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Creating Meaningful Soul Ties in the Universe


There is a continuous search for ‘the one’ in the lives of most people. Some are blessed to quickly find someone who tickles their hearts in a special way. Others are not so lucky to receive this blessing as fast as other people do. It is not easy to find a special person who will love you unconditionally, support you, and devote his/her life to you. Finding this one person in a world of over 7 billion people is harder than finding a needle in a haystack. But guess what? This should no longer be an issue because the universe has made it easier to find this special person.

The journey to finding your soul mate.

Is it possible for you to have only one soul mate? This question hits harder when you are yet to unravel the mystery that is life lying ahead of you. You know that you are on the right path if you have solved the self–identity crisis. Thereafter, nature certifies you as ready to create meaningful soul ties. The goal is not to just create soul ties but to create meaningful ones.


You meet with different people throughout your entire life. Some carry your blessings while others are ordinary guests who will exit your life as soon as their mission is accomplished. This is why it is important not to know when to hold onto and when to let go. The best part is that nature understands everybody better than they do themselves.

For this reason, the universe is best placed to pair you with your soul mate. Although you may not know it at first, the person sitting next to you could be whom the universe has appointed to be your soul mate. This choice could be influenced by your characters and goals. If by divine wisdom the both of you will make a good team, then bingo! There goes your soulmate, child.

universe and friends

Some pointers will lead you to create meaningful soul ties and eventually find your soul mate. Soul ties are the final product of a lot of effort invested in making a relationship work. Nature will guide you on how to invest it correctly to create soul ties and finally meet your soul mate.

Tell-tale signs of positive soul ties.

Positive soul ties mean you are on the right track to finding your special person. Some of them are:

  1.   Familiarity.

Some people feel and sound very familiar when you meet them for the first time. It is as if you have known them your entire life. This means that your spirit has paired up with theirs smoothly. Within a record short time, you have known everything about them. The universe brings these people into your life with specific intentions. Embrace them cautiously but with a lot of love because this is a meaningful soul tie. This familiarity could be because your spirit has seen a future for the both of you together. Look forward to this future, child.

  1.  Strong emotional connection.

There is another category of people who strike a chord with your emotions. They have found a home in your feelings and can touch you without touching you. These are special people that the universe has brought into your life. They feel your pain without you having to tell them. They equally celebrate with you in your happiness. This emotional compatibility is rare because it is divine.

Stay in touch with them and accept their offer for a shoulder to lean on. Their company will keep you sane and in touch with your environment. This type of soul tie is for the present but nature is allowing you to build on it if you would want to continue with it into the future. Furthermore, it is valid as long as you keep in touch with your emotions.

  1. Perfect timing.

During times of crisis, the universe brings special people into your life. We often do not notice them because all our attention is focused on the challenge at hand. This person will be everything you want in a partner. He/she will say the right things and press all the right buttons. They will be spotless in your eyes and fill a gap in your life. They have a special invitation from nature to come into your life and calm the storm.

This is a soul tie made in heaven and carries every spiritual blessing. Guard it with your life because you have eventually met your soul mate – a rare blessing. Everyone else in your life will slowly adjust to it. March forward, child.

  1. Matching interests.

A lot happens as you are minding your own business. Something sparks your interest – you meet someone with whom you have a common interest. He/she loves the same things that you love and your interests are aligned. Sometimes, both of you could have the same idea independently before talking to each other. It is not a coincidence but a confirmation that your destinies are intertwined. Keep these friendships closer because nature uses them to help you understand yourself better. It is a meaningful soul tie that helps you to understand yourself better and appreciate your diverse abilities.

  1. Mirror effect.

Nature can choose to use another person to show you how you would be when you are at his age. This is the mirror effect. Looking at person X and seeing the gem that he/she is will give you hope that you will one day be like him/her. This is possible if you walk in their footsteps. When you smile at the mirror, you see yourself smiling back. All your actions and reactions are reflected in you by the mirror. Connecting with the person whom the universe is using for the mirror effect is a meaningful soul tie. It is a way to tap into their blessings. The mirror is an honest friend. It will always show you the reality.

freedom of choice

Your freedom of choice.

The universe is giving you the freedom to choose which soul ties you want to create by putting all the choices on the table. Your chosen soul ties have an impact on your spiritual, physical, social, and emotional life. What soul ties do you choose to create today?

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