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Manifestations for Prosperity and Well Being

The universe is your canvas, and your thoughts are the brushstrokes that paint your reality. After all, prosperity and well-being are not just distant dreams, but tangible realities that you can manifest into your life!

Your mind has the power to harness the energy of the universe to create a life that aligns with your deepest desires. The art of manifestation is not some esoteric concept, but a natural law that governs the universe. With the right mindset, beliefs, and actions, you can attract abundance, joy, and fulfillment into every aspect of your life.

The journey to prosperity and well-being begins with a single step – the decision to manifest your dreams into reality. And although there are many factors that contribute to them such as luck, timing, and connections, it’s ultimately our own actions and decisions that shape our path in life.

One example of this is the story of Oprah Winfrey, who grew up in poverty and faced many challenges in her early life, including abuse and neglect. Despite these obstacles, Oprah remained focused on her goals and worked hard to achieve success in the media industry. Thus becoming prosperous as a result. 

Here is how successful  people end up bagging their share of prosperity and well being 


This principle emphasizes simplicity, minimalism, and the idea that sometimes, less can be more effective than more. It’s a concept that can be applied to attract the prosperity and well being you wish to have in life. 

It is the belief that there is more than enough to go around. This means recognizing that there is an abundance of resources and opportunities around you and there is enough for you. With this belief, you can approach life with a sense of abundance rather than scarcity.

Some manifestations you can use to activate this principle : 

  • I have unwavering faith in my abilities and potential.
  • My life is overflowing with blessings and abundance.
  • I hold an unshakable belief in my capabilities and inner strength.

OPTIMISM is the Key 

Another characteristic for manifesting prosperity and well being is being optimistic. By focusing on positive outcomes and possibilities, you can attract more positivity and abundance into your life.

Optimism is key | laugh and be happy 

Additionally, being happy for other people’s successes and accomplishments can help you cultivate an abundance mindset. Celebrating others’ achievements rather than feeling jealous or envious can help you create a positive and supportive environment.

Some manifestations you can use to activate this principle : 

  • The clouds of insecurity, jealousy, and inadequacy are dissolved by the sunshine of self-love and acceptance, bathing me in a warm and comforting glow 
  • My worth shines brightly, reflecting the light of my soul and illuminating the world around me.
  • I believe in the Universe and all the good things that are yet to come.

LET go of FEAR:

Your way of thinking is also an important part of developing yourself to welcome prosperity in your life.  This means having the confidence to dream big and pursue your goals and aspirations without fear of failure or limitations. Being proactive is a characteristic of a prosperous individual. Rather than waiting for opportunities to come to you, you take action and create opportunities for yourself. This means being willing to take risks and embrace new challenges.

le go of fear
It also involves embracing change and committing to constant learning. This means being open to new ideas and perspectives, and constantly seeking ways to grow and develop as a person. By doing so you can transform your life and manifest abundance in all areas. With conscious effort and practice, you can cultivate this mindset and attract the life you desire.

Some manifestations you can use to activate this principle: 

  • My thoughts are clear and focused towards my goal. 
  • A beacon of light is guiding me on the path to inner peace. 
  • I am not intimidated by external circumstances.

Begin NOW : 

You cannot expect to have all the prosperity in the world without taking any active steps towards it. This means that the universe requires you to take meaningful and dedicated steps towards your goal. Sure some days are going to be stagnant and you would feel that there is no progress being made but trust the universe  and the signs it sends at every checkpoint.

start now | beginning

The signs could be in the form of angel numbers, synchronicity or maybe an expert or an elder one confirms whatever you have been feeling. There are always ways in which the universe speaks to you, pay attention and you won’t be disheartened or won’t feel like quitting.  And lastly, DO NOT QUIT.

It is said that “Magic happens when you don’t give up even though you want to, this is because the universe always falls in love with a stubborn heart.”  So start taking action. And this action need not be a drastic action. The only way is by persistently doing small bits daily. 

Manifestation you can use to activate this principle :  

  • I hold in my hands the tools to forge a path of my choosing.
  • I am building a castle of dreams and making them a reality.
  • I hold the power to create a life I love.


Begin your manifestation journey with a sacred morning ritual that feeds your soul and uplifts your spirit. Embrace this practice, for this resonates with you and infuses you with the energy and emotions that align with your desires. Whether it’s meditation, journaling, or prayer or through visualizations, the choice is yours. Repeat your affirmations, visualize your dreams becoming a reality. This ritual will set the tone for your day and instill in you the drive to pursue your goals with purpose and passion. 

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Water Signs

Financial Horoscope for Water Signs in 2023

Water signs are known for their fluidity and strength. They are unpredictable, they are wild, and they are calm but they are the driving force and the most appealing of all zodiac signs! They are magnetic, extremely charismatic, and persistent toward their goals. Most importantly, highly intuitive!

The year 2023 is all about transformation and new beginnings for Water Signs! Whether it means discarding previously held beliefs or preparing for change, this year is all about becoming a wiser version of yourself. With regards to money and financial prosperity, though there might be some setbacks observed early on in this year, the other half shall end on a sweeter one! 

Let’s look at what’s in store for each water sign in 2023:


Cancer | Water sign

As a water sign, you are infamous for your intuitive abilities. This makes you stand out of the crowd. This intuition alerts you of forthcoming dangers and helps you keep your cards close to your heart. As a cardinal sign that you are, you hold your home and the past very close to your heart. These are the principles that give you a sense of safety and belongingness. It also helps you take more calculated and safer risks with your finances. 

Concerning your finances, you are conservative. You know the importance money has in your life. The year 2023 brings out massive relief and also some eye-opening revelations.

Financial Overview 2023: 

As the year unfolds, there are a few upheavals observed. The presence of Saturn could delay your financial gains, but don’t worry! a financial gain from family or property investment is on the horizon. For some, the idea of buying or investing in a foreign property or land may even become a reality.

Later as the year progresses, Jupiter and Saturn partner up in Aquarius. They encourage you to trust your gut when it comes to financial investments or property purchases. However, to ensure success, seek the counsel of an expert. With their guidance, you could unlock long-term financial gains.

Towards the end of the year, the arrival of Mars may bring both financial expenses and gains. Work-related travel, business ventures, and publishing endeavors may offer new sources of income. But take care not to overspend or over-commit. Instead, balance your eagerness for opportunities with a measured approach. Overall, this period of financial flux promises stability and security. So, seize the moment to plan for long-term investments in property, cars, or houses, and watch your wealth soar.

This year may bring positive developments for financial matters and property investments, as well as opportunities for acquiring new assets such as a vehicle. It is essential to focus on proactive steps and responsible decision-making. It will help set the stage for a successful year ahead.


Scorpio | Water sign

Scorpio is a sign that exudes strength – a strength that comes from within, and manifests in emotional, psychological, and physical toughness. You have an unwavering determination to master your own self and control your surroundings, making you a powerful healer and leader in times of crisis. 

Speaking of control you’d be seen as a miser than a spendthrift. You surely love to tuck your money with you safely. Your unwavering mastery of your emotions allows you to save rather than spend money on impulsive purchases. 

Financial Overview for 2023: 

As the dawn of 2023 breaks, you shall be showered with an abundance of financial blessings. Jupiter’s benevolent gaze may illuminate old investments, yielding impressive dividends and creating a wave of prosperity. However, amidst this wave of good fortune, there will be an urgent need for you to carefully plan and manage your expenses. 

In the midst of this complex and ever-changing financial landscape, it’s essential to adopt a strategic mindset and exercise sound judgment. As the year unfolds, the financial climate is bound to shift in your favor, but maintaining a balanced approach and controlling expenses will be key to success. 

It is advised to collect any outstanding debts and avoid lending or sharing money. This  can further support your financial security. With astute management and mindful action, you can ride the tide of abundance and thrive in 2023. The year will demand a more refined version of yourself. Since Jupiter, the planet of abundance, will be working in your favor, you are rest assured that anything that you plan on buying or investing in will be worth it. It will only be possible if you carefully plan and create a plan of how you would like to see things progress. During this time you should also look forward to expanding your streams of income. 

As the year draws to a close, the final Mercury retrograde period from December 13 to January 1, 2024, will illuminate the realm of your income and finances. During this time you are required to pause, reflect, and refine your approach to generating wealth. This could thus lay the groundwork for exponential growth in the year ahead. By embracing this transit with an open mind, you can unlock the full potential of your financial abundance and cultivate a more prosperous future.


Pisces | Water Sign

Pisces, symbolized by the fish, is the twelfth sign in the zodiac. People born under this sign are sensitive, intuitive, and emotional. As a Picsean, you have a connection to your feelings and the feelings of others, which reflects in your compassionate and empathetic nature.

You are not one to be driven by the pursuit of wealth. Although you recognize its value and importance, your ultimate goal is to spread positivity, seek inner peace, and alleviate pain in any way possible. 

As an intuitive being, you have the ability to attract financial abundance and tend to earn money comfortably. However, your reliance on instinct and intuition can sometimes lead you to be overly generous and lend money impulsively. 

Financial Overview for 2023:  

As the year begins, the energetic presence of Mars will motivate you to accumulate wealth and assets for your family. However, this will require diligent effort on your part. You can rely on the support of your siblings to aid you in this pursuit. Nonetheless, the restrictive influence of Saturn may lead to frustration and overspending. 

Later as the year progresses, the cosmic axis of the North and South Lunar Nodes may bring confusion and uncertainty, raising the risk of financial loss. But the arrival of Jupiter will help you focus your thoughts, reducing the impact of confusion and bringing financial gains in the process. However, planetary influences will still result in high expenditures.

The third quarter of the year demands caution. Speculative investments are not recommended. Kindly refrain from making impulsive decisions. These decisions could lead to financial traps, so be careful in your analysis of investment opportunities. During this time you could also be longing for impulsive spending, it is advised to proceed with caution. 

The latter part of the year is a period of better financial prospects. Jupiter’s influence will lessen investment risk, resulting in good gains and financial stability. While expenditures will still be present, hidden or unexpected sources of income may materialize.

Though this year presents a mixed bag of challenges and opportunities, with a few cautionary steps and more mindful spending, you can navigate the period with ease and enjoy financial growth and stability.


Thus to conclude, the year 2023 is about learning the importance of setbacks and how to get through them so that one can take more calculated risks and live a prosperous life. Water signs as intuitive as you are, trust your gut for it is always right!

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energy of the Universe

How to Use the Universe’s Renewable Energy

Renewable energy cannot be exhausted. Nature replenishes it simultaneously as you consume it. Nature has given us plenty of renewable sources of energy – solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, hydropower, and bioenergy are on the long list of nature’s gifts to humanity. Similarly, there are spiritual renewable sources of energy just as it is in the physical realm. You cannot deplete this energy no matter how long or heavily you use it.

A spiritual source of renewable energy is the rudder that leads the ship of your life. Do you feel tired of life or have zero motivation? The solution is to get connected to the power grid of the universe’s renewable power. Your energy shall always be on the higher side – there is no low voltage or power outage and the power tariffs are incredibly low!

The choice of energy – whether renewable or not – is heavily influenced by external factors. It could be that you were plugged into non-renewable energy and your spirit gets tired during spiritual marathons. Sometimes you could be weak and even faint. This makes your spirit unable to carry your vision for long and you will need to restart each time. You need unlimited energy to take you through hundreds of kilometers in a marathon as you chase your dreams.

Nature is here to plug you into renewable energy with a hundred percent guarantee of constant supply with no interruption.

The power tariffs of the universe are affordable. This is how you can tap into the universe’s renewable sources of energy:

  1.     Always start each day on a clean plate.


Each day is a gift from the universe and you should receive it with open arms. Do not carry the baggage of yesterday, last week, month, or year into a new day. Each day is unique and has its blessings. You do not put clean food on a dirty plate and neither do you drink from a dirty cup. The dirty utensil will contaminate the food no matter how tasty it is. This is how it is when you start a new day when you are still plugged into non-renewable energy. Disconnect yourself from previous burdens and begin the day with new thoughts of positivity. If something was impossible yesterday, then it shall be possible today because the dynamics have changed. This is what it means to be connected to renewable energy – a supply of new energy each day.

  1.     Avoid friends with negative energy.

Avoid friends with negative energy

One of the laws of power is that you should not associate with the sad and unlucky. Their bad energy is contagious. They will stall your progress even when your intentions are pure. Consider two people, one standing on top of a table and the other on the floor, who can easily pull the other? The one standing on the floor will easily pull down the friend standing on the table. This is a perfect example of how bad energy is contagious. Friends who are still plugged into non-renewable energy will influence you not to tap into the universe’s renewable energy. Have new friends who have seen the light like you and have tapped into the universe’s renewable energy. They will encourage you to continue walking in the light.

  1.     Renew, recycle, and reuse.

renewable energy

Renewable energy is environmentally friendly. It poses no danger of pollution and the best part is that it is easily accessible.

The first step to tap into it is to renew your love for nature. Be an environment champion even when it is an unpopular opinion. The environment is at the heart of nature and taking care of it will make you very significant. It is both the natural world and the people whom the universe has brought into your circle. A clean environment wards off environmental diseases. it equally keeps you connected to the people that the universe has chosen for you.

The second step is to recycle your affection for humanity. Sometimes you may feel hurt beyond healing and you never want to remember the dark chapter in your history. The universe wants you to start your healing journey and recycle the love you once felt. Love heals and restores. It is like reconnecting electricity when there was a blackout. We forget the gloom of the blackout and celebrate the light that has filled the room. The will of the universe is that love lights up the whole world.

The third step is to reuse your connections. We are all connected in one way or the other. Your power lies in your connections – in the people whom the universe has assigned to hold your hand as you pursue your purpose. They are the power buttons that will light your world when turned on. This last step will make you never lack energy now that you are connected to the power grid of the universe’s renewable energy.

  1.     Embrace order.

Communicate with the Universe

The universe thrives on order. The cart never comes before the horse. Order has been the tradition of the universe and it has built strong systems. It is defined by how you do not go for shortcuts regardless of the pressure you may have. The clouds have to form before it rains and the farm is tilled before planting. Order removes confusion and reinforces due process. Nature has systems that make events run seamlessly. The natural flow is automatic and bullies its way through human obstacles. The flow of rivers, for example, is predetermined by the geography of the environment. It is its natural order. Any attempt to change it will not be automatically successful. Personal discipline will enable you to maintain the order of the universe. Renewable energy fuels this discipline. Get plugged into this energy today.

The universe has infinite sources of renewable energy for your body and spirit. You will never lack anything for as long as you are connected to the main power grid. Your energy shall not be depleted day and night and you will be a dependent person.  

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eye of the Universe

As Far as Your Eyes Can See

Sight is nature’s best gift to humanity. This is not to downplay the importance of the other senses; they are equally important. Sight enables you to make the right judgment, identify colors, choose products, and do so much more. Many inventions are successful because of sight. Improvements were made on time because those involved could see what needed to be done. Scientific observations are mostly made by sight and it leads the scientists to correct conclusions. Humanity owes a lot to nature’s gift of sight.

Come to think of it, how would the world be without sight?

The eye is the door to the spirit.

What you look at has a great impact on your spiritual and physical life. It is your responsibility to be careful with what you see The eyes are like a gatekeeper. They allow or deny people entry into an establishment. The gatekeeper has to identify you as either a resident or a visitor of that place. He also has to check what you are carrying (that you do not have prohibited items like weapons). A competent gatekeeper prevents a lot of bad things from happening. Your eyes are supposed to be as competent as this gatekeeper. This will make you a god gatekeeper.

The good gatekeeper.

The universe wants you to be deliberate with what you watch. You cannot afford to let your eyes see everything that you are not supposed to. While it is understandable that you have little or no control over what your eyes see, you can look away from what will contaminate your spirit.

Milky Way | Universe

Nature wants you to preserve your purity even in the modern world. The purity of your spirit heavily depends on your eyes – which is also the gatekeeper to your spirit. A pure spirit attracts nature’s goodness. You will inherit the best of the land – sweet relationships, adorable friends, great health, and divine favor from the universe.

A good gatekeeper is the envy of many people. They will want to associate with you because of the universe’s favor. Your blessings will be written in gold ink. As a good gatekeeper, only good things should happen under your watch. This will put you in good light with nature as a man/woman who is the right gatekeeper. The good gatekeeper is praised by all. More significantly is that the gatekeeper is worthy of a good salary and even a promotion.

This is what the universe wants you to see:

  1.     Your capacity.

“Yes, we can!” – this was the slogan of the 44th American president. You can do exceedingly well. Nature has not put any barrier between you and success. The road ahead is clear, be the driver. The universe wants you to see and appreciate your capacity and not underestimate yourself for whatever reason.

You are special and unique, the man/woman for the job that you are shying away from. There is power in owning your abilities and championing yourself. Self-belief is contagious. Other people will trust you as a performer because you also believe in yourself. Your vote of confidence in yourself and that of other people is a great push toward your success. The universe has millions of opportunities. It is all yours as far as your eyes can see.

  1.     The wealth of the universe.

A father would want his child to know of his wealth. It is an assurance to the minor that the child’s welfare is well taken care of and there is no scare of lack. The eyes of the child are always on the ability of the father to provide. As a loving parent, the universe wants you to know of his wealth. Your needs are equally provided for and there is no need for an alarm.

Money and Universe

The reason you are still in lack is that you have not asked your father for provision. The King’s son does not know that he is heir to the throne when he is a small baby. The nanny or caregiver controls everything about him and he hardly has a voice in it.

However, when he grows up, fast forward to a few years later, he is aware of his role as the crown prince and the heir in waiting. He is no longer under the controlling care of the nanny but he can now make relevant decisions about his life. He will lack nothing because he knows he can get what he wants from his father’s kingdom – knowledge that he did not have initially. It could be that you are now like the King’s child who is unaware of the wealth of your father, the King.

The universe wants you to open your eyes to the reality of your father’s wealth. It is also yours, as far as your eyes can see.

  1.     The divine health from the universe.

Are you desperate for healing and freedom from the chains of diseases? Nature wants you to open your eyes to where you can find divine health – the universe. Modern medicine borrows healing tips from nature. It is time to go straight to the source for your treatment.

healing hands

The universe wants you to open your eyes to the reality that healing could come from where you least expect it. Pay attention to what you eat. It is a make-or-break choice that will influence the status of your health. Go for natural food over fast foods made without your tomorrow in mind.

Your eyes should not be blinded by all the public relations campaigns in support of unhealthy and unnatural foods. Nature has granted you divine health as far as your eyes can see.

Your eyes are the greatest determinant of what you can achieve. They spark the desire to either do good. They can lead you to the path of prosperity. When you choose to see what the universe wants you to and to avoid what goes against its principles, you would have opened a bigger door for your spiritual breakthrough.

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awaken the giant within you

Awakening the (Sleeping) Giant in You

There are normal people and there are giants. There is nothing out of the ordinary with normal people. Their routines are predictable and their lives are in a constant loop. Normal people attract normal things. Their dreams and ambitions are average, their friends and associates are ordinary, and their efforts yield ordinary results. This is not the plan of the universe for you. You are extraordinary because there is a giant inside you. The giant inside of you is capable of doing extraordinary things.

Can other people see the giant in you or you are as ordinary as other people to them? Do you remember a time in your life when you were so powerful to accomplish whatever you had set your heart to? The giant inside you was awake and working magic in your life. The spark was lost because he is asleep and you are yet to wake him up. Everyone has a different giant in their lives as the universe assigned. It is not nature’s wish that we all have a similar giant, because how else would we complement each other? Our strength is in our diversity, and the universe knows this quite well.

motivation | affirmation

The giant in your life could be talent, ambition, vision, razor-sharp focus, a genius mind, or the spirit of love. The universe endows each of us differently; and to some, more than one giant. These giants could, however, be asleep in your life and you need to wake them up to restore your lost glory. An awake giant could disrupt your life because it will no longer be business as usual. This is a welcome disruption because it will put you on your map to glory. This is how you can wake up the sleeping giant in you:

  1.     Have vision bearers.

Vision bearers are people in your life who share your vision and its weight with you. Your plan becomes their plan as well. They have no hidden motive with you and their sole goal is to see this vision come to fruition. It is good that you already have a vision but it will be even better if you have vision bearers. Put your vision for your company, business, family, relationships, or anything that you choose on a vision board. It is more of writing it so that you can look at it like a third party. This will awaken the sleeping giant in you and you can see how to manage the success of everything in your vision board. Consider yourself the managing director of a company. He/she is in charge of everything in the company to secure its best interest so that it may continue to remain afloat in a competitive industry. The company is your life and the giant in you is the managing director. Vision bearers are the other directors. Together as the board of directors, the company shall fulfill its mandate (your vision) to the latter. Choose your vision bearers today.

  1.     Fuel the fire for your desires.

Desires can die as easily as they are born. The ambitious giant in you is asleep because desire died. You once desired to raise a healthy family and relate well with other people. You even desired to pursue higher education and complete your doctorate. There was a time in your youth when you dreamt of becoming the senator or president of your country. What happened to all these desires? The enemy stole them from you and you instead had a gloomy picture of how it is not possible to achieve them. The universe wants you to know that it is possible to fulfill all of them. Re-ignite your dreams once more. Believe in your desires one more time and resurrect your youthful dreams. The giant in you will awaken and focus on ticking all the boxes on your bucket list. It is a job well done at the end of the day.

  1.     Practice makes perfect.

It is good to have goals and targets. It is difficult to have a perfect aim on target for the first time. You need to practice over time to improve your skills and you will eventually become an expert. The same thing applies to the sleeping giant in you. You need to practice your niche over time and gain the needed experience for a breakthrough. It is not impossible to have the highest sales in a month or become the best employee of the year. You only need to be persistent until you get it right. While some people could be genius to grasp a concept for the first time, this is not the case for many others. You need to keep on pushing to get the breakthrough you need. Practice makes perfect!

  1.     Feed your giant.

The giant in you could be asleep because of starvation. It is your responsibility to feed your giant to keep him awake. Expose yourself to the right people and consume relevant information. Knowledge is power even to the giant in you. This will help you to have a razor-sharp focus. Nature is dynamic and the world is ever-changing. Keep yourself abreast with the current trends in your space so that you may think outside the box and apply your knowledge relevantly. Staying dormant as if nothing is happening in your life will cause the giant in you to fall asleep because you starved him. Get engaged and move out of your comfort zone.

  1.     Improve your motivation.

Your motivation is a contributing factor to waking up the giant in you. Stay motivated and positive throughout if you want to keep the giant in you awake. There is a saying when working out that most people use – go hard or go home. You did not come this far to give up on the way. There is a lot of potential in you that can keep the giant in you awake for a lifetime. Motivated people are easy to get along with because they are not bitter. The universe will embrace you fully because you have an open mind to fulfill your mandate.

never stop dreaming quoute

An awake giant will improve your productivity. You can accomplish a lot within a shorter time with the help of nature. It is time to awaken the sleeping giant in you

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The Flavor of Manifestation

In all wisdom, the universe gifted us with a sense of taste. We use it to differentiate sour, bitter, and sweet flavors. Our sense of taste has led us to make different decisions that we are proud of. What would life be without the sense of taste? It could be difficult to determine the tastes of flavors and make independent decisions. The food industry heavily depends on the sense of taste because people eat not only to be satisfied but also to enjoy the sweet meals they order.

The sense of taste is also responsible for the good relationship you enjoy with your children or younger siblings. Children love sweet foods and snacks. They will forever be grateful to you when you buy them cakes, sweets, biscuits, and their favorite milkshake. Their good sense of taste makes them enjoy these snacks and they come to thank you for it. This is the tip of the iceberg on the many things that we enjoy courtesy of the gift of taste.

Manifestation of our desires is the ultimate goal we are looking forward to. The universe is giving you a chance to choose and taste your flavor. Consider the example of how you cook food. You add salt to the food you are cooking and taste it to confirm it is as you would like it to be. If it is not, you have a second chance to add more until you feel it is okay. Similarly, as you manifest your desires, the universe is giving you a window to add salt and taste. This is how you can do to improve the flavor of manifestation by adding salt:

  1.  Be kind.


It is said that in a world where you can be anything, be kind. This is a conscious choice that you make without any external influence. Kindness is not measured by your wealth or riches but by who you are in your spirit. The manifestation of your desires from the universe you are looking forward to is for the benefit of other people too. Nature is home to all of us. The corporate world has borrowed this concept. Companies are engaged in corporate social responsibility to give back to the community. It is not an obligation per se but a choice that companies make while looking at their future in the environment they operate.

Those that are involved in social responsibility cement their foundation in business with the community. They would be welcomed by the residents who would be their first customers. Similarly, your kindness to nature and the universe is a social responsibility on your shoulders that will determine how quickly you manifest your desires. You can show kindness by caring for the needy. Share with them, not out of abundance but love, what you may have. These little acts of kindness reflect who you are in the spirit. The universe speeds up or slows down the manifestation of your desires as is reflected by your spirit.

  1.  Be humble.

flavor of manifestation

Humility is the ability to accept your achievements without boasting about them. You recognize it is an honor to achieve what you have even as you look to achieve greater levels of success. Your search for manifestation can be tasteless or very salty if you lack humility. The universe is very sensitive to the flavor of your manifestation. Consider the example of a parent and a child. He/she will not give the child a gift that will ruin his future or make him go astray. Every gift a parent gives to a child is given in good faith and with noble intentions. In case the parent foresees that the gift may cause more harm than good to the child, he/she does not give it out. Similarly, if the flavor of your manifestation is tasteless or salty, the universe will withhold the blessing of the manifestation of your desires. The universe acts in good faith just as any responsible parent does.

  1.  Be consultative.

Consultation is a very noble act. A person who consults widely is more likely to make the right choices in life. He recognizes the experience of other people and their different points of view. A wise man accepts that he does not have a monopoly on knowledge and he reaches out far and wide. Consider the example of cooking which like any other art has levels of experience. Some people have more and others less. Experienced chefs know at what point in cooking to add salt and what amount. In their experience, they know which foods need more salt and which do not. Similarly, as you seek to manifest your desires, consider being as consultative as possible. The universe will give a green light to the manifestation of your desires if it tastes the right flavor. Experienced people who have walked down the same path as you are better placed to guide you on how to get the right flavor. This explains why some experienced chefs are in high demand; moving from one hotel to another because their services are highly sought after. They know how to get the right flavor. This is the make-or-break deal to manifesting your desires.

  1.  Accept correction.

get over it | acceptance

It is human nature to make mistakes, sometimes even adding too much salt or none at all. What can make you a great chef and enable you to tune the flavor of the manifestation of your desires to the right one is how quick you are to accept correction. After consulting with the experts, you should be ready to accept correction and adjust your cooking skills as the experts have advised. You taste your food first before you serve it to guests. Before you submit your manifestation prayers to the universe, have you accepted the correction from the experts whom you have consulted? You should be sure that your manifestation prayers have the right flavor to get a green light as fast as possible. No student submits work for marking that they are not sure about. Always strive to get it right the first time.

The flavor of your manifestation prayers matters a lot. Salt adds this flavor but it is you to determine how much of it you will add. These four ways will guide you to do the right thing. I am cheering you on your way!  

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secrets of manifestation

The Secrets of Manifestation

Secrets can make or break friendships, relationships, marriages, or trust. Come to think of it, who does not have secrets? Almost everybody does it for reasons best known to themselves. Secrets could be shameful issues that could damage your reputation and they could as well be powerful recipes for success that should be closely guarded. If our secrets could be written on our faces for everyone to see, we would have nowhere to hide from the world. This makes keeping secrets a secret very important and it is for the good of everyone that we respect them.

Does the universe have secrets? Are there things that are deliberately kept away from us? Yes, there are secrets hidden from everybody. The universe is the most secretive friend you could ever find. She knows what is happening in the life of everyone yet she does not gossip about it. Her lips are sealed to hold your secrets forever. In the same way, there are secret principles that the universe operates on. Manifestation is shrouded in secrecy and it remains a mystery to most people.

How can you make manifestation work for you? These secrets of manifestation will enable you to live a stress-free life:

  1.     The secret of the early bird.

You must have heard that it is the early bird who catches the worm. A minute late will cost the bird the worm and it may go hungry. There is an appointed time for everything in the universe. This is the reason why the sun does not shine at night or the moon during the day. Again, the sun rises and sets almost at the same time each day. The coordination of the heavenly lights is amazingly superb.

secret of the bird

Time is nature’s gift to us and we should take full advantage of it. Develop definite timelines and plans for your work. Being the early bird who is time conscious will sync your routine with the universe’s and your desires will manifest, one after another. You no longer have to fight with deadlines because you completed your work long before time. The early bird always hits targets because of timeliness. It eats the best before others wake up and feed on the remnants.

  1.     The secret of the ant.

The ant is a small-body insect in size yet a very important one. They are very hard-working insects. For their size, you would not expect much from them. They will prove you wrong with how much they work – day and night. Ants walk in a straight line wherever they go. They look for food and carry it to their anthill where they store it for the future. Whenever one of them finds food for the group, it will go to their anthill and tell the rest. They will then go together and carry it home. They work tirelessly and in unity to hunt for food. They have enough to eat when drought strikes or during bad weather. Their wisdom in saving for the future and working in unity is the secret to manifesting your desires.

the secret of the ant

Parents do not spoon-feed children for the rest of their lives. At a certain age, they wean them off milk and introduce the baby to solid food. Similarly, the universe as a good parent does not feed us milk only. It is time you take on solid food and work like the ants in unity and determination to realize your dreams. Nature is using ants to show you that it is possible to be determined and to manifest a life of abundance.

  1.     The secret of the bee.

The bee is a famous insect. It is famed for the sweet honey it produces. Not everybody is lucky to see the bee, taste its honey, and see the honeycombs from the bee hive. There are many valuable lessons that nature wants us to learn from this insect. Like the ant, it is very hardworking. Bees fly widely in search of flowers where they can take the nectar to the beehive. From there, the process of making honey takes place. The bees’ hard work alone is not enough. There is a clear chain of authority from the government of these wonderful insects. They live in colonies that are headed by a single queen bee. She is royalty and commands respect throughout her colony. All bees respect her authority without question and will put their lives on the line for her sake. When the colony is attacked, soldier bees do all it takes to keep her majesty safe. Their work is to provide maximum security to whom they treasure the most – the Queen.

Nature teaches about authority and dedication through the lives of bees. Guard your dreams against any attack from wherever quarters. In the same spirit, adhere to authority as bees do in their colonies. The secret to manifesting all you desire is to live like bees.

  1.     The secret of the lion.

The lion is the King of the jungle. When he roars, everyone is reminded who is the King. He is strong, calm, and a good hunter.

the secret of the lion

Manifesting your desires is a way of hunting for them. The lion is not the fastest animal and neither is he the most endangered species yet he rules the jungle. What makes him stand out as King is how calculative he is. Each hunt is well thought out and success is mostly always guaranteed. A lion takes time to observe its prey, whether it is in a herd or alone. After singling out the animal, the King of the jungle slowly starts the chase until he catches the prey. The secret of foresight rests with the lion. This is important to manifest your desires. The universe is aware of the many competing interests but needs you to be focused on what is on your bucket list. This razor-sharp focus will bag you the gold medal and you will eventually manifest all your desires.

The secrets of manifestation lie with nature. Sometimes it could be right under your nose and you need to be conscious of your environment. Be on the lookout for more secrets from the universe

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manifest with the Universe

How to Manifest your Desires

Desire is like fuel to the engine. We work hard, do business, get employed, and even have relationships of every kind because of our desires. Some desire to love and be loved, others desire to be rich and successful, while others desire to be happy by following their passions. Regardless of the nature of our desires, nature is offering a helping hand that you may manifest all of them. It will finally be a dream come true.

Nature wants us to be like children when we want to manifest our desires. The young boys and girls are completely carefree as they relate and play with each other. They are not afraid to speak out about their desires or experiment with new things. They live in the here and now, isn’t it beautiful?

Do you recall how you felt when you finally satisfied your desire? You feel as if you are on top of the world and you are the Emperor. You are motivated to work for more because you have tasted the sweetness of satisfaction. If it were up to you, you would maintain that feeling for as long as possible. Unfortunately, circumstances changed and you forgot how to manifest your desires once more. Once you do, you will feel youthful, powerful, and energetic. This is the power that the universe is putting in your hands today, right at this moment. This is how can you manifest your desires:

  1.  Have faith.

The first step to manifesting desires is to believe that it is possible to do so. You can be healed from every sickness in your body, feel happy about yourself, love and be loved back, run a successful business, be an effective leader, and do so many things you desire. Your mantra henceforth should be “I can, you can, and we shall.” This is a mindset of possibility. Faith pulls future manifestations to come to the present.

What would have otherwise happened in five years can manifest within a month or less. It works the same way a magnet pulls metals – fast and strongly. A metal cannot refuse to be attracted by a magnet. Faith is the spiritual magnet and your desires cannot resist being pulled from the future to the present. The stronger your faith, the stronger your spiritual magnet. It is indeed true that faith can move mountains. You only need to have enough of it. Friend, do you have faith that you can manifest your desires?

  1.  Embrace the divine support system in your life.

Your faith is as good as a strong support system. Faith is like a child that needs to be nurtured. She needs to be guided and taught new things about her new world of possibilities. She is slowly weaned off milk and introduced to solid foods. She learns how to bite and chew until she can do it effortlessly. This is the extent of the great role that other people play in your life. They are your support system throughout your journey of faith and spirituality. You may be discouraged on the way as you practice your faith. Your support system will pick you up when you stumble and pat you on the shoulder to encourage you.

The universe has strategically put people on your way to manifestation who will be the voice of hope. You have come too far to give up now. Your desires are achievable, maintain your faith.

  1.  Pray about your desires consistently.

We cannot underestimate the power of prayer. It is the lubricant that makes the engine run smoothly. The engine of your life is fueled by desire but it is the lubricant (prayers) that makes it not break down. Pray consistently to the universe about what you desire and do not be afraid to tell him your secrets. Your persistence in prayer rings a bell in the spiritual realm that a believer has an unfulfilled desire.

Thereafter, the heavens conspire to make things work for you. You could be stuck and out of nowhere you get unstuck. Angels in human form can come to your rescue. It could be someone sponsoring your higher education, a positive job evaluation, or getting a 5-star client for your services. The universe gives us all these wins and more if we pray about them and stand out as the 1% of people who value prayers.

  1.  Qualify yourself.

Most people fall into the trap of being modest. It is when you ‘demote’ yourself from your blessings because you want to appear humble. Although you may be doing it with good intentions, you may come out as ungrateful for what you already have. Many people like you want to manifest their desires. There should be enough reason why the universe should choose you before many others.  Qualify yourself as a candidate for the manifestation of your desires by being proud of your other blessings. Consider it like a job interview where candidates with experience in a similar job stand a higher chance of being hired for the new role. In your self-assessment, are you qualified to receive the universe’s help in manifesting your desires? Yes, you are the right candidate for manifestation. This is the confidence of a believer.

  1.  Be an ambassador for spirituality.

An ambassador is a representative of his/her country in a foreign land. He/she could also be the face of a brand or business. Ambassadors are held in high respect and their reputation is cotton-white. They also speak highly of the countries, brands, or businesses they represent. You can manifest your desires faster if you are a good ambassador of the universe. More people believe in it and discover their spirituality because you were a good ambassador.


The universe rewards you by manifesting your desires as fast as possible so that you can be a living example of a practicing believer. The secret is representing your spirituality and the universe well. You will check all the boxes of a candidate for manifestation.

You can manifest all your desires if you take the right approach toward spirituality. These five ways are the universe’s guide to it. You can now confidently start the countdown to your manifestation.

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Learning Spiritual Languages

There are hundreds if not thousands of languages globally. Some people speak more than one; several official languages and their native one while other people know only one. Bilingual and multilingual people have communication leverage over those who speak their native language only. Understanding, speaking, and writing a language fluently enables you to interact with people who speak this language. They will feel more inclined to you, love you, and go out of their way for your sake. They feel as if you belong to them, even if you truly do not. The advantage of speaking different languages is that it is a passage that the universe uses to channel blessings your way.

To make communication easier and more effective, governments worldwide and even the United Nations itself has made some languages official. Everyone should know them inside and out, or at least attempt to. Official communication will be delivered using it. Banks, NGOs, private companies, and courts of law use the official language in the course of their work. You are expected to know it, and if not, you can learn it. Most people, however, know their country’s official languages. They are citizens of that country, aren’t they?

Similarly, the universe and nature have several official languages that you should know if you want to communicate effectively. For effective communication, both of you should be on the same page. You are of the universe, a citizen of nature. Do you know its official language? It is time to learn the five spiritual languages:

  1.     Offerings and sacrifices.

This is the little-known spiritual language of the universe. To begin with, offerings and sacrifices are different sides of the same coin. An offering is a gift given from abundance. You can gift familiar people or even strangers. You can even gift nature through acts of kindness. You can take care of the environment by planting trees, not throwing litter anywhere, or recycling waste.

On the other hand, a sacrifice is a painful offering. You have to think over it carefully before deciding to give a sacrifice. Unlike an offering, it is not from abundance. It comes from scarcity but you still give it out even when you need it more. Sacrifice is a love language. Who does not like to be loved? The universe appreciates your love language more and you shall be rewarded.

As is typical of communication, you speak and are spoken to. When you give offerings and sacrifices, the universe ‘gives back’ to you in the same measure. Sometimes you are given back an overflow. Some spiritual doors will only open when you speak the spiritual language of love – offerings, and sacrifices.

  1.     Thanksgiving.

“Thank you” is a very powerful statement. It can build a new relationship, repair a broken one, or save another on its deathbed. It is the magic pill you need to take to restore order where there has been none. There is little education on how you should speak to an all-powerful person in the room. What would you tell the president of your country if he was sited across from you in the room? What language would you speak to the universe if he was to accept anything you asked of him?

The spiritual language of communication with power is thanksgiving. Thank the universe for the blessings of the day, week, month, and year. Despite the shortcomings, you have made it quite far that other people have not managed to. Sincere thanksgiving opens more doors of opportunities that would have otherwise remained closed. You will gain favor with the universe when you speak this spiritual language. He appreciates your thankfulness.

  1.     Prayers.

Praying is an act of faith. We pray because we recognize that there is a superior being. Again, we pray because we acknowledge that we need help from somewhere else – the universe. We have faith that the universe shall answer our prayers because of our good relationship. Sometimes we are faced with difficult circumstances that are beyond our ability. There is only one true savior when you are between a rock and a hard place – the universe.

Speak the spiritual language of prayer when your faith is put to the test. It will move the universe to answer you speedily because you have put your trust in him. No father would want his child to watch him fail to come to their rescue. Prayer moves mountains and crosses the deep oceans.

The language of prayer identifies you as the child of the universe who is born of the spirit. It is your badge of honor that you should wear proudly.

  1.  Submission.

Submission is surrendering yourself to the authority of the universe. It means you have given yourself up to be led by someone you trust. The language of trust is learned over time and those who speak it fluently are the greatest beneficiaries. The universe does not betray its friends and allies. He equally returns the trust you invest in him.

The universe has seen it all; the sunny and rainy days combined. You will be properly guided when you accept his leadership. He can only lead you when you speak the spiritual language of submission.

Consider the language of submission like an insurance policy that you take to be indemnified against all sorts of risks. There is no risk under the leadership of the universe. Grab your popcorn, sit back, and relax.

  1.     Positivity.

The power of optimism grows gradually as you practice it. Six and nine could be the same number depending on what end you are looking at the printed number from. Be positive about results, processes, and relationships. Speak life over each of the difficulties you are facing and watch the universe fight battles for you. The language of positivity glorifies possibility. “I can. You can. We can. It will work.” The language of possibility brings your dreams closer to you. It is like fishing in the river with a hook and line. The bait attracts fish and there is a 100% guarantee that you will fish some.

Spiritual languages are the pillars of communication with the universe. Learn these five languages and watch your spirituality transform your physical life. 

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The Art of Listening to the Unspoken

Listening is an art that is developed over time. It is one of the gifts of nature that our spirits use to communicate with the universe. We hear and listen to many different things from people daily. We hold on to some and detach from others if they are not helpful. Your next course of action is determined by the message you have listened to, actively or passively. This makes listening very important so that you are not misled in your actions.

All this while, the universe is watching you silently. It is normal to only listen to what is spoken and anything that is left unspoken is not listened to. The good news is that there is a way you can tap into this valuable skill – listening to the unspoken.

Listening is the foundation of communication in the universe. Every living and non-living thing has ears. It listens twofold; first is to your spirit and second to what the universe is saying. This is also the reason why you should speak positively. Speak life over your ailing business, financial distress, poor health, or relationships. All of them have ears that are attentive to what you are saying.

Since even walls have ears and they listen to what you speak, do you listen to both the spoken and unspoken by the universe? The universe wants you to. This is how you can listen to the unspoken:

  1.     Trend analysis.

Trend analysis is mainly observing what is happening around you. Observation is the backbone of scientific experiments. All conclusions come from reliable observations. Thereafter, scientific laws and principles are formed. Observe the recent flooding of good news in your life or to the people around you. The unspoken message is that the universe is preparing you for good news ahead. You are about to get a job promotion, new clients, or a good medical report.

The universe is always cooking something good for you. The best way to know it is to look around for signs of it. These blessings are mostly unspoken by the universe until they materialize. What are you listening to today?

  1.     The pattern of repetition.

Do you remember drawing patterns in elementary school? Learning about patterns was fun and we looked forward to it because we could easily predict how it could end. The same applies to our lives. There are patterns all over your life should you choose to observe them closely. This is part of the universe’s unspoken language.

Do you see a pattern of success throughout? Or is there a pattern of a particular type of friends showing up in your life? Your future will look exactly like these patterns. This is your time to shape your future to be how you would like it to be. The universe is shining its light on you. What do you see, my friend? You can also pay attention to patterns in the lives of your family and friends. All of this is in your power.

  1.     Listen to motives.

There is always a motive for why people act the way they do. It could be love, joy, self-interest, friendship, investment (expecting returns), or many others. Similarly, the universe has motives for its attitude and actions toward you. It could be to push you to your maximum limit, to teach you endurance, to congratulate you, to warn you, or to discipline you.

Apart from accepting or rejecting the things that either people or nature does to you, listen to their motives. It is often unspoken and left to you to figure out. Embrace good motives and avoid bad ones. This is how you listen – find out what is the benefit of the other person. As far as nature is concerned, he does everything out of love without expecting payback. Take care of your environment and nature shall take care of you too. You will reap tenfold, in due time, anything that you sow.

  1.     Be invisible.

Invisibility is a great source of power. You can do anything you want in total secrecy. Sometimes your presence can stop other people from speaking about certain issues. For reasons best known to them, they will only do so if they do not see you around. You beat them in their game if you are invisible yet present to listen to what they could not say in your presence. Consider the example of libraries, examination halls, or private meetings. The common rule to all of them is that you should not interrupt what is going on.

Being present but invisible is by not interrupting anything. They will have the courage to speak up about you as they would in private. The unspoken finally gets spoken. Invisibility will reveal the hidden agenda of people. You should try it out sometime. 

  1.     Take your time.

Rome was not built in one day. It takes quite some time to perfect the art of listening and to do it right. Rushing things through does not apply to listening. Understanding a hidden message in language tone, choice of words, and medium of communication takes much time. The unspoken is often left unspoken because you are not supposed to hear it aloud. Your patience is being put to the test.

Nature is the most patient friend you could ever have. It is patient to have a single climate for over three decades! Consider the lion as it hunts for prey. It singles out one antelope from a whole flock and patiently waits to give it a chase of a lifetime. Likewise, slowly learn the art of listening and you will hear the unspoken loud and clear.

A lot goes on behind the scenes. Like at the theatre, the universe has a backstage where thespians prepare before coming to the audience. The language behind the curtains is unspoken to the audience. They will only hear what is in the script. Listening to the unspoken will make you enjoy the play even more! 

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