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Secrets of Building an Everlasting Relationship

A happily ever after.

There is an excitement that comes with the thought of a forever with your loved one. The unexplainable sensation that runs down your spine when you think of sleeping and waking up next to the love of your life forever. 

Away with the stories of failure that you may have heard or read. You may think that sometimes happiness is not cast in stone but the truth of the matter is that it is the only guarantee that the universe gives you for being loyal. You can make the relationship with your special someone work out and awaken the dream of a happily ever after.

A perfect relationship.

Is there anything like a perfect relationship? Yes, there is though there is a warning here – do not approach this subject casually. Many people who have sought to build a perfect relationship have been unsuccessful largely because they did not pay attention to the cardinal laws of the universe.

Consider building an everlasting relationship like following the perfect recipe for a tasty meal. You should not skip a step because the meal may not turn out as tasty as the recipe anticipated. The point is to stay on track and use no shortcuts no matter how tempting they could be.

Roll up your sleeves for what is ahead.

  1.  Assemble the right ingredients.

What always appears at the top of any recipe is the ingredients for the meal you want to cook. Similarly, there are things you should have if you want to build an everlasting relationship. There is no one-fit-it-all formula but there is a consensus on what they are.

T.T.C – Trust, transparency, and commitment. It is finally out!

You must have these with the person you are relating with. There could be other factors that bring you together but again without these ingredients, your relationship is shaky.

Trust keeps away insecurities. When you trust your partner, you believe that they can never do anything to intentionally hurt you or jeopardize your relationship. It is the faith that you have put in them that matters the most.

Transparency is like cooking oil in your recipe. It lubricates the wheels of your relationship. Where difficulties emerge, it is how transparent you are with each other that will determine the course of the relationship.

Commitment is the icing on the cake. A relationship is beyond what you feel for each other. The question is whether you are committed to making it work between you. You should be ready to make compromises for the sake of your relationship with your loved one.

That somebody loves you is not a guarantee that the relationship will last forever. The only surety is whether both of you are in it for the long run and whether you want to see it work even when the tides are against you.

  1.  Light up the fire.

Although you may have all the ingredients, how can you cook without fire? What starts most relationships is the love they feel for each other. It is like a magnet that brings them together.

Do you remember when you first fell in love? As for myself, I do remember. I can say it is the most beautiful feeling I have ever experienced. You become blind to a lot of things and your sole focus is on this special someone.

Fire cooks a meal. It makes the raw ingredients edible. This is exactly what love does in a relationship. It helps you overlook the failures and negativity of your partner. All you see is how perfect they are for you.

Love can grow and it can as well die. When it exits your relationship, then that could mean the end of it (but it shouldn’t come to this point). Do not focus on bigger things.

Sometimes it is the smaller things that matter the most. It could be remembering your partner’s birthday, or your anniversary, gifting them unexpectedly, complementing them whenever you meet, and making them feel special.

Nature has plenty of ways of showing its love for us. No wonder we never fall out of love with it. When you follow its example, it could be the perfect thing that has ever happened to you.

  1.  Take your time.

Do you always want things to happen instantly? Well, you may need to change this if you are looking forward to building an everlasting relationship with this special someone.

Do you know what they say about Rome? Rome was not built in one day.

Every relationship is a work in progress although they may be in different stages. It takes time to build an everlasting relationship and you have to be patient to walk through every step in this journey if you want to realize it. It is a meal whose recipe you have to follow religiously without skipping anything or finding some way around it.

  1.  Taste your meal before serving.

Temptations will always be a part of your life and you have to accept this fact and move forward with building this heaven of a relationship you treasure so much. As you cook, there is a time you will taste your food to see whether there is the right amount of salt, or if it is ready to be served.

A good cook will ensure that they taste the food first (just a little) so that they can be sure what they are serving. You cannot afford to serve bad food to your guests, can you?

Similarly, ‘taste’ your relationship. You do this by gauging the trials your partner and you pass through and their response toward them. Do they throw in the towel or they will still fight for what you share?

You add salt to food when it’s lacking or little. You do not throw away the food. The same applies to relationships. You have to spice things up with your partner even when they are almost giving up. Give them a reason to live and live another day to fight for your relationship.

A tasty meal.

What are the comments of the people who eat your food?


“Wow! Are you the one who cooked this?”

When you hear this, you know that you have hit the jackpot. Thereafter, you cannot hide your great cooking skills.

Similarly, an everlasting relationship cannot be hidden. Everyone will see it and will come to you to ask for your advice about this or that. This is the ultimate indication that you have finally managed to build an everlasting relationship. 

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Are Relationships Overrated?

From where it all started.

Relationship goes beyond knowing someone. It transcends to creating a deeper connection with this specific person. This is how a relationship starts. You know many people in different places but there is only a handful of them whom you have a relationship with and a couple more whom you want to start a relationship with.

Come to think of it, what is the reason you want a relationship in the first place?

Do you enjoy the one you are in already or do you regret being in it?

There is already an image in your mind of what an ideal relationship should look like and somehow you want to live up to these expectations. There is also some sort of marking scheme that you have developed upon which you will judge your partner. This is quite unfair because you already have a pre-determined decision about them. They have zero chances of proving themselves worthy of a relationship with you if they do not meet your standards. This is quite unfortunate!

Despite relationships being the number one cause of abuse between partners, gender-based violence, and other social ills, people still want to be in them. Those in abusive relationships do not want to quit and those not in any somehow want to have someone they can call ‘mine’.

Reasons for relationships.

  1.  The Fear of Missing Out (FOMO).

This is a worrying trend. Since everyone is in a relationship, why not me? The fear of missing out is a leading reason why people are stuck in non-performing relationships. It is the nature of people to always want to identify with something they believe in. It somehow brings a sense of identity and belonging. FOMO is a wrong motive for being in a relationship.

How can you know that this is what drove you into the relationship that you are in? For one, you have absolutely no reason to be with this person. You do not relate and neither do you connect.

It is a case of convenience. Because this relationship is unfounded, it will one day collapse and reality will check in. It could be a little too late to make any meaningful decision because the damage will already have been done.

  1.  The Fear of the Unknown.

Fear is responsible for many things – even making people put up with below the bare minimum treatment in relationships. Relationships are not supposed to be tolerated but should be enjoyed by both partners.

However, many people fear being alone. They fear experiencing loneliness because they have never been in such a situation.

Be brave enough to leave unfruitful relationships. Why should you put up with something that leaves you vulnerable and wasted? The unknown is an uncontrollable variable because nobody has the means to mitigate it. This should empower you not to settle for anything less than you deserve because you believe in yourself.

  1.  In the name of ‘selflessness’.

Selflessness? What selflessness?

You cannot love other people more than the threshold you have put for yourself. It is human nature to be selfish for what goes out must first be full within. Drawing the example of the universe that sustains all our needs, you can only give what you have – remember you are part of the universe.

Sometimes people stay in a relationship that they think is perfect because they think it is an act of selflessness. True love starts from within. I dare say that what you love other people is the surplus of the love you have for yourself. It gets worse when you have a deficit in self-love.

The ultimate gauge of self-love is the ability to enjoy your own company. Feel alive within and thereafter you can spread this love to somebody else. Relationships never replace the ‘I’ identity.

  1.  Social media influence.

The power of social media grows each day. It is amazing the things one can do online without physical interaction. You can trade, engage, and interact with your clients, family, and friends online.

Do you know what they say about absolute power? Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Social media influence could drive you into a relationship you never wanted in the first place. It is not ‘cool’ to do things because your favorite celebrity does. What is okay to them is not necessarily okay with you, and there is no problem with that.

Sometimes the relationships that celebrities have is not even real. It could be chasing clout and yet you fall prey to such antics. It is okay to celebrate your lover online but it should not be the reason you are with them.

The original plan of the universe that your character matters the most can never be replaced by fame and money through social media.

  1.  The sense of being incomplete.

Are you asking yourself a question whose answer the universe has spelled clearly? Are you incomplete? Yes, you are. The sense of being complete or not was determined a long time ago when males and females were brought together.

But there is a catch here. A relationship is not the ultimate goal. It is good to be in a healthy one. It will add to your blessings and increase your chances of success. Two heads are better than one, right?

Be at peace with the universe and understand her purpose for you. Thereafter, you will be better placed to decide the right person to connect with – both physically and spiritually.

The final verdict.

The truth is that there is some form of spirituality attached to relationships. When you have your spirituality right then the manifestation should not be a problem. It will be wrong to put the cart before the horse (relationships before spirituality).

Are relationships overrated? Well, they are not. They continue to form an important part of what defines us. There is just a little secret you have to unearth first – include spirituality in your relationships. It will lead you to forming everlasting relationships with the right people.

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How to Get Things Done with Spiritual Communication

What is spiritual communication?

Spiritual communication is considered communication albeit on another level. Basic communication involves listening and speaking. The same is true for spiritual communication. It passes a message to those who are spiritually attentive. They understand what is to come and prepare for the same before it manifests physically.

Consider it as some intelligence reports or a heads up about something that is yet to come. Whoever is capable of passing a message and receiving one spiritually can discern what is to come and get ready for it. Its importance can never be over-emphasized.

The art of delivering a message.

Successful communication is passing a message to someone in a manner that they understand its meaning and action on it accordingly. Every company and organization globally has a communications officer. A message from an organization must be understood well by the public.

Similarly, an organization should understand what the public is telling them. A simple misunderstanding can undo what has taken a long time to achieve.

In the same vein, spiritual communication is equally weighty because many things can go wrong in its absence. For one, there will be many surprises because we were unable to understand the warning from the universe. Spiritual communication creates a good relationship with the universe.

Have you seen the joy of two people speaking the same language? They are happy because finally there is someone who understands them. The universe is equally happy when we learn its language and we become co-creators with it.

Spiritual order.

There is spiritual order even in communication. As a general rule, communication is orderly. There is no abrupt interruption, there is a sequence of ideas, and you do not speak for the sake of it. Every aspect of communication must be well thought out because it has the power to build or destroy. You cannot get things done through spiritual communication when you are out of order. Here are a few ways you can master spiritual communication:

  1.   Speak aloud.

Speak your desires out. In the spiritual realm, everyone and everything has ears and can hear what you say. Just like what happens in ordinary communication where you have to talk to someone to be heard, the same applies to spiritual communication.

As the source of a message, speak about your desires and you shall be heard. The people around you shall hear you and so shall the invisible power – the universe.

Do not assume that somebody knows what you want. They cannot know that unless you let them into your thoughts by way of speech. Mark you, without speaking there can never be communication. The source of the message is you – both the mortal body and the immortal spirit. The spirit communicates to other spirits and the universe too because it is one of them.

However, your mouth is the vessel for that communication. Speak your desires, my friend.

  1.  Think of positive things only.

Spiritual communication is also not limited to the audible voices only but extends to interpreting what is running in your mind. This does not nullify your role of speaking your desires but goes on to further emphasize the purity of your thoughts.

The universe is supernatural. It means that it can do the extraordinary that mortal man cannot.

Do not entertain the thought of impossibility. You cannot speak about wanting to fulfill your desires and at the same time have negative thoughts. You have to choose one portion – positivity in both word and deed. This is the message you are passing to the universe responsible for actualizing your dreams.

  1.  Have faith and it shall be done.

The judge of faith is the universe. Spiritual communication is dead without it.  Have faith that your message has been passed across and your prayers have been heard and received. Begin to act as if you have already received your desires. This is faith in action.

Faith is the currency in which the spiritual world operates. As money buys goods and services, faith makes it possible to manifest your desires from the spiritual to the physical. When you have plenty of it, it means that you can get things done very quickly.

Faith is the conviction of the possibility of things being done. It is not measurable but very important as a currency of trade in the spiritual world.

  1.  Draw nearer and it shall be manifested.

As emphasized earlier on that whatever is manifested in the physical starts from the spiritual, you have to work on your spiritual communication. Draw nearer to your desires and associate closely with what you want to possess.

For example, if you want to run your business one day, hang around business owners. You cannot be distant from them and hope that you will one day join their league.

Associate with people who know about spiritual communication and have results to show for it. They shall guide you through and your journey shall not be a lonely one. Love and support them and the same shall be done to you.

  1.  Listen with your ears, mind, and heart.

Someone said that the reason we have two ears and one mouth is for us to listen more and talk less. There is truth in that statement even in the spiritual world. Pay attention to communication from the spirit and align yourself with it. You will be one step closer to getting things done.

Spend some time alone meditating on your journey through life. The universe speaks to us sometimes when we are away from the chaotic world. You already know that cannot communicate properly in noise. Spiritual communication too cannot happen there.

In meditation, engage your mind to understand the lessons you have learned so far and how you can move towards your goals.

Your heart is involved beyond the normal blood circulatory function. It is the home of both good and bad desires. Learn from your heart what you want and how you can bring it closer to you and eventually have it.

It is possible to get things done without much struggle through spiritual communication. Everything falls in place when you get it right.  

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Are You Living the Rent-Free Life?

The price for occupancy.

Most people if not everyone is paying rent on something. You could be renting a house, a car, an office space, a hall, or anything that you need. This is the price you pay for occupying space or using something that is not yours. Sometimes rent could also take the form of a lease.

It remains rent because you are paying to use something that is not yours. I bet you have already paid if not planning to pay your arrears for this month – you better do. Paying your rent gives you the freedom to use what you have rented as you please (of course without destroying it because it is still not yours).

The rent headache.

Do you relate to the pressure that comes automatically when your rent is due? Even without someone telling you, you feel that something is not fine until you pay up. It is what I call the ‘rent headache’. It can mess you up and give you sleepless nights because anytime the owner of the property can give you notice to vacate his premises or return his asset.

Don’t curse him yet – he has every right. But despite all these tribulations, there is another offer that people hardly consider – a rent-free life somewhere else. The owner will not harass you for his rent when it’s due because you will co-own that property.

Doesn’t this thought excite you? It is the dream of most people to one day own what they have been renting or maybe own something similar. For a very long time, it has remained a dream come true. Well, the universe is here to make it a reality.

Did you know that you can live a rent-free life from today?

The short answer is Yes, you can. The long answer is also Yes, you can. The point is in whatever angle you look at it, there is a possibility of living this dream. Many avenues are open for you to grab this opportunity from the universe. The word is ‘grab’ because you are as hungry for it as anybody else is.

  1.  Make peace with everyone.

It is paramount to make peace with everyone. Do not be selective about it. It does not matter who is hostile or not. What matters is how you are reciprocating their attitude towards you. You have to be the bigger person here because you understand what it is that you are looking for. The universe rewards love because it is love itself and thrives in it.

It is normal to contradict each other and sometimes people come out strongly to defend their positions and what they believe in. Friends forget the relationship they have had for a long time and they become enemies. This rivalry will cost you because the universe will shut its doors of blessings to you until you make peace.

Everything is costly in the absence of peace. This makes it harder to live the desired rent-free life. It does not mean that you will not pay your bills because you are at peace with everyone. What it means is that it will cost you a little bit more monetary-wise and comfort-wise to live comfortably.

  1.  Accommodate divergent opinions.

It is mature to agree to disagree. This kind of thinking will make you stand out from many entitled people. The different opinions you hold amongst your friends do not make you weird or an outcast. Variety is the spice of life and what you are going through is perfectly normal.

The rent headache will spare you its harshness because of accommodating those with different opinions. The burden of bearing the cost of everything shall also reduce because you never know whom the universe shall send your way as an angel. You might push away the person with an answer to all your problems.

A rent-free life in the universe means being spared the hell that most people go through because they struggle to meet their rent obligations. Accommodating divergent opinions will create more ‘friends’ and make you more likable. On a lighter note, who knows, you might become a soft life ambassador?

  1.  Appreciate the little things your way.

I don’t know who needs to hear this but let me send the message home – stop complaining about everything. When there is nothing you appreciate, ask yourself this question – who is the problem, is it you or everybody else?

Indeed, the rent headache can take a toll on you but sitting around to only complain about it will not make things any better. Appreciate the daily sustenance from the universe and more shall be provisioned for you because you showed your gratefulness.

Gratefulness is a virtue that most people lack because they either feel entitled to something or have no idea that some supernatural power is watching – the universe. Even the little you have could be withdrawn from you and the rent burden weigh down heavily on you.

  1.  Live each day at a time.

Time moves fast: seconds to minutes, then hours, days, weeks, and even months. The day when rent is due draws closer with every passing minute. You cannot live your entire life worrying about it. Live each day at a time.

This is not a call to be carefree in the name of living the present moment. Worrying has never solved any problem and it will not start today with you. A rent-free life is a worry-free one. It is a peaceful life that can be granted solely by the universe.

Do not carry baggage from the past into the present and future. Entrusting your life to the universe is like entrusting an infant to the mother. She will nurse him to life.

  1.  Take care of nature.

How can you be trusted to take care of your place when you finally get one if you misuse where you have rented? Taking care of nature is the surest way to prove that you are responsible. The universe can open doors for more blessings because you are taking care of it.

Plant trees, do not litter around, take care of animals, and do everything possible to be a good ambassador. Mark you, it is the universe with the ability to grant or deny you the blessing of a rent-free life. This kind of life hardly comes by except you are the chosen one.

A rent-free life is a metaphor referring to a comfortable life without the worries that most people have – rent. It is very possible and tenable if you observe the five-point discussion we have had.

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Your Soulmate & the Spiritual Connection

Who is a soul mate?

A soulmate is someone with whom you share deep feelings of concern. It goes beyond normal friendship and as the name suggests, two souls are intertwined into one. Soul ties are not normal friendships that are quickly made at the bus station or the market.

It takes quite some time to develop and once established, it cannot be simply washed away. You have to make many choices in life and that of a soul mate is among the greatest ones.

Yet sometimes, this decision is not ours to make. We kind of find ourselves with someone with whom we connect so deeply that we cannot remember how it even started. Let me tell you how it happened – the universe intervened!

The unknown blessing.

There are things that we do for ourselves and others that are done for us. The best part is when the one acting on our behalf has our best interest at heart. The blessing that is your soul mate is sometimes chosen for you albeit subconsciously. You meet a stranger on your first day somewhere and you instantly hit it off. Your friendship slowly begins and before long, your lifestyles are in sync.

It is not as if you were in a desperate search for a friend but somehow the universe paired you with them. This is a blessing that you will come to appreciate with time because of how invaluable they are.

The making of a spiritual connection.

Everything begins in the spirit before it manifests in the physical. Before you even have a soul tie relationship with someone, something was cooking in the spirit. Understandably, we sometimes do not know whether someone is our soul mate. Several indications could point out that they are. Here are a few:

  1. They know what you want before you even say it.

Have you ever met someone who amazed you at how well they knew you? They could be your soul mate! A soul mate is someone with whom you connect and can even know what is best for you. When you are unsure about which job offer to take or which house to settle in, your soul mate already knows the answer before you do.

Do not expect them to be magicians who will work wonders in your life. They will not. What sets them apart from other people is how well they know exactly how you want something. Often, if you are of the opposite gender, you are most likely to end up falling in love with each other because you find that they complete you.

  1. You are at peace with each other.

There is nobody who gives you peace as your soul mate does. You run from the chaotic world into their presence because of the calmness they attract into your life. If you already have someone in mind with this effect on you, then bingo!

You found your soul mate. It is not something that you can fake or imitate. This person in your life is the one you rush to see to escape the busy unforgiving world. This is because your spirits have become best friends already. What follows suit is the manifestation of the same and here it is – a supernatural calmness in their presence.

  1. You own their success as they do yours.

There is this person who will naturally be happy for you. They are not jealous of your success and do not see it as a threat. Instead, they want to celebrate your victories with you. Your success is theirs as well. This is an indication that s(he) is your soul mate.

The opposite can also happen when you find yourself happy for the success of this other person. You are overjoyed as if it were you and develop an unexplainable sense of owning this success. Open your eyes and see the writing on the wall. The universe is pointing out to you your soulmate.

  1. You feel their pain as they do yours.

One thing is clear about a soul tie spiritual connection – it is as if you are in one body. You can feel the pain that your soul mate is going through. Do not be scared, it is not as if you will experience all the bad things they experience. However, your mind and emotions will be with them. You always tend to put yourself in their shoes and want to give every solution to their problems.

If you feel this way towards someone, then the long search is over – voilà your soul mate! You cannot avoid this responsibility because the spiritual connection is made and the universe oversees it. There is surely no shortcut.

  1. Both of you have a strong sense of like-mindedness.

Another indication of a soulmate is how both of you seem to think alike. Soul mates are more like twins. They think alike, desire the same things, have common plans, and have many more things in common. It is not every day that you bump into someone with such a level of like-mindedness. It is a predetermined match for you.

The universe considered it wise to pair you up with someone whom you will get along with excellently. They were then brought to you by a series of events. Do not assume that it is your horoscopes that have collided because there are no accidents in the universe – those happening are perfectly planned and executed.

  1. You stomach their weaknesses and shortcomings.

For some strange reason, if you find yourself accommodating things that you were previously against, you could have found your soul mate! You always find a reason to excuse their behavior because there is nothing wrong with it. You see yourself in them as if you were standing in front of a mirror.

It is difficult to criticize yourself and the same extends to them. Even when other people see something wrong in them, they remain angels in your eyes. It could be that you are falling in love but also you could have found your soul mate.

Identifying your soul mate is not easy. Some people deliberately search for theirs and are unsuccessful. While to others, the universe is gracious to bring them closer to their soulmates. Enjoy the spiritual connection with your soul mate and make the best out of it.   

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Are You Spiritually Gifted?

A spiritually gifted individual is not the one who can read your mind or predict the future, but he/she is the one who knows what to say when your world is falling apart, in dismay. 

Look around, the people you meet, the old aunt who can predict the weather better than the weather telecast, your mum who knows you are feeling low just by looking at your face, your friend who can sense your sadness behind your fake smile. Life is filled with spiritually gifted individuals.

So what makes them spiritually gifted or different from others of their age or with similar qualities?

You are wise not by age but with experience

You have an abundance of knowledge which is authentic and genuine. People would often tell you things like, “OMG, you are so knowledgeable for your age” or “Oh damn, how did you know I was going through that?

It’s because you have made mental notes as to what each chapter of your life is trying to teach you. Life is indeed a book, and every event or situation you are presented with, either happy or sad, is a chapter of this book. You have made peace with the fact that some chapters are bound to make you fall in love with the way the story proceeded, some are bound to make you cry, some make it impossible for you to proceed to the next chapter. But you have the courage to move on from these chapters of your life as you also prepare yourself to be prepared for the next upcoming ones. 

You notice things others don’t bother looking at

There are aspects of people that you can predict or understand in an instance, which others would not even have noticed. Though it’s termed as intuition, not everyone around you has made use of this power, not yet. Everyone can be intuitive, if they try, but not everyone is. 

The difference lies in the presence of mind and being really in touch with all of your senses. It is trusting the emotional energy that they ooze that, which you are able to soak in. And understand whether they are worth your time and effort or not. 

You have a peculiar way with people

Spiritually gifted individuals often understand what the other person “feels” like, because of this they make excellent guides or mentors for people. They are true empaths. They have not only heard your entire story, but have also imagined how they would feel if they were facing the same issue as yours. Thus they are able to comfort you, provide you with the most comforting vibe you would have ever met. They make people around them feel at ease and have a protective and nurturing aura.

A word of caution:  An empath also attracts people who are still healing or some who have not yet resolved any of their karmic lessons. Being surrounded by such individuals would definitely drain the gifted individual who has nothing but unconditional positive regard and acceptance for the person. Thus if you are a gifted individual try to keep a distance from emotionally demanding people.

You can live a life filled with ambiguity

A spiritually gifted person is mindful. He knows that every event that happens in his life is meant to teach him something valuable. He does not crib or whine when things do not go his way, he knows that he does not have any control over external events out of his control. What he can do instead is, accept reality and make the best with what he has, not what he had or what he lost.

Ambiguity is something we truly loathe. This is because when something is uncertain,  one is bound to engage in overthinking, thinking of the worst outcome possible. It also triggers emotions such as anxiety, confusion, etc. Thus people usually try their best to be in control of everything in their life. But can that be possible ever? Nope.

Thus this leads to them trying to go against the rule of the universe. Universe thrives on the principle of ambiguity. This is because it is your responsibility to mold yourself against the forces of the universe and not the other way around. Thus a spiritually gifted person is likely to prepare herself in face of uncertainty and try to use strategies she learned from her previous encounters. 

You are always on a lookout for new information

As a spiritually gifted individual, it is highly likely that you have an insatiable thirst for knowledge which seems to be exhausting to some but adventurous for you. You are highly creative in the sense that you know that with each new experience in life you are likely to gain some new wisdom. 

Even though you met it is as mundane as washing vessels. It is quite boring and monotonous for some, but for you, you can sense that the black stains on the vessels, the ones that have been accumulated since many months, is similar to the bad karma we as humans accumulate in our lifetime. Both are very hard to erase, but if you don’t cleanse them, they are bound to either grow or hamper the vessel.

The reason behind this is quite simple one. You just tend to indulge yourself wholly in any activity that you take part in. As you engage in it, you are mindful about how it makes you feel, what are your thoughts and how are your other senses also reacting towards it. But hey, this super power has a downfall, you are likely to never ever feel content with what you have, for you are always on a lookout for something more. Practice gratitude, it will help you feel at ease.

To sum it up, for an individual to be spiritually  gifted, you need no super power or serums, you just need some patience, some empathy, a dashful mindfulness and a lot of love and acceptance of your own strengths and weaknesses. 

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Life’s Secret Prescription – Live Love Laugh

Storm in paradise.

Life has many surprises but hardly do people anticipate storms in paradise. Everyone is fighting a silent battle – depression, family issues, stress, anxiety, work-related issues, and many more others. Most people are struggling to find their footing in the universe but the landmines in their way are slowing them down. They are yet to get it right. Is this the intention of the universe? Is it intentionally sabotaging us and writing our death sentence? Of course not. The universe means well for us. The little mishaps we face are not its creation. If it were up to it, our life in paradise could never be cut short.

The secret prescription.

Bessie Anderson Stanley (1879-1952) wrote a poem in a competition for a magazine contest that asked, “What constitutes success?” She gives an insight into the secret prescription of success.

He has achieved success

who has lived well,

laughed often, and loved much;

who has enjoyed the trust of

pure women,

the respect of intelligent men and

the love of little children;

Bessie Anderson Stanley (1879-1952).

The near 100-word poem has left a permanent mark to date with the words Live Love Laugh. This is the antidote to the storms that you are facing.


If there is anyone who wishes you well at all, then it is the universe. She is like a benevolent mother showing love to all her children indiscriminately. Deliberately look away when your world becomes stormy. Some problems are our creation because we want to live the future today. By doing so, we invite challenges of the future to the present moment yet there is no sufficient grace from the universe to handle them. The universe is whispering something in your ear, “Live one day at a time, my child.” Heed to this advice and you will know no sorrow.


This is the greatest gift from the universe. Love wins all. It conquers all. It withstands everything. It is not only an emotion but also a lifestyle. Love is the weapon that you need to fight your battles successfully. Play your cards right when in the eye of the storm. This is how to use love as a spiritual tool – contradict the expectations of the moment. If people expect you to act with rage, then play cool. When they expect you to walk away, stay put. All your actions must be crowned with love if you want to win your battles.


happiness | laughingLaughter translates to Joy. You are not expected to be happy when things are not good. There is an irony in laughing when the mood is sadness. The universe knows these two sides – Joy and sadness. It is okay to be sad but do not let it affect your spirit. Your spirit is the engine that drives your life’s purpose. Guard it against bad energy because it will stall your life. This is why Bessie Anderson Stanley (1879-1952) writes that we should laugh often. Laughter is medicine to the spirit. It heals your wounds and refuels you for the next winning phase.

The secret prescription to live love laugh is a journey we have a purpose to undertake. Here are some guidelines for this healing lifestyle:

  1. Be flexible.

Flexibility is the ideal path to follow. You should be open to new ideas because nobody knows where their breakthrough lies. Learn to adapt to situations as they come and you will have an easy time coping with challenges. The universe itself speaks to us in different ways. A flexible mindset easily receives communication from it. On the other hand, a fixed mindset is an enemy of progress. You will have a difficult time adapting to the wishes of the universe. Mark you, the universe is the ultimate director of your life. Life gets easier when you align your purpose with it. Flexibility helps you adapt to the live love laugh manual.

  1. Know your limits.

Sometimes we are very ambitious because maybe we see the wisdom in wanting to win everything at once. The secret prescription to live love laugh is to operate within your ability. It is okay to dream big but also be aware of your current capabilities. Until you develop these new strengths, your prior attempts are futile. Do not take on an elephant with the strength of an antelope. Doesn’t nature teach you how predators hunt? There is prey that the lion hunts alone and others that require the whole pride to put in combined efforts. Likewise, accept help when you need it.

  1. Have definite goals.

Definite goals are easily achievable. Avoid having amorphous goals because you will not direct your focus and energy where you need it most. To live love laugh, you need to set your parameters and at the back of your mind know how you will fill up your space. Contrary to this, you will achieve little to nothing in the long run. Is this what you want? Your definite goals should also have a time frame so that you can gauge your progress bit by bit. Spirituality too requires you to plan. It does not operate in isolation.

  1. Define your destination.

What do you see on your plane, train, or bus tickets? There is common information in all of them – the boarding place, destination, and price of the ticket. It is important to define your destination because you can easily live the lifestyle Bessie Anderson Stanley (1879-1952) describes in her poem. You cannot afford to live a purposeless life, love the wrong people, or laugh in the wrong company. All your efforts will count as worthy with your destination defined.

The secret prescription to live love laugh is intentional and its progress measurable. One thing we should NEVER miss out on is the universe’s appetite for well-thought plans. Spirituality and mindfulness are inseparable. The quicker you sync how they work for you, the more blessings you will receive from the universe.

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Spiritual Threats to Your Success

Spiritual threats.

Spiritual threats are closely related to obstacles. However, unlike them, they do not pose an immediate danger. They remain a cause for concern because if not addressed on time, they will manifest into obstacles. You won’t want that, will you? Nature ensures that it leaves telltale signs for you to identify these threats on time before things get out of hand. The problem is that we hardly pay attention beyond what we can see. This is not how the spiritual world operates.

I remember before the communications authority migrated us from analog to digital broadcasting services in June 2015. Watching telly was a big deal for most people (myself included) because we had to manually set up our aerials to face in one direction which we believed the communication authority had some sort of substation. Failure to do this will make you have some scrambled signal and you will have a lot of trouble watching your favorite shows. Your connection with the spiritual world is like how our signal was set up in those days of analog broadcasting services. You need to be aligned with the universe’s purpose for you to have an insight into the spiritual world. Here is a whole list of spiritual threats to your success that you must watch out for:

  1. Dishonesty.

It starts in very simple ways – how you choose to hide important information from your friend for your benefit. It could look harmless but over time, it grows into a monstrous habit. Dishonesty will make people extra cautious when dealing with you. News spread fast and bad news even faster. Dishonesty will cut you off from those the universe has prepared to be your destiny connectors. This threatens your success all around. What could have taken a day to accomplish will take weeks or even months.

  1. Envy.

Envy is the mother of all ill intentions. At first, it is as simple as wishing that you were in someone else’s position of advantage. It grows into wishing that you could replace them instead of securing your place beside them. The universe designed success to be complementary and not a monopoly. Everybody’s star can shine brighter without dimming that of the next person. Do not entertain envy because it will cost you your future success. You will be isolated.

  1. Isolation.

Isolation is not a very good place to find yourself in. It does not matter how hurt you are that you would want nothing to do with other people. The universe purposes that we are all interdependent. You will need my help at some point and so will I need yours. Isolation is a threat to your success because it cuts you off from important people and resources without whom you can do nothing much.

  1. Disobedience to authority.

The universe has a hierarchy of authority that everyone is accountable to. It is in social units like family, sports teams, and community groupings. Authority is further found in governments and other lawful bodies. There is a problem when you constantly find yourself on the wrong side of the law. Your disobedience will make you lose nature’s trust. There is a lot that you will be limited to without the blessings of the universe.

  1. Lack of a routine.

Routines are very important in developing healthy success patterns. They are not only physical plans but also spiritual in the sense that they engrave a habit into your spirit to the extent of automatically fulfilling what you ought to at an appointed time. Develop a routine that you will faithfully adhere to if you want to secure your success.

  1. Stress and anxiety.

These two are toxic to your success. Stress will make you less effective in how you work while anxiety will further reduce your productivity. Nature does not want you to worry about everything going on around you. Stress and anxiety stem from your spirit and poison every effort you put anywhere. During stressful times, practice meditation and spiritual mindfulness. These spiritual tools will make all your insecurities vaporize.

  1. Insomnia.

I think the main reason for night and day is for us not to be able to do anything at night because of the darkness. Amazingly, it is like our eyelids are also synced to automatically close at night. However, we have somehow managed to find our way around this by inventing electricity and other sources of light to extend our working period. Long working hours without rest pose a danger to your efficiency and you can cause accidents at your place of work. Learn to have enough rest.

  1. Hopelessness.

The feeling of hopelessness is home to a crushed spirit. You feel defeated with zero incentive to move on with your life. This is bad news for your success. Despair will make you do a lot of things because you have no motivation to do anything. Quickly move away from your corner of self-pity because it will gradually kill your dreams until they are no more.

  1. Doubting the wisdom of the universe.

Beginning to question the reason for existence is a red flag. Your success is anchored in the laws of the universe and any deviant thoughts are a threat to it. Doubting the intentions of the universe is like challenging your maker. Get away from anything that makes you doubtful. Instead, seek ways to grow your faith in nature.

  1. Fear.

Fear threatens everything you have ever stood for. It makes you question your spirituality and rolls back on the progress that you have made. Matter of fact, it is a spiritual weapon that dares you to turn a blind eye to your beliefs because of unspecified consequences. Fear can stop you in your tracks. Do not entertain any threats no matter how subtle they are. Constantly focus on your grand plan for success.

These spiritual threats to your success can be overcome when you put deliberate efforts into it. They could come out as veiled threats or actual ones but your response towards them matters the most. So, what is the best way to fight off these spiritual threats? They require a spiritual solution – spiritual awakening.

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Spiritual Obstacles and How to Overcome Them

What are spiritual obstacles?

They are unseen obstacles standing in the way of your success. Unlike physical blockades that can be easily identified, you need special insight to overcome spiritual obstacles. Most people are not even aware that they are prisoners of spiritual forces. They see their failures as ‘normal’. Man is made up of the physical and spiritual yet the spiritual part is hardly attended to largely because it is invisible. He who figures out spiritual blockades and how to overcome them has won the Holy Grail.

The spiritual versus the physical.

The spiritual and physical are always in conflict. They pull in different directions. This is how the universe operates. The spirit dominates the physical because it connects directly with the universe. Spiritual obstacles manifest when you are not in touch with your spirit. They manifest in the following ways:

  1. The spirit of the roundabout.

You are familiar with roundabouts on roads. This spiritual obstacle operates like them. They make you go around one route without continuing with your journey. Nothing meaningful happens in your life although you can see that you are moving. When this obstacle manifests, only other people can see what is happening but you cannot see it. You have to allow them to guide you to overcome it.


fotgivenessOne major way this spiritual obstacle manifests is through Unforgiveness. You become unable to overcome the past hurt and it blocks your progress. Unforgiveness is succeeded by revenge. At this stage, there is nothing meaningful you can think of except for ‘getting your right’. Matter of fact, nothing can dissuade you from this path you have chosen. You have to allow the voice of reason to prevail. Let go of those who have hurt you because it hurts you more than it hurts them. Except you embrace forgiveness, you will keep on moving on a roundabout – finishing your energy with zero gains. Forgiveness is the path to spiritual healing. You become stronger with every experience.

  1.  The spirit of almost there but not yet there.

Athletes are the most experienced sportspeople who experience this. As they approach the end of the race, they can see the finish line but it looks further than before. They are close to finishing the race but their energy is failing them. This is exactly how it is in the spirit. As you are almost bagging the prize, your energy begins to fail you. You start relaxing because the end is near. You begin having the illusion that you have already made it while you are yet to. Don’t swell with pride because anything can happen.

Be appreciative.

Don’t despise the support you have received until now. Although you are almost crossing the finish line, your support base is as important now as it was before. Nothing changes their position in your life. You still need them now to succeed and even in your post-victory life. Do not demean those who sacrificed their ambitions for your sake. You are not better than them. The universe granted you favor at that time.

  1.     The spirit of mark timing.

Have you ever seen soldiers marching in a parade? The way they beautiful march in military fashion! This is the case even when they mark time – some sort of marching without any horizontal movement. They can do this for a long time. It’s beautiful but not progressive because they remain in one place. The spirit of mark timing operates this way. It makes you stagnate in one place.

Don’t stop working hard.

It is good that you have made significant progress in your life. You may have even done much better than your peers. Be very careful that this spirit does not overtake you because you will mark time in one spot. The fact that you have outdone your peers is not a license to relax. Hard work does NOT replace qualifications. Continuously strive to be better and the spirit of stagnation shall not catch up with you.

  1. The spirit of backwardness.

Sometimes everything seems to be working against you. You try everything possible but still nothing happens. What is even more saddening is the fact that this spirit haunts you wherever you go. In some sort of way, every gain you make is rolled back and you have to return to square one. It is frustrating and except you are strong-willed, you may give up easily. The cause of this misfortune (for lack of a better word) is selfishness.

Be generous.

According to mortal calculations, 2 – 1 = 1. However, this is not true in the spirit world. Sharing is not in any way subtraction. Piling up everything for yourself does not mean that you shall make it. Nature looks at how considerate you are of other people. It operates on the law of giving (I will talk about it soon). There is gaining in giving. Selflessness will make you start progressing. You will reach new heights because the universe will work to reward your generosity.

  1. The spirit of rejection.

What is it with people rejecting you always? You have done nothing to them yet they do not want anything to do with you. Rejection is a spirit. It has nothing to do with the physical. When there is a spiritual disconnect, some things don’t just add up no matter how hard you try. You may see those less deserving being loved by those who are against you. Matter of fact, they are the real enemies of progress yet people don’t see that.


What happens when there is a faulty tap at your home? You call the plumber to come for repair to avoid water wastage. Similarly, when you notice the spirit of rejection creping on you, call the universe (the plumber) to fix the leaking tap (your rejection). We communicate with the spiritual through prayers. Take a step back during times of rejection and reconnect with the universe. Let the Almighty fix the leaking tap for you and things will be back on track.

These five spiritual obstacles are hidden from those who are not in touch with the spirit. What will they do anyway even if they know? As for you, you are now enlightened and you know what to do. 

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Laws of Natural Justice

Avenues to justice.

The high injustice in the world makes people look for every means possible to get it. Sometimes people seek justice through unimaginable means yet they somehow seek to justify it. The judiciary arm of government is responsible for the administration of justice. It is the last hope for civilians who have been denied justice. The courts have jurisdiction to rule on issues presented before them. The truth is that access to justice through the courts is expensive in many countries. How many cases against the rich and mighty have been dismissed on account of lack of evidence? They buy their way and the poor are left to suffer in silence hoping that nature shall avenge for them.

I recently came across a ruling by the High court on a matter involving robbery. A man had been sentenced to life imprisonment for robbing a foreign national of his mobile phone worth $300. There was sufficient evidence to warrant this judgment. But how come there is hardly a conviction against civil servants misappropriating funds even up to $1,000? Again, we return to the question of evidence presented in court. It could have been unsatisfactory, even if they are indeed guilty, to warrant their conviction. You can evade the justice system in your country but not natural justice. It shall eventually catch up with you. Nothing is hidden before the eyes of nature and in due time, your actions shall catch up with you.

Here are five laws of natural justice:

1. The law of the harvest.

Harvesting is the last stage in farming. It is preceded by tilling the land, planting, weeding, and irrigation. A bountiful harvest is only guaranteed if you were keen on the whole planting process with the constant being fertile soils and favorable weather. Again, it is common sense that you cannot reap what you did not sow. If you planted carrots, you will reap the same. So it is if you planted any other crop. There is some sort of magic in harvesting – multiplication of what you planted. It is the basic reason for farming in the first place. This is exactly how the universe’s law of harvest works in the justice system.

You will harvest, in abundance, the theft and dishonesty you sowed among your brothers. Nature has a way of paying you multiple times exactly what you did to other people. The universe is a fertile soil that gives in abundance what is planted in it. The same is true if you sowed good seed. Your actions will come back to benefit you. There is no single action that is lost into space. The universe conceives your words, thoughts, and actions. A day is coming when you shall harvest in plenty.

2. The law of a double-edged sword.

Probably a sword is not the best example to give when it comes to matters about justice. But it is the most relevant example at the moment. Here is why: a double-edged sword cuts on both sides. You should be careful as you use it because it could also cut you. Justice is like a weighing scale that must balance on both sides. Justice to you must also be justice to the other person. It is never one-sided. The scales of justice must balance.

The universe serves justice on a balanced scale. Some people cry foul that they have been sidelined yet it is not true. Their opponent on the other side deserved justice too. Justice is sacred. It cannot be stained by favoritism because it will cease to be just. Always bear this in mind as you pursue justice – justice has two sides.

3. The law of secret cards.

There is no secret card when it comes to justice. It becomes blackmail. Justice has no secrecy. Everything is explainable and you can follow through on how a particular decision was arrived at. People do a lot of things in the name of justice but time exposes them for who they are – blackmailers. There is a habit of putting someone in a tight spot that they may return you a favor they owe you. Once you find yourself doing this, you are pursuing something else but not justice. You will be exposed for who you are and your plans to defeat justice shall be scattered.
You must always come to the table of justice with clean hands. You can be sure that you will get exactly what you deserve.

Natural justice is raw. It does not need anything to be added to it to look appealing. There is only one weapon of securing justice from the universe – be truthful to yourself and everyone you meet. It will set you free and serve you with exactly what you deserve.

pocket watch, time, sand-3156771.jpg

4. The law of timing and obstruction of justice.

The law of the timing of justice from the universe states that justice delayed is justice denied. Timing is very important in the administration of justice. Not only should justice be done but it should also be seen to be done. Natural justice operates within these parameters.

You cannot cancel the administration of justice when it is due time. You will face the full wrath of nature. Consider the example of running water. What happens when you block its path? The water will find an alternative route or force through the blockade you have put. This is why it is advisable not to build houses on the path of water or else you will be a victim of floods when they happen. You will solely be to blame.

Similarly, never block the administration of justice. The more you do it, the more you increase the chances of it blowing back on your face. Be a supporter of the law and not a fugitive. Facilitate justice throughout.
Justice is governed by principles that shield it from turning it as a weapon against other people. These are the four main pillars of justice upon which it thrives.

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