhere to go, completely scared to death.

That was the day I lost everything.

And this is the story of what happened next.

My Journey To Gratitude.

Most people would have given up after all that happened.

And honestly, I won’t blame them.

No one hands you a manual when shit hits the fan.

In my situation, I decided to take a dead job in Antarctica.

Yes, you read that right.

In my head, it was the right move.

Finally, I could get away from all the madness life was throwing at me.

Fortunately, it was there that I started learning how to be grateful for everything that happens to me.


Because I met a woman, Aria.

And she opened my eyes to a new world of peace, and nirvana.

It was bliss.

I watched as I let go of pain, bitterness, and anger.

So I could embrace love, and gratitude.

Soon enough, I found peace within myself.

To take life on again, and manifest my desires.

I also realized that while I felt I was running away, the universe was pulling me closer to good things.

So I decided to pick up a gratitude-first lifestyle no matter what.

It’s the same thing I want for you.

We often complain when things go wrong in our lives.

But I’m sure there’s a whole bunch of things you could be grateful for.

In fact, here’s a bet I’m willing to make:

If you sat down, and really thought about it, you’d find 10 things in your life to be grateful for.

Not 4. Not 7.


Can you think of any?

Well, if you want a pointer in the direction, you can continue reading below.

But before we dive in, you should understand why gratitude is so important in manifesting your desires.

Why Is Gratitude Important?

Gratitude and manifestation go together like bread and butter.

And when you talk about healthy emotions, it’s definitely right up there.

It gives you an absolutely divine energy that’s impossible to resist.

You radiate positivity so much the universe can’t wait to push blessings your way.

One reason why gratitude is so effective is because it puts you in a state of abundance.

Your mindset shifts.

And you tune into a frequency that signals good emotions.

And the universe loves good emotions.

Simply taking the time to be grateful for things right now in your life will attract more of it.

And your world starts changing when you look at life through the lens of a thankful heart.

More peace. More fulfillment. More energy.

Just more of the good stuff.

Gratitude is excitement.

Excitement is like energy.

And it’s one of the universe’s favorite ones.

Because it shows you’re living in the now.

That you’re fully present.

Always trusting. Always abundant.

So I came up with 3 things to keep your abundance meter high so you give off the right energy.

Things To Be Grateful For.

“Gratitude is not only the greatest virtue, it’s the parent of others” – Cicero

The key to showing gratitude is to be present.

So you’ll be able to notice things.

Even the tiny ones.

Especially the tiny ones.

It’s one of the fastest ways to transform your life.

Sure, life can turn you into a punching bag.

And it sure does taste like lemon sometimes.

But dwelling on that energy will only block your desires.

These 3 things will serve as constant fuel to keep your gratitude vehicle.

Because you experience each day.

Of course, it takes practice.

And you’re free to use them as inspiration for things I might not know that’s going on in your life.

Bonus tip: If you’re in doubt, start small. Then gently climb up the “gratitude ladder”

All that matters is that you feel a deep sense of appreciation for anything you pick.

So, are you ready to pump gas into your gratitude vehicle all year round?

Nice! Here are a few things to be grateful for:

1) For Life

Cliché, I know.

I can almost hear you saying “I knew you’d say that”

But it’s true.

It might seem so simple.

However, when you give thanks for the simple, you discover a lot.

Each time you wake up hale and hearty is another moment to send out gratitude energy to the universe.

Before you get anything done in the morning, take a moment to appreciate life.


The sun as it shines beautifully. Birds blessing your ears with magical sounds.

In addition, you can also do what I do – And create your “gratitude morning” . It’s simply taking ten minutes each morning to show appreciation.

2) A warm bed

Oh yeah! This one’s a favorite of mine.

I love how my bed feels even during cold nights. It’s a special feeling to get back home and drown myself in so much warmth.

You know how you feel each time you sleep peacefully on your comfy bed?

Be grateful for that.

How you can wrap yourself nicely to enter a beautiful world of dreams?

That deserves some appreciation too.

So keep your thanks flowing.

Who knows, you might receive a sign in one of your dreams.

3) The existence of Manifestation

Imagine this.

You wake up one morning to find out all your affirmations are gone.

All the books you’ve bought on manifesting no longer exist.

The blogs, websites and much of what is out there right now on manifestation is wiped out.

Basically, the universe has shut you out.

I won’t be wrong if it sends you into full panic mode.

Because all those desires you’ve piled up are never seeing the face of reality.

Which means goodbye to the new car, vacation or relationship. Yikes!

That’s why you should feel extra grateful that you and I share this unique gift of communicating with the universe and manifesting our desires

You’re truly blessed to discover this corner of the world

It’s where dreams come true. And peace exists within ourselves.


By now, you probably see how gratitude can shape your life into something wonderful.

You can call it the key, the missing piece or the final step.

Whatever the case, the effect it has stretches across every area of your life.

Now, it does require some practice. Especially if it’s not something you’ve always done.

But not to worry, as long as you get serious about your gratitude mornings, things will turn out nicely.

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How To Let Go Of A Hurtful Past And Manifest Your Desires

Heartaches, trauma, mistakes.

We don’t want them.

We try our best to avoid them.

But in our pursuit for a better life, we pick up wounds that leave scars we carry along for years.

In turn, they form a past you end up struggling to let go.

Haunting you when you least expect them.

Like ghosts, we can’t see them.

But we feel their torturing presence when it’s time for something new.

They lurk in our minds, pollute our thoughts, and ultimately prevent us from manifesting our desires.

Which poses a big problem down the road.

You see, a vital part of manifestation is thought alignment.

And as you’ve probably heard: thoughts create things.

So allowing your mind to dwell on your negative past will push your desires away.

That’s why I’m a big believer in letting go.

So you’ll create room for positive thoughts, vibrations, and energy.

This way, the universe will tap into them.

And give you what you deserve.

On that note, let’s explore things about your past.

Along with their impact on your life.

Why does letting go feel like a tough nut to crack?

There’s a bunch of countless tips on letting go.

Yet, despite their good intentions, there’s one thing you realize once you try to free yourself from the shackles of your past:

It’s not easy.

In fact, it’s probably the toughest part of your journey.

And just thinking about it can leave you feeling guilty or angry.

It hurts knowing that people took our vulnerability or kindness for granted.

And your baggage of the past hanging heavily on your shoulders doesn’t help either.

All of this can make it harder to focus on things that matter.

You know, good moments, family, and your desires.

If you wrestle with emotional pain or have flashbacks of things you did that you’re not proud of, then you’ve probably noticed your growth is moving slowly.

So you may be wondering why it’s tough to just get the past over with.

For starters, you may not even realize your past mistakes have their claws on you.

You see, when you don’t forgive yourself, you create internal judgments that stick with you for a while.

We all have our inner critics.

A second part of ourselves reminds us about some messed-up thing we did.

Judging ourselves hard like this plants doubts, and fears that are not easy to recognize.

Because they build up over time.

Forming layers in our personalities, and character.

Reasons why you should let go

This part is to give you a fresh pair of eyes.

To help you look at past trauma, and mistakes from a new perspective.

So you can realize there’s actually a need to prevent them from blocking your desires.

By the time you’re done, you’ll see that it’s not all doom and gloom for you.

And there’s some silver lining you can reach for underneath all the mess.

Because let’s face it, why you might have some pretty bad experiences, you’re not alone.

Countless people have been able to forgive themselves.

And attract good things into their lives by simply forgiving, and letting go.

If you’re on the fence about this, or not sure why it’s important…

Here are a few reasons to let go, and trust the magic that awaits you:

  • The past can’t make you happy. They’re all memories. Want to be happy? Live fully in the present, and create your future.

  •  Hanging on just eats your life away. It’s hard to grow. Tough to focus on the good. And drains your energy.

  • New things need a place to stay in your life. Throwing out the old creates room for positive things to flourish.

  • You find yourself. There’s a stronger, better, smarter version of you waiting inside. Hoping you’d let go of yourself so he can attract all the nice things you deserve.

Tips on letting go.

“Holding on is believing that there’s a past. Letting go is knowing there’s a future” Daphne Rose

That’s really the missing piece for most people.

Burying their old selves.

Shutting the door on their negative past.

And facing the abundant blessings that lie ahead of them.

You see, the universe doesn’t care who you were.

All it sees is who you are now.

Your current version. Your 2.0.

This part will help you create a brand new person the universe will love handing gifts to.

Ready? Let’s get to it.

Focus on the now.

There’s a lot of power that lies in staying in the present…

And allowing your mind to focus on what’s happening around so you can live fully.

First off, your vibrations will become effective.

You won’t get pulled on all sides by distractions of the past or uncertainties of the future.

You’ll be able to feel your meditations and visualizations.

Also, crafting a habit of present-moment thinking turns you into a powerful manifestor.

Because you’ll reduce the time, and mental space meant for the past.

With this, you’re happier and give off more trusting energy to the universe.

So it can respond the way you want.

Release your pain.

Want to know what happens when you heat up a bottle of glass from the inside?

That’s right, it shatters into tiny pieces

Similar things happen when you allow pain to build up inside you.

You send out broken fragments of energy.

Which puts out mixed signals to the universe.

And mixed signals equals confusion.

Which means you don’t get the goodies you’d like.

Sure, I get it.

It’s really not easy.

And you definitely have the right to feel the way you do.

When you share your kindness or vulnerabilities with the world, it’s only right for people to treat you well.

But someone or people took advantage of it.

And it’s not fair.

But nourishing old memories of pain only does more harm than good.

It obstructs new blessings from flowing into your life.

That’s why I suggest you find helpful channels to release your pain.

For example, you can pick up journaling.

Beautiful things happen when you pour out your feelings on paper.

You look at them, and realize they have no power over you.

Plus, you feel much better.

Also, you can talk to a friend, and let it all out.

NOTE: It’s important you don’t allow this part to consume you. So you don’t get trapped in a negative cycle.

Use this to free up space for better things to come.

Visualize your desires

If you’ve done the previous tips correctly, you’ll notice how improved your ability to feel is during manifestations.

Visualization is an important part of a powerful manifestor’s tool kit.

And feeling your desires in the present moment fast tracks them into reality.

Take a moment in a week to imagine how life would be once your desires are fulfilled.

Allow yourself to feel the touch of a new partner. Or hear their voice.

Get yourself to feel what it’s like driving around the city in your new car. Going to the mall. Or a trip to your favorite spots.


It’s worth repeating that making a shift to remove your old self isn’t an icing on the cake.

It’s not a walk in the park to remove false beliefs.

So you bringing out the time, and effort to fix things up is commendable.

Going forward won’t be easy though.

And you might face a few stumbling blocks along the way.

But the process outlined here will help you form a version of yourself that the universe, and you will be proud of.

Just remember, every moment is a choice.

So you can choose to live fully in the present, and increase your energy.

Happy letting go!

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4 Surprising Reasons Why Manifestation Hasn’t Worked For You, Yet.

It’s frustrating, isn’t it?
You look around, and it feels like everyone who tests the waters of manifestation gets the desires they want.
And you?
Well, you’re kind of stuck.
Nothing seems to work.
Rather than basking in the joy of a new relationship, friend, or income…

You’re left with the thought that keeps haunting you: Why can’t I get my manifestation to work for me?
I get it.
It’s a crushing feeling when you put in your best and gain nothing in return.
Plus, you see others do it.
And it seems like everyone makes it look so easy.
“Just recite this, and wait for the sign,” they say.
So you go ahead and do just that.
Yet, for some reason, the results you seek keep eluding you.
Time and time again your life stays the same despite all the work you put in.

Well, this time it’s going to be different.
Because if you’re wondering why you’re not manifesting your desires, I’ll be revealing a few reasons.
Armed with this, you’ll gain a much deeper understanding of your situation.
So you can carve the right steps going forward.
Ready? Let’s dive in.

1. Your Limiting Beliefs Are Doing A Dirty Job

When it comes to giving you what you want, the Universe is looking at your inner beliefs. It’s not enough to just launch your desires to the universe. You’ve got to believe you deserve them. Every part of you has to completely feel like your desires aren’t far-fetched. That new relationship you’re looking for? You’ve got to believe it’s meant for you. And the new car? Well, that’s yours too. Getting your beliefs aligned with your desires is crucial in your manifestation journey. It’s easy to say you want or desire something. But our subconscious doesn’t lie. Negative self-talk seeps into your subconscious, affecting your vibrational energy. And constant complaints on how long it’s taking won’t help you much either. Rather, it will send mixed signals to the universe. Further delaying the results you want. Or worse, not achieving them at all. That’s why you’ve got to agree at a deep level so you give off positive vibrations. This allows you to be in tune with your desires so your manifestation doesn’t backfire.

2. Not getting specific enough

Ever heard of a spiritual shopping list?

You see, I love to think of manifestation like grocery shopping.

You don’t walk into a store without a detailed list of what you want.

It could be a mental list or a few items you put down on a piece of paper.

Either way, you’re not going in clueless.

Turns out it’s the same with manifesting your desires.

You have to create your own cosmic shopping list.

Where everything is spelled out in detail.

No general or blank statements that sound confusing.

For example, when you say “rich” what does it mean to you?

Is it $500k/yr or are you fine pulling in $200k/yr?

You’ve got to get clear on that.

Also, saying you want a “good partner” is not enough.

What’s good?

You’ve got to zoom in on the specifics of the kind of person you’d like to create an amazing relationship with.

How you approach manifestation is important in achieving success.

So I urge you to narrow down on key areas you’d like to improve in your life.

3. You’re keeping score

“With patience, nothing is impossible”
When was the last time you just sat back, relaxed, and let the universe do its thing?
Saying stuff like, “It’s been 2 weeks and nothing’s happened.”

Or “Why haven’t I received anything despite all the signs” shows a lack of belief.
And nothing’s going to ruin your chances of attracting your desires like disbelief.
So you’ve got to detach yourself a bit, and let the universe work for you.
If things haven’t fallen in place for you, give it time.
I know it sounds kind of cliche to say patience is important.
But that’s just how manifestation works so you’ve got to build your patience muscle.

4. Clingy Is Cringe-y (Even For The Universe).

Oh boy! This one’s a kicker.

Want to push something so far away you never get it?

Get desperate.

Become obsessed.

And I know you don’t want that.

It’s kind of like dating.

Acting desperate will only turn off the person you’re trying to attract.

Sure, you’ve got to believe you deserve your desires.

But there’s a big difference between belief and obsession.

Obsession is an unhealthy habit.

Because it reveals how doubtful someone is.


Because when we do things in excess, what we’re really saying is that we’re afraid in our subconscious minds.

And fear is like a weed that chokes our desires.

Preventing them from growing into reality.

So, you’ve got to learn to detach from outcomes so you don’t come across as desperate.

There you have it.

Really proud of you for making it all the way to the end.

By now, you should have a good understanding of your exact situation.

Along with a few ideas to get the ball rolling in your manifestation journey.

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Does Manifestation Actually Work?

Can’t tell if manifestation is actually real?

Great, you’re in the right place.

Because this tiny corner of the world is all about sharing the latest findings to attract your desires.

You may have heard about manifestation, the law of attraction – and how they can hand you a bunch of goodies almost overnight.

So you’re probably here to find out if it’s just magic or something you should spend time on.

In other words, you want to know: “Am I going anywhere with this?”

That’s a smart move.

And I’m glad you chose me to help you figure things out.

If you’re stuck in a difficult situation or you recently came out of a harsh experience, then what you’re about to read will serve as an eye-opener for you.

Because we’ll delve deeper into the authenticity of manifestation.

And you’ll be faced with a surge of profound awakening into what’s possible.

What Is Manifestation?

Just so that this doesn’t sound like a geometry class, let’s back up a bit and get clear on what manifestation is.

This way, it serves as your foundation.

Making things easier for you to grasp.

Manifestation is all about using thoughts, affirmations, and beliefs to attract your desires.

Depending on who you ask, there’s a right and wrong way to manifest.

Some might require you to “connect to the spiritual world” first.

Others may tell you to write down your desires on paper in a specific way, and for a specific duration.

Like this one that says 33 times for 3 days straight.

But no matter what you go for, the general premise stays the same: Only you are responsible for attracting your desires.

And you must channel them through a healthy chunk of belief, and positive thoughts.

Nice things people say about manifestation

30 million.

That’s how many copies sold of The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.

If you don’t know what The Secret is, it’s the book that took manifestation mainstream.

It gave it the life you see today.

And impacted the lives of ordinary people and celebrities alike.

On Amazon alone, it’s gathered more than 10,000 reviews.

In fact, here’s a glowing one I pulled out so you can see for yourself:

“I have lived my life by this book for the last 10 years. I can’t recommend any item on Amazon or any book more than this one. I saw how it changed my mom’s life so I decided to read it myself. I used to be poor and had bad relationships with my friends. I have my career together in my life has gotten better every single year. I’m so much happier I have so many friends and even have a girlfriend that lives by the book too.

And she’s pretty much the best girl on planet Earth. If you know anybody it’s going through a tough time get this for them. I’ve probably bought 10 books for friends throughout the years. It brought one of my friends out of a five-year depression. If you want to be happy and have everything you could ever imagine in life get this book”

Pretty cool, right?

Imagine if you could get anything you want the same way

You see, since its release, manifestation has become popular among circles of friends. And anyone looking to transform their lives.

People like Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith, and a host of others are huge believers in manifesting your desires into reality.

And you can see Oprah’s talent at being a powerful manifestor shine through when she wanted a role in a movie.

For the movie, The Color Purple, she came up with a strategy to attract what she wanted.

How? By saying “I surrender all, I surrender all” she was able to release the need for control.

And put her trust in the universe.

A Scientific Breakdown: Why People Find Success In Manifestation

Those cool stuff you just read?

Well, they didn’t happen because of witchcraft.

There’s a wide collection of studies pointing to the effectiveness of manifestation.

And I’ll be sharing a few with you.

So you can make sense of the whole thing.

Like we said earlier, your thoughts have the power to create positive or negative things in your life.

When it comes to manifestation…

It’s a simple case of: Think good things, and good things will come your way.

But what does that even mean?

You’re probably wondering if there’s any research or scientific backing to all this.

(Who knew there’s a bunch of people who want all the science!!).

Well, turns out there’s a few:

Negative And Positive Loops.

Good things come to those who think right.

This is a fundamental area in manifesting your desires.

It’s the idea that you’re the source of creation for anything you want in your life.

This style of thinking is similar to the placebo effect.

A scientific experiment where the power of belief make patients feel better.

And it comes with no surprises.

Because positive beliefs prove to ignite good emotions, and release hormones or chemicals that are great for your body.

The placebo effect works by substituting a real medical treatment with one that looks original or real (think a sugar pill instead of an actual drug pill).

The patient is unaware of this switch, of course.

What happens is that the patient’s symptoms tend to improve in a number of conditions.

It’s a truly stunning concept.

One that gets people feeling better through their beliefs alone.

Now, that’s exactly how manifestation works.

If you can believe it, you’re gonna get it.

And you end up with a positive loop that continues to reward you.

Because the stronger your beliefs, the more aligned your actions are.

And the more the universe rewards you.

That’s why you must be convinced you deserve what you’re looking for.

Because your beliefs have the power to shape your world.

The Quantum Effect Theory

At your core, you’re made up of tiny molecules of vibrational energy.

Which means you’re just one big mass of fluctuating energy.

This allows you to be one with the world.

With this, everything around you becomes an extension of your core.

And what happens when something is a part of you?

You can get it to do whatever you want, anytime you want.

This quantum theory has been popularized by physicists all over the world, and is a vital reason why manifestation works so well.

Since manifestation works at deep levels, aligning your energy with the universe delivers the results you want.

Thoughts Create Things

Your mind, body, and soul are one.

What this means is that you can use your mind to send instructions to the cells and atoms in your body.

Dr. Masaru Emoto’s groundbreaking study showcased the importance of your thoughts.

He discovered that positive words and thoughts caused water to form beautiful crystals.

While negative words resulted in no or deformed crystals.

His conclusion?

Thoughts had a huge impact on water molecules.

Now, guess whose body is made up of about 70% of water?

(I’ll give you a second to think.)

That’s right, YOU.

Humans are largely water.

And if positive thoughts can form beautiful crystals from water…

Imagine how much better your life would be if you stick to positive thinking each day.

So there you have it.

Has the way you see the world shifted? Do you feel inspired?

Maybe fired up, and ready to manifest your desires?

Let me know in the comments.

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3 Best Ways You Can Manifest Friendships That Last A Lifetime

I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

It’s REALLY hard to build true friendships that are not only comforting during tough moments…

But also stand the test of time. (Think decades long!)

Most don’t make it past a few years.

And let’s not get started with the toxic ones that suck the life out of you

Now, what’s even harder is manifesting the right person (or people) to create a meaningful relationship with.

Like where do you even start?

Luckily for you, that’s why I enjoy talking about friendships.

…and discover how to manifest a friendship that will last a lifetime.

You see, Jim Rohn put it best: You’re the sum of the five people you spend time with.

The friends you keep can support you to the top.

Or sabotage your plans

Truth is, we all crave deep connections with amazing friends.

However, there are not enough resources out there to point you in the right direction.

That’s why I’m here.

So, if you’re looking for effective tips to get the right person that becomes family…

Let’s jump right in.

1. Get Your Priorities Straight

Set your intentions.

Nothing moves forward without this part.

Because it allows you to come up with specific qualities you’re looking for in someone

By doing this, the universe is aware of what you want.

You can do this in the form of a mental checklist.

Or the old-fashioned way, and have them written down on paper.

Once the universe starts handing you what you want, you can take a look at what you wrote.

2. Live Like You Got It

You attract the vibe you give off.

To attract amazing friends, you’ve got to take action.

Act like you already have them.

This is a good sign of inner belief.

And will spark good things to happen in your life.

Here are a few ways you can “live like it’s already happened”.

Visualize what a new friendship with someone will feel like.

Great relationships are a two-way street.

So work on yourself to develop the right qualities.

Be grateful, and act like your desires have manifested.

These will help you attract the right person or people into your life.

3. Affirmations! Affirmations!!

I love these tiny magical sentences.

Because it’s like you’re speaking directly to the universe.

Actually, you are.

That’s why you’ve got to ensure you’re using the right words, in the right way.

Also, make sure to recite them every day for best results.

If you look below, you’ll see a few to get you started.

As always, you’re free to tweak a little and come up with yours.

I attract supportive friends.

My friends are supportive and want the best for me.

I have a loyal bff.

Friends that become family don’t happen by accidents.

It requires your commitment.

These tips will help you forge stronger, and better friendships with amazing people.

Happy manifesting!

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