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Building your Wealth Shelter in the Universe

Growing up through kindergarten to lower primary and progressively rising through the ranks of education, there has always been three basic needs – food, shelter, and clothes. Shelter has always been a basic need. Weird as it may sound, even the homeless somehow find shelter on the streets.

The universe is very much aware of it and is calling out every responsible citizen of the world out here to embrace building their shelter. A time is coming when you will be in need and every shelter you go to will be full. The time is now to strike the iron while it is still hot.

A shelter is a place that gives you refuge and covers you from existing dangers. It can be temporary or permanent but it will still serve its purpose. Building a shelter is a full-time job but very rewarding in the end. The joy of sitting under the shade of a shelter you have built from scratch is so fulfilling. There will be joy riders who will seek your friendship because you are now a man/woman of means. Their friendship is not genuine except to benefit from your sweat. It is wise to identify these kinds of friends early enough and learn how to live with them while enforcing boundaries.

Nature understands the importance of you and I having our shelter of wealth. There is only so much that the universe can do for you if you neglect the duty of building your shelter of wealth. This is how you can go about it:

  1.     Have a strong circle of friends.

That no man is an island could not be further from the truth. Strong-willed friends play the protective role of shelter – to protect you from harsh, unfavorable weather. This is one of the reasons why people build shelters – the weather is unpredictable and you need to have a roof over your head to cover you. A good shelter will give you shade under the scorching sun or during a heavy downpour. Without it, you may fall sick and suffer from pneumonia, the common cold, or other diseases. This is just how important shelter is.

This universe understands what we stand to lose without it and it helps us to build our shelter by introducing friends in our lives who will stick with us through thick and thin. These friends even become closer than family. You can confide in them whenever you feel lost and they are a shoulder to lean on on your darkest nights. Do not push them away even when you feel that you want to be alone because nobody will be there for you when your temporary shelter caves in. Do you have a strong circle of friends? Embrace them if you want to build a strong shelter.

  1.     Learn to be discreet in generosity.

In the modern world where nothing is hidden from Cameras, shelters provide us with first-class privacy (at least from the outside world). We can control what happens inside our shelters. We need to extend the same privacy to our lifestyles, especially in charity. Religious teachings reinforce the need to be discreet when being generous or kind to other people. There is no competition in being generous and kind. Nature will set you up for good karma ahead for every good act.

The universe wants you to learn that not everything is meant for the camera. When you build your wealth shelter in the universe with privacy, it will give back the same to you multiplied a hundredfold. We need privacy to cover us in our lowest moments and there is no better place to invest in than the universe.

  1.     Be in touch with humanity.

What effect do you have on other people? People will never forget how you made them feel. Wealth is not measured in riches, luxury cars, or bank account balances. A wealthy person touches the lives of people he meets differently. They go home with a good memory of him/her and look forward to meeting them the next time. That is how you can build your wealth shelter in the universe.

build your wealth shelter

A wealth shelter built this way accords you with a dignified social class. You become a respected member of society because of the kind of shelter you live in. Look at how the population lives in different residential areas according to their social class. The wealthy live in their exclusive estates with a lifestyle that other people cannot afford. They feel comfortable living with their equally wealthy friends as neighbors. They feel safe because their houses are fortified and their compounds are guarded throughout. This is the lifestyle that the universe wants you to have.

You can slowly build your wealth shelter by expressing humanity to other people. The universe will grant you great honor. A good shelter is built through humanity.

  1.     Fence your shelter with prayer.

We keep a lot of valuables in our shelters – electronics, jewelry, clothes, furniture, important documents (land title deeds and car logbooks), and many others. These valuables increase the risk of theft and breaking into our shelters.  This is why wealthy people erect fences and even pay private security firms to guard their homes.

As a wealthy citizen of the universe, you need to do the same. The most effective security is prayer. Fence your wealth shelter through prayer to ward off thieves and people with ill motives.


Prayer is a means of communication between the spiritual and physical realms. Your wealth shelter in the spiritual realm will be safe when you continually pray to the universe about it. Prayer is an electric fence around your wealth shelter which is very necessary for your safety. There is a battle between the good and bad every time you go on your knees to pray for divine protection. Good eventually wins and your shelter and valuables in it remain safe.

A wealth shelter is a basic need. You can build your spiritual shelter in your daily life with the help of the universe. It is not too late to start building. 

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