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Calling Out Money Effortlessly

calling out money effortlessly

How does it feel when the person you are calling responds quickly? It is relieving and satisfying that they heard you fast enough and spared you the energy of shouting their name.

On the contrary, it is frustrating to keep on calling someone who does not respond. You do not know whether the person ignored you or he/she did not hear your call. An unanswered call is irritating, to say the least. But an answered call is joyous because you have been granted an audience with the one you were calling.

Did you know that money has ears? It can hear when you call it. However, its response depends on the manner you call it. For one to positively identify that it’s them you are calling, you need to call them by the correct name. It is only then that the person can be sure that it is him/her you need. The same applies to money.

The chase for money and wealth stops the moment money responds to your call. Instead of running after it, call it by its name, and should you do it right, it will respond to you. Bingo! Welcome the world of the rich and mighty.

The different names for money.

  1. Power.

Money is power. It gives you the ability to fulfill your needs and wants. Everything costs money – tuition fees, shopping, food, bills, house utilities, and even travel fare. Money has purchasing power (depending on the currency and amount) that buys or pays for all your needs. There is an x amount of money that you need daily to be able to carry on with your day.

The universe understands all these dynamics. Here is nature’s free advice for you – call money by its power name and it shall respond quickly. You do so by offering solutions to existing problems. Recurrent problems need a recurrent solution and people will pay for it. This constant source of income will cater will pay off your daily expenditure.

three name of money

  1.  Leverage.

Money gives you leverage over those who lack it. This advantage makes you stand out from the crowd. The poor do not become extinct all of a sudden because they lack money even though they struggle a lot to survive. When you master the art of calling out money effortlessly, it makes your life a little bit easier and you can afford more than basic survival. The plan of the universe for you is that you do not labor in vain.

Calling money by its leverage name is asking it to take you beyond basic survival. Nature empowers you to call money by this name. It does so by granting you grace and favor before the rich and mighty. The grace of their associations opens doors of money in your life. It is not because you deserve it but the favor upon you works overtime for your sake. Consider revising your company of friends and associates because they greatly determine whether or not money will respond to your call.

  1.  Class.

Money influences your social class a big deal. It makes the ultimate decision concerning whether you can mingle with other “money-ed” people. Money is like a lubricant that oils the moving parts of a machine. It makes your life easier by upgrading you to a new class.

Here, you no longer fight for basic survival or leverage, but to maintain your newly found class. There are quite a handful of people who call money by its class name. Money has found a new home in their bank accounts and it is not moving out soon.

Nature has preserved your space in this elite group. You can call money by its class name when you support charity and good-cause programs in the community. It is an indication that you are beyond the survival phase, no matter how little or much your contribution is. Nature will command financial blessings to come your way because you are instrumental in improving the social and economic class of other people.

Just like a person has several names and is identified differently with them, the same applies to money. The name you will use to call someone heavily depends on your relationship with them. Money operates on the same wavelength. It will respond to your call depending on the name you have used to call it. Power, leverage, and class (PLC) are all money names.

Which one do you choose?

What next after calling money? You need to further the conversation in a language familiar to both of you. The skill of having money is different from the one of maintaining it. Nature’s language of maintaining your new wealthy status is TALENT.

The new money program.

After calling out money effortlessly, what follows is maintaining your newly found status. The universe figured it all out and pre-installed a program in you. You may or may not have already discovered this program but it does not take away its importance.

new money program

Your talent is the money program in you. It works best when you know how to monetize it. Your level of education and social status is just a bonus on this divine program. Your talent is gold. It is as rare as it is precious. It maintains your good relationship with money after it has responded to your call. Without it, money will walk away as fast as it came into your life.

A talent is an inborn ability to do things with ease and effectively. Nature intended you would use your talent to lubricate your life. Can you write, negotiate, network, play a sport, or play an instrument? These are some talents that you can capitalize on to further your relationship with money.

You can play soccer, even internationally, and get paid for doing what you love. Musicians, artists, arbitrators (servants of the courts), and writers get paid for working on their talents. The universe is proud of a creative son/daughter who uses nature’s program to maintain their relationship with money. Say goodbye to money constraints and begin your money-manifesting journey.

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