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Booking Your Appointment With The Doctor


A medical doctor is one of the most prestigious professions. If it were even remotely possible, all parents would want their children to study medicine. It is not for the money but for the prestige that their son/daughter is a doctor. You need to book an appointment to see a doctor whenever you need specialized treatment. This is common practice in many hospitals because these doctors, specialists, and consultants are very few and need to attend to many patients.

Booking appointments is a way of restoring order and creating a win-win situation between the patients and the doctors. The doctors can manage a certain limit of patients and the patients will receive treatment in an orderly way and with uttermost professionalism from the doctor.

The value of a doctor.

While most people attach the value of a doctor to saving critically ill patients and performing surgeries, there is another way to look at it. You can go to a doctor for a routine medical check-up. You could be feeling healthy and still go to the hospital for the doctor to do medical tests on you. He can clear you as healthy or raise an alarm of some disease (God forbid) encroaching on your healthy body. This is the true value of a doctor – to prevent and treat a disease before it is in the full-blown stage. Some patients having terminal diseases could have been saved if they went for checkups when they were still healthy.

Your resident doctor.

What becomes of those who need urgent treatment yet they cannot access it because the hospital is understaffed and all they can get is basic first aid? This experience is unfortunate.

The good news is that the universe is watching you and closely following up on your health. He has designated a resident doctor to help you overcome all your health challenges. This doctor is nature.

The greatness of a doctor is when most (if not all) of his patients make it to full recovery and are a living testimony of their recovery from the edge of the cliff of a disease. You are blessed on two fronts – the first is because you now have a resident doctor to attend to all your emergencies and the second is because your doctor has an excellent track record of his patients recovering. Nature is your resident doctor.

Tapping into the expertise of the good doctor.

good doctor

It is not common to have a resident doctor with the expertise of mother nature. You should explore this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity maximally and join the list of his satisfied clients. The next good news is that his treatment is free of charge. You do not have to pay a coin. This is part of his treatment plan that you can freely enroll in:

  1. Sunlight.

Sunlight has many benefits for your body and spirit. It is a source of vitamin D, improves eye health, and heals skin conditions. Your doctor gives you a free daily dose of sunshine. You do not have to pay any subscription fees, renewal charges, or maintenance levies. Have a routine of walking in the sun daily so that you do not miss out on these accruing benefits for your body. The fatigue you are feeling can disappear after a stroll in the sun. It is a chance to declutter and free your spirit from all the baggage you are carrying around. Child, your healing is out there; go and get it.

  1. Water.

Water is a source of life. It is a natural resource that nature has given freely to us. The reason why you buy it at a fee is because of intermediaries. Otherwise, clean water is abundant in nature. It is okay to buy it at a fee from traders or the government that has made it possible for it to come into your kitchen taps. You should drink plenty of clean water daily. Have a habit of drinking water without waiting to feel thirsty. It will save you from many opportunistic diseases. You will have smooth digestion, improved blood flow in the circulatory system, and efficient excretion. Water is a magic pill for your health.

  1. Natural food.

Nature has an abundance of natural food. You will never sleep hungry if you follow the advice of your good doctor. He prefers natural food over processed ones because they have no additives or preservatives. As a matter of duty to nature, you can tend to your kitchen garden and grow healthy vegetables for subsistence use. This kills two birds with one stone – fulfilling your duty to take care of nature and also living on the diet of your good doctor. Exploit every opportunity you get to eat healthily. It is more affordable to stick to your doctor’s treatment plan than to treat costly modern diseases.

  1. Exercise.

Physical exercise is vital for your health. It is an opportunity to pay specific attention to your body parts. You can choose to do workouts for specific goals and it still counts as exercise. Its main goal is to push the limits of your physical fitness and perseverance of stress. Your doctor wants you to improve the strength of enduring physical pain as you exercise. The benefits of pushing your limits are not limited to health alone. You can exercise your mind to think outside the box and come up with solutions to existing problems facing humanity. Your doctor has genuine intentions for your well-being.

Physical exercise

The validity of your appointment with the doctor.

Your appointment with the doctor is valid for as long as you choose. Nature is forever at your disposal in exchange for the fee of commitment to maintaining it. Consider your relationship with nature like that of a car and its owner. The car will serve the master for as long as he takes care of it by fueling it and taking it for regular servicing. The earlier you book your appointment with the doctor, the faster your health will be saved.

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