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Awakening the (Sleeping) Giant in You

awaken the giant within you

There are normal people and there are giants. There is nothing out of the ordinary with normal people. Their routines are predictable and their lives are in a constant loop. Normal people attract normal things. Their dreams and ambitions are average, their friends and associates are ordinary, and their efforts yield ordinary results. This is not the plan of the universe for you. You are extraordinary because there is a giant inside you. The giant inside of you is capable of doing extraordinary things.

Can other people see the giant in you or you are as ordinary as other people to them? Do you remember a time in your life when you were so powerful to accomplish whatever you had set your heart to? The giant inside you was awake and working magic in your life. The spark was lost because he is asleep and you are yet to wake him up. Everyone has a different giant in their lives as the universe assigned. It is not nature’s wish that we all have a similar giant, because how else would we complement each other? Our strength is in our diversity, and the universe knows this quite well.

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The giant in your life could be talent, ambition, vision, razor-sharp focus, a genius mind, or the spirit of love. The universe endows each of us differently; and to some, more than one giant. These giants could, however, be asleep in your life and you need to wake them up to restore your lost glory. An awake giant could disrupt your life because it will no longer be business as usual. This is a welcome disruption because it will put you on your map to glory. This is how you can wake up the sleeping giant in you:

  1.     Have vision bearers.

Vision bearers are people in your life who share your vision and its weight with you. Your plan becomes their plan as well. They have no hidden motive with you and their sole goal is to see this vision come to fruition. It is good that you already have a vision but it will be even better if you have vision bearers. Put your vision for your company, business, family, relationships, or anything that you choose on a vision board. It is more of writing it so that you can look at it like a third party. This will awaken the sleeping giant in you and you can see how to manage the success of everything in your vision board. Consider yourself the managing director of a company. He/she is in charge of everything in the company to secure its best interest so that it may continue to remain afloat in a competitive industry. The company is your life and the giant in you is the managing director. Vision bearers are the other directors. Together as the board of directors, the company shall fulfill its mandate (your vision) to the latter. Choose your vision bearers today.

  1.     Fuel the fire for your desires.

Desires can die as easily as they are born. The ambitious giant in you is asleep because desire died. You once desired to raise a healthy family and relate well with other people. You even desired to pursue higher education and complete your doctorate. There was a time in your youth when you dreamt of becoming the senator or president of your country. What happened to all these desires? The enemy stole them from you and you instead had a gloomy picture of how it is not possible to achieve them. The universe wants you to know that it is possible to fulfill all of them. Re-ignite your dreams once more. Believe in your desires one more time and resurrect your youthful dreams. The giant in you will awaken and focus on ticking all the boxes on your bucket list. It is a job well done at the end of the day.

  1.     Practice makes perfect.

It is good to have goals and targets. It is difficult to have a perfect aim on target for the first time. You need to practice over time to improve your skills and you will eventually become an expert. The same thing applies to the sleeping giant in you. You need to practice your niche over time and gain the needed experience for a breakthrough. It is not impossible to have the highest sales in a month or become the best employee of the year. You only need to be persistent until you get it right. While some people could be genius to grasp a concept for the first time, this is not the case for many others. You need to keep on pushing to get the breakthrough you need. Practice makes perfect!

  1.     Feed your giant.

The giant in you could be asleep because of starvation. It is your responsibility to feed your giant to keep him awake. Expose yourself to the right people and consume relevant information. Knowledge is power even to the giant in you. This will help you to have a razor-sharp focus. Nature is dynamic and the world is ever-changing. Keep yourself abreast with the current trends in your space so that you may think outside the box and apply your knowledge relevantly. Staying dormant as if nothing is happening in your life will cause the giant in you to fall asleep because you starved him. Get engaged and move out of your comfort zone.

  1.     Improve your motivation.

Your motivation is a contributing factor to waking up the giant in you. Stay motivated and positive throughout if you want to keep the giant in you awake. There is a saying when working out that most people use – go hard or go home. You did not come this far to give up on the way. There is a lot of potential in you that can keep the giant in you awake for a lifetime. Motivated people are easy to get along with because they are not bitter. The universe will embrace you fully because you have an open mind to fulfill your mandate.

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An awake giant will improve your productivity. You can accomplish a lot within a shorter time with the help of nature. It is time to awaken the sleeping giant in you

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