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Rides of Universe

Learning the Skill of Riding on Nature’s Wind of Influence

Influence has always been under-rated. But what is influence? It is the ability to affect another person’s character, behavior, or decisions. Nobody is insulated from influence from all sides. An influencer is very powerful. They run the world because their word is as good as law. Their mass following will go with them to the end of the world. If they vouch for a product, it will soon be out of stock due to its high demand.

Similarly, if they critique it, its sales will stagnate. In this age where information spreads faster than the wind, you do not want to step on the toes of influencers. Becoming an influencer is prestigious since it puts you on top of things. Your seat is always reserved at the table because your contribution is invaluable. 

Having any influence over someone is one way of showing your power in the universe. Sometimes you are unaware of your influence on someone. Your secret admirers have been monitoring your lifestyle for a long time now and you have impressed them. You have a low-key influence on their life.

You are a tower of perfection before their eyes and it cannot be right if you say it’s wrong or vice versa. There is a lot at stake if you do not learn how to ride on nature’s wind of influence on this matter. 

The secret of influence in the universe. 

Nature is complete with the history of past and current influencers. They left a mark in the universe and are celebrated to date. Some had the privilege to serve their countries as national leaders and others were behind the curtains in the corridors of power. These agents of influence kept secrets of the game of influence up their sleeves. For a long time now, it has been a well-kept secret from the rest of the world. This is one of the ways influencers have managed to maintain their power. 


The lid is open so that you can now know these secrets and maybe join the elite club of influencers if you so wish. The secrets range from keen observations to comprehensive conclusions to harsh realities and comforting assurances. Managing influence is a skill that needs to be tamed and set on the right path for you to realize meaningful benefits. The world is your stage, take it away. 

Influence is like wind. 

The wind is mysterious. It cannot be seen or touched but we can only see its effects. When it is windy, trees sway and dust is blown up. In extreme cases, strong winds can blow away roofs or uproot trees. What a tragedy! Similarly, the wind blows heavy clouds from one place to another where it later rains. The rain is a blessing.  

Influence, like wind, is mysterious. Something trivial can influence bigger blessings. Honoring a person in a lower rank than yourself can open doors for bigger roles in your life. Nature puts your life under a microscope. It observes everything going on in it and mysteriously pushes your influence to new heights the way the wind pushes heavy clouds to a new place.

It is the little positive actions that cumulatively put you on the rooftop of success. Nature teaches that influence and wind are unpredictable. Choose where the wind of influence will blow you by putting on your best manners throughout. Your character is a parachute that will lead you to a smooth landing when the wind blows in your life. 

Influence is like rain. 

Rain is a blessing. Some people wish to have rain in their area but it has not been possible. Drought sets in due to lack of rain and famine settles in the community. However, the fortunes of the community change when it rains. Farms are prepared for the season and the community prepares for a bountiful harvest. Rain changes fortunes. 

Influence is like rain. It waters your farm of potential and you can expect a bounty harvest. Your little-known business can become international when it is influenced by a big wig and you can secure a job with a multi-national company if an influential person recommends you to it (of course if you are qualified).

Nature teaches that you should ride on positive influence from other people and allow their rain of influence to fall on your farm (life). The rain of influence is a blessing and the people who pushed the clouds of rain above your head are anointed by the universe for that purpose. Embrace their influence. 

Sun and Rain

Influence is like the sun. 

The sun, like rain, is a blessing. It will rise each morning and set in the evening without fail. The sun has a lot of uses – from solar energy to food preservation to being a source of vitamin D, the sun is a very important part of our life. Come to think of it, how would it look like if the sun failed to show up for a week? The moon would switch off because its source of light is missing. For the record, the sun has always shown up even on cloudy or rainy days; you did not see it because it was completely covered with heavy clouds. 

Influence is like the sun in the way it faithfully appears daily. There is always an influence to do one thing or the other. If it is not your spouse influencing you to settle on a new home, it is your child influencing you to buy their favorite toy, or your parents influencing your career choice. The constant influence from various quarters about your life is nature’s way of pushing you to something. Pay attention to them because you may get a lifetime opportunity because of how nature, through other people, influenced your choices.  

Riding on positive influence to your life’s mission is a skill that nature wants you to perfect. Grab the opportunity tightly when nature’s wind of influence blows in your favor. There is nothing that you cannot achieve when your goals align with nature’s influence.

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King's Crown

Understanding the Universe’s Secret of Loyalty

Loyalty is a jewel on the crown of a king. It makes it glitter more and increases its beauty abundantly. Loyalty is the act of showing strong support for someone or something. It is upholding your values for the sake of a person or institution and being ready to pay the ultimate price for their sake. The military is one institution that values loyalty. Soldiers are loyal to their country to the point of death. Nothing compromises their patriotism for the country. Loyalty is a deliberate choice that you make for the sake of someone or something you value.  

The universe values loyalty so much. It demands your undivided loyalty to its values and commitment to your destiny. The universe has given everybody a different calling from each other. One is called to serve, another to teach, research, or lead. All the different callings come from the same father – the universe.

It is a test of your loyalty to him by committing yourself to follow your calling. There is no superior calling to the other. They complement each other to serve humanity and make the world a better place. The most successful people in the world are those who have been loyal to their calling throughout their lives. They have overcome all the challenges in their way and have a testimony of victory. 

vines and branches

The vine and the branches. 

The universe is the vine and you are the branch. Your loyalty to commit to your life’s mission is like water to the vine. The branch gets its nutrients from the vine. The branches beget twigs from where leaves and fruits grow. As a branch, you will flourish as long as you are loyal to the vine. You will produce beautiful flowers and sweet fruits. People will love you and sit under your shade. Children will swing on your branches and eat your fruits. This is the beauty of loyalty to the universe. 

There is a lot at stake when this loyalty can no longer be maintained. The vine will not be watered and the leaves of your branch will start withering. Your flowers will fall off before they mature and you will not produce fruits anymore. The universe is keen on your loyalty to it despite the prevailing seasons. There is no justification to turn off the loyalty switch. Your loyalty should survive all the seasons throughout the year. Brave the temptations of betraying or abandoning your calling for whatever reason. You must fulfill your destiny because this is your chosen path. 

This is how you can be faithful to your calling and maintain loyalty to the universe: 

Do not change your mind mid-way. 

There could be a million reasons for you to switch your loyalty but the universe forbids it. Follow through with your commitment to the end. Loyalty is measured by the sacrifices you make for the sake of your choice. The universe appreciates your commitment and shall reward you at the right time. Doesn’t even creation teach us through birds about commitment? A mother bird will leave its nestlings in their nest to go look for food for them. She is loyal to her young ones and nothing is more important than them at the moment. She is also loyal to their growth because they are her responsibility. 

Appreciate nature’s creation. 

The whole creation is beautiful. The beautiful mountains, valleys, oceans, vegetation, and wildlife are a sight to behold. All of nature’s creation is loyal to survival. They adapt differently to see the next season while alive. A loyal servant of the universe appreciates this diversity and the complexity of nature. It is not easy for the different species of animals, birds, and fish to survive together through different seasons. It is an achievement you should be proud of. The secret of loyalty is to be proud of the place you come from. You just earned a bonus! 

Defend your faith. 

Would soldiers fiercely defend their countries if they were not patriotic? Patriotism is loyalty to the country. Learn to protect your faith wherever you are. Speak about the goodness of the universe everywhere you go. You defend your faith through constant declarations of victory so that you are not branded a loser because you are not one. Your loyalty to the universe is seen in how you defend your faith. Leave a legacy that your love for the universe was undivided. This is the loyalty of a child to his/her family – that you speak highly and favorably about your kinsmen. 

nature's support

Network with nature’s support system. 

Nature’s support system, of which you are a part, has spread everywhere. Teammates cooperate on a lot of issues because they understand their broader agenda is the same. Loyal children of the universe work like teammates do. We are all in the same team and you should network with other loyalists in the universe. They are like bridges to take you from one side to another. Take a closer look at the life of ants. They help each other carry bread crumbs and food leftovers to their kingdom. Their loyalty to their colonies binds them and they network to do duties more efficiently. The secret of loyalty in networking is that it boosts your growth. 

Give credit where it is due

There are a lot of achievements made by your predecessors whose contributions cannot be written off even in their absence. The universe wants you to acknowledge them as you seek to write your legacy. Your loyalty to the universe is measured through the humility to recognize the work of others and your commitment to your life’s mission. Constantly appraise the commitment of your colleagues. The universe will pay you back by using them as tools to lift you. Loyalty has no pride. You humbly choose to remain on the path you chose for yourself.  

It is important to understand the universe’s secret of loyalty. It will open your eyes to the impact of spiritual and physical loyalty and what it means for you. You are now ready to take your place on the chessboard of life.

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Evolution of Universe

How to Adapt to the Evolution of the Universe

Evolution is a gradual change from one form to another over a long period. The rule of nature is that everything evolves. The world today is not the same as it was a century ago. The environment and human behavior have changed. Cultures of communities have not been spared either. They have evolved to include the changing world and at the same time maintain their identity. Evolution is irreversible. It transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. It creates new routines to replace the old and a new culture begins. 

“Behold I am doing a new thing…” 

Evolution is a period of transformation. The end product of evolution is a new thing since creation. This makes it an ordained mission by the universe with a single mission – to cause a positive and permanent change. It does not matter if you are unhappy, unemployed, sick, unmotivated, discouraged, or poor. The good news from the universe is that your life will change permanently when evolution happens. It is time for your heart to conceive the news that the universe is about to do a new thing in your life. 


Evolution is unstoppable. When the right time comes, everything in the universe will work in your favor. People who did not like you previously will love you openly, those who shut doors in your face will hold them open for you, and you will have the courage to do new things that you never thought of before.  

Evolution is news that everybody will want to report on. A former gatekeeper now owns a mansion in Minnesota, the local shopkeeper now flies in business class, the local teacher is now a school manager in an international school, and there is you. How do you want your life to be in the post-evolution phase? 

Walking on the stairs of glory. 

You must adapt to the evolution of the universe. Just as the world has caught up with this digital era so should you catch up with the stages of evolution. Do not skip the stairs as you go up; step on one stair to the next. You will maximize your transformation in the way the universe destined you to. This is how you can walk on the stairs of glory without tripping: 

1. Wait patiently for your turn. 

These are wise words about comparison – “comparison is a thief of joy.” Everybody in the universe has a different exam paper. As such, you cannot copy their answers. However much they could be correct in their context, they are incorrect in yours. This is true even in the evolution of the universe. The universe could reward your best friend, brother, neighbor, or workmate yet leave you behind. Do not condemn yourself to shame. Neither should you compare your progress against that of another person. Instead, rejoice in the wins of other people.

Your time has not yet arrived. When it does, nothing shall stand in your way. Your name shall be mentioned with good recommendation in your absence and you shall be propped for new roles that were not in your plans. The universe has good plans for you. The time for the evolution of your life shall come just as it did with other people you know. Once you learn to adapt to the evolution of the universe, there will be nothing to steal your joy; not even comparison can.  

2. Embrace your strengths. 

In the wisdom of creation, everyone is gifted differently. Your gift is your strength that the universe uses in evolution. One is gifted with artwork – they create beautiful handwork products or offer repair and manufacturing services that make life easier. Another one is gifted with entertainment gifts – their work lifts the burden of life on our backs through laughter. They lead us to see the world in a different view than we did previously.

This is their strength.

Another set of people is gifted with intellectual gifts – they lead us to discover mysteries and solve the most complex problems in humanity. Their life is a gift to us from above. All these strengths from different people collectively contribute to the evolution of the universe. You can adapt to it when you stop fighting one group and on the contrary, you can adapt to the upcoming evolution by embracing all of them. Be happy for the sake of others because they have a role in the evolution of the universe. 

Evolution of Space

3. Be fluid. 

One of the unique characteristics of a fluid is that it has no shape. It takes the shape of the container in which it is stored. It expands when heated (to take more space) and contracts when it cools down (to take little space). This is the mindset that the universe wants you to take up. Be flexible to think from another person’s point of view. This will increase your understanding of the world and perception of new issues.

It is important to be fluid because the end product of evolution is new and your approach to it should be well-calculated. About two centuries ago, you could not imagine it would be possible to fly across the world to visit new places with new people practicing foreign cultures from yours. Evolution happened and it is possible to have breakfast in New York, lunch in Paris, and dinner in Singapore. The ability to be flexible to adapt to life events as they happen is genius. 

4. Live each day at a time. 

There is a rush to be perfect and complete. Most people want to settle in their lives as soon as possible with the best package that the universe has to offer. The evolution of the universe is like walking upwards on a staircase. You can only take one step at a time until you reach the peak. Do not rush to make decisions and commitments in the universe because of how you speculate tomorrow will turn out to be.

Live each day at a time. Evolution is gradual and so should life be. There are a lot of things that money cannot buy – perfecting a skill, identifying genuine friends, and the wisdom to live honorably. Your life gets much better when you understand evolution as a gradual process. 

Blessed is the person who has mastered the phases of evolution. They can positively identify their current phase and prepare for the upcoming one with wisdom. This is the four-step guide to adapt to the evolution of the universe.  

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universe good news

How to Receive Good News from the Universe

It is an honor to receive or be a messenger of good news. A lot of things happen in the world with every passing second and receiving good news is a relief that nothing has gone wrong, at least not yet. Good news puts you at ease – you can stop worrying about uncertainties, and make other commitments because the first one was successful (according to the good news received earlier on). It gives you the courage to put more effort because you shall succeed like the first time. 

There are many ways of receiving news in this age. Although we often do not control the timing, content, and means of receiving news, there are many ways of receiving it. Emails, social media, text messages, and calls are some of the many ways we use to keep in touch. Our phones receive hundreds if not thousands of messages from everywhere about different issues. You can know about news in America when you’re in China or about South Africa when you are in Britain. This is just the iceberg of how developed modern communication is.  

Your spirit will receive good news when you connect to the developed network of communication from the universe.  

Is your spirit connected to the network? 

Do you have the best communication device? 

If you do, can you maintain your communication with the universe? 

universe network

This is how to get a network connection: 

Stay within the coverage area. 

Network service providers have invested a lot in boosting their reach to many places. There are masts almost everywhere to improve network coverage. This is commendable because it has helped a lot to improve communication even in remote places. You can make or receive calls and messages through your device only if there is network available. You have two options if there is no network – either find another service provider whose network coverage is in your area or relocate to another region with good network coverage. 

Similarly, your spirit needs to stay within the universe’s network-covered area. This is the only place where you can receive communication from above. You will receive emails for invitations to job interviews, notifications of successful pitching for a business to investors, messages of appointment to new roles, and much more. You can know that your spirit is in a network zone when you receive answers to your prayers. Your petition to the universe for blessings of health and abundance will be answered when there is a good communication network. Is there any notification in your spirit about communication from above? 

Since the universe’s network is everywhere, improve on how your spirit connects to it. There is a need to upgrade your prayer life. It is an avenue where you can intercede to the supernatural for divine intervention. Meditate, believe, and pray. Good news from the universe is coming if you stay within the network-covered area. 

This is how to get the best communication device: 

Upgrade your device. 

Communication could fail even when you are in a network zone if your communication device is unreliable. You need a reliable means of communication. In this modern world, it should connect to the internet so that you are at par with current affairs. Repair your device when it is faulty as soon as possible so that you do not miss out on communication. In addition, as part of the battery health, you need to constantly charge it so that you are also not disconnected. A well-maintained communication device will keep you in the information loop. 

universe's network

Your spirit is like a communication device. You need to have good spiritual health if you want to remain connected. You will not be offline when your turn reaches to receive good news. You can upgrade your spirit to be ready to receive good news from the universe by increasing your spiritual awareness. Shift from negative perception and be a person of active faith. It pulls good news closer to you and within no time it manifests in your life. 

The universe has everything you want – good health, abundance, mental freedom, success, fruitful relationships, or anything on your bucket list. Spiritual awareness builds a positive mindset which takes you closer to receiving these gifts that are good news in your life. Further, spiritual awareness opens up your eyes to see beyond temporary limitations. A spiritually alert person has an open door for good news in their life. Be part of the fold. 

This is how you can maintain your communication with the universe: 

Buy airtime for your line. 

You need airtime to make calls or buy internet data. Having insufficient or no airtime limits your communication since you can neither make outgoing calls nor surf the internet. Your communication freedom is short-lived because of the prevailing circumstances. On the contrary, having sufficient airtime grants you unlimited communication freedom. This further increases your chances of receiving good news from your contacts.  

Like your handset, your spirit should have sufficient airtime to give you spiritual communication freedom. Spiritual airtime is the ambition of your spirit. The ambition of your spirit is the desire that your heart is burning with. Are you keen on the plight of widows, unprivileged children, the environment and water sources, helpless prisoners, or social welfare? These ambitions are airtime for your spirit. You will never lack airtime for as long as you continue to fulfill the ambitions of your spirit. 

Your spirit will have access to the universe’s realm of endless possibilities when you chase after and fulfill your heart’s desires. This is a way to maintain constant communication with the universe that has an abundance of good news for you. The obstacle of insufficient airtime shall be permanently removed and you would have cleared the path to receive good news. 

The universe turns your struggles into good news for as long as you keep in touch. The skies open for you after you have fulfilled its three basic requirements to improve your communication. Your spirit is about to receive the good news of a successful business venture, healing, and abundance. Prepare the way for it!

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nature's love

How to Win Nature’s Heart and Soul for Survival

Winning nature’s heart and soul is like wooing a woman. It requires a lot of attention and you cannot afford to mess up the first opportunity she gives you. There could be many suitors who would want a woman’s hand in marriage but she is the only one who can choose whoever her heart wants. Your job as a suitor is to look for ways to win her heart. You cannot intimidate her to choose you. Neither can you force her to love you. You must love her genuinely and convince her of the same to win her heart.  

True love cannot be bought or bribed. It is genuinely earned and expressed from the depth of the heart. You can speak about it but most importantly, it is communicated from your spirit to hers. Eventually, the spirit of your prospect acknowledges your love for her and accepts you into her life. This is how you find your way into her heart and soul to eventually marry her.  

You could love a lady to the moon and back to even promise her the whole world but still not succeed in winning her heart and soul. It is not always about how much you love someone but rather about the authenticity of your love and the compatibility of your spirits. Everything else flows automatically once you check these two boxes. 

This is the same guide to winning the heart and soul of nature. You must succeed because the success of your entire life is tied to your relationship with the universe. Couples who are in love do a lot of things for each other in the name of love. The acts of service to each other fuel the flame of love in their relationship. Even when outsiders do not see the value of the ‘love investment’ that couples do, they do not give up on each other because their spirits are tied to each other in love. The love they share is a lifetime commitment that they have dedicated their whole life to honoring.  

You should dedicate your life to winning nature’s heart and soul if you want to win everything else in life. Your love affair with nature, if successful, is the beginning of endless wins in your life. Nothing else will be too difficult for you to conquer. 

 soul of nature

This is how you can win nature’s heart and soul for your survival: 

Be a provider. 

A provider is a person who can sustain both material and emotional needs. They have a source of income that they can use to solve material needs. They are also emotionally present in the lives of people they love to reassure them of their concerns. True providers meet these two obligations effortlessly because they are committed to their love. 

Provision is one of the ways of confessing love. It is a sign of commitment to a relationship. Like in any relationship, you can win the heart of nature when you prove to be a reliable provider. You can show your love for nature by being a champion for conservation. The emotional attachment to loving nature is an assurance that you have its best interests at heart. The Universe will open doors of opportunities for your survival once you prove your love for her. 

Keep your word. 

Fulfilling promises is a mark of true love. It indicates your commitment to the person you love. You do not lie to them and neither do you give empty promises that you do not intend to fulfill. Failing to keep your word is a red flag and nature will not open up her heart to you. On the contrary, fulfilled promises endorse your character. 

Nature embraces people who are committed to keeping their word. It makes you reliable in a world where most people are not. In return, nature will keep its promise to uphold your survival in the universe. This is nature’s principle of reaping where you sowed.  

Fulfill your duty of care. 

Everybody in a healthy relationship owes their partner the duty of care. Take care of him/her and express genuine concern about their life. It has nothing to do with provision because nobody completely lacks everything. You can use what you have to care for your special person. 

Nature recognizes the duty of care as an indication of love. Take care of nature through every little effort. It could be tending to a small farm in your compound, helping a wounded bird in the woods, or feeding birds that have strayed to your place. Nature considers these little acts of kindness as proof of love towards creation and itself. Extend the duty of care to your neighbor and family.  

Be peaceful. 

Everybody loves a peaceful partner. They are not violent even when you disagree over a matter. They love peace to the point of prioritizing you over being right. It does not matter that they are right or wrong but that your relationship is peaceful. 

A peaceful person has already won half of nature’s affection. She has no space for violence because it destroys the enabling environment for success. All creation knows its role and sticks to its lane. The co-existence in creation magnifies how much nature treasures peace. There is nothing that cannot thrive in peace. A peaceful spirit is like a tree where birds come to patch under its beautiful shade. Be the peace that nature is looking for. 

peaceful nature

Play the role of a protector. 

An ideal partner is someone who will protect you. Your safety is a priority that should not be overlooked. You cannot help but fall in love with your protector. You are a treasure that he/she does not want to lose.  

You can win nature’s heart and soul when you play the role of a protector. She has many enemies who will not waste time to hurt and pollute it. You will win her heart when you are the opposite of her enemies – her protector. Over time, you become nature’s favorite and a point of attraction for all her blessings.  

Winning nature’s heart and soul is easy if you set your heart and ambition to it. The beautiful part is that when nature loves you, there is no turning back. It is your lifetime ticket out of depression, poverty, sickness, and failure. This is the time to prove your love for nature.

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How to Win the Title of Mr. /Miss Universe

One crown, one title but many contestants. This is what marks beauty conquests around the world. The title of Miss America, Britain, France, Singapore, India, Kenya, South Africa, or any other country for that matter is enviable. The winner of the competition and the runners-up keep their titles for one year until the next conquest is held. They carry the honor of the whole country for being the most beautiful, competitive, skilled, talented, and gracious lady among all the competitors. To most people, this is a dream come true. They would trade anything to wear the crown and for the whole world to know them.  

Thereafter, all the individual beauty queens from all countries compete for the crown of Miss World. This second competition is fiercer than the first one because it involves choosing the best out of the best. Nevertheless, the contestants will put on their best performance to compete for the crown. It is a forum for your country to showcase its beauty and culture on an international platform. Some investors will invest in the winners or their countries because of their competitiveness before the whole world. As a winner, you earn prestige and recognition from the whole world. It is your time to influence positive change because you are a role model to millions of people globally.  

Did you know that there is a title for Mr. /Miss Universe? 

The liberty of Mr. /Miss Universe. 

The owners of this title get far more benefits than the beauty pageants of Miss World. Again, unlike Miss World, the crown of Mr. /Miss Universe can be worn by many people at the same time since there is no specified period for it. You will only drop the crown if you no longer keep up with the requirements of the title. 

There is no discrimination against age, marital status, body size, facial beauty, gender, or race. On the contrary, the universe wants you to maintain your original personality because it is your identity. In the course of life, your spirit is influenced to change by various factors like your environment and friends. This change could impact you either positively or negatively and affect your eligibility to continue wearing the crown of Mr. /Miss Universe. This is why it is important to understand how you can win this title so that you can maintain it.  

How to win and maintain the title of Mr. /Miss Universe. 

Have charisma

This is personal magic to attract love and attention from other people. A charismatic person is likable. They are confident, excellent communicators and have a way with words to easily win the hearts of their audience. The atmosphere of a room changes when a charismatic person walks in. They are charming and are revered for it. 

This is the personality that the universe is looking for in those who want to wear the crown of Mr. /Miss Universe. It cannot be artificially manufactured to suit an occasion. Charisma comes from the spirit. It is a special gift from the universe to special people. However, you can influence the universe to gift it to you. Create a good relationship with people and the universe will gift you with charisma for their sake. You will win and maintain the title of Mr. /Miss Universe for as long as you are charismatic. 

Have confidence

This is the skill of believing in yourself and the virtues that you stand for. A confident person is conscious of the path they have chosen. They are dedicated and committed to their cause. Your confidence can be judged from the moment you enter a room. Your walking style, your speech, and your conduct before other people are a measure of your confidence. 

This is the personality that the universe is looking for in Mr. /Miss Universe. The confidence that you exude comes from your spirit. Your spirit should be fully convinced of the course of life that you have taken. You cannot be trusted to wear the Universe’s crown if you lack confidence about your personal life. Your confidence is in the power of your spirit to believe that you can achieve the goals you have set in life. Whether or not you will accomplish these goals is another matter; what counts is whether you believe in yourself to accomplish them. This is also how you win and retain the title of Mr. /Miss Universe. 

Speak eloquently

An eloquent speech is not guesswork. They are the words of a well-grounded person who reassures the audience of the possibility of the matter they are addressing. An eloquent speaker chooses their words carefully for their audience and touches on issues that the audience relates. This makes them credible and believable. 

The character of speaking eloquently is another criterion the universe is looking for in winners of Mr. /Miss Universe. The universe wants people who are masters of communication. An effective communicator can pass their message across easily and convince other people to come on board. Can you be trusted to do it? Eloquence and confidence go hand-in-hand. Having both of them takes you closer to winning the title of Mr. /Miss Universe. 

Look good. 

Looking good is a primary requirement in winning the Mr. /Miss Universe title. Your outward presentation speaks a lot about your personality. Beauty pageants invest a lot in their looks because they are the face of their respective countries or brands. This builds a good perception of them in the minds of their audience.  

The universe is also looking for someone who puts effort into their outward appearance. It is a representation of their dedication to the work of Mr. /Miss Universe, should they eventually get the crown. Looking good is also evidence of self-love. You should love yourself first before you commit to loving other people in the universe. If you are mindful of yourself then you can also be mindful of other people too. 

It is possible to win the title of Mr. /Miss Universe and keep it for as long as you would like. These four leads will take you to the coveted title. 

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spiritual self

The Prophecy About Your Future

Everybody would like to know what their future holds. Will they be rich or poor, healthy or sick, will their spouse continue loving them, what about their children, will they be happy or live in regrets? There are a million questions about the future and it is frustrating when nobody has the answers.

The universe has kept the revelation of the future away from us. It is a mystery that we are actively looking forward to solving. However, we are slowly learning about it and how we can shape the future to align with our desires.

The universe has given you the power to command your future in the direction you want it to take. Do you love arts or sciences, are you a morning or evening person, are you an introvert or extrovert? Every choice you make is like a carpenter’s nail when making furniture. It joins the pieces of wood into the object of his choice.

Nature’s law of consequences.

Sometimes we commit honest mistakes in making decisions that we are ignorant of their consequences. They are not spared from being part of our future. We reflect on our past commitments and choices when we face these consequences later on. Nature wants to save you from the trouble of dealing with the consequences of your poorly informed decisions. This is possible if you know what choices are in your best interest and you commit to them. The prophecy about your future stops becoming a mystery because you already have foresight of how it is.

 law of consequences.

Shaping your future.

The future is a continuous work in progress. There is no time that it will be complete. Neither is there a time it will stagnate. Its evolution does not have an end. You have to keep up with it until you finally accomplish your life’s purpose. These are some of the ways to shape your future:


1. Speak life.

Life is created by positive affirmations. You have the power to create or kill life. It is good if there are people in positions of authority to bless you. Otherwise, if there are none, at least not yet, fill the gap yourself. Confess that you will succeed, speak of how your victory is around the corner, and how you will one day buy all the good things you want. These positive affirmations are not in vain. It is a way of planting seeds of greatness. They will one day germinate, sooner than you think.

The universe wants you to be a priest and create the life you want for your present and future. Do not confess failure even in your dark days. Consider it as a delayed victory that you will soon celebrate. The universe is listening to the life that you will confess and will fulfill it according to your faith.


2. Fix your eyes on the prize.

The fate of your future lies in the point of your focus. Be very selective when putting up your priorities because this is where you will put all your energy and attention. If they align with the will of the universe, you will be blessed to realize all of them. This is the reason it is prudent to get your priorities right. Nature wants you to fix your eyes on the future lying ahead.

After speaking life on it, work twice as much to achieve it. The prophecy about your future is on your point of focus. This is what your spirit will eventually attract from the universe. Your focus should be on progressive goals like good health, successful businesses, building a beautiful family, and forming meaningful relationships. Your destiny will take you to the doorstep of the desires of your heart. This is how your future will be.


3. Think like a boss, act like one.

A boss is a master planner and chief strategist. He has dedicated his life to following the dream of his business. The mind of a boss is always thinking about the future of his empire and how he can expand his territory. He makes important business decisions and has a direct influence over the whole business. Learn from the boss and think like him. The universe has put you in charge of your life.

Think about how to fulfill the prophecy of your future. This is part of your job description as the boss. Think about the future of your health or business and act like the boss to get it done. The work of a boss does not end with thinking but extends to acting out the thoughts. You can fulfill the prophecy about your future by following up on your priority list. This is your blueprint just as a boss follows up on his business’s long-term strategic plan.

think like a boss


4. Living unapologetically.

Living unapologetically is living boldly without being influenced by the opinions of other people. Everyone has their preferred lifestyle and they want it to be part of their future. The universe does not want you to begin living your future today. Live boldly as a leap of faith into the future and what you want for yourself. Look at nature and its creation; the sun does not dim its brightness just because some people do not like it, and neither does time stop because another group is complaining that it flies.

Nature is unapologetic about its routine and the order of things. This is how you should also live your life – unapologetically. Buy a new dress or smartphone, register for your dream course, show love to your partner in public, and make plans to travel even without the air ticket. These actions of faith are an important part of the prophecy about your future. The universe is counting on you to walk in the spirit of this prophecy.

Who is the prophet of the future?

The universe has anointed you to be a prophet in your life. Do not despair about your present because you have the power to direct your future. This is the prophecy about your future.

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love to nature

How to Honor the Commitment of Love to Nature

Love is a feeling that leads to commitment. There is no love without commitment. When you love, the object of your love becomes dear to you and you will want to take care of it. Love is a motivation for a lot of things. You will not struggle to do something for someone you love. It could be your spouse, child, parent, or friend. The love that you share with them will make your relationship easier. Whenever there is conflict between you and someone you love, the love you both share will grease the wheels of the relationship and you will easily move past the misunderstanding. There is no impossibility in love.

Do you love nature? Nature is the environment that the universe has placed you to navigate through life. A good relationship with your environment helps you to quickly adapt to it without wasting time. It spikes new interests in you and warms the heat of your spirit to accept the changes in its environment.

It is easy to fall in love with nature because you live in it. It is the source of your food as well as your primary comfort to relieve your stress. Your relationship with nature directly depends on your commitment to it. Nature will love you back if you also show it some love. It is a tit-for-tat affair.

The universe accommodates both nature and yourself. It is a witness to your relationship and does not take sides. Your success in the universe depends on your commitment to love nature and there is a witness to it. Express your love for nature unashamedly and the universe will open doors of opportunities for you. If you can commit to love nature, you will not fail to commit to love anything else. This is how you can honor the commitment to love nature:

  1. Love your neighbor.

This is one of the oldest laws. The universe advises you to love your neighbor. He/she is a perfect work of creation like yourself. Treat them nicely as you would also want to be treated. Loving your neighbor despite their weaknesses is a sign of your commitment to love nature. Their forgetfulness, quick temper, or oversleeping (especially if you are an early bird) measures how deeply you can commit to loving nature’s creation. Tolerate and pray for them and maybe someday they will come out of it and help you to overcome your weaknesses. The universe has hidden your biggest strengths in other people. As you love your neighbor and as they return the love, the both of you build on your commitment to love nature that you are a part of.

mother nature's love

  1. Take care of your pet.

Most people have a pet under their care. If you have one, understand they are a responsibility that nature has given you. You are responsible for their health and well-being. Treat your pet kindly with the understanding that they cannot communicate with you in human language. You have to learn to understand them one hundred percent. Nature has put in pets the ability to understand human behavior and they will try to live with you as best as they can. The more you take care of your dog, cat, or any other pet, the deeper you connect with them. You will develop new virtues like patience, understanding, and kindness that you will pass on to other people. Your commitment to loving nature through taking care of your pet will eventually ‘pay you back’ through the new virtues and kill your old vices. Nature is proud when someone is committed to taking care of it.

  1. Spend time in nature.

One of the measures of love is spending quality time with the person that you love. When you love someone, you will always want to spend time with them no matter how busy you are. Commit to spending more time with nature and you will reap the fruits of your effort. Take long walks to unwind, swim in the ocean, or go camping with your friends. Spending time with nature is a stress reliever. Your spirit gets time to connect with the universe and at the same time disconnect from the world. It is a time for spiritual nourishment that gives you the energy to face what lies ahead of you. Your head aches, backache or mental fatigue can be cured when you take a walk to listen to birds’ songs. Mark the time to spend in nature on your calendar and take it as seriously as you take your work appointments. This is your commitment to nature – to spend more time with it and with the rest of the creation. Your spirit will be healthier.

love of nature

  1. Be a servant, not a master.

To serve is love. Nature is sensitive to your service in the universe. There are things that you do for the person that you love. You do not do them because you have nothing better to do but on the contrary, it is because you want to express your love through your service. How best do you serve nature? You can serve nature by taking care of the environment. Conserve nature and it will bow at your feet. Nature will ‘melt’ in front of you because of your service. It is beautiful when nature has a soft spot for you. It is a badge of favor on your face wherever you go. Extend your service to other people and the universe will reward your big heart. Service is tied to commitment. It indicates where your priorities lie.

It is not enough to say by word of mouth alone that you love nature and creation. The universe interrogates your words to see if they match your actions. You need to be consistent even after passing the test of commitment to love nature. Honoring the seed of commitment gives you a free hand to pray for anything that you want. This is the beginning of your breakthrough.

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Writing Your Name in Nature’s Wall of Fame

Most people are looking for fame. They have their reasons why they want to be famous. It must feel very nice when you are famous for good reasons. Your reputation increases and people will have a good testimony about you. How many famous people do you know? Celebrated journalists, musicians, actors, professionals, presidents, and renowned business people are some of the most famous people in the world. Who does not know Bill Gates, Elon Musk, or King Charles III? They are famous people because of the things that they have done. They are celebrated daily and are an inspiration to many people in the world. You surely would not mind if the world celebrated you too, right? The universe is giving you a chance to also build your name and climb the ladder to fame. You can write your name on nature’s wall of fame.

Nature’s wall of fame is where your reputation is written with permanent ink. Your contribution to Nature will be remembered forever. To begin with, connect your spirit to nature. Live in the present and be in touch with your immediate environment. Take long walks to appreciate the delicate creation in nature, the wisdom in the wild, the effort of the birds, and the unity of nature. They are an eye-opener to a lot of things in your life. It is the little things in life that become big eventually.

Nature’s wall of fame

The first lesson you learn from nature is that it did not take a lot for creation to write its name on nature’s wall of fame. Birds did not have to fly to space for their name to be written on the wall of fame. Neither did the fish have to walk on land for their name to be written on nature’s wall of fame. Birds continue to fly as they did from creation and fish have been in the oceans and rivers since the world came into being. You also do not have to do anything out of the ordinary to be recognized. Follow the footsteps of those whose names are already on nature’s wall of fame. Here are a few things to do if you want to write your name on nature’s wall of fame:

  1. Create.

The original plan of the universe is that you become a co-creator with the universe. Everything you see around you was created from nothing. In the beginning, the world was an empty shell. It was meaningless and unattractive. You would not think twice about living inside it. However, the world is now the complete opposite of how it looked in the beginning during creation. It is full of life and you do not think of ever relocating elsewhere (probably into space or to another planet). You can write your name on the wall of fame if you become a creator like the universe. Use your mind to think of new ideas. Innovation, arts, and science are some of the under-explored fields. Your mind is the magic pen you need to write your name on nature’s wall of fame.


  1. Manage.

Management is ensuring good use of the existing creation. The best managers can finally have their names on nature’s wall of fame. The universe appreciates managers because they are responsible for all creation. Nothing fails under their care. Good managers can turn around the fortunes of a project. They add value to it and become indispensable. You can be a good manager if you take charge of your life well. Your name will be on nature’s wall of fame when you manage your time, talents, and resources efficiently. Another point of interest for the universe is how you manage your relationships. There is no one fix-it-all method and you have to manage all your relationships independently. Well-managed relationships (both family and business ones) are a mark of a good manager. Both the world and the universe will notice you.

  1. Improve.

Improvement is to build on already existing infrastructure. ‘There is always room for improvement’ should be your new slogan as you seek to write your name on nature’s wall of fame. A good project can be made better and the better one made the best. The universe wants you to constantly improve on existing habits in nature. The more you improve the order of things, the more your spirit also improves. You begin to see things in a new light and this improves your understanding of different issues. Consider the schools that award the most improved students on merit. They focus on how much they have improved from the last assessment to the present one. This student could be in the last position in the last exam but still win the award of the most improved student because they have traveled an improvement journey that other students have not traveled. When you influence change from an old culture to a new one, the universe will write your name on nature’s wall of fame.

  1. Reconstruct.

Reconstruction is slightly different from improvement. When you reconstruct, you maintain the original architecture of the subject. It is building again something that was built before. There are towns along the East African coast that were entry ports for traders many centuries ago. They have been preserved and there are no new buildings or roads because both the government and locals want to preserve the place as a historic site. However, due to natural factors, these towns and buildings are at risk of collapsing. The government steps in to reconstruct and fortify them and they remain as they were. This is how the universe wants you to reconstruct your bad habits so that they become good and at the same time you do not lose your original design from creation. This delicate balance is what will make you successfully write your name on nature’s wall of fame.

Writing your name on nature’s wall of fame is a lifetime achievement. Many generations to come will read of your heroism and idolize you. You will leave a permanent mark of the perfect example to be emulated.

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How to Restore Order in Your Spirit

Order brings calmness and attracts good investment. Order means political stability and every investor will want a piece. A peaceful country is a beautiful place where every good thing thrives. This is the reason the United Nations is involved in peace-keeping missions in troubled countries around the globe. They want to restore order to these places so that normalcy can resume. Eventually, the economies of these countries rise back from the ashes and they even attract foreigners to come to visit. Everything thrives when there is peace and people can trade anything for it.

A troubled spirit is like a war-torn country. Life can sometimes bring war to your doorstep through unfortunate tragedies like unemployment, diseases, broken homes, failed relationships, death, robbery, and all manner of accidents. We do not wish any of these painful experiences to anyone yet they sometimes happen in our lives or to the people we love. The universe understands the challenges we face and has put an offer for a solution on the table. It is to restore order in your spirit. Peace will reign in your life when there is order in your spirit. It will open all the doors of blessings in your life.

health and spirit

Your health will improve.

Your marriage will be happy once more.

Your business will attract high-end clients.

Your friends will be happy in their lives too.

You will build your dream home.

Your spirit will be filled with joy.

The universe is like a doctor. He does not treat the symptoms of a disease but its cause. The symptoms will go away as you begin healing and eventually make full recovery. Restoring order in your spirit is not a one-day event. The universe needs your commitment to restoring calmness in your spirit. This should be your life-long commitment.

This is the path to restoring order in your spirit:

  1. Guard your thoughts.

The universe wants you to jealously guard your thoughts. The mind is a factory that processes raw materials from the environment to be used by your spirit. Your spirit will be at its best when the factory is working efficiently. Think positively and always focus on the way forward. This will help you to get rid of any chaos from the past that may come to haunt you in the future. Sometimes things may not happen as you had planned. Do not be tempted to blame yourself for it and condemn yourself through your thoughts. Forgive yourself for the mistakes you have committed in your past and your heart will be at peace.

  1. Watch your words.

Words can heal or break a person. Blessings and curses are pronounced as words and they affect the prosperity of your spirit. Hurtful words that you have spoken yourself or that other people have spoken over your life bring chaos and disorder to your spirit. This chases away peace from your spirit because it is no longer welcomed. The universe wants you to watch your tongue and be mindful of the things that you speak. Train yourself to speak well of other people and about yourself as well. Congratulate yourself for every ‘little’ success (for there is no small success) and bless the people around you. Your spirit will return to order from the chaos that life could have put it through.

  1. Sweep your house.

We sweep our houses to remove dust or dirt. It is also a part of good hygiene that we were taught since we were children. There is no specific time to sweep or mop the house. It is as frequent as we would want or whenever we see that the floor is not clean. The universe wants you to treat your spirit like your house. Sweep it clean to remove dirt like grudges, anger, resentment, and jealousy. Your spirit will be clean and have room for new virtues that will decorate your life. You will be more calm, reasonable, have improved negotiation skills, and be sober. Your spirit will have order when you are the one in charge of cleaning all the dirty corners and decorating it with a new reputation of that of a changed person.

woman health

  1. Fence your compound.

Your compound is your territory. You have the power to admit or expel someone from it. You can welcome the guests you want in your home within your compound because you have the authority to create favorable conditions for them. Similarly, you can ban some people from your compound because they cannot be redeemed from their bad behavior that you do not wish to be associated with. This is the second reason (the first one being privacy) that people fence their compounds. A fence is a warning to outsiders that the compound is private property. The universe wants you to also fence your spirit to restore order within it. Fencing your spirit will put off people with bad intentions. They will know that they are not welcome in your life and you will be able to invite the people that you want. You can fence your spirit through a good reputation. Let people know your moral standards and those who fall short of it will automatically keep off. This way, you will retain order within your spirit. There will be no one to cause chaos against your wish.

  1. Pay your utility bills.

There are bills that you incur to comfortably run your home. Water and electricity bills are the primary ones. Others are telephone and security bills. There will be service disruption if you fail to honor payments to your utility bills. You enjoy the services provided if you adhere to the terms and conditions of the service providers. There are similar bills in nature that you have to pay for you to continue enjoying peace in your spirit. The important one is taking care of Mother Nature the way she takes care of you. As you take care of nature, she takes care of your spirit. Nature nurses your heart back to health and restores divine peace in it.

The universe wants to help you restore order in your spirit. An orderly spirit is peaceful and productive. The Universe will open doors of greater opportunities when you keep your spiritual life in order.

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