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Break the Cycle Of Bad Habits One Step At A Time

Habits are rooted in our desire to experience a future we’d pat ourselves on the back for.

But as you’ve probably noticed, it’s hard to stick to the good ones.

Of course, we all start with the right intentions. You tell yourself you’ll finally hop on that new diet. You tell yourself you’ll hit the gym, and put in the required hours. You tell yourself you’ll commit to building better relationships.

Yet we still bounce from one bad habit to another. Never giving the good ones a chance to shape our lives.

And I get it, maybe life got in the way. Or you’ve got a history with procrastination. Whatever the case though, there’s a way around it.

So if you’ve ever felt stuck in a cycle of soul-sucking habits, it’s your lucky day.

Because we’ll explore a few ways you can break out of them.

Ready? Let’s jump right in.

How Are Bad Habits Formed In The First Place

To better understand a problem it’s always a great idea to trace the roots. All bad habits stem from a common formation principle.

Knowing this will serve you well. Because once you explore the various ways bad habits emerge, tackling them becomes easier.

So how do bad habits form? All habits (not just bad ones) follow a four part process that cements them in our lives:

1) A cue or trigger.
2) Craving
3) Response or Reaction
4) Reward

Let’s dive deeper a little into each one to see how bad habits like smoking, alcohol, and even procrastination take hold of our lives.

To do this we’ll use alcohol drinking as a reference point

– Cue Or Trigger.

This is anything that creates an urge for you to indulge in a habit. It ranges from things like stress, a physical reminder of your past or anxiety.

Basically, anything that raises your urge to indulge in negative habits is your trigger. For alcohol, it could be stress at work. Most people state stress as a major reason they slip back into their old drinking ways.

– Cravings.

Once that trigger has been fired, your cravings kick in. You can control it at this point but most people don’t. And their cravings get the better of them.

It’s hard to fight your cravings but you’ll soon find out a few tricks to help you out.

– Response Or Reaction.

This where you indulge in the bad habit over and over again. From one bottle of alcohol to two then three, till you’re finally too drunk to do anything.

Response has a multiplier effect. Which means once you start an action, you’ll want to increase it.

That’s why it’s close to impossible to hold yourself back at this point. And the reason is due to rewards from engaging in such actions.

– Rewards.

This practically seals the deal. Because if there was no form of reward in the first place, we’d probably never have bad habits.

Feeling less anxiety after gulping four alcohol bottles makes people return to it.

For a lot of people these bad habits become soothing. They massage our emotions temporarily leading us to slip back into old ways we’d swore to get done with.

Why Bad Habits Make For Ineffective Manifestation.

Once we lose our ability to manifest, we lose access to our blessings.

Bad Habits might give you some rewards but they’re short lived. They’re disguised problems waiting to jump out on you from nowhere.

Sure, you might drown your worries and feel good in the moment. But what happens after that? Headaches, loss of concentration, and lower vibrations. 

These problems compound, and damage your ability to manifest your desires. And if you can’t focus, that’s a goodbye to your dreams. Because that’s an ability every powerful manifestor is armed with.

So if your vibrations are low, the universe can’t give you what you want.

How To Break Bad Habits For Good.

Good habits make success possible. They’re like seeds that bring fruits of happiness, joy, and money into your future.

You might look at people that seem to move through life with ease and wonder why.

Well, it’s the habits they’ve planted long ago. That’s why it’s crucial to break bad habit cycles. Then replace them with good ones so your life can move smoothly.

On that note, you can follow these steps to break your bad habits.

1- Practice Mindfulness.

Bad habits like smoking or drinking don’t magically disappear. No matter how much we want them to.

It takes deliberate effort on your part to put an end to plaguing habits. And the first step is becoming aware of your triggers.

There are certain things, situations or people that trigger you once you encounter them. It’s your duty to sit back, and find out what these things are.

You can’t fix a problem if you don’t know the cause. Pointing your finger at something, and labelling at a trigger will help you to catch yourself.

This way you’ll be more aware of your feelings.

2- Detoxify.

This is where you get rid of your triggers. If your trigger is stress, find ways to relax. Like watching a movie. Or listening to your favorite songs.

Spend less time around things that create an urge to slip into bad habits. If there’s someone that triggers you, then it’s time to start seeing that person less often.

Your body, mind, and energy will thank you for it.

3- Make it harder to start

Sometimes we might slip up in the first two steps. And that’s okay. That’s why it’s important to make bad habits tougher to continue. 

An example is when you’ve got a phone addiction and can’t seem to drop it down. To make it harder to use, consider locking it up in a drawer before you sleep. Or at certain periods of the day

If you struggle with drinking, you can apply similar methods. You can reduce the amount of bottles you stock up in your fridge.

Also, you can set boundaries on your time or attention for toxic people. This will make it harder for them to reach you.

When it’s tougher to slip into bad habits, we get discouraged from carrying them out.

4- Visualize your new behavior

Now that we’ve got all the bad stuff out of the way, it’s time to focus on the good ones.

This will help you unplug from the negative cycles. Visualizing yourself practicing your new behaviors will help you escape from negativity.

Why? Because your mind gets used to it. And as you probably know, your mind shapes your reality. 

The more your mind believes in your ability to change, the easier it is for your body to act on it. 

Here we preach the power of visualizations. Because it’s a gateway to actually becoming who you desire to be.

Wrapping Things Up

Bad habits have no place in your life. The less you indulge in them, the faster your desires manifest.

Your vibration is an energy force that needs to be constantly stimulated. So you carve out ways to do that.

Good habits ensure you’re filled with abundance, joy, and positivity.

So cheers to getting better at them while breaking bad habit cycles.

Happy manifesting!

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