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Building Your Kingdom of Wealth

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The History of Kingdoms and Empires.

Kingdoms are one of the earliest pieces of evidence of ancient civilization. Societies were governed by a King or Queen with political and administrative authority. According to National Geographic, the world’s earliest Kingdoms were established about 3000 BCE in Sumer and Egypt. They developed when leaders began conquering and controlling cities and settlements.

This history is an important reminder when you are about to build your Kingdom of wealth because all Kingdoms are founded and governed alike (of course with a few variations). There are lessons on how to and how not to govern a Kingdom. The Universe refers to them and the success of your Kingdom of wealth depends on it.

The Kingdom of the Universe.

You live in a very rich Kingdom. The Universe lacks nothing that you may want. The gift of life is yours to get the most out of it. Among the many goals you have is to build your Kingdom in the larger universe and establish yourself. Many people before you have wanted the same. Here is how you can start your journey of building your Kingdom of wealth:

  1.  Choose your environment.

Throughout history, the location of Kingdoms and empires was a very strategic choice. They were geographically located in a secure position where they could see their enemies in case of an attack. Also, they were in very favorable climates to help grow their main economic activity. Farming societies settled in regions with good rainfall and fertile soils.

Nature expects you to learn from this lesson. Your environment is very important if you want to grow your wealth. Where do you decide to settle? Every part of the universe has its set of blessings. 

Are you a business person? Carry out your business near your target customers. It gets better if you are in the service industry. You can offer your services where they are required the most. The universe wants you to choose your environment wisely because a wrong choice will collapse your kingdom of wealth.

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  1.  Get the right resources.

This is what happens after choosing your environment. Do you know how to use the resources that the universe has put at your disposal? Both capital and human resources are equally important.

Go beyond business with your customers and go beyond trade. Cultivate this friendship and you will retain them longer as you continue to dutifully serve them. The secret to wealth creation is now out! Your customers are the people whom you assume do know about your business yet you have not told them. Co-exist first with the people in your environment and then beyond.

You are a King or a Queen who wants to create more allies instead of enemies. There were intermarriages between different kingdoms for this reason – building the relationships that matter. The Universe brings people your way who will help you build your kingdom of wealth. You have to retain them and connect with many others.

  1.  Remove spiritual obstacles.

Spiritual obstacles are threats to your kingdom. You must neutralize these traits. Going back to the choice of your environment, it is strategic to help you remove spiritual obstacles that threaten the prosperity of your kingdom. Nip dissent in the bud before it is too late a revolution collapses your Kingdom.

The Universe has given us free will to make choices that we shall live with their consequences. As a ruler,  letting other people shout you down in your kingdom will make you a lame duck. Obstacles of discouragement can ruin the good plan you have for your business.

Learn how has the universe dealt with dissent. Those who oppose nature and instead of letting it thrive do deforestation face the wrath of the climate. Those who build their houses along water paths get carried away by floods for obstructing nature. This is how you should treat threats in your kingdom. Wealth sticks where it is protected and runs away from where it is threatened.

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  1. Expand your knowledge.

Indeed, knowledge is light. You cannot hide knowledge where there is ignorance. Building a kingdom is not a little task. You need all the knowledge and expertise possible. Start by learning from the history of other kingdoms of wealth. It will help you not to repeat the mistakes they committed.

Nature is an excellent teacher. Your knowledge of spirituality is like a management course to a manager – very important. Be knowledgeable in your skill. Know it inside out, upside down, and even sideways. If you are a doctor, be the best and have the best tools of the trade. If you are an accountant, know all accounting principles and have math at your fingertips. Even as a salesman, know the products you are selling and answer every question a customer may ask you.

Refuse to be ordinary and stand out in what you do to bring you income. Being extremely good at your skill will make you sellable and earn you more revenue. Just see how the Universe is a master at everything!

  1.  Be as generous as the Universe.

Wealth is not acquired by keeping everything to yourself. Nature is generous with favorable weather for everybody (both the good and the bad). It gifts its fruits to those who tend orchards and fruit trees. Even wild animals who did nothing to deserve these sweet fruits still get a taste. Look at the wonderful monkeys! Borrow a leaf from nature and be generous to a good cause.

We often succeed not because of our good actions but because of the prayers of other people whom we touched through our generosity. The Universe remembers us for their sake and blesses us so that we may keep on blessing others.

Finally, every Kingdom has rules. Have rules as you are building your kingdom of wealth. This promotes discipline and will help you remain on track without focusing on non-issues. A King or Queen is ruthlessly focused.

Observe how focused the King of the jungle is when hunting. This is yet another lesson from Nature about building a Kingdom. If you are ready for what lies ahead, limitless labs is specifically here for you. Learn how to build your kingdom of wealth from the experts. Limited slots are available.

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