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Cultivating a New Friendship with Nature


Friendship marks the beginning of a permanent relationship (if nurtured correctly) in your life. Friends are the product of this healthy relationship and they are slowly assimilated into our lives until they are completely sucked in. Friendship is cultivated and grows over time. If not, weeds of discord will grow and ruin a beautiful friendship. By now, you already have friends in your life.

They are the people whom you can count on to stand by your side through thick and thin. You are probably yet to discern the true ones and those who are there for convenience.

However, there is one friendship knot you are yet to tie. This is a true friendship that you can bank on any day any time. This is only the beginning of having friends in high places.

Cultivating true friendship.

  1. Be intentional.

True friendship has direction. Its intentions are clear from the beginning. Both parties share a goal in their friendship. It could be to do business, study, get married, or engage in something that they have a common interest in. Both of you make a conscious choice to stick together to accomplish your friendship goals regardless of the challenges that lie ahead.

This is exactly what the universe will do for you when you enter its friendship web. It intends to take you to your destiny. Your destiny is a beautiful place to be and the universe is the only friend who can safely take you there. He is actively involved in shaping it for you while bearing your best interests at heart. Except you choose not to want his friends to take you to your destiny, the universe is willing today, and any other day, to lead you to it.


Child, embrace the universe’s intentions about you. They are thoughts of goodwill for you. It has put the best in your basket and is waiting for you to pick it up.

  1. Be loyal.

Loyalty in friendship is a gem. It is a rare trait in friends and consider yourself both lucky and blessed when you find a loyal friend. Loyalty is manifested when your friend sticks beside you through thick and thin even when he has other options. The single decision to choose to stay with you is the apex of loyalty. Can you count the number of your loyal friends?

The universe is very loyal to its friends. It has your best interests at heart and will never act out of line. No self-interest will lead the universe away from your team. On the contrary, the universe will pull good people to your team. Strangers will turn into best friends with a genuine desire to help you succeed as you would wish. You will eventually find yourself in a web of the best friendships of your life. This is loyalty.

Nature wants you to adopt this mantra – all things work together for good to those who believe. Believe in the loyalty of the universe in your life and give back an equal or greater measure of loyalty to the universe. Nothing will be too difficult for you to handle with your new friend, nature.

  1. Have a mutual friendship.

Friendships are supposed to be mutual and not parasitic. Parasitic friendships weigh down on one party and they may feel burdened. This can ruin a very good and promising friendship. Drive your friendship with the universe to be mutual. A give-and-take relationship grows exponentially because of the existing goodwill between both parties.

There is always something you can give to the universe. Your little contribution to this new friendship is like watering seedlings. They will grow to become big trees one day. Give alms to help the needy, pray for the unprivileged, give good news to the heartbroken, and take care of the environment even when other people neglect it. These actions are significant in showing the effort you have invested in this friendship.

The universe is your rich friend. Don’t let him pay all the bills. You can share your bottle of water with him. These kind gestures go a long way to strengthen your friendship. True friendship is demonstrated in the little gestures of love.

  1.  Seek knowledge.

Friendships, especially true ones, are very insightful. Both of you mine knowledge from each other and become more knowledgeable than you were before your friendship started. Nature has an unexplored quarry of knowledge that lies in the flora and fauna. They are the foundation of nature that sustain life. This is the beginning of your friendship with the springs of life.

There is a lot of benefit from your friendship with the universe. This can only be realized if you have a good rapport with the springs of life. You will learn a lot from nature through simple acts like not wasting water, tendering to your garden, or occasionally feeding birds with your snacks. The hard work of the ants, the orderliness of the bees, the humility of the domestic cat, and the loyalty of the dog are insights from your new friend, nature

Do you remember the study groups you had when still in school? The teacher ensured that all groups were fairly constituted with different gifted students. Nature is the brighter fellow in the group that the universe has put you in. There are a lot of lessons to pick from him. You will top your class in the next exams.

Cost-benefit analysis of your new friendship.

A farm that is cultivated and sowed on properly will eventually yield good produce. Your friendship with the universe will yield good results in your life. To begin with, divine grace will overshadow you because you are under a bigger umbrella. You will have many friends and fewer enemies. This is only the beginning of having friends in high places.

Powerful friends

Powerful friends like nature will teach you how to live through ‘impossible’ seasons of high inflation and a poor business environment. You will not complain like everybody else because you have a shoulder to lean on. Now is the time to cultivate your new friendship with nature and wait to reap it in due time. 

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