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Conquer the Bad with the Good

Heroes and Villains

Life is like a food chain, and the higher it goes, the fewer the numbers in that group. More so, animals develop survival instincts that make them live to see another day. Many food chains make up a web. Despite their growth, nature somehow sustains the population in each class. This example of a food web is a direct representation of the co-existence of both good and bad in the universe.

Which side are you on?

No matter how hard you avoid it, you finally have to take a side. Are you the villain or hero? It is natural in us to be good people and extend the same to those around us. But there is a tipping point that turns some to be villains. Luckily, the universe is there to guide you out of whatever could be leading you away from the light.

Unless you pay closer attention to how the universe can help you conquer the good with the bad, then you will never make it alone. Here are some ground rules:

  1.  Believe in your cause.

You should first believe in your beliefs and principles before you can convince someone else that you are doing the right thing. Nothing can defeat good, even when a victory cannot be seen. Your values will drive you to do the right thing even when there is opposition against it. It is at this moment that you cannot compromise good for anything else. Why? Because you believe it is the right thing to do.  One way to conquer the bad wherever you go is to have the conviction of doing the right thing.

  1.     Be patient.

Patience is a virtue that is becoming rare. The universe does not offer instant fixes as we may want. You could be very right in wanting to conquer the bad with good but fail at it for the simple reason of impatience. Hold your peace and follow the right way of fixing mistakes even if there are a lot of protocols, especially as is the case with most government processes. You cannot be rogue because you want to make things right. You will not have the blessings of the universe.

  1.  Choose to focus on the good.

You could have a million reasons to be disappointed and give up, but please do not. The universe is telling you in several ways that you should choose to focus on the good. Look at how generous nature is. The sun shines on both the just and unjust, and so does the rain. The universe conquers the bad with the good through indiscriminate acts of nature. The good in this is that it benefits everyone and empowers agents of change to finally conquer evil.

  1.  Connect with nature.

Truth is that there is so much good in nature more than everywhere else. It is the only place where you can reconnect with your spirit and come back to the world as a newer person. Take that walk alone to be away from toxic people who want to see you fail. You will have fresh thoughts of good things and your spirit will be recharged to come back and conquer the bad in your life in a more positive way.

connect with nature

  1.     Watch out not to be consumed with the bad.

A lot of things happen when you want to conquer the bad in your life. You could be passionately consumed in this fight and end up losing yourself and your identity as a hero. Watch out not to develop the same bad habits that you are fighting against because you are obsessed with them. Have limits on what you can do even if it is for the right reasons. These boundaries will keep you in check not to succumb to the same thing you are going against.

  1.     Do something.

You cannot conquer the bad with empty words or idle thoughts. While it is true that conquering evil needs an elaborate plan, you cannot plan endlessly. You will finally have to act. Your actions and those of like-minded people will collectively help to conquer the bad you are up against. Do not keep on postponing your actions or wait for someone else to make a move. The bad will thrive as you are undecided.

  1.  Have a plan on the way forward.

The universe is orderly. Your orderliness in conquering the bad with the good depends a lot on the plan you have to move forward. Are you looking at only going past this obstacle or have you put measures for the same in the future?

The fight of the good against the bad is constantly evolving and a good plan will make you eventually win. Your plan could include long-term ways of neutralizing the bad in your life, for example, changing your environment. There is a lot of space for your growth and you should be in an environment that gives you exactly that – growth.

  1.  Focus on the problem, not the people.

The bad is always the problem, not the people. People are only instruments of perpetuating the bad in our society. They can change and become good people. The universe wants you to know that it has plenty of solutions for every bad thing happening to you.

Do not hate other people for the bad they do. Hate the vices they promote and do. As you use good as a weapon in this fight, you will neutralize this toxicity and win them to be good people.


  1.  Join a community of good people.

You may think that there are no good people in society but it may surprise you that there are many more good people like yourself, you just have not met them yet. The universe is one big ecosystem with all manner of people and if you look closely enough, you will find people just like you. Together, you can impact nature positively and make the world a better place.

The fight against evil can only be won by doing good. Although it may look like a long shot at slaying evil, it is the surest path the universe has put forth for us to follow. It is possible to have your heaven here on earth – a dream come true! 

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