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Creating Spiritual Patterns in Your Life

pattern of life

A pattern is a repeated design. It can be as simple as repeating the letter m on a piece of paper or drawing a spider web. Patterns are beautiful artwork that are underappreciated. The universe attaches a special significance to patterns. Each one has a hidden meaning that will turn around your life completely when you discover it. There are patterns everywhere – from numbers to letters to fashion to astrology to spirituality, and in many other places. Some patterns occur naturally while others are artificially created to serve a specific purpose. Life becomes easier when you learn about natural patterns, how to create artificial ones, and their meaning as well. You will make a lot of discoveries on the way that will strongly impact your life in ways you never imagined before.

The life of patterns.

11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88. 99 are examples of numerical patterns.

The word ‘queue’ has a hidden pattern of ‘ue’. There are also sound patterns when you pronounce some words. The knowledge of these patterns leads you to pronounce them correctly and learn their meanings too.

There are patterns of artistic work on clothes, paintings, and literature materials. The placement of buttons on your shirt or laces on your shoes imitates the repetitive nature of patterns. There is no way you can run away from the world of patterns.

The spirituality of patterns.

Anything that repeats more than once is a pattern. This explains why significant life events happen only once in your lifetime without any expectation of repetition. An example is your birth, initiation, and death. However, you have the power to create a pattern out of these events and duplicate them in the spiritual realm. You can be born again or initiated in the spirit even after the physical events have already happened.

The impact of spiritual patterns.

1. It is the origin of a new meaning.

Spiritual patterns can be used to give your life a new meaning even if there were bad physical events. Your life could have been chaotic but be changed by creating a new spiritual pattern to rename the bad event. A spiritual pattern can erase your history of bad health and decisions, unemployment, poverty, and failure. It then marks a new beginning full of good health and abundance in the spirit.

The perfect example of a spiritual pattern that will give your life a new meaning is being born again and receiving a new name. Your physical birth could have been out of your control since you had no choice or power over it but the universe has opened a door for you to be born again in the spirit. You will also receive a new name different from what people have called you all along. You will no longer be the unkempt man/woman people used to refer to you but the leader that the universe has chosen you to become. You can be born again spiritually and receive a new name through a new faith. The universe wants you to believe in its changing power not limited by physical events. This faith will make you the leader of the future because you see what other people are yet to.

2. It is a source of security and leadership for the future.

The repetitive nature of patterns makes it predictable to know the next step. The same is true with spiritual patterns – there is a surety that the will of the universe will prevail. The will of the universe has always been to see everyone succeed, healthy, and have an abundance. When this pattern is repeated, you can be assured of success, health, and abundance throughout your life. There is leadership in the spiritual pattern of the universe that removes any confusion about the events to expect in your life. This is a call for you to change any bad events in your life and leave the good ones that you love so that they repeat infinitely without you fearing that a bad experience can resurface. The universe has given you the power to write a new pattern in your life that you will feel safe with.

new possibilities

3. It makes your life beautiful.

Patterns are a source of beauty. If one rose flower is beautiful, how much so if you have a hundred? The best part is that the universe does not care about your past but is looking forward to your future. It wants to decorate it with patterns of beautiful events. You shall have successful relationships with your family, spouse, and friends. Betrayal shall never appear in your pattern of relationships because the universe wants to make your life beautiful. You shall move from one celebration to the next because this beautiful pattern is the universe’s design for you. You can make beautiful spiritual patterns by projecting the good things you want in your life on the lives of other people. It is like a seed that yields in multiples.

4. It opens you up to new possibilities.

A pattern is a design that someone else came up with. When you are exposed to enough patterns, your mind will begin to think of new formations that are more beautiful than the traditional ones.  This also applies to spiritual patterns. The universe gives you the power to think beyond what you think is your limit. You are not confined to suffering from one disease/condition to the point of referring to it as ‘my disease’.

There is a possibility for you to be healed and live a disease-free life and start a pattern of eating healthily without restrictions on your diet. You can create this spiritual pattern of new possibilities through prayers and intercession. There is nothing that the power above cannot do for you. Prayers made in faith will give your spiritual pen the ink to draw a new pattern. Patterns are constantly shifting if there is no close supervision. Spiritual intercession is the supervision that the universe needs on your newly created pattern.

It is important to recreate spiritual patterns in your life. It is an encouragement that the spirit can re-write any badly written chapters of your life. Spiritual patterns can write a new chapter about you in the future. It is time to write a new spiritual pattern. 

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