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Understanding the Mystery of the Universe’s Bank Account

Bank accounts are some of the safest places to store money. Since the invention of money, its storage has evolved. It should be stored safely and conveniently at your reach. The sooner you can get your money to transact, the better for you. It builds your confidence wherever you go because of how safe you feel knowing that you can quickly take care of your money needs.  

The storage of money has evolved due to the changing market needs. From the time when barter trade was the thing to the present age of digital money. Entrepreneurs try their best to remain relevant by catching up with the latest trends. This has led to the emergence of mobile money wallets and bank accounts for consumers. The demand for banking services has increased. There are new banking services and products for consumers to choose from. 

Given that mobile money wallets and bank accounts are the latest means of keeping money safe, have things remained the same in the spiritual realm? What is the comparison between how you stored your spiritual wealth before and how you now do it? This is a spiritual mystery. The universe wants you to understand it and align your spiritual life with the latest and most secure way of storing your spiritual riches. There is no danger of losing your financial riches in the universe’s bank account. This is why you should open your account with the Universe’s bank and embrace the new technology: 

1. Opening an account is free. 

The Universe has news for you! Opening an account in its bank is free for everyone. You only have to express interest in holding an account. The Universe is encouraging your spirit to open itself to using this universal bank. There is no discrimination here and it will accept you with open arms. In the Universe’s bank, a customer earned is a soul saved.  

You can open an account with the Universe’s bank by committing yourself to nature’s principles. It is the beginning of a lifetime journey with your bank. It will nurture a good relationship with it and make you eligible for more services. 

2. You are eligible to hold an account. 

You are eligible to hold an account in the Universe’s bank. You can save your riches in your account as an eligible member of the bank and no one will question you. All account holders are treated respectfully and assisted in familiarizing themselves with bank procedures.  

The mystery of the Universe’s bank account is in how it accepts anyone who wishes to join it and at the same time, it is accepted globally. A good relationship with nature (which is how you open your account with the Universe) improves every other aspect of your life. You can achieve a lot of things even when you think you are undeserving. The Universe wants you to know that you are eligible for all the benefits all the account holders receive.  

3. There is no minimum balance. 

Some banks have a policy of the minimum balance your account can have. However, the Universe’s bank is an exception. You can hold as much or as little as you can. Above all, the Universe is encouraging you to save more. It assures you of the safety of your savings and that you do not feel threatened for having little. The more you save, the more you grow. 

The little good acts you do here and there are not in vain. Do not wait to be rich for you to be generous. Neither should you wait to be in need for you to be prayerful. Grow your spirit constantly through spiritual acts and make them your lifestyle. Nothing is too small for you to save into your account. Your spirit needs it and the Universe is patting your back. 

4. You can transact from anywhere without visiting the bank. 

At the introduction of banking services, customers had to physically visit the bank to transact. There were long queues and banks employed more staff to cater to the growing demand for services. This evolved to the use of automatic teller machines (ATMs), debit cards, and credit cards. Customers did not need to enter the banking hall. They could transact from specific places with ATMs or swap their cards at points of sale. It did not stop there, with the rolling out of mobile and internet banking, you can now do all transactions online without ever visiting your bank. Banking is now paperless and digital. You can even open your account remotely provided you have proper documentation. 

The Universe’s bank has also evolved its services and you can transact online from anywhere. You can play your role in nature remotely without waiting for the right time to act. This is the freedom that comes with having an account with the Universe’s bank. The Universe monitors your spirit everywhere and good behavior attracts a good score in your bank records. You become eligible for more services like earning interest and dividends.  

5. You earn interest through your account. 

Financial institutions give annual interests and dividends to their members depending on the types of accounts they hold (savings, fixed deposits, investment accounts, etc.). This will encourage them to maximize the operation of their accounts to earn them more in the next cycle.  

The principle of interest also applies to the Universe’s bank. The Universe will grant your spirit special favors in life as an interest to being a good customer. The reward system of the Universe’s bank is functional and very healthy in encouraging you to continue bonding with nature. In return, you will earn the interest of good health, abundance, and manifestation of your desires. All of them are in the basket of interest to your spirit from the Universe’s bank. 

The Universe is faithful to its promises. This extends to your relationship with it and nature. Everything you have ever wished to achieve is at arm’s length. It starts by opening your spiritual account with the Universe’s bank.

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Preparing Your Spirit to Receive an Inheritance from Above

Inheritance refers to assets or items passed down from a parent to a child or from a friend to another upon the death of the original owner. It is mostly according to the wishes of the deceased that a specific person becomes his/her heir. Some of them could not have contributed anything yet remain eligible to receive the inheritance only because it was the wish of the original owner. The deceased had his reasons for listing these specific heirs. 

The legality of an inheritance. 

An inheritance is effective when it meets either or both of these requirements: 

  1. The deceased left a valid last will that mentions the heirs of his wealth. 
  2. The family of the deceased is known and there is no dispute about it. His wealth will be distributed equally among them. 

This explains why it is encouraged in most states that people write their last will while they are still alive. It will reduce questions asked about the eligibility of the heirs.  

Just as people receive inheritance in the physical world, so do our spirits receive theirs from the universe. We are eligible heirs to its great inheritance. All of nature’s wealth, from the Arctic countries (those in the North Pole) to the tropical rainforests, belongs to you as the Universe’s heir. 

How to become a perfect heir. 

There is a suitable character for an heir that is different from those who are not. An Heir is groomed from the beginning on how to perfectly fit into the shoes of his predecessor. He/she is destined to carry on with the deceased’s legacy and even improve on it, not diminish it. Consider how monarchies operate – the crown prince/princess is groomed at an early age to behave like a Royal so that it is easier to assume the position of the next King/Queen when the right time comes. This is exactly how the universe wants to prepare your spirit to receive inheritance from above. You shall be the perfect heir ever seen if you follow his guide. 

1. Understand and appreciate your history. 

Heirs need to know their family history and embrace it. This is because it played an important role in shaping their life to the present state. In monarchs, family history is taught to the children and they grow up learning more about it. They learn about the Kingdom’s alliances, enemies, and what interests to pursue when their turn to rule comes. 

It is equally important to understand and appreciate your spiritual history as you prepare to receive inheritance from above. Your spiritual history will highlight areas to improve on in readiness to fit in the shoes of an heir. It includes your prayer life and conquering or succumbing to temptation. The better you understand it, the more suitable you become to be an heir.  

2. Understand and appreciate the importance of your inheritance

The inheritance of a monarch is very important to their family and the country at large. They are a symbol of unity in the Kingdom. It is beyond the monarch’s family interests. This makes it important that the leadership does not fall into the wrong hands. It should be someone who will uphold the importance of his/her inheritance and even increase its value. 

It is paramount that your spirit embraces the importance of your inheritance in the Universe. You have a special place in nature. You are not a pedestrian but a key stakeholder in the spiritual realm. Life’s hardships do not remove your inheritance in the Universe from the center stage of your life.  

3. Maintain a good character and public image as the heir apparent. 

The character of an heir should be at its best. Nothing should dent it because he is a reflection of the Kingdom’s future. An heir’s public image should be praised because people love what they see in him. More so, he is their hope for the future. 

The character of your spirit should be like that of an heir. The universe expects to always see you on your best behavior, out of trouble, and as a person in charge of your life. This type of leader inspires their confidence. The universe will be comfortable to leave you with the spiritual inheritance of abundance. It will be sure that abundance will not ruin your good reputation.  

4. Devote your life to protect your inheritance and build on it. 

The life of a monarch is dedicated to service. He/she is not a public servant who can resign from their job and a replacement immediately found. From childhood, a monarch is prepped for their life-long service. It is only death that can stop them from working. 

The universe is interested to know your plans after receiving your inheritance. Shall you forget about your service to nature or will you be even more committed now? Your inheritance (in the form of good health or exceptional talents) is what the universe wants you to use to protect nature. Devote your life to protect your inheritance and build your legacy. 

5. Familiarize with the laws governing inheritance and fully observe them. 

There are laws governing the monarch. They rule within a constitutional framework to protect the Kingdom from administration excesses. Further, the legal framework of a monarch gives it legal recognition. Everyone is happy when the monarch confines itself to these rules. 

It is important to familiarize yourself with laws governing spiritual inheritance and be compliant. Your spirit will be peaceful all your days and you can focus on accomplishing your pending personal assignments. You experience divine calmness in your life when the Universe is sure you will observe its laws. The heir who is most compliant inherits the best from the Universe. 

It is important to prepare your spirit to receive inheritance from above. As a child of the Universe, you are entitled to receive good health, healthy relationships, excellent skills, and unmatched talents. This inheritance is most useful when you are well prepared for it.

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Why Your Spirit Needs the Universe’s Stationery and How to Use Them

Stationery is a general term for writing materials and office supplies. It includes paper, pens, files, envelopes, erasers, pencils, and sharpeners just to mention a few. Stationery is useful in executing office duties and in teaching and learning activities in schools. As it is currently, stationery is at the center of world business. Nothing goes on without it. 

The role of stationery extends even to your spirit. It needs the right stationery items to execute its mandate. Your spiritual life dims when your spirit does not have the right items of the Universe’s stationery. This is tragic and should not come close to happening. In light of this knowledge, you can restock and use your spiritual stationery appropriately. The first step is knowing the roles of the Universe’s stationery in your spirit and how you can use them. Here are some of them: 

1. Writing. 

Examples of stationery items used for writing are pens, pencils, mark pens, highlighters, books, and charts. They are used for writing, sketching, or painting. During the early years of learning, a child is taught how to hold a pen and pencil to draw sketches or shapes. Enough practice makes him an expert who can hold his pen himself to write and draw beautifully.  

Your spirit needs the Universe’s writing stationery items to write in your life. This is prayer. A prayerful spirit can write anything it wishes. You only write what your mind has processed. The Universe is encouraging you to embrace prayer and write your heart’s desires to manifestation. 

2. Organization. 

This is another role of stationery. Office stationery like trays, files, and folders are important in organizing office work. They are used to store and neatly arrange documents in cabinets according to their appropriate classification. This makes it easier to later retrieve any document that you want. 

Your spirit needs the Universe’s organization stationery to put your life in order. It tidies up your life and makes it attractive for other people to come into it, just as birds perch on trees with beautiful flowers. This is how doors open for you to meet destiny helpers. The Universe’s organization stationery is spiritual calmness. It opens your eyes to new things about your spirit daily.  

3. Record keeping. 

Stationery is useful in keeping records safe. Spreadsheets and accounting ledgers keep important information like sales, the amount owed to suppliers, and customer’s debts. This is important information in the management of the business. This increases the importance of stationery used for this purpose. They are indispensable.  

Your life is like a business that should be carefully managed to realize profits. Your spirit needs to use the Universe’s record-keeping stationery to maintain correct records. This stationery is character. The Universe wants you to guard your character against corruption. Do not succumb to the pressure of bad friendships. Instead, form deliberate relationships with people who will build your character, not ruin it. 

4. Memory. 

Stationery helps improve memory retention ability. It happens through the effort to read, understand, and remember important information in written materials. Your mind strives to take on as much information as possible because you never know where you will need it. A good memory can be monetized when you successfully apply your knowledge correctly. 

The Universe’s stationery of mindfulness improves your spiritual memory. It helps you to master your area of specialty. There is no limit to the kind of person you will become when you use the Universe’s stationery of mindfulness. This involves an accurate focus on your ordained calling and mastering the necessary skills to execute it. Your spirit needs it.  

5. Creativity. 

Stationery inspires creativity through what you read and write. The mind goes wild thinking of how to execute ordinary thoughts. Reading and writing energize the brain to think beyond borders. You imagine flying to Canada when you read about its super cold winters or flying to Kenya when you read about its beautiful wildlife. One thing leads to another and your mind conceives more creative ideas thereafter. The genesis of all this was through what you read. 

The Universe’s stationery of creativity is self-awareness. The more creative you are, the more you express yourself better. You increasingly become aware of your environment and your role in it. Nature confers you with the status of VIP because of your self-awareness. 

6. Productivity. 

Good stationery improves your productivity and work efficiency. You can rely on a quality pen not to fail you when taking important notes, your eraser to rub mistakes you make, and your sharpener to sharpen your pencil when blunt. Good stationery is very reliable and worthy of all your trust. In exchange, it is instrumental in producing your best quality work.  

Your spirit needs such reliable stationery from the Universe to improve your spiritual productivity. This stationery is trust. You need to earn the Universe’s trust to maximize your productivity. Nature will support you on both sunny and rainy days. Your commitment to the Universe earns you its trust which increases your productivity.  

7. Environmental consciousness. 

This is the ability to be fully aware of your environment. Unlike self-awareness which is primarily centered on you, environmental consciousness first considers nature’s state. Stationery has the power to be environmentally conscious because most of it comes from nature. Paper (and by extension all books) and pencils come from trees. They have a connection with nature first before anything else. Stationery items that are products of nature cannot hurt their source. This makes them environmentally conscious.  

Your spirit needs such stationery from the Universe. They are a reminder of conservation and the concept of preserving the source. The universe’s stationery of environmental consciousness is purity. It keeps you from contaminating your spirit. The universe wants you to maintain purity and keep off corruption, bad company, or gossip. Spiritual purity will give you a long life full of happiness. 

Just as stationery is useful in schools and offices, so is the universe’s stationery useful to your spirit. Learn how to use it and embrace it fully since this is your future.

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The Power of Nature’s Diversity

Diversity is the condition of being composed of different elements. This is exactly what nature is made up of. It has great diversity; from the jungle to the deep seas to life in space to the deserts and the forests, nature has a lot to offer. This rich diversity is an avenue that your spirit can pursue out of poverty, poor health, failing relationships, mistreatment, or unemployment. Nature supports both aquatic and land life. It protects all creation in their habitats and none lives at the expense of another. While nature is interdependent, it ensures that one class of animals that is food to another class is not completely wiped out. At the same time, the predator class continues to survive and does not go extinct. Both of these classes of animals have different significant contributions to nature. This is the power of Nature’s diversity. 

Following the example of nature, the Universe wants to teach your spirit about diversity. It will help you multitask to achieve several goals at once. Diversity helps you to express love to everyone, accommodate differences, tolerate criticism, manage crises, resolve conflicts of interest, and be a unifying factor in the lives of the people in your life. Without diversity, you achieve the complete opposite of everything listed. Nature already understands and practices diversity. This is how we manage to appreciate its daily beauty. When your spirit follows nature’s example, you will be the morning star in the sky.  

1. Diversity in the sky. 

The sky is one of the most beautiful creations of the Universe. It holds the sun, moon, stars, and clouds up there without them falling. The way we look up at the sky when we are disappointed hoping that a solution will drop down to us. Sometimes looking at the sky at night to behold the beauty of patterns of the stars and the beauty of the moon in different phases. How both the stars and moon coexist in the sky to shine their light on the Earth harmoniously is one of the many ways that the sky accommodates diversity. During the day, the sky accommodates the powerful light and heat of the sun. This is the beauty of diversity in the sky. 

Nature wants your spirit to accommodate diversity as the sky does. The moon, stars, and sun are sources of light to the Earth. Parents, elders, teachers, and priests are the light to your spirit. The universe wants you to accommodate all of them because each of their light is equally important. They will increase your knowledge and guide each of your steps.  

2. Diversity in the jungle. 

There are different species of animals in the wild – insects, birds, predators, and prey. Each of them has different adaptations to survival. Surprisingly, nature especially accommodates this rich diversity. Each of them has a roof over their heads and a safe home for their families. 

The power of nature’s diversity in the jungle is in the provision of needs to everyone living within it. The universe wants your spirit to adapt to this form of diversity. It will put you at the top of the top of the pyramid. Your spirit will not be overwhelmed by needs no matter how much they are. You will be nature’s hero. 

3. Diversity in water bodies

There are many water bodies in the Universe including rivers, lakes, and oceans; with either fresh or salty water. They contain aquatic life according to the adaption of different species to either fresh or salty water. Like in the jungle, the bigger fish eat the smaller ones. Again, even when they are fished, they are never depleted. How marvelous!  

The ability of the water bodies to have different species of aquatic life is impressive. What is more attractive is the different ways that water bodies clean their water (apart from human intervention). It could be through the tides or how the ground purifies dirty water through its natural mechanisms. When your spirit adapts to the beauty of diversity in nature’s water bodies, you will improve the quality of your relationships and work productivity. Just as water bodies with different shapes and sizes manage to maintain their purity, so will your life radiate beauty when you adopt nature’s diversity. 

4. Diversity in the soil. 

There are different soil types like clay, loam, sand, silt, and volcanic soils found in different places. These soils have different properties and different uses. Some are more suitable for farming, others for building, and others for modeling. Nevertheless, all types of soils are useful in one way or the other. This is nature’s gift to soil diversity. 

Nature’s diversity in your spirit has the same power as that of diversity in soils. Your power is in your uniqueness. You are useful despite having unique characteristics from that of your peers. The universe does not want you to try to fit in. Instead, embrace your unique abilities and you will find your power therein. The universe wants you to then use this power to serve nature.  

5. Diversity in natural principles. 

Events in nature occur on different principles. This is so because science is dynamic and constantly evolving. It is not a guarantee that a principle that worked last month will apply next week under different circumstances. Most importantly, the natural principle applied previously could have evolved into a newer one. This is the beauty of diversity in natural principles. 

The power of nature’s diversity to your spirit is most pronounced when you are in different circumstances. They are experiences that the Universe wants your spirit to pass through and learn important life lessons. Do not hold them (the experiences) in bad faith but rather be grateful for them. They are a stepping stone to a higher calling. 

The power of nature’s diversity is present all around us. The universe wants you to open your eyes to them and align your life with nature’s diversity. Therein lies your eternal freedom. Go get it!

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Attaining Spiritual Patriotism in the Universe

Patriotism is love and devotion to your country. You feel attached to your country and do not feel shy to identify with it. It can be seen through how people identify themselves with their nationalities. “I am Mark* and I am an American*” (read your name and nationality). This introduction shows your pride in your country. Patriotism is a source of true love through which you can sacrifice anything for its sake, even giving up your life. It applies to relationships, sports, careers, workplaces, and families. The spirit of patriotism is unchained and roams freely in the Universe. Once you accept it, you become everything a patriot should be. 

The life of a patriot is an exciting one. You are constantly wearing the badge of honor of your country to tell the world where you belong. Most if not all countries have a national anthem that praises it. It is also an identity mark all over the world when it is sung. As a patriot, you take all the glory and shame for your country (hopefully it is mostly the former). In light of how patriotism works in the World, the Universe wants you to turn your focus on spiritual patriotism. 

What is spiritual patriotism? 

It is the commitment to your spiritual identity in the Universe. It is similar to national patriotism in most ways, the first one being that neither of them can be hidden or suppressed. A patriot stands out from the crowd. He/she is a fearless champion & defender of his/her faith.  

The Universe wants you to attain spiritual patriotism as soon as possible and spread its gospel to those who are still in the dark. In return, the Universe has in store rewards for its patriots. This is how you can promote spiritual patriotism: 

1. Respecting symbols of spiritual unity. 

National patriots respect symbols of national unity. They appreciate them as the glue that holds their patriotism together. Symbols of national unity include the national flag, anthem, bird & tree (particularly in India), and many others. They are sacred and held in high esteem by all citizens. Spiritual patriotism thrives when symbols of spirituality are also respected. They include priesthood and nature. Priests are the link between humanity and divinity. They are reliable channels of communication with the Universe that we cannot do without. On the other hand, nature is the mother of all patriots. She deserves the respect of motherhood. Respecting both nature and priests promotes spiritual patriotism as a child of the Universe. 

2. Celebrating spiritual festivals. 

National patriots celebrate national holidays because they are significant in the history of their country. They carry the weight of memories of their freedom fighters and various national achievements that patriots are proud of. This is why it is also important to celebrate spiritual festivals. It brings spiritual patriots together because they have a shared love for the Universe. Baptism and salvation are important spiritual festivals because they mark your initiation into spirituality. It is factual that people only celebrate events they value and celebrating spiritual festivals is a way of promoting patriotism in the Universe. 

3. Participating in patriotic debates. 

Debates are avenues of brainstorming over issues in depth. It is not about winning an argument for the sake of it but rather winning souls to believe in you. Debates are also ways of expressing yourself to other people. A good debater can easily express himself/herself. This is one of the reasons that debates are encouraged in schools. Holding spiritual patriotic debates is healthy because it helps you understand more about your spirituality. You can learn a lot from your fellow patriots. In addition, spiritual patriotic debates draw the attention of non-believers and attract them to your faith. This is a win for the Universe.  

4. Fulfilling spiritual duties

Patriotic citizens fulfill their duties diligently. They vote for leaders of their choice or even offer themselves for election. This is because they understand that it is their civic duty. They also serve their country in different capacities including even joining the security forces because they genuinely want to express their love for their country. Spiritual patriotism includes fulfilling your spiritual civic duties because it is the right thing to do. The first among these duties is evangelism. The universe wants you to be its messenger to the world. Let more people hear the good news of discovering their spirituality and preparing for the afterlife. It is common for people to convince others to join them where they are because they have seen its goodness. This is what patriotism and evangelism is all about.  

5. Studying about spirituality. 

Patriots learn about the history of their country. They are eager to know what shaped its current political, economic, and social landscape. This is the reason a country’s history is taught to students in schools. The seed of patriotism is planted in their life at a young age. Knowing their history shapes their perception of the future. You can attain spiritual patriotism by studying about the Universe and spirituality. The more knowledge you have about it, the more inclined you are to embrace it. People abstain away from a matter because they are not knowledgeable about it. However, when they finally get to know it, they appreciate it more. This is similar to how you can attain patriotism. 

6. Speak the Universe’s language. 

A patriot embraces his culture and speaks his indigenous language. It shows how much he is in touch with his country. Anybody can claim to be patriotic but it takes a lot of commitment to learn an indigenous language. Speaking your local language is not discrimination but a landmark of patriotism. Similarly, you can attain spiritual patriotism by speaking the Universe’s language. It signals that you are proud of your roots and your spiritual culture. This is patriotism. People will identify you with the Universe’s language as one of its children. The Universe wants you to proudly wear this badge of honor. 

Attaining spiritual patriotism in the Universe is an important aspect of your growth. It speaks a lot about the type of person you are. Are you patriotic?

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Preparing Your Spirit for The Afterlife

The afterlife is believed to be life after physical death. It is where your spirit goes to another life after you complete the one on Earth. Life on Earth is preparation for how to handle the other one to come. If you spend this one wisely, preparing for the one to come and enjoying the one you have, then the Universe will be pleased with you. You will avoid a lot of oncoming challenges with enough preparation for the afterlife. The Universe does not want the afterlife to find you unprepared for it. Instead, you need to know everything that awaits you there.  

The spiritual mystery of the afterlife. 

The afterlife has been a mystery for a long time now. Some believe in its existence and others do not. However, the Universe affirms its existence and that your part is already reserved. Solving a mystery needs you to have some information at your fingertips. Here is what you need to know: 

  • Everyone qualifies to enter the afterlife. 
  • Your life on Earth influences the quality of your in the afterlife, whether regular or VIP.  
  • The afterlife is eternal. 
  • You cannot reverse events once you pass into the afterlife. 

In the midst of all this, you can prepare for the afterlife with the comfort that the universe has secured your place in it. This is how you can prepare for it: 

1. Sow eternal seeds. 

Forever is a long time to be on the wrong side. Your life on Earth is enough preparation time to decorate your stay in the afterlife. Your collective actions (both good and bad) will eventually catch up with you in the afterlife. In light of this, the universe advises that you sow seeds of love in the lives of other people so that you can reap the same in the afterlife. When you help the needy, homeless, and less fortunate in the community, you qualify for the same treatment in the afterlife. Be a good farmer who will sow good eternal seeds and at the same time weed his farm to allow his planted seeds to grow healthy. Bad actions are the weeds that you should remove from your life so that you do not receive the same in the afterlife. The good reputation of being a wise farmer who sows good seeds should precede you wherever you go. 

2. Create positive influence wherever you go. 

Influence is the power to sway the outcome of a process or the actions of a person however you would like. Your stay in the afterlife will only be influential if your life on Earth is also influential. The influence will secure your seat at the table of power because of your following. History is complete with examples of how ordinary people rose to power by their influence on the masses. If you want to know what the afterlife looks like, observe how life goes on in your absence. The positive influence you create in your life will follow you in the afterlife. It will become the crown of honor on your head that will shine brighter in the afterlife as appreciation for your good work on Earth.  

3. Build bridges, not walls. 

When the Earth was formed, it was only a big and empty space. It was only the sky, dry land, and sea. Walls have never been in the Universe’s plan. It later became man’s innovation to secure privacy for himself and protection from bad weather. Walls are a barrier to see through. It is a limitation of your vision. You will not think about certain things because they are out of sight (after being blocked by the wall). The universe encourages you to build bridges to cross over to new places safely. Bridges also connect regions that are far away from each other. As preparation for the afterlife, your spirit can build a bridge to connect your present life with the next one. You can do so by strengthening your relationship with Nature. How you conserve the environment and nurture your relationships goes towards building a strong bridge. Failing to build a strong bridge and instead building a wall will make your afterlife rough. This is not the Universe’s plan for you. 

4. Adapt to nature’s culture. 

Nature’s culture is similar to the one in the afterlife. Adapting to it fast is preparation for what you will encounter for eternity. You will not have problems conforming to it. Nature’s culture includes the patience to handle growth and appreciation for diversity. Consider the metamorphosis of a caterpillar to become a beautiful butterfly. It happens within around 14 days or more depending on the species. Better yet, consider the different gestation periods for different animals. Nature’s culture emphasizes patience and it is passed on to the afterlife. Be patient with your progress in life. As your experience grows, so does your growth. With time, you will make more sound decisions and adopt a mature approach to life. This is an achievement in your Earthly life and marks your readiness to survive the afterlife. 

5. Create meaningful connections. 

These are the people you know at various places. Your relationship with them, whether formal or informal, is important in preparing your spirit for the afterlife. These are the same people you will go with into the afterlife and others will come a bit later. You must be familiar with the awkwardness of being in a new place without knowing anyone. It feels lonely and insecure. This is how the afterlife feels like when you do not know anyone there. It is the reason that the universe encourages friendships. You never know whom you will meet in a new place. Social capital is one of the biggest investments that you will make in your life.  

Adequate preparation for the afterlife is important for you to fit in when you finally enter it. This is an eternal life that your spirit yearns for. Today is your time to prepare for it and get a shiny crown.

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The Art of Spiritual Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping involves recording the financial transactions of a business systematically. These records are important in monitoring business performance and evaluating ways to improve the volume of trade. The business stands to benefit a lot when its bookkeeping is done professionally and accurately. Proper bookkeeping enables a business to make accurate budget forecasts, pay taxes due, report to investors accurately, and comply with government regulations. The scope of bookkeeping is wide to the extent that it keeps on constantly evolving to meet the growing needs of businesses. It has a whole industry of dedicated professionals who ensure that bookkeeping meets the required standards and reflects the true picture of the business performance.  

Bookkeeping in businesses is a shadow of spiritual bookkeeping. Your spirit is the business enterprise and the Universe is the accountant preparing the books. It will give an accurate report on the progress of your spirit. Will your business remain a going on concern or does it face bankruptcy? Proper bookkeeping will reveal all the flaws and strengths of your business (spiritual life). This information is useful in knowing areas of improvement and monitoring to improve the quality of your spiritual life. 

Compliance with spiritual bookkeeping and audit. 

The Universe wants your spirit to comply with the required standards for bookkeeping. Just like companies must comply with the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), so should your spirit comply with that of the Universe. It must comply with these principles: 

1. Principle of regularity.

A company’s financial records are required to be GAAP compliant. It is not negotiable to modify these regulations to suit circumstances. The same applies to spiritual bookkeeping. The Universe expects you to comply with its doctrines of universal love and peace without any compromise. Of all things that will be said of you, let it never be mentioned that you were not loving or peaceful. 

2. Principle of consistency.

Accountants should use the same accounting practices across all accounting periods. The business should uphold these practices even when it hires a new bookkeeper. Any change must be noted in the footnotes to alert the users of their financial statements. Spiritual bookkeeping should equally be consistent. The universe is calling out your character. It expects that you consistently be your brother’s and sister’s keeper without treating either differently from the other for whatever reason. Should there be a cause to justify any change in your character, tell them about it.   

3. Principle of sincerity. 

Bookkeepers are required by GAAP principles to report honestly on the financial health of a business without compromise. It is illegal to change facts for whatever reason. Spiritual bookkeeping demands honesty in your life approach. You must do honest work and form honest relationships. This is the best foundation you can lay for your future generations.  

4. Principle of permanence of methods. 

This is similar to the principle of consistency except that it singles out the preparation of financial reports. A bookkeeper should ensure that any report prepared by one company can be compared to another. This sets the tone for the company culture in bookkeeping. Spiritual bookkeeping focuses on your spirit’s firmness. Your character may be compared to your poor reputation in the past but you should be firm to prove that you are a changed person.   

5. Principle of non-compensation. 

This GAAP principle roots that the performance of a business should be reported as it is without making it try to look better (in case of a loss). Bookkeepers should not try to compensate a debt with revenue. Both should be reported separately. Spiritual bookkeeping works on the same principle. While you may not be able to change your dark past, the universe allows you to work on your present and the future. Your spirit must work to create harmony in the present and onwards, not to correct a failed past. The universe wants you to live past it because you were naïve at the time but you are now wise.  

6. Principle of prudence. 

Bookkeepers must stick to facts when preparing financial records. They do not engage in speculation about the future of the business but are only concerned about the current performance. Likewise, spiritual bookkeeping is prudent. Your spirit must stick to the real issues in your life and not the imaginary happenings of the future. This is for the universe to ensure you are committed to your life and that of your loved ones. Instead of building castles in the air about what you think awaits you in the future, your spirit should work on the present. 

7. Principle of continuity. 

Regardless of the status of the business, bookkeepers must assume that it will continue to operate when they are preparing financial reports. The universe wants your spirit to adopt this principle when doing your spiritual bookkeeping. Always believe, by grace, that you will see the next day. This is the faith that the Universe wants you to have when doing spiritual bookkeeping. 

8. Principle of periodicity. 

Bookkeepers should limit themselves to a specific period when preparing financial information. Any other information outside this period is irrelevant in the preparation of financial records. The Universe, in doing spiritual bookkeeping, is focused on only the matters that are relevant in your life. In that respect, it wants you to only focus on the things that you can control and not worry about those that you cannot. This is the best practice. 

9. Principle of materiality. 

As a principle, accountants must disclose all the financial information of a company to the best of their ability. This is to ensure that they are thorough in their work and leave no stone unturned. The universe requires the same from your spirit – to be thorough in everything that you do. It will make you competent, effective, and productive in the Universe.  

 10. Principle of utmost good faith. 

Bookkeepers are required to be ethical in their professional conduct. They should discharge their duties without bias and be objective in their line of work. Spiritual bookkeeping equally demands higher accountability and ethical standards. You will constantly keep yourself in check and comply with the Universe’s standards of honest living. Spirituality discourages a scandalous and dishonest life. In the same breath, it encourages transparency and a healthy lifestyle. 

The art of spiritual bookkeeping is an important skill that the Universe wants you to perfect. It will turn your life around and give you a different perspective on life. Start by observing these ten principles.

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“What is in The Papers Today” -News in the Universe

Newspapers have fresh headlines each day. More so, it is how newspapers are in the nearest outlet very early in the morning that is shocking. At what time were they printed, packaged, and distributed? The news press is always punctual with the latest news scoops both locally and internationally. Most people want to know what is making headlines in the papers. It shapes the discussions, mood, and tone of the day. 

What happens in the Universe is similar to what happens in the world. There are newspapers with all types of news sold daily. They contain important information for your spirit. Knowing it puts you in the light and at an advantage when you want to make important life decisions. The newspaper has news for all walks of people – sportspeople, traders, politicians, policymakers, students, parents, and anyone who cares to read. The Universe’s newspapers are similarly comprehensive to accommodate everyone. It contains information for you irrespective of your employment, health, or social status. 

Information etiquette. 

1. Punctuality.

Hardly do people go to read newspapers in the afternoon or evening. It is preferably done in the morning because the information in the papers shapes opinions and policies on that day. You want to know the forex exchange rates in the morning to decide whether you will trade your securities. Others want to know beforehand about new government policies that will affect their business operations so that they can adjust accordingly. Another group wants to know schedules for sports or political events so that they can prepare their teams on time. Every demographic group has a use for the information in the papers and they must know it earlier. 

Punctuality is also relevant in the spiritual realm. The Universe wants you to be aware of what is in the papers before it is too late. Do you need to revisit an earlier decision you made in light of new information? This is possible if you observe punctuality in reading the Universe’s papers. 

2. Context. 

Context is the circumstances surrounding information or an event. You must understand the context of any information. One statement could mean one thing when made in a political forum and mean something different when made in a business forum. It helps you to understand the intended meaning of a statement. 

The spiritual context of information is far more important. As you go out to read the Universe’s papers, it is necessary to know the context of the information that you will read. It could be a warning to specific people (which you are not a part of) and yet you let it weigh down on your shoulders. It could as well be a compliment for your good work and you misquote it for a rebuke. Allow yourself to read the whole story in the Universe’s papers before reaching a fast conclusion.  

3. Target. 

The target of information in the papers is as relevant as the content. Good information etiquette demands that you filter through information where you are the target so that you can adjust accordingly. When the papers report on policy changes in the education sector and you are a student, teacher, parent, or any stakeholder, it is wise to take an interest in this information and dig further. You will take action immediately or be prepared to accommodate the new changes.  

The universe’s papers also have a target audience. There is information meant for different demographics – adults, children, the elderly, the sick, the bereaved, winners, losers, couples, singles, or divorced. The Universe wants you to identify your category and focus on the news that affects you. You can also go through other news categories but not at the expense of that targeting you. Understanding the target of what is in the Universe’s papers completes the spiritual flow of information.  

What are the names of the Universe’s papers? 

The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Straits Times, and The Business Times are some of the most popular and reliable papers in the world. You can easily read global news depending on where and what you are interested in.  

What are the names of the Universe’s papers? These are the publications that you will go to each time you want to read the Universe’s news.  

1. Dreams. 

This is the most common paper that the Universe publishes frequently. Yes, experts say that we dream every night. The difference is that we do not remember all the dreams each time. Dreams as one of the leading Universe’s papers is very effective in delivering spiritual messages. The universe uses nightmares to warn you about impending danger. It also uses dreams to explain mysteries and give your spirit rest. You must take your dreams seriously if you want to align your spiritual life with the will of the Universe. 

2. Meditation. 

It is another paper that the Universe publishes less frequently but is still very reliable. The lonely times that you take to reflect is an avenue that the Universe uses as its newspaper. You open up your spirit during meditation. This makes it a very important paper especially because it is published within your spirit. The thoughts, memories, and new ideas during meditation are the contents of the Universe’s sacred paper. You can pursue your ambitions through the new ideas you receive during meditation.  

3. Prophecies. 

Prophecies are words spoken about the future or that solve an existing mystery. The words of true prophets always come to pass at their appointed time. They are part of the Universe’s papers that you should read frequently. It could have some crucial information for you. Just as you would buy a paper for yourself on your way to the office, so should you consider consulting the Universe’s papers to be up to date with the latest events in the spiritual realm. 

The flow of information in the Universe is complete when you read the three papers in the universe and observe the three information etiquette practices.

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Forming The Right Spiritual Partnerships

A partnership is a formal agreement between two or more parties to do business to make a profit. A partnership, like a sole proprietorship and limited company, is an acceptable and legal way of doing business. However, the features of these three are different; each with distinct characteristics, merits, and demerits. Inside the goal of a partnership to make a profit, there could be other goals it has. Once it attains it, the partnership is dissolved, and the partners part ways. However, somewhere along the way, partners can find great meaning in their partnership and transform their association to become a company. Its perpetual life makes the company more attractive to do business with because it is not tied to the mortality of a single director and/or shareholder. 

There are spiritual partnerships just as there are business ones. The motives for their formation are the same except that the individual partners are not tied to the partnership for personal gains only. Spiritual partnerships are divinely inspired and if set up correctly, they solve all spiritual mysteries. Are you feeling anxious, stressed, frustrated, discouraged, or helpless? The cure to any of these is forming meaningful spiritual partnerships. Your spirit desperately needs it. It will calm your body, mind, and soul and maximize your potential as a leader and worker in the Universe. These are some of the spiritual partnerships that you need: 

1. Childhood. 

The Universe assigns you as a family when you come to the world. Although some lose their parents before they grow up, it does not invalidate the plan of the Universe to give you a family. Childhood is one of the earliest forms of spiritual partnerships. You are attached to two adults who are charged with the responsibility of nurturing you until you become an adult. As a child, your mind and spirit are like blank pages. Your parents write what they want on it and that is how you grow up to become. 

Spiritual childhood is equally a very important partnership. You could be an adult but still a spiritual child considering your knowledge of spirituality and how much you have explored. The universe wants you to embrace your spiritual childhood the way a child does. It is a beautiful stage of innocence that you will grow out of the more you continue learning from your spiritual parents. The spiritual parents whom the universe assigned to you could be your priest, intercessor, or biological parent. They must write on the blank pages that is your spirit and you will grow up with the knowledge they instill in you.  

2. Mentorship.

Mentorship is an extension of parenting. A mentor is an experienced person in their field who inspires you to become like them. It could be your biological parent, school professor, businessperson, sports coach, politician, musician, or thespian. Your mentor has a lot of influence over your life since you would like to become like them in the future. 

Mentorship is a spiritual partnership that closely follows childhood. Like childhood, mentorship is also a mandatory spiritual partnership. When your spirit identifies a mentor, you become attracted to them instantly and wish to be like them. If the childhood partnership was unsuccessful, one would often choose the wrong mentor. They are inappropriate because they instill the wrong values in the mentee (violence, emotional abuse, drug addiction, etc.). If the childhood partnership is successful, the child will choose the right mentor who will teach your young spirit good things. Mentorship as a spiritual partnership happens automatically when your spirit ‘falls in love’ with a figure of authority. The universe wants to lead you to form the right mentorship partnership by embracing the teachings of your spiritual parents during childhood. 

3. Marriage. 

Marriage is an indicator of growth given that you have chosen to accept more responsibilities as someone’s spouse. It is when two consensual adults (traditionally being from different genders) deliberately choose to start a family together. They give each other companionship and procreate to have a mini version of themselves (a child). Marriage is more about your spouse than it is about the child(ren). Children are an added blessing that comes along with it. 

Marriage is an important spiritual partnership in an adult’s life. It gives you a friend who loves you without prerequisites and someone who will be with you on both sunny and rainy days. Your spouse is the Universe’s way of giving you an extra pair of hands and mind to handle what life throws at you. You are of as much help to him/her as he/she is to you. The institution of marriage has the correct framework for a spiritual partnership. The Universe is urging you to consider it as nature’s help and embrace it.  

4. Work fulfilment. 

The fulfillment you get from doing your work is a result of the relationship with your work. It is beautiful when you enjoy doing your work not because you are obligated to do it but because you find pleasure in doing it. It signifies a deeper spiritual connection with your calling. You have embraced it and you look forward to doing it unconditionally.  

The universe wants you to form this kind of spiritual partnership. It is like a renewable source of energy that never finishes. Your spirit shall always be happy doing work that is your calling. You quickly rise through the ranks in your profession because your work output is the best. Work devotion is automatic when you have a valid work fulfillment partnership. It further gifts you with new ideas to improve your work and increase your productivity. The sun will shine brighter when you enjoy your daily routine because of your work-fulfillment spiritual partnership. 

The universe wants you to form the right spiritual partnerships in nature. It will set you apart from ordinary folks because you have taken a step further to prove your commitment to the Universe. As its best friend, the Universe’s limelight shall shine favorably on you.

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Understanding The Time Zone of Your Spirit and Its Significance

A time zone is a geographical area that shows a uniform time and it varies by 1 hour for every 15 degrees difference in longitudes. Time is not uniform across the globe. The Greenwich meridian is the reference line for measuring longitudes. It is at 0 degrees and passes through London, England, and Accra, Ghana. All other locations in longitudes east or west of the Prime meridian have different times from Accra and London.

Time zones came about as a result of the rotation of the Earth that causes day and night. The sun shines on one half of the Earth’s hemisphere while it is dark on the other half. This causes the differences in time zones globally. The science of time not only applies to the Earth but to the Universe as well. Your spirit can travel across different time zones just as you can fly across half the globe to be in another time zone.

Time zones are a blessing to the world. It makes people focus on different things all over the world. While it is nighttime for people in the American continent, it is daytime for those in the Asian continent. One-half of the world rests while the other half works. In one day, you could have breakfast in New York, lunch in Paris, and Dinner in Johannesburg. It would not have been possible were it not for the different time zones.

What is your spiritual time?

Time dictates whether or not it is appropriate to do some activities. For example, students go to school during the day and return to their homes in the evening. While schools are open in one time zone, they could be closed in another zone. This makes it more important that you align your life with your regional time zone. The universe wants you to also align your spirit with the correct time zone so that you are not left behind schedule as others continue with their lives.

Your spiritual time is very significant in the following ways:

1. It improves your communication with the Universe.

Your communication with the universe is at the center of your life progress. Except it is streamlined, you will not achieve much. Communication is an agreement to speak and listen to someone and then implement the agreement. Knowing your spiritual time zone gives you the insight to know when and how to speak to the universe. It is like a chance to speak to the president. What would you tell the president of your country if he/she gave you an audience? You would make a significant request from the presidency to lift a burden from your shoulders. This is similar to the power that knowing your spiritual time zone gives you – the ability to communicate effectively with the universe. What a privilege! Just as you would know when to call a friend in the Caribbean when you are in Europe to find them awake, your spiritual time zone allows you to select the right time to speak to the Universe.

2. It improves your productivity.

Your productivity can increase when you know the time you are most active. You take advantage of it and execute your important duties at such a time. Schools use this tactic to place strategic lessons in the early morning in the timetables. Mathematics and sciences are taught in the morning when the students’ minds are alert. This does not make the other subjects less important. It is only leverage that education experts use to improve the productivity of students in subjects that are traditionally considered difficult.

This is how understanding your spiritual time zone improves your productivity – by allowing you to get your priorities straight when your time aligns with the Universe’s. This is a leap of a thousand steps and a privilege that those who do not know their spiritual time zone do not have. The activities that people in the Pacific Time Zone can do is different from that of those in the Atlantic Time Zone or East African Time Zone. Your spiritual time zone improves your productivity without comparing yourself with others.

3. It expands your network.

Networking is an advantage that those who travel a lot have. They meet new people from different parts of the world, cultures, and time zones. It is an opportunity to learn a lot from them and vice versa. That special friend in Singapore, Australia, Spain, Canada, Kenya, South Africa, or Mexico has experiences that you lack because they are in a different time zone.  Being in the same time zone with them would make all of you similar and there would be nothing to learn from each other.

Understanding your spiritual time zone opens you to know other people in different zones and spiritual levels. Those ahead of you can mentor you about spiritual mysteries and the path they took to achieve their current status just as you can exchange cultural experiences. Spiritual networking is an important encouragement point that everyone needs to strengthen their faith. However, it can only be possible when you choose friends from different time zones.

4. It lets you do the right thing at the right time.

What makes a difference between you and the person ahead of you is the time that you execute your plans. Awareness about time zones teaches you to do the right thing at the right time and not because someone else is doing it. While it could be right for someone in London to attend a 9 am court appointment, one in Australia cannot honor his court date at the same time because it is 8 pm in his local time. Spiritual time zones create a difference in the time you execute spiritual duties. Your time to be baptized is someone else’s to marry. The time you receive your first employment appointment is when someone else receives their retirement pension. This variety is the beauty of life. You will not compare yourself with others when you know your spiritual time.

It is important to identify your spiritual time zone because it puts your life in order in a special way without comparing yourself with others. In this light, what is your spiritual time now?

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