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Building New Habits from the Routine of the Universe


It takes some time to build a new habit in your lifestyle. It is not an instant coffee decision and even though you may wish to go down that road, your spirit will take time to adjust to the new normal. Change, whether positive or negative, takes time to come into effect. It is not a surprise because your spirit inherited this from the universe. Things are procedural in the spiritual realm. This is the environment of the universe. Certain routines of the universe have existed since the beginning of the world and they are not about to stop now. At the same time, the universe has picked and dropped other activities in its routine along the way because their usefulness has been long overdue.

Consider things like the climate, weather, and Karma. What is common across all of them is that they happen and affect everybody. There is no way either of them will spare you. On the other hand, matters like relationships, careers, family life, and spirituality only affect those involved in the chain. The weight of personal choices is borne individually. Take a cue from the universe and build new habits that are aligned with the routine of the universe.

The perfect routine.

The routine of the universe is flawless. It goes beyond the Earth to include other planets and space. Its principles are universal and what you see elsewhere will eventually catch up with you if you are within its parameters. Some of the permanent routines like climate have remained unchanged for a long time now. The tropics have a unique climate – warm and either wet or dry because they receive sunlight throughout the year.

On the other hand, the poles have a different climate – they are colder than the tropics because they receive limited sunlight and to the extreme, the sun may not rise or set for weeks. The communities living in either the tropics or the poles have adapted to this routine because there is little that they can do to change it. Instead of fighting it, they have grounded their lives in new habits that make them productive.

The perfect routine is sensitive to the things in your control and those that are not. Your productivity is tied to your routine. The earlier you get on track to find your perfect routine, the better for you.

Needs and wants.

There is a thin line between needs and wants. You have to fulfill your needs for survival while you take care of your wants so that you may be comfortable. It is great to fulfill both of them but what happens when you have to make a choice? This is the voice of nature in this matter – let your spirit guide you.

voice of nature

The universe admits and expels life. It supports all life and without it, the world would be a big empty hall. Your spirit is a tenant in the universe and you have a role to play in your survival. The needs of the universe should match yours and its routine should be reflected in your life.

These are the healthy habits aligned with the universe:

  1. Conservation.

Nature loves conservatism. This is the habit of taking care of what you find and tending to it as if it were yours. The owner of an asset knows its value and will not risk its usefulness. Similarly, nature understands the value of plants, vegetation, and life in the wild. It will not support any threat (whether actual or perceived) to life on Earth. The universe supports this through its accommodative routine.

The universe fully supports conservation habits and will bless you with all your efforts in this route. Plant more trees, conserve water, switch off lights that are not in use, use renewable energy, and take care of your pets. These habits will make conservation a part of your routine.

  1. Consistency.

Consistency is to continue performing a service without fail. It is easy to start something new but challenging to continue to maintain it. It requires consistency throughout and appreciation that what you are doing is for the greater good. This is what the universe does for us every day.

The universe has consistently woken you up every dawn. The instinct to open your eyes kicks in automatically and you get up from bed to face the day ahead. The universe is not biased towards anyone or any group of people but consistently wakes all of us and gives us a second chance to make things right today. Be consistent in adopting your new habits and they will stick to be part of your new routine. Consistency put the spirit of service in you and thereafter your routine becomes effortless.

  1. Inclusivity.

Inclusivity is when nobody is left out of an arrangement. It helps to foster unity where there was none because everybody feels part and parcel of the agenda. They contribute their time to making it work. More so, inclusivity pulls people together and clears any doubts that may arise because you were left out. It is an assurance that the people at the table have come with clean hands. The ball is in your court to walk in their steps to actualize your joint goals.

nature and yourself

Nature is very inclusive in its routine. The whole universe is involved in its daily routine. This is the reason for its success – dawn and dusk happen to everyone. The universe is inclusive to grant everyone equal time to make their day. The slave and free, male and female, young and old have a shot at being on the decision table with the universe.

You can build the habit of inclusivity by sanctifying your conscience. You will not be fearful or guilty of the things that you do. Inclusivity means the liberty of being free from judgment for the sin of selfishness.

It is possible to build new habits from the routine of the universe. They will lead you in the right direction fearlessly.

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