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Creating your Energy in the Universe

What is your energy?

Every living thing has its energy. Whether plants, animals, or the universe, each one of them emits energy to its environment. Much of this goes unnoticed but it never stops, not even once.

The universe works round the clock to sustain life. The existence of nature is not automatic or accidental. The universe is responsible for it. Self-awareness begins with knowing the energy you emit to your immediate environment. Your energy is your vibe. Is it good or bad? Other people identify us with our vibe. You can be the fun guy to hang around with, the serious one, the pessimist, or the optimist. You have an opportunity to choose your energy and by extension your impact on those around you.

The story of the blind men and the elephant.

The universe has different forms of energy that apply differently to other people. It is like the story of the six blind men who touched an elephant and were told to explain what it looks like.

The first one touched the side of an elephant and he opined that an elephant is like a wall.

The second touched the tusk. He disagreed with the first one and said that an elephant is like a spear – round, smooth, and sharp.

The third man touched the trunk of the elephant. He wondered why the other two had got it all wrong! He said that the elephant is like a snake.

The fourth man touched the legs of the elephant. He said that an elephant is like a big, round, tall tree.

The fifth man was very tall and he touched the ear of the elephant. Wondering what was wrong with his friends, he said that an elephant is like a big fan.

The sixth man touched the elephant’s tail. He claimed that an elephant is like a rope.

All the six blind men touched the same elephant but had different opinions of what an elephant looked like. The same is true with the energy of the universe. It has different forms of energy on different people on a case-to-case basis. The energy you create and spread to the universe contributes to how nature treats you in return.

Here is how you can create the right energy:

  1. Hanging in the right company.

You are the average of your five friends. Quick mathematics here – if your five friends are business people then you will be the sixth business person, if they gamble and do betting then you will be the sixth gambler, if they are pessimists then you will be the next pessimist in the fold, and also if they are readers then you will be the sixth reader.

This is how the law of average operates in the universe. You are not immune from the influence of the company of your friends. Your vibe majorly depends on the type of people you associate with. When you get it right here, the universe will give you back only good vibes. Talking of reaping what you sow.


  1.  Commit to your mission.

Everyone has a mental picture of how they want to be in the future. But it is only the universe that has all these cards up its chest and it can choose to put only the good cards on the table. Commit to your purpose and put all your energy there. You will come off as devoted and nature shall devote itself to you too. You can only create the energy of devotion through your commitment to service. Service is at the center of humanity.

  1.  Build your reputation.

It takes a long time to build your character and it can be ruined within minutes. Your reputation is the first thing that comes to the minds of people when your name is mentioned. Feelings and emotions stick like glue in people’s memory, especially the negative ones. You can create positive energy by building your reputation. It precedes you wherever you go. The energy of good character pushes away bad energy and saves you a lot of trouble.

  1.  Be in touch with the real world.

In an effort to be many things and a perfect person, you may end up living in fantasy. The energy you create when living this kind of lifestyle is not real. You may end up disappointed when things do not go your way. Real attracts real and fake attracts its equal match. The universe gives back to you the same energy you give it. Do not keep things to yourself.

Mingle with other people and be friendly with strangers. Real-life experience will teach you things you cannot learn in a classroom. The universe can be that classroom.

  1.  Be flexible to changes in your environment.

Your environment directly affects the energy you emit. This makes it important to be mindful of your environment. A lot of things happen around you and they can negatively affect your energy if you remain rigid. Be flexible to accommodate changes in your plan without locking yourself up in a cell. Even when things do not go according to plan, take the new changes with grace. Flexibility will make you stand tall even when people expected you to be at your worst.

  1.  Be transformed in your mind.

Transformation of the mind is important when creating your energy in the universe. Unless your mind conceives good vibes and nurtures a positive attitude, you may be disappointed at abrupt turn of events. The mind is the primary source of your energy. You should protect it as you do your reputation. Set smaller goals and work to fulfill them. This will build the energy of determination and willingness to succeed. Sometimes all you need is a new mentality to create the right energy.

The power of your energy in the universe is your unique identity. Choose to be identified by the right energy. Creating your energy includes channeling all negative energy to a better cause. You only have to focus on the right thing and your energy follows. Under the right guidance, you can be the man or woman of the day. Let me show you how to do that in our program, limitless labs.

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