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Can You Manifest the Wrong Partner?

Manifesting is a great way to attract love with a specific person, but can you manifest the wrong person?

The short answer is yes, you can manifest the wrong partner. But it’s much more complicated than that.

If you have been working on manifesting a specific person into your life, but you seem to be getting attention from someone you don’t want instead, you probably need to pay attention to this post and save it for later. relationship

You can manifest ANYTHING using the Law of Attraction, Vision Boards, 369 method, or countless other methods. However, the biggest issue with manifesting is that most people are unaware of how to manifest properly, so they never get the person they want – but a completely different person.

In this article, we are going to look at whether it is possible to manifest the wrong person, and what you can do to ‘fix’ the situation.

Let’s dive in:

5 Reasons Why You Are Manifesting the Wrong Person

Here are possible five reasons why you’ve manifested the wrong person:

You Aren’t Specific Enough
You need to be crystal clear on who you want for manifestation to work properly. You may be in alignment with love, but the picture of the type of person you want to manifest may not be clear. In this case, you may end up manifesting the wrong person.

Writing what you want is the best method to get all of the specifics out of your head and get crystal clear on what you want to manifest. Write down the physical qualities you want your partner to have, how you want them to treat you, the hobbies they enjoy, and even your typical day with them.

Try to think of your partner as though he’s already there. What are you currently doing? Is he holding you? Taking you on a vacation? Or simply calming you down after a stressful day?

Describe your ideal relationship with him/her. This helps you leave an imprint on your subconscious mind. It’ll be easier to know when that person comes into your life.

You Are Attached To The Outcome
While it’s important to focus on your desires, being attached to the outcome can bring in a negative result. This is a common reason why people mess up the manifestation process.

It’s important to channel your energy towards what you want, but you should also LET GO and live your life a bit. And by letting go, I don’t mean that you no longer desire it. I’m simply telling you to be less attached to the outcome.

Stop trying to make things happen on your own accord, don’t be obsessed about them coming, quit checking your phone hoping someone buzzes you, and stalking his/her social media account.

Don’t obsess over when it’ll happen, where it’ll happen, or how it’ll happen. The truth is that you attach the same energy you give out and if you become worried and stressed about it, you’ll manifest someone who matches that energy.

So my advice is that you send your manifestation to the universe, then fall back a bit. Live, relax, and enjoy as if you know that your happy relationship is coming your way.

You Lack Belief
One of the reasons you attract the wrong person is that you don’t believe your manifestation will come through.

Even if you are doing all the manifestation techniques correctly, something within you believes that it’s false. You are giving eye services to the idea of manifesting a specific person but you feel it is unrealistic.

If you don’t believe you could ever be with your specific person, or if you believe they are way out of your league, then you are not going to be a vibrational match to them.

The universe sends you what you think you can have. And because of this, you need to work on your mindset and strengthen your belief that you can have what you want. By believing, you could shift things in your favor and you can manifest a loving and healthy relationship with that person.

You Manifest the Feeling – Not the Person
One thing you should understand is that the universe knows the best one for you. Oftentimes, you may feel that you are manifesting the wrong person, but in the end, you’ll be successful with them.

So there’s this guy, Adam. He’s super popular and has tons of attention from super hot women. You want him to notice you and pay attention to you because you’ll feel like a ‘winner.’

Sure, he is attractive, charismatic, and has other good qualities that make him your ideal man. If feeling confident is something you want, you might manifest someone else that gives you that exact feeling.

You could see it as manifesting the wrong person, but if this new guy makes you feel like a winner, they pay attention to you and have all the qualities you want in a man, then the universe has fulfilled your desire.

The law of attraction works based on feelings. So, yes, it may be the wrong person physically, but this type of result works for you.

You’re Focusing on the ‘Void’ in Your Life
Another problem that can cause you to manifest the wrong person is focusing on lack.

We know there is a void to fill in your life. So focusing on filling it up is understandable. However, if you are spending too much time thinking about how empty your bed or your life is, you’ll attract emptiness.

Feeling that you are not good enough, or you are incomplete will make you attract the wrong person into your life. So, you will attract a person who feels incomplete and is desperate to have you.

The best way to attract love from a person is to fill yourself with love. Do the things that make you happy and stop focusing on the space in your bed or closet.


There are many reasons why you might manifest the wrong person. However, since you have read this post you are on the right path to realigning your steps to prevent this from happening.

Give yourself a break, live a little, and do things that shift you closer to your desired outcomes.

Today, I want you to be aware that everything happens at a perfect time. When everything is alright, your desires will come true.

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